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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 9, 2016 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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i had something up my sleeve. >> american id sings it's swan song, but is the show really over? >> good night, america. for now. >> j-lo's three wardrobe changes, 37 fin seven former judges and one unforgettable reunion. >> we really didn't think we would make it. >> the backstage stories you haven't heard as we break down all the idol fashion. then ann hathaway's secret. ed a ma bear megan fox off. why she's banning her children from something kids use every ay. plus a child star's adorable new puppy.
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how you can help him name it. and sorry, justin, but we had to show this new fall. the only one, the other pop star who took atumble. now for april 8, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." it is the end of an era for a tv institution, the game changing show that gave us kelley clarkson and kelly underwood so many others, sang it's last song last night. former judges, contestants, everybody was there, and of the star studded curtain call. >> what does it mean for you to be part of history, the final season, the f broadcast ever. >> just being part of this show is being part of history. >> s stopping j-lo kicking off our idol finale, the singer rocked three performances last
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night, changing right on stage, 80s housewife, vegas show girl, there was so much star power. 34 finalists returned. and all 14 past winners were featured. including kelly clarkson and carrie underwood. seven former judges helped celebrate, ellen, nikki menaj and steven tyler played final performances, but this was what we were all waiting for. >> when calvinncame out and was up there wit randy and paul, that was pretty cool. because we all have amazing memories of this show in its earlyyears. >> for us all to be together on that stage, comeon. >> seeing the contestants and my cam padres.
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>> she was busy in concert on tour in latvia. the next big numbers, the ratings, a solid season high of almost 13 million folks tuned in, but it all came down to one winner. >> harmon! what, if anything going on not only before ryan spoke, but when he said your name. >> i said a little prayer, i told laporsha, let's just hug and not even care what happens. and she agreed. >> how was it for you hearing once again the song you co-wrote, now as on idol coronation. >> she said tome, that's the song you wrote. it was incredible have him up there singing it everything singing along with it. >> and for second place winner
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laporsha, record deals. >> we have good news, you're signingmotown. >> but we also got to talk idol fashion, we are breaking it down right now. >> you turned up the sparkle from yesterday. >> yes, this is like the perfect dress for a very special occasion. >> j-lo owned the night. the riding on the carpet straight from the red carpet. he was thrilled. >> to envisi the dress was magical on j-lo, but to her wearingit, it's more than magical. >> you had a couple of wardrobe changes. and it totally was awesome. j-lo roc out on stage in a both suit and a sheer one piece with some strat coverage.
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>> i put the dress on and i was like yep. >> carrie underwood was all all night. she was wearing a nina couture later on, a monique lubiea. the evolution of all the idol look katharine mcphee to -- >> here's the big question, is this really end of idol? >> w man who created the series simon fuller says e's going to revamp it anddcome up with a new version. and we have more news on mariah. the grammy winner just reported reportedly insured her body for $48 million. she apparently wants to protect he assets on the road.
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she just agreed to extend her sweet, sweet tour in south america and if anything happened to her voice legs, apparently the losses would be epic. the model is already pretty covered. she's worth a who $525 million and she's engaged to a millionaire. and just when you thought that little room star couldn't get any cuter, then they post this. >> he's not one of those dogs that growl. she play she's really quiet. >> nameless andfamous, they couldn't keep their hands off the puppy at th event. the 9-year-old is taking to twitter to get some help, the name game, #itsagirl. >> kris jenner shuts down the paparazzi. >> what do you think about -- >> in bizarre role reversal, the outspoken momager -- kk's
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uppy l.a.x. last night happily posing with fans and answering every single question. >> are you ready? >> i haven't been invited. >> do you think kris is upset? >> i don't want to speak or anything. >> i g >> well, megan fox is back for aaot round with the teenaged mutant ninja turtles and boy is outspoken about the one thing she's not going to let her kids do. >> i don't know why teenagers need to be on instagram making their boobs look bigge what is the world coming to. my kids won't have cell phones or tab or anything that will interfere with brain
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development. >> her kids are 3-year-old noah 4-year-old jody. what she is willing to lit her kids see is the teenaged mutant ninja turtles. this time the turtles are out to save new york city from a new banged of evil mutanmutants. >> guys, i've got a lead on what's going on. >> ann hathaway is a mom and somehow she managed to keep the bird a secret. she and husband adam shuman on march 24, making him already two weeks old. adam's mother's maiden name is rose banks. kate hudson hit the slopes
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shirtless. her brother oliver and friend sarah foster. -p>> and skied, it was like, i did, honey, i skied. >> and a sure f way to score points. >> i scored some cookies that are gluten free and sugar free. i'm the best mom ever. >> yeah! >> it's that easy. find out which of melissa mccarthy's characters she's bringing back..o cf1 o and after last night's scandal shocker, stars reveal a shocker. mtv music awards are this weekend and we're with host ♪ dogs - sure can be messy. but with nexgard, their flea and tick killer doesn't have to be. nexgard, the vet's #1 choice for dogs, is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks.
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>> fans of scandal will remember within of the biggest omg moments, it happened a few seasons ago. but, there must be no hard feelings now, because they reunitin and look who else is gettinggbag together, melissa mccarthy and the gilmore girls. >> w figured out that i am going to go back and do it an
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am so excited. >> snooki is back. melissa revealing on ellen that she's be appearing on the gilmore girls netflix revival. we were the set back in 2 with 30-year-old melissa and her new found fame. and in other reunion news -- scott foley and hiss exscandal co-star reliving their past murder scene. or what about last night's killer twist? >> it was truly shocking, there's no way they're going to show that on tv. >> now dan is working on his show "who do you think you are?" and annette scott digging into his past. >> i knew nothing, my mother
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passed away when i was young, i never knew herparents. with scott, it was not only a connection to the founding fathers of this country, but it was also a connection three generations beyond that, earlier, to the salem witch trials, which was jawdropping. >> god knows i'm innoce >> do you think i'm so happy i could do that for me? >> oh, yes. and upnext, manndown. two pop stars, two big falls. not one of them has a history of wiping out, how this bill compares to all of h others. plus steve harvey reveals what happens when little big shot's cameras aren'ttrolling. and why he almost p on hoegsing the hit show. and we dig up the rock in kevin hart's school photos. >> you look like a drunk mother. >> that's straight ahead.
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heads up, we have some fallstars, a pair of pop stars take tumble. the first one down is demi's bottom. the beautiful bru bombshell bounced back beautifully after tripping down that st and laughing it off. it happened at the weekday event in l.a. which celebrated kids making a difference in their communities. demi is no strange tore a stage fall. this is her in december at the i heart radio jingle ball. and this summer performance got a little cool last july. meantime, wednesday night kansas city, this is what happens when you literally make rain on tour. a justin bieber wipeout.
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running down a sloped stage into puddles while singing "sorry." yeah, we should have scene this coming. but hirtless biebs didn't m miss a beat. the preps have already begun, they're under way, for biggest tv event of the weekend. mt aaard hosted by duane -pjohnson and kevin hart which me. >> kevin and duane are ready to hit the warner bros. back lot with the show happening su outside, and since there's a threat of rain, they could literally make a big sflash. splash. >> if it's raining, it's only going to be better. >> arianna grande will appear, i
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want to sit here, next poehler, beside will smith who's one seat and charlize theron. >> how they come ou it's going to be a mad max crazy galactic, bananas moment at the top of the show. >> maybe something this. i was first on set as they dangled in the air for their new movie "central intelligence." >> here we are shooting "central intelligence" shut it down, the fire trucks are out here. >> it's every day, laughing, having fun. >> watch your mouth. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> i think we may have to kill some people. will not. >> in the movie, duane and ke play two guys who went to high school ttgether. what do you think happened when i pulled out their real high school photos. and by the way, duane, how old were you when you graduated from he'll? >> i just want to know fwwhy an
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old man is taking a high school picture. >> look at thathairline, man. that was when my mom was cutting my hair. >> better with age, but you won't be able to unsee this in the mo. mo . >> duane's agent who drags kevin's mild mannered account character into a world of espionage. it's the first time the rock's paired with kevin. >> i have never been in one of your movies, i don't understand. >> i have been on every set. >> that's great. yo all right, kev. you're all right. >> i want to thank those two for all the l showed me. by the way, these just never stop. duane is busy finishi up bay watch. he has the fast and furious
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coming up. and kevin is coming off his world tour, these two just exhausted me. >> you like crazy? >> crazy is my favorite beverage. it's on my shoes. >> that is just a small taste of the fun coming up on little big shots that's become a breakout hit for abc. nobody gets more tickled than host steve harvey himself. and michelle joins him on the set of his other gig, his daytime >> who came up with the idea? >> ellen degeneres. and at first i said no. because i didn't have time to do another show. and ttey kept telling me idid. and they just kept calling and kept calling. and i just kept sa no. finally ellen called and told me how much it paid and so here i am.
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you like gravy? >> gravy is any favorite beverages. >> dancing phenoms and magicians are m history. little big shots is the most watched entertainment show in a decade. >> first off, the show is so built for me because i know to talk to kids. because i have kids in my life for 33 years. i don't pay any attention to the queue card and i keep telling them, you can't prep an 8-year-old. so the queue card guy, his whole job is -- >> do you have a favorite? >> this little japanese kid, who spoke no english, i think you already know i can't speak japannse. >> as for steve's other two shows? won on emmy for family feud and two emmyins for "steve
12:25 am
harvey." >> emmy nominationn for this show and for family feud. >> somebody told me one day, they said, man, it seems like everything you touch turns to gold. i said no, i just don't touch every that' all it is. i have just learned that everything is not for me. >> and now steve has signed on to host show, a business realty television competition for abc. >> i finally got tv people to believe what i have been telling them all along. stop putting me in the black box and just put me on tv. people are going to like you, they don't care what color you are, if they can relate toyou. funny ain't got no color on it. >> that'strue. >> michelle wasn't there just to chat with steve, she spoke about trump to the show's love o life. >> did she tell the truth? >> i don'tknow. but you can look for it later this month. in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which actress was once nominated with
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christian slater for best kiss? >> think about it. we'll be right back.
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innoce innocent. it's all at welcome back to theshow, everybody. in tonight's "e.t. birthdays" which actress was once nominated with christian slater for best kiss at the mtv movie awards? that is patric arquette who turns 43 today. check out what we have for you on mo >> is jennifer anniston ready to and how gma's ginger zee dancing. plus at the mtv movie
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awards, we have all the couples news, "the insider, countdowni con biggest stories tracking today. number one, american idol goes out with a bang. >> it was nostalgic. >> inside on the judges reunion surprise. as we flash back to idols then and now. then carrie is done with he photo shop controversy. >> those that lead will paying attention. >> and spill secrets of her scandal shocker. and number star moms on the defense. while hillary duff's short shorts and kristin cavallari's


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