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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 29, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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girl was acting strangely. she circled back the check, by then a minister in his truck she confronted the man identified by police 51 year-old son to go salazar flocked his truck with her car got the child out called police salazar was arrested jailed then released for lack of evidence of. other school staff some parents cannot give the school upset and confused this woman is a jaw dropped when i told her salazar as a free man. "his car to me she he if he's guilty and then the something follette it's ridiculous.
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>> reporter: make himself available be a and did not allow the prosecutor law that had been a sex crimes unit to go on camera either did talk to the prosecutor the fallen. not going detail about the case he led to protect the growth privacy after the makeyevka talking all the witnesses simply not enough evidence to show salazar had committed any kind of crime. >> reporter: it was his kids involved he want her to use the exact same thing >> pam: drifters' charged with murder for murdering two people back in the courtroom this morning to receive at reports the attorneys tried to get the gag order in the case to silence the prosecutors. >> reporter: of the suspect's back together briefly made their
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appearance before judge kelly seventh ruled finely will of cameron to be in court not said there is still an outstanding issue involving a daddy of the suspects now and court elaborate on the ad then reissue pennies to be cleared up at another time in the meantime is a picture of all three suspects for sean and goal morrison lamplight and lila all the desire lucknow vastly different about three and have their share of hair shaved off their available in person at to does nec and roman numerals #13 the d.a. has identified lavaliere right now as the shooter and both the murders canadian tourist spoke with was attorney of suncor. "it's been put on the case
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cannot speak to the foot various. >> reporter: next vaulted defendants will be back in court november 19th the then find out if it will enter a plea and also find out whether prosecutors plan to go after the death penalty. >> pam: jose man confessed of killings former girlfriend had determined sofa and the senate where clarify the main jail turned away castro accused of strangling fatally stabbing 27 year-old vilest face say castro into a jail monday told a worker there he knew the location of a body never said he was the one who committed a crime of the voters and jose
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police department the report the crime wears later arrested arrange the murder charge yesterday be back in court november the family of how that shot by emeryville police back in february fell for damages in federal court and police responding to a report henderson shoplifting at home depot store heard she was brandishing a gun attempted a carjack three different vehicles in order to get away from police the family claims henderson was shot back contrary ablaze claims she turned officer in reason. "hit her three times but no shots in the fun of her body and her back at her side shot her to death knell evidence any of them
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were at risk of any action that she to" >> pam: the show you the over the summer independent investigation was done on this incident police for a fourth official said the officer did act reasonably when he drew his weapon on ss and the man had shot this video filing a civil suit against the say the system says the officers stopped in front of home values next to his truck.
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"will never be able to exactly pinpoint the exact cause source of the bacteria. >> reporter: assessment from health officer george on tests on the food handlers were discussed at one #three the not provide the smoking gun they're looking for even though they've not been able to prove investigators still believe they're a strong was the source of the shuttle operates second 191 people in six counties that
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of the majority of them visited here on october 16th and 17th number of cases stands at 191 possible cases of secondary infection and that the person spread the bacteria to someone else that does not end here the department says no more tests are pending with regard to the one food handler tested positive not thought to cause leofric all the other food handlers cleared their return to work not at san
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one no. 3 remains closed, >> pam: league officials holding a town hall meetings in various cities which the blues teams less to buy a thousand fans for the chargers fact of the year in san diego as speaker of this precursor of the like of 13 with a fife new home for the raiders charterers of being proposed in the southern california town of person the fans will have their say tonight that the firm of peter believe this level and are now and the sight of nfl town hall.
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as a >> reporter: all hosted three platforms in the city is that i live their teams in st. louis and san diego for public comments that he did no lack of passion expecting the same here tonight and oakland last of these hosted by the nfl earlier this year signed a one-year lease extension listed the coliseum the embassies in all their 10 days ago she once the team distaff her the money come
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from the key operator the oakland that will be discussed tonight the meeting starts here the term of theater at 7:00 less than two hours away and must register at 51 to attend. >> pam: everyone does opinion connection get inside and have a chance to join the conversation. sofia rights of the oakland of the nfl will lose only oakland fans the football fans altogether his current year rear fence always die hard home
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as an oakland the bay needs us and we need them greater nation for life join the conversation to the john f. mr. page reader comments there. >> grant: tonight >> pam: >> grant: 0 on the tarmac were loaded passenger plane. catches plane what investigators are looking at tonight coming up that giant sinkhole on the east bay still causing problems why could be some time before things of the union city intersection get back to normal.
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man >> pam: missing went to london for business interview official said he is less seen one week ago leaving his neighborhood hotel. fans and sanchez the trader from japan last wednesday and schedule the fly home the same day he went missing if they're permitted on the plane. his family is
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currently in london to help. with the help >> pam: officials in union city finkel compare the lesson definitely to airline vesicle and of the severe while they were and then crusade ground conditions are for on alvarado boulevard their ranch in new haven street real and last week first half and the sinkhole opened up two weeks ago size. 25 by 25 the gaping hole blocked all from us will traffic the pilot and frustration for parents picking up children. >> pam: 40 a drought appears not everyone is doing the part the conserve east bay mud out with this list of water if you if his of users numbers are shocking and is alive tonight east bay
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mud headquarters in oakland with more on in other words those of us alive orlon seco brown actually doing with the work here 99% of the statement users conserving less than 1 percent who are not not just using a few extra of whole face of glassware to one yousef respect to the fickle of the custer. is limited to an average 1,000 gal. of water a day have in this place looks of green east bay mud says because this homeowners using nine times the amount of water he should be put that in perspective. if one bucket represents a thousand gallons of water this person is using almost ninth the bucket.
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"everyone should take responsibility sheriff in conservation felt like that one that. "plus much money a commodity as a matter of people are doing without up the hill was a beautiful home is also a green east bay mud says its use in nearly a thousand gallons of water a day average of eight times the length of every single day they are taxing them in the form of fines for us going over the average thousand gallons a
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day doesn't add up to much of yet more money. example one of those using 9,000 gal. and said of the 1000 year find for the two months. $1,400 east bay mud will and see how these users to the couple months see if they start decreasing if not possible east bay mud could increase the fines more of that coming up tonight. >> pam: brush fire this morning quickly grown to 60 a. from fire officials fighting the role for fire and the blaze is not threatening homes right now that the change the winds shift direction some people have still been warns they may have to evacuate to schools canceled class's air quality concern affairs at say how much has been contained.
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>> diane: warm temperatures the next couple days clear skies and continue to have that tomorrow live look at the bay bridge toll camera east bay shoreline cities a hidden valley locations nice clear skies for afternoon early evening hours to the jurors right now dealing with low 80s of the '70s for the ballet running anywhere between five degrees warmer or should be for the valley 81 and not 79 livermore pleasanton the state running three degrees warmer than seasonal average severances the 67 degrees set size platter 7:00 p.m. mostly clear skies temperatures ever '60s for the valid mid-60's for the day low sixties for the coastal regions
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10:00 p.m. tonight libraries and place 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning partly cloudy skies temperatures in the upper 50s and satellite radar image showing where that moisture is that currently long gone moved off the east will have instead is hired pressure system in turn will give us warmer temperatures like we had today clear skies and have today transition once it moves into our system that is what he felt the wind speeds. every deconditions the rest of the evening a oakland 15 of our hayward told on livermore 14 san jose 12 rathman that after. new highs ma 3:00 p.m. dealing of the valley 84 concord 83 and yet livermore 79 oakland 77 hayward severance cisco pencil mostly clear skies with the vouchers mid-70s friday another warm day site conditions following as well 82 daytime highs things cool down and the rain for sunday and how long a lasting and 70 forecast 1/5.
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the boy >> pam: 0 mother's son was shot and killed just a full high school suing the vallejo school district for negligence claims the school failed to keep her son others soon save scott spoke with an teamed mother who was filed two lawsuits. >> pam: rent video. >> reporter: stressed that was murdered person school board as well as the city and spoke with her very emotional where her son was murdered.
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clan >> reporter: main negligence and her son's death because claim. of security issues were ignored at the high school armed robbery occurred before her son's deaf.death >> reporter: killed feet away police arrested at the factory elijah accused of killing the 17 year-old we ask if it won the
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discuss the lawsuit had nothing to say. flossie filed for concerns will finally be addressed would not talk what the seeking only nominal money will ever bring back her son. >> pam: stay high school on the verge of closing parents and students fighting the trend keep an open and no secret losing weight gets more difficult as we age take a look at battling that's
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>> pam: berenson's of the high school receive letters from the company manages the school saying is terminating the contract foley spoke with family is deeply concerned about what's next/ the questions of who say they didn't fit than at any other school and at the school does go away there will be lost a grandmother one of the students shared a letter received from encore education saturday. they are the company ec manages operates synergy education project test will the company's faith that if some form of the school board the state department of education encore is terminating its contract of a
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school for the. mike or reason students' parents teachers tell us it's all about money. of the school board to figure a way this will open as of now the doors will close november 18th and the school specializes cards to dance music the student body for 200 kids about half dozen teachers. margie one of them surrounded by students including the granddaughter. "people put their heart and souls in this place see it disappear because the company came in promise the world and then took away a matter for months unacceptable." leaving >> reporter: everyone for right now all upset parents teachers and students say all the conduce to flee raise enough money to the sale of the closure go fund account and hopes people donate.
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>> pam: horrifying moments on the tarmac floated passenger jet goes up in flames another pilot saw moments before the plane caught fire next.
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>> pam: national transportation safety board is investigating why a plane caught fire a hundred people on board the video is frightening the engine fire happened today in for a while there'll florida a dozen passengers including a child being treated for injuries on person has serious burns very has the latest. 05 special
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effect of the venezuela the plane taxied to the runway a pilot on another plane fall fuel leaking, >> reporter: lives of lead in getting passengers crew off the plane. i did not claim lives and is raising questions investigators to determine was wrong. wisconsin >> pam: paul ryan floyd in the new speaker of the
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house becomes the 54th because the house of representatives winning 236 so if takes the helm with a promise the end the threat they, "as a broken the following problems adding to them that interested in laying blame not filling scores where we've been the site clean rain has served to get since 28 gain national attention that romney's running mate in 2012. the the >> pam: the motor club should out at a texas restaurant will stopped nine people dead 177 others were taken under arrest at 11 vera
5:34 pm
shows us the video. chewed out for of off-camera and above what seckel clubs bandidos reaction tell the story of the chaos horrific scene unfolds as the gunshots started exploding members were sitting on this patio some grass fire arms other weapons one biker is seen running through firing a shot toward the parking lot dozens of bikers russian side hiding in bathrooms and restaurant kitchen the john the president of the texas area chapter of the motorcycle club on the 2010 patio that they as a police
5:35 pm
interviews. club members blame rivals for starting the deadly shooting the crime scene photos of the nightmare seen bodies left hundreds of weapons all over the detained more than 2000 pages of documents from scene photos any too graphic the show surveillance video giving the most detailed accounts of what unfolded last may the police and prosecutors consistently defended the mass arrest of a hundred 77 bikers that they charged with organized collectively. "see the number of weapons recovered fitting come here to even have a good time
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they're a"said everyone" >> reporter: investigators using the piece together what happened that day five months ago the issue that one witness said the fight the gunfight at the o.k. corral. >> pam: i've had executives as out and we have the list, cheese making coming up the 545. why that wild salmon may be having lied not be so
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>> pam: study from oceania campaigns for change in the ocean 43% of salmon samples restaurants precious stores this label which the seven market of
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farmed organizations considered a sample mislabeled described as well alaskan or pacific but that dna testing indicated it was farmed that netted fish also is considered mislabeled that the species of fish incorrect. as a >> pam: guilder its more difficult to get rid of weight. if we are diligent we can be the battle haole explain how. >> reporter: she turned 50 excess of the necessity
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frustrating but inevitable for most people. middle-aged the recent study national institute . murray caused a spare tire is a hormone left untouched body a full as a gauge signaled it week. aging body does not need as many calories as the ones that there is more often growing fortune late coming out fatty foods eating less we have delayed other systems underbodies adrenal glands of fire of a slowdown reduced your hormones contributing like game. >> gabe: and keep kids safe the
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>> pam: reason east bay the public knows the middle of this list will happen to those were the big water wasters according to the authorities and ask questions final of the water district leaders have to say at the top the hour. >> pam: ash emissions-executive force the apple tech. guy who jr. vice president he million dollars in salary plus per year
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another 70 million in stock options. seven $3 million a year the top paid female executives running out top five yahoos see over sf their peak ceo kate spade chief creative officer we want to show parents how the contract there sugar traders gave the choses out by using phones and keep tabs on their kids as they venture out this saturday night he died of applications to your kids don't vote that entry number e-mail address to get access to track them when they go for the evening by the bar to activate the location for
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>> pam: officer costume your photographs sent in also make an honor down of the kron 4 publications in your photograph and other reported to have for some after our website we also have a gallery all these wonderful holy pictures bogdan kron4news-dot-com >> diane: into ventures in invocations clear skies all-around as well including around golden gate bridge area of clouds later on this evening for the most part mostly clear skies tonight to the jurors right now over '70s for the valley's 79 and yet conquered livermore pleasanton. they shoreline cities between the '70s mid-70s richmond. 66 fought for san francisco 50 daly city wednesday pitiful bit because the transition of high ridge pressure system in place he was the warmth of the chair is in clear skies and i have
5:49 pm
been sealed fate of just a little bit it off our oakland fifth. gene heyward and 16 mi. an hour half moon bay 12, livermore and what's ahead for you into tomorrow noon time to arrive by 9:00 p.m. clear skies for the valley 64 the bayside 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and then the temperature is 52 to 56 at valley by noon times and conditions of the warm things up again try conditions in the nevada location the state's shoreline cities as well and then celebrate our image from the moisture in the skies everything we dealt with brought light rain showers yesterday long gone of dudley's irish pressure system over the region and once we do that we pick up a bit clearer skies dry conditions tablatures selling of more normal 5 degrees warmer in
5:50 pm
and buy locations 3 degrees warmer they said cities from the coast. skies in place molester to lunch the other system of to the north of us that will drop down pacific northwest. was that makes its way into a region sunday monday that only another chance of light rain showers that forecast 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning when you wake up mid-50s for the valley for fifties is well for the bayside cities may fifties for san francisco and its location 5 peninsula 78 degrees in over the bayside cities here loewy's 80 family and joe a fremont and then richmond at 75 degrees east bay shoreline finland locations mid- 80s and then will be too warm we will be dealing with temperatures slightly warm colors guy clear step should say no. they city's 82 and then moving over the south bay as well live clear skies average 81 nice dry conditions. halloween
5:51 pm
and then sunday a slight chance of rain slight chance of rain showers come monday. that clear by tuesday next week >> pam: some breaking news to bring you this is happening in southern california a live picture crews battling a huge fire a soft cloth and the laws recycling yard. the intense flames the thick black smoke in the side the work on hot started whether or not there any injuries to report to keep an eye on this fire and updates as they become a baleful. in southern california. >> pam: national chocolate there was this week that anyone needs an excuse to eat chocolate vickie says she certainly does not insights cavendish is dedicated to the chocoholics >> reporter: wait for the box of
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chocolates valentine's day sugar trading the chocolate a day keeps the doctor left chris of net but as a chocolatier he makes these peaceful and san francisco something bill free oil bolivian chocolate process
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of protecting orangutans bringing new award winning chocolate. here's a truck with something that seems so bad 070 sofa good. >> pam: up fiancee says she'll never do again next i don't want to live with
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>> pam: hollywood mother's telling us in confessing everything they're just like the rest of us. >> reporter: about wait for anyone even beyonce is a very touchy such subjects .. all women including most famous mom held to a very high standard during pregnancy. and after. the
5:57 pm
mother of two molly finn revealed her weight gain became a health concern. beyonce did have a lot of time a scheduled show month after give birth never do again everyone is supposed to be the same. the matter what happens worth it in the end and so much more that seven. >> pam: lawns in the east bay
5:58 pm
properties-analyst as water geezers tonight at 6 halt a water official gets these
5:59 pm
>> pam: and now on the fourth year of drought has lisa see in the video hookup the partnership not everyone is getting the conservation message apparently are ignoring
6:00 pm
it. water users in the east they conserve and some are not in a large degree there is a new list of water of users again join us live east bay mud headquarters of the details excessive user is going way over the limit not just little but a and nine times over. >> reporter: holes greenlawn been used to be a cause for concern no end in sight for the drought this raises a red flag and for good reason this home on wayne ave example is using nine times the amount they should be the mod customer's limited to an average of 1,000 gal. a day for this person is using almost
6:01 pm
9,000 gal.. >> reporter: we spoke with art in serving bowl like this excessive overuse. the hill behind this gate fees they says this homeowner as using an average 8,000 gal. of water a day eight times the limit their finding customers for excessive use even those at the top the
6:02 pm
list of being fined less than $1,500 that could change. the wait-and-see and have looked at these users and another two months have the see if the water use has dropped if not that will add fuel the fire tower possibly raise fines./ >> pam: i'll and tahoe a welcome sight for reassesses video coming down yesterday the top the mountain is covered with snow a good sign that resort staff says that the ski area needs another 6 in. 40 open and might just get next week the forecast calls for full temperatures and the resort uses
6:03 pm
snowmaking machines but it needs to lower temperatures so snow does not melt everyone knows we need the snow and rain a look at the draft letter today and check if california is in the dark red meat exceptional drought category the bay area as an extreme drought indicated by a light red area of the staff complete drug coverage as a click away kron4news-dot-com we of an entire section dedicated california historic drop you see who's in the bay area using too much water plus a look at how they area cities prepare for the upcoming amino how the drought is causing water to face a will govern and some bay area cities kron4news-dot-com >> diane: >> diane: light rain showers come sunday to monday and expect
6:04 pm
a wateriness how the system similar to what we have the past couple days the weather system bringing light rain showers in the area for now warm temperatures clear skies next couple days ago looked at some numbers right now to that splattered 7:00 p.m. clear skies 68 for the valley 57 for the day 62 for the coast 10:00 p.m. flight breeze in place averaging 8 mi. an hour 10 mi. an hour fellows should stay with us throughout the evening we transition to tomorrow high- pressure gives off of what of warm temperatures finland via allocations clear skies all- around. the normal >> diane: you try ppm in the afternoon for the '80s 83 and yak 84 pleasanton livermore and again this is between five to seven degrees warmer for which should be this time of year and many east bay shoreline cities 77 for a word 79 oakland
6:05 pm
fremont 80 degrees and then 76 for severances good daytime highs 74 daly city 83 for the north they the weekend forecast friday a threes' saturday 82 clear skies halloween afternoon and evening as well and that a change of sunday with a chance of light rain the temperature is dropping in the '70s how long that lasts in the seventh forecast coming. up to >> pam: on that news and weather download the kron 4 mobile application #1 source for news and weather in the bay area. >> pam: of the on the average of shigella bacteria that sickened almost too under customers' popular restaurant earlier this month sackler this the department of health says that the tests show all but one food handler tested negative for and the department believes the individual who did test
6:06 pm
positive contracted the disease as a result of the a break not the cause of it. "not having a smoking guy what caused the outbreak we know the outbreak stemmed from this restaurant take necessary action to ban and protect public. what are >> pam: often than not the source of contamination is never found the number of cases and thus stands at 191 the restaurant this still closed. >> pam: one-year-old he confessed the of killing his former girlfriend tried the turn himself and earlier this week turned away hugo accused of
6:07 pm
strangling fatally stabbing 27 year-old castro into the jail on monday and told a worker there he the location of a body never said he was the one who committed the crime told the go to the san jose police department to report the crime he was later arrested for arraignment on murder charges yesterday in the back in court in november. three jet >> pam: does accuse the two murders back in court accused of killing and robbing interest that the offending ever feel that their pasts and they were not allowed in the courtroom today they will be in the future it's moving slowly because the fed has been difficult for the court to assign the suspects' lawyers qualified to handle death penalty cases and the trio will be back in court to enter pleas of first-degree murder charges man for allegedly attempting to kidnap a girl and an act now out
6:08 pm
of jail dissidents attorney's office says that it will not be filing charges due to lack of evidence for marine went to the victims' school parents staff are outraged by that decision. >> reporter: today credited with rescuing a low girl said to me on her way and to seven elementary fact talked to her she was crying and to upset the talk on camera >> reporter: on her way to the center elementary she saw a 11 year-old female student walking acting strangely she confronted the man identified by police 51 year-old fontina though salazar block his truck with her car got the child out called police salazar was arrested and jailed
6:09 pm
then released for lack of evidence parises staff are angry and confused staff of this will read that the garden and shall we love you wednesday a luncheon held in her honor those here say she is still their hero. >> reporter: not make themselves available during an interview today did not allow the prosecutor who of the crimean it to go on camera either did talk to the prosecutor over the phone cannot go in detail about the case he wanted to protect the growth privacy after
6:10 pm
reviewing the case talking all the witnesses there was simply not enough evidence to show that salazar had committed any kind of crime he did say he applauds the teacher's aide said it was his fifth involve he'd want her to do the exact same thing. renee >> pam: action sounding off on the potential move to los angeles nfl is hosting a town hall meeting tonight to allow fans to give 2¢ about a possible relocation the southern california it starts and an hour as the paramount theater downtown oakland to were fully is alive tonight with reaction from the fans have this town hall from sure it still be lively. >> reporter: that's what we are expecting there is no shortage of passing some to the reader no plans inside the theater anything like it's been out
6:11 pm
here than we should expect some fireworks tonight raiders fans take part in tonight's public hosted by the nfl their holding in the city set the possibly lose the team of loss angeles and have a chance to let the nfl commissioner executive team the silver and black factions stay and play with something positive the team would be devastating if they left. "we suffered too long here 10 + years and we deserve our team in oakland we want to win with trophies had. >> reporter: the raiders at one- year lease extension expires after this season for happens as a possible move for the carson.
6:12 pm
>> pam: ask the fans and faced a page with philatelic the nfl if they got a chance the speak and hear a few of the responses yen posted we just toss the lawyers to san francisco if we lose the raiders to l a we will impeach the mayor of oakland and the fans will always be diehard our home as an oakland the bay needs us we need them greater nation for life and if the oakland raiders' move nfl as guy lives not only oakland fans football fans altogether if view of the sound off had to the face the page. >> pam: they hear sports director gary joins us at 645 with a complete wrapup of today
6:13 pm
and sports. hollings today is the way and we check in with one bay area store costumes are flying off the shelves holiday season is also a writer on the corner retailers are already starting to hire seasonal workers a plane burst into flames with passengers on board find out where after the break
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>> pam: sales of stores all across the bay area and to raise the" customs flying off the shelves. . >> reporter: will i wear silly scary often the dilemma of deciding on a howling costume in the superstore also seems to be an extra element of excitement this year hellene the saturday and are rushing to that notion the school the day to kick back
6:17 pm
and get a lot can be if you choose so many choices would think is most popular this year a clue with a cape crusader if he gets super heroes your right off in the super hero when out the door this year minyan of very hot the costume. how will >> pam: scary for pets strangers knocking at the door may frighten nearer foreleg friend they have tips for pet owners is halloween the leader of hats in the yard he let pumpkins candles away from
6:18 pm
animals should retreat candy is not talk that poisonous to a number of animals they send us pictures of the costumes sabrina sent this one and her baby celebrating its first helene but the star wars cost to and clark the dressing up as an inch of this year finally summoned the this picture of her daughter celebrating her first halloween adorable the costume just perfect keep the pictures coming scary q. one of see them download the kron 4 mobile of vacation and click on the reported to have buffaloed pictures holiday season gets closer retailers are beginning to boost their staffing ranks and the academy her employment rate changes in consumer habits prompting some changes to wave to find those jobs this year care explain. >> reporter: your holiday
6:19 pm
shopping before you do on our washington boutiques preparing for the holiday rush for months including staffing the strategy is similar for large chains container store holiday items already on the sales floor washington d.c. area the hiring process started in september retailers need higher roughly the same levels as last year outplacement firm expect retailers at 755,000 seasonal employees to payroll drop in the
6:20 pm
unemployment rate mean stores already wealth that also fewer americans may be looking for part-time holiday jobs and shifting consumer have it's changing the amazon will boost holiday hiring 25 percent over last year 400,000 new position more than macy plans for target 70 wal-mart 60 holes 69,000 in central new jersey district manager says seasonal fires may forget distribution centers other areas that support online of orders.
6:21 pm
>> diane: skies wednesday pitiful little over nine hours and then temperature is anywhere between 71 guy locations and yet 79 pleasanton 79 livermore 73 east bay shoreline cities made up for six days 68 oakland 67 hayward and richmond 75 in san francisco pencil location 66 currently right now sampras's the half moon bay of 63 the wind speeds pick up all little that nothing to crazy there it will die down in the overnight hours a hayward fault for cochrane as well 15 for san jose and 15 for half moon bay felucca had 9:00 p.m. most the clear skies and temperatures between 70645 they inland valleys 63 for the base
6:22 pm
7:00 a.m. partly cloudy conditions tomorrow morning around noon mostly sunny skies gradually warming things of finland allocations by noontime and then celebrate are no rain in the forecast for now we do have high ridge pressure system giving us warmer temperatures clear skies for the next couple days including helene de what will change is that the system coming up pacific northwest's traffic on to our region that gives us a lot of hausen place and also another chance of light rain showers, that in the monday and highs in locations daytime highs for o'clock in the afternoon 75 degrees and over across the richie's they shoreline cities 79 union city 81 castro valley berkeley's 75 fremont 8 degrees in the bilocation clear skies in the afternoon hours and then also high clots in place in the afternoon as well the temperatures will be between 8385 on average in moving down the no. 8 i should say scattered
6:23 pm
cloud center from the valley the problem there clears up by 7:00 and then the daytime highs 81 san jose morgan hill 83 1/7 forecast for you nice warm dry temperatures tomorrow track conditions next couple of days saturday helene an average their aid to daytime highs 78 they said city's 72 close origins and should be nice trecker trader saturday night and then sunday monday there the hardcover or talk about such entering sunday monday and that clears up five midweek of next. >> pam: plane bursts into flames with passengers on board and later house republicans have a new leader paul ryan plans to end the gridlock and the nation's capital
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
>> pam: and fire caused the versed in the flames won under passengers on board a dozen passengers including a child being treated for burns flatly nil lives lost and the fire happened before the flight was scheduled the takeoff for venezuela a pilot from another plane noticed fuel leaking from the jet and was able to alert the cruise before the plane tipoff if everyone off the plane within 90 seconds of that is what the regulations require 90 seconds that have the doors being unusable. >> pam: back in september british airways plane caught fire at the karen national airport 13 people sent the hospital with minor injuries and the ntsb says that some sort of
6:27 pm
breaking even saw the plane's engines start that fire at 630 jabber addressing his critics i'll lackluster performance than the latest republican debate fancy you cannot stop was learning more about he exchange in the 49 are locker room or con capper neck. will be here at 645 and that our top story tonight east bay mud releases more names of people using too much water during this trial
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
and it >> reporter: list of water user of users and these are people or not conserve and not just a little bit over the limit way overloaded. how much right now east fame while a single family homeowners to use a thousand gallons of water a day those of using are using something 9,000 gal. a day they do fine excessive water users and say the fines could go off if east bay mud things people are not getting the message.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: at the time and yet police say 51 santucci ago salazar lure the low growth and now a prosecutor says after reviewing not enough evidence to show any kind of crime occurred. >> reporter: get local restaurant's second lowest two injured people fled test results include one food handler a tourist office and one #three tested positive for shigella thought to of contracted the disease as a result of the of break not the cause of that all the other food handlers tested negative investigators still believe the restaurant is the source of the of rick so far they've not been able to track down the rest remains closed and san jose they could possibly
6:32 pm
share a stadium with the san diego chargers raiders fans want the raiders to stay and we learn more. >> pam: the dust has settled and melissa g. ohrid presidential debate. several polls fall trump has the strongest performance last night and political experts say he showed a sophomore presidential side during the nbc debate he refrain from personal attacks those said that made him look more presidential than former gov. judd appears to be the big loser last night's debate fell less now say his campaign has on life-support said bush address those critics
6:33 pm
in october of four years ago in the front runner for a republican nomination eight years ago of a 26 points on known state senator of canada to voice their frustration house see nbc conducted the debate they say the debate should focus on more sensitive issues skip the-questions and provide canada with equal speaking time new leadership of the nation's capital. paul ryan takes over the speaker house of representatives. as states airports a tough job ahead.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: 43 the house of representatives went to madrid 36 votes. takes a promise and and putting back the hut work of house and congress. he gave credit to john vander he pushed through last in a budget deal to avoid another government shutdown leaving ryan for the start of a clean slate. he is serving congress since they did 28 national attention that romney's running mate in 2012.
6:35 pm
>> diane: close dies long pencil locations was the clearest has eased a shoreline cities of the locations overnight lows 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning upper 50s for the valley and east bay shoreline cities mid-50s sentences: the finance locations afternoon ppm for another round of warm temperatures the valley 83 and yak 84 livermore pleasanton east bay shoreline cities that upper '70's even 80s here fremont's moreau 80 degrees hayward 77 richmond 74 fat francisco
6:36 pm
averaging 76 degrees and then weakened forecast friday 83 sunny skies saturday also warm and dry conditions saturday including eating hours clears as well and sunday is the game changer live. what clause and place i'll let such as of rain sunday leads in the early monday morning. otherwise things will become calm and clear the next couple days of low pressure system a little clouds unfair. venture was the chance of rain for sunday. >> pam: some diabetics worry about participating in sports because of the possibility for low blood sugar was a kid at not letting that stop him
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
>> pam: and the dog owners to take steps to a popular beach some say this dog was poisoned by a dangerous drug. ever what we don't especially for young diabetics help stabilize blood sugar levels. >> reporter: 18 year-old one
6:40 pm
more thing to play insulin pump. type 1 diabetes in which the body ceases to produce insulin lifetime of carefully monitoring voyage several levels and then injecting the proper amount of insulin matter what the sport main goal is the same prevent hypoglycemia low blood sugar when severe can be fatal to prevent this type be the experts recommend at least check whatever the level of before during after game activities and i have hiked high-growth carbohydrate snacks know the symptoms of hypoglycemia filling of
6:41 pm
competitiveness sportsmanship that than the game appreciating each other and having fun. >> pam: 10 vernon davis clears the air by the reported argument he had in the locker room and raiders charles wilson nfl award for the fifth time in his career carry has that all this forthcoming effort
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>> gary: evening everyone on your toolings five losses everyone the media's on youth and on the new store every day lives look over vernon and all one rumble blaming cabinet for the 49ers he got into a fist
6:45 pm
fight joe staley davison denied any of this and here is talking today was going on and the locker room. walesa there is a huge ball that we ever had any issues to do a great job keeping everyone together >> gary: to the opening of some of the art exhibits he skulks
6:46 pm
warning everyone become well- rounded. an accountant don't dance to this account became a guy thing be so many things. nisei thing now associate producer awful relentless hunt him yesterday. nine people on my side the rope and a box of someone else's name cassettes somehow a box of all sent to me and of an pentad china who opened a friend of mine.
6:47 pm
the hot >> gary: remember it never remember flying deft ball with you charles olson hall of fame afc defensive player fifth
6:48 pm
time his career. and he's a great player no one had ever performed better in the secondary controls wilson the raiders against the jets sunday in oakland at 1 05 the giants' off-season maters coming up brinnin crawford nominated for golden glove best fielder your position brandon felt the first- time finalist will suppress year and then met duffy is beginning to call so the giants well representative joe panic at the infield did not recall the days again not the winners here the other finalists third time
6:49 pm
vilest one back in 2012 senate re the pitcher can do this thing as well in the a's a pretty good the franchise record federal budget which feature the season with 37 winners announced on november 10th john manley a mutual decision with the daughters manager of miami marlins he and the dodgers should hand their ego john manley of their managers but going to the national and the green thumb the padre's the lawyers practicing in houston test maronite james hardin like howard the rocket fuel ago first road trip of the year the warriors last year met the rockets a very fickle conference final in five games and the fourth and on the when
6:50 pm
the whole thing interim coach lee fulton. you never"no blood as it suited up vertigo. >> gary: people not be on the scene as well. lukewarm opening night when steve gets credit for that and in texas than of a credit the alicea check box. >> gary: a kid the things you were and host toronto wearing those november 17th for july released back in the '60s the lawyers to the jersey won eight times this season and a coating
6:51 pm
that yet to promote the gun sunday night. j r funny out how valuable he is taking this one off and find out if he'd been carrying and of course high- school football game of pictures and then take care of business back to the star. >> pam: the weekend almost year back with a halloween forecast
6:52 pm
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>> pam: today uber delivery service across 55 states. $3 delivered for 15 difficult time. must fill out a questionnaire for the and of their colleagues are allergic to set back into the of the 13 adoption of more than 20 cat. brennan episode of the reality show back story this sunday. 930 right after sports night live
6:55 pm
and the full hour unattended news is on the way that insider followed by entertainment tonight at 730 than back with kron 4 news. formed to >> diane: amateurism-'80s helene evening nice clear skies low as 70 degrees trigger treaters halloween and thus less chance iran again sunday monday >> pam: stay in touch kron4news- dot-com
6:56 pm
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the "insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversati >> trump and carson were quiet last night. >> was trump not to be star? >> i don't know what you mean i think i did v well. >> but the polls say otherwise. donald debuts a kinder, gentler trump. >> nee say you're promoting hate. >> i promote love. i promote love. >> is all love lost? we're inside the trum then, did khloe ban lamar's dad from the hospital? >> they won't let me see my son. >> while caitlyn jenner is >> plus our moms get real on pregnancy afbaby. >> with my first pregnancy i gained 85 pounds. i had a bash thyroid >> then josh and fergie are officially halloween's king and queen.
7:00 pm
>> i just remember those were like spandex. >> we're throwing back to the most spooktacular cost and lovely lady lumps. >> look at those beautiful eyes on her. now hollywood from the inside out. it's the "insider" together with yahoo! another day, another kardashian controversy. as khloe reveals she will always be there for lamar, his dad claims that khloe won't let him see lamar in the hospital. that's got to be tough. >> that's a complicated relationship. we'll get to that. first, let's start with the fireworks or lack thereof from last night's gop presidential debate in colorado. that's where we saw a different side of the donald. we're not used to seeing a subdued one. everybody talking about the trump train losing steam, let's go inside the trump s >> you toned it down since the first debate. >> not trying to. i've created tens of thousands of jobs. in all due respect, and actually some of these folks i like a lot.


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