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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> vicki : now at eleven. friends and family mourning the death of a san francisco bicyclist. the man was struck and killed by a muni bus. it happened along market street near first street. just before 3-30 this afternoon. good evening, i'm vicki liviakis. kron 4's kate cagle was at the scene of the crash. and explains how the accident happened. > >kate : this area is covered in cameras and police tell us there covering this footage to try and figure out exactly what happened yellow caution tape blocked off downtown market street for hours this evening. as tourists snapped photos and tried to figure out what was going on.
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police say a man on this bicycle was wearing a helmet when he was hit by a muni bus. he died in the street. it's the second deadly crash involving a muni bus this year. >> : it's a very busy part of the city. so we always look at all the conditions of the road. > >kate :police say the forty- eight year old man was actually between two buses when he was killed - both heading west on market street. he was going the same direction - when he apparently lost control. it's not clear how the bicyclist ended up between two busesor who was passing who. >> : we are looking at the possibility of a passing vehicle code violation. but it's still under investigation. > >kate: police were careful to say they are not placing any blame at this point. both muni bus drivers have been interviewed. now they will take toxicology tests to see if they were impared. cyclists share two westbound lanes on this busy stretch of market with buses and cars. >> : it's crazy. it's crazy. to cyclists familier with the was a grim reminder that ever day carries risk.
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>> : you have to pretend like you're invisible. that is what you have to do as it buys a close--bicyclist > >kate:muni released the following statement regarding today's crash. saying, >> vicki : "the san francisco municipal transportation agency and its more than 5,000 employees, wish to express our deepest sympathies and condolences to the family and friends of the cyclist who lost his life. in a bus collision. an investigation is underway. our agency will work closely with sfpd to ascertain all facts of this truly unfortunate event." new at 11. pleasanton police dispatch received a call from home depot this evening reporting they had received a bomb threat. it happened at the store located on johnson drive. the management evacuated the
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store and all employees were moved to a safe location while police investigated the threat. pleasanton officers partnered with home depot personnel and conducted a sweep of the business. during the course of the sweep.nothing suspicious was located. the investigation is continuing to determine the origin of the caller. police searching for the suspect behind a double homicide in oakland. it happened in the fruitville district last night. kron 4's scott rates has the latest on the investigation. >> scott :police are investigating a homicide in san francisco's oceanview neighborhood. an ambulance is on the scene and a major part of the boulevard had to be shut down as the investigation was over a way-- under way
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and that is where both men were pronounced dead at the scene and to the shooter got away and is still on the loose tonight and the police are searching for potential suspects but so far the have not made any arrests right now there really are a lot of unanswered questions as we still do not know the names and we do not have a suspect description at this point as of now we do not know the motive of the shooting >> vicki : police are investigating a homicide and sentences goes ocean view neighborhood it happened around 8 this morning along broad street near san francisco state university. officials say a man was shot multiple times in the torso. he was taken to the hospital for treatment. but later died. police are still searching for the suspect. governor jerry brown is hoping
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to make california schools safer... as he has signed a new senate bill into law. senate bill 707 means... no guns on california school campuses. even those with a concealed weapon permit will face harsh criminal liability if they bring their gun to school. gun control has been a controversial topic in the united states for many years... one gun advocate strongly disagrees with this new law. >>:by making gun free zones it means anybody with a gun can come in and shoot people who cannot defend themselves the only way to stop somebody with a gun is to make sure that day people are descended with guns >> vicki : it's been a couple of years since the oikos university mass killings... since then, a number of school shootings across the u-s have taken place. governor jerry brown is hoping to make california schools somewhat safer. he signed senate bill 707 into law. on duty police, retired law enforcement, and police reservists are exempt from the new law. it's meant to protect students and faculty from the
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possibilty of a school shooting. the winner of last night's super lotto plus drawing has yet to come forward. the ticket is worth 15-million dollars. it was sold at a san jose safeway store along branham lane. the owner of the store will receive a bonus of 75-thousand dollars for selling the ticket. the winning ticket has the numbers: 37, 34, 28, 33, and 21. and the mega number 17. superlotto plus winners have 180 days from the day of the drawing to claim their prize. it was a beautful weekend here in the bay area. but we could be seeing even warmer weather next week. kron 4's brian van aken has been tracking the weather. brian, what can we expect for tomorrow? >> brian :we had some nineties into the east bay valley and 80s for the south bay and san francisco and oakland at '70's this afternoon and you could watch a wind shift and the sea breeze which is about 20 m.p.h.
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that causes things to heat up so that is what we have for tomorrow with 80s and 90s in the forecast was to be even warmer by tuesday we have some tropical air coming from the south which will raise humidity son not only will be hot humid mid-90s and livermore and concord and i'll talk more about the week ahead coming out blacks --coming up next >> vicki : coming up. a shocking discovery on a north bay golf course. how police were able to safely detonate a homemade bomb. plus. chaos continues on capitol hill. who will be the next speaker of the house. and major delays expected for southwest airlines. their warning for travelers tonight.
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>> vicki : if you're catching a flight on southwest... the airline is now saying you'd better get there at least two hours early even if you're traveling tomorrow... and print
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your boarding passes before going to the airport. technical issues continue for the company... and are still forcing manual check-in's for customers. as of this evening... about 450 of the 3,600 flights have been affected by delays... which all began this morning. the cause of the problem is still still ahead. the latest g-o-p poll is out. who is leading the republican presidential field. plus an update in the case of a jailed washington post reporter in iran. details on his verdict. next. >> brian :and it we are seeing some hot temperatures tomorrow. i'll tell you when those are going to get here coming up and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us.
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>> vicki : an acid-bomb found and detonated on a rohnert park golf course. the alleged bomber caught shortly after. and, luckily, kron four's philippe djegal reports. the course was evacuated in time before anyone could get hurt. >> : fire in the hole, fire in the hole, fire in the hole. >> phillipe :it's not something you'd typically see on a golf course. and, certainly not here at the foxtail golf club. >> : boom, oh yea, woa. >> phillipe :the course in rohnert park is calm now. but just a day earlier --- a homemade explosive device was found by club employees, before calling police. sot- "they do have a blast radius that they can send acid and fragmentation up to 50 feet."
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>> phillipe :eventually the bomb squad detonated the device here on the driving range. neighbors tell the rohnert park department of public safety that on friday night, they heard a similar explosion just left of the 18th tee. then, saturday morning, an employee found what looked like a bomb in the same spot, and moved it into the maintanance yard, before the d-p-s arrived. sergeant jason krauss says the u-c- berkeley bomb squad, under contract with the d-p-s, was called out to take care of situation. the bomb was set-off after the course was evacuated. >> : this was a chemical reaction bomb, meaning that once the chemicals are mixed inside, the reaction will generally take place, uh, within 30 seconds of being placed in the bottle. uh, for whatever reason, the reaction did not take place or did not cause an explosion. >> phillipe :49-year-old kevin hornbuckle of rohnert park was arrested shortly after, and booked into the sonoma county jail on chages related to manufacturing and detonating an explosive device. but krauss says his motive is
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unclear. >> : if you do come across something that looks like an explosive device to immediately call authorities, and generally its best not to move or disturb, uh, any devices like this. >> phillipe :in rohnert park, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> brian :temperatures are way up as we go in to tomorrow and for tuesday at the golden gate bridge with clear skies played this morning. everywhere else was perfectly sunny but the fog sometimes has the mind of its on and a big ridge of high pressure is pushing this storm north and temperatures will go up another five to 10 degrees tomorrow
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this system right here is going to play a factor it is it is coming back at us for a nother round here is the 6:00 a.m. storm tracker large to be sunny and hot day with readings into the '80s for san francisco and oakland and close to 94 san jose and mid-90s for inland close to 100 degrees inland valley for wednesday clouds increase
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and there could be a couple of sprinklers, just a couple of inches and maybe some more rain saturday >> vicki : a man has been shot and critically injured in an nfl stadium parking lot in arlington texas... where the dallas cowboys and new england patriots played this morning. arlington police say they got word of a fight in the parking lot and as they arrived they heard a gunshot and found a man in his early 40's injured. the victim was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. a male suspect has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. keep an eye out for pics!! chaos on capitol hill. the expected republican nominee for speaker of the house pulled out of the race thursday. leaving many in the party wondering who'll be the chamber's next leader. representative paul ryan is under pressure from fellow republicans to run for speaker of the house. ryan told cnn on sunday his answer is still "no."
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but according to ryan's allies.he's still trying to make up his mind if he wants the job. >>:maybe he is playing a great game of all time >> vicki : representative ryan may not make an announcement until after congress returns from a week. if he does take the job, he'll almost immediately face two looming fights. whether to raise the government's debt ceiling. and the deadline to pass a federal budget. donald trump still leads the republican presidential field, with ben carson close behind, according to a new survey. the c-b-s news poll out today showed trump with 27 percent support, and carson with 21 percent. texas senator ted cruz took third place, with nine percent support, followed by florida senator marco rubio at eight percent. jeb bush and carly fiorina are tied for fifth place at six percent. a news agency in iran is reporting that the verdict against a jailed washington post reporter has been issued.
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a judiciary spokesman did not elaborate on the details of the verdict.but says it can be appealed within 20 days. jason rezaian.a bay area accused of charges including espionage in a closed door trial that has been widely criticized by the u-s government and press freedom organizations. he reportedly faces up to ten to twenty years in prison if convicted. in sports. the raiders hosting peyton manning and the broncos.trying to hand denver their first loss. colin kapernick and the 49ers score three touch-downs in new york. but was their new offensive look enough to beat the giants. j-r stone has the highlights and all the sports.coming up my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman
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>> j.r. :the forty-niners against the giants go to the second quarter with the giants out--up 13-6 comes up with the interception he barrells i in for the score manning avoids the collapsting pocket
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in for the score, giants lead 20-13 49er's tied at 20 squeezing in for the touchdown, 27-23 giants throw one up, ruled interception and voerturned --overturned back of the endzone for a score, little time left, 49ers can't make it down the field giants come back to win, 30-27 raider's hosting the undefeated
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denver broncos manning visiting the bay area touchdown raiders oakland takes the 7-3 lead picked off by charles woodson his first ever interception off manning sacked and stripped of the ball broncos take advantage and get a field goal manning looking deep, but then he comes out of nowhere and picks him again but raiders couldn't capitalize carr picks off 75 yards for the touchdown,
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denver up 16-7 4th and 19 dumps it off boos rang out raiders score late couldn't get 16-10 final costly late interception manning's 10th straight win over the raiders tied at 1 game each, bot of 5th singles up the middle 2 runs wouldstcore --would score strikeout here ends the 7th, astro's win 4-2, 2-1 lead in the series
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bluejaysa n and ranrangers 2-0 bluejays hits a 3 run homer, 5-0 final 5-1 bluejays rangers lead the series 2-1 back to you >> vicki : the heat is on for tomorrow, o'brien right now about 70 percent of the have people i checked said they do not like the warm protrudes-- temperatures >> vicki :
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that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow morning!
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