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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 30, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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. denny's. welcome to america's diner. 35 seasons of leading the way in entertainment news. all month long "e.t." is celebrating the the stories, the moments that made history, broke our hearts, and made us soar. hi, every i'm mary hart. and this is "entertainment tonight." >> i'm stunned. i don't get it. >> oprah on being a by the man a tabloid claims is her secret son. >> i want to talk to her. >> he's talking and so is she only to "e.t.." >> the whole thing setup. >> their emotional path. >> and the taylor swift sexually assaulted. her new lawsuit a man she says groped her.
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>> and three big exclusives. >> i'm still always going to be a diva in certain ways. >> on s with mariah, the director. talking love and kids. >> i think they're causing a little havoc. >> plus, the clooneys adopt -- a new dog. meet their bundle of joy as only we can take you to the top secret sest his project. >> and heidi klum shows off her new tranceformation. >> i'll be wearing a lot, it just won't be a lot of clothes. >> now in our 35th season this is "entertainment tonight." welcome, everybody. now in our 35th season. we cann possibly imagine kicking off this month long celebration without mary hart. welcome, mary. >> thank you, nancy. it is always so great to be home with you guys. >> it would not be an entertainment tonight without this woman righhere. >> that's right. and mary, we have so much to talk about. your memories of hosting the show for 29 years. >> and that will be my pleasure. just a few memories, but you know what "e.t." does
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best, deliver entertainment news to kevin. let's get on with it. >> let's go. in tonight's top story, oprah winfrey gets set up in a tabloid ambush. >> oprah with her handout to say hello. a kind touch on thechest. but what oprah didn't know is that stage was a setup after a recent appearance with colbert, a tabloid araged for confrontation between oprah and the man the tabloid is calling her secret son. good headline just not the truth. i spoke with oprah on the phone this morning. >> he never was son. he was a child i befriended. i moved the entire family out o the projects. i got his mother a job. i tried to put him in different schools. he refused. and i said i'm now done. i did have a son at 14. that son was a who died. and i would have to say if i was a son, i'd be looking for me, too. i'd be like, momma, what
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happened? >> she tried to help me help myself and my heart i wante talk to her because we never saidgood-bye. >> oprah told me she first met calvin more than 20 years ago, in fact, ooest was on the set of the tv movie where it happened. >> i befriended a number of the children. and one little named calvin was standing on the steps and said oh, gee calvin, where do you live? and he said that he lived i building that we were shooting in which was a pretty run down building. i mean i wanted to weep. >> it really bothered that i loved her. >> actually as i left and looking so upset, so i said to somebody on my team, will somebody get calvin's number? so that, you know, we can con -- i can contact him later? i didn't realize the whole thing was a setup. and then when i found out that whole thing was a setup, i was no longer interested in speaking to him. >> does it hurt? wouldn't say hurt. i wouldn't go so far as to be hurt. disappointe yeah. i was like, wow.
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whoa. that's what happened. >> i'm sorry t happened you to. i'm glad we can clarify it a little bit. >> yeah. i wanted to share it with you. i knew you would get it straight. your agenda is to ge truth, not just to make up a story. that' wanted to share it with you. >> we appreciate you sharing it with us, oep rachlt. >> first thing you said when you walked in the meeting, going to call oprah and get to the bottom of this. >> get it straight from her. i asked her experience made her not want to help people anymore? she said it her more careful. it has changed how she helps other people. that good thing, meaning she learned something from it. we know oprah is not going to stop helping people. >> never. let's move on. taylor was she groped? she is saying legal action against a radio deejay who she claimed touch inappropriately when they pose fo -- posed for pictures together. >> swift is striking back in a counter suit, the singer claims she was sexually assaulted before this denver concert at a
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meet and greet in 2013 by radio deejay david mueller. "e.t." has the papers and they're pretty detailed. the lawsuit reads mueller did not brush his hand against miss swift while posing for the forecast, he lifted her skirt and groped her. it goe to claim the singer was surprised, upset, offended and alarmed. then had to go play a show for 13,000 people. >> i it this lawyers, judge, and any potential jury is going to really want to know why didn't she make a police report at the time this occurred? >> the legal drama dates to september when mueller filed a suit against swift claiming he was fired from his job based false allegations he groped her. >> here's the issue she is being sued and is using this as a defense or legitimate claim against him. either way, it starts counter balancing the issues before the jury. >> here's the thing. taylor says she wins any money from this lawsuit, she will donate it to charitable organizations that protect women. >> well, have more big, i
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mean big news. george aamal have adopted. it's the clooneys have added to the family. >> yeah, they v and she has cutest, floppiest ears you've ever seen. michelle turner has storty. >> she was just here 15, 20 days. she has brown eye that's just won't quit. >> talk about moving on you're begging for food outside a los angeles restaurant and then you're adopted by the most famous couple on the planet. hollywood ending for millie and her new mom and da george and amal. >> >> what do they love? >> she is a love bug. cindy is the board president at the society. imagine the shock when she walked through the door.
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this is clooney's third dog. george adopted einstein from a shelter. he's a cocker spaniel mix and george ma famous in this omega shelter. >> they said we have to show you folks you ad >> he said this will be viral, certainly. but it's okay. go ahead. >> plenltd moty more of george tonight. >> we're all exclusive behind the scenes with mariah carey. we got that choice assignment. mariah have a reputation of being a diva and that is all right with her. >> i'm still always going to be a diva in certain ways. i don't mean that in a bad sense of the word. i just mean there is a makeup artist there and they don't mind touching me up while i'm directing. >> leave it to her to direct on her own terms in her own movie. >> why not just be yourself and integrate inno -- it's a new --
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it's a new start for mereally. >> part of mariah's new start is her relationship with australian billionaire james packer. >> we also saw you and james packer making your red carpet debut. >> i don't think either one of us felt like here we are making a debut. i mean he's not guy. >> you're still used to the red carpet. attention and flashes. how did james do with all that? >> it was a lot for him. >> did you try to give him any tips? >> i mean if, i did that, i would have to coach him instead of posing. i would have looked bad. >> the feedba you as a director is genuinely l through the roof. >> here's the thing. i've been directing, like, so much of my own work for a really long time. ♪ >> "e.t." was on set in 1995 asthma rye as mariah got the first directing honor for"fantasy." >> it's just get the results that i want.
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>> now she's directing and starring in christmas melody for hallmark channel and she seems star struck over her co-star in the movie. >> how much did you love lacy? >> she's the best. we're sitting here. we have worn pink on wednesday. you know about th wednesday i wore pink. >> on wednesdays we wear pink. >> i'm obsessed with it. you have no idea. >> i saw the two of you and your kids running around and climbing all over theirmommy. >> yeah, they're causing a little havoc on the set. i'm tr they're only 4. i love whether they come to visit me on set. but i get a little bit concerned as to what going to say. they have no filter and they'll say anything. >> mariah is al hosting a big halloween bash this weekend and we have an exclusive invite inside. we'll have that for you on monday. while we have to wait for her christmas movie, tomorrow we're taking you b to a holiday comedy classic. >> "home alone" 25 later. >> it's a different lifetime
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ago. >> the screams. >> stepping on the christmas ornaments. >> the cast then and now. our look back on the set. >> cut, cut, cut. >> tomorrow on "e.t.." >> great stuff. and next tonight, see gwyneth get wind blown reese gets to land up and her woman of the year honor with caitlyn jenner. >> and nobody does a halloween costume like heidi klum. >> there were a lot of guys running around. right now t miami dolphins take on the patriots on cbs tonight. and here's little tom brady throwback thursday. >> i think i'd rather be ♪
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shoot. rumor is that generaler is the honor. >> we're prour cov. >> we have so many talented women on this issue. >> v beckham and the u.s. women's soccer team are amongsts the ladies that will be celebrated by amy schumer carnegie hall. >> and fin clooney's costume. >> for halloween this year, i'm going to be the ultimate male fantasy. >> pretty sure she doesn't need any help. there butheidi's fright night looks are legend airy. it will take nine hours for her to get ready and a lot of pros spetices. >> i have to be casted from he to toe. because there will be a lot of body parts. and the cast process, you know, took about four hours to do. you said my ears were elephant ears. i didn't know i had big ears. >> she was teaming wi a company for the hot ticket halloween party. if you want an invite, be warned. >> you have to have a real outfit. otherwise, you won't get in. >> i have to find costume now. >> that's the real deal.
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>> totally. so what is heidi's costume? she let us in on the secret. we can't spoil it. >> coming up, drinky buddies george clooney and danny devito together again. >> we have drank wine together. >> i knew it was the last seven lemon chellos that would get me. >> then i'm sitting down with mary hart, reliving 30 years of amazing "e.t." exclusives. >> you go rehearse and i'll you later. >> "e.t." seemed to m backstage so nervous and sofrail. who moved her the most? and what about the famous legs? who moved her the most? and what about the famous legs? that is next. closed captioning provided by --
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right now, our george
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clooney exclusive. it's the actor's first u.s. commercial on set with another jokester, danny devito. >> one of us was dressed as dictator. i don't want to point fingers. >> let's do one more. got that part because of the hat. it fit me. it didn't fit him. >> we will a great time doing a lot of stuff. we have drunk wine together. we had sushi together. we've gone to the art gallery. we had a lot of fun on that. and we always have fun whenever we're together. >> we were doing shots of lemon that's all i can say on the set. >> you can barely remember. >> the drinking buddies had a night in and out 2006 before danny showed up tipsy on "the view >> danny has been out partying all night with -- telthem. i'm so jealous. >> george. >> clooney! >> yeah. >> no, i knew it was the seven lemoncellos that were going to get me. >> every time we into each
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other, we have a good time, george and i. we always have fun. >> make sure you tune in tomorrow. we're going to show you the finished product of their coffee commercial. >> as you know, mary hart has come back to help us celebrate our 35th anniversary and i'd like to call this the house that mary built. well, let's take a look back at some of the ground breaking moments of mary's 29 years a host of "entertainmenttonight." >> i'm mary hart for "entertainment tonight." we are on the red carpet. oscar turns 81. hi, everybody, i'm mary >> here we go. the oscars and "e.t.." >> you go rehearse i'll see you later. okay. >> it was 1964 when we first met. ♪ chestnuts roasting on an open fire ♪ >> you're hired. >> this is as much as we talked about. >> meet a handsome dude. >> the perfect fairytale happening before our eyes >> no one does it better than
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you. >> the biggest compliment i'v heard over and over is, mary, i feel like you're part of my family at dinner >> well, i'm still getting teary eyed. >> it's fun to look back on all of those fun interviews, great experiences, great locations. >> does it feel like it was yesterday when you watch it? >> a lot of it do >> well not the first couple. >> hello, i'm mary hart. i'm straight out o teaching school. >> michael jackson. what was that experience like? >> it was extraordinary. and he seemed to me backstage so nerv and so frail and so quiet. i thought how he turn into michael jackson? >> who wo say out of everybody that you viciniinterv touched your heart the most? >> it is certainly those people that came us to at the show and me specifically to reveal some heartbreaking news.
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whether it was it was this woman. >> i want th best -- >> or it was richard prior who prior to that was the most difficult interviews on planet. >> and christopher reeve. >> nobody was more courageous or battled more fiercely an believed so strongly that he could overturn thatparaly >> i would like to walk b my 50th birthday. >>s so is there anybody out of everybody that you interviewed that you got star struck? >> for it was the movie stars i had grown up watching. when i interviewed dsht olucill. >> what do you feel is the significance of the emmy? >> the significance the emmy? it's the epitome. the emmy is the crowning glory.
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>> are your legs still insured? >> i doubt >> back in the , her legs were insured for $1 million each. >> they said we have to be more nude looking. so they built a woodendesk. the producers and executive producers put us behind a desk and started getting mail. i never dreamed all these years later people would remember that storey. but it lives on. >> what you would say you miss the most? i miss the camaraderie. you know, went through marriages, births, deaths -- >> speaking of that, going through a birth. it was a special birth we went through, your son a.j. >> i got the best christmas present in the world. meet baby sugarman. she doesn't have a name yet. and he's just so much fun. >> how adorable. >> i can't believe he's almo 24 now.
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let's talk a little bit about life now. you've been very busy. >> life just so i've continued my work with children's hospital. i'm on a couple of other boards. so life is good. >> but i will say, that's it. i have had the wonderful opportunity of making appearances on the sitcoms called "babydaddy". >> who is the tall glass of wow? >> always a pleasu see you. and now i want you to do something for me. we're going to have much more coming up. but i need you to do something that i know know how to do and that is to introduce the birthdays for me. >> well, of course i will. see if i can still do that. know you can. >> which celebrity was named after the city in which they born? is it bristol wi yoena rider or carson daily? the answer is next in the "e.t
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will you give us the answer to tonight's "e.t." birthday? >> i have an answer. which celebrity was named after the city in which they were born? that would be wi yo rider who today turns 34. she was born in wynona, minnesota. >> how cool is we have one more thing before we let you go. because later this month we're going to be handing out the first ever entertainment tonight icon awards to the stars who have captivated "e.t." audiences throughout the years. >> w comes to "e.t." there is no one who deserve this is honor more than you do. >> oh, my gosh. i'm humbled and very privileged to present to our good friend and someone we love dearly, mary hart, our first ever icon award. >> oh, my gosh. you you did take me by surprise
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totally! anniversary! >> thank you, mary. thank you for being here us with. >> icon. i love it. >> you make it so much more special. >> good-bye, everybody. the "insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversati >> trump and carson were quiet last night. >> was trump not to be star? >> i don't know what you mean i think i did v well. >> but the polls say otherwise. donald debuts a kinder, gentler trump. >> nee say you're promoting hate. >> i promote love. i promote love. >> is all love lost? we're inside the trum then, did khloe ban lamar's dad from the hospital? >> they won't let me see my son. >> while caitlyn jenner is celebrating two milestones. >> plus our moms get real on pregnancy afbaby. >> with my first pregnancy i gained 85 po


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