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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 14, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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storms and a winner maybe it redoubt servicing for the nursing home worker in northern california will share the one- and-a-half billion dollars prize. this video spark the lawsuit against the forty-niners officers confronting a man over the service dog supposed to help him deal with seizures flower of your choice for prime time news howl >> pam: letter mystery heartwarming story of last night's historic jackpot winner may not be true friend is here now with details on this lottery officials not sure the southern california woman was actually watea winner >> grant: nurse near l.a. like
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times is reporting that's not true for the paper says the talk the woman's daughter who also works as the free help facility daughter says there's a misunderstanding centered around a picture of the supposedly tickets and her mom the daughter didn't give her name imam's name is not there and she does one draw attention this whole thing still embarrassing the steps of the spokesperson the california lottery tonight who wouldn't say definitively that the sorrow the hoaxer liar misunderstanding it did say it doesn't add up an unusual circumstances bill and has shut a dead person to clear the price california winner has yet to come forward and this guy right here the man. behind the disputed ticket he brought eight bought 18,000 tickets for the employees at that a nursing homes across california and then we still don't know if one of
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them matches the winning numbers those numbers brought to live here 24 hours ago. >> reporter: any tickets and threatening states of the supermarket a mom-and-pop grocery outside memphis tennessee and 7-eleven in the loss angeles suburb of keno hills news brought a huge crowd indian immigrant who will share $1 million sellers bonus with 711. half goes to the winners and then have person goes to the retailers and their major education for last night's drawing californians buying tickets at a rate of 37,000 every minute. since they've
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spent the other $86 million more than any other state. california's schools will get 149 million finance has a change and then according once did officialdom enough to get them out of trouble. as for the winners they will each get nearly 529,000,300 28 million if ago for lump-sum payout 40% of that will go to the government and then a person more claimed by state taxes hardball officials "get the best lawyer financial planner before you come in to claim that money" >> reporter: when a >> grant: errors not alone people in those two states to claim prizes within 180 days california gives its winners one year to contact lottery officials before the money automatically goes. the new york
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daily news is reporting according to the whole potential mixup that this woman's son said prank on her bed nursing that is what the new york daily news is reporting we shall see how that plays out to one california not come forward. to use the storm is making their way to the bay area the party scene some rain today at the field storms of bringing another week of whether tracking rain right now. charles clifford love with an update and alex and dealing with extreme drought and then north saying a few scattered showers heavy rain coming later in/storm tracker between san francisco center
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fell. a few light showers and then isolated raindrops making their way into vallejo fairfield and a little wet for this evening but first a marin county these showers moving from west to east. >> reporter: that's about all we will see tonight for rainfall potentially winding down after a rainfall amounts not too much south east of san francisco talking hundreds of an interception cisco with higher amounts into the north they a lot of rain this weekend and to next week and all the details coming up. they're still several months to go before the end of the rainy season earlier today governor jerry brown says
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californians still need to prepare for the possibility the drought will continue. >> reporter: it's been getting regular rain storms for a while mel but unfortunately most of california still pretty dry as mentioned the governor said that we could be still dealing with drug conditions for quite some time. return >> reporter: thursday afternoon the forecast shows the weather could continue for some time so far no sign california's four year drought is coming to an end. this report from the drought minor shows 97 percent of california still dealing with moderate to exceptional drought conditions despite the recent rainfall the water levels and many of the state's reservoirs remain far below the average for this time of year. in sacramento thursday the governor had an updated version for water action plan on the plebiscite would continue to try to find ways to conserve water in the short run and also
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lays the groundwork for several large projects in securing water supply and long term. those projects include updating the states levy system mass of her titles in this sector of minto built the several new dams and reservoirs. with lots of snow and bonds right now sierra has 111 percent of the average a modest know for this time of year that's very good and a few months left in the rainy season the does until april 1st and still again a lot of moisture this winter. . >> pam: they connected on that this series of storms by tracking among the kron 4 mobile application free download the fifth taken far before you probably notice surveillance cameras in the parking lot and the bart stations. inside the train at the bar board of directors meeting today the bar police chief explains that some
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of those cameras are not working as some writers were not happy to hear that part of the bar security system is based on decoy cameras. they assured the public that this is just one later in the bar security system. are the 669 board trains which are running the chief did not say how many of the cars have working cameras the bart board of directors says that there's not a whole and the bar security system the also say no security system is perfect but the statistics have shown marked is one the safest they add that federal money is given the part in decision announced then that money is based on the highest priority. >> pam: 0 just over two weeks away to the rule can for peel
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south carolina and other primary state grant is joined with james tain taylor and somehow like it. . these nine >> grant: us are nice to live for and certainly glad the tv fireworks professor at the universities have francisco and sienese played out time and time again read to the two men at the top the polls tonight about trump texas senator trent questions eligibility as you know the president born in canada american mother take a listen.
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>> grant: on the gloves came off those today 40 think of the whole issue the trouble brings of? "is the profound constitutional question issue for ordinary americans to like what is between being born in america and being born to an american outside the united states natural born and naturalized. that's a fine nominal debate and we see again political campaigns are about political education this again at the opportunity for american people understand what the constitution actually teaches instructs on these kinds
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of issues. "liz one percentage point ahead of market in terms of the
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nominee so a half holes but rubio the person to take seriously. >> reporter: and christie has endorsed many ideas common core gun-control on next president republican nominee not be someone who supports the physicians. >> grant: he think his
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legitimate really quick and norton gop bernie sanders right there with hillary clinton a lot of polls hillary once again found this phenomenon on her way to an inevitability in trouble for her shares to get serious of the ground gained and do well any signs of price strength kron 4 hillary's back in 2008 ahead tonight a violent attack on a self they man robbed and stabbed a woman standing in the park + weeks away from the super bowl touchdown in the bay area closures are closer than you think and the effects of crowd traffic has some people worried next zero local men foes was at the graves of others and a
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traffic has some people worried next zero local men foes was at the graves of others and a bizarre series i'm a customer relationship i'm roy gmanager.ith pg&e. anderson valley brewing company is definitely a leader in the adoption of energy efficiency. pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california.
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>> pam: a man who's trying to run away from police died on the side of the cemetery when he jumped more than 40 ft. and of
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the distance is actually a cemetery this looked like piquancy all the police lights in the distance the spotted a pickup truck that's been reported stolen the driver refused to pull over and took off those a short chase and at one point the driver swerved on the interstate. data the car and that was when he jumped off the ledge almost landing a cemetery atop the people living in this area and did not have any sympathy for the man who died.
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the past >> j.r.: injured inside the pickup truck was arrested drug paraphernalia was found as well. . >> pam: the storms and expedite the days. >> reporter: we get some breaks of what's happening for tomorrow and another one saturday a lot of rain lots of snow is welcoming to the sierra of you from north star it took a heavy equipment out to take care of the foot of snow in the last 48 hours and then then the next one there might be another one to 2 ft. as the storm the just learning about their the movie on here is the forecast for this sierra. we're looking at the purple right there a to full amount of the highest elevations and 1 ft. or more this is just the 10:00 a.m.
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tomorrow winter storm warning in effect for higher elevations. here's a live storm tracker currently some light showers taking place around berkeley richmond this is coming from the center fell richmond bridge. at midnight tonight the scattered showers began to wind down after midnight then after that low clouds will have for the morning will begin to clear out through mid to late morning and then sunshine mixed in with high clouds of the next with a system. by 5:00 p.m. clogs
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increase in then this will be little bit stronger for tomorrow night by 9:00 p.m. the small spread south to midnight all the way through noon saturday and whether locations around the bay pick up around half an inch from his neck system looks pretty well out there the bay bridge currently scattered showers a series of storms and once more on night and a third one stronger system for sunday this one with heavy rain and sunday afternoon evening.
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>> grant: 1 game before the season ended the see kelly here he's not as innovative offensive mind a lot of success first to success phot playoff and then this past season a disaster he is fired before the season ended and then indicating that he in trouble communicating the criticized telecommunications style he replaces thomas to love fired after one season as and then as head coach in san clara he will be here and a half an hour with the take on the forty-niners as they now have a head coach in the past seven years. /. >> pam: please itching for
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suspect ravenous of the female with a deadly weapon in central park in santa clara. the victim was confronted and the victim to it in the hospital not life- threatening injury and police described the suspect at hispanic male 0.22 years old medium brown hair and no accent. 5 ft. 6 in. tall last seen wearing all light-colored wood and sweatshirt dark colored shiny material pants. anyone with information is asked to contact santa clara county police. >> pam: next historic changes coming to yosemite national park hotel other famous sites in the that part. >> gary: later in this broadcast 49ers have a new head coach and a controversy we have the next four later, not to mention cody the final bake
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>> pam: is making the changes that the previous operators delaware north lost a bid to eight loses contracts of the
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park and in delaware north $51 million to avoid legal hassles the new contractors have decided to change the names of some of the most widely known popular facility that is 70. five game changes including a hotel now called majestic yosemite hotel. a possible mechanical failure force crews to land flight #597 at the pilot reported a problem. it did save the land all 100 and passenger. as and five person crew were evaluated to make sure everything was ok. coming up
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plan several memorable billions horowitz's good fight to allan richmond and what i cissus think about a deadly terror attack in chicago
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>> pam: the happened that a commercial and benicia killing two people and wounding 24 others. the attackers used to set bombs opened fire on civilians officials say one foreign national one indonesian were two people killed. vices' claim the attack domestic and online hosted by the terrorist group. british actor alan rich been known for his role in diehard harry potter series has died. the 69 year-old actor or if this for battling cancer passed away today read our role and die hard on the river for
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people remember argali maybe those famous for his the trail of a professor in the harry potter franchise. i have >> pam: oscars nominations biggest might not out who's leading the pack + the pregnant woman r.i. from over hoover but the driver says no and next to bore restrictions had some people worry about how they get to work.
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>> pam: road closures will start construction will begin and then comes the crush of the crowd. just being tells us people who live and work by superable have that concerned about the construction. a flood of market
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street ferry plaza there will be so much activity people being courage not to drive take public transportation. all real-estate firm downtown is starting to wonder how her company will get to work. other concern business owners and residents came to a meeting at pier 1 to find out what to expect and learn about the security sweeps that will happen and parking garages even people who live by the superbowl will need credentials to get home residents were told that will stop at 9 and 10 on weekends. game may be in santa clara but life in downtown san francisco the about the change
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mexican suitable host committee will put out a 4 residents business owners can call with concerns and complaints. ideas to solve any problems before they become major issues. >> pam: >> grant: special kron4news-dot-com section with tickets for parking game day events. kron4news-dot-com >> pam: line is and then the next few days bay area should get a pre reticulate a closer
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will muckrake there's some showers across east bay hills nothing to terribly heavy with another system offshore 14 tonight it is actually pretty strong system only problem is that the strong part of it as of to our north eureka and other parts of northern california and the nuns getting heavy rain and snow there is another one behind it the pressure system for saturday was to build stronger if it will bring us more rain perhaps a half-inch and then sunday monday at the mall up and possibly between two and 4 in. of rain for much of the bay area north the hills could get as much as six. sunshine increasing revenue and then close increasing once again for the evening rain starting before midnight tomorrow night the
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reign will end around noon on saturday and breakfast on saturday afternoon a rainy day for sunday light rain in the morning heavier in the afternoon. on the next system after that comes in without a break heavy rain monday that should be the worst of it along with strong winds and the brick for tuesday wednesday. >> pam: one person looking out for you >> gabe: >> reporter: hot hot thus get those double parked kays is driveway because the cars bought net not have much chance to talk
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to the driver listen. "says that mr. so the guessing on so. at another and often set francisco defense if any connection get out and look in judge. the spurs"net ample parking spaces. "for dessert there was racing on the street. whereas read deceiving you this car is parked when the driver appears a
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she's parking her car there is for this one with no insight benches and parking. stibine important text message how often does this occur on college in mississippi. >> pam: targeted by thieves twice in the new year chef bush spoke to the south the business of our asking for help attract on the crooks. repair >> reporter: restores
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five watches and san jose his three year-old sir out the new year be victimized by burglars twice the first two weeks. . >> reporter: the good surveillance system but watched with the intruder did to his place of business. "mashed in a large glass corner lobby able to enter the workshop quickly with very rigorous security all are valuable the watches and customer was locked away. "sofa in the case file one of dozens even the first few days of the new year.
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if an >> reporter: one can shed light on the identity please contact san jose police department. >> pam: the story was first brought to our attention by a viewer phyllis story like a silicon to submit your idea under the might kron 4 story section. oh >> pam: local disabled man kicked out of a 49 game but he had that security said was not allowed to have their that popular with palm facing a lawsuit after it gave her rash and next nominations are out to accept that is building the film and the actors of four oscars coming up in two minutes
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>> pam: was the speculation
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nominations are out for hollywood's biggest prize. . >> grant: son reverent medivacs fair road to getting 12 nominations also nominated for best picture also on the category brooklyn room spotlight and the martian a. what people wondering could this be the year will nro walks away with an oscar. he has yet to win despite four other nominations against brian michael that category. bus >> pam: actress carol got factor caked blanche and best supporting actress jennifer lawrence of for her fourth best actress nomination one back in 2013 and up against brae larsen.
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>> pam: controversy the people of color nominated any of the acting categories will smith concussion streets of compton movie people thought that should've gone nominations and some category but not this year.
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>> pam: and the four men have a seizure valley by stadium tonight he says the 49ers are to blame the member have a loss to turn on tv interviews the stress of talking with the incident with the reporter could cause and have another seizure and the self and video first in six months with a 40 natter football company claims of the seizure was caused less stress that levi stadium sulfone video shop buys friend piquancy security guards running him the service dog of the whole he claims the garter
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kamal for having that dog this but the fact the agents check the identification and let him in the front gates the jag disorder can result in seizures it's unclear how the situation got to this point. spokesman for the 40 passes the cannot comment on pending lawsuits on the web site for levi stadium says the service dogs and service channels and training for loudon side in the video security guards said they have a show coming for him selling for damages and costs of his medical bills and attorneys' fees. the incident not only violated the americans disability act what for him customs severe emotional distress. you may notice the security guards and the video also wearing cameras not clear at this point whether leave the stadium has reviewed that
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footage and still a few days before they have to respond to a lawsuit. less >> gary: your complete the dummy playoffs all the rumblings there not a get along with players on daily basis. after the knife is a new orleans he was out and then he jackson going cleveland he is out kelly of awfully good tomb even mike shanahan budget york
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said let's go with the 52 year- old should kelly and the wait till early next week to make an official word is they want to give kelly a few days to try and put together a staff he is in santa clara today not available service and our press release of the most historic franchises in the national football league and realize the high standards and expectations this position demands and embrace the challenges ahead of the question u.s. is he still won the most historical franchises in football some would say hey last four years have up and historical facts of for the three years karbala's in. here's the big deal today capper neck should carry above-average report has always valued the skies abilities to run and nonetheless reportedly been a
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cabinet fanned out once he comes back from two surgeries' he's undergone will be very interesting to see if indeed ship and paprika the future of other complex jersey for sale than the 40 natter headquarters for a couple months upon the signing of tripoli and is now back at full price of hundred dollars.
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>> gary: as the guy is tired but so does >> gary: the news director says that's red mccombs keystone of the spurs and minnesota vikings said today if mark davis wants to move the raiders to san antonio c'mon he of course owns
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the football stadium there of at least to get something with mark davis may be just maybe hang his hat on now. >> gary: game in oakland is underway right now the warriors are up 3 brine not bad.
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recreation >> gary: basketball put our names on this the quarterback went to the point made the basket phloxes pursuit of excellence all committed highlight
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eos the three-dollar profit have the lipid a cotter cause her lips to bleed for several days court documents also show examples of other individuals claiming similar side effects after using this off so other women suffered the smallest of the fax line because they are allergic to something in the product the word how much lhasa is asking for york woman goes into labor husband grabs the overnight bag bowman threw on the sidewalk the driver said he would lose a thousand dollars if she monessen's car will said hey
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will cover the plane cost of the travers the refused even charge them for this time there releases denouncing the driver's actions were acceptable against policy the family got another pathetic problems and on delivering a healthy baby boy at the hospital. >> reporter: with had to buy or otherwise? >> reporter: and showers or less sums wrapping up another one for tomorrow night for another one sunday another one monday
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(seagulls crying) (motor whirring) (indistinct conversations) hey. victim's name is john flynn. he's 48, married-- cho's bringing the wife now-- and c.e.o. of a company called symphony. symphony? web site says it's a high-end matchmaking service. rich old men looking for hot young chicks? yep. flynn was shot twice in the chest at close range, then dumped or fell in the water. a woman heard the shots from her boat, putting the time of death at 5:38 p.m. last night. did she see anything? no. no witnesses. bruising looks to be a few days old. coroner thought the same. so far he and forensics haven't found much else that helps us.


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