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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 13, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>james: the three murder suspects accused of killing two people are back in the bay area will have the latest on the upcoming trial a human skull fine and lost battles the possible relation to the disappearance of seral lamar a teenager a chance to buy my to my aunt and my diablo tells us how you manage to survive the morning news is next. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: the morning thank you for joining us let's begin with the weather before get to the news for that will bring annie and talk about the potential for high temperatures. >>anny hong: it will for likes summer after headed into the middle of october gasoline shorts and t-shirt weather for lot of people across the bay
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area here is a live look outside of the bay bridge we are pretty much by 10:00 having low '70's temperatures quickly rising throughout the day to day note '80s by noon under sunny conditions and by 4:00 high of 87 and a light in northwestern greece visibility no issues pretty much looking at clear conditions otherwise things are looking good and it should stay that way 65 a little more on mild morning for you '66 and antioch 63 in san francisco for the fifth dish for novato and
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half moon bay also mid-60s and san jose that will warm up quickly by 9:00 we will see widespread '70s all across the bay area by much time it will be warming up very quickly we will see '70s and '80s and even some online is potentially by livermore and san jose area and then we will see more widespread low to mid 90's for the warmest location indicated by the red that a close concord livermore san jose and also for parts of the not that the heat is on today we are tracking a chance for some showers as well. >>anny hong: checkout the weakened for past as well very light traffic conditions on interstate 80
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>>james: have been following this story since the first murder was reported more than a week later there were charts for two murders are back in the bay area where katharine county jail in san rafael she have the latest details on the trial.
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>>reporter: the lead by marin county sheriff and using the suspects went up the hill in white vans with tinted windows to the marin county jail all three are now charged with the marin county district attorney with two counts of first-degree murder with special circumstances one for killing 67 year-old town shot multiple times and fairfax the other charts for beating and shooting to death of a carat in golden gate park moran county district attorney tells us the section of the code allows more rental also charged of the sentences " telling it was evidence recovered by moran that link the bookcases. >>reporter: in a red jumpsuit the suspects will lead when by one into the jail they face
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other charges included robbery unlawfully taking a vehicle and possession of stolen he is also charged with being an excellent and possession of stolen fire arm and an animal cruelty charge presumably for shooting the dog if found guilty they faced life in prison without the possibility of parole or the death penalty. >>grant lodes: a lot has been concerning the three suspects and the last week and half or so we will start with the carry murder on saturday october 3rd golden gate park to to three- year-old was backpacking police
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said the trio is behind this killing she was shot and had found during the weekend of hardly strictly bluegrass festival plays later monday october 5th popular local instructor the 67 year-old is still on the popular marin county hiking trail the dog also shot but survived the next day investing is release of as images of some of the suspect last wednesday the three were rested in portland in a car stolen a car they said the trio was outside of a soup kitchen in a portland last thursday and the san francisco police announced that the three suspects also responsible for the carry murder that are linked the suspect system for stolen property the same gun was used in both murders and that gun was stolen from the car in the fisherman's wharf area that was up to 30 of. >>grant lodes: or october 1st >>james: santa clara county
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investigating the discovery of a skull found in the section of los gatos we have been following that story. >>jeff bush: homicide detectives from the santa clara county sheriff's office or on saying all day long investigated us call and try to give answers to lot of questions it is not known who remains were discovered if it is a male or a female or the edge of the victim cadaver dog see is i teams and other specially trained officers recalled to the crime scene was x and that they're looking for any clues the thunderbolt friends that might be in there by you to see the video provided by abc seven the crime scene was tightly guarded and residents were the old ones allowed to go down more to build a road that will allow to go to their homes
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detective did not want to disturb the area because close could be anywhere nearby. >>jeff bush: they were shocked and saddened to hear the news of the discovery and say that they hope that justice will prevail. >>: is very sad the whole situation >>james: two firefighters killed in an apartment fire overnight
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it shows the burning building as well as aerial shot showing you just how big the fire was a common firetruck for called out to battle the flames to of the firefighters ran injured the two firefighters killed died after a roof collapsed and fell on top of them the rest it to people from the burning building just seconds before the roof collapse on them a teenager out for night turned >>reporter: he was stranded on mount diablo from friday night to sunday morning left with
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scratches and bruises they said they were chased by two mountain lions that he tried to fend off such as he drew his backpack fm events alongside of him that he had no food or water for over two to four hours for all what trying to find help riposted of the pictures say the bad as all as i need help south with the persistence of family and friends a search crew was sent to look for the 18 your by saturday evening.
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>>james: coming up on the first democratic debate kicks off tonight we will recap what you need to know going into the debate the man said catches fire and his car which of you with the six older should be wary of a bicyclist in san francisco died after being hit by a bus howe friends and fellow bikers are responding to his death, here is a again we are looking for another hot afternoon we're talking about to the to getting back up into the '90s we will have another look at the forecast come up in just a few minutes. discover the latest from the amopé premium foot care line, to see why women are admiring their beautiful nails. they have good reason... introducing the latest innovation from amopé, the new electronic nail care system
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>>anny hong: temperatures are really going to be rising factor of the morning hours today san jose is a mile 65 degrees right now under clear skies by lunchtime to a pitcher is rising quickly 84 for the afternoon low 90s by 4:00 today set mid '60s and antioch a lot reading 63 in oakland 64 this san francisco were talking to fish for santa rosa and novato would be assessed fairly calm and should be the case this afternoon we're
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watching this area right around southern california the specs of moisture which could potentially get some of that in the south bay and went south 91 in a cast of our heating up for you quickly 87 oakland and for '80s in union city and also in fremont for the livermore valley woman up 95 in the more 93 in redwood 93 also unpleasant to 94 walnut creek we are looking at chance for some showers potentially once again generally sought out for moderate you might get some shower activity starting tomorrow but anything that does fall should be light.
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>>anny hong: right a wrong for 12 we are looking at very light traffic conditions all across the bay area nothing to slow down their ride this morning things are looking really great things are moving very smoothly we will start with the hercules berkeley drive ticket 15 minutes you can see all grade nothing to slow you down this morning she also like an easy ride for the antioch concord dries on highway 4 that will take about 15 minutes from concord to walnut creek on the 242 that will take about eight minutes is a great time to leave the house shall rest in the hot spots and very light traffic conditions. >>james: new details will sexual-harassment investigation
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at uc-berkeley the official said prof. geoffrey was appropriately discipline marcy is subjects are matt the suspension for other violations should we not show or she was at the site of the accident she spoke with friends.
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>>vicki liviakis: he once lived in road is the bike shop would flesh me to metal model will win every time.
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>>james: the use of smokeless tobacco professional stadium is now banned them and official by signing a bill use by the player in deciding guest today build the momentum east in the movement to a use tobacco products and major league baseball is and reducing smokeless tobacco among youth the officials released a statement supporting the ban at the legislation was announced in national headlines this morning and will return for students and of all commuter college or the end results and a school yes the camera we can have after a gunman then the massacre on campus mental health resources
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and on a wave of support from community helped make the transition a little bit easier the return was met with american flags and homemade signs from the community stones and talks reflected all coming back to school. staff >>: 94 killed after the gunman opened fire on campus he took is all like governor toward the campus and met with students the has the for iphone and anderson francisco said installed exploded. >>reporter: it is undeniable is a pretty nice car he had won in 14 years now that he has what
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you give your ride but you better be on your best behavior burn marks on the front seat it all happened last tuesday the seas for armed with his palm exploded--phone >>reporter: this is not the first time that exploded there been sporadic reports as far as well as india recently there was a report in new jersey there is no official word from apple but experts say it may be the way that we carry our phone you should always put your phone in your front pocket data because
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of to put a your back pocket the pressure from sitting on it may harm the battering he was ordered on his way to the store when it happened he does not have been picked as a smoke he get to know what the media elite and the genius did not question his story. >>james: golden state warriors are one step closer to san francisco the have officially purchased or lack of the last line and have more with the warriors kept saying. >>j.r. stone: golden state
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warriors president is talking about the 12 a. site and mention bay the location where the plan on building a new warriors arena the every not render it appeared picture-perfect the concern has been and is traffic this location is about a mile from at&t park 2 mi. from the bay bridge and surrounded by ucsf medical building those representing the mission they alliance group and or reno would equate to nightmare traffic the warriors to work with the city on traffic plans that include and creeks like real servers 20
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of the most renowned scientist to the world said this project is a disaster for mission bay and for by a scientist city- wide test >>james: it is for to see for we would take a quick break plenty of people change their diet to cut out loosened will take a look at the disease then leave them no trust what i can and cannot eat your help minutes coming up next (nature sounds) she can rage,
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>>james: soprano for sharon socially and she let herself in jail will tell you what she broadcast live the and you was called line 11 + think choose
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and reduced fat to death it that is not true to a high levels of cause and could see more than they should >>james: many american decided to curb or we catch up with one patient who says her new diet changed life. >>: a lot pish having some
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trouble with that story continuing to pull a major problem with a policy of the department is changing to help fight the tire howe of lyft is getting protectant that come the next.
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which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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>>james: the d.a.'s office charged the mound to count of first-degree murder if they're found guilty they face life in prison without the possibility of parole for the fifth is the death penalty plus the santa clara, the shares off was invested in the discovery of a human skull it was found innocent loss got about 9:00 yesterday morning the dog sees i team of the stress to train officers called into the scene and they have detected look all evening long to the of my hours will be libelous dallas to talk to our with little or no so far he's not speaking out on the 18
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year-old still recovering after his muscled broken-down releasing damaging protein into his blood he was strong and the amount diablo from friday night and sunday morning he was chased by to learn to live as he tried to fend off eventually he was able to get them to get distracted and move on with he had no food and no water for two to four hours they manage to find him saturday evening. >>anny hong: to the to on a to get to the mid-90s for the harvests locations fact we have clear skies out their waking up to a fairly mild conditions this
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morning san francisco good morning to you 63 degrees right now it will be a warm day looking and no '80s and 2:00 today this evening will be pretty mild '70s and six this evening to mid-60s that at o'clock tonight, mid-60s and san jose 65 also and the the more santa rosa we are cool spot at 54 degrees under clear conditions to the judge will be climbing of for the quickly. >>anny hong: we're as santa rosa getting into the '90s as well san jose also sing some '90s it will be a very hot day for some locations here is how the hybrid down 95 in the lore.
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>>anny hong: if you're heading from the macarthur maze into downtown san francisco heading
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south about on 101 last but not leave a richmond san rafael bridge looking there rely on interstate 580 >>james: police arrest a mountain view foster parent for lewd and lascivious acts on a child in my be more victims out their offices are arrested david after the two of your boy came forward he has been a foster parent the santa clara county for the past five years lyft has been granted in all insurance policy for a life is the first the stress policy in the state and the to the car was drivers for ad base ride bucking services it applies to the driver's the driver except ride
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until the end of the rotted the democrats' turn to depend on state will have the party's first debate happen to my in los vegas they're hosting that debate and will explain what we might expect. >>reporter: each looking for cardiff year in a moment of their honor opens a strong performance in the have clinton with a healthy 50 percent of support even though they were
4:37 am
likely be questions about secretary e-mail server which president obama called a mistake on 60 minutes sunday night bernie sanders who leads in new hampshire plans to focus on something else. >>james: the rest of the house speaker turned into a free-fall is to decide not to run there was no answer yesterday when reporters lock the door right there at his home in wisconsin he is weighing the possible bid if he does run about a dozen congressmen may throw their hats in the ring they have announced
4:38 am
that it would rot or lease have expressed an interest in running off almost all of a said it would drop out if he makes a decision to run for the house speaker that are waiting for his decision to let you know when we hear about it a new feature in the mobile operating system could be costing people extra money for the monthly data plan next will show you how you could turn off the feature to save yourself some money.
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>>james: the use of all complaining about extra charges
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due to the new feature which is called why i insist we explain what this is and how it turned off if you like to is supposed to make sure they get a decent experience that means is the least watching to cellular data when it is spotty or goes out this is a good thing if you're on an important phone call for video chat on your device. >>gabe slate: if you will not notice because behind the scenes with the assist it was with you over to cellular data and not interrupt what you're doing sphere of this is not a problem but for many users on a budget will need to get under a certain amount of data this could been issued have been the key to turn on the back from the device
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could be using up precious data if you want to be safe here sought to turn it off go to your settings choose cellular scroll all the way down to the bottom if you have a lot of applications is a long scroll there a the bottom is the sister you've hit the button and turn it off i posted instructions on my page on our website and on our global application. >>james: 50 watt to connect reach out to him to confine them on twitter facebook and of course to send an e-mail shark attacks have been on the rise in the bay here would tell you what is causing this increase an attack coming up next here is a live look outside the san mateo bridge camera highway 92 traffic while officially our.
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>>anny hong: a live look at the
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bay bridge we have clear skies all across the bay area this morning temperatures are fairly mild started off this to the morning the more than one of those mild response 65 at this hour hitting 75 at shinnecock temperatures are going to be really climbing quickly 95 is the high today between 3 and 4:00 p.m. this afternoon it will be a warm evening of the '70s and endicott this evening low 60s and out of here is a look at the future past four we set the clock for tomorrow morning a few high clouds streaming in because of the system stop the bus that could bring some moisture to us a moderate you have a chance for some light shower activity to are the san what can valley could see some thunderstorms loan 90s in
4:46 am
redwood city opera is the pot out so for the coast amid seven and pacific and half moon bay. >>anny hong: that is a great place to bay south of a forecast looks like this low 90s in sunnyvale cupertino 92 in evergreen and 90 is also for all modern violin you're ride from
4:47 am
dublin to fremont on 680 will take about 20 minutes this morning we're not talking any major delays or slow spots. >>james: the call for a department of correction propose a new plan would talk about this a little bit yesterday it would allow inmates to file the backgrounds to work outside the prison as fire fighters a big shift in the car policy at the moment which allows non-violent offenders to protect math program. >>charles clifford: they struggle with a fourth consecutive year of drought conditions the number of our fires across the state continues to grow every year the need for firefighters to clean and the
4:48 am
firefighters is greater than ever the crew to wear brightly colored uniforms are supervised was four hours a day operate under calcified direction clearing brush and cutting firebricks and hard to reach places nonviolent inmates are allowed into the program but recent years the number of inmates who qualify dropped from 4300 to about 3800 in order to boost those numbers the california department of corrections has proposed allowing inmates convicted of five the fences with is a soap or robbery to join the program also anyone convicted of arson and murder sex offenses or kidnapping would not be eligible only in this was less than five years remaining on the senses into the program but under the proposed plan that will be extended to seven years the proposal still needs to be approved by the correction department the plan would then be sent to couch fire was also need to sign off on the changes
4:49 am
a great white sharks appeared in front of them the first time the president has been seen striking is pri insider the sentences go they estimate of the great white in this video is about a to 10 ft. long complained that an attack of the california sea lion many members of the sample size of a swim club known as the dolphins club there bit disturbed by the news >>james: instances of great white attack humans are extremely where more than 90 percent of those victims of off the california coast and is
4:50 am
survived because chards, we spend our human victims once they realize that we're not seals but nonetheless there been a tax we had a beach is closed we had kayakers and surface attack more than a dozen sightings and bikes along the california coast this year rain biologists say they think that sending a home of the ocean warming is long strikes closer to shore and expect a pattern to continue >>: i could not tell if it was biting my kayak or what he was doing exactly but i did not want
4:51 am
to find out what he was capable he quickly found out what he was capable of as he jabbed it repeatedly with his paddle the had the graphics momentum of an early morning run and with a six-foot juvenile great white shark even the jawbone of a juvenile great white is impressive that can be more than 20 ft. long this will nicknamed the blue was spotted off the coast of baja california according to the web site just 70 of acid died around the world and the only one in the u.s. was former bay area resident she was
4:52 am
killed also clean and loudly about half of this year's non fatal shark bites have been in the u.s. mostly on the east coast. >>james: coming up you can add steven tyler to list of people who was angry about trump will talk more about that coming up and tell you what he is so upset.
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>>: she does not care for the hate if they thought a cease and desist letter was stop donald trump it appears he can dream on the presidential hopeful use the song and new hampshire event just two days after receiving the letter from the a turning this said the issue has to do with copyright not politics they walked the floor of new york
4:56 am
comecon with no one ever noticing both mark russell and your little you disguises to get up close and personal with fans a letter even snap a picture with the man dressed up as his character. >>james: nearly 2,000 lb. pumpkin wins the title for plumpest pumpkin we have live pictures yesterday of the big way and there is the when the world champion, and we off pay one $12,000 for his board of after the dollar prizes was awarded the most beautiful pumpkin based on color shape and size 3 dress to the to the killing a man and recounted and a girl in golden gate park are back in the bay area will have more on their child is set for tomorrow + 25 are as valid a burning building were killed and
4:57 am
missouri will have and have to reckon news does with more coverage on that a human skull found a lost battles.
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♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i
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♪ >>will tran: a human skull was discovered we will have details coming up a live report. >>anny hong: two firefighters killed in a major fire
5:00 am
department following the latest will have the latest on that story coming up with a tracking hot temperatures looking for another day with the mid to upper 90s full forecast ahead. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: good morning >>mark: let's start off a quick check of the weather forecast >>james: it was awfully high yesterday in fact a number of communities ran a little warmer than we thought it would be in fact had to but is almost pushing the century mark as it headed south down the to the direction of santa cruz that is how hot it got to get look for more this and not a little bit warmer this the drive the outside looking out to the east bay livermore is a quick glimpse of how high we expected to get 86 by noontime lanai despite to we should have a maximum today at around 95 degrees coming up
5:01 am
in about 3 of 4:00 hour to a very warm 70 by id o'clock tonight more on the hot weather coming up in 15 minutes as the first word on traffic this our >>george: for the ride on five a western town as it headed into little more this morning here at the bay bridge take a look a little back of the left-hand caslon but otherwise a pretty smooth ride expected to commit to that in about the next 30 minutes will expect to see things backed up on the misery like to get activated for now we're going to enjoy the good ride appeared in the next 30 minutes in the san mateo bridge also an easy ride for your trip out of the east bay and heading toward san the tale with a kind drive times is just 11 minutes when the track any problems off the bridge when you connect up with high 1 01 northbound and southbound retract the east bay drive time coming up.
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>>darya: happening now human skull found in los gatos this morning santa clara county sheriff's officials are looking for clues. >>will tran: you concede the investigators right behind me this is a large area in fact they are searching about 01 miles area of the reason why is the human skull was found of the role this is their role will look at around 9:00 guest at a morning and apparently a hiker came along and discover the u moscow called the detectives and said the car and they cannot unlock down this area they searched for any possible clues including bring it out to cadaver dogs at this point they are not saying are they do not know yet as test and still be conducted with and not the human skull belonged to a man or woman perhaps it could belong to steer lamarck the morgan hill
5:03 am
teenager those above did three years ago restyled to marlena lamar the mother of sierra recession is not going to comment until the share of the parliament which is out to her with definitive answers on this at this point they're not even say how decomposer human skull is they're still here we hope to hear from a little bit later on the condition and more information on this call that was discovered nearly 20 hours ago. >>will tran: it is still very much after researching this area. >>mark: another bookstore there from the three drifters accused of killing a man on a hiking trail and marin county and woman and golden gate park they're back in the bay area and set to appear before a judge to bar. >>jackie sissel: we are here and in marin county jail in all three of those suspects are inside the jail awaiting arraignment and scheduled for tomorrow is video from yesterday at around 531 all three
5:04 am
suspects came into marin county into the marin county jail the a a caravan by the marin county sheriff's department shift the to along to for the down to marin and they will be facing a series of charges that were put into place by the sheriff's department yesterday they include a first-degree murder charges in both murders of see carter and all is the carrier psaltery and we're talking about lila all good sean king go and a more sunlamp what offense stalls first-degree murder charges would special circumstances and but for those murders of also facing a series of other crimes that were committed according to the sheriff's department that include robbery on lawful taking of vehicle possession of stolen property and he is also charged with being an excellent the
5:05 am
possessor of a storm fire arm and animal cruelty is where talking about their expected to face an arraignment tomorrow morning addition attorney here in marin county says they're very confident have the right people in this case. >>: this is a murder in the commissioners and their rivalry we believe by the evidence indicates that this was a clear and deliberate murder. >>jackie sissel: the d.a. says that they have evidence that they obviously are hold back from the state that they were present in court of some of that evidence may be presented tomorrow at the arraignment but obviously for right now those three are sitting inside a long run county jail and there is no chance for bail right now. >>mark: was killed in golden gate park to differ your laws canadian was howe trap shot and
5:06 am
had and found in the parlor struck a bluegrass festival to this letter on october 50 he was killed on polymer rencontre hiking trail in fairfax his dog was also shot the survive to invest his release of as images of the suspects the next than on october 7th for three suspects for arrested in portland there and the stolen car on october at the police announced the three suspects have been lent to the murder because the has some of her stolen property investigators say it was the same gun use of both murders the gun was stolen from a car near fisherman's wharf on september 30th october 1st. >>darya: 2 firefighters had been killed in the kansas city apartment fire we're after breaking news desk with the details on what happened. >>anny hong: the brussels were following is out of kansas city missouri were two fire fighters lost the lives of fighting a big apartment fire overnight here is
5:07 am
video of the same shall the burning building is fully involved in the shot showing it is how big the fire was and how many fire trucks will called out to battle this fire to a fire fighters will also injured and two firefighters were killed that happened when the roof collapsed and fell on top of them that it rested to people from the burned building seconds before the roof collapsed following the story here to rob the broadcast and also on our website. >>darya: governor jerry brown has made it official ban the use of smokeless tobacco and california five professional baseball stadiums of peace and a bill yesterday into law prohibiting smokeless tobacco use by all players in the bill is aimed to reduce the smokeless tobacco use among young people on the legislation was announced the officials released a statement supporting cabane the san francisco giants were the
5:08 am
first team to ban smokeless tobacco got on may 8th san francisco can the first city in the nation to ban smokeless tobacco from all have led a gang is including at&t park, this time the ordnance and it would take effect of this coming january of 2016 >>mark: after a foster parent is arrested for lewd acts on the child and mountain view the 59 year-old was arrested after a tour of your boy is mother told police about the alleged improper behavior he's been a foster parent for the past five years now please them again the possibility it could be additional victims and they've been in contact with him during that time a teenager who was chased by a mountain lion after he got lost on mount diablo older we get is speaking out about what he has been through a 18 year-old as recovering adjutancy in a hospital has muscles grow down releasing them into proteins and to his blood he was turned on on diablo from
5:09 am
friday night through sunday morning he says at one point he was chased by two mountain lions he tried to fend off an invented they lost sight of him than he had no food or water for two to four hours and to the persistence of his family and friends the such crew was sent out to look for him and they found him. >>mark: this said the professor was appropriately discipline for an improper behavior with student's accusations that the professor had been adequately discipline the university has not shared details of the six month investigation into sexual- harassment however they say they're subject to automatic suspension or dismissal for other violations the golden state warriors are one step closer to building a new arena and san francisco announced
5:10 am
yesterday in part to a 12 a. site for the renter and san francisco mission bay neighborhood they plan to build and 18,000 sea been you along with offices and restaurants but traffic has been a big concern there is a location about a mile away from at&t park from the bay bridge and surrounded by ucsf medical buildings a had been working with the city on a traffic plan that includes increased like a real service more chapter officers. >>darya: and keep the streets clear the have the backing of you cfs and michigan citizens advisory commission was some are still skeptical stuck the team hopes to open the door rain in time for the 201819 nba season
5:11 am
and should be complete sometime this fall men said every play just for the articles of what may become more believable sonal 40 niners fans upset with the team and the stadium what they bought the complaint land says he was trying to change the song will his fund exploded. and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪
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>>mark: experts say it appears to be the second strong this is 1950 and was to prepare for damaging rains said the late
5:15 am
1990's killed more than 50 california some cost $2 billion in damage the report last week they say there's a line 5 percent chance let it will last through the winter and weekend in the spring. >>james: we are seeing a lot of low to mid 60's already at this early hour we have the golden gate bridge tamil with the fog is not a big deal for us this one across the span 64 antioch
5:16 am
not like yesterday were mostly in the mid to upper 50s little to mid-60s across a good bit of the bank estimated that as an indication that will be just a touch warmer we already have a nice warm start let's get past the sea to cast in this animation not set up just yet this is the sea to castle rock to show you talk about the temperatures we expect this afternoon '60s and '70s at that 0.1 to the '70s write off the bat and by noon time widespread '80s with seven is being pushed to the coastline 7/8 to some cases even look it is ride along the coast will comes after that
5:17 am
will have a couple of sister of the real watching it is going to give the software probably a better shot may be a little bit of rain a 10 percent chance after that for the weekend we have a cold front that was with in from the north it would give a shot this ring come saturday and sunday does what you will see in the extended forecast a slight chance on wednesday and a better shot on saturday tracking will for those systems will of that the forecast a minute by minute as we get closer to. >>george: from hercules to berkeley that is as good as against track in the drive now into downtown oakland also into the maze of the nimitz out of
5:18 am
san leandro just a 14 minute time when the good for southbound 680 right at the baseline we're watching it climb from there this morning on to the committee that with no delays out of the east of the heading toward san mateo from iran via the golden gate is a good ride here as well as into marin out of the east bay via the richmond bridge take a look at five a westbound and a minute trip time with no back of weeding over to san rafael.
5:19 am
>>mark: the man claims his from selling exploded there scorch marks on front seat of the man's car there is no word from apple was recalls it to explode in the have and the way they carry their phones initially put your phone in your from pocket the pressure from sitting on the fund in the back pocket if this
5:20 am
latest set do not put your from their shift in a deck of the costing the extra money the new feature is a wife by assistant if we turn it off and does not affect your monthly income lotus said and choose cellular and go down to the bottom you think you're on lot y 5 but if the phone with the new assistance thinks.
5:21 am
>>darya: if they're no longer afford to publish false as part of a redesigned the magazine says the change will take place in march of 2016 that will feature women in a provocative pose as much they will no longer be fully nude but circulation once measured in the millions and now is all about 800,000 ha they acknowledges
5:22 am
that he was drunk and ashamed of his behavior the freshman is from david in new york and you in court today on charges stemming from this fight that happened october 4th sh the mib miller time after all the biggest beer deal ever they have an agreement to same principle to buy miller $404 billion. >>mark: the combination they will create the world's largest brewery, and nine of the rose tattoo to there's that two sides they're not toast to just get the deal must be approved by a number of antitrust regulators from abroad but the have a deal in principle this morning sh
5:23 am
such a growing number of season- ticket holders of trump to sell their personal builders licenses they're not happy with the rule that will allow them to print the tickets the seventh two hours before the game make selling them harder. >>darya: lerman reasons in the one to watch on tv still had think tuesday reduced fat foods as a smart move doctors said it may not be true of how little the calling people to eat more than they should and some people are known for over sharon also
5:24 am
some media one woman and herself in jail because of and will show you what she broadcast live and that view was call 911.
5:25 am
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5:26 am
>>darya: they don't necessarily mean lower in fact it also does not mean they're not caught half of the undesirable ingredients
5:27 am
in the three recent studies from the food and brand lab at cornell university found buzzwords like skinny and whole grain are very easy for people to be confused about a mix to think that this health care >>mark: periscope lets users live should events also should begin friday night they call the police to report woman was driving home drunk the woman
5:28 am
identified she did not say where she was driving when he downloaded and tuna into the broadcast he was and was a cigar location and she was arrested stuff. >>james: tear into that if we will be right back.
5:29 am
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5:31 am
>>george: it has been a little quieter but ticket look at what my bit of new stock or accident will check them out in union city >>james: really nice visibility you consider the street lights streaming all boy off to the vanishing point no roof fall to get away as the backed away across highway 92 san jose take a look of the glut of the temperatures it will be up for
5:32 am
some 95 down toward lord hill all the santa clara valley will be the low to mid 90 degree range. >>george: reports it might have been a vehicle there ran out of gas in this the senate the southbound on 80 industrial this is an area which have to get busy early in any complication could really change the complexion of this commute so far we are tracking a 25 minute drive times for the stop arm to 38 to 237 rotted no indication yet but into hot spot here for you're ride to the bay bridge westbound there is we will pass
5:33 am
530 the mid remise are activated and we're back across all the lines drive times and now 16 minutes of from 11 still another element track time from the san mateo bridge the right out of the east bay as midwest over toward san mateo and foster city hist. >>mark: the private e-mail servers who continues what she was secretary of state rinceau for napa or at risk for having been found the server using remote access offer the allow connections director from the internet it was the target of government warnings about the security vulnerability that from two of the devices on the home network in new york who purposes on clear they pop apologize for using the server of decision 2016. >>darya: first debate is happening to my in-laws biggest where i thought bracken news this with the previous. >>anny hong: cover clinton will
5:34 am
be sent to stage and for the president's attendance at are looking to take her down to like to get bernie sanders of mar mallee jim webb and weaken chasing but a day before the debate should have eyes on republican rival don trump should depart a union rally at a whole talcum las vegas yesterday the president to hopeful have to work hard to differentiate themselves from the issues like gun control poverty and immigration one analyst says their efforts might not make a difference this the first of six democratic debate to start tonight at 530 at a loss biggest concern on sale and should rise president biden
5:35 am
decided to enter the race and take part of the debate he has until the moment the debate starts to john in the pudding will be placed on the stage for him. >>darya: the part of corrections has proposed a new plan allows inmates a violent background to work outside as prisons as firefighters the inmate crews or operate under cow fire site only nonviolent inmates of violent offenses to help out like a salt and robbery those inmates would need to show several years of good behavior before allowed to join the firefighters and one convicted of arson and murder sex offenses or kidnapping will not be eligible to the proposal still is to be approved by the
5:36 am
crux of the parliament and by cal fire. >>mark: armed robbery west of santa rosa this happen all along storm the plane rolled near the top rolled on sunday night for a suspect into the family home down the father was the tightest place the rest of the family on the ground and pistol with the father and got away with the truck has several pounds of marijuana and other valuables there were signs of marijuana cultivation and the house the deputy from the stolen truck early yesterday morning there was turned avenue and metal park drive what stories are still looking for those robbers. >>mark: across of ukraine and july of last year was hit by a russian-made missile it is due to form released a final report into the incident today but will not direct we say who was responsible along said the trip was seven to show the missile
5:37 am
hit just behind cockpit. >>darya: the man who was killed over the weekend after being hit by a bus more about the victim 48 drawer marked kirk was between two buses when he was killed on his bike going to the same direction and apparently lost control of his bicycle officers said he was wearing a helmet but eagle protection he died he lived in quiet never him berkeley where he to ride his bike a lot and they say that this is not the first that we heard of it is still not clear how in the between those two
5:38 am
buses aura was passing: fifth shot eight. tass it applies to try to cover passenger in the car the opera's worm bin dollars liability policy that takes effect on a to accept a ride to the end of the rise of the company offers 100,000 are contingent policy for times when it is on with the drivers on accepted all right still had not there has been 20 of down the surrounding volkswagen's not much so the same list are interested in the possible failure coming up hist the rankings out to the best city to try to treat.
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
>>darya: nearly $2 a pound pumpkin and has won the title for the pumpkin festival at the half moon bay pumpkin contest the road championship pumpkin weighed way off was held yesterday and we're recovering this what in the pumpkin any top each other as they hit the scales and that the pleasant hill or dinner or one for his pumpkin is a $12,000 prizes higginson also needed hundred dollars prize for the most beautiful pumpkin.
5:42 am
>>mark: the release the top 26 for trading in the nation to bay area cities in the top spot since senses will come in and number-one followed by san jose and no. 2 l.a. come in three milwaukee for finance the five tests this is for rent on our kids can get the most candid in the quickest amount of time in the safest area where trapping weather again and want to be hot in the south of going to be hot in the east and talk about it in for the tell coming up in just a minute.
5:43 am
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>>mark: a group of land couldn't pry themselves for the big beer gets mistaken for a terse what to the howe the mixup was resolved the hot weather is not for like fall but you can get a taste of all thanks to to businessmen and vermont.
5:46 am
>>james: we're looking at temperatures once again getting right back to the '90s for some mid to upper 90s temperatures san was a comfortable more on the low to mid '60's this morning santa rosa at 54 will have the east bay shoreline as
5:47 am
we do the forecast for the east of the oakland 87 degrees warmer to 89 down in san leandro if for union city and fremont right across to the peninsula coastline in shoreline were looking into san francisco's downtown be ready for to be nice and hot in the city is to all the concrete and glass-it what about 89 down a san mateo and at the low 90s down near redwood city mid to upper 70's even low 80 expected in daly city warm to hot everywhere around the bay the wide view on the map shows exactly that in general the same as yesterday for a touch warmer. >>james: chance of showers come into play, here is the system that is responsible if it was
5:48 am
lighter just such a move off to the northeast and may get close enough by then we might get the south they the best chance for the rest of the area comes on saturday that our brains and this is what to percent chance that will be saturday and sunday so that is all we can expect a long time with temperature steadily pulling is a hit for the weekend saw. >>george: a stall had been reported and it is how to tell whether not and is having any impact because this is right in the area where traffic would begin to slow during the morning commute right about this time if you concede we've had six minutes to drive times for the quarter commute on a southbound fast arrive here into dublin's westbound out of little more still looks pretty good at picking up along slow as it hit for the dublin and to change heading south down to the
5:49 am
doubling great conditions look for a good not get tracking any delay is tracking you're ride to the bay bridge west about what the leader in light active now for about 15 minutes we already back the right to a 580 flights over and the drive times already 16 to 18 minutes out of the macarthur maze. >>george: it will be about another 45 minutes ago we get rid of problem free would like traffic in both directions and drive times to under 30 minutes out of novato and into marin the the richmond bridge very light traffic looks like a slow start to the commute into not yet under way for the west five any ride the boats wide emissions in the could be coming to a theater near you howe was set aside long-term story into movie the pictures and leonardo capt. is a production company of optioned the rights the jobs are made in
5:50 am
the last month and 11 million of its vehicles or wide are fitted with cheating software to big emissions test facebook wanted to start your online shopping experience with them the company has been testing all types of ways to get people to buy things from the socialist platform the latest strategy involves transformed news feeds into a virtual store window for advertisers as well as critic a dedicated shopping news feed earlier in the summer and into the is the way for small businesses. >>darya: the middletown fire is now long gone but are still possible threat to residents of that are still working on the barnes rooms there are digging the areas that are to a king get rid of potential dangerous pollutants are awesome and harmful chemicals are released during the fire from propane
5:51 am
tanks and other items left behind our residents are slowly starting to return to their homes to rubble rosa is moving chemical that has seeped into the ground and water is being used to keep or chemicals the ground to air in effect and there are reasons for not wearing masks is a slow process when absolutely necessary want. >>mark: on the victim said he did not have an of the suspect and installed in the face before giving away in a red sedan with tinted windows the suspect described as hispanic man in his early 20s to the mustache and beard about 5 680 lbs. the time of the robber he was wearing a black t-shirt and black past the fifth grade girl is facing also
5:52 am
charges and missouri. >>darya: bullied but this time was all caught on video parents will the they're expelled to allow the division of a circulating on line and shows a young girl beating and kicking and dragging another girl across the blacktop is been blurred out to protect the children's identity in the central school district responded with a statement saying it is important that the part where parents and community members to provide bullying and fighting no matter when time occurred st. joseph police say they're still investigating the combination of record heat and strong were parts of southern california kept life are as busy of the wiccan lost angeles to work crowder did try to cool off with a life are sent there were cut to 10 ft..
5:53 am
>>mark: but the credit or for hearing and were arrested friday stemmed from an incident five years ago they turned up the tab math in 2010 seeking asylum for fear that a so-called hollywood star walker's where after the police a loss and is on the civil the five outside of the state of the left the man considers condition of sister and a note of the fans fighting for our teams they're still in the hospital and doctor stadium came under scrutiny after a 2011 attack on opening day the san
5:54 am
the brain damage to men later were imprisoned pleading guilty. >>darya: will back with more weather and traffic after. is your head so congested it's ready to exple? try zclear your blocked nose to powerfull you may be muddling through allergie
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5:56 am
>>darya: she was dressed up in her wedding gown and that did not stop her from put her paramedic skills to the test her wedding to the unexpected turn of her grandmother's car collided with another car with to the reception she rushed to the scene hiking of her wedding dress and climbed aboard the ambulance.
5:57 am
>>mark: coming of after him as call was from the los got us will have details on live report coming up on the arid teenager.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now sheath
6:01 am
>>james: hot weather once again this morning on live look a live look outside of ourselves as an upper is by the bay shoreline. >>george: the does not mean we are not looking at slow traffic at the bay bridge where the
6:02 am
westbound ride is already backing up to the macarthur maze the drive times are hinting toward 20 minutes already for the west from trip to san francisco out of the east bay to also out of the east bay on 90 to the san mateo bridge still a good ride in likely to be for another 30 minutes about 630 that will start to see things backing up coming for the so far as a. >>george: it is slow to get started after bridge hardly any traffic and a minute trip time into san rafael. >>darya: when scall final status of the san mateo chair that is a time to figure how it got there. >>will tran: this mystery is not end anytime soon of the past and as we saw three more deputies
6:03 am
they're looking at and what one square mile the chilly the video this is i soon discovered at around 9:00 yesterday morning by hiker he or she does chapter stumbled across this call called the sheriff deputies they came out here in the afternoon that is when they realized they needed to bring the cadaver dodd she's not going to make any
6:04 am
comments on to the sure deputies reach out to her to say yes or no this is in fact her skull there in the same the condition this is an ongoing situation as soon as we get more information on this we will let you know. >>mark: we'll live in the marin county jail with more. >>jackie sissel: we're at the marin county jail all three suspects ran it tear member
6:05 am
recounted share of the vehicle came in at what all three of the suspects all three are facing towns of first-degree murder charges with special circumstances those charges can either be the death penalty or life without parole the story it their all responsible for the murder of all dree and also to this winter steve carter on the trail in fairfax and all three will be facing first- degree murder charge of their of the chart of the also facing including robbery colossally taking a vehicle makes factory
6:06 am
those suspects all be in court tomorrow for an arraignment you will continue to cover this story. >>mark: were shot and had in town during the weekend of the strictly bluegrass festival to days later he was killed in
6:07 am
fairfax on a popular recounted trial his dog was shot the dog survived the best is the list of names and images of the suspects the next day it was october 7th that the three arrested in portland there in the carter stolen car in october it please announced the three suspects have been linked to the murder. >>anny hong: we heard about them during the layoffs lastly but now twitter now laying off 336 employees and the cutbacks
6:08 am
announced that translates into about 8% of the work force the layoffs did tell just in this one a they're not laid off 336 employees a lot a% of their work force. >>mark: 3 crack's seductive is accused of murder and rape in san jose adorn court for fleering their cues of beating a
6:09 am
31 year-old to death he was found dead in the set of the santa clara county main jail a medical examiner says he died of multiple blunt force injuries >>darya: the total believed claes about inappropriate behavior in the foster parent for the past five years he had
6:10 am
no food or water for two to four hours and the persistence of the family and friends their descent into look for him by saturday evening. >>darya: he signed the bill until law guest to name the bill is and the laws and reducing smokeless tobacco use among young people when it was announced the officials released a statement supporting the ban of the san francisco giants for the first team to ban smokeless tobacco back on may 8th san francisco became the first city in the nation to ban smokeless tobacco small athletic the news included at&t park.
6:11 am
>>mark: it purchased the 12 ecocide for beer brand in the city's mission bay neighborhood the plan to build the new 18,000 seat venue along what offices and restaurants on the site the traffic has been a bit concerned. >>mark: 2 mi. from the bay bridge around by ucsf medical building the have been working with the city are traffic plan pedicels increase light rail service more track officers kicking surgery to clean for vehicles like ambulances to have the backing of the uc mentioned bay advisor commission but some are still skeptical.
6:12 am
>>mark: they hope to open the new arena in time for the 2019 nba season review should be completed sometime this fall playboy is making some major changes to this magazine will tell you what they're getting rid of a group of men who pride themselves for their beers into mistaken for terrorist what say how the situation on the.
6:13 am
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6:15 am
>>darya: after an apartment fire in a kansas city where after breaking news this with the details. >>anny hong: no confirmation month the two firefighters including the identity there were killed in this big apartment fire this is out of kansas city missouri his video of the scene showing the burning building fully engulfed in flames will have aerial shot showing how big the fire was and how many fire trucks to call out to battle the fire that happened after they tried to rescue to residents and when the roof collapsed and fell on top of them during an emotional news
6:16 am
conference earlier this morning the fire chief identified the firefighters. >>mark: ocean warmer come down by the equator and the pacific could bring rainy weather to california this winter the should prepare for damaging winds through the winter the early 80's and late nineties killed more than 50 california.
6:17 am
>>james: to see the bay bridge visibility pretty good for the most part clear a little bit of fog along the coastline nineties once again and all the interior
6:18 am
valleys east they've got some of the warmest conditions look to the nine is once again in the east of the valley south of in the to the '90s is well with 90 in san jose. >>george: it is getting into full swing restore by attracting some drive times in the east bank like the writer interstate 80 was down with started out as a 15 minute trip time and is not to 2 minutes from hercules to berkeley sh not unusual the
6:19 am
night early morning hours to see heavy traffic but perhaps a little slower than usual and a 33 minute trip time san ramon valley looks good so does the west about ride on 580 it is backed into a macarthur maze 19 minutes to track time now out of the east bay and out of the east bay for the san mateo bridge 619 and about 10 minutes ahead of schedule status is the things really slowed down for the westbound truck we expect those time to start climbing pretty quickly.
6:20 am
>>mark: they pass a bill that allows the government to implement the agreement. >>darya: was kept on sunday after they realize it had received a call late saturday afternoon a storm destroyed the map of the twins would have ran
6:21 am
third that before in this finally got close enough to land to call for help the ball exploded in their scorch marks on the front seat of the car he said there were left where it was an explosion. >>: reached in my pocket to wear my phone out i heard a pop it was black smoke everywhere to does not have any pictures of the lies with the get command would immediately and no social work from apple will cause it to explode but be careful how you carry it do not put your phone in your back pocket.
6:22 am
>>darya: those featured women for by composers such. >>mark: this to the rules will operate the world's largest brewery from the line of the world top 20 beers.
6:23 am
>>darya: they would not sell math and cheese and hear the apologize and look and knowledge and that the on-line video of him family and fighting with the cafeteria his and his behavior and is addressing this problem. >>mark: have close of the swedish chapter called bearded villains is the international
6:24 am
brotherhood of really a bearded man it was found late last year it was in the middle of a full shift to ask suspect >>mark: whole answer then was hilarious >>darya: we will be right back not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. save $600 on the #1 rated bed, plus 24-month financing and free home delivery.
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6:27 am
like six.
6:28 am
>>james: will the impact the bay area and there always will talk about.
6:29 am
>>mark: is down over hundred. .
6:30 am
>>james: unless it to san francisco into last airport we have the senate delayed this is a nice and clear each and every morning we expect exact same scenario if the things like a pretty good on the out said harold the forecast as to get ready for school and could draw down to upper fifties will still
6:31 am
allow low 60s receive this temperatures fall as mentors summarized by endicott in what most in the upper 50s by noontime swim one of my sleeve of for seven is to near '80s with conditions that will be absolutely in the '80s for the inland valleys with the sea temperatures run of the grit to one or even the witch saw it yesterday that is just the gist of what we can expect will have a much more detailed forecast coming up in 15 minutes hist. >>george: things have changed pretty quickly here is an accident southbound at a street that is starting to affect ride that ended up to even the art of to 38 on the south about nimitz freeway that to the drive times
6:32 am
of the 36 minutes as it had from to 30 it down to 237 we already have some slow traffic we already over 20 minutes now for the trip from highway 24 the san mateo bridge crawl along the drive times are spiking to over 19 and 21 minutes now coming out of hay with over toward san mattel the richmond bridge backing up toward the richmond parkway with a 14 to 16 metric ton. >>darya: the debt safety board said the malaysian airline plane the crest of ukraine in july was hit by a russian-made missile with a lot of the breaking news that with the details just released a report.
6:33 am
>>anny hong: the eastern ukraine brought down flight 17 and killing everyone on board specifically it was a missile that down to malaysian airline plane of ukraine in july of 2014 the safety board said the missile was fired from a surface to air system killing off 298 people on board the report follows a 15 month investigation and the official at dubuque orchids refer interested technology to to participate in the best is still not possible to confirm the war had a type of system the 777 was headed from amsterdam to malaysia when it was shot down on july 17, 2015 over ukrainian territory controlled by pro russian separatist the prime minister marc called lost to fully cooperate with the criminal investigation into the downing of that flight-tracking down the
6:34 am
prosecutor the perpetrators hot >>mark: the review from the associated press from the server use remote access software that allow connections director from the internet it was a target of government warnings about the security bomb buildings they found in these two other devices on the home network in new york who sparks is unclear he has apologized for using the server the democratic turned to duke it out on stage the party for a stake happen to live in los vegas hillary clinton will be sent to stay for the hopeful they're looking to take her down barnet's and is
6:35 am
more to lollard jim wagner and like to chaffee helleri clap her eyes are a republican rival donald trump she took part in a union rally at a hotel on lossmakers the hopefuls have to work hard to differentiate themselves on the issues like gun control poverty emigration one analyst says the effort may not make a difference such cash this a first of six democratic debate he has until the moment the debate starts to join in.
6:36 am
>>darya: the result of yes to that is when we can have some to gunman opened fire on campus killing nine people and telling himself after the shot them the health resources and unwavering support from the community have to make the transition easier they met in his sons to see here for american flights on the camp with the reflected of coming back to school. >>darya: despite a sense of fear she does not think that it will last long.
6:37 am
>>mark: 3 people into the family home and for the rest of the family members on the ground he was passed the web and the robbers got away with the truck cash and several pounds of marijuana and other rivals there were signs of cultivation in the house this cobblestone truck early yesterday morning near western avenue shift they're still looking for the robber's kickoff. >>darya: the 48 year-old was on his bike between two buses when he was killed he was born in the same direction as the bus will he lost control of his bicycle he was wearing a helmet they share their reactions is still
6:38 am
not clear how the died. >>mark: the first as john paul since they that covers drivers for advanced booking services and applies to this driver as a passenger in the car the company also offered a 100 cause large contingent for times when it is on the driver has yet to set a ride a sense have something to celebrate rubble to to look inside the new bar that pays of loss of the actor
6:39 am
ily talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleashgigivet a pop.p.ugh. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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>>mark: your ticket about dr.
6:42 am
one there's some questions you need to ask one adoption sentences no matter how cute is the support to look at how he will fit into your household the cat on a look at the work schedule the amount of time the to the ball to the people should also keep in mind the apologies if they live in a rental unit that the major he is allowed to the mind how much food cost and where you want to get the food from the cost of routine visits to jackson in an emergency care where track the weather or on the bay is on to the house this afternoon here is a lesson francisco should war to 82 this afternoon will have a more complete with a forecast of what the chance of rain coming up.
6:43 am
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6:45 am
>>darya: is one place is now banding hover boards while you were not the same time on the sidewalk in his dresser posted and took down. >>james: is going to be worn today and cool between now and friday will start off with that or we have consistent data nice to clear what a great looking shot from the embarcadero camera 7¢ to about half an hour away the canarsie the horizon
6:46 am
beginning to get a little brighter as we approach the point in time temperatures a lot of low 60s 63 for oakland and hayward 63 for san jose 65 and san francisco. >>james: tear is reseda to going after that 0.9 o'clock will see some decent salaries on a matter at that point '80s by noontime replacing it with 90 spidery in the afternoon a mix of low to mid-90s everywhere else for the 680 highway 4 and 580 corridor the zone for cash for the santa clara valley 90 and 10 jose 93 in campbell 914 morgan hill warmer to the mid-90s and those benighted for the south back as well the credit outlooks of the we have the chance of the sparkle. >>james: as we work our way through the wheat which has come
6:47 am
from the system to our saw the dead of winter will track north and start tracking off to the northeast to make of the sock by giving us a slight chance by saturday different system from the north is one to soak in the call for to give us a little better shot at to showers and that may come by saturday and two sunday afternoon will talk more about that and fire the future cast model in the next hour of walking through we expect with the showers. >>george: we're getting more concerned about this accident on one 01 northbound at mckee oakland road the accident as a blocking lanes in both directions because of the emergency vehicles your options
6:48 am
here are to use perhaps interstate 280 or guadalupe parkway to get around this you can take it 80 as well northbound to reconnect with high 101 and we continue to track delays with another hot spot this time in the east bay and hayward again and is a big rig accident perhaps more than one southbound 880 and a street look at what has done to the drive time 43 minutes now for the quarter come from to 38 down to 237 the bay bridge backing up into the macarthur maze look at 880 wrapped now backing up over the west about land of the toll plaza. >>george: your trip time for the san mateo bridge 23 minutes out of hand when headed over to san mateo the golden gate bridge problem free with no delays on the span the getting a little slow through northern iran and the drive in to rent out of the east back across the richmond san rafael bridge backed up now
6:49 am
beyond the richmond parkway trip time of 18 minutes for was to dock interstate 580. >>darya: we're learning more interested about a new plan to allow inmates with the violent backgrounds to work outside of presence-firefighters in a cruise to operate under couch fire direction only non-violent offenders are a lot of the program but the number of inmates who qualify has dropped in order to boost the number to come from the part of corrections to oppose it in a mess with a violent convictions like a soft a robbery to john fire crew team in what convicted of arson murders of senses and it would not be eligible the proposal still needs approval from a correction department and some tile fire.
6:50 am
>>darya: a bulldozer is a moving chemicals that seeped into the ground and water is being used a more chemicals and on into the air into effect in resinous thereby on our mass this is a slow process but the have to do it. >>mark: by to avenue and sad corps the victims and a man for some and demanded money the victim said he did not have been in use punched in the face the man got away in red sedan with
6:51 am
tinted windows described as bald hispanic in his 20s with a mustache and beard about five for six and hundred 80 lbs. or a black t-shirt and black pants and the type of heart stent the works like dissolving stitches slow would go away after has done its job passed since mid test and a large study that are tiny cages that keeps the blood vessels from recording after are reopening procedures. >>darya: they use them in the u.s. each year right now the ones that are used in the u.s. are prominent medical implants a new kind called abbott's absorber is already sold in europe and many of the material that degrades over several years and when you study performed just as well as the conventional sense.
6:52 am
>>darya: he held hands with the man with special needs on local- bus he said he bore a bus it was crowded and it was downtown in ontario and he sat next to him and the student says that robert haft to shake hands instead the cab on it all at first he said he thought was a prank he realized the man needed some comfort after and would bar on facebook the family contacted him and thank him and they told him that he suffers from cerebral palsy and that he is deaf they said the the 30 minute bus ride we're watching the san
6:53 am
mateo bridge traffic is thick enough. this enough >>mark: were with some very warm temperatures this afternoon.
6:54 am
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