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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  October 13, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: was allegis how clear is reluctant shot the bay bridge approach cannot there is the hills and there the sun rise in the making does it give a forecast you need to know to get ready to sco door endicott beginning of class were expected to see mostly upper 50s and very low six is a lot of low 60s right now tempters will continue to fall was to get past sunrise alone toward you're going to school and learned to
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ride around 80 to 83 degrees to the perception is by the bay shoreline by 3:00 this afternoon the school's closing down and this class are wrapping up the kids about the home is going to be out once again 93 to maybe even 95 degrees the tunnel were you are for some of the house and in schools to commit a digitally ron the bay shoreline the matter when you are is one to be worn our continent and the club will hold on to their forecast maybe into tomorrow attempt to start to come down to traffic. >>george: south the hot spots continue to back up the ride through san jose on 101 in the northbound direction and accident here at mckee oakland road jamming of the ride down and creating this break the north of the incidents leading up to 88101 and to change that northbound drive time continues to grow here 34 and up to 38 minutes now for the northbound truck leading up for the capitol
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expressway -- if a trip time to to all the way into santa clara the bridges are slow this morning and these are the ones that are the bay bridge backed up into the macarthur maze 2426 minute trip time here the san mateo bridge with a 28 minute trip time out of hayward heading from the east of it over toward san the sale and the richmond bridge backed up now beyond the richmond park way with a 20 minute trip times low in all lanes heading out toward san rafael. >>darya: more details on the major layoffs to come where are the recon newsdesk with what we know >>anny hong: that not specify was the parma will be affected here is what we know so far one of the first official acts as
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twitter new ceo jack dorsey is undertaken a series of measures including the layoff and also called off the expansion the company san francisco headquarters the job cutting plan was confirmed in a form filed with the u.s. secured exchange commission which they pleaded this morning the new rehire siegel said the company is working round the clock and a 39 road map for twitter is video and live broadcast service periscope of the smaller team of ron the engineering was the most significant structural changes in the internet will move much faster for the smaller and more teen will remain the biggest percentage of the workforce this first report 2% increase market trading following this announcement from the story with the wreckage news and of days will bring in more throughout the broadcast. >>darya: a human skull found in los gatos in the morning of the santa clara said that is are
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looking for clues about where it came from where live now with details. >>will tran: you concede the deputies right behind me this is a mass of seem to the point where asked about a mile away for the discovery was made at the one of all remote area and los gatos so they can bring out the tech-dog that had been out here to talk to not want to look for and other clues to find out exactly what happened 22 hours of home-made the discovery they're still into this week continued this is far from over because of the past 90 minutes to see more deputies arrived at the scene at this point they're not say are simply did not know as test are still being done with and not the human skull belonged to amend woman or child that and about the miller something about the of the skull belonged to steer lamar the morgan hill teenager who was of the three years ago at this
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point that is one of the focus that they're looking into at this point they do not know they will continue to do those with every stop to marlene lamar sierras mother she said she would not make any comments to the sheriff's department contacts her to say yes or no we can take at this point they're not saying how badly decomposed the school was one theory that they're looking into is possibly that's call could belong to a native american to this place has been known to be a native american bare ground. >>mark: the three drifters accused of killing a man on a package from iran county and a woman and golden gate park are back in the bay area of assets to appear before judge tomorrow
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his bill from yes today when all three >>jackie sissel: 2 of those charges for each of those three people they do believe that these three are responsible for the murder of all tree october 3rd and two days later the murder of steve carter on a fair factorial there also facing numerous other charges including unlawfully taking of vehicle possessed of stolen property they're also trying to be in excellent and possess a firearm and animal cruelty we get a chance to talk to the district attorney from the modern county yesterday he said he is very
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confident in the charges that they place on these three suspects as is set off from their being held without bail right now and earliest mckenzie is tomorrow that is the word from recounted the they will be arraigned tomorrow facing two counts of first-degree murder those charges carry life about prison and or the death accounting. >>mark: to start on saturday october 1st when she was killed in golden gate park the to to to your committee was in a backpacking trip she was shot in the head and frowned ride the weekend two days later on october 5th she was killed on the popular recounted hiking trail in this is release of a
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lens images of the suspects the next day october 7th that from some of the properly on them the same gun was used to both murders the gun was stolen from a car near fisherman's wharf the three cracks the debt is accused of murdering an inmate in san jose are due in court for a plea hearing. >>darya: the 27 year-old matthew are accused of beating the 31 york and met michael tiring he was found dead in his cell who was arrested for lou
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tax on the child in mountain view the 59 year-old was arrested at the top of your boy is mother told police that there is inappropriate behavior have been foster parents santa clara county for the past five years that the content of the possible victims who have been in contact with him during that time. >>mark: teenager was chase immortalized that he got lost on mount diablo over the weekend are speaking out there recovering in hospital he was trained on mount diablo from friday night for sunday morning at one point he was chased by two mountain lions and try to fend off an eventual loss side of him but then he and the full award for two to four hours.
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>>darya: the report the lawmakers passed a bill that allowed the government to implement that agreement the deal was reached back in july in vienna in the cost of international sanctions on are to be lifted the restriction will be placed on the nuclear program which is the restrictions are designed to prevent the country from developing an atomic bomb. >>mark: histone selling exploded and there are some scorch marks on the front seat of his car that and have an effect of the device experts say do not free
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from their back pocket and sit on it if you do the pressure from sitting on it could harm the battery share a little too much on social media led woman in jail.
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>>mark: they can get a bird's- eye view of the foliage the 60 matter round-trip cost $5 and the resort said the offering and with packages for those to to spend a lot more time among the leaves. >>james: went on to get summer planted to talk about the live
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you outside here sunrises 1 minutes from right now after the temperature is not bad 66 as san francisco certainly mild 60 in oakland 64 in san jose a mix of the fifties to low 60s as you can see for the an invalid that is what we're seeing for temperatures at the moment here to the store for the rest of the day as a head toward noontime widespread '80s and by three in the afternoon to see the areas in red that is what we spent nine is once again today it is in every direction the interior valley today will be low to mid 90's and here is all we can expect ease to about some of the warmer temperatures here 9398,
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93 implanted in the south of 90 to 93 degrees with the temperature rises afternoon with the bay shoreline communities also on the warm side 84 hayward. >>james: perhaps for the south the bed not too optimistic about anyone else but will see what happens to download the mobile application the weather details for you to in tonight for their evening news. >>george: not too optimistic about smoke me on the south that we are jammed all over the big accident and no. 101 at oakland road a couple of lines were
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blocked here and the chp a special alert and buys a motorist to avoid the area 55 minute drive times here for the north down ride backed solidly now into the type of leave out all the way to highway 85 and speaking of 85 it is jammed up as well as the cult of accidents the drive time is 44 minutes from highway 85 sally backed up into the maze 26 to 28 minute trip time, late into san francisco from the east bay
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>>mark: car server use remote access software that allow connection directed from the internet the software was the target of government warning about the security ron better this they have apologized for using the servers on to this is an 26¢ in the debate is democrat turned to duke it out on stage the first debate is having the center stage and four other presidential hopefuls bill
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clinton had eyes on republican rival dollar trout. >>darya: 1 angeleses their best efforts to may not make a difference, this is the first of six democratic debates the start tonight at 530 at the las vegas casino hotel by joe biden had been invited to join if it decides to into the president to receive has until the moment the debate starts to join in. >>mark: the war is one step closer to build the new arena and san francisco they're not yes today the talk aside for
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their rematch at the mission bay neighborhood that working with the city on a traffic plan
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>>darya: gov. jerry brown made an official ban the use of smokeless tobacco the california baseball stadium this time the bill is a law guest today that prohibits the to for all players to use the bill was aimed at reducing smokeless tobacco to when the legislation was announced the official released a statement supporting in the san francisco giants' will the first team to ban smokeless tobacco back on may 8th san francisco the can for a city in the nation to ban smokeless tobacco from all after the big news including at&t park inside and ordnances six effect this coming to a wary >>darya: ban the to wills keeps on been announced as they say their band you cannot use them on sidewalks on the other hand they're too dangerous to ride on
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the road you cannot build 244 but tibia but to get a piece of the company that it ran for the initial public offer on wall street the hope to make a lot of money doing it the company says it was about to percent of foreign-born i draw to help to raise about a billion dollars from investors over the next few months. >>mark: it does stick assemble
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the tech a quick break when the news continues to ally of the outside of watching the san mateo bridge.
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>>mark: it happened last night in orlando the packages all of
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the freeway accident cause of the truck trailers to fall off the overpass and on the freeway at the trump driver was cited for making improper lane change no one was hurt that are reaching out to customers regarding the packagers >>darya: he is not apologizing his name is luke got the and he admits he was drunk and his embarrassed he is a 19 your freshman and now is facing charges, all charges in court because of this. >>mark: the woman arrested after she broadcast herself driving drunk on the light streaming periscope what is on by twitter last uses live string of events was social media that room is
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identified she did not say where she was driving but an officer your photos of the swedish chapter of beard villains their international with a call brotherhood of the bearded man verify lost angeles last year the group is in the middle before lachute and southern sweden on saturday police recalled n: 91 1¢ a group of
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british member of the black flak for acting suspiciously in the could the islamic states to the kaiser's there ride and figure out the truth the spokesperson for the bearded bill and said. they drove away said they drove away laughing >>james: there is the sun rise back with the full forecast in just a minute.
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>>darya: we're focused on the weather.
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>>james: there is little such at the moment clear of sfo know the latest to the reason for to be any delay is no cloud of fraud in in the way at all listed star which could expected to get ready for school watch it now conditioned on the court to mild side. >>james: we also have a good bit of low 60 degree weather out there as well 3:00 or wanted to the to wrap up to the maximum fixed temperature for the day write one class are getting out at the end of the school day 93
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to 95 for some of that imbalance was all of the east of st. timber to be in the mid '80s for the bay shoreline a lot of schools that do not have air conditioning might be uncomfortable as to the edges are expected to be more some alike than they are october like a will have more on the forecast come up and 15 minutes. >>george: this axis to block to lines 101 northbound between the king of oakland road back to track all the way to highway 85 the drive times for 1 01 northbound is over 70 minutes from the coyote valley that is up to the capitol expressway and is a one hour trip time for 85 out to cupertino and over 40 minutes to cupertino on to state to 80 in the northbound direction this is just a really rough traffic so is the east bay
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ride for 68580 the the war to dublin dublin down to the soul grade and a 80 southbound ride leaders about the dunbarton and san mateo bridge is a mess. >>george: 55 minutes south down from 238 down to 237 more ease basal for southbound interstate 680 and was about 80 that drive time hercules to berkeley down to the bay bridge is rotted a 36 minutes here at the bay bridge toll plaza where some of the backed up into macarthur maze and the trip time are starting to put started minutes from highway 24. >>darya: plan the crest of a decline in july of last year was hit by russian-made missile we're live at the breaking news this fall when the story. >>anny hong: a dozen investigators pull the victim's family today that a war had brought down malaysian airline
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flight 17 in eastern ukraine specifically they say it was a missile that down the malaysian airline plane over the ukraine back in july 2014 the safety board added the missile board fired from a surface to air system killing all 290 people on board official that follows a 15 month investigation the dutch officials said about what if system refering to russian technology but the officials could that are in the investigation said was not possible to confirm the war and our type of system the 777 was heading from amsterdam to malaysia what it was shot down on july 17, 2014 of ukrainian territory controlled by car russian success the prime minister has also called on russia to fully cooperate with the criminal investigation of the dawn of flight 17 his to keep order " does not track and down and prosecuting the perpetrators will continue to
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call the store for it brought the newscast and also on our web site >>darya: the middletown fire as long gone but there still possible threat to residents helps they are working on the burns on their bidding the area burned out to the can get rid of dangerous pollutants there minute harmful chemicals that were released during the fires from propane tanks and other items not residents are slowly starting to return to their homes a bulldozer is moving calicos the seat into the ground and being used to keep more chemicals from going into the air affected residents for nearby and not wearing masks is a slow process but they will get it done. >>mark: will allow inmates will by the background to work outside the presence as fire fighters to be a major shift from the current policy which allows non-violent offenders
7:33 am
into the program we are in marin county with details. >>charles clifford: the shovel the four consecutive year of drought conditions the number what fire across the state stinting is to grow every year the need for fire fighters included in make firefighters is greater than ever and a crew to wear brightly colored uniforms and supervise 24 hours a day operate under cow fire direction come brush and cutting firebricks and hard to reach places. >>charles clifford: nonviolent inmates are allowed to programs the number of inmates to qualify has dropped from 4300 to about 3800 in order to boost those numbers back up the california department of corrections had proposed a long and is convicted of violent offenses such as assault and robbery to join the program there will be restrictions of course and this will need to show some years work of good behavior before being allowed to join in one convicted of arson and kidnapping would not be eligible and is less in five
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years remained on the senses and into the program on the proposed plan that will be extended to seven years the police to be approved by the correction department the plan will be sent to talk fire who would also need to sign off on the changes. >>mark: police are looking for suspects tried to rob a man in south san francisco is a man approached and demanded money and the victim said he did not have been the response in the face the robber got interested and wanted the window described as a bald hispanic man in his early 20s is about 5 ft. 6 in hundred and 80 lbs.. >>darya: students at the committee college in oregon are back in class for the first time since last week did the shooting on campus as reported here on morning news yesterday if the students got back to class yesterday the we can have after the gunman to help to make the
7:35 am
transition easier of committee made signs to the american flags on campus students and faculty reflected coming back to school. >>: time sister and interacting with ticketron for the government toward the campus and she met with students yesterday she says there's still a sense of fear on campus but she does not think that will last long. >>mark: investing in their armed robber that happened was the santa rosa to deny the stomach when road near the top row they said three people into the family home that down the father was a tie and the place the rest of the numbers and the crowd pressed the with the father and daughter with the family's truck past several pounds of marijuana and other valuables they said their size bed marijuana cultivation was at a house, they found the stolen
7:36 am
truck early yesterday morning near west turned avenue and park metal drive accords are still looking to those robbers. >>darya: mandela's killed over the weekend when his bicycle collided with a minibus his name for the your mark he was between two buses when he was killed he was going on the same direction when he apparently lost control of his bicycle off to say he was wearing a helmet but even so he was killed in the crash he lived in the quiet neighborhood of berkeley where he was known for ride his bike around neighbors and friends share the reaction. >>darya: it is still not clear how he ended up between the two buses or who was passing. >>darya: a fifth grader darrel is getting a lot more than just
7:37 am
attention for bullying another student by police are now involved.
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>>darya: she believed that was finally caught on video she's been accused of baleen in the past but this time it was on video and the parents of her expelled his look of the video shows a young girl being
7:40 am
kicking and track and another across the blacktop the central school district respond with a statement saying is important to the partner repairs to commend to members to provide bullying and fighting the police are investigating. >>mark: the lifeguards say wave of tennessee created dangerous undertones and recurrence a source of to make more than 400 rescued on saturday they say if you want to enjoy the southern california coast but sure your in front of a lifeguard tower. >>mark: evidence that the el nino ocean and come on line in the specific will bring iran wanted to california possibly easing the drought the report
7:41 am
issued last week me out to say the 95 percent chance that it will last through the winter and the weekend in the spring. >>george: the major delays to the south bad acid nor the 101 in oakland road the lanes are finally cleared here but it has left us with over one hour drive times here when our drive times here and 40 minute drive times on northbound interstate 280 even to any southbound a jam the because the deer was struck south thought it would side road the east bay chapter the release here again at nearly one hour trip time for a 80 southbound and even the teacher freeway is jammed up as your head was gone from hercules to berkeley the bay bridge is backed solidly into the macarthur maze. >>james: chicken the lettuce with the rain to the south will affect the bay area will answer that question coming up in the weather report.
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey you are really getting creative >>darya: that is what he did with this game distillers " said he at some coaches look the game tape he looked at the film the godfather and said we need to go to the mattress this reminds us of the seattle and the super bowl couple of years ago and the past they did when and they lost the super bowl to
7:45 am
new england grout really thought that this was good >>gary: i like a hero of the bicycle along for the tide and over time but its bird the san diego that was great >>darya: just what i thought i was out they pulled me back in guys love to old movies. >>gary: has said here before our police a super fly talking about his elderly >>darya: what about you cannot handle the truth, truth--tom cruise's
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>>darya: incarcerated lloyd kick boxing >>darya: time incarcerated lead the guys came up with caddy shack and dumb and dumber >>gary: it better be dumb and dumber one, you're telling there's a chance >>darya: this weekend we have the niners and the ravens it was formerly known as the hardball now distilled jim vs. john it is jim thompson reverses john one win in four lost ark of the vote wanted for and capper neck we understand confidence but did he get a concussion? he says that it is still possible they're going to go to 12 and for this would bring them on to win the next 11 games.
7:47 am
>>gary: the alternative is to say it yes we probably will not win another game >>darya: it all comes down to if you set him down and said we're going to give you a billion dollars to the right answer he probably say something different whatever someone says dispensing ride after a game goes in one ear and out the other a summer schedule after the show back to the future can
7:48 am
be track and the cubs and they're both in a position today public enemy no. 2 car shot. >>gary: no word on what he is going to plan the warriors in the news it is not steph curry
7:49 am
his your friend there were data for years she went on tour in cause some out for cheating on her. >>darya: they've been paid a lot together she is a model and a volleyball player and very smart graduate she went to twitter which is really announcing he is totally embarrassed to and is set to catch your man naked in bed with the group be allowed sale and then acts klay thompson is something about the notches you needed to attack the whole grouping these guys the famous and now they're under the microscope.
7:50 am
>>gary: if you're married that is one thing is to the swedish is public 80% longer. >>darya: sometimes when you have backed full of money lying around house i need $50 for a pack of 40 leaves the to the guys and vermont are start a business and they're selling leaves off and here in california in is not would like the beautiful leaves talent to by several banks is a little
7:51 am
ridiculous to sell the lease because they're going to go bad to ship them to you when you open the bad they're back in the mouth of the ziploc air type asimov if you have the money to
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our give this note but because sit a little bit of rain will keep our fingers crossed for that >>darya: was see him shortly will be right back.
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>>darya: choose and reduced at all like to is the smart move it might do the opposite of what you're after they said items that are labeled like to do not necessarily mean the fact and it does not mean they did not have all the things and on that is not great for your for them i'd like to gain weight to restore this from the food and ran back at cornell and rusty from simi whole line and they can mislead people and to thinking it is healthier than and says low-fat levels on snack-food they found in cars to to eat 50 percent more than those were given the is that so without the same level
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>>darya: here is the picture shows and ontario students on the left he is holding hands with this guy-he met on the bus is a local bus ride and he was a stranger the students on the bus and his on downtown and the sky in at 6 next to him if in this is a first as condition cancel them but then the guy and have kept holding on a first it thought it was a prank that he realized that he just won some comfort when to hold hands this would bar on facebook and it turns out the guy and iraq had his family contacted the student to and thank him this say that he suffers from cerebral palsy and he is deaf and is obviously needed comfort in the center helps some is that on the bus like this for 30 minutes.
7:57 am
>>mark:, but rather pays tribute to him is the new manhattan bar that the to the core interest inspired by the tv and movie characters that have talked to us including the moghul tomb will from bluestem is from host in part inspired by the films including of thing parting is unclear if he even knows about the bar with the on the senses is always welcome to drop in a new feature in the latest mobile operating system could be costing people extra money for the monthly data plan.
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but >> darya: twitter just announced more details on a major layoff. >> reporter: the twitter ceo announce they will be laying off 336 workers. it almost a come from the product in engineering teams. in an e-mail to
8:04 am
employees, dorsey said this will make twitter more efficient and on a path to grow more strongly . dorsey is also calling off the extension of the company's san francisco headquarters. good to kron-4-dot-com for more details. there was a human skull and most analysts found and it shares a still trying to figure out what happened. >>go well be of a goal will >> will: investigators are still
8:05 am
on the scene here, one to three hours after the discovery of the school. let's get right to the video, this happened around 9:00 yesterday morning. a hiker was here in the morning and came across the school. the santa clara county sheriff's department came in remove fiscal and they do not know and are not saying if this goal was from a man a woman or child. they also have not responded about the level of the skill with its decomposition. this is a big area darya. this is 1 mi. from the scene because the sheriff's department needs all of this area untouched. this
8:06 am
investigation is far from over. >> mark: the three a correction of that piece accused of murdering an inmate on now being arraigned for beating the one in man to death. he was found dead back in august. doctors say he died from multiple blunt for injuries. >> darya: there is a foster parent who is being chased for lewd acts. that person is now in police custody. they are now
8:07 am
looking for all people that may have had contact this person. >> mark: the warriors plan to build an arena and a 12 a. real estate that they purchased. the warriors had been working on the city with a traffic plan. the team now has the backing of ucsf but some still skeptical. >> 12 renowned scientists said that this would be a disaster. >> at the end of the day of course there will be descending
8:08 am
voices but we will move forward . >> mark: of a welcome for the 20182019 season. >> darya: governor brown signed a law that made it so los non smoking tobacco is not allowed. the san francisco giants were the first team in california to do this. we're going to talk about this major fedex bill on to the highway. and the truth about teen girls and self these: what has to do
8:09 am
with teen gross self-esteem.
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how do you start the day brighter? make the ride smoother? and finish with a smile? you've got this. you've got t.j.maxx. better brands, at prices that help you maxx life! >> george: in the east bayshore freeway is already slowing the westbound ride. right now is an eastbound problem the backs of the traffic all into the macarthur maze. >> darya: new research by the
8:12 am
doublet self-esteem project is doing it research on girls, and found that six out of 10 girls from 13 to 23 field prettier online than they do on real- life. researchers say that girls did not get enough lights on their selfie is have lower self- esteem. >> james: we will check that whether which will be hot: 95 in the livermore valley and more when we come back
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>> mark: in area of white road near florence in san jose there was a hit-and-run they killed people. we'll bring you more details as soon as they come to the newsroom. >> george: it is a real mess a special in the south bay. we're checking big delays on a 101 and 280 and all of the major routes with this exceptional times out of the coyote of value to santa clara county, 70 minutes. at the
8:16 am
cupertino from to 80 is 40 minutes. east bay freeways and said dublin and the commune at of san leandro is in over 50 minute drive time. and in the east bay not only do we have delays on highway 4 and 242 and 680 south the walnut creek at the seashore freeway is about a 50 minute trip time. the bay
8:17 am
bridge has been backed solidly into the macarthur maze. san mateo bridge from hayward to san mateo. the golden gate bridge has been somewhat problem free. the firm was down 580 from marin we have a debt 24 our time. >> james: we have a lot of blue sky around the bay and this camera at sfo shows us exactly or sit around the bay which is a clear start. temperatures are in the '60s around the bay. for the east bay shoreline we see
8:18 am
oakland 887, warm. it will get pretty toasty this afternoon with some areas getting into the low 90s. san francisco be in the low 80s up to 89 degrees. it is hot today all on the inland valley including the north bay. their mild temperatures around the bay shoreline but around rest of the bay is a very warm. tomorrow temperatures will begin to drop. and we have a very slight chance of a sprinkle or to. odds are we will not see
8:19 am
anything but we're hopeful that this will work. on saturday panel we see a little good chance of more sprinkles coming from a different area. and i will be tracking that rain. >> darya: to missouri firefighters are dead after an apartment fire in kansas city. >> reporter: the report goes into detail about what happened including telling the families that were had from eastern ukraine. the dutch safety board said the rocket was if fired and
8:20 am
killed all 298 people on a airplane. an investigation on russia involvement is being called for. the mark >> mark: there is a deal was pass that allowed by ron to a i ran--iran that will allow that country to develop some nuclear materials with the hope that will prevent them developing a nuclear warhead.
8:21 am
there to other devices of clan's home at work clinton's e-mail server and they had to apologize. >> darya: and loss vagus hillary clinton will be in the debate with her other democratic colleagues to winnow. >> the only way that hillary
8:22 am
clinton will lose is if she can be shown to sears a compromise the united states. vice president joe biden has been invited and he has the momentum of the debate starts to a goat to it. >> mark: there's a fedex track that fell over and over pass on to attract--bridge below and the driver was cited for making an illegal lane change. pepsi is making in new a smart phone and we'll show you had some pictures.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> darya: there are rumors about pepsi largest smart phone . the company has asked to confirm that the rumors are true. they plan to market this martha on in china. it is called
8:26 am
the (-1.--p-1. this fund will be available only in china. >> mark: you can now buy stock in far because there are preparing for their ipo. the company is hoping to raise about $1 billion over the next few months. there is nothing set but but are act his ferrari sticker symbol--race is the ticker symbol for ferrari.
8:27 am
>> darya: the golden gate bridge is the beautiful shot with another warm sunny day with temperatures in the '60s going up into the 80s this afternoon another warm sunny day with temperatures in the '60s going up into the 80s this afternoon unhook. (nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪
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8:29 am
>> mark: reports of a deadly hit-and-run on white road near florence in san jose. we're getting more information on this hit-and-run and we will bring more details as they become available. >> george: the south bay was our focus this morning with more hotspots and the worst traffic at the bay area. but started 101 in the northbound section. there are 70 to 80 minute drive times out of coyote valley to add to
8:30 am
mountain view. more than 40 minutes out of san jose to cupertino. there's an accident alpine which continues to jam up the usually trouble-free ride their of the of. it is still exy slow through west for out of contra costa. the eastbound 880 is causing problems. the bay
8:31 am
bridge for the west down ride is still 30 + minutes as we're back up into the macarthur maze. >> james: i like to show you live use the know exactly what it will be likely step out of your home. we clearly see the east bay hills. if you're still home it is now on the upper fifties to low 60s by afternoon 80 degree temperature. maximum temperatures will be in the low to mid 90's with the inland schools. if you can get by without a jacket this morning
8:32 am
you will not have the burden this afternoon. >> mark: the 3 digit drifters' accused of killing at of man hiking in the bay area. they will come before judge this morning. >> jackie: i'm on the old railroad it trail. and this is the trail where the body of 67 year-old conner where his body was found. he was shot multiple times and killed and his dog as well. you can see the memorial
8:33 am
continues to grow, and that there killer is now being backed tucsocontra costa county for another murder. all of those accused of murder will have their raymond before the judge tomorrow. the trail is pretty quiet right now,
8:34 am
obviously as you run into hikers will have a chance to talk to them. >> mark: a lot has happened with these three suspects in the last week and a half. audrey carey was killed in golden gate park on a backpacking trip or she was shot in the head. on the same trail or jackie was killed the old man was shot as well. these three men who did this were found in portland where they were found in the the killed man's car. >> darya: to misery firefighters
8:35 am
are dead after an apartment fire in kansas city. >> anny: those two firefighters lost their lives over night fighting a huge apartment fire overnight. this is video of the scene showing how big the fire was. you can see apartments will involved in flames and here's an aerial view to show the scale of the firehorse. there to firefighters who lost their lives and two others were injured. the firefighters were killed when they were rescuing residents. the people being rescued did live. the two who were killed were a 17 year-old
8:36 am
veteran and a 13 year-old veteran of veteran. the students end up kumquat-- umpqua community college in oregon and are now back in class after the massacre that happened about a week and a half ago. >> this is all about students today. anytime you see a student teacher interaction of the stigma is getting stronger-- relationship is getting
8:37 am
stronger. >> mark: a man who got chased by a mountain lion ask mount diablo. the man got stranded and tried to fight them off and it eventually they left him. >> i send a text my brother saying that i need help. >> mark: the search crew was sent out to look for the man because of his vintage diligence. >> darya: this woman was landed in jail after what she did on social media and people called 911.
8:38 am
and was another lady posted on twitter about her boyfriend and then quickly to get down. this is the dawn of an old day.
8:39 am
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8:41 am
headquartered twitter is now announcing more details about their layoff m. hacker moved.-- and a quarter moved--a quarter move. >> i think it's unfortunate that these people are losing their jobs. this is their livelihood, and what response to do after that? >> reporter: we'd talk to people who worked at twitter. a lot of them did not talk to us but said they were very upset about this
8:42 am
. >> if this is your livelihood, a eruption's after this? also wears the transparency? you wanna know what is happening. this job does have some risks being high-tech with all of the innovation and creativity. >> reporter: are you going to be following twitter? thank you for talking with us. i talked to some people as they were walking by to work atwitter that they didn't want to go on camera but
8:43 am
that they are taken back by the news today. >> mark: investors like the news but the employees are not happy about it. >> george: because of an accident in san rafael southbound 101 on west 180 is now being backed up.
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> mark: reports of a deadly hit-and-run in the south bay. this is helicopter footage with more footage. >> george: the south bay has
8:46 am
been the focus this morning which continues to be much much slower than usual, we did not have a big dramatic accident however there was a big traffic here at 101. there is a chp alert which could hardly account for all of this which gives a 60 minute trip time, a 72 trip time here, and a 42 minute trip time here. there was a dear strapped southbound 50086008880 were all backed up. this drive time is 16 minutes from san leandro. out of
8:47 am
concord at of 680 into walnut creek and from walnut creek heading south is 26 minutes to the dublin interchange. for hercules to berkeley it will be about 40 minutes. out of nevada and it will be about 47 minutes . this in mateo bridge is 30 minutes here. the golden gate bridges problem free with no delays but the ride into richmond is backed up into richmond park way 24 minutes.
8:48 am
you can see that the temperatures are in the high 60s getting to a this '70s. we're almost into a 70 degree weather. 9293 in the north bay, 90 to 95 in the east bay, even along the east bay shoreline is getting close to the '90s, san
8:49 am
jose in the '90s as well. today is very hot and tomorrow things will change with clouds and temperatures will bring cooler weather with the chance of a sprinkle. the storm system will migrate to the north which will give the south bay the chance of a sprinkle or to. this cold front that will stick to across northern california might bring some rain, a better shot than tomorrow. >> mark: the el nino ocean phenomenon could bring a rainy winter to california and possibly ease the drought. this might be the second strong dystonia since 1950--second
8:50 am
strongest el nino since 1950. >> darya: there is a new of movement to try to let of violent criminals work as firefighters. right now only nonviolent criminals are being allowed into the program but there is speech and talk of changing this violent inmates. these inmates would have to show several years of good. anyone left are sen sex offenses murder would not be allowed into
8:51 am
the program. residents are slowly going back to their homes after losing their homes to the fire. they're not hitting the ground to remove any pollutants that may have been released when the fire pastorate.--past through. a bulldozer is looking for pollutants. >> mark: there's an armed robber a west san rose on sunday. he
8:52 am
invaded the home and then it down the father with a twist ties, is the way tim, and then stole the trap with valuables. >> darya: in ipad and iphone users with vanilla ios could cost more money because it could eat up your data. this is due to the new feature called but why fight assessed--wifi assist. >> reporter: this is why if i--
8:53 am
wifi i assessed is automatically often to help you maintain good strong data even when they're getting patchy cellular coverage. having the life i assist feature could turn on precious data. first coach year setting and then the to cellular and then scrawled way bottom to get to the wifi assessed assessed to get things turned off.
8:54 am
>> darya: it if you would like to connect with david you can connect them to emma kron-4-dot- com. >> mark: years called lake when florida police because of comments on twitter about one and two of was driving dropped. >> i am driving drunk. i am driving drunk. >> darya: hanna stalking is a 23
8:55 am
rollmop is been dating klay thompson for about of year and sunday she posted on twitter about how she found her boyfriend naked in bed with a group the.
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> darya: the biggest pawn pin of all is a 2000 calendar--that list pun can is a 2000 this man with a 2,000 lb. pumpkin is an organ and he will receive a cash prize.
8:58 am
>> mark: we'll be talking about winners and losers on that twitter. and i hit and kill and the driver took off. will have more on the forecast with any hong and george rask
8:59 am
♪ ♪ it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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>>darya: homicide detectives and try to figure of the identity of the remains of the male or female and the edge of the victim >>mark: the correctional that the accused of murdering the san jose into a court appearance for a plea hearing 27 your rafael rodriguez and 27 your map affairs are accused of beating up but when you rode in late michael tyree to death he was found dead in this set of this and to clear gel back in august the medical examiner says he died of multiple blood in force injuries there also accused of hurting another inmate. >>darya: police are looking for more alleged victims of the foster parents who was arrested
9:06 am
with two acts on the child in mountain view.
9:07 am
9:08 am
>>mark: they was were off tonight in the first debate on the 2016 election season will say we could expect from the cabinet committee and tracy jordan returned to stand of after a car accident last year more on how he is doing we will be right back.
9:09 am
9:10 am
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9:15 am
>>anny hong: is a to be a really warm there for some parts of the bay area here is a lot of what is happening because the temperatures will be already in the '70s for some locations will be with our credit into the '70s here in san francisco to take a look at the airport delays no delays as we can have clear conditions san jose looking at temperatures into the mid '80s by only lunchtime in the low 90s and 4:00 this evening located at the clock it will be a very warm evening once again some is already in the the more oakland hayward and then this is 68 in san jose and sunnyvale the indication how things are warming up very quickly and the wind speed when not much happening with the wind but no secret to keep a spa on all sides loss for watching the core
9:16 am
area of southern california. >>anny hong: a little more should the quickest way up to places like monterey and san benito county and has a look at the fish catch with temperatures is really on to warm up this afternoon by lunchtime will see some of these and a is already nine this potential and it was a lot more to mid-90s a little more fair filled lot to bay and also the 87 oakland for shorts and t- shirt field upper 80s in union city and fremont the and the spots really heating up looking at livermore.
9:17 am
>>darya: 2 firefighters said that after an apartment fire and kansas city to the firefighters were injured the fire was being fought over night in here is the video of that the two firefighters who died of killed after they rescued two people from that building roof collapsed and fell on top of them the fire chief identify the firefighters as 17 your department veteran larry j. let gm and 13 year veteran john the mash the private in a server of hillary clinton that she used joshua secretary state ran saw for the park at risk for having the reviews from the associated press found her server use remote access software that allow connections directed from the internet the software with the target of government warning about a security bond battling the review also found at least two other devices on her home not worked those purposes were
9:18 am
on a clear consensus if she has apologized for using the server. >>darya: with a decision tonight is the night for five democratic for the two candidates to head the stage and is often lost vegas and the first official democratic debate. >>reporter: to crack debate they will have to invent the sec of the next day to raise the five presidents of hopefuls the the better hillary clinton backed by paul matisse states establishing her presence at these debates the secretary of state making an unannounced of a union rally of donald trump's hotel taunting the business tycoon for burn incense was yet to do a mock the basis is on to play nice as long as competitors
9:19 am
do they continue to pick up in traction sink house 13,000 strong and tucson arizona a stark contrast to the strategy of the cost accounting republican rivals its men rolf they have a tough road ahead looking for a workout moment on the stage but in the batting townlet biggest anything is possible >>rob black: we knew it was, in
9:20 am
the top to bottom the show last week you did well with twitter has to do the to have to many employees to and the engineers arafat company compared to how many users that they have to do a comparison in investing is really all about learning how to compare to companies reduced was an facebook this is pretty smart elsewhere in the news to the chapter also announced the layoff but much smaller pfft to its of 25 on this-cent assistant for messages disappears and is contracted but for them to say we're giving off on the zeliff inf farrakhan's is as a freeze might move early on the convict purpose >>rob black:
9:21 am
>>mark: you get the feeling that arafat and employee ranks >>rob black: both the republic on to start saying ok it is not all about the revenues it is going to be about online that the bad news if you're stopped at this point in time >>mark: hundred and $4 billion beer deal to cut the cash widened every three beers and sold in as a be miller as they get together and took for five proposals it is or to hit heavy trucks to reduce this is a big way for craft beers basically it is not good enough to bid on one. >>rob black: people under 35 are
9:22 am
not going to the birse miller analyzed blood but like you get the idea of being a top-10 producer does not help at this point in time will have a great distribution i would rather you pry from my cold dead fingers. >>rob black: i am not going to do my dad's beer delivered early to say prices will go above that is the idea they're too big companies and there was an awful couple of brands to make sure they did not have too much power which is funded by a ferrari or for stock that going public this is interesting that on to sell about 10 percent of the company the seminoles about
9:23 am
10% of fiat's chrysler. >>rob black: is expected to come public this a fun spot is not necessarily a smart investment but as the fund's stock will want people to have fun on occasions if you have a kid own business or you can follow it and for profitable if you make the product and recognizes and not a lot of brand use when will stocks go higher? you have to have a couple minutes to lead the digest will talk to some small corrections and biotech you've got the correction the company has pulled back like apple the silence as a threat to
9:24 am
the plea oct. should start to see the and the year-round couple weeks from now post your questions were answered on the air we will be right back.
9:25 am
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9:26 am
up to 12 hours. new caress love forever. dove body wash with a after just breakthrough formula. just one shower gives you softer, smoother skin. my skin is really silky smooth. dove body wash. softer, smoother skin after just one shower. >>mark: in order to avoid a costly legal battle never the first time the state to pass a law raising the minimum age of tobacco to 18 to 21 but they're not backing down because it was threatened with lawsuits from tobacco retailers association reasonable in said prevent this from becoming smokers and tobacco reseller said it infringes on adult personal rights. >>darya: a couple of men a renowned with you to change it get a taste the autumn and not
9:27 am
even have to have trees that changing colors that would take the least of their trees and send them to you for price they ziploc and vacuum seal the changing leaves and son to him.
9:28 am
>>anny hong: it will still nothing like fall today over the next few days to purchase will be backing off and maybe even some showers later to look at the four has come up after the break is a matter for some bread the backing he and some changes in the week.
9:29 am
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9:30 am
>>darya: there was a hit and run accident and this is video from overhead of the scene is a-in was hit and killed around 7:00 this morning not of wide road in florence avenue police said a man had not been identified get
9:31 am
their identification has not been released it is will we learned of the past couple of minutes there or able to look at surveillance footage. >>will tran: in that area there are some businesses specifically at talk real they know that they're looking for this truck and we want to tell you to pay attention to your screen the truck was at the top real before the accident was trying to make a left turn to merge onto the
9:32 am
roadway so he did not get a full head of steam when he smacked into the victim the victor was still here the investigators said they should be noticeable from and damage to the pickup truck again the plan to release the footage the airlift that screen and screen shot from the top career and their release it to the public of this pickup they're looking for as far as the scene they look like it will be here for quite some time as the investigators are still taking measurements. >>will tran: again the corn is >>george: the deadly accident where still tracking the delays on all the bay area freeways the
9:33 am
ride on 1012,, 85 already behind schedule this track some of these drive times for you the one on one trip north about still 51 minutes as he tried to head up from the tile the valley toward santa clara. >>george: 280 ride, northbound and still come in at about 30 minutes and even the trip on highway 85 is coming at a 40 minute drive times coming up are the type of the valley at we are still manage to clear the backed up on 280 southbound this is unusual pocket of slow traffic leading down sand hill road has been with us for well over an hour now. >>george: there was an accident in between the toll plaza and medicine and so that has been slowing the ride here and we continue to see delays southbound on interstate 680 leading to westbound highway 24 and a second wave of traffic
9:34 am
here at the e sure freeway to bay bridge toll plaza still sadly and 30 + minute drive times. >>anny hong: we are looking at sunny skies all across the bay area here is a live look from the embarcadero camera took to one of quickly san francisco we're now looking at low '70's at 10:00 this morning right now is 70 in oakland 69 in concord and low 70's and the more when we come back will bird dog-in the peninsula and saw the backed off and let you know how we can is turning out. >>mark: they're back in the bay area and sent to appeal before judge tomorrow.
9:35 am
>>jackie sissel: we're on a hiking trail this is called the overall great trouble and that all salam open space in this is where hikers steve carter was discovered shot to death on this trial of just about a week and a half ago the suspects in his murder of are now in custody the factors are growing the memorial out here it was october 5th round 6:01 hiker what down the old rural great trail spotted the body at 67 year-old steve carter. he will >>jackie sissel: shot multiple times and his dog was shot as well the dog survived where also told that after the shooting the suspect in the case of his car and since then the more it has continued to grow out here on the trail. >>jackie sissel: it's far as the suspects were talking about three people there all brought back to iran county last night
9:36 am
at about 530 the up, ran a county sheriff's deputy caravan they were brought back down from portland oregon all three of them, are now being held in the jail without bail. >>jackie sissel: they're all facing murder one charge of multiple murder on charges to charges of peace not only are they suspected in the murder of steve carter but also suspect that in the murder of audrey carry who was murdered in san francisco just two days before the, there are facing other charges but obviously the big charges of those murder one charges with special circumstances if convicted they could face life in prison without parole even the death penalty and. >>jackie sissel: are waiting for the district attorney's office about an into evidence in the case and continue to follow the story. >>mark: a lot has happened with these three murder suspects in the last week and have this all
9:37 am
started on saturday october 3rd when aldrich terry was killed in golden gate park, the two to three your canadian was on a backpacking trip and she was shot in the head and found burned the wicked of the harley strickland's bluegrass festival. >>mark: oktoberfests steve carter was killed on a hiking trail where the jacket is located his dog was also shot but he survived the have the seventh images of the suspects october 7th the three reprehended and portland they weren't in the stolen car it was then october 8th police announced the three systems have been linked all the carey's mother but i have some her possessions investigators say the same gun was used in both murders. >>mark: the gun was stolen from a car near fisherman's wharf on september 30th october 1st. >>darya: bay area based twitter announced this morning more details on major layoffs. >>terisa estacio: everyone wants
9:38 am
more details about this we were talking to twitter employees at zero walking by and they said that they were really upset about the news, john is right now is jim the works in the tech industry. >>: it is extremely unfortunate was going on with twitter with the mass layoffs of they're going to be doing its best investing that much building-- money into building a new building is the sea in the city is facing some issues with unemployment and affordability to apple will lose their jobs and the middle of that is the to the democrats of the people that work with twitter and see how they will be transitioning ottawa to be considered a dream job to nong have to start their lives all over again as city like this is hard to do that. >>terisa estacio: were to talk about land and how expensive it is to deliver san francisco passed and then this news do you know anybody personally worked at twitter?
9:39 am
>>: know a few people who work in twitter but they believe has about on this one to really interesting to see how all foes and that and pass the overall social media tech industry in with this year for corn to be going to find an appointment. >>terisa estacio: bottom-line it is really bad going into the holidays and to fall a soap or even to get a severance package is still there will be looking for work. >>: is to come into a time like this fall on the holiday is a lot of universities have just read out and grab this is loves it also find people that probably do the job for a lot less and they're willing to do that and willing to relocate without really knowing what the actual full story is. >>terisa estacio: it is pretty bad all the way around and our hearts and thought a lot to these people.
9:40 am
>>: your benevolence see this happen to a person will try to figure out what the next instant you definitely will have said before the. >>terisa estacio: again we've been talking to a couple of tours and pleased with it would not stop and go on, and a couple of people did tell me that they've been told not to talk but offer a face-saving they're really taken by surprise. >>darya: in make firefighters play hews of battling fires in california and the government might allow them to help the fire fight to what have details on that and a new winner crowned at the and it will half moon bay pumpkin contest how big is this big pumpkin >?
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
>>mark: they killed 298 on board the fact i was headed from as to that one was shot down another report from the investigators say there is evidence of repression rubble shot the plane down with the missile this the authorities in the region should have known it was dangerous to fly civilian aircraft to war zone in this to the shut down the air space across and the kind of investigation is also underway. >>darya: coming up will continue to watch the area weather and traffic for this tuesday morning a stick as the peak to take a look at the bay bridge to george will be along with hot spots and we have the weather in just a few minutes. u'reertaly n alo. fortatel manhavefod a ffert kind of mecinehat lors bo.
9:44 am
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>>george: it is very slow on the approach to the dumbarton bridge with an accident on the approach that is why things are so badly backed up there and again still tracking this west 24 accident at the caldecott tunnel, for look at the bridges will go first to the bay bridge we are still backed into the macarthur maze of and we're still looking at a nearly 30 minutes track time from high with 2492 and the san mateo bridge slight improvement but to the 24 minute trip time hitting out of hayward for you're ride to the golden gate bridge we have not seen any problems here but we did see the third lane added in the northbound direction. >>george: and we thought that might be the case and hear at the richmond bridge was the on believer not where still backed up from the richmond parkway and still looking at a 14 to 16 minute trip time and it over to san rafael and coming out of richmond on 580 west to bomb in
9:49 am
a trip from east bay. >>anny hong: for a live look at the bay bridge and where have sunny skies all across the bay area backed him to court to be one of fast oakland good morning to you by the sound expect located in the high of 87 will have that between 3 and 4:00 p.m. today and one real quite nicely on the northwestern breeze 5 mi. our right now 69 and san francisco 7 is an oakland 68 in san jose 7 the and the more already worn out their the fee to cast for one to show you this for tomorrow the clock is a condition in from the south because of moisture that could make its way up to the bay area that is saw this coming from the sow so we can maybe see a little sparkle so out toward monterey it definitely this year will get some showers of and that should
9:50 am
be tried cross the bay area tomorrow and to the to should be backing up a little bit here is how the hybrid down to the san francisco-82 and 89 and san the sale low 90s in redwood city and the cost one of to look '80s and the city. >>anny hong: headed for the saw a lot of nine is on the map today we're looking at 91 and cupertino and sunnyvale low 90s in san jose and 92 in on an invalid in civil contempt a few records today for the rest of the bay area the heat is really on the war 95 is our high and, 91 and antioch and 93 and not thought and santa rosa to check out the storm tracker 4 7 day around the bay forecast for temperatures are born to be starting to back off of the event starting tomorrow and into the next two days to more of our aid is only a slight chance for
9:51 am
showers generally south to bay and points out in the next chance of showers arrive over the weekend protest rally on saturday the to the will be a lot more comfortable by then. >>mark: a new ocean warming phenomenon in the pacific along the equator could pick up storms in california and could help ease the drought committee of this is it the biggest and strongest under uses 1950 the people should prepare for the potential for damaging winds killed more than 50 californians and caused nearly $2 billion in damage and a report issued last week amid all this is a 95 percent chance that this funding will last through the winter and we can in the spring around parliament has signed off on the nuclear deal that trout stocked with more power to early this month the state media reports to the lawmakers passed a bill that allows government to implement the agreement is reached back in july in vienna.
9:52 am
>>darya: it called for international sanctions to be lifted and return restrictions will be placed on a round nuclear program with the designed to rid the country from developing an atomic bomb. >>mark: will learn more information about and a plan to allow inmates with a violent background to work outside the presence of the firefighters, right now only nonviolent inmates are locked in to this program but in recent years the number of enemy to qualify has dropped in order to boost oil from the the california department of corrections oppose allow inmates convicted of five offenses such as a saw robert to join the program if they wanted to show several years of the behavior before being allowed to join in a one convicted of arson and murder sex offense or kidnapping would not be eligible. is still the >>mark: is to be approved by the course the department.
9:53 am
>>darya: jennifer said that the boy acted unreasonably when he leaped into our arms and his a brick the party he met her fall and break her rest she says she loves her nephew but he should be held accountable. >>darya: that is the worst thing ever. >>mark: it will reimburse as customer ship because after for returns the charge on to generate and first and next year.
9:54 am
>>darya: now look at the big stores before you head out the door and sit in a live the epicenter sale bridge follow on the committee looks pretty good we will be right back. i'm a customer relationship i'm roy gmanager.ith pg&e. anderson valley brewing company is definitely a leader in the adoption of energy efficiency. pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible.
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not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california.
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>>darya: the d.a.'s office is charging libel sean and morrison lamp with the two counts of first-degree murder found guilty they could face life in prison. >>mark: in chapter since first major movie that are laying off 8% of its work force they said that cutting 336 back members of 2000 pompom and wins the and one half moon bay pumpkin contest the way in was held yesterday and the pleasant hill or in the one with his 2000 pounder he gets $12,000 congratulations letters quite. >>mark: thank you for joining us the next newscast as at 5:00 this evening >>darya: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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