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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  October 19, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: sphere by the
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afternoon is wanted change here is a live look at the bay bridge to see the cloud skies it is called a pretty much all across the bay area after the mid-70s by the afternoon under mostly sunny conditions will cool down into low seven is that even ride home at 6:00 what time of the speech cast coming up a little bit later. >>george: we been mounting delays on 6 is out to bomb the sole grade and also the ride
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through fremont and union city on 880 southbound part of the reason for the slowing to two car accident in the center divider south about 880 and maori and that is why the trip time continues to climb the we already have 54 minutes for the southbound ride on highway 880 from 238 down to 237 here at the bay bridge the gap reaches into the macarthur maze. >>george: the drive times have just jumped over 20 minutes now 21 from highway 24 and on 90 to the san mateo bridge 26 to 28 minute trip times as the backed up on the approach to the toll plaza continues to grow for york east bay ride out of hayward over to san the sale. >>darya: conversive video of a clash between two high schools the one by road this morning looking at the video that is the band from pittsburg high school in they're out there on the field and a said the request and
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spit on by the deer valley high school football players from intel during the pregame performance on friday >>mark: a strike vote for the university employees profs library in and a generous simplism gathered to vote on whether the strike of a spa salary negotiations it was a 25,000 members to authorize a strike if the contracts remained unsuccessful the thought it was a 5 percent salary increase along with the 2.7 percent pay but based on years of service the universe is often too for sent the strong opposition starts today at 23 cal state campuses including the state is a to run for october 28th.
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>>darya: today is the 24 anniversary of the tragic day and bay area history october 20th of 1991 the firestorm started killing 25 people and injuring 150 it burned for three days before they got in on the control and burned down 4000 homes while the worst fires on the u.s. record books the economic loss estimate of one and have billion dollars and at its peak this fire destroyed one home every 11 seconds the winds were gusting 90 degree temperatures spread this planes estimated difficult to fight was about 1,500 a. and today it oakland mayor and local fire department of going to get the 1230 to remember the victims please try to figure of how by
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end up in san francisco bay about discovered a body floating in water on 3:00 is the afternoon >>mark: recovered by about half now lead the the have identified the victims and their listened very limited information with the state of bleep as we learn more 64 recovering this month after their staggering the party and then haul in town of madison and yellow counting the victims were adults and expected to recover the stabbing happened saturday night during a private party at the madison town hall and 80 you're suspect was arrested nearby investigators are trying to figure of models
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>>darya: more than 100 vehicles got trapped in the mud on state route 58 the have been pulled out of hundreds of cars also took a interstate 5 those cars to clear the way in the for where we open late friday. >>mark: firefighters said the driver won over in a its parking lot saturday night and for the fourth rail of funds about 20 ft. into the ocean this well into the white sedan and brought to into the surface taken to hospital one of the indicted this this is not clear recall the driver to drive off the wharf is said the driver swerved to avoid a patrol that was leaving the area. >>darya: thousand people in monterey county a wicking of with power after a massive power outage 55,000 customers had no
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power this full restore early this morning about midnight pg&e things out is caused by high voltage transmission line that came down near moss landing >>mark: the peaks family says they're thankful for everyone who was donate their time to help hot local businesses jumped
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in to help in achieving items to raise additional funds 7 for some of the money donated to go to the family the rest will go toward disaster relief for of the fire victims of parliament on all servers which helps a small house that was located near children's hospital for 81 years is gone >>darya: this was new of few blocks away from the hospital that offered to give the home away because the hospital needed space there but hundred people that one of the home and then a $20,000 that would cost to demolish the house to of had to pay that they got a new home and in the spot.
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>>darya: a hundred thousand out because will have to be brought to code and indeed no foundation chelicera try to find a person opens fire during a street party in for the the first letter launching a new resource to help kids get ready for college.
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>>anny hong: we are sending delays sfo no surprise averaging about 49 men to the to low visibilities with no problems for oakland and san jose airport san jose of the the no.
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we're not a low 60s we stopped a degree in the last 15 minutes temperatures going up to the of the '60s by lunchtime today mid- 70s will hit the between 3 and 4:00 p.m. this afternoon by 11:00 to see the clouds clearing out starting in the northern the south is still looking a parlor to mostly cloudy conditions and then by the afternoon will see more sunshine pretty much all across the bay area including the south bay and 6:00 tonight cloud moving in for the coast otherwise looking like a very nice evening. ride evening >>anny hong: 56 in antioch the
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cool spot maybe even to this spot in the upper '40's and santa rosa to have kids going to the bus stop mature they get a jacket or to headed into school this morning mid-70s for oakland to los them is in union city 74 in fremont and for an and locations mid-70s and the the more cost the average maybe a couple of degrees warmer than ever 76 also in danville and copper 75 and martinez it is a look at the next three days tub just warming up into the '80s and land and the bay shoreline tomorrow even warmer yet always a was talking mid '80s will be well above average by the middle of the week all across the bay area the time now is 713. >>george: 26 metric time for the bay bridge and the traffic is backing up into the macarthur maze but not get onto highway 24 on the 92 ride for the san mateo
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bridge out of the east bank the backup getting closer and closer write to 880 on 92 in the westbound direction 2628 minute trip time here in east bay ride into more and county is now looking at an 18 minute trip time all rich and headed over toward san rafael the ride from san were fell to the golden gate bridge which is here looks good as a casino delayed for the southbound 101 ride just beginning to the lead of the bottle and headed out to look about road and beyond to the civic center the accident and maori is in the center divider so long a blocking wines the freeway in the south that are not too bad except for highways 17 was because problems the most recent of which the truck was a broken axle right at the summit
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is the backing of the ride from lake road the 101 ride is already nearly 40 minutes north down from the copper express went to the montague expressway for the northbound bay short commute. >>mark: police are looking for the shooter who killed one and injured four others of the zombie thing street party in florida that defied the man who was killed a 20 year-old taylor >>mark: they're expected to survive pleas of not revealing something the video from restaurants and shops to try and
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find the person or people who started shooting. >>darya: he regained consciousness and is now communicating this morning he is able to breathe on his own and he will be able to talk to dan and walk again this they would loss of rehabed had let down his communicating through simple thumbs-up comes down in texas is his wife has about to stay with him throughout his recovery and the college coach jim harrick said that it came out of the call month when she said i love you a star is a still waiting for the blood test the results to see what caused this medical of the solar were last tuesday he was found unconscious at the low rental brothel in nevada he spent about 80 grand to stay there for several days and have prostitutes and the alcohol and drugs the student who size pfizer called the national last
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month as visiting the white house the 14 year-old was arrested when school officials mistook the clock built for a bomb >>mark: they deny that religion played any part in the rest president obama sent last month invited her to bring to the white house for the event tonight okra getting into a dying business she announced that she has bought a 10% stake in weight watchers international the stock has been soaring because of the the stock for now up 82 percent almost doubling she joined with what the board will serve as an advisor she spent $43 million for a 10% investment she's made
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about 37 million off of that 43 >>darya: you have a few drops look, for their expected to announce the formation of a new tax force today in that quantity of policy after requires anyone who buys a drowned if it considers a toy have to register with the department to follow the number of high-profile security incidents involving drowns run on the commercials on uses have to register with the faa california-based private security says china is violating this new list fire burn committee companies strike said the have been numerous hacking attempts on american
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corporate intellectual property sacrificial say it has happened regularly over the past three weeks they have stop the attacks before any corporate secrets stolen in a fully in is the elementary schools been praised after stopping the kidnapping this happen friday morning and antioch >>mark: she was always work was recognized and a loving your students from the school in a strange car lives would not recognize a jar so she used her car to block the vehicle and called police when police arrived there arrested santiago investigators say he followed the girl as she walked to school grafton of water into the car she is not been charged she >>darya: and the bells on the web site for her college campaign that encourages students to continue their education after high school this new web site called better make
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room and of the resources to the ages 14 to 19 to go on their assigned for the past 80 and act is to allow for a french aid forms and a planned visit to colleges that and also share their stories about their goals progress and what inspires them she will officially launch that today at the white house >>mark: the recall is the seventh problem is growing to nor models the problem was limited mainly to older vehicles in front air attacks if the latest recall covering 2015 charlotte equinoxes malibu a camaro as well as the bill across cadillac sts and gmc to ryan a people of the killer worldwide because of faulty in slater's >>darya: the flag features the
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confederate battle flag of the confederate symbol has been a source of controversy in the south for a long time especially in the wake of the charleston church shooting or nine african- americans were killed and the government have opposed the pact is also some media showing him with the confederate flag at least three of the public ever since and mississippi already do not fly at and students are on to vote with a plan to do tomorrow >>mark: but some cynicism of the attack would not happen if he were president bernie sanders says no thank you to the ceo who raise drug prices of 4000 percent
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>>mark:, is that have some in this party questioned the ability to be president we lost 3000 people it was one of the greatest catastrophe in this country >>reporter: they continue to take jabs at each other following the comes on friday i
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am extremely tough on people come into this country i believe that if i ever bring things i doubt the salmon's and those people would have been in the country he defended his brother on since the of the union that when on to say that they will win the gop nomination.
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>>darya: it is done by celebrity barber also known as graves' the original and that is an original it was the head of the campaign stop in san antonio to get the attention the presence of canada even pose for pictures with the creative haired new
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martin made headlines when the drug company bought the patent for bottle cancer and a to the drug and then raise the price from about the to endows appealed to $750 a pill he donated the maximum to $700 to the campaign but sanders turned on the morning his confession to lower the cost of prescription drugs and has used this company as an example of the problem with our health-care system the company is now under investigation by the new york state attorney general over the antitrust violation. >>mark: for not having health insurance this jump to 629 $5 next year the average customer
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was sensitive to the six months of war coverage for $695 binge drinking is costing the u.s. to come to what the $49 billion this or into a new study by deceasing about the of the cost come from the productivity in the workplace because employees have handled a not very a ball or the job the defines been drinking so listen to this if you consume five drinks for men and 441 men and two hours on all programs and are effective strategy to reduce excess of dree and the related cost to the programs under use the drinking is also blamed for 88,000 deaths every year. >>mark: ending up with the more the change in the weather could be bringing venomous next to the state while the rest next are washing up on california beaches.
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>>anny hong: the fall the started to cry that is good news of visibility and prove an hour by hour a beautiful shot of the golden that bridge is a bad luck levelling timber to is we really mild this afternoon sentences of the one to you 57
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concord and santa rosa still in the upper 40's the high for today pretty nice day of battles and the sadness according to the more 7674 + in 76 in concord the seven is also on august 75 san jose a percentage for the coast including davis sitting >>george: across the bay bridge we're not over 30 minutes for the westbound drive times come from highway 24 where the back of begins 4580 on the san mateo bridge 31 minute trip time now
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out of hayward for you're ride over to san mateo that includes the entire length of 92 between the two freeways you to see how slowly it is moving here on the stand in the east bay ride to ran 33 minutes now >>jackie sissel: the should have been about 45 minute flight to instead there ride almost seven hours late to sfo and there is all because of a fight broke out between two passengers according to southwest they say chilly
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after takeoff from lax flight to san was headed here to sfo of fire broke out between to pass as it appears that it was over the leg room between those two no word whether not the passenger was arrested are not the have to switch planes ultimately this was to get a 30 bed and i did sfo until after 1:00 last night and said there were frustrated passengers is an understatement if nothing else
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goes wrong and should be in bed at 3:00 a.m. which means is into hours longer to fly them to drive with a still waiting to hear about the to to chargers wide as one or both of those passengers that was a frustrating night for those passengers evidently that was enough to send one guy over the
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top because the passengers the confirmation will get exactly what happened will pass along >>mark: man will stop the terror attack in europe recover after he was that the tree fight in sacramento he's doing the best of the canvas to recover from being stabbed in the chest and that does a full of them come up with the staples lining in his chest get open-heart surgery to repair the room he knows very little of the attackers but spent most of the day on saturday sitting with detectives were called sketches and never to fly american flags in his honor. >>mark: there will list the sketches on saturday and based
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on the of eyewitness accounts he does not face any charges. >>darya: more than 16,000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes in the philippines because of super typhoon copal it made landfall early as today or retrieved not now powers and destroying homes right now nine provinces in the philippines and electricity the place of volunteers are scrambling to rescue hundreds of villagers who are trapped in the flooded homes the rooftops and in a northern province the store also killed at least two people >>phillipe djegal: a surfer in
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ventura county friday came across this one slithering in the sand and captured the finding on camera the national average trip administration says this year's anneal is strengthening in heating water along our coast will want to know wants to bounce out the finest what appear we stopped by the wildlife experience on wall the creek to meet was there are no a biologist is an expert on
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snakes this new can of the coast of mexico >>darya: a six your boy chicago accidentally killed his little brother or weaken using his dad's gun he was a work and now the data is in jail happen saturday night the two boys six and three years old the replying of a sudden the grandfather her loud pop it would into the kitchen and saw his three your grandson line on the floor the boy was rushed to hospital but we cannot be saved the chicago police said the boy's father is the one that left a loaded handgun on top of the refrigerator the grandfather says he did not even know there's a gun and house
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prosecutors say that he is a former gang member who retain that gun illegally he is now in jail charged with child endangerment a mass of wildfire torsion the law on star state will have the latest on the containment the 49 us to get the better of their old cultures brother will talk to gary about why the team has turned the corner.
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>>darya: is burned for 600 a. and 6 40 mi. southeast of austin as of the last of it we got a 60 percent contained high winds are making it difficult for the firefighters,. >>mark: he is expected to mecca for recovery will be great if we
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recover at the richmond bridge westbound the backed up now to harbor way where traffic is facing a 30 minute track time given over to sam felt coming out of richmond in the eastern side will have a complete track check coming up.
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>gary: this was a great weekend for 49 management a was a great weekend of wear around would dispatch the ravens and john 25 to 20 talk and act statistic yet the very least the have a great game
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>>darya: they miss one still go because of the turf when you mess up because of the bad tepidly by steady in your early by, which can go to the pan's this over to jim and he got kicked into khakis by his own punter 10 seconds to go the chill the ugliness appeared with university president had to come out with the statement saying
7:46 am
that the death threats and all the stuff that goes with a visit not the 99 percent of our students is just crazy people >>darya: should of fall lawn and we look for two-thirds the game of the niners and the seahawks both with the same record his
7:47 am
applause be doing this all began the first appearance with fox football. >>darya: because it was a high- school quarterback of course they tossed in the ball and they did pass 643 passing the 5 ft. 7 >>gary: he broke the screen the screens from the $10,000 i did not realize that about him that he was so talented fact that the
7:48 am
miami city committee our order back and play baseball he is so well-known to the steroids and all the of the field problems but now he's really talented there is also the double standard where. >>darya: you're tall is great to be tall play basketball mckim sporter with women that get made fun of the richest girl she was tall and second grade her
7:49 am
teacher she is 6 ft. 5 if she is going for the woman who was america's tallest lakes 49 in half and slacks she would the u not she's over the shoes and the school should have made fun of but now guys like the long lake's--legs. >>gary: that is a little tall for soccer will good for her
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where it well and be proud i think it is a double standard if you're a guy and one to go through with a wedding do not call off a couple days before she is left at the altar she's holding a bat for $35,000 for the reception she and her family hosted the recession until the guest to do not come and filled in by the homeless coffee >>darya: couple days before the wedding he knew more than two
7:51 am
days before he knew month ago >>darya: but the parents if they turned into a nice ring to give the attorney terrell begins man and woman had broken a television not still be talking about it. >>gary: should undock on both the bus all can see you later
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sports highlights
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>>mark: down six. we in the third quarter trying to on the strange can't open to confuse the patriots but there are not confused and a tackle the quarterback the head coach said it was all a miscommunication. >>darya: people are selling fake reviews of real products on the web site the company says a thousand people sold five-star review through a web site called they've been tech products to use the company is suing people for breach of contract and violating federal komsomolsk, they solicited reviews and where this policy as people who made a purchase to post a review. >>mark: they want to think twice before you toss the airplane boarding pass the securities
7:56 am
says the cold is on the boarding pass contain a lot person has less including your name from lumber and program information that could be enough for her to take control of your airline account if they can build to see what of the flights your book or even changer can code they say they do not even need your past to take information is even possible for them to look at pictures of boarding passes postal social medium. >>mark: and find what such a bicol the data what should you do to protect information? use electronic boarding pass and deleted from your phone when your done. >>darya: eddie murphy is not part of an elite club of the kennedy for the performing arts presented him with the mark twain crius the the top prize for humor during the special ceremony in washington last night he did a little bit of stand-up a star-studded lineup the comedians with their choice to abort and kathy griffin chris rock trevor and george lopez,
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they're tipping that for broadcast later is going to air next month >>mark: controversy in the east of high-school football game.
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>> reporter: the plane headed to the sfo is headed back to lax. >> mark: controversy the bay area of the ballgame. >> darya: and we have weather and traffic taking it off this monday morning. >> darya: we have a marker right
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here and at george >> george: it is slow around a bit bridges but we do not have a major accident. >> darya: the clouds and fog are the big story this morning. and the other big story heading toward us is that he this upcoming weekend. temperatures are going to hurt raise up to the '70s around oakland. we will have the fog and clouds slowly moved out. right now we have widespread '60s. in afternoon we
8:01 am
will have widespread such '70s with sunshine. and in some areas we will have the '80s. >> george: we have some of the busiest easily corridors with highway 4 with a 30 minute trip time to concord. and slow from concord to will not creak. over 35 minute trip time from hercules had berkeley on westbound interstate 80. we're also attracting nearly 30 minute
8:02 am
drive times for the trip out of hayward into the east bay. the richmond bridge is also slow back up to marino way. >> mark: from lax sfo there was a flight of had to turn back. >> jackie: it was a bad night for those passengers. it took them to two hours more to fly them if they would have driven. because of the fight between the two passengers it was a long long flight. some sort of fight broke up between two passengers, about the sea backed. the pilot
8:03 am
said he had had enough and did emergency landing at lax. what made it things worse is that everyone had to switch planes. originally the flight dispose of land at 8:30 p.m. but landed at 1:00 a.m.. someone tweeted: 2 passengers caught in a physical fight and now i am here at sfo five hours later. this means that it would have been faster driving and then to fly. there
8:04 am
might be legal actions against the people who buy the fbi. >> darya: in a flash flooding area about 40 mi. north last angeles about five rows of them cover to date. an interstate route 58 over 100 vehicles became stranded. thousands of people in monterey county are getting power after
8:05 am
massive the outage this weekend . pg and eat be officials are hiring a consulting company to help them understand why the power went out for 50,000 customers. >> to hold fire is coming down get out of fear! >> mark: on october 24, 1991 it killed 20 people the firestorm. it is still one of the worst fires in u.s. history and economic loss was $1.2 billion
8:06 am
. the oakland fire department and the mayor will gather together to remember the fire. everyone is trying to head figure out how body was found in san francisco bay. a risky but recovered the body at a half- hour after was discovered. we only have limited information and what did you. six people are recovered and are doing fine after being stabbed at party at madison. >> darya: a small house that was near children's hospital is no longer in next door. the
8:07 am
house moved and that the couple moved of a few blocks away. the white home was wheeled out down the street a few blocks away. >> it is a very nice thing happened. >> darya: it costs than $35,000 to move and to move the brick foundation and cause them ultimately 100,000 people. >> mark: former nba star lumbar
8:08 am
zero dumb still remains unconscious and hospital. this viral video of iraq during peak set down the subway areas of new york.
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>> darya: a car crashed into a
8:11 am
restaurant in san jose and had video in the newsroom. this is near the great mall and the card this one right through the front. we'll have more details on the scene. >> mark: the new yorkers are in our race and there is a rat hot line to get rid of them. this is a rat caring a slice of pizza. look how big that rat is. the rat population has not increased yet but if it bothers
8:12 am
subway riders last now. >> annie: is a warm-up headed this way and the kron 4 news is headed this way after the news and break. ♪
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>> darya: we're focusing on the monday morning forecast >> anny: temperature will be in the middle east and the next couple of days. you can get a live look sfo and have mostly cloudy conditions right now. we have some delays this morning for arriving flights averaging about one hour. but oakland and san jose they're now out delays on incoming flights. look for no. westerly breeze and the
8:16 am
temperatures will rise to the '70s in the afternoon. we have a little bit of moisture off the coast and a little chance for maybe a sprinkler to general in the south bay but right now we have not seen any of that. i know does have clout conditions out there like earlier. the wind speeds are under 5 mi. per hour. i know in the north they we have comments but will change tonight and in the next couple of days. there is a fire weather watch going into effect his next few days including marin county and that the county.--napa county.
8:17 am
we have that '70s around the bay with a few areas having the upper 60s. eighties will greet us tomorrow even all along the bay shoreline area. >> george: right now the east bay roads heading towards a marin are very slow. the bay bridge at of the macarthur braises 30 minutes stand to. tail bridge is 30 minutes out of his word. from the hoffman's
8:18 am
play we're looking at 33 minutes on 580 westbound on the richmond san rafael bridge on the 180 interchange. but it won a one in the northbound direction. 280 north down there is an accident here pushing the drive time over 30 minutes. the 280-85 interchange is slow as well. you're right from 101 to cupertino the of the highway 85 is very slow. >> mark:lamar odom has regained
8:19 am
consciousness and has been able to a brief on his own. he will be rethought--re-taught how to walk. he spent about $80,000 and alcohol drugs and prostitutes. school officials in irving texas have had one of their students be arrested for terrorism with
8:20 am
making a bomb. >> darya: michele unveils a new web site for her college campaign which urges students to get a college education. this is for ages 14 and 19 where students can sign up for the s.a.t. 0 or act, and apply for federal financial aid. bacon also share their stories of goals and progress and inspired them. >> mark: and a problem with chicano air bag insulator's is causing fire hazards and so there's a recall for the vehicle. problems was limited to
8:21 am
the previous vehicles but there are now 2015 and vehicles being recalled. eight people worldwide have died because of faulty insulators.--inflators. >> darya: the government is assembling a new task force is developing rules for using drones. right now only eight commercial drone users are required to register this with the faa. >> mark: please a staff member from stutter elementary school was on her way to work when she recognized an 11 year-old student in a strange car. she's
8:22 am
strong vehicle to block the car and to call the police. a man named salazar grab the girl and put her into his car. but she was rescued. >> darya: you may have to weigh a little longer to get your star wars movie. will also talk more about the weather and traffic and a few wars movie. will also talk more about the weather and traffic and a few minutes. in their first years ing and reading to chiln has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world.
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learn more at
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>> darya: if you were dying to see the star wars movie. the tickets went on sale in great britain today and there's so many early tickets purchased that there systems crashed. star wars: the force awakens opens dec..
8:26 am
>> mark: oprah said she bought 10% of way watchers international. she is also joining the way watchers' boil it board and also serve as its adviser. stock was up over 87 percent after she purchased. the dow is off 25. >> darya: we will see if cows state professors will go on strike. >> jackie: to a high schools had
8:27 am
a controversy all football game and you're trying to learn more . >> mark: we have weather with anny hong on the way.
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>> mark: a card is crash in to restrain san jose. this is a new video showing the car in the sandwich shop. this happened around 7:20 a.m. and luckily there are no injuries. >> anny: we're seeing a lot of cloud cover that will change throughout the morning as sunshine come stirrups.-- through. will be warming up to
8:30 am
low 70's today at around 2 or 3:00 p.m. ran out of 60 degrees in san francisco and that in the '60s mostly around the bay. but an the shoreline there some '40's and '50's. the warming trend will take us into the middle of the work week and will have more details next. >> george: 30 + minutes drive * from the east bay to debate it bridge toll plaza and then 30 minutes after that. the san
8:31 am
mateo bridge approach is practically at a standstill with a back up their repeat his 880. at the richmond bridge we measured the drive time from the hoffmans split at 33 minutes now over the san rafael 180 joint. >> darya: there are counselors and staff and that librarians and the professors better looking at striking at cal state university. >> reporter: the voting will happen today with a strike.
8:32 am
>> we do not want to strike but we will if we have to. that issue is our salaries: we're not keeping not. the school administration is telling us 3% and we're asking for 5%. last time we were advocating for some of the rights and conditions, because we want to provide in the quality affordable place to learn. we can't even afford to live in san francisco. we need an increase. >> reporter: of the board countered 2% and so what does that mean for those who work.
8:33 am
>> we hope they realize that we're serious. we don't to strike because we can't afford to miss class's but we believe and the quality education at a higher salary. we may want to send a message to the board of trustees. >> reporter: the vote to strike will start today at all 23 campuses throughout the state of california. >> mark: a controversial video between two members of the east bay high schools went viral.
8:34 am
>> will: i got reactions from the principle and i have some new information: look at the video right here you can see that hundred 40,000 people sought online. the principal said that, the deer valley administrators, would start a little bit later than usual to honor the senior band members and at the high school football coach. there is some pushing and
8:35 am
from the football members to the band members and there still some investigation. >> why did they even come on to the field? we'll were there to perform and the police officers were there to even get the football players off. honestly, during the national anthem that is really messed up. >> will: the pittsburgh high- school principal the not want to comment at the time. the
8:36 am
minister is trying to use this as a teaching moment to make sure to let football members and football coaches to let them know. >> darya: spencer's don was stabbed in the chest after he was caught for terrorist activities. he knows very little about the attackers, sacramento
8:37 am
police are trying to avoid the suspects of those people who stabbed stone. >> mark: are rare and venomous sea snake was on a california beach and scientists say could be on the new of taking part of this. this was a yellow bellied snake and some scientists believe that on the no practice make up the california coast. this he lost in the eastern pacific is cooler in general but
8:38 am
warmer waters my good a southern california. been shrinking in sears the costing the economy because people are nursing a hangover when they go to work. do not lose your boarding pass because people can access to important information from it.
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>> darya: the dam on the street did not go to the bride's finger. back and she was a player and he was an athlete as well. at their homecoming he asked her to marry him.
8:42 am
>> mark: doctors say a short day time not to improve your health . they say this now helps deliver new facts and skills your memory. mri scans show greater activity in brain areas after naps. >> george: on 880 southbound we have the first hot spot of the morning near autumn ball park way on the nimitz off with the
8:43 am
driveway time already on 55 minutes.
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> darya: more than 16,000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes in the philippines because of the to-. --typhoon. the army of police and volunteers are scrambling to what help protect people in the areas. >> anny: we are going to have changes in via temperature over the next few days namely warmer temperatures. the fog is cleared out really nicely and will bring a great afternoon. we will have
8:46 am
the '70s in the late afternoon. there is a slight chance of showers earlier this morning but other than that we will see more sunshine. bye love mccaw clubs were clear out--by later in of the morning to the clouds will clear out. in santa rosa we still have the upper 40's but mostly we have a '60s.
8:47 am
here is your stormtracker err 78 around the bay forecast. we have low 80s and upper 80s throughout the weekend. >> george: two lanes are blocked in the 880 southbound because of two accidents were cars rolled over. the drive time was at 51 minutes but has increased from their. there's a report of an accident blocking as many as
8:48 am
three lanes of traffic. the bridges are jacked up this morning with westbound out of the macarthur mae's use in the 80 approach to the bridges is slow. 30 minutes from half current slip from staff were fell san rafael. >> mark: the european train hero who stopped a terrorist was stabbed to in sacramento and had to have open heart surgery churro improve the wound--fix
8:49 am
the wind. spencer stone has given this sturgeons of the assailants and if you see anyone like these sketches please let the police know. the route federal penalty for not having health insurance will jump to $695. support of president is overhauled our people is it due to marketing. >> darya: binge drinking is
8:50 am
causing a huge loss in the workplace because of people in nursing their hangover instead of working. this cdc's alcohol program can really help this budget is rarely used. the university of mississippi is the considering removing the state flag because it contains the confederate civil war flag. nine african-americans were shot at this church.
8:51 am
>> mark: donald should run said the september 11th attacks would not have happened on his watch. he spoke out yesterday about comments linking president bush to the terrorist attacks. >> i doubt those people in the country would have been hurt if i was in charge. >> bringing this up over and over shows a lack of credibility for donald trump. >> mark: it is a fact that most
8:52 am
of the terrorists on the 911 tot wort legal residence in the united states. >> darya: hillary clinton is by far the front runner for the democratic party. a fan may be one hello overboard because she carved hillary's hair into the scalp of her head. in case you're interested, this was done by man named robert the original.
8:53 am
>> mark: a wedding was called off when the groom got cold feet but the fees would turned into a feast for the city's homeless. >> when i found a wedding would not place, i knew there was a collage of heartache for the bride, but i knew a we would do something like this for the homeless.
8:54 am
will talk about wall street in the morning news. the dow was down over 50 points and will give you more on the trends the morning news. the dow was down over 50 points and will give you more on the trends later. all of our legendary racing heritage. all of our pioneering four wheel drive experience. come together in one amazing new vehicle. this is the all-new gle coupe. a mercedes-benz suv with the heart and soul of a race car.
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♪ ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> darya: australians are pushing for change in their
8:56 am
currency. at to a is looking for reform to change the dollar into that dollary-doo. this has racked up already for a dozen signatures. >> mark: if you are relying on this instance to change your economy you have bigger problems. >> darya: two guys in the u.k. and vented this vehicle in 2013 and it took thousands of hours to create it and $6,000 to
8:57 am
build. they ought are going to sell it.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: san jose police and firefighters on the scene no one has been hurt and we also have a crew on the senate got the information below to get more information about how it went flying into the place the time now at 9:00 reset live in a weather and track how things are shaping up so far. >>reporter: basically going to
9:00 am
mostly sunny and so far temperatures cause is not going to happen until your the look for temperatures or now in the lower 60s territory from the media bay if interested not for san francisco still of to the northern. >>george: as we are tracking the worst incident of the morning here for the east of a ride is which is an accident on a is out about at our mall parkway for which the chp had issued a special traffic advisory fees because two lanes were blocked here all lanes are open now a vehicle that landed on its side has been ride in a move to the shoulder we're looking at 60 +
9:01 am
minute drive times for the southbound ride and down toward 237 from highway 238 same is true here 30 + minutes for your keys to bay ride out of hayward for san mateo and your east bay ride out of richmond into marin county is they're running at about 30 to 34 minutes from the house men split 2101 and 580 in san rafael. >>darya: every open stretches of fire broke out of gas a day in my to commence the about 40 mi. north of los angeles more than a
9:02 am
hundred cars and buses are these stocks lost track on a state route 58 all but a handful have finally been on the cards also stuck on i five what they were cleared away and got the freeway open late friday. >>mark: a flight from lax to san francisco had to return back to los angeles after a fight broke out mid flight the capt. declared emergency and made a landing it became physical on the plane when the plane burst today police went on to the plan to deal with two passengers the remaining 136 on board floor san francisco bound to arrive five hours behind schedule the captain says the two passengers were not traveling to seven.
9:03 am
>>mark: 24 anniversary of a tragic day in bay area history it was october 20th of 1991 the oakland hills fire ruptured rapidly in killed 25 people injured on the 50 others the fire took three days to contain and burn them for all the homes and still the worst fires in u.s. history the economic loss estimated over $1.5 billion at the fires pekin destroyed a home every 11 seconds oakland mayor and oakland fire department were gathered this afternoon at 2 1/3 to remember the victims conjuror to video of a clash between to ease the high-school spend going viral this morning that members of pittsburg high school said that there were pushed and spit on by deer valley high school football players from antioch during the pregame performance on friday will be delighted to start high school this morning didnt reactions.
9:04 am
>>will tran: the reaction we track down band member specifically they're still frustrated by what happened some >>: members believe that is the proven that they did what they did that they should be suspended their with their over the weekend about hundred and 40,000 people view this it was posole social media the principle of the can into the office this morning he was looking at it he believed the the school district is looking into what he did everything they possibly could that the other score deer valley knew that their band members would be on the field a little bit later than usual why because one the one to honor the ban members and their balance of football coach was made aware of it he says
9:05 am
perhaps they could have went over there and told him again the band members will be there and has only one to learn from this to move forward as far as the sodas and >>: members their filibuster or they're frustrated that is one of them >>: what is said about friday night's incident he was using the word and childish >>will tran: to go over there and do that he claimed that along with the pushing in the spending this is the other band members there were kicked in their shins and received bruises some of the mine has some of the cost back interfaces
9:06 am
not by pushing with their hands because this football players are better than i have used their shoulders and there will going through the band members that might have happened in the biggest thing that is upsetting pittsburg and the students and that this happened during the national anthem as the school districts and they're looking into it and they're not on camera but she is talking to the pits burke principal as well as deer valley should be is a difference a little bit later. >>mark: a car plunges of the santa cruz and firefighters said the driver went over and a and parking lot saturday night and tore through 4 for room, about 20 ft. to the ocean will pretend to the hospital one divested this is not clear what called the driver to drive off the wharf witnesses say he swerved to avoid a pickup truck thousand
9:07 am
people monterey county with no wood power this morning after a massive out of a weekend there's some signs posted businesses the close yesterday for the had no light there hiring the consultant to figure out what caused the outage at 1.1 and 55,000 customers had no electricity. >>darya: police and try to figure out how body in san francisco bay that discovered the bodies floating in the water around 3:00 yesterday afternoon with me and i'll and a treasure island forced to recover the body about half an hour later the have not identified the victim they're releasing some information right now will bring it of the edge to get more information from police all the victims were adults and are
9:08 am
expected to the for recovery the mass that happened saturday night during a private party at the madison town hall in a single suspect was arrested nearby investigators assigned to guard a model for the stabbing. >>mark: will tell you what the mayor is doing to combat the issue star wars friends are very upset and in the movie is rotted out to get what they're complaining about after the break to allow the from the bay bridge some sun to cloud the still a big backup and 9 08 this morning. babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future.
9:09 am
talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
9:10 am
>>george: the good news is the accident involved a vehicle that turned on its side has been cleared from the land but still on the shoulders as wide drive times are opens of our and half for 880 southbound will have the complete track check coming ride of >>darya: new film is not given out and already some people are complaining overseas so far this is the first that tickets for star wars of the force awakens but on celtic important and the demand was so great that the online booking system for most of the movie theaters crashed the u.s. fans was was billed by arctic starting tonight is to have to see how and and i can handle let the tickets go on sale after the trailer debuts during the espn's more than a football game tonight. >>reporter: here is a live look at the bay bridge for one as
9:11 am
well details on bay when the morning news continues.
9:12 am
9:13 am
>>reporter: we're talk about change happening in the flow patterns are becoming more offshore from the east tim to climb the four would watch who posted tonight going through when spain so for the progress on temple be the case is so much sluggers with the lower 60s around the bay shoreline we have mid-50s of their to the no. 3 as we speak here comes the woman but not from the bay area even as late as noon to to the afternoon we did all the green sure if finance denied the court on happens we to see everyone is covered by nine into the fifties back again tonight on the coarse side and that is before the dry here will probably be looking at some clear skies tonight san jose the breakdown 69 by noon of
9:14 am
the seventh to come to kron 4 clocked drifting back into the '60s. >>reporter: meanwhile the calls will see lower seven it does for this move selling abroad rose move selling. >>george: all lanes are open now before while we had to line to block with an accident one of the vehicles if was on the inside blocking the lanes the back of reaching all the way into san leandro make improvements for the bridges here starting with the bay
9:15 am
bridge westbound on the drive times here have dropped by about 10 minutes nonsuit or closer to 23 minutes for your trip out of the macarthur maze san mateo bridge about 21 minutes so dan and a big drop by about a third for the westbound drive times. >>george: it is no longer backed up on her way back of not quite to the richmond parkway for about 21 metric time come from a half months split out for san rafael the golden gate bridge and 101 northbound and southbound still pretty like an easy ride is the problem free all morning long right now he's communicating through simple
9:16 am
thumbs-up and thumbs down text messages of his estranged wife said that she vows to stay with him throughout his recovery the college coles said that he came out of the comal when she said i love you. >>darya: there was no blood test results to determine what caused his medical of the soul last to the he was found unconscious at the louvre as a brothel in nevada if he had had alcohol drug laws and spent about 80 grand to spend several days there the state of full-size cars and call the national stir the to the white house today president obama and by the decision to attend a summer night in d.c. the 14 year-old was arrested when school officials mistook the clock the he built for a bomb the official and irving texas denied that religion played any part in the rest they set out inviting him to bring his clock to the white house for the event tonight
9:17 am
still does the government scientists and students also brought together for that night kerrey is leaving the hospital and he actually had to have open heart surgery to repair the wounds. >>darya: know very little about the attacker but he spent most of saturday with the tap those helping them to create a suspect sketches and many of his neighbors are flying american flags and his,. >>darya: these are based on the count and witness accounts and well and he does not face any charges but where the staff and thus.
9:18 am
>>rob black: if the news ragging our time is to economists don't trust things that come our time that the economy on a lot like the united states did in the past there dated the sun ever feel good that whatever hard land because when it comes time to pay for everything to have to take everything with a grain of salt because this one to be painful, the time of the next claviers 30 years in the battle
9:19 am
in her weight in the public eye of the week and the company's core 9% this morning and ended up roughly a 60% area of which was closed over 40 cause a weekly meetings they attend thousand + leaders they're getting crushed.
9:20 am
>>rob black: by a.c. owns a lot of the web size and there on a spinoff the data set to close to the match that come back for 27 million subscribers the big fear this would have as i was reading the perspectives it convincingly break the application and say we want to be getting would know what to do did in the more they get hurt pretty hard the interesting thing to note about tender if you're a woman looking for major problem to get a
9:21 am
match. >>mark: 10:00 a.m. this survive as an investment >>rob black: to add some competition and desktop to racing to get faster for the problem is the have about three years and it predicted they're not going to make money for the next five quarters and they're burning through the cab of the two stocks on bay is about 50 is tempting to go for the company would not say public.
9:22 am
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>>darya: calls to the city's wrapped complaint hot line that ashley had a line dedicated to these complaints and is broken records his bill that we showed you they're promising $3 million and the new plan from specter's to combat the rat problem is important to know the difference a said rep population if you
9:25 am
owned a drone of will and telling you about this. >>darya: have to let the federal government know about it
9:26 am
>>mark: the side airbag and players could buttress and the shrapnels a to drivers and passengers they're the problems to cut the cost along to new models was on his mind or of the vehicles on the front air bags live recall covers 2015 chevy equinoxes malibu and camaro resolve to build across color sts and gmc to rein it planned to kill or ride because of faulty inflation. >>darya: cargoes and to arrest one this morning in the bay area cable that would tell your happened.
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>mark: this video shows the damage the crash happened around 720 this morning at the restaurant and a 2000 block of the capital have no and there on san and no injuries have been reported and to link was more of information coming up. >>reporter: nice blue skies of the golden gate across the bay is still scattered clouds hanging around from the western side of this loaded the sea because of started to diminish
9:30 am
what look at the seven for test coming up. >>george: we are still tracking the delays southbound on highway 880 are hot spot the drive times have dropped from over a hundred men instantly aware still looking at a one hour trip time here for 880 in the southbound direction leading down to the corridor come from san leandro to 30 it down toward milpitas to 37 the accident at all all clear from the traffic lanes of much better condition here for the bay bridge as we are now tracking 23 minutes instead of 33 minute trip times out of the maze into san francisco the ride to the san mateo bridge is now under 20 minutes measures from hayward all the way out to san mateo and the same is true for the richmond bridge no longer
9:31 am
back the to the richmond park when a team a trip time now into san rafael. >>terisa estacio: that voting is underway as we speak right now we're going to be finding out soon whether they're actually going to vote for a strike vote.
9:32 am
>>: the equivalent of a 10% salary cut since then we watch management salary rise the west as chancellor salaries rise on a week our faculty and students are the heart and soul of the university without as you do not need managers faculty are saying fair is fair we gave up when we needed to we sacrifice and particularly the san francisco at the state will still soar and housing cost we watched our purchasing power decrease they offered back the 2 percent did
9:33 am
that hurt did seem like a bit of a slap in the face? >>: addition to offering a 2 percent the day before they made that offer they gave themselves a 2 percent salary increase for chapter presidents and chancellors that is the equivalent about a thousand dollars a year for 2 percent pay increase the faculty and give us will be about $800 a year this track of the resistance is in preparation for a strike is not an inevitable will force all
9:34 am
that was the total finding we present our case that they will find in favor of faculty which they have done historically in the past however they're not binding it will be irresponsible as leadership not to prepare for strike the we do not want to allow >>: when those two camps is one of the converse on them. >>mark: the stores were falling run now how president obama got a rebellion and the web site today for her college campaign to encourage students to continue education after high school the web site called
9:35 am
better make room will be a resource for students ages 14 to 19 back kron-4-dot-com to sign up for the s.a.t. and the act exam students and also shares stores about the goals their progress and what inspire them to the college the first lady will for some losses but at the white house today is stop the attacks before any corporate secrets was stolen the recovery continues for the rally fire over the weekend people travel
9:36 am
from all of the bay area to take part in this fund raiser for the peak family and about a fire victims the family home with the short and a fire last month the committee raised more than $2,300 during the store yesterday the senate said they're thankful for every one that donating their time to help. >>mark: local businesses also jumped in to help in treating raw for items to raise additional funds 7% the month it a little girl to the stem of the rest will go toward disaster released from the five victims and cattleman animal service helps displaced at. >>darya: all house the was located near children's hospital oakland for 81 years has moved in as got a couple took the house and moved it a few blocks away the got the okay from the hospital the home was wheeled out on the boulevard and opened yesterday morning to put in is
9:37 am
the location as to the hospital oakland one to give away that he did say is and is thought to cause one to demolish and the offer about a hundred people wanted to get in on it and the end it was david and his wife kathleen they got the house and also the $20,000 of cost and to tear down they chose to keep in the attack was summoned into when an employee in the is the allegis was being praised the stock of the kidnapping this happen friday morning on g street antioch. >>mark: she was on her way to work and she recognized an 11
9:38 am
year-old student in a strange car the employee does not recognize the driver so she used her own car to block the vehicle and then called police when police arrived there rested center got a salazar investigators say he saw the girl as she walked to school wrapped her and pulled into his car he is now charged with kidnapping police are trying to find a person who opened fire at is on the festival and a sore will have the latest from some become scientists are warning stay away from a popular beach in mexico over two dozen dead sea animals lost up there will take a look a was on.
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>mark: 2 they're trying to figure why dozens of dead animals are washing up on popular beaches and mexico if
9:41 am
the daily mail they're being told to stay away from the beach along this 26 mousetrap's western mexico and some lower after 21 dolphins' 11 turtles and to see lines were found dead under the have any marks or cuts the wall of workers were up the possibility the recall petition is over by boat they're looking into whether pollution played a role there been more not to use the beaches while the water is being touched. >>darya: including your name your phone number and your frequent flyer program information that can be enough for hacker to take control of your account them build the sea will of the flights you've booked or even change your pan hikers do not even need your password to secure information or actually did the slab boarding card at the top was possible for them to look at
9:42 am
pictures some of the boarding pass a better postal social media and find a website to decode the data don trump says september 11th the attack will not happen if he were president.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>mark: we are drawn now with the host. >>: this is what it is if we cannot decide whether there unsurprising that is a way of
9:46 am
holding one of the loved ones you'll receive them back and harms a dead this is certainly the type of calories the will if
9:47 am
he did not do that you have one that will be injured that was the case they're making $56,000 a day these virtual kidnappers did not bad for a day's work is really terrifying crime but even though it is not real and the fact is a very real impact on the victim. >>darya: because of super typhoon the storm made landfall early yesterday morning not have power and destroying homes and right now that they have no electricity the storms also
9:48 am
killed at least three people. >>reporter: we've seen the crowd started to break up a little bit as did the sea over the labor is not quite traffic we're looking at the satellite and radar and leftover is below the climate controlled temperature was still again some scattered clouds on the backside as the tenant a little warming will see more those as a venture into the week to a total of the '60s on for the most part fairfield chilly 55 and still fifties' that is a return with the '60s of the entire list the area was some talk to fifties down to the south as you would notice under essentially clear skies kicking and driest is coming in with that to mid-70s would do would
9:49 am
expect the '80s to be populated on the program 73 up to mountain view. >>reporter: for the four is to bay on balance we see the '80s on the board and then pretty much the measure of the 74 cast me rather they surely will be from 80 it is the allure '70s as far as area roads. >>george: howe for the ride on a 80 southbound with the back of no longer reaches up into san leandro hayward for union city and worked dollars confine from fremont heading south toward milpitas and down to 237 it is not the length with the death of the backed up and the congestion and that is why it is still a 40 minute trip time southpaw from to 38 down to 237 what is improving at the bay bridge where announcing that second wave test that start to approach and the price goes down at 10:00 the right out of the
9:50 am
east bay here at the richmond bridge an early end of the backed up that down to a 10 minute trip time into san a fellow backed up at the toll plaza and we are problem free here at the golden gate bridge looking for the third line to get added into the northbound direction >>george: as night it happened still a little crowded into come from the presidio park when. >>darya: delicate for the shooter who killed one person and injured four others at is down the street party in florida the man who was killed as identified a 20 year-old ex tyrol taylor the shooting happened at the party on
9:51 am
saturday night the shooting said large crowds of people run through the streets even imagine the confusion the puzzle goes in the police because people would think the blood the real victims scattered among the before people hospital are expected to survive the to to review the survey of the bill from response and shops nearby to try find whoever opened fire. >>mark:, trump said the september 11th attack would not have happened on his watch the republican and has been trading jabs with jim bush about his brother's presidency he spoke
9:52 am
against the about, is linking former president george w. bush with terrorist attacks and jeb was quick to respond i am not blaming george bush i did not want the bush to say my mother kept a safe. >>: he organize our country and say there's no denying that the great majority of americans believe that the with none a white kid ims up because it's a question the credibility. >>mark: after the first democratic primary debate and a man on top was 62 percent of the vote
9:53 am
>>darya: you want to share canada's pork and shave your head in assent of their face that is what this woman did she love to be clinton she had this hairdo done by one of the celebrity barbara damrosch from he's known as graves' the original in this is definitely in original probably never seen before by mrs. clinton in fact it got her attention and she took a picture and posted with the person will the right back on the morning news continues.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>mark: 24 years since the
9:56 am
oakland hills fire is cool injured hundred and 50 and killed 25 that started back in 1991 it took in three days to get the fire contained nearly four out of homes lost the oakland mayor and the oakland fire part will gather this afternoon to remember the victims. >>darya: sixth they're getting ready to vote on whether to strike the strike authorization vote today and then the 23 campuses tallied up including the university set to crumble.
9:57 am
>>darya: says warming of a further into october is still look at tomorrow 8886 crazy i hope their halloween costume as a light one and case is that hot. >>darya: how many drinks isn't a was accosting it is costing our economy to more than $49 billion according to the cbc about a third that is coming from lost productivity in the workplace because employees or hung over and not very productive east the certifies been drinking as if you're a man of four drinks in two hours if more women five drinks over two hours shut their time and a curveball mad thinker for john angus.
9:58 am
>>mark: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
9:59 am
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