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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 9, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: stake held all-democrat county been accused of killing president obama and golden park of the weekend her body was, a wooded area by jfk drive and raise rogers wake she was quatorze visit from quebec canada she was from a shot to death in golden did are born in harlem should talk bluegrass festival late last night the release of information sent because of her property, on the three suspects they will rest important organ they will not be charged with robbery and murder of our bridge carrying those suspects have been identified airline aloft all good horse and a completion and sean can go to fish there are really a sitcom or a device for the murder of steve carter.
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>>james: was shot and killed on a hiking trail monday he was hiking with his dog the car was stolen from the trial and they use the cars gps to track the suspect down when they were in oregon. >>james: a handgun was recovered important during the arrest of three suspects are expected to be extradited to recounting those three will now be charged in the murder of our jury as well as the murder of steve carter. >>james: following the latest is friday we're at the end of the week in we have the weekend ahead and of course the blue angel so this after let's let you know what it will be like a first off with a look at what is happening we will move on to the rest of the afternoon the live
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camera showing us a really nice visibility not looking for too much in the wake of cloud cover the clouds that move off overnight we have relatively clear conditions on the backside look to enjoy that letter on this morning a little stronger out at the coast recording 12 mi. an hour sustained when 3 in san francisco 5 hey would 60 in san jose all law not that a light breeze out there right now. >>james: a little bit warmer than there were a guest to that at this time 60 in san francisco 59 and local 62 in san jose a few more low 60s on the map at this hour this afternoon and this is all the templates would develop 9:00 a.m. temperatures at that point still a mix of sixties with even to
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some seven these that still means we're in the mid to upper 80s for the east valley low to mid '80s for the south bay and for the no. they 86 expect in the napa valley 82 in san jose oakland 70 mild upset is on the bay shore line with 73 in downtown san francisco this afternoon at 3:00 of course for the our leading up to that would have to other parts of the air show and play the should be relieved as viewing in san francisco today we talk about that saturday sunday the rest of the weekend looks great temperatures will be hovering right in the '80s for the inland valley with located along the bay shoreline picture perfect
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for your fleet week festivities which by the way it would have marked and you're standing by will have this special coverage beginning to get at 5:00 a.m. if all traffic traffic approaching the bay bridge without any problems this morning. >>james: highway 92 looking well if hardly any traffic at this early hour is the golden gate bridge the ride on 11 southbound our brand county is just a few headlines off in the distance where mickey the time on that track and a final stop the richmond san rafael bridge nothing doing out there right now is a really easy ride of the moment will keep an eye on the community know if it backs of
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dramatic video showed the moment the american hero is that several times out of the sacraments of our legacy of in the distance he is known for helping to prevent a potential terror attack on the train back in august he was hailed his listed in serious condition such. >>j.r. stone: he was stabbed multiple times and a lot more i section chief of sacramento pays a larger man who was wearing a white shirt he's best known for his reason her role as a stopping terrorist aboard a french trade this past august fast for to the end of this fight where it appears the air minutes up against several individuals he is back from behind if it is hard to tell he was that until seconds later when he turns at that point
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there is blood on his shirt he is still moving around before he goes one way in the is sellers go the other 12 hours after the stabbing blood was still being cleaned off the sidewalk official she said it was messy for investigators spent much of the afternoon questioning individuals at the video bar they would not say what the motive was. >>j.r. stone: is believed to be related to a nightclub incident the release this surveillance followed one that shows two of the suspects there were last seen driving away in the dark tuille cameron at this point no arrests have been made in sacramento. >>james: at 4 06 this just come into the news room this morning word of of gunman of gunfire in
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arizona at a college campus to in this one person has been killed three others have been injured if it happened just before 130 this morning and parking lot at northern arizona university since the sure we understand is in custody this is not an act of shooting a case where there are searching for him the shooter is untested and other information available and they're getting ready for this weekend's airshow the native team took to the sky thursday is a practice for the fleet would show will have another one on saturday the camerawoman road across references called the air show starts today running
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through the weekend and all morning long starting at 5:00 they're going to be out their lives for marine agreed in san francisco said that will be a whole lot of fun to have out there and visit with them throughout the morning look forward to that search following san leandro police are searching for driver who fled after crashing his car in oakland during the chase his left behind his injured six your daughter she had detected the hospital but is expected to be ok if the suspects had been identified they're searching for suspects if they spot a vehicle resembled a suspect's car they spotted on east 15th street the driver took off and led police on a high- speed chase and bring that to raise cash the driver lost control and crashed his car on a fifth avenue the driver is still the lowest this when he
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recognizes man called police chef at san jose chiropractor is found guilty of sexual battery on the patient officers fear it could be more victims dr. manfred all concerned. >>james: is to let that happen when this clinic's two years ago and he owns good life chiropractic and campbell and san jose area of-the-attorney says he directed a 21 your patient into a separate room is steadily since the end of the more they are still looking for other possible victims if you are patient of him they like to hear from you fish, a 26 your medical the fed is that as your cab was arraigned on felony charge of murder and to mr. mitterrand's of battery is accused of killing the 24 on monday he friends to kill her in september should if she did not reckon with her car boy friend he will be back in court next. next
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>>james: spite of the number of clashes between cars and trains on the peninsula if now they're trying to say grout why. >>reporter: they have the force if the measures that come down flaccid lives bells and whistles for some reason drivers are still finding themselves in the way fish the spokeswoman says her agency is looking for pattern shift so far this year more cars covered by trends on the peninsula that in all of 2014 she since august 1st have been six crashes of three here in burlington if all the driver survived that from your area of 30 your warmer was not so fortunate if the recent spike in
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crashes have drivers on and chest trains move faster this is a town 80 mi. an hour six caltrans said there are reaching out to drivers and a few ways first-ever the campaign also should media to bring awareness. >>reporter: it would increase their presence in the education classroom police will be handing out tickets to drivers who do not follow the rules. >>reporter: the most supportive role for drivers never stop on the tracks the train is coming makes sure your about the same distance that i am from this crossing if about 50 ft. away. >>james: a bay area pop artist takes on the san francisco mayor why the center started yelling
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>>james: as you take a live look outside the bay bridge camera and it is pretty clear with to see plenty of stars to read not say much of the wave of attacks conditions where i sleep in the work with on this friday with a really nice forecast for this morning the overnight cloud
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pushing off leaving us with so would clear conditions as we make our way out the door this morning take a closer look at the moment it is a little bit warmer than it was yesterday. >>james: 62 in fremont and san jose with upper 50s and other spots like open at 59 by this afternoon but in an east asian one of nicely were looking for temperatures to run for a close to where we were yesterday and again did not be surprised runs a little more this afternoon in the south bank were looking for low to mid '80s 84 in the almaden valley bay area wide you consider also looking for a 80 degree weather to continue in just like it did yesterday test
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today will be the hottest day at least over the next seven here is the extended outlook still but as of zero relatively flat ride to the weekend will be a fantastic weekend with the beautiful weather. >>james: 04 to averages maybe start to come back down a little bit by the end of the week were looking at a nice flat warm trend a quick look at your fleet week for cats fighting saddam's son of timbers as will be fantastic from san francisco was bound 80 the bay bridge approach during just fine no problems as you get out there in the early morning the san mateo bridge equally as good of the volume of the heavy but where will about
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to leave problems this morning no issues no hot spots from the chp we're in the standing at the moment it will be the richmond san rafael bridge were again conditions have been light all morning long less hope they stay that way all this fighting will keep an eye on it that could be heard warrant over the bay area thursday as they were clapping and cheering and for the festivities there are practicing their routines in preparation for this weekend surf,. >>grant lodes: the blue and is all about precision and signals from the ground zero cockpits lower in unison and then let the captain has the also was possibility of leading the angels through their trademark lips and turns the corner is
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traveling and 700 mi. an hour cactuses your members forcing the blue angels when he was just six years old.
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they're going to be live out there with a preview of all the fun festivities there in store for you this weekend for fleet week state-owned for that. >>james: strong words from a san francisco or is there were directed at san francisco mayor ed lee for the housing crisis was all caught on video unit of talk about the american people out it was basically over
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identification and therefore a housing crisis this happen to that during an impromptu meeting at the cafe the hip-hop artist a quick dose of the mayor and use the opportunity to tell him how he felt fish mayor is up for reelection in four weeks we restock to the mayor's office the so far we have not received a response will cause will testify on the earth for the first time in 10 years he is said to give a deposition today in the case involving judas' she accused of a sex is often heard at the playboy mansion in 1974 s he is a lot more than two dozen women who were accusing them men under 02 years ago that he did of tens of 7 m's stock and given to women who've you want to have sutcliffe both sex
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and drug taking were consensual that never been charged with the crime will keep you of that of the store as it continues to your golf sea world. >>james: the california coastal commission gave the go-ahead after it drew hundreds of protesters the $100 million expansion project will include the proposal the 11 wells at the park sea war would not be allowed to breed more kill the wells in captivity the parkin not popular to the pool would more the car and while such the activist praise of the breeding ban the crew members questioned the safety after the ship encountered a hurricane stand site near the bahamas mortgages accounted one mass of the boat lovers of and and what in the first place the details come as the ntsb examine the sister ship. >>andrew spencer: ship a member
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posted this total all facebook in september and her allies with three former crew members are telling cnn chief the masters says that it was constellated water and the drama did not work very well if the crew member who is less boy is in the jail where because of our rustbucket and never some of and all the water see see another former crew member who was on the ship as recently as august compared the 40 you're about to go for your car in the water and having all the ship was old but everyone felt safe with arms of his aides met all standards and
4:23 am
certification the coast guard says that is true sit in the last surviving is run in with a category 4 hurricane hist. >>andrew spencer: in the santa how and why is site they will investigate the sister ship for the voyage recorder were men referred to on an airplane and the black box was recovered could be instrumental in finding out what happened last week will take a quick break a live look will be back with more headlines and just amendment.
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>>james: to pull themselves out of the race to be the next speaker he did not believe the of the necessary votes within his own party to lose a lot of questions about the future medical will be a formality turned into chaos on capitol hill to the front runner for house speaker unexpectedly dropped out on thursday just as republicans gather to hold closed-door vote which is now been postponed sit they're supposed to hold a secret ballot thursday to determine who they would nominate as speaker
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sphere it is a number of votes required to be confirmed by the entire house of representatives said it was a three man race for speaker mccarthy who was endorsed for the house for the caucus a collection of the service to some leawood the reason why speaker john banner is stepping down in the first place some and they plan to gather in the coming days to figure out their next move the city up in a police patrol but not for the reason you might expect we will explain look at whether alive check the seven sale brands that a complete look in just a couple of minutes.
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>>james: starting off on a slightly warmer no 59 in oakland 62 in san jose a quick check of what we will be like this afternoon they will form of nicely by 9:00 with a mix of '60s and '70s violator toward the noon hour we're looking at 7 is low 80s popping into view and by 3:00 we're looking at welcome to the '80s 86 and fairfield mint up '80s with the east and valley low to mid '80s and the south bend 74 and hay were 78 in san the sale its 73 sunny and beautiful perfect for the air show lead on this afternoon
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today we talked about reliance on more of the same sunday as well. >>james: pretty easy conditions there was nothing much to report san mateo bridge same stories of problems to the toll plaza love problems on high-rise section of the golden gate bridge have not heard of any issues they've been on flat- rolled and all they reported nothing in the way of anything centers offer the richmond san rafael bridge pretty much an easy ride from the east bay from any branch into san francisco
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the law today the peninsula so far so good they have caught the serial kathy if this is a one cat of the action he reaches down and chased it down and ran away all the crimes happen and this same community. >>scott rates: still mourning the loss of her cats she cannot believe how hard cat died he was found dead after being beaten and set off in the box that arrested this man is several
4:34 am
castle gone missing after searching his car police said they found at least one dead at so our investigators now they're trying to determine if it is the same man seen here back on september 2nd to first in this video you can see a man still link and orange cat on hyson slain he has not been seen since it does it will bring back heard your cat.
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>>james: they're now facing a lawsuit and a your girl was also to buy a part-time employee last month best for the school the girl's mother is suing the school and office of education for negligence is accused of taking the girl to a secluded area and the molesting her there was " a lack of attention to detail with regard to these people the girl longer goes to the school was closed for a week after it was discovered that they did not have background checks including possession of hundreds of images of talk from our feet and back in court in one week the car may have been all right 1990's revealed like the when you see here on the screen you see that or maybe all honda passport a 61 your woman
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was had all along mission and dale st. she has serious head injuries the car is missing the driver side mirror and a turn signal lands on the driver side as broken. >>james: he escaped custody wednesday night to 29 year-old after a four hour manhunt they cannot find shut you might notice a few more officers patrolling the streets the report of the gaullist for courage people to shop and have a great time and still save billions. >>phillipe djegal: routinely
4:37 am
passing through the heart of the city for at least the next year seven days a week they will walk the street for travel on bikes downtown we strive to make it walkable to be pleasant aside from the crime was cases isn't out of control here officers and other part-time staff will meet patrons with them to where they need to go as simply be a welcome presence in the
4:38 am
developing area. >>scott rates: she rarely brings her son our sodas jasmine a hose lived here for 20 years like today she is the only passes through our doctors' appointments but now she says she will ride out the coverage of sleep we continues will take a live look apart in the middle of were the country's busiest airports here is a live look
4:39 am
outside the embarcadero camera the fly barely moving hardly back with more weather and traffic in just a little bit.
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>>james: they have taken to farming on the job at the airport the are bird from the middle of one of the busiest airports in the world it was three years in the making the had convinced airport official that it would not interfere the produce from rife that the emperor would go to food banks and the local area showed a
4:42 am
school kids how farming is done a great win for kids to live in urban areas. >>james: as was the raising the price starting next month unlimited data plans they say network bandwidth amris and look customers who had no limit accounts before 2011 were allowed to keep them on a month- to-month basis with the president is about to go up if the toll plaza tamil will be back with a check of the forecast and that all your early morning commute in just a minute.
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>>james: it is getting stronger
4:45 am
and they tell us there may already be some unusual and disturbing side effects reaching the shore. >>charles clifford: this was a civil war beach on thursday afternoon to the crabs are rarely seen this far north they used to cold the crustaceans live and warmer water for the to the south along the peninsula in that large of ending a foreman on the pacific ascending warmer water of the coast and bringing the total crab's along for the ride south to this the latest in the strength of strange animal behavior along the california coast possibly bring in water
4:46 am
and warmer water than normal the california sometime next spring the and india will probably start to weaken. >>james: is pretty clear vested right to the forecast into a look at the satellite imagery is seen to be doing a good job of moving away if leave is relatively clear conditions there will be a few low clouds were looking mimosas sunny forecast as afternoon taking a
4:47 am
look of the zone for cassolette region 78 expected-oakland 80 out and castro valley 81 in fremont to shift the peninsula and to looking for 73 in san francisco opera six is a low seven is very comfortable this afternoon under parlor called low sunny skies will to lead is across the wine country that is the forecast for today picture- perfect sit shut.
4:48 am
>>james: were looking at a slight warmth as we head toward the beginning of next week here is the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza should again no issues for you the salmon sale bridge you see it is no back a what so ever the traffic on the stand at the early hour the finals of was about 580 and handful of had likes will keep
4:49 am
the eye on the commute to does back up hist. >>james: it is expected to reach a georgetown today governesses the flooding is not the only problem either in is getting people to evacuate sh in the rain and water is headed their way it failed in south carolina and more than a dozen people had been killed so far south in the floodwaters the candidate
4:50 am
starring of some controversy after the commerce of the holocaust during an interview they suggested the holocaust would have been greatly diminished if german had been armed with guns sh there is a reason to the editorial people like the government's first major criticism have suggesting the mass shootings and to the recent incident in oregon could arrest the attacker if if there armed. >>james: its text above hundred and 30 men and women to keep the blue angel ready for takeoff. >>haaziq madyun: the blue angels are putting the finishing touches on their success as a eight tinhorn is that will be amazing crowds during the
4:51 am
upcoming air show in the bay area keeping learjet stock fit for flights such they're ready to go out and a key part of their preparation sex is to imagine the office a second class senses job is to know about everything there is enough if above is aircraft's soft.
4:52 am
>>: is a big sense of pride we're fortunate to be here we're out here representing all the marines during the job we did before he could catch the high- flying action as we bring it to your lives better tomorrow starting at 2:00 p.m. starting at 5:00 this morning will be live at marina green getting ready for this weekend's festivities. >>james: showing a clear conditions it will be great back
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[ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. alright, now i just look desperate. >>james: wandering have slid through a neighborhood in southern the california it was spotted taking unless news and the tree and then he hopped out walk through automatic your backyard as detected a sip from the pull he wandered off the second time under a week they turned up in the town of monroe via lowell was too scared and he wandered off safely. >>james: it is not the dislike but then what they are testing new ways the you can express your emotions to different stories imposed people put on
4:56 am
line it is a reaction but not with the emoticons their buttons that they express a broader range of emotion the enclosed loves and a wall and said as well as happy and sad faces the new but as to become available to u.s. users in the next couple of weeks. >>james: we're live every green excitement building is to get ready for the fleet week air show beginning today to the blue angels at 3 and then we have really great air show this to cook with a look for that sunday equally beautiful tree want to
4:57 am
be short on the different ships of the anchored all up and down the embarcadero back with more in just a minute.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>darya: the blue angels are back in the bay area getting ready for the airshow which starts to dance the team to to the skies yes they're practicing before the big show this weekend they're there as their world across the san francisco skyline and runs today through sunday if it is been
5:00 am
seen from christie field or anywhere that overlooks the water east of the golden gate bridge. >>james: will get to the top store weather and traffic but first we do want to go outside it marked and george live in the marine agreed this morning ready for fleet week is a great opportunity for people to come out and see the practice show and avoid a lot of the crowds. >>mark: taken place will show you more as this lighter but all types of family events in all branches of the u.s. military softwares as well as a vip viewing area down here as well one of the better spots along the miles of waterfront to catch the show this to the military in
5:01 am
action hist. >>mark: ones you love the idea you would never go back to tune in to the special have a full list that happen through the weekend our website. >>darya: again our special coverage of the best the in house.
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>>james: beginning to clear out nicely in the air this afternoon it will be at 72 to 73 degrees could not ask for better days saturday tomorrow will start off a little cloudy by the afternoon it will corp. nicely any place you want to stop by and do the air show the weather is one to be on your side will of the forecasted a coming of we want to get a bit on the commute. >>robin winston: if so far so good on the road led to hot spots will take a quick look at the ride for to the bay bridge toll plaza said to have to use was bound 80 this where there is
5:03 am
some roadwork in the maze five it was at a spread reduced down to two lines come from 580 mac a little bit of a backup reproaching but look at the shot so as to get up to the bay bridge toll plaza it is wide open from downtown oakland into downtown san francisco. >>robin winston: use in the '92 here is a live look to the right hand side of the screen the committee traffic heading to the peninsula a quick 14 minutes trip in hayward to make that connection with highway 1016 pence a for the roadwork if you're coming out antioch in concord this is out to 42 at a grant your reduced to one land there's a lot of slow traffic if you're about to leave or not you will get stuck in the backed up because of the construction they hope to have wrapped up by 6:00 your act 11 the the great the pleasant hill road problems and to conquer a quick 10 literature from highway 4 to the 682 to force led ask.
5:04 am
>>darya: murder of the taurus and golden gate park are connected they believe the same group of drifters back are behind these murders if these are pictures of the victims. >>james: he was shot and killed all latrell all london and paris terrible visit from canada found dead in a wooded area on saturday in golden gate park three people are in custody this morning. >>reporter: i am here in golden gate park and police are saying if they believe the three suspects arrested in connection sh there behind the shooting death of two to three your canadian tourist our body was from not too far from where i'm standing just off birdies rogers would take a look at the video
5:05 am
show police st. there or arrested in oregon and charged with the murder of the marin county man police said that notice similarities between the murders both victims were found with a gunshot wounds and wooded areas will be here in golden gate park to of the you drop the morning. >>james: were falling rekindles of errors on of this happened just over my we broke the story in the for our first one person has been killed three others injured if after an early morning shooting at northern arizona university shot the suspect is in custody and no longer a threat on campus as far as the to tell the should have are on 120 in the morning to the parking lot no were with the
5:06 am
motive was the have not said what the people involved were stews but more details to come out during the course of the broadcast shares. >>darya: matter video so the momism american hero scott was stabbed several times outside a bar and sacramento if less to the look of the survey this video is shows the street fight to see going on and saw several people involved in this and one of them is chairman of first class concerned he was stabbed multiple times in the matter heights section we circled him there and here is the picture to you remember what he looks like he is one of the three heroes who stopped a terrorist attack aboard a train headed for paris.
5:07 am
>>darya: seconds after the stabbing the group walked away in different directions no arrests have been made police released to the surveillance it is a still store still friends are you concede the dark to your camry they got away and they spent much of the afternoon questioning people factor video bar and sacramento police not saying what they think the motive is if it does not appear to be random and they say he fled after crashing the car and a chase and oakland off leaving behind his six year-old daughter chiu was taken to hospital and is expected to be ok police are looking for him they're looking for suspects a
5:08 am
home visit robbery task data sparked the chase in santa they spotted a car matching the description of the home renovation the start of following in. >>darya: he lost control crash the car but took off and got away leaving his child behind. >>james: president obama challenger arose were ordered to meet with them was a victim of the college campus shooting fish on october 1st opened fire in classrooms and on or community college impatience with the lack of changes to the legislation despite numerous mass shootings of the past few years if after they meet with the victim's family that had to bay area for some democratic last a committee events in san francisco.
5:09 am
>>mark: will tell you how you can drink some water in just a matter. >>: obviously a kickoff on monday the blue pages are back
5:10 am
there's plenty of green seas along the war in the green they did mention the purified bay water there off the grid and lift spa.
5:11 am
>>: is the time to have serious discussions of all the leaders that are in town and showcase capabilities they would need here and debate. in the case of nafta disaster this is a capability that the low savings and were in the world to deploy to men as iran and third world countries but obviously we have some capability is the largest dollar road in san diego if it could be useful as san francisco if we ever had a major earthquake forced this will be monday in an act of bad shot at golden gate park is an exciting
5:12 am
event for off of the entire community to come out and say their inspiration and military groups if. >>george: will be represented at the marina green the opportunity to express our gratitude if you want to some of the people will been serving for us. s>>james: coming about for wanted a live report from will also in san francisco if they're
5:13 am
proud to welcome the blue angels and our special the blue and to live this saturday to this is where you conceive high-flying stunt we have the cameras there posted in the best spots along the water so you can bring all the action to your living room couch without a parking hattic if. [announcer] you're on the right track to save big
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>>darya: our focus today is fleet week is all kicking off to that the big highlight attraction the air show and tomorrow all across this you for marine agreeing where down there
5:17 am
at the marina green. >>george: it will be a great spot to see the air show but a lot of events that will always find here the military exhibits a lot of vendors will be here this is really an activities center. >>mark: official and saw the best places to watch the air show. >>grant lodes: our location for the to taken sides and sound low and just come to town if you concede there are pure and a good spot to to stay for the show as the aerospace about alcatraz if you're bill the water out what you make it spurious there in the $5 it what from aboard the space historic ships cash comandantes
5:18 am
you impress people 50 to $225 a ticket the pin on the day you come if you know some of the rooftop deck abettors agree with to watch the could you're on the right spot will basically part your hair when they come screaming buy traffic always a mess in these areas on fleet week week in.
5:19 am
>>george: he is somewhere out in the marina. >>will tran: shoreline and the different location they took care of the nuts and bolts level detector some of the attraction it is very cluttered a good cover because they have some attractions this is something new on friday because usually it picks up really heavy on saturday and sunday because i want the kids to be involved in
5:20 am
this is a water purification that can draw water directly from the back and turned into portable drinking water if the water system was to fail this is one of the portable water tanks here the brand new buses from san francisco fire department that can be loaded on entreated.
5:21 am
>>george: uses purified a bit water if you're thirsty announce anything is great. >>mark: 90 guys have no problems-you have to build its case for we're proud to continue
5:22 am
the team coverage and bring you the bessies and house by watching the live special this saturday still see all the twists and turns. >>james: of live look at the golden gate bridge temperatures mild 60 in san jose and leaks about the fifties to low 60s all throughout the bay area here was where temperatures will develop '60s and '70s by the 9:00 hours by noon time in the mid to upper a is consistently for saw the inland valleys as it is expected to be a little bit warmer today than it was yesterday last a
5:23 am
comfortably warm in the '80s with the upper for some with to the right along the bay shoreline and 81 to 80 to raise. >>robin winston: that is how would like to live look at the commute into san francisco reports in the bay bridge toll plaza a minor way on the left- hand side of the screen that is nothing to worry about that is what we can expect at this time headed into san francisco drive time has not changed its a quick trip from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco it is nice and smooth so far as your door between the north bay and san francisco if you have to use
5:24 am
the richmond san rafael bridge in the west from richmond is a quick a metric traffic and so on was about right to the toll plaza is up to 42 a grant that is causing all minor sort out 12 minutes from highway 4 to the 680 split.
5:25 am
5:26 am
>>darya: kevin mccarthy has
5:27 am
dropped out of the race for the gop speaker the process' to the front runner for the house speaker but unexpectedly dropped out yesterday just as republicans gather to holes--a closed-door vote he did not believe the have the necessary both from within his own party to win and said republicans need a new face to represent them at the public hearing yesterday hundreds of protesters were there this phantom plan would include the proposed for the 11 wells at the park to see war will not be allowed to breed a more killer whales in captivity and the parts cannot copulate the pulled more.
5:28 am
>>darya: murder of a hiker and a no. the bag in the murder of a taurus this woman and golden gate park if they think they're connected will tell you who they think that it and police and saw the they think they caught the man who'd been stealing tax he's behind bars watching bay area weather and traffic this take a peek at the live shot that we have all along the embarcadero. ♪ you should shop at grocery outlet first, ♪ ♪ because their prices are up to 60% less than what you'll ♪ ♪ find at regular stores. ♪ but wait - there's more! shop here first and you'll always find more bargains.
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without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. assure task >>james: blue angels
5:31 am
back in the bay area of the air shows beginning today rapid up the covers as the excitement been rampant of all raw the bay most excited is marked and george. >>george: this is not only 21 of the best places to view the air show a also a good place to see so many of the exhibits in connection with the entire range of sleep with activity the highlight of that for so many is the actual parade of ships when the fleet, and kind. >>mark: adopt down and hear 80 by lord god patched so many more events this year if you want to
5:32 am
see the rundown on what is going on. >>james: we have temperatures right now in the upper fifties to low sixties for a little bit warmer than it was kids and land in schools of the inland valleys 70 degrees would mid-70's by the bay shoreline will get the maximum temperature is right as schools getting let out talking possible upper 80s for places like the delta and in 79 to read about 80 degrees for schools as
5:33 am
well that is the weather. >>robin winston: we made the road construction project hot spot because it is causing a nasty battle for people coming out of the oakland a's headed into san francisco last take a look at the map this is 580 west at 80 splat as the transition out of oakland for the inshore freeway or coming into san francisco the three left lanes are closed and now that it does commit time and before all moreau headed into san francisco after this started to jam of traffic if you have to use was about 24 is already calling back and telegraph is causing about 15 to 20 minute delay be prepared if you have to use was 24 or 580 west traffic is crawling through the st. the good news is if you're continuing into san francisco here is a live shot to the bay
5:34 am
bridge toll plaza. >>robin winston: there is a little bit of a back of ride around matt not only on the left-hand side only in the cache line it is going to be a great ride into san francisco once again you will be delayed was 24 and west 580 as a head into the maze because of roadwork. >>james: in golden gate park of the week in 23 road she was found in a wooded area by jfk drive to embrace what degree on saturday she was the tour's rising to bay area to call the canada she was found shot to death in golden gate park grave harm the strickland bluegrass festival the release the new information saying they found some of her property on the three suspects. >>james: they would not be charged with robbery and murder of our tree the suspects have been identified and to see their
5:35 am
pictures will have lila if morrison likely and sean and gold they're already in custody of the 67 year-old he was shot and killed on a marin county high controller on monday a handgun was covered and a cordon during the arrest of three suspects are expected to be extradited.
5:36 am
>>darya: they caught a serial cat a thief in the south bay police searched the car and said they found at least one dead cats inside they're trying to figure out whether he is also connected to other cat best that has happened in the area so far is just a charge of one count of felony and cruelty to our coverage continues to walk to check the back end with mark and george standing by live at marine agreement for as it begins previews what the sea now. >>mark: the darkness where we for the like to come of this morning if the golden decorous insulted amazing coming from the golden gate the parade of after all this is fleet week and
5:37 am
rightly so lot of attention gets put on the air show this really did start as a navy event the parade of ships starting at 1130 this morning and where or to see a lot of interesting new kinds of vessels new technology really amazing the military is
5:38 am
represented in your helmet said this again a great opportunity to thank them for their service is really a great family event brought the weekend in san francisco cash.
5:39 am
>>darya: if you do not want to battle the parking we will be. read backed [ female announc ] when you're serious about fighting wrinks,
5:40 am
5:41 am
turn to roc® retinol correxn®. one week, fine lines appear to fad one month, deep wrinkles look smoothe after one yr, skin looks ageless. high performance skince™ only from roc®. >>darya: 01 for commuters on the peninsula a dramatic increase and a number of cars and drive trains this year the increase as the leader scratching their heads all the costs and tough caution lights bells and whistles somehow that are still getting stuff on tracks since august 6th car 7 at and have a different time different interceptions and for the season's fifth the police
5:42 am
will be out giving tickets to drivers to break the rules for the real crossings a quick look at the forecasts for fleet week if you're heading out to san francisco to test the activities friday saturday sunday looks great temperatures will be allowed to mid-70s with partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. tey brshaw what surprise!
5:43 am
u know whaelse isa rprise?s tey brshaw a'mon let's sit do i d ta about it. th'why m minding peoplenthrepeo? ifou h chienpo thenhe sngles vis is alrdy iide u. ll) oooh. o's had ickenpox? thenhe sngles vis anthe in can bsty rashcan p up e ev wor thait looks.. sct over.
5:44 am
5:45 am
>>james: we have marked in door standing by at marine agreement giving us comprehensive coverage of this week we've been talking about some of the events in connection. >>george: the village that is here that demonstrates the humanitarian efforts of the united states military participating of course the big highlight is the airshow and highlight of the air show more
5:46 am
inside the converted bus that turned into a triage this is brand new look good all the beds they're all the medical supplies and indeed. >>will tran: is to come down to the marina green you can go through and and actually fly down one of the beds to the court later with the fleet week walk us through some of the things they're this the
5:47 am
convertible is a retired bus brought into service and modified to be a casualty evacuation this has tree house in this is basic care and a number of other capabilities that have to maintain this as they do the vehicles with firefighters a chance of being used with the dead are often enough to stop the fires of they're not the fire department is maintaining them the back is
5:48 am
not quite the same we're going to be showing the package coming up some of his life the he took. >>mark: we get to see him lying with his visor down the did a great doubt about the blue angels--job >>george: fact we all members of the club together if phil made a great point in the blue and a practice run for 1230 to four in that window and smaller crowds to that today may even be a better that to come to all the action down along the bay forced the week off netizen 2:00
5:49 am
tomorrow afternoon lots of fun with that we're heading out the weather as the site looks like it's going to be fantastic the stick you a quick look at the forecast today. >>james: a little hazy there is some thought floating around but like it was a guest today is no big deal will take a look and visibility's will want to start off with a wider view this of addressing the overnight clouds that were overhead not to all they have since moved on and really is not much to speak of mostly sunny if not sunday afternoon for a good bit of the
5:50 am
bay area we're picking up some of their santa rosa nothing major down to a mosque our nine mod our nine mile visibility in oakland and the slight seven hayward a little bit thicker at the san mateo bridge tim is a smile to start 57 in san francisco 55 oakland 60 in san jose just as a lamentable for fifties to low 60s santa rosa the exception 47 degrees it is: santa rosa temperature this afternoon will one of nicely in general the farther inland if the closing of wanted it to the 90 degree mark that as a general rule of thumb for this afternoon. >>james: mid to upper it is along the bay shoreline was sent to cisco come in at 73 degrees here is the extended outlook with september just to be worn like to the weekend fantastic with the same for fleet week in san francisco next week will warm up just a touch by tuesday and wednesday that the long and short of the forecast will be
5:51 am
back with more updates as it over to the traffic center. >>robin winston: 580 at the '80s but this is the connector that brings to out of the oakland a's over to the inshore freeway fish in supposed to wrap up at 5 but now the estimated time off is 6:00 to read from the corner but we take away three lanes of traffic and you get gridlock traffic alert remains in place that is backing you up on to brussels for from telegraph i it was from grand if you're coming out of oakland stay away from 580 west howe over to the northbound limits that would get you into san francisco to without a delay can of the role were altogether it is a 15 minute delay coming out of oakland and into the maze from hercules to berkeley there is
5:52 am
the motorcycle crashed was about 80% howe avenue that is not our hotspot it definitely increase the drive times a quick check of the ride is still not as bad we told about the roadwork the have to work the way for them but harris was waiting for the toll plaza my slight traffic just a minor weight to some of the caste lines it is moving 15 minutes from the nimitz freeway in hayward off to the 101 connector and that is a great drive turn a quick check of the ride is a nice and might drop the morning commute so far more problems into or out of san francisco. >>james: bill cosby will testify under oath in a sexual assault case for the first time in 10 years the committee is scheduled to give a deposition in the case involving do the he sexually assaulted her at the playboy
5:53 am
mansion in 1974 which was 15 years old she is one of two dozen women now accusing him of raping them they admitted on the often years ago he obtain senate bills and give them to when he won to have sex with but he claims both of the drug in the sex was consensual is never been charged with crimes. >>darya: they're searching for the u.s. cargo ship that went missing and hurricane are hoping that will locate the data recorder and back to help them figure out why the 790 ft. ship sank that alfaro down east of the bahamas last week 33 p for organ former criminals are now forcing safety concerns they say cook slowly was constant leaking water and the ships drainage did not work well the company that operates the shut says it met all standards and the coast guard says that is true as well. >>james:-as we go here was a check for whatever this are like right now as head of the door 57
5:54 am
as san francisco 55 oakland 60 in san jose unless you're an santa rosa is cold 47. for over 3year thinis proven strong onracs anpl not leno notlevenothg. reliefoesn getny bter th thi advi
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: you'll hear the engines over the bay area today as the blue angels are back tomorrow we have live coverage of the navy aerobatics team above the skies of the bay area and we're there yesterday when the jets roared over san francisco the show today is saturday and sunday this scene from christie field. >>james: we want to get right to the headlines of weather and
6:01 am
traffic but let's go outside we have team coverage of the fleet week festivities. >>mark: is just an initial is a great military shot around the bay at a great family event agree with interactive the military and see all the amazing humanitarian work. >>george: it will be on display at the marina green with a humanitarian village is located half is the opportunity for you to walk through as you mentioned with members of the family is a great family event we're talking about some of the great places to view the air show even on the practice that is north to reach even the financial district is on the blue and those are flying how many had to open the air as their roar overhead will be here live from the morning show you
6:02 am
can highlight all the great things of a gun on this weekend. before the morning is that we want to look at its other and say we feel the need for speed.
6:03 am
>>george: no volleyball's. >>darya: loss of coverage on the news we have the blue and the special. >>james: to the to get you ready for that is take a quick look at the forecast we had ready for school forecast a tough this morning where clinton is looking for fifties or sixties santa rosa, one of the solicitor this * by noontime class's and mental distress on 78 degrees with mid- 70's by the bay shoreline for a clot of getting out as a theft for and what home off 84 to 88 degrees in law and on average of the '70s along the bay shoreline veddas what you need to know to get ready for school when it comes to whether. >>robin winston: whenever traffic alert and is wrapping up
6:04 am
in the oakland a's but still causing a dilemma for people come from oakland headed to the seashore into san currently is staffed. >>robin winston: the traffic will remain complacent brought in three lanes and you're coming from western to for a back to look toward children's hospital coming from 580 west will pack the back fence of the scene is clear and still causing about 15 minutes the lions fifth tech the northbound limit for which oakland and mice and smooth when you get into san francisco of of of of bathtub now out toward
6:05 am
west grand is slow but not bad as a great ride across the upper deck. >>darya: police say the murder of a hiker and recounted in the murder of a course on the right and golden gate park are connected the same group of drifters are behind the killings. >>james: 2 was shot and killed on a trial on monday and are bringing on the right she was visiting from canada found dead in a wooded area on saturday at golden gate park three people in police custody. >>reporter: similarities but all
6:06 am
those bodies were found in wooded areas with gunshot wounds take a look at the three suspects they believe that those three drifters are behind those murders were seen pictures of them gassing of they believe they were behind those murders and able to track the car to cordon off san francisco investigators flew there to question the suspects all three are been charged with robbery and murder is above the key to the tech look and there follows a 67 year-old was found and loam of open space preserve he and his dog was found shot to death. >>reporter: she was found in golden gate park near bernice rogers with shock and beaten if police are saying this this is still an active and open investigation is a very dark area where are restarting the system joggers and which ought to do about with this arrest a means for them and safety in the
6:07 am
park. >>james: 3 others or injured after an early morning shooting at northern arizona university school official said the suspect is in custody than or anyone else getting hurt of the shooting happened about 120 this morning off in the parking lot is also an accord on campus no word with the model is just yet employed so far have not said who the people were there were shot or bald of their students are still looking for those answers. >>darya: matt the also the moments when the american hero was stabbed several times outside a bar and sacramento this is a matter hi section of
6:08 am
sacramento he is the large demand was wearing a white shirt he is one of the three heroes to stop the terror attack on board a train headed to paris this past august if it to see him fighting against a group of people no arrests have been made but officers have released this surveillance phone of the man who stabbed a man got away the everlasting drown the dark carpet and the toyota camry still investing there's been a lot of the afternoon's question people at that bar the video bar in sacramento they're not saying what the motive was the does not appear to have been random factor was some sort of altercation or incident inside of the night club. >>darya: them look for this man who they said to cost after crashing the car off after a
6:09 am
chase and oakland. >>darya: left his daughter behind in the car she was taken to hospital if she is expected to be ok he is the 29 year-old nicklaus were looking for suspects and a home visit robbery a happened yesterday morning in san leandro and spotted a car that matched the description of all will be traveling to rose bird or intimate with the families of those victims of the college campus shooting the gunman opened fire in the classroom and on of a community college nine people killed nine others were injured before the gunman shot and killed himself the president expected to be there today after that he will be heading down to bay area for some democratic last up to minute event it will be in san francisco will look for his arrival some time
6:10 am
tonight. >>darya: if it kicks off today in a big way right through the weekend recovering in a bedouin. >>george: is the president a lot of amazing things going on even more so than in past years. >>: will have more than to cause a reason sale was visiting from san diego we're really excited to bring back san francisco's oldest maritime tradition is more about exciting events is
6:11 am
been populated and the marines are arriving bring of equipment will be on the slave to the public to view all weekend long before the parade will happen this morning at 11 the air show of force will be going on for 1230 to 4 for this first term will have flea fest to the public amount in due course to interact with the service members and have a family friendly environment to see where critics cited the great opportunity for great bay area high schools to allow.
6:12 am
>>george: heavy started your plans for next year already when. >>: we take the opportunity during fleet week we have a small staff of course the great opportunity to ask some very serious, senses about what to do next year rubble to come back in a few minutes to talk more we're out over in the marina green hill shows the amazing things the military said in a humanitarian village.
6:13 am
>>darya: he can't give me or and you do like in the military must be different for him. >>darya: will be back with more in just a minute. iple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models. or choose to save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train.
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>>george: a little bit of the history of the bay area was not uncommon in being an area rich in enable military history it was a 1981 when then mayor dianne feinstein in diane will
6:17 am
be one of the dignitaries on hand along with mayor ed lee and other representatives of the military now bay area resident and former defense secretary george shultz will also be over at the st. francis yacht club. >>mark: they're expanding this year with everything happening along the san francisco waterfront. >>haaziq madyun: they're putting the finishing touches that will be amazing crowds during the upcoming for the week and
6:18 am
haven't a pair of that object on standby ready to go out is a key part of the preparation is his job to know just about everything there is to know about this aircraft's hist we
6:19 am
came from the fleet were going back to the fleet is we're representing the seller is arraigned out that during the job we did still be good chance to go round the country would we do. >>george: quite as much as a reliable aviation and choose his love to fly i actually was a jet engine mechanic in the united states air force i have a sympathetic regimens with those guys that are renting on the jet for the. >>will tran: i did not even know
6:20 am
he was in the air force a lot going on at the marina green when you come down here is all begins at 10:00 there so many things to walk into just to make sure everything is safe here you can see. >>mark: is all have immense symbolism of the amazing thing to show later your track water and cold water and filtered as it is completely. >>george: part of the mission of the united his military to be
6:21 am
available for domestic least half in the case of a disaster like that stuff patched. >>george: it was a uniform when you're working on the flight line you did i get to where your flight suit said tsk. >>darya: they anchor the show live from the blue angels for
6:22 am
and that and the show live tomorrow, the blue and the marines are coasting this is one of burger and is $8 and goes to support them a squadron of burger's does a hundred dollars and lastly the fleet as house of the 50 saugh.
6:23 am
>>james: conditions will be nice and cool for most of the bay area this morning is about 47 degrees by noontime looking pretty good woman to the upper '70's for the inland valley schools still ultimate 7 is by the bay shoreline and the 3:00 this afternoon pick of he class is getting out if for maybe even 88 degrees in terms of an average temperature task of the seventh to load '80s by the bay that is a quick forecast get you ready for school. >>robin winston: conditions are improving from the area is crowded with the bay bridge toll plaza into san francisco if a lot of slow traffic at the pay date these was stuck in the back of of an earlier problem the road work project that we had 580 west at 80 split in the backed the accord was grabbed 50 minutes from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco and that is not bad because it is moving very well on the bridge but it is slow on the approach san
6:24 am
mateo bridge this pack of 92 headed to the peninsula that is traffic on the right-hand side of the screen a quick check of the ride across the golden gate no problems all nice like traffic both north and south into and out of san francisco track of all motorcycle crash that is not hot spot and is wrapping up was about 80 essen cobbler rolled into less plans are blocked so those of you coming out of hercules and the role you will be stuck in this backup if it is all the way back to high with four a bump up the drive times. >>robin winston: systems to get to the crass it will be a great ride to berkeley from emeryville but the slow traffic waiting for you at the bay bridge toll plaza off and use was solid for westbound 80 been warned macsharry adam the extra 50 to 20 minutes to the normal.
6:25 am
she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪
6:26 am
>>darya: just as republicans gather to hold closed-door vote to determine who they would nominate it would have needed a simple majority vote but did not believe evanescent revolt within
6:27 am
his own party to win in the republicans need a new face to represent them. >>darya: they're already been some unusual and disturbing side effects reaching our shores of red crabs have a new washing ashore on northern california beaches. >>darya: this is the latest of string and strange animal behaviorist sharks and wealth have been seen in large numbers closer to shore the normal during the spring and summer stif.
6:28 am
>>darya: it is the latest in a string of the strange behavior is we have same and will continue to sell one-half of an el nino a legitimate in the murder of a hiker in the north bank this torch and go to depart committed the killings are connected saw didnt and a spike in trend for to be a contrast crashers at when the area city cracking down.
6:29 am
in a remote village lived raymond. his internal clock was off, so he'd wake people for breakfast at all hours. while most were annoyed by raymond, one man was inspired. to serve breakfast all day with freshly cracked egg, ham, grilled bacon and savory sausage. the loaded breakfast sandwich. jack in the box. home of breakfast served all day. >>james: technical live look at
6:30 am
the new york stock exchange. >>james: thing should be positive we have the features of cause of 16 parcels off a fraction of a flight to begin with but we will see what the numbers go is by way close above the 17 are the mark for the fourth time since august-- >>darya: them as part of the back so this one of the blue angels will be performing this we can--weekend. >>mark: as the rest of the air
6:31 am
show this. >>george: uber describing the show today tomorrow and the next table will have a chance to top one of their pilots a number of the people are drawn from former military pilots the snowbirds and thunderbirds this they did a lot of experience when they fly and it is great because there and on backyard.
6:32 am
>>mark: the marines are starting to arrive on marina green and a lot more for you throughout the morning as to get ready for the excitement s. >>james: 6 you might need rejected this morning if you're an santa rosa with temperatures in the upper 40's but most of the bay in the upper fifties to low 60s 70 degrees may be warming of to ride around 87 for
6:33 am
by the bay school let out at 3:00 will at the peak temperatures in the inland valleys we're looking at a soap opera is to make the low 90s here and there be ready for really warm and 79 to about 83 degrees on the bay shoreline a lot milder. >>robin winston: at the bay bridge toll plaza for those of you have to use was about 80 this morning and you have to sit as a heavy traffic if it starts at the foot of the maze from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco this is considered normal there are some better news of your come from a sure freeway come from the carton is
6:34 am
out of the vallejo area we had a crash was about 80 percent as some popular road and waldemar cyclist east bloc to lands is out of the way but it is packed from highway 4 spread high with four out of hercules of one of san pablo rolled six if you're heading into san francisco you will be stuck in the heavy traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. >>james: 2 to 3 year-old body was found in a wooded area by jfk drive assemblies rogers way on saturday choose a towards
6:35 am
this is from quebec canada spots she was gone shot to death and golden gate park during the harlem should live bluegrass festival late last night we learned from police that new estimates suggest that they found some of the property on the three suspects for arrested him for the or the suspected in a completely different crime that will be charged the recess would not only roberts also the murder of audrey carry he was shot and killed a memory, a hiking trip on monday we're still in the process the most of us have to were the reasons again those
6:36 am
three would not be charged in the murder of our precarious as well as the murder of steve carter. >>darya: the committees on the peninsula a dramatic number of cars had a blackout trim commuter trains this year a big increase and how track officials are scratching their heads over this drivers are getting stuck on the tracks since our to six cars have been had and they've been had a different times different and the sentence and for different reasons the police
6:37 am
will be out in force didnt out to the to drivers to break the rules at the real crossings. >>mark: 11 showing the real decline of the blue angels tell us more about the experience. >>will tran: i cannot believe i was sitting in the cockpit. >>george: get the chance to relive the experience system cannot fully grasp the to your
6:38 am
inside of one set. >>george: just the one into the inflation at the close tolerance it keeps the blood in
6:39 am
your head so you do not pass out to the touch and talk to the military people this is incredible will be back with more will continue the coverage from the marina. green throughout the marina >>darya: we will be read backed --we will be right back.
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
>>darya: itself overnight shooting at the university of arizona the person killed and three people heard all students from one target in the morning this is started as a fight between two groups of students and parking lot near dhahran building--dorm
6:43 am
>>robin winston: from the toll plazas of high-rise portion of the bridge the drive times is not that is less than 20 minutes from the nimitz freeway south toward 101.
6:44 am
♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me
6:45 am
♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪ >>george: one of the things we hear from the participants and the military and ensure personnel come in is a great new this is how much they appreciate come into san francisco.
6:46 am
>>mark: they're doing incredible work so the marines and navy officers normally focus on matters of national security from as they were walking a hold of the hospital in palo alto that we're here to listen and learn about and the soldiers and the recovering of the miller said members would not say they were country they said it was very glad to be giving back in this way some.
6:47 am
hist >>terisa estacio: the request to speak up as for those who were there to visit. >>mark: official the appreciation that we all have several in the military and the sacrifices they make for all must says >>george: one of the things we've been talking about is tommy gregg activities there
6:48 am
will be for you and your family at the marina green still with a part of the team coverage of this check to some of those things out for him. >>will tran: it is not just looking at the marina green you to literally just touch and walk around and you can take pictures and see right behind mint i don't even know the official names of these vehicles with this is about as close as we're all going to get unless you are a service member costs and drive on base and this is all still. >>will tran: by the way this begins at 10:00 in the morning you can looks like another tree guy center as well as you come down and the women and take pictures if they do not mind if you touch than there is nothing here if that is so fragile that you can break we showed to the tree hours a little bit earlier you can go in there as well here is another military vehicle of
6:49 am
the sock the red cross you know and i know it is very difficult to find a parking on any given day much less today over the next couple of days or obviously public transportation find someone who does not likely week to sign so who does not like did accept person to drop you off they expect perhaps about 2500 people at this location. >>will tran: will take a tour of
6:50 am
boston has now turned into a mass casualty transfer human hist. >>mark: 20 really exciting they come to the golden gate starting at 11:00 this morning. >>george: the air show begins at 1230 and all the other participants a number of them will be appearing today in this is what they call the practice than and they will also have the blue and the demonstration starting at 3:00 we have cameras
6:51 am
of all on the bay and show you of a closer view of the air show on television sets. >>darya: the salam signs and the blue and does live is tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. saugh. >>james: traffic and travel is
6:52 am
moving on time this morning and know closeted in your way things look pretty good nice and clear and hear the satellite view the early morning clouds moving away leaving us with a nice clear skies the tech look at the weapons out of fairfield they're kicking a 10 mi. an hour sustained winds everywhere else is relatively calm were looking for that to continue to the afternoon off at the moment a lot of myths of the fifties with a handful of low 60s as we worked today the sea to tassos by noontime will sell seven is and a few '80s and the more so complete in the afternoon will be close to the '90s but between
6:53 am
now and sunday it is great to get out there and enjoy all the festivities. >>robin winston: not much of a change since the last time we checked in the back of such to the foot of the major texas ride every morning is going to be up ahead is back to the foot of the may slow and stretches across the upper deck no problems on the bridge it would take about 23 minutes to get to in downtown oakland to downtown san francisco union city san leandro it will be slow on the nimitz headed into hey would connecting with 92 their jam from carter to a high-rise portion no problems on december sale bridge the commit traffic cops on the right-hand side is bumper-to-bumper it will loosen the 40 of the high-rise to 20
6:54 am
minutes from 80 out 2101 and 101 north bed on to the slope through samoset is considered normal as well no problems in the truck back the westbound for those of you wafted into the north and come from its bank it will be stop and go from castro right through the toll plaza asked the attractive welcome ride along the mid spend a portion more new traffic and weather coming up after the break.
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>>darya: it is back in the bay area we all live in marina green getting ready for the big air show this weekend nine is in british take on the man in brothers maybe you're better off watching the blue and just a few when the brown shoes you will use them to conceal what does and what habitants tell us what --
6:58 am
[announcer] right now at sleep train, get up to 48 months interest-free financing
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on tempur-pedic. save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: the big air show starts today and we have live team coverage continuing of the show of good morning. >>james: we have team coverage of that land green.
7:00 am
>>mark: we had bring the family down and seas are this week's festivities. >>george: as the cause of the marine the grain more in advance all the things we have been talking about the great things that you will be about to see all the things we have been talking about the great things that you will be about to see when that if you come out may


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