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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> vicki : now at eleven. freezing temperatures across the bay area tonight. but thousands of residents in the east bay are without heat due to a gas outage. good evening, i'm vicki liviakis. the outage affects more than 6- thousand p-g-&e customers in discovery bay. and service may not be restored until tomorrow night. p-g-&-e says the cold weather in the bay area caused the outage. residents with gas heaters, gas water heaters, gas stoves, and
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gas fireplaces should plan to be without the devices until 5 o'clock tomorrow. officials have opened warming centers at timber point elementary school. and the discovery bay community center. freezing temperatures aren't helping those affected by the outage. kron 4's brian van aken joins us now with a look at the forecast. brian, how cold will it get tomorrow? >>:here is a life look--live look at storm tracker 4 pocekts of heavier rain east shore into the south bay and into the santa cruz mountains tehre are more showers some of the heaviest rain is in downtown san jose
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notice to the west these showers get heavier and we have low snow levels as we head east towards downtown san and and moderate showers right on 280 the showers should last until early morning we will have before cast coming up mobile app. >> vicki : new at eleven. two people are displaced following a condo fire in east san jose. it happened just before 7-30 tonight on kimpton court at easton drive. officials say the fire started in the kitchen, extended into the attic and burned through the roof. they believe the fire started when the residents left something on the stove. fortunately, no one was injured. officials suggest checking the stove twce before leaving to go
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out. big news tonight out of oakland. a southwest airlines flight bound for denver. was diverted to oakland shortly after taking off from sacramento. kron 4's scott rates explains what went wrong. >> scott :the said there were no injuries and a plan landed without incident. southwest flight 1665 taking off from sacramento the pilot noticed some sort of issue with the pressure ration system and he circled the city for about an hour before landing none of the passengers were hurt and once the aircraft was one it was taken out of service for a maintenance check this is the second southwest flight to has had a land here because of a maintenance check within the past week last week that aircraft also landed safely despite having a blown out tire
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the airport had to go on a yellow alert and that airport did have to declare an emergency plan and then they were flown out of here and sent to denver so they were about three hours behind schedule >> vicki : crowd control is a factor in preparations for super bowl 50and that includes the airport. right now paramedics are piloting a new program to get help to sick travelers faster. kron 4's kate cagle took a spin for her report tonight. > >kate: move over rolling bags and baggage carts they are making way for a new set of wheels at the san francisco airport bicycle wheels. >> : this bike is on loan from the police department. > >kate:the bike is one more tool for paramedics at s-f-othey are testing it out. trying to get to patients faster when terminals are crowded especially during the upcoming
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superbowl. >> : they are expecting to see twice as many passengers at sfo as they do on a typical day. these bikes are supposed to be easier to maneuver around but i'll tell you40 pounds of weight does not make it easy. >> : blood pressure cuff, stethoscope. blood pressure kit. the weight - all life saving equipment. >> : we have to anticipate any emergency. > >kate:this is the truck that usually carries paremedics to an injured travelor. there is one important piece of equipment that does not fit on the bikes: this advanced support monitor that can track a patient's heart rate. >> : we've used it three times already today. every day. > >kate:but the manufacturer is sending the airport a new, light high tech version to use during the super bowl. in the meantime.the bikes are equipped with a defibulator that can restart a fact.there are more than 80 of them around the airport. >> : if you're going to have a heart attack this is a pretty
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good place to do it. > >kate:and don't worry - if you're in trouble at the airport this truck and an ambulance will still be on the way. this bike.just might get to you first. >> : right now there are five paramedics trained on the bikes. you'll be able to see them any time there are more than 80- thousand people here. reporting at sfo. kate cagle. kron 4 news. >> vicki : a sacramento man is in the hospital after being shot this morning at a motel in fairfield. tried to force their way into his room, according to police. officers responded to a motel in the 4600 block of central way at 8:55 a.m. on report of a shooting. investigators determined that three black men in their late 20s had attempted to force entry into the victim's room, which led to a confrontation in which the sacramento man was shot. he was transported to a hospital with injuries that were not thought to be life-threatening. officers are reviewing surveillance video in an effort to identify the suspects, and asking anyone with additional information about this morning's shootings to call the major crimes unit at 428-7600.
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farfield police are reviewing in tracy. police are investigating whether a molotov cocktail attack at a mosque was a hate crime. investigators say the device went off at the tracy islamic center on friday night or early saturday. it caused about $1,000 of damage. deputies were unable to locate surveillance video and have not come up with a suspect description. at this point without any suspects, the intent of the attack is unknown. coming up. deadly tornadoes sweep through texas. we'll show you the damage the storm left behind. two police shootings spark outrage in chicago. we hear from the mother of one of the victims. and shocking video out of fairfield. why one woman threw her dog to the ground.
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>> vicki : it's a case of animal abuse.and it's all caught on camera in fairfield. police say they know the woman who's responsible.and are working to track her down. this video's already gotten almost 40 thousand views on facebook and more are coming every second. and among those who have clicked the link are officers with both the fairfield police department and solano county humane animal services.
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they say the woman is brandi chin.and they believe she has abused this dog before. --lead >>:we are currently looking for her at this time and we're looking to file an animal abuse charges against her to get the dog away from her >> vicki : fairfield. seward says she and others in the video wanted to take ben from chin, but she stormed-off with the pug before anyone she agrees ben needs to be taken from her. >> brian :we have a drying day coming up tomorrow as this rain wraps up and i will have the
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forecast coming up
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>> vicki : tornadoes ripped through parts of texas yesterday. in their wake. damages to hundreds of structures and the lives of at least 11 people. from our partners at c-n-n. reid binion reports. >> reporter :a devastating scene
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in texas sunday. aerial views of destruction where homes once stood. now reduced to nothing. >> : our key focus is this. first rescue and recover. second, aiding and assisting those who need to get to shelter. and third is helping families and communities. >> reporter :late saturday, severe storms and tornadoes tore through parts of dallas. with winds traveling between 150-200 miles per hour. according to the national weather service. the storm blew off roofs, mangled vehicles, downed power lines, toppled trees. >> : oh it's a big tornado. big, big, strong tornado. >> reporter :areas like garland and rowlett took the brunt of the unrelenting weather. >> : oh! there's stuff flying in the air. >> reporter :at least 11 people were killed -- some along interstate 30 where police say cars appeared to have been thrown from the road. many watched the nightmare unfold from their homes.
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>> : it was a just a dark funnel and it was a big roar. it was really scary. it scared me. i don't scare that easy but it scared me. others now trying to salvage what's left. >> : like out of nowhere it happens. you're left without words. left without a home. i'm reid binion reporting. >> vicki : a wildfire in ventura is now just 75 percent contained after it started friday night. the fire that forced evacuations of dozens of homes was caused by arching power lines during high winds across southern california. on sunday, firefighters were busy smothering hotspots and cleaning up remnants from the more than one-thousand-acre blaze. officials say that there are now concerns of landslides where the flames left barren hills that could give way if the areas are hit by heavy winter rains. >> brian :we have some heavy
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showers that span across the peninsula and now working its way to the east side: toward new work and fremont and this batch is also moving toward east palo alto this is not moving as fast as the showers were earlier tonight notice of heavy rain cupertino it is making its way toward burbank and look what is behind it we have lots of clear skies and the storm trackers will be out of
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here is the feature cast at 3:00 a.m. we will seek clearing conditions as we go through this will be sunny by the afternoon hours with lots of sunshine and we have some cold mornings coming up in the next few days for tuesday warning and wednesday morning the dry conditions will persist and it actually starts to get a little warmer by new the ex storm maybe on monday-- next storm >> vicki : family members of a 55-year-old woman and 19-year- old man fatally shot by chicago police say officers must stop killing residents. in a press conference. the mother of the 19-year-old victim.quintonio legrier.says the chicago police department has failed her and so many others.
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and a friend of bettie jones.the 55-year-old victim that was killed.asked why police "shoot first and ask questions later". >>:police are shooting without asking why do they shoot first and ask questions later it is ridiculous somebody needs to do something about this is ridiculous later." >> vicki : the women spoke at a news conference sunday in front of the house where the shooting happened early saturday. the home is split into two apartments. about 100 neighbors, community activists and others gathered outside the home where the shooting happened. jones was accidentally shot as officers responded to a domestic disturbance call. legrier was also fatally shot. the shooting is being investigated by the city's independent police review authority.
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one read: "stop killing us." the boston chipotle where 136 sickened with norovirus reopened saturday. the restaurant near boston college welcomed customers several weeks after 136 patrons fell ill with norovirus. officials ordered the restaurant to close its doors on dec. 7th the outbreak was likely caused by a sick employee and is said to be unrelated to e. coli cases restaurants in oregon and washington in october. the boston chipotle where 136 sickened with norovirus has reopened. in sports. the bay area sports community loses one of it's more unsung heroes. and the 49ers try to avoid another orad loss. mark carpenter as the highlights. coming up ok, we're here. here's dad. mom.
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>> mark : hoping to finish the season on a positive note with a road win at detroit here we are at motor city the first half a milestone he gets no. 1000 and then another milestone from the offense the first offensive touchdown in the first quarter all season but then detroit would start rolling connects from 29 yds out detroit immediately
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capitalizing up 17-14 couldn't keep this guy quiet 9ers wouldn't catch up end te year next weekend against the rams just one more week in the regular season we saw some crazy results today lost a bet was forced to do warmup in a hula skirt sacked 8 times 318 pounds going back the other way 21-0--31-0 run
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arizona wins by 30 bizarre sequence between new england and new york new england deferred, jets did that steelers have been red hot lately ravens backup leading the charge tragic news in sports world dave henderson died after suffering a heart attack
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part of some magical moments helped red sox defeat the angels lowest otput of the year the champs back to work this mornign at the warriors' facility team will see dallas in houston on the road then steph meets his brother >>:for obvious reasons i follow him pre closely and i watch pretty much all of his games when i can
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even if we don't get to talk every single day and know what to do one and since we are in our away i get to see him every once in awhile--only an hour away stanford made sure that did not last long 83-38 that is your look at sports >>:there is a chill in the room because our producer cady is leaving us and there is--katie >> brian :a big promotion for the weekend to the weekday--from the weekend >> vicki : it is going to be a little bit colder but the freeze really is gone that's it for
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crown for news 11 good night everybody--kron 4 news
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"the insider hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation thee reese ya giudice is released from prison, what life after the big house could be like f the jersey housewife and "insider" perspective from those once behind bars. >> prison is a deeply traumatic experience. pl -- sfwli have to apologize. >> the miss universe bl that ignited social media. ♪ then selena gets her sexy on. ♪ >> the new music video that's trending as she reveals her part of our good week/bad week. hollywood gets into the christmas spirit as th stars give


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