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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> vicki : now at eleven. controversial video of an east bay high school clash is going viral. band members say they were pushed and even spit on by deer valley high school players during their pre-game performance. good evening, i'm vicki liviakis. kron 4's kate cagle spoke with band members and players, and explains both sides of the story. > >kate : in this vital video you can hear parents--viral video yelling at players to get out of
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away as the putt--band members tried to get on the field >>:it was very shocking to me > >kate: in two years of marching it was the first time she's seen the football players on the team during their pregame tradition >>:i even heard a coach say just push and shove through them > > kate: but the players said that is not true he says the team is focused on the game and just trying to get through their warmer pertain. --warmup routine > >kate : is this moment that has the parents particularly upset as the crowd is about to stand up for the national anthem and
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the band begins to play, the football players run back on to the field >>:when we got back on the field the coaches were very cognizant --cognitant and that the band is not supposed to be on the field when the players got a warm up > >kate : both sides say that it was a communication failure, and the parents are worried about their kids getting a bad rap from the video >>:i want to thank them for actually getting their job done and getting to play because the band is awesome > >kate: he asks that students and their parents hold off from making judgments on social media until they get to the bottom of what really happened
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>> vicki : a body has been discovered around 3:00 p.m. today floating. a rescue boat recovered the body at 330 and the police have not identified the body at but the investigation is ongoing and will have more information tomorrow in the morning news a 45-year-old man died in a head-on collision saturday at stanford. the chp says two vehicles collided at about seven p-m on junipero serra boulevard between stanford avenue and campus drive. the man.who's name has not been released.was driving south on junipero serra when his nissan crossed into the northbound lanes and collided with the other vehicle. the man died at the collision site.and the female driver suffered major injuries that required treatment at stanford university hospital. a tiny house in oakland is off the market. a couple bought the house from
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the u-c-s-f benioff children's hospital. kron 4's scott rates has more on the home's new location, and reaction from it's new homeowners. >> scott :wheeled out on to the boulevard and that under the bart tracks, it has been called a real-life version of the pixar's up house but it was picked up and move from its spot where was for 81 years >>:it is a very nice thing >> scott :david and his wife were given the house after the hospital offered to give it away because they needed the space him and his wife receive the
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house and the $20,000 it would have cost to have it demolished, the couple were chosen out of nearly zero hundred people who stepped forward to take the house. and she knew that he had to have the house and now he is just hoping it is still in one piece >>:will not too much damage was done to the house in both--in the move >> scott :he did receive $20,000 to locate the house but it actually took a 30,000 to move it but they say it was absolutely worth it
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>> vicki : there's a long road ahead for victims of the valley fire. today, a local jiu-jitsu academy as kron 4's alecia reid reports, people traveled from across the bay area to donate. >> alecia :they first return to their home with our cameras moving, robert giving his son an update on the air >>:he was just devastated and needed a moment to compose himself because they lost everything in 40 years of marriage >> alecia :the struggle is real and it will be a long time before they rebuilt >>:i am really overwhelmed and a maze that this many people would come together and not just to train at but because it was a family is in need of help croatia they learned from black
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belts who donated their time >> alecia :local businesses also contributed raffle items >>:it feels great we're hoping a little bit of what we do helps somebody to go >> alecia :70% of the money will go to the family and the rest will go to help aid the valley fire recovery effort and displaced pets >> vicki : could el nino caused sea snakes to wash up on shore here to? and we are learning new details about a suspected shark attack in hawaii and white officials believe another animal might be
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a halt in the attack--involved in teh attack
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>> vicki : after a reported shark attack on saturday night. the state department of land and natural resources says the injuries sustained by a patient in waikiki were actually consistent with an eel bite. because of that.shark warning signs will not be posted in waikiki. lifeguards patrolling waters found no signs of any shark after the reported attack. a 33-year-old local swimmer was bit in the left foot. paramedics took the victim to queen's medical center in serious condition. donald trump under fire for comments he made about the 9/11 attacks. how he is defending himself tonight. el nino is attracting sea snakes along the southern california coast. the impact it could have here in the bay area. >> brian :and we have a few sprinkles coming up i will talk about that
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after many months of traveling the world... ...jack was longing for something familiar. home. he was welcomed with grandma's southern-style chicken. at that moment, jack knew what to do. share it with the world. southern-style breaded all-white meat chicken on a gourmet signature bun. the homestyle ranch chicken club. >> vicki : the discovery of a rare venomous sea snake along the southern california coast this week is directly related scientists say to el nino. today, kron four's philippe djegal asked a local snake expert if it's possible these snakes may wash up on our shores. >> phillipe : rarely found on land and unique to warmer waters. a yellow-bellied sea snake
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spotted as far north as southern california. a surfer in ventura county friday came across this one slithering in the sand. and captured the finding on camera. >> : it's always amazing to see how adaptable animals are. they have been seen in the area, but not since pretty much the last el nino. >> phillipe :and, that's exactly what scientists believe brought this snake to california's coast. normallly, sea water in the eastern pacific is cool. but the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says this year's el nino is strengthening and heating the waters along our coast. >> : are they dangerous? um, they are potentially dangerous, they do have venom, um, but it is my understanding that the you're not particularly aggressive, especially on land, they not meant to be on land. >> phillipe :we wanted to know if what washed up down south could find its way up here.
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>> : anything is possible. >> phillipe :so, we stopped by the linsday wildlife experience in walnut creek to meet with sarah parnell. >> : it's kind of exciting -- always seeing a new species. >> phillipe :a biologist, parnell studied herpetology at u-c berkeley and is an expert on snakes. sot- "they depend a lot on ocean temperatures and the food, you know, that is available to them. um, they're definitely a warmer water species. but, um, you know, as i said, animals are adaptable, so anythings possible. um, currently, they don't expect to see them up here though." >> phillipe :parenell says this snake most likely came up the coast from mexico. philippe djegal, kron four news. >> brian :they say they have some sprinkles in san carlos this evening and a light dusting of rain in the parking lot in sunnyvale a few blips on 3 d--on the radar here
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all moving south down tomorrow and the weather system is parting and having to southern california as it does slow--as it does so a flash flood warning earlier but it is now all ended rule we seeing sunshine for tomorrow low humidity and that means high fire danger a fire danger watch in effect for the north hills and here is the future cast temperatures will be a little bit warmer san francisco and
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oakland in '70's and a few 80s and inland valleys and it continues to warm up as we go through the week we could be close to 90 degrees in the warmest spot it's a sunny and warm all the way through the week and a little bit cooler by the weak and >> vicki : police say a family of five has drowned after their s-u-v crashed into a lake in arizona early this morning. the car plunged into the tempe town lake around midnight, but it's still unclear why. police and some good samaritans pulled the parents from the vehicle, along with two of their children. but rescuers didn't realize there was another child in the car until a few hours later, when divers pulled him out. all three children were toddlers, between one and three years old. police say they're still working to find out why the car went into the lake.
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republican presidential candidates donald trump and jeb bush continue to take jabs at each other. this is following trump's comments on friday that implied former president george w. bush shared some blame in the 9-11 attacks. except for social media, trump has been silent on the matter.until today. he told fox news, the attacks wouldn't have happened on his watch. both presidential candidates shared their opinions. >>:i doubt those people would have been in the country i am not judging george bush better not want--but i do not woand jeb ush to say his brother kept the country safe >>:it is questions his reliability as being a leader of the country >> vicki : bush went on to say he doesn't think trump will win the g-o-p nomination.
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the first debate for democratic presidential candidates is now in the history books. a new online poll from n-b-c news and survey monkey shows hillary clinton with a strong lead nationally - at 45 percent. after tuesday night's debate.her closest challenger - vermont senator bernie sanders is sitting at 31-percent. vice president joe biden - who still has not said if he has any interest in joining the race - sits at 10 percent with this latest polls. coming up in sports. a battle in the big apple. the mets looking to take a two- game lead on the cubs in the national league championship series and colin kaepernick has his best a super-bowl 47 rematch against the ravens. j-r stone has the high-lights and all the sports.coming up [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day
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>> j.r. :2nd wuarter drops back 76 taards--yards for the touchdown 3rd quarter 49'ers up16-6 49er's second pick of the day takes it 45 yards, leads to a field goal drops back under pressure,
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heaves it up to steve smith, makes an incredible grab 4th quarter, 19-13, bouncing around looks like he's in trouble throws it to a wide open first career touchdown wasn't even over then more to go throws a bullet who has the ball for a touchdown 49'ers holding on by 5 last chance, flings ball up into the endzone knocked away 49'ers win, 25-20 2 touchdowns, most passing
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yards for him this season they snap their 4 game losing streak seahawks up 10-7 pitches to lynch ricardo jumps over the defender to make the catch 37 seconds left, 23-20 seattle hits olsen for a touchdown panthers win 27-23 game 2 of the nlc nets hosting cubs red hot coming into this play
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daniel murphy 5th homerun of the post season 3-0 mets grounds to left shortstop can'thandle it seinfield lovin it 4-1, they go up 2-0 in the series vicki hanging out at fry's steph curry wearing white pants final round of the open came down tot he wire, we're told it was actually getting dark when he won
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>> vicki : a teenage cancer patient in pennsylvania had a dream date for his homecoming. marcus josey invited miss new jersey, lindsey giannini, to join him. two of them arrived at the venue in manchester, pennsylvania, in this limo last night. josey says he initially didn't have a date, so he went on a limb and invited giannini. she said she was touched by his story and his bravery. josey also said some of his pals were a little jealous. we had a little bit of rain some droplets. >> brian :just a tiny bit of rain taking place in the south bay and along the peninsula as well you can see that for tomorrow morning to start things out. but otherwise we're in for a warmup once again and it feels like to see this every weekend we're going to have offshore winds and sunshine and warmer weather close to the '90s >> vicki :
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the weekend insider from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> shocking news out of nevada. former nba star lamar odom found unconscious at a nevada brothel. >> my marriage to lamar, i loved it. >> she rushes to her ex's side. >> you become this mother lion that wants to protect her cub. >> the kardashian built on scandal. >> we thrive on crisis. >> amy schumer's serious standup from self esteem to body image issues. >> i was born weighing 150. give me lingui ni mom. >> scandal. >> i went to


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