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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> pam:>>: the number of peoplet were hurt and injured. >> pam: at eleven. the latest on the investigation from san bernandino. more on the shooters. the victims and we hear the chilling recollections from the first police officer to arrive at the crime scene. plus, scores of people take to the streets of san francisco tonight to protest - what's being called -excessive force - in the killing of a young man in the bayview district.
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>> pam: plus. hundreds of people are remembering those 14- victims who lost their lives. with candle light vigils. as tonight. we are also learning more about those victims. each a story of a life lived. and lost. good evening everyone. i'm pam moore. it has been a puzzling 24-hours. as investigators are still trying to pin down a motive. c-n-n's pamela brown. explains what is now known about the two suspects. >>: he was not on our radar or former agency. >> reporter: he raised concerns with one win next. >>: we did receive reports that he left the party angry. >> reporter: he later returned
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to attack. he was trying his hand in the restroom. >>: i felt like gulls getting pummeled well was dry enhance. i was bleeding from my temple and minos. >> reporter: one reason they failed that it said more thee nee dispute. they found a lot of weapons. >>: we can tell that there was obviously a mission but we don't know why. >> reporter: cnn found out that he traveled to saudi arabia in 2013 . that story he met his
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wife. >>: i have no idea why he did that. >> pam: and now we turn our attention to the fourteen victim's who were killed during yesterday's tragic events. kron four's justine waldman tells us about each of them. >>: she was the youngest. >>: >>: he ran the coffee shop in mainland center. >> reporter: nickel from the page for woodall. >> reporter: michael was 37 with
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60 children he was an environmental specialist. >> reporter: there is also a 27 year-old claiborne. >> reporter: here is remembered as a kind of man. >> reporter: 40 robert shows his face book full of pictures of him and other baby. >> reporter: the oldest is 60 year-old. all 14 victims from to soon >> pam: our coverage continues online at kron-4-dot-com.
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you can also download the kron four news app. to get the lastest on the san bernardino shooting as well as other breaking news. we will also have the latest. on the kron four morning show starting at four a-m. >> pam: security has been stepped up at the muslim community center in santa clara. and at many mosques across the country. in the wake of the southern california shooting rampage. the executive director of the bay area council on american- islamic relations, says, their community is as stunned as the rest of the nation. she has concerns about a backlash of anti- muslim sentiment. not unlike what followed the recent terrorist attacks in paris. zahra billoo says, the organization is receiving hate - filled e-mails. blaming muslims and islam. for the bloodshed in san bernardino. and points to the front page of today's new york post as a further example >>: the in the urine courses the
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largest in new york and they ran a report showing muslim killer is across. it's unfortunate that an entire community of over religious community is being held accountable for the actions of two criminals. >> pam: billoo says, she has heard from several local muslims who have experienced what she described as. 'hate incidents.' she adds, among other concerns, many muslim women are now afraid to wear their traditional head scarves in public. >> pam: it is a video that has sparked outrage in the bay area. it shows several san francisco police officers. firing their weapons at an man allegedly carrying a knife. kron four's j-r stone spoke to a witness. he has the story.
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>> j.r. : this is one of will that as a drydock original last 44 hours. >>: i know he was wrong for woody did but he did deserve to die. >> j.r. : they shot this video when they got off work when the saw the gun shots. >>: he was not a threat he was going to anybody. >> j.r. : mario woods is a personal shot and killed he was a suspect it established earlier. they said he wouldn't drop as knife and the move toward officers. >> j.r. : thursday night there
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is a vigil for woods. >>: the needs of the change. all lives matter >> j.r. : i asked the 19 year- old in his eye and say to the chief of police. >>: 40 you guys doing why the u.s. real threat and he wasn't doing anything to anybody. >> j.r. : hundred showed up to the vigil. the chief is standing by a their officers. >> pam: coming up. police looking for the local mother, who they say, abandoned her child after a shoplifting incident. a recent string of burglaries in orinda. video released shows one incident as it is happening.
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>> pam: new at 11. the public is now free to take a dip. in the water at monterey municipal beach. this comes after county environmental officials determined. the high bacteria levels there have subsided. on tuesday. monterey county officials posted an advisory at the beach, when water samples showed high levels of bacteria.
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which can put people at higher risk for illness. samples taken since then show the levels have lowered to meet state regulations. health officials say, that bacteria can come from marine animals. rain runoff. storm drains and human activity. >> pam: just ahead. a child is in protective custody. after police say, her mother abandoned her following a shoplifting incident. the new uber color codes. to help riders identify their drivers. >> gary: stand curry king of the world. where will still talk about the green bay packers. the 49ers. >> reporter: quarter and around
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the bank-bay. a louder forecast coming up
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and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. >> pam: tonight. a mother is wanted in daly city.police say, she used her 11-year-old daughter to shoplift at a target store, then abandoned the young
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girl, when the two were caught by security. right now, 34-year-old rosalina medina is on the run. kron four's philippe djegal spoke with investigators who are anxious to track her down. >> reporter: daly city police say 34-year-old rosalina medina walked into this target store off serramonte boulevard with her 11-year-old daughter and baby girl on tuesday morning, last week. while in the store, detective albert cisneros says medina made her older daughter help pull items off the shelves and stuff them into the shopping cart carrying the baby. >>: "the, uh, mother and daughter started to exit the store. mother veers off, leaving the 11-year-old to take the cart with her infant sister out the door, is when they were confronted by target security." >> reporter: cisneros says medina eventually jumped in, argued with secuirty as police were being called. then, told her 11-year-old to fight back. she did -- and, at one point police say, bit a security guard. that's when medina grabbed the
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baby, and left her oldest daughter behind. an upsetting story for shopping mothers to hear. >>: "it's disturbing and people like that shouldn't have children and it's just heartbreaking that someone could do that." >> reporter: medina hasn't been seen since that day. police say she lives in oakland. but could be anywhere. >>: "investigators have checked locations where she was known to be in both east bay and on this side of the bay and they have not had any luck in locating her." >> reporter: in the meantime, medina's 11-year-old has been placed into the care of child protectve services. if caught, this mother could face child endangerment charges. in daly city, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam: orinda police say. three burglaries happened this week. and took place in the same area the most recent caught on video. kron four's jeff bush shows you who police are looking for. and has reaction from a concerned neighbor. >> reporter: check it outthis is home security video taken
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without the burglars knowing they were being recorded. one of them rings the doorbell and when he realizes that no one is homehe and his accomplice break into the house. you can see one of the burglar's face very clearly in this imagethe other burglar has something covering his faceboth wearing dark hoodies. the two go upstairs and take small items from an upstairs room. the whole thing took less than five minutes. this burglary is the most recent in a series of burglariesthe home is on oak street and the previous two burglaries happened nearby. orinda police are hoping someone will recognize the burglars and identify them. mary marnell lives nearby and is concerned about the daylight burglary near her home. >> mary resident:they broke through the back window and came right on in. this was in the middle of the day. that is really frightning. what if someone was home? >> reporter: mary has lived in
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the neighborhood for more than a decade and noticed a patern develop over the years. >> mary resident:it happens during the day because most people are either at work or this is a very quiet neighborhoodbut, it also seems to happen every year around this timearound christmas time. >> reporter: orinda police say it is unknown if all three burglaries are connected but they are very suspicious because they are all in the same area and they all took place within the same week. i'm jeff bush in orinda, kron four news. >> reporter: a wet and windy thursday across the bay area. these pictures from lafayette. where the rain came down steady for a time. more showers and strong winds are expected tonight. there is a chance of scattered showers tonight and tomorrow morning. skies will clear friday afternoon.
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look for increasing clouds saturday. there will be light rain sunday morning. there is a slight chance for rain monday and again wednesday.
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>> pam: uber is looking to make it easier for customers to find their drivers. the company is currently testing a new color- coding technology in seattle. the technology, called "spot". allows riders to choose a color within the uber app. then, a light bar in their uber cars' windshield. will glow with that chosen color. this allows riders to more easily identify uber vehicles. in crowded places, or in the dark. if 'spot' succeeds in seattle. the program could expand to other cities.
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>> gary: in sports. the reigning m-v-p. steph curry. brings home more n-b-a honors. and two former cal-bears. connect for the n-f-l play of the year. >> gary: steph curry and the warriors.they're on top of the basketball worldcurry brought home another league award today. curry was awarded the western conference n-b-a player of the month the reigning m-v-p averaged a league-leading. 31.6 points per game in just over 34 minutes a game. curry hit 77 three's in novemberand led the league in free-throws ten 30-point games and five 40- point games thus far warriors go for 21-0 at toronto saturday
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>> gary: curry's alma mater davidson said today it will *not make an exception for their former star the university will only reitre jerseys of players who have graduated curry did *not complete his degree when he left for the n-b- a a year early in 2009 but curry has said he would like to return to finish up his degree "sonner than later"
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>> gary: 49er running backcarlos hyde may be done for the rest of the season hyde hasn't played since october 22 against the seahawks. hyde is dealing with a stress fracture in his foot that has forced to miss the last four games the 49ers have *not had a rushing touch-down since october 11 vs giants 49ers are reportedly considering putting hyde on the season- ending injury reserve list here's jim tomsula on the health of his running back >> gary: aaron rodgers looking to avoid another losing streak in detroit tonight controversial callface mask aaron rodgers gets another shot.he heaves one 62-yardszeros on the clockand somehow richard rodgers comes up with it for the win final 27-23 packers
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>> gary: the 49ers are reportedly showing interest in troubled cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel. videos surfaced of johnny football drinking alcohol and rapping profane lyrics in a night club during the browns bye week. this led to manziel losing his starting job the 49ers are looking for an experienced back up quarterback of rookie undrafted free agent dylan thompson the cowboys and st. louis rams are also in talks to sign the 2012 heisman trophy winner.
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>> pam: tonight everybody
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was it terror? the shooters, they are married. >> they left their 6-month-old baby with the grandmother before launching the massacre. >> they even had a baby registry. exclusive, what their landlord knows. >> i'm lisa guerrero with "inside edition." >> one guy down, one guy in the back of a car. >> blow by blow, how cops took down the shooters. and -- >> you have seconds to react. >> how to get out alive if this ever happens to you. >> flip this table over and you want to get behind it and you want to be making a plan. >> a nation in shock. >> moment of silence as we honor those who lost their lives. >> as we come to grips with the


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