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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 12, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>james: a bicyclist is dead at the crust into a bus in san francisco + a double homicide and all of the we would to it what happened and whether police investigation is this morning and jerry brown opened a new bill this time to make schools safer will explain what it means for those who carry registered weapons. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: thank you for joining us on this monday morning it is 4:00 a.m. let's begin the hour with a check of the four cancellous bring annie in here. >>anny hong: tempered is warming
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up into nine is for some locations and also a chance for some showers may be some thunderstorms it's over the next several days here here is the live look at the bay bridge we're all working to clear skies all your monday morning fantastic for fleet week blue eggs were definitely a relief from oakland day planner for today looks like this the low sixties in the clear conditions by lunchtime mid-70s warming up to 83 by 4:00 this afternoon will see a light northwestern breeze along 5 mi. from our testing look really great until sunshine and temperatures in the upper seventies by 6:00 tonight in los of this pipe into court this evening says it will be a very mild evening temperatures right now of our fifties and san francisco 58 in san jose low 60s and the more under clear conditions set we're talking of our '40's and a boss also your cool spot at this hour occupancy
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by 9:00 this morning warming up quite nicely in some spots and in the '70s by lunchtime sent temperatures into the '70s and '80s all across the bay area even the coast of this afternoon under sunny conditions and then by 3:00 p.m. falsie temperatures peak of the house locations indicated by the red fairfield livermore valley protest ... out that looking at low 90s today for the heart of the bay about opera 77 a is for the afternoon so it may feel a little bit muddy as the experience of the last couple of days that will continue for the rest of the week scabs. >>anny hong: to carmen have gotten into homes and damaged in that area there is an active
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same keep that in mind it looks like there are no major delays because traffic is so light at this our opinion on how quickly picks up to clean that up it could become a hot spot later this morning will keep you posted a quick check of the bridge let's start with the bay bridge we do have very light traffic conditions it will take you just under 10 minutes into downtown san francisco a live look at the san mateo bridge can you verify traffic conditions on 92 this morning things look great after golden gate bridge no-fault this morning clear skies out a great time to leave the house style you want to his soft brown on 101 also very light traffic no surprise on the richmond san rafael bridge on interstate 580. >>james: we have friends and family mourning the death of the san francisco bicyclist he was struck and killed by a minibus
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at happened along artistry with first street about 330 or so yesterday in currency on the map where it is in the city we spoke with police regarding the investigation as well as of the bay area cyclists to get their reaction to this did the crash. hist >>reporter: 4 hours as tourists snapped bottles and try to figure out what was called police said a man on this bicycle was or how meant when he was hit by a bus he died on the street is the second democrats involved in a minibus this year chief police said the 48 your man was actually between two buses when he was killed both heading west on market street he was going the same direction when he apparently lost control and is not clear how the by syphilis if we're looking at a possibility of passing vehicles
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people for a violation but this on the investigation they were careful to say they're not placing in the blame at this point of bus drivers have an interview that will now take toxicology tests to see their repair cycle shared to westbound lanes on this busy stretch to cyclists familiar with the area it was a grim reminder that every day carries risk. >>james: the san francisco-but transportation agency which to express our deepest sympathy and condolences to the family and friends the cycles in the bus collision investigation is under way the agency will work closely with as ftd to ascertain all facts of this unfortunate
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event--sfpd. >>james: the police dispatched received call from home before reporting their received a bomb threat a habit of the store locator on johnson drive the management evacuated the store they moved to a safe location while police investigated the lead they partner with home depot and conducted this week of the business nothing suspicious was found investigation continuing to determine the origin police are searching for the suspect behind a double homicide since it happened in the district saturday night. >>scott rates: just after 9:00 saturday several officers investigating if the shell
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casing markers on the ground right there and an ambulance on the scene said a major part of the boulevard had been shut down as the investigation was underway according to the oakland police department said two men were shot and killed happened in oakland for the addition of a plebiscite on the block of the boulevard that is where both men were pronounced dead at the same and right now we know that the shooting got away six. >>scott rates: so far there have not made any or rest right now there are a lot of on answer questions we still do not know the name of the to men who shot and killed we do not have a suspect description as of right now we still do not know what the motive was in the shooting. >>james: officials say a man was
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shot multiple times in the upper body police are still searching for the suspect said is the roughly three years since the university last shooting since then the number of schools to across the u.s. taken place and jerry brown is hoping to lead california school safer by side and the bill we explain what this means for the also carry register guns on school property >>reporter: no guns on california's school campuses that is the law mass shootings
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and schools all too common the deadliest mass killing the oakland has 300 and 2012 when the former student or nursing schools against the classroom walls killing seven of them and injuring three others on the university campus they're meant to protect students and faculty from another incident like this gun control has been a controversial topic across the united states for many years and is that mass shooting track when that advocate strongly disagrees with the law of the victims of rape and abuse go to him for training this.
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>>reporter: being on campus, just because of course not but and there's an actual reason and story behind it said those people should at least have our right in the st. to have a gun on campus retired law- enforcement and pleas for servers are exempt from the law. >>james: on to a happier news the winner of this week has yet to come forward but the water is right here in the bay area the ticket is worth $15 million and sold in the south bank at the san jose safeway store the owner of the store will receive a bonus of about seven $5,000 for selling that to get with the winner is out barracks check your ticket. >>james: 3734282321 and the maiden the 17.
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>>james: they have 30 days to claim the prize of all intruder mess with the wrong woman with respect to her house the unusual weapon they use to fight him off we will have that story gas prices taking a dip we will have the latest average four prices along the bay area of farm debt did at golf course our borders and protect the man and have that story coming out of next. ature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪
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>>james: we're talking weather warm temperatures for today a little monkey >>anny hong: not just today over the next few days and maybe give a shot at some rain and some thunderstorms for some parts of the bay area of we have clear
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skies and some clouds and some fall out for the coast this morning we are reporting clear conditions pretty much all across the bay area and otherwise most locations are looking at clear conditions are across the bay area temperatures a lot of fifties and sixties including 57 and apple also an oakland upper 50s and san jose
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60 little more and 58 degrees for our friends in san francisco it a lot of the '80s on the lab including 83 in oakland 85 in castro valley low 80s and union city and for our inland spots were warming up to date and test the low 90s and the more this afternoon night in pleasanton 89 and walnut creek 87 in concord and the mid '80s and are brenda. >>anny hong: it is october and you will see when said temperatures backed off slightly but a slight chance of some showers south of us on the system is coming from the south of you are around san jose and the south back it would take
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about 15 minutes no slowdown so far this morning your drive time from concord into walnut creek 6 it will take less than 10 minutes and eight minutes this morning is a great time to leave the house as we're not tracking any major hot spot so far. >>james: a bomb was filed in designated on the part of course the bomber called shortly after a locally.
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>>phillipe djegal: the course and roller park is calm now but a day earlier on homemade explosive device was found by employees before calling police hist the bomb squad detonated the device here on the driving range neighbors saw the ronald park apartment of public safety said they hold a similar explosion just left of the eight teen tame on saturday morning to employee found what looks like a bomb in the same spot said and moved as a maintenance yard before the dps arrived the uc- berkeley bomb squad and the contract with the dps was called out to take care of the situation in the bomb was set off after the course was evacuated some sort.
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>>james: happening today if you're catching a fly on southwest you better get there at least two hours earlier the airline also recommends you print out the past before long to the airport south therefore
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summarily check and customers and that is causing major delays about four parts and 50 of the flight had been affected by the delay of the cause of the problem still known sometime this morning they're saying you have to shoulder two hours and get a boarding pass printed before you arrive hist we spoke with the couple about how they manage to get away. >>reporter: a relaxing getaway to south lake tahoe turned into anything but last night back in their home in the bay area it
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came from a plane crashing through the trees and explode on impact a home that will quickly catch on fire sticks the oppressed is reported to people will killed in the crash flying at the beach bonanza aircraft registered out of oakland the plane had just taken off from a nearby airport six they ran from the home with neighbors pulled to help. >>reporter: it appears there was no hope for the pilot and passenger the third investing is to try to figure out what went wrong there were no reports of severe weather in the area and
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they realize how close they came to being one themself says this.
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>>reporter: she will call and found an intruder stand in the hallway of her home early friday morning she knew she had to do whatever it took to protect herself saw it took a few seconds for the suspect said he broke in repeatedly telling
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>>james: for the 5:00 hour clues leading to a cure for cancer in humans may come from an unlikely source would say more elephants are helping researchers president obama is the financial
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records of all produce the private e-mail's of mistakes and this comes just as the rnc released a new attack and focus on the controversy the pumpkin pie could be in danger what they what is behind of insurers. >>reporter: you want to make sure your address with the issue is sit and have alleviated some their registered from some of the massachusetts general hospital in boston she says to five the release pain the level
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of pain control medication a seed of madison the compression the risk for injection's some medication is that it all went to relieve pain alternative includes masai's compresses hot or cold the most and for thing is to relieve the pain physicians in some cases that in itself can help promote healing. >>james: we would take a quick break the nominee for speaker of the house is still undecided
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just what to you the party goes is hoping was that of to the position.
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>>james: a san francisco bicyclist is struck and killed it had long mark the street near first street about 330 yesterday afternoon if they're wearing helmets the 40 your man was actually between two buses when he was killed is not clear exactly how the bicyclist and between those buses or who was passing will by technical
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problem to a show of early check-in travelers which means about four are the 50 of yesterday's 3600 flights so build delays continue this morning says. >>anny hong: san francisco good
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morning to you right now and 50 degrees under clear conditions by 10:00 will be 69 at lunchtime 75 warm the quite nicely in downtown san francisco hist an ally north western breeze along 5 mi. from our check this even low seven is at 6:00 tonight hist his mid- 60s and and talk this evening is 57:00 the upper 50s and san jose low 60s and the more central role 74 half moon bay for the peninsula mid '80s and redwood city to 86 in san jose a the hottest location will be out toward livermore and pleasanton affected low 90s and is about mid october influx of the
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looking at these and santa rosa and now will we come back was to look at their 7 day around the bay forecast we may even see a thunderstorm or to. >>anny hong: on the monday morning still tracking this accident and the san jose area northbound 87 at capitol expressway there was an accident or three lines to protest the likud bloc this morning apparently a car may have gone into a homeless encampment there may be injuries involve their our crews on the same right now trying to do with that situation according to the traffic map there are no major delays are back a is because the fact the traffic since this is a lot this morning shifts seen
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that drive china is still under 10 minutes a great time to leave the house and live look at the san mateo bridge commute very light traffic conditions as well on 92 and from the east bay into the peninsula this morning scores. >>james: the average price of gasoline has dropped have the scent of the past two weeks is $2.34 a gallon prices fall of 52¢ said the latest cut is the smallest so far immoderate hike in the cost of crude oil has nudged up shop now retailers and stop putting their street prices but consumers could start seeing higher gas prices if they
4:35 am
continued to drop the highest average price sea is about $2.96 per gallon barrels recorder down lost angeles the lows was about a $92. >>james: still running some the highest prices in the nation california drought is to run our ranch and the beer brewing business some are running checking planned expansion that may be forced to leave the state altogether to take 7 gal. of water to make 1 gal. of beer shot the judiciary announced a verdict in the sentence in the espionage trial and washington
4:36 am
post and bay area native success they have not yet released any further details but the u.s. is monitoring the situation small employers to the new development is a puzzling and only add to the and just as surrounding his case should. >>reporter: on sunday of the judiciary confirmed a verdict at arista trier of american journalism jason rich beyond in the process has been secrecy from the start the verdict is not clear the attorneys have called days to appeal what they had happened they're marshaling the situation to continue to call for all charges against to send them to be dropped the spring of 2014 than the rotted and wife talk with cnn and the
4:37 am
man about the challenges of reported from tehran feet convincing people on the other side of the world that if phil people are proud of the culture is vibrant six weeks later there were detained their homes ransacked their release on bail but he remained in prison nearly five months later he was charged with espionage or sticky was put on trial in may of this year facing a two-year sentence if convicted. >>reporter: 6 the aspirations
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>>james: it is being called a bird from like a studio right in your own pocket and application of this trial in any type of make up without actually putting anything on your face. >>gabe slate: she is trying on a lack of right now without having to actually put in the on her face the shade scout application and truck farms and tablets
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>>james: how the organization desponding coming up next.
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>>anny hong: temperatures will be one of the quite nicely 57 in san francisco and oakland san mateo 54 of the '50s in san jose low 60s and the more and in richmond you're walking up to 52 degrees at this hour they are fairly light at this our model, readings including san francisco pay would three in open the fifth attack sparked this tomorrow morning more
4:46 am
sunshine and temperatures warm up to our afternoon by a few more degrees to broke compared to today night and into wednesday potentially also dry lightning of concern here is a look at a high into the peninsula 79 dec. mall 84 san mateo and pot out so headed to the southwest mid-80s in san jose woman of to offer is the low status and an omen valid here is a quick check of the 7 day around the bay forecast heating up tomorrow to selling near mid-90s to the afternoon for our inland spots the next
4:47 am
chance for some rain arrives on saturday on 680 from the high with a to for a change to 580 will take you 16 minutes from walnut creek into dublin nothing to slow down the ride a live look at your drive times all of 24 from 680 to highway 13 with ticket about 12 minutes this morning and nice and easy ride also lies an easy ride for the san leandro. >>anny hong: 20: 14 minutes on 880 in last but not least baltimore to dublin on 580 that would take about 25 minutes this morning the community members
4:48 am
say the services are a little too loud. >>reporter: they call the silent worship drexel lawyers but some residents and the neighborhood law to keep the worst of services to a minimum we try to work with everyone and is one of the churches and west oakland fell in the pressure to keep it down their recent received a formal list of life from the city they've been holding services for 65 years with talk to enable live directly next door he's been living there for almost 10 years and he says he's never had a problem with the church the serves as a starter
4:49 am
here the rev. says he wants people in the neighborhood to respect the way they were shocked some fifth. >>james: california officials are considering allowing inmates to work outside prison walls to find wild fires that have about 3800 and a firefighter with no history of crimes is this down for about 4400 some prison officials are looking for ways to add in makes but also considering allowing inmates to have a to 7 years left on their
4:50 am
sentences instead of the current five to work out sire the present show >>reporter: the answer is still no according to the allies he is still trying to make of this mind of the once the job their murders as a favorite among some republicans as the representative of surprise thursday announcement
4:51 am
the freedom was really an anti decides to step in the possible candidacy is even coming up on the campaign trail the front runner donald trump-he does not want it very badly but you never know 6 if they some of the problem on abc this week what could limit what an experiment to the conference about fighting for our beliefs there are four
4:52 am
of canada's joining her on stage and deceit and democratic debate lost biggest on each side of her we bernie sanders and martin o'malley followed by the four can take place candidate of jim webb and lincoln chafee fiction vice-president decide to enter the race and take part in that debate the portable replace on the stage for him as well follow surely after florida senator marker revealed that a person -- and called fair arena are tied for fifth place since the 6%
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>>james: it is back in the martian dominate the box office. >>reporter: he wants to be the next american idol she surprised the judge is saturday he performed his head gold digger and received a golden ticket to appear for the show hollywood week aladdin is making new friends robin williams will the to see the late start and character as jenny again berlin san recording session for this from a tour to reroute them as was reviewed friday on abc did what america just as they
4:56 am
reminisced about him and making of the moving they will be available on digital version of the self aware of this month. >>reporter: lending in about $37 million. >>james: the search continues for the drug lord he may not be hard to find because many people may be wearing the face of mexico and did that as states mexico and the designed amassed in the image and sales have been better than expected we have the success we did not expect such we know it would sell well we did not expect to sell so many so soon as the
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states and the lavender sky from a maximum-security prison in july this acosta reflects the criticism they have against government if the country a spectacular escapes and where such impunity remains unchallenged command was hit and killed by a minibus are riding a bicycle and san francisco says gov. jerry brown hoping to make california schools safer with a new bill will tell you what it means and how will affect gun owners in california for those flying southwest airlines today better make sure you get to the airport early will explain why the major problems 6. that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage.
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and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: we have a little fog which is passing out of the coast we're waking up to pull conditions as a lot of its upper 50s it will be harder than it was yesterday as we progress as it did more and more money by
5:01 am
the middle of the week to be looking at some showers check list and all that and tell come up a fortune of the forecast here is a look of oakland working of the day's into the different cars and trucks in the temperature is it conceivable that the low 80s this afternoon in downtown oakland will have more on the forecast more the temperatures are low on the bay, and about 15 minutes. >>george: with our sense of construction delays early this morning here in the macarthur maze of the westbound and actually also the east of farmland of interstate 580 between harrison street 980 and out toward grand avenue swim in missing some slocum for westbound high which was before this is not likely to add much more than three to five minutes to your drive times as in this morning and is likely to be picking up now or by five
5:02 am
starting but we do not expect these delays to last for the west about ride as a check ride to the bay bridge that no delays here in fact traffic definitely appears lighter than usual for this was about ride and maybe that will mean a break for westbound 92 parley the senate sale bridge ride just 11 minutes even if we do experience some lighter than usual condition that could still been slow going starting a 630 this morning for the westbound san mateo bridge fish may delays are expected because their technical issues for southwest s >>will tran: is busier them what we're used to sing in the morning and you to see just how busy it is at oakland
5:03 am
international line wraps around before get to this line the have to go to the counter at southwest airlines shut she stressed. >>will tran: are you from the bay area if you're at a hotel you do not have a printer at the disposal to print out the boarding pass such so many
5:04 am
people are you to check-in in an advance what southwest dukhobor sooner than someone who checks in later even at the counter top was airline customers are savvy with it cannot door right now and the glitch is continuing to be worked on as bad as it is here we have seen total loss biggest will continue to react to drop the morning.
5:05 am
. >>mark: friends and family members to mourn the death of the san francisco bicyclist he was struck and killed by a minibus here is where happen from 3 1/3 yesterday afternoon because it's a block of downtown market tree for hours as police investigated the accident where the breaking news does follow the latest sec the man was on his bicycle and he was wearing a helmet when he was hit by a bus driver he later died in the string catch this afforded your man was actually between two buses when he was killed he was going the same direction when he
5:06 am
lost control said and it is not clear how the bicyclist in the between two buses stop or who was passing home this the second them the crash involving a minibus this year such ships as of right now that are not saying who was at fault the drivers have been interviewed and have taken toxicology test to see isn't impaired the belief san the census a skull miscible transportation agency and 5000 employees wish to spread our deepest sympathy and condolences to the family and friends of the cyclists. >>anny hong: the investigation is under way will continue to
5:07 am
follow the story for any developments at the breaking news this could also allow websites costs. >>mark: the deadly that a fire broke all copper mountain and rv flopped back and are anemic napa and sonoma county more than 75,000 a. were destroyed four people were killed in this fire and nearly 2000 buildings were destroyed including 1307 homes they said the fire is the third worst fire in california history for if police are trying to figure our who was responsible for a bomb threat at and east of a home depot store the police got a call from the home depot on johnson drive to save the have gotten a call of a bomb threat management evacuated that home depot and all the employees will move to a safe location will work with of
5:08 am
peoples security but they did not find anything. >>mark: just after 9:00 saturday evening part of foothill boulevard had been shut down while the investigation was conducted to recover dead at the scene there searching for possible suspects in connection with the shooting so far have not made it a rest class's are resuming at the oregon community college. >>darya: the committee, as they will be back in class for the first time today since a gunman killed nine people on october 1st students are returning to class as part of the healing process they do not want the shooter to define the time and you cc. >>darya: it means no god of
5:09 am
california school campuses even those with a concealed weapon permit will face criminal liability if they bring to school the control has been a controversial topic in the u.s. for many years one advocates strongly disagrees with this law the new law is the to the tech students and faculty from the possibility of the shooting on campus the police to tile law enforcement and reservists are exempt from the law. >>mark: and for the strike in california lettuce for a vaccine law requiring the people who work with volunteer directors centers in vaccinated the bill requires the consensus and homes that are accused of
5:10 am
killing a hiker and telecom up towards and golden gate park the marin county sheriff's office is calling the three drifters will lost souls it was traced back to fisherman's wharf what is reported stolen our car and a residential area he was from shot multiple times police
5:11 am
believe the motive and baltimore's robbery. >>mark: the news for a file and a man in the hospital after being shot in the stadium parking lot in arlington tx to happen after the cowboys game they received word of a fight in the parking lot with from a man injured the victim was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries the male suspect in charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon is expected to be arraigned in vermont and connection with the california vandalism case 65 year-old was taken into custody friday that while trying to cross into the u.s. from canada he was detained by troopers in vermont after canadian officials say he would be deported they are wanted in santa barbara or four felony vandalism charges filed a to 10 after the roof from squatting in
5:12 am
a home that had previously owned they skipped out on several court appearances where there regreted citizenships investigation under way after a plane crash is next for home and salt lake tahoe will have details on what happened president obama defended hillary clinton.
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that sound. like nails on aac. t lilien t tthisis (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleashgigivet a pop.p.ugh. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >>james: in fact by tuesday
5:16 am
night and wednesday we will see a sprinkle because of the moisture we talk from experience will talk more about that it uncovered during this is a live your outside we have clear conditions at the golden gate bridge temperatures 57 and san francisco 54 oakland a perfect is low 60s that is what we're dealing with visibility 5 la visibility at the moment that is where we are for the giant pumpkin way off aid to the mile visibility and that is all the we're seeing in terms of fog at the moment 5 mi. an hour winds and care for three in oakland and one else, and will spend those winds to stay on the come side of temperatures where they
5:17 am
go this afternoon and this out the tech a look at the forecast for the santa clara valley chris similar forecast of for a is a very low 90s the more expected to come around 9287 concord and antioch across the north the opera eighties to low 90s it will be that for cash all of the interior valley today tomorrow as well and then i was taught to call off to the to by the bay shoreline of the service to very low eighties hear the short-term outlook of the three days you talk about today to the when said temperatures again continue to climb into to send. >>james: is the to the night window into wednesday were we might have enough moisture that perhaps to get a pot of shower maybe even of the to to thunderstorm in this were a
5:18 am
typical morning and not a holiday definitely it would be a hot spot. >>george: perhaps a little late if you're coming in from 24 this morning if you arrive in the next 15 to 20 minutes is likely that you will not see any delays at all tracking you're ride to the bridge this morning the bay bridge looks good no problems
5:19 am
here backing up on the right hand side on the cash plans but that is all the trip to the san mateo bridge. >>mark: followed by the fourth and fifth place can this the
5:20 am
comments come as the national committee released of the attack focuses on the controversy. >>andrew spencer: their address hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server the controversy has been jammed up because the politics-as the campaign it accuses clinton of misleading the public the agency
5:21 am
is actively classified hundreds of the e-mail's. >>darya: investigators say a crass surely after takeoff is part of fire on the side of the house but to put out quickly to people and a dog or in the home and have not released the identity of the victims the spokesman did not elaborate on details and could.
5:22 am
>>mark: agency task of the law were chary aqueducts system residents were received a blend of water until november 16th when testing is complete. >>darya: saturday night and broke the leg of the shortstop rubin to how the nets take a
5:23 am
look is part of a doctor for run seven and a 52 when says there were trying to have it in an attempt to make a throw to first base before a barrel and to him and not touching second base a role on the appeal could be in time for the game is set for 537 soph the pumpkin pie could be in danger will tell you what is behind a clump insurance said it recently bought cheese and wholefood would tell you would brand is is to a recall because the listeria concerns.
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and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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>>darya: that recall when she is from its stores the fda found a dangerous form of bacteria and the cheese that cause a listeria infection it is recalling the cotillion organic growth for cheese that it found evidence of
5:27 am
hysteria and uncut will of that she's sick experts say it infections related to the bacteria can be hard to track the cause a very long incubation period there been no reports of any illnesses americans could face a pumpkin shortage this year the of the harvests of last week a lot earlier than usual of the cross were down by about half compared to last year and controls much of the can come to market will likely have a low supply to make it for thanksgiving but when stores allow the will likely stay out until next year's harvest is the shorter should not hurt the supply of halloween jack a lesser because halloween pumpkins are different. >>mark:: coming up will have more on disturbing discovery and a lot of the golf course how they're able to safely detonated homemade bomb if.
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it'll be here
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>>george: we still have some construction the latest westbound interstate and highway 24 west 580 into the macarthur maze the thick the color of the distilled little sluggish through the maze but good news is a hauler that.
5:31 am
>>james: tomorrow we have the muddied will kick in you will fill the stickiness and we may see some showers not only to the in wednesday maybe even this coming saturday said the because can festival will keep updated on the forecast will let denote as it's closer to the list visibility was san jose temperatures get up to 84 to 86 degrees again you will hit peak temperature is roughly at 3:00 between three and 4:00 hour and temperatures come back down by 8:00 tonight it will be pretty calm west southwest may be at about 5 mi. per hour sphere. >>george: the lingering the
5:32 am
blaze through the macarthur maze the good news is the construction work has been picked up a ramp closures that were in place have been opened but these are residual the laser to see yellow shuttle on the maps the westbound ride into the maze is a little slow this on to take a little pressure off the bay bridge was about here you see we are approaching 532 on a typical week they will stay the metering lights activator already the have not yet been turned on that is why is he traveled down but was suspect over the next five to 10 minutes conditions will be fairly normal here and and we spent so delays to be picking the very quickly now carry out very quickly in the latest. >>george: delay free would like traffic on the approach come over from the nimitz freeway and 11 metric time across the span. >>mark: measure of problems for
5:33 am
southwest airlines this morning some sort of computer issues. >>will tran: we spoke to you alluded earlier was a problem last night with the ticket instead of being and a or b we're sea and i need to get on with our special needs daughter is going to be a hard time site
5:34 am
said some a lot of people southwest airlines and encourage you to check in early so you can get the prime seating six.
5:35 am
>>darya: it had to be evacuated after a bomb was farm and later detonated the home it was a device was found by the pleas and the call the police the bomb squad cam out they said they heard a similar explosion near the at&t, on friday night saturday morning of employees from look like a bomb in the same spot that moved it over to maintenance yard score. >>darya: that are arrested shortly after and booked into sonoma county jail on charges and that netted an explosive device california public schools
5:36 am
would be banned from using. >>anny hong: california getting back to 2002 for passed the assembly and resigned into law yesterday. >>darya: it is the great pumpkin way off as the greatest growers
5:37 am
try to break for record. >>jackie sissel: there's a lot of pumpkins this is the 42nd annual there will start wearing them in fact is video from last year they will walk away with a cash of $30,000 otherwise they will pay you about $6 a pound it
5:38 am
takes a full year to grow these pumpkins choice sift days after the ceo was announced they say they have layoffs coming will have details of and a live look
5:39 am
at the bay bridge the back of starting is one to be a mild day in oakland trustee a mid-70s their lunch hour. ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be
5:40 am
♪ just you and i ♪
5:41 am
>>mark: is a great white shark have launched their witnesses a 10 ft. shark attack in a silk parker's assaulting his pride in the area no word on how many employees to be affected sweater could come as soon as tomorrow
5:42 am
they're also reportedly stopping of plans to spend a company san francisco headquarters to cut back both space and staffing is in response to criticism that the organization has become. >>james: and we will have a complete check of the weather in san francisco today where temperatures should awards of 78 degrees warmer in the city and how and when for the tail straight ahead--full details straight ahead.
5:43 am
5:44 am
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5:45 am
>>mark: it travels across the bridge repair and a tractor trailer into pieces will show you the full bill coming up a victory in the south bay created a hamburger on a with bacon frieder lead our balance and ketchup as a maid at of. >>mark: while the new campbell's chicken noodle soup commercial causing controversy by a group of moms want it banned such. >>james: you can see in his
5:46 am
camera shot a light mist that is in the air hugging close to the peninsula coastline we make it out there behind the control tower with as a full license otherwise is not that bad most of the car cover is pretty minimal if there is any at all is the low clouds and the close the we're do with this morning out their half moon bay dropped down to a third of the miles getting pretty dense nine tenths of a mild 69 r visibility out in the napa valley just the general haziness hist guerin on to see the upper eighties to low nine disciplines of like little more it will get up to 92 degrees and waller creek 87 in concord 86 and san ramon the rest of the bay area looking at warmer
5:47 am
temperatures in the inland valley will be in the upper eighties to low 90s bay shoreline it looks like low to mid '80s for you with upper '70's along the peninsula coastline and includes san francisco. >>james: the moisture we have the proper of moisture-should start an acting just beginning tomorrow by wednesday for the first half and it will in fact a light shower around the bank the chance to return this plan is looking perhaps saturday afternoon and saturday evening. >>george: they are diminishing thankfully taking a little bit longer than they thought they might everything from 2 to 4 on 2580 is clear but 580 is backed up our part to 980 for this was bound ride the have lanes closed for paving works and ramp
5:48 am
closures there were late picking up this morning without the traffic is getting through to the bay bridge and the meeting last have been activated and we're not talking a 15 minute time through the back and into san francisco for the west about ride no delays yet for the west about commute 11 minutes to drive times into san mateo for the golden gate bridge not only delay free across the span but as a free-for-all in county 4101 southbound still another two to five minutes took time out from the ride into marin county in 8 minute drive times as a head over to san rafael, richmond. >>mark: try to get back to normal for residents of south carolina after were inundated by massive flooding challenges still remain including getting columbia's water system back in shape and repairs cause some drivers walked into our detour to get to where they're going if
5:49 am
the water system is slowly being fixed 10 percent of the three have the seventh 5000 customers no longer have to boil water before drinking it in schools also starting again so far the death toll climbed to 19 from water related incidents the heavy rain started on october 2nd. >>darya: president obama was in san francisco this week, and the west was also at the event in president obama pokes fun at him who said he might make a to to to the president to run take a listen to what the president had to say about that says we really think of this country, to let a black guy from the south side chicago with a funny name to be president of united states that is crazing
5:50 am
>>darya: 1300 people paid between two rotted and 50,000 out to come to that event was part of off for a visit to the west coast of the weekend said steven tyler's as madonna try to stop using the power balance dream on a campaign events. >>mark: a cease and desist letters to the campaign committee on saturday the letter said that he did not have permission to use dream on or any of the of songs and that it gives the false and present a is connected with the endorsement the register republican the to the gop contenders in august he lead the republican presidential field where ben carson close behind according to lead a servant been carson's 21% is 9 percent support followed by the senator mark real they tied for
5:51 am
fifth place at 6%. >>darya: it is not to arouse and 34¢ a nationwide you would never find a lot here in this round of from the have to the 52¢ area the question is when we will see a bump in the prices retellings of stop cutting isopod the same so far the could start saying the higher prices trickled down it is the crude prices continued to rise but to take a peek at what we're paying in san francisco to 86 as well as to 86 a gallon.
5:52 am
>>mark: to put the niners on top but eli and with the game- winning drive in the game and a final score with 12 seconds left new york when started to 27 pretty impressive catch but unfortunately they cannot the bottom of this final drop host and the other man in yes today
5:53 am
the broncos and the already is looking better as well the raiders have played the for much of the game. >>mark: that finished a to a 49 yds and touchdown interception that was returned for denver and that really was the difference sh more weather and traffic we will be right back
5:54 am
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>>darya: leading to a cure for cancer they may come from an unlikely source of tension researches of the switch from a study looking at white elephants rarely get cancer the mass of mammals have a cancer rate of about 5% cubans were looking at to to 5% bid from the elephants have a list for the extra genes that can detect the damaged cells and repair or kill those >>: cells they stop to his long before they form him as will have on a to genes researchers said the discovery could lead to more effective cancer treatment in humans the search continues for drug lord what came to help topple--el chappo >>darya: the mexican company designed amassed looking like al toppled in the sales have been through the roof where i live
5:57 am
and oakland international southwest airlines experiencing delays from a technical glitch is packed here and other airports from southwest from the nation will have the latest of a live report and table you made terrell. [ female announc ] when you're serious about fighting wrinks, turn to roc® retinol correxn®. one week, fine lines appear to fad one month, deep wrinkles look smoothe
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now let's take a live look outside of the san mateo and golden gate bridge. >>james: the embarcadero camera and san francisco crystal clear not seen much in the way unless you're out along the coast down their pacific and half moon bay grass and some fall out there but everywhere else were doing all right here is a forecast as to get ready for school and a clock that is and class b and
6:01 am
all around the bay a person is by the bay amid 7 is out of the coast by 3:00 this was finishing up we're looking for high of 92 hot and and with temperatures by the bank in the low to mid '80s as well worn today will continue to hot weather ship into tomorrow and then maybe some minor such >>george: that all looked good leading to the bay bridge and we're tracking the ride on interstate 80 leading westbound we're looking at a 16 minute drive time from hercules to
6:02 am
berkeley from the westbound interstate if you're ride we're looking at a 15 minute time from the east bay and from you're ride to the east bay over to the peninsula on highway 92 just an amendment to time with no delays on their approach comes from the nimitz freeway. >>darya: major delays are happening because of technical issues >>will tran: those issues are endless for the most part behind southwest airlines is to the ticket counter with spoke to a woman at the counter she says so far is so good this morning the bulk of the problem behind us over the past hour we got here and for 3415 and there was just
6:03 am
lots of people here wrapped around this line and adjutancy 6:00 in the morning only a few people so that means they're able to print off their tickets seven solubilize all morning and run back of all the way to the wall through baggage claims and let's see if we could talk to some people it would not go anywhere eventually it said and
6:04 am
turned it turned out that happened several times and then we got a message that said the system was down and try again later she was able to print out hurt ticket we're not sure of this is here we're pretty sure
6:05 am
>>mark: near first street and around 330 yesterday afternoon the call center block of downtown markets tree is there were the investigating that accident he was when the same direction when he somehow lost control and is not clear how the bicyclist in the between two buses this is the second deadly crashes involving of bust this year as of right now police and
6:06 am
not saying who's at fault the bus drivers have been interviewed in taking caught toxicology test to see very impaired the san francisco municipal transportation agency more than 5004 is was to express the deepest sympathy that is a world where close to it as a pity to get all facts and the unfortunate events. >>mark: here is what the same look like this after 9:00 saturday the boulevard had been
6:07 am
shot down while they investigated both the man or pronounced dead at the same the are searching for possible suspect in connection with the shooting of the have not made any arrests they're touched a raw horse possible for a bomb threat at home depot the police got a call from home depot on johnson drive employees said they got a call the police investigated the did a sweep of the business but did not find anything suspicious the investigation is underway to determine where the call came from. >>mark: months is about a fire broke out on coamo to convert to the amount spent running in late not as an accounting for more than 75,000 a. burned heart attacks or miles and four people were killed nearly 2000 buildings were destroyed including 1307 homes to fire says this fire is the third
6:08 am
worst. >>darya: the killed nine people students say heading back to class is part of the healing the denial of the shooter to define their time gov. jerry brown as the california school seifert he signed a new bill into law that says there can be no guns on california's school campus even those with a concealed weapon permit will face criminal liabilities if they bring a gun to school than the concert is a topic of the u.s. for many years one gun advocates strongly disagrees with the new law. the only stop the bad guy with a gun is with a well-trained a good guy with a gun it is meant
6:09 am
to protect students and faculty from the possibility of a score shooting on duty police a tile law enforcement's are exempt from the law she. >>mark: the law meant to approve the bill after an early debate over vaccinations that were of the capital for months. >>darya: the three suspects connected to two murders and the bay area could be extradited to marin county there were arrested and or in the three are suspected of killing a hiker and marin county in fairfax and a tourist in the golden gate park they're linked through a stolen
6:10 am
gun that was traced back to fisherman's wharf was have been reported stolen out of the car park and residential area here are the two murders that they think they committed canadian tourist she was from shot to death in a wooded area in golden gate park police believe the murder weapon to the same gun used to kill a 67 year-old steve carter he was found dead on the trail and fairfax last week shot multiple times he was walking his dog who was also shot they believe the murders of the robbery was the model for. >>mark: national knows a man from hospital after being shot in the stadium parking lot and arlington tx incident this happen after the cowboys and new england patriots game the police said they received the relevant fight in the parking lot and then arrived and heard a gunshot and from the man in his early 40's shot and had he was taken to hospital with life- threatening injuries the male suspects have been charged at a
6:11 am
bed of salt with a deadly weapon of bird is the gel washington post reporter has been issued and install them guilty it can be appealed within to today's the decision to bay area native is accused of charges with espionage and a closed-door trial that has been widely criticized from the u.s. government and press freedom organizations paris faced up to 1020 years in prison with affection >>darya: it was sold at a san jose safeway along of branham lane the owner of that safeway it's about a 75 grammar for selling the tickets the winning ticket has the numbers 37, 34, 28 the, a victory in, the 21, 17
6:12 am
>>mark: 0 warrant out of the recently bought cheese into a which brands the recall and why president obama defended hillary clinton over her private e-mail scandal hear what he had to say about the controversy a big back already essex well on this monday morning at the bay bridge would of day coming up in the forecast coming up concord is a decline in temperature 59 right now four degrees warmer 89 for the high at 81 for wednesday of one that is tested for the inland east than--bay.
6:13 am
6:14 am
6:15 am
>>mark: good drinking water is changing you may notice a different taste or odor the agency test lower chair at aqueduct system it was repaired and tobacco water supply and best is damage during the fire the agency will draw from its starting on wednesday if the calaveras in springs reservoir will add to the back starting today until november 16th when testing is complete, the drought
6:16 am
is from our ranch in the beer brewing business through the scrum to fill with water restrictions they're digging wells and as always water treatment plants in some cases are rain checking planned expansion its mother and is a does not bring significant rain or snow storms some growth and forced to leave the state it takes 7 gal. of water to make 1 gal. of the air of peaceful spirits.
6:17 am
>>james: we're seeing have real fog out near places the wide your shows no real high cloud cover the fall of the marine layer is pushing in the visibility at half moon bay a pretense of a mile visibility that is pretty bad except for a mountain view nine of visibility began to grow and there again just like at the moment it is called to start the server in what later on today 9:00 a mix of '60s and '70s. >>james: this a lot of the
6:18 am
interior balance will be sent up a is a low 90s not to the east they sat back all directions will see hot temperatures with even warmer across the bay shoreline rest yourself allies today tomorrow wednesday the to but to start to come down a little bit the subtropical moisture will make our way in our direction and by wednesday because be looking into like showers in the afternoon down load the mobile application. >>george: just 16 minutes with a green shaman up on the roadway sensors detect the contra costa of state the westbound ride at
6:19 am
28 minutes antioch to concord there was an accident that occurred earlier out here and pastry slowing the ride out toward picks bird out of the traffic lane the trip time through the san ramon valley this one is 16 minutes from walnut creek down to dublin the 580 ride the screwed into dublin come out of livermore that is lighter than usual a little slow for the ride to fremont on 6 is out about that is why we are tracking the 28 metric time there the ride to the bay bridge this morning it was slow on the approach to the bridge early this morning. >>george: they pick up and all of the backlog traffic rushed to the toll plaza that is why we're back the bread from the 580 flights over now to to one minute trip time san mateo bridge still problem free and delay free likely in the next 15 to 20 minutes even with holiday conditions will probably see things bogged down here for your trip from ran into san francisco will still attracted a delay free ride for the county
6:20 am
and an easy to off the wall great to the toll plaza no delays into marin county for the west about 580 ride to just a little sluggish for the castle and the sole cause of the 580 n. main to richmond is not yet backed up. >>mark: starting the taxes of texas attorney general filing also because volkswagen and audi of america citing bridges and is this consumer protection law separately and they filed a suit alleging they violated the clean air lost its them from volkswagen admission that a rate of 482,000 clean diesel cars in the u.s. to beat the mission test and taxes this 32,000 of those cars that were purchased volkswagen says the software that could detect when the car was being tested causing it to run cleaner on the highway is i some ran to 40 times better than allowed by law.
6:21 am
>>darya: for other candidates joining clinton at the cnn democratic debate allows vegas on each side of her bernie sanders and martin o'malley followed by the fourth and fifth candidate should vice president biden decided to integrate and take part in the debate appalled it replaced him as well. >>mark: president obama defended hillary clinton signed her use a private e-mail was a mistake possible secretary of state it comes as a mass the committee released a new attack focusing on the controversy in president obama says he does not think the issue closed and as a security problem and that share now is a mistake the controversy has been so hyped up because of politics.
6:22 am
the issue has certainly got the campaign of republican national committee accusing them of misleading the public the agency has retroactively classified hundreds of the e-mail's this and another was classified the time it was sent to her server. >>darya: not all americans are celebrating this holiday instead course it is a recognized and native americans on columbus day as a help to change the name of the hauler they want to celebrate the history and contributions of the coaches around the country the campaign is a federal holiday honoring christopher columbus overlooks the painful history of colonialism and flagrant and discrimination as the u.s. observers columbus day it will also be indigenous peoples day and at least nine cities for the first time this year included in the city of berkeley call flows
6:23 am
recall a specific type of cheese, and stores nationwide fda found a dangerous form of bacteria that causes listeria infection postal says is recalling the personal in organic growth for cheese after the fda found evidence of the hysteria and a cut will. >>darya: that particular cheese this second step to is related to the bacteria convert hard to track because of a long incubation period so far there been no reports of anyone getting sick as before to in the morning on sunday the tornado busted open the cargo hold and a tractor trailer then sent debris flying a letter signed across all four lanes of interstate that pick up mail from the water after the tornado luck with the 65 your
6:24 am
driver managed to walk away from his damage struck without a scratch. >>mark: met with the very on special care to will tell you where you can get it to be our eye on weather and traffic at the san mateo bridge everything looks pretty good. this is the dawn of an old day. because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for.
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so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. >>mark: the pumpkin harvests found about half compared to last year this is for pumpkins the most popular the have a percent they're not want to have enough supply to make it for thanksgiving,
6:27 am
>>darya: i notice that cannot give the calorie count we will
6:28 am
be be babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years
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>>mark: investors are going to wait patiently in see corporate earnings and perform for the score a quiet day's and for the dow drawls industrial average ended down five points ahead of the opening bell right now with the dow crossing back over the 17,000 mark now the figures will put it just below that this morning we're looking at temperatures at the moment on the cool side low to mid '60's the perfect is for others and if you're in another it will have a couple park of the upper 40's the pentagon where you are it will certainly need a little
6:31 am
cold as a head out the door this morning is get you ready for school and out the door but at a clock on class began temperatures will still be in the mid to upper 50s by lunchtime if you're going to school in the and allocation you will be on the low 80s with a seven is rotted the shoreline at 3:00 this afternoon in the peak temperature to drop the entire bay area that means inland school's 92 degrees will be a hot one today with mid '80s generally along the bay shoreline. >>james: another hot day tomorrow and things will slowly began to cool off and turns of temperatures but the humidity is going to go what it will still muggy and potentially even some showers. >>george: some people have the day off today in celebration of the columbus day holiday today is the official there were taking a look at east bay traffic with only added to men
6:32 am
as to the trip time from hercules to berkeley to pick up little slow out of concord the look of the nimitz freeway northbound all grain on the road sensors no delays for 14 metric time for northbound and traffic saw the dawn looking at a 30 minute drive time out of dublin south fremont tracking the ride through the corridor we added eight minutes to track time with 33 minutes now sought down to 237 still not that bad getting word that there may be our problem here and cupertino there may be just north of saratoga avenue of accident here tracking the ride to the bay bridge westbound backing up into the maze already at 21 minutes a year east bay ride over to san mateo still looks good even as we move past six started definitely indication of lighter than usual traffic this monday
6:33 am
morning. >>darya: is in the lobby especially around southwest and security is backed up major delays happened because of technical issues we're over the oakland airport ticket look at those affected. >>will tran: what a difference one our mexican see right behind this is the security checkpoint and 530 is stretched all the way to the back wall around baggage claim not anymore was zone and in that the ticket counter for now just bypassing them if they have to go to the concert because the have the check in their luggage and not necessarily to pick up the boarding passes because of a nice talk was airlines they have not officially released the statement you concede and just by looking at this it appears the problem the computer glitches are all behind us because it is quiet at this time it was not quiet at the house
6:34 am
yesterday are as you're trying to prolong a boarding pass there were frustrated you were able to print off this morning well 540 this morning your able to print it out.
6:35 am
>>will tran: is a guideline and not a rule which also one who says she was here yesterday in the line was out the door to california public schools will be banned from using the names for sports teams and mascots under the new legislation the new law signed by gov. jerry brown prevents public schools from using the time that american indians regard as offensive starting in january california is a first date was such a ban only four schools in the state to have teams are mascots of. >>anny hong: it was defeated four times dating back 2002 before passed the assembly and eventually was signed into law yesterday the panel ruled last
6:36 am
year that the team's trademark for the washington redskins should be cancelled the team is challenging that decision. >>darya: are roller park golf course had to be evacuated because of acid bomb was found in that nation it was found by club employees and they call the police and detonated a right there on the driving range laborsaving heard a small explosion near the at&t on friday night and saturday morning the employees found will look like a bomb and the very same spot in a joyful noise but
6:37 am
some residents of the not think much joy from and they're complaining, the services to quiet down is one of the churches and a west oakland killing the pressure to keep the noise level down the official said they did recently get a formal noise complaints from the sitting there the whole and services there for 65 years the reverend said they're going to be continuing on with their normal services. >>jackie sissel: their lots of grow was this one in particular has got a chance at winning as to concede that come in next about one if you break through
6:38 am
work for the stands at around two to 300 lbs. less over a ton you can walk away with $30,000 but the first-place check if you win it and if he did not break the record you get $6 a pound for that that means if you have 2000 pompom and it walk away with $12,000 these growers out here take a visit very seriously this is one more time in the garden more than they do with their family and a lot of cases did the city and a result the pompous are well in excess of 1,500 lbs. we had a chance to talk to one grow or we talk about what it takes to grow one of these mass of pumpkins. >>: either they grow really
6:39 am
quickly the most they grow is 50 lbs. a day. >>jackie sissel: this pumpkin is still growing in fact that as his pumpkin and he has his roots going into a bucket of water is still absorber water they spend three hours a day inside of the gardiner and she said 50 lbs. a day which is almost hard to believe the festival is the started in about an hour and half will tell you why in this
6:40 am
new campbell chicken soup as a star wars theme is causing a lot of controversy will have more on what happened.
6:41 am
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>>darya: a singapore airlines plane the landing gear collapsed this was hours before the plane was supposed to take off the hong kong and is undergoing routine check the aircraft nose gear for track and that caused it to put forward there were no crewmembers san francisco near 80 degrees around 2:00 this afternoon.
6:44 am
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>>mark: the recreational marijuana and sellers cannot keep on the shelves would toy hauler the first week in what it could mean for the state economy. >>darya: and forces the parade to and early will show you what happened visibility pretty good a little hazy on the street lights there is a light fog out there but really it is not impacting us to great length. >>james: the satellite view shows more cause of the area
6:47 am
except for very low clouds pushing a run against the coastline to much is not bad a local have mainly men's upper 50s a few places like san francisco 60 some places slightly cooler they're both at 49 degrees or at now live on to their warm up nicely a mix of '60s and '70s and '80s take over the map by noon the humidity
6:48 am
kicks and and also the chance of a spark or two which will explore much more detail coming up on the next hour. >>george: six sphene saw a south business had to saratoga and highway 85 does not allow commit is backing up now which is clock the drive times coming up from 1012 cupertino on this stretch normally that would be about 21 minutes track time and is now 33 to 35 minutes with an accident at saratoga avenue leading toward cupertino actually there several accidents reported in the backed up here on a five in the northbound direction slower than usual here 280 would make a better trip from 17 northbound
6:49 am
over at the san mateo bridge the westbound ride still rolling fairly smoothly of 14 metric time over to san matell better than usual goal in the bridge like traffic with no delays and what we're seeing some slow and moran northern iran there are no problems with the drive or no incidents and your trip into iran out of the east bay via the richmond bridge just passed richmond parkway. >>mark: the challenges still remained including giving columbia's water system back in shape and repairs to the causing
6:50 am
some driver to take to our detours the system is slowly being fixed on a 10% of the sister the 75000 water customers president obama i hope some fun at the time they who said he thought he might make a 2020 bid for president take a listen to what he had to say. >>: do you really think this country is going to let a black guy from the south side of chicago with a funny name to the president of the united states that is crazing....thats cray.
6:51 am
>>darya: the similarity between him entire west about 1300 people between too much and 50 people to come out to that event stop using the power bomb song dream on with the campaign events. >>mark: try this not have permission to use dream on on any of the other songs and give the false impression that they're connected and endured donald trump's presidential bed the rest a republican to the gop contender for a debate in august got some still leads the republican presidential pill is a new survey we have the news poll out yesterday showed talk with 27 percent support with 21 percent texas senator taking third place with 9 percent support followed by an marked in
6:52 am
a percentage of bulls and carly fear ran are tied for fifth place a 6%. >>mark: it was during the best dark the greater impression of a rear door and the company says the mix of american families in the first major brand was and five years here is the commercial access features of realize married couple said
6:53 am
>>darya: 4100 employees and more than 35 of this is no word on how many employees would affect as soon as tomorrow they're also reportedly stopping of plans to expand the company san francisco headquarters and a cutback the space in the staffing our response to criticism a shark feeding the group toward witnesses the shark attacked a said carters said the director of the locals are conservation group says this is the first recorded sighting of a great white assaulting a spring in that area. >>mark: 6 until 10:00 live look from the senate sale bridge
6:54 am
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>>darya: southwest is recovering from major technology problem that caused major delays for a lot of people we talked some of rep the oakland airport said niners and raiders aulos but they both look so good the the come for anything the cowboys make a decision of leningrad party play the dodgers broke a leg did he do wrong purpose beautiful shot here can't be beautiful to see if you like a warm weather coming up will be right back.
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♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪ >>will tran: it affected hundreds of flights and thousands of passengers it appears to be over will take you to oakland international issue was going on in just a few minutes the man riding his bicycle and san francisco hit and killed by a bus and not investigation is underway where live with the british news desk with more on that story in
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now . >>james: and a be a good idea we're looking into a protected by noontime we are having lunch before to be hot and one of were located to the upper seventies by the bank by 3:00 when class are done in your heading home it will be on the toast decide for sure low 90s mid


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