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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 9, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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stolen and used to murder two people man suspected of killing half the south bay neighborhood now behind bars. surprising connection to law-enforcement. steve never believe high-school an arrest police searched his home had of him and diversity. custody. >> pam: week week and a great place to watch the blue angels. shaw >> pam: king new details about a trio arrested for the murder of a hiker in marin county all three are also connected to the killing a woman in golden gate park wafers ready this breaking news last night
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around 0:00. learning more about how police and the trio of suspects to the murder of canadian visitor audrey carry where they reportedly got a weapon. >> pam: of 23 year-old audrey found in a wooded area not far from golden gate park saturday first official said she died of blunt force trauma now revealing she was shot in the head police believe the murder weapon as the same gun used to kill 67 year- old patrick steve carter in fairfax monday carter found shot a number of times with his doberman pincher also shot still leashed to him police believe the motive and both carry cutters that is the same. "believe robert was double killing. for and find out if this was an anomaly.
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>> pam: is was seized by police during the rest of the three suspects wednesday. by police in portland oregon. inside the car of their alleged second victim steve carter. also inside that car camping gear police they belong to the first victim audrey. police say the other piece of evidence that links the murders a gun found in the stolen car. that gun was traced back the seven francisco's fisherman's wharf. reported stolen out of a car packed in a residential area last week the gun and. silly to be tested for ballistic. believed to be the same weapon used in both murders. >> pam: we are learning at a bit more about these three suspects allegedly went on a killing spree just seen is here now with new details.
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>> reporter: traveling around with no identification how they even knew each other for how long still on known tonight. here are the suspects 18 year- old 23 year-old morrison 24 year-old, shawn old, leslie has a long criminal history including a parole violation. we have a several of his mug shots easily found on line today. record includes possession of a weapon. graffiti marijuana possession from oregon. the lone female according to her face the page with a high school in hawaii in like to serve. family member reported she had troubles at home while. the card though very little is known about him for what they allegedly murdered two people. fbi former fbi investigator spoke with this evening. they got their hands on a weapon and that triggered a
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terrible series of tense. 'they thought they could get goods from these people and kill them. they're disconnected in terms of victims'. but have the same curvatures same area where there were killed.. usually drug-related. at the crime. "steve carter not treat all involved the news this of us. and he's killed in his work fairly random we. i understand the suspect should be back in the bay area next week the face charges... steve carter is a dog show and the owner was killed in fairfax recovering. was with carter on monday it walk along the trail at the open space had her head and chest somehow survived. carter's wife posted
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on her block the dog was being cared for a veterinary hospital expected to be there for several weeks marin humane society is paying for all of the medical costs. for a >> pam: election of the gun was recovered important stolen a car parked in favor of the scope reminiscent of what happened on pier 14 back in july. when immelmann was shot and killed. the gunny's and that crime had been stolen four days earlier out of a car parked on san francisco street. recent incidents of car break-ins a gun was stolen. august uc-berkeley police chief had her gun stolen from her car parked at a point is a ballroom shoreline in richmond six days later a gun stolen out of a car park in oakland which belong to a hayward police officer and now this comes stolen from fisherman's wharf/ >> pam: of this story on the kron4news-dot-com there you can find a complete coverage of the
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connected murders including background on who those suspects are. >> pam: 15 boy in hercules arrested for allegedly planning to attack his classmates possibly because he was being bullied. clifford in the east bay today has that story. >> reporter: thursday 50 year- old male student hercules high- school arrested taken into custody for allegedly making criminal threats according to hercules' police department arrest came after another student apparently told the school and fully avoid planned addition of the school on friday. an employee contacted authorities identify the students reach out to his parents family. brothers and the police department he where he was interviewed during the conversation revealed the boys motive for planning an attack have been and he was fully. parents also allowed investigators to search their home. police allegedly found evidence the teenager was indeed planning an attack the
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boy taken into custody shortly thereafter. then the vice mayor in light of recent attacks at schools across the country people who live in small towns like hercules need to be on the lookout for problems believe that in this particular case the system worked other students spoke of.. president >> pam: of, boarding air force one in oregon. adding to the bay area tonight due to touch down within the hour at sfo. the president spent the afternoon consoling relatives it comes from last week's campus massacre president said he is more determined than ever the fight america's epidemic of gun violence..
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this is a mental health issue of young male screaming out for cracks in before he left to. new campus shootings claimed lives in two states. northern arizona university flagstaff a fight turn deadly outside. a fraternity outside "when our students aaron jones produced a handgun. shot four other students. a fresh >> pam: men who like to pose the funds and pictures on in some gramm and houston, confrontation in the parking lot of a southern texas university dorm ended in gunfire.. university president says pending new texas law will make
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a bad situation even worse. "to give a concealed handgun license you can enter college campus week to have fish goddess. >> pam: tonight at his. and about making the third visit to the bay area tonight third of the bay area this year in tonight. unlike the other two events though this one is purely political. jeff walsh joins us live at sfo the president is slated to land within the half- hour.. does the >> reporter: an update from secret service the president is running a little early expecting the of all get here around 735 at the executive terminal of the sfo mansion's security is very tight very long time for the news corp. to get checked out all our vehicles have to be inspected. as you can imagine taking no chances for the president arriving also
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hearing. dignitaries from san francisco. to join the the president as he arrives and. that the president's scheduled to arrive here at sfo in less than 30 minutes we will have a live report on the president's arrival in san francisco bay area going on to a fund-raiser later on tonight. and tonight going to a concert at 10 in the morning connate will be entertaining the president and a lot of other fund-raisers also other fund-raising events happening tomorrow. this presidential rival live for now .. >> pam: and sam leandro searching for a 29 year-old man abandoned his injured daughter after a police pursuit and crashed. police investigating home invasion robbery in san leandro and spotted a car matching the description of the
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suspect the car crash in oakland after a of a brief pursuit for. the driver passenger fled on foot they found a seriously injured six year-old girl in the car's back seat she was taken the hospital driver identified as calvin is the girl's father he escaped police have not yet released the additional information. i have >> pam: tonight at eight u.s. air man still recovering after a brutal stabbing in sacramento now hearing from a witness who saw the bloody attack last east bay city gets a boost to help fight fires more boats on the ground during this dry fire season. everything tic-tac-toe and no business mecca for how the navy using tic-tac-toe of recruit kids million people can be wrong for a comeback for the
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all debitors today a warm-up have your
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will be a lot of fun people. in love communicating with the audience later in this
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and a >> pam: augmented reality headset company selling the device to developers and create some applications for the average person in that impact the daily life.
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this is"what dan will be using as playing. this video >> gabe: is amazing paul hall whole lens will of the world of video game in the near future. it blends the real world around you with holograms crazy future with the close to hitting the market what you're seeing is what damascene the room comes alive the world around you part of a game not virtual reality he is seen the real world in front of him also seeing the holograms this will offer the most realistic interactive experience seen with any technology and other game that
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they showed off nine craft build a virtual three worlds the perfidy in for this whole lowlands will offer more than just gaining used in almost every part of the visual computing life a tool for designing collaboration art creation engineers architects people designing things will be able to use this as a new way to create. the lens studio application really let your hologram's turn into physical august 3rd print capabilities 1 demonstrations on microsoft will offer the their website dormer kron4news-dot-com will application.
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>> pam: hersheys recall from a popular supermarket over concern that could be tainted with listeria
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>> pam: to the colonists the civic virtues all across the nation a dangerous form of
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bacteria in the cheese. wisteria infections on the wholefoods website. it is organic road for she the fda officials found evidence of the listeria and on cogwheel of the cheese during a sample test symptoms include high fever severe headache stiffness and not just the abdominal pain and diarrhea so far no reported illnesses infections. four requires police to get a court order before the concerts messages photographs other digital data stored on phone or company's servers for governor jerry signed a california electronic communications privacy act and to light yesterday it is only the third of its kind in the united states some states to guarantee some protections previously only made in utah comprehensive laws on the books.
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>> pam: tonight east bay city getting ready help for the federal probe into the fire. that rate continues widely hated ceo with act on the press and an important drug. and a person who knew suspected killer arrested in the south bay when he arrives and will show it to life. \
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>> pam: arrested after police found him sitting in his car with a dead cat. scott rates following this story since the first report of a cat adduction over a week ago. does live from san jose and you actually spoke with someone who knows the suspect. >> reporter: that is right this person tells me that she is not surprised this 24 year-old suspect remains behind bars at the jail tonight.
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"a feeling he did do it because it hasn't had a past of injuring animals. men 24 year-old robert farmer arrested on thursday suspected of killing at least one catch. >> reporter: farmer is homeless a friend of hers thinking she was doing a good deed what former live with her after a few days christy says that friend noticed something very disturbing. "cat was injured had a bomb on her head lending falling over. from >> reporter: were charged with felony animal cruelty after they caught up to him here on hillsdale avenue investigators say this, 24 year-old sleeping in a car next to a dead calf.
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the zero >> reporter: 1 by roberts father's home understandably he did not want to talk about what his son is accused of. investigators are reviewing this surveillance video showing a man stealing an orange cat named to go to see if it could be robert farmer. all fine the says she's sure it the message >> reporter: gaging getting started several missing cats out there in the area people thought of putting fliers and can figure out what happened.
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>> pam: need a fire department will soon have more boots on the ground. after being awarded a federal grant fund additional six new full-time firefighters like to tell me tonight to explain when those firefighters will arrive. >> reporter: recruits should be at the academy in january and hopefully by the spring fighting fires too late for some businesses here damaged by a past fire but still good news. since august 2014 is better off for her family's business for stores of the st. paul long parks remained shuttered after a series of arsons nearly leveling the block last year and other homes and apartments throughout
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the city the himalayan give shop taking in half the profits she did before there are seven thankful for the alameda fire department and their quick work back in august. a $2.2 million grant recently awarded tell me a fire department now hired six new full-time firefighters welcome news for depleted agency back in 2009 close to the fire station did a budget cut. once in a >> reporter: action will be place the two departments four fire stations
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this may not improve response time will bolster demit the manpower at scenes and hopefully help not fires down quicker. the funding will last year's two years. >> pam: francisco international airport life airforce one just landed. were originally planned at 845. i imagine they get the aerospace they want.
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>> reporter: is the executive airplane of president brock oota schedule >> reporter: to go to a private residence in san francisco after he goes from there foresworn the. have a private fund-raising event later on this evening. tomorrow morning president of bomb will go to the theater in san francisc president obama going to the theater >> reporter: be available for the public and available to the democratic party that. president has come to the bay area many times his their arrival to the bay area. generally stays and
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fancy hotels in the city of san francisco. mayor ed lee here in attendance. governor jerry brown here as well. he will be greeted by the city of san francisco as well as the executive of the state of california. right in the middle of your screen see it the doors are open they ramp making its way to the front of the president's aircraft the press >> reporter: court other dignitaries leading the aircraft in the back exit of the airplane there is presence of military because of legal lot of
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military dignitaries willing to visit here and say hi we come here. >> pam: president obama is coming in from all foregone met with victims of the family of a community college shooting massacre. for a soon as a teacher was killed. again he made clear his visit was to show support console those families. in light of the tragedy that happened there be. did reiterate determination to fight the epidemic of gun violence in the united states to make clear that is still an important issue throughout the rest of his tenure as president of the united states. bmc having a
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concert tomorrow morning on market street where kanye west will be performing. i the president will be then all roundtable discussion private residence close to the media. all we know as dnc and the international community having round table to talk about issues all looking toward election next year. the same events going on right now at first democratic debate is scheduled for next tuesday that will be the first one of this election season mayor ed is here for jerry brown
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the governor of california has arrived to greet the president are gotten into the limousine departed from the aircraft quickly seems to be traveling alone the first lady is not apparent here two daughters on this trip i believe limousine is being stepped quickly loaded up very quickly it seems he is on a very tight schedule here much more quickly than recent trips here to the bay area. >> reporter: corps have done on their vehicles as well as other secret service detail the
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president of travel in convoys very heavily protected by things we don't know about life the weapons available to a civil service but never an issue here. as a >> pam: mention president will attend the 10:00 on serbs demanded hard severns go a quick trip. because be attending political fund-raisers in demanded hard severns go a quick trip. because be attending political fund-raisers in washington.
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>> pam: >> pam: brett lotus is out at the marina in capt. having fun all day today it will be on a ship and it was gonna shipped because of six naval ships visiting complete it was
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great were shut up now called mate had a camera here we try airlock in the crew from canada and of the nicer. welcome >> catherine: 80 and cannot be very accommodating. nice man named a new show us around designed handle everything from delivering humanitarian aid helping catch drug small smugglers and pirates. >> catherine: engineer and member of the diving team and a moment's notice he has to be ready to strike by 120 lbs. of equipment company to the ocean.
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. some of >> catherine: conversation about san francisco. views from the ship great weather this week what it won a seat in the wall here. the mas welcome this weekend: 7 cisco happy to make that mutual . but then i asked us and for dinner only thing we didn't get was a free meal.
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>> grant: tell you we add trees sestos to go on service members but the service hospital fortunately because the president's arrival will have time for that. we will have at my 11. remind you more time tomorrow 2:00 p.m. kron 4 will have live programming on this incredible flic always thrilling show a lot of fun beginning at 2:00. >> pam: quick break and come back with gary and sports.
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clear skies perfect for outdoor activity. especially with the week and then '90s into mid week next week. that will be great forecast >> gary: earlier tonight we were management's and hate the problem beyond night because of present robo because ofobama jeff bush all the years of experience covering presidents back to roosevelt on the white house lawn-tight so lisa and \
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\ >> gary: this for pam and jeff bush our entire white house staff."you insist on being an apologist for cabinet. the white >> gary: 80 upon somebody earlier in the week these guys live pretty good lives.. the thing about someone sitting on their couch saying this guy is bad. the matter what you think the middle of money when the gang of people out there now to get someone i don't
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openly rooting for and still he what i'd like the gang mentality a little beat up when guy "this bust up and finish his career >> gary: head coach supposed it respected member of i have to say my great for director of 30 years right holzmann it never got beyond that is that agreeable * today the swing in the coat listen if your daughter-in-law you do stupid things crazy things but at the end of the day in of the smooth out or don't get caught.
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"didn't play that questions game because you're too old. people >> gary: starting to age jokes invited me to play in this legends' game.
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"the oscars drives are in them. >> gary: of people feel that way. the argument is that francisco baseball town or giants town i give the giants, because when they are in the playoffs a lot of people like to watch. joyce i never driver and a bentley money, but should go to the kids' college fund and the people carry a briefcase cellphone i draw the bentley that's my accessory. >> pam: will be right back.
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cliff >> diane: sky's the be that it was clear tempters will continue to have that throughout all next week at 83 sunday 85 clear skies and the forecast dealing with knife temperature is a variable wind speed and ease of crazy 8 mi. an hour light breeze monday. tuesday reaching the. '90s will be a nice the
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