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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 10, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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the warriors wanted more. >> it could give you a heart attack. >> we are going to be the best team in the nba history. >> i don't know what to say. it was just wonderful.>> that
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was superb, we are number one! >> we will have all of tonight's highlights tonight. it will be an action packed sports night live. our other top story, a mother is found dead in san francisco. this search for her two-year- old daughter continuos. family say they are pleading for help.>> just one day after police concluded that the mother was a victim of a homicide, we spoke to the victims and earlier today.>>reporter: two-year-old arianna fitts hasn't been seen since february. just two days after her mother was found dead her aunt is reaching out.>> i just hope that she is fine, she is taken care +++of, andath0 barry anna
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they will meet with carla hesse, the lead for the sexual harassment response representative. >> one details about the chp officer in critical condition struck while on his motorcycle by a full-size pickup truck in sacramento on thursday. officer erickson has ties to the bay area. he came upon a ford-f150 when
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the driver of the pickup allegedly assaulted him with the truck and then took off. the truck was found by officers abandoned, where the suspects stole another truck. chp caught up with the 28-year- old austin scott from reno nevada and arrested him.>> michael erickson was a victim of a deliberate attempt to murder a police officer. officer erickson's was a victim of an assault. >> investigators say scott was booked into jail suspicion of murder in evading arrest, possession of one or more stolen vehicles, vehicle theft
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and driving under the influence and drugs, the chp and friends said they were moved by all the good samaritans who came to erickson's aid. erickson's family also is very relieved, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone in light of this horrible tech. the amount of support has been overwhelming and is very much appreciated. thank you all for the compassion . we know he will make a full recovery. governor. brown will be making history tomorrow , planning to sign legislature for california's family paid family leave. this comes on the heels of the mayor's approval of a plan last week for the city of san francisco that will allow parents to be fully paid, who want to stay home for six
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weeks. california protects equal pay by gender, could race be next? lawmakers looking to expand the toughest in the nature, equal pay law, to prevent workers from racial discrimination. it builds on the law that requires fair pay regardless of gender with -- which california businesses implemented in january. the plan allows employees to openly discuss their wages the obvious will be known if others aren't being paid equally. coming up, if you came across some street closures in the mission neighborhood, we will show you why after the break. also presidential candidates spending the day gearing up for primaries. look at this, he showed up at starbucks today. we will tell you what store is
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his favorite. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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will people in san francisco's mission district had a chance to explore their neighborhood today, all without having to worry about traffic.>> valencia street was shut down between 26 and the plaza in order for folks to enjoy sunday activities.>> it's all about the kids.>> all sorts of people, stuff going on. it's great.>>reporter: parents normally one their children not to play in the street. today is an exception as they get an opportunity to enjoy all of this open space. >> there were too many cars on
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the other street. >>reporter: this was a time to let loose.>> i like to draw and i like the shapes.>>reporter: letting their inner musician shine, there was something to do for everyone. >> we will cook some chicken. all kinds of chicken.>>reporter: this is nothing do -- new, there is something special about a sunday afternoon exploring the neighborhood.>> we are on a mission. >>reporter: if you have missed out the next time will be august 21. reporting in san francisco.>>
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it's so cool, you can actually ride your bike without worrying about getting hit. we didn't have a whole lot of rain, it was concentrated to the south and east. that's important to note. we may see some sprinkles in the south bay. because of low ceilings, they are running out of 45 minute delay, down south, we see what's left over. maybe some sprinkles tomorrow, we are not really excited about it. the south bay may get a shower. this is what we are talking about, leftover moisture, nothing else happens anywhere
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else. we may see some spots open up to partly cloudy skies. a bigger concern, will be fog to greet you in the morning. not great on the clearing, a lot of overcast monday and tuesday. we don't shake this off, because we don't have a high- pressure replacing our storm until we get this next system on wednesday. temperatures don't do much either. we will struggle to reach 70 degrees, parts of the central valley, upper 60s for the most part. even tuesday, the same process. we don't have the benefit of high pressure. temperatures along the east bay shoreline looking at midshipman 60s tomorrow . a lot of low- lying clouds. cutting further to the east. brentwood may scratch some lower 70s. most readings will be in the upper 60s. fighting through this clouds,
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the early part of the week, nothing is moving. thursday will be the next rain opportunity. after that we cool down, we look at the possibility of some patchy frost in some in-line valleys. that would be after the rain. then we rain -- warm up. temperatures will soar into the 70s. back to you. my favorite story, there's a goat and rauner park, when it wandered into a starbucks coffee. it's worth giving up -- getting up at 5 am to get a coffee if you're going to see that. public safety officials got the call about the goat near e. cotati avenue. near e. cotati avenue. they tried to offer the goat a banana, she seemed uninterested and chewed on a box instead. and on duties that sergeant was able to corral the goat.
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>> we were sleeping, we looked up and we asked where is not only -- nelly. we called animal control and they had her.>> the goats name is nelly, she has a sweet tooth and was craving one of the morning drinks there. the owners lived just around the corner from the mall. she is now safe with her family.>> one of the only spot that's only have 5 am on a sunday. here is an update on the brave chihuahua, punch -- punch, the original owner has not stepped up to claim him.
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police are still trying to find out how he got onto the bridge. he is healthy and in great condition, currently waiting for a bay area family to take him home. next up presidential candidates take to the state of new york one week ahead of the primaries. i know it's a knee-jerk reaction, we see something happening. people behaving badly. (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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out west, ted cruz and bernie sanders came out on top. all the candidates turn their attention east.>> donald trump and hillary clinton.>> we just one wyoming. >>reporter: the bernie sanders
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st. continued in wyoming after he won his eighth contest in a row. the senator was favored to win heading into the caucus, whether it will travel east is the big question.>> it is so great to be back in nor -- new york. >>reporter: poll say hillary clinton is leading in double digits.>> i am leading in delegates with a larger margin than senator. obama ever had over me . i feel good about the upcoming contest and i expect to be the nominee. >>reporter: sanders is closing in, but still a ways off from cleaning superdelegate counts.>> super pac gave clinton an entirely enormous amount of money.>>reporter: recent polls
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favored donald trump, leading by 20 points out of the april 19 primary, still thinking it's an uphill battle. ted cruz has more in his column, leaving him up to a contested convention. coming up, new information regarding the brussels terror attack. we will tell you what other country was targeted. >> there could be changes when it comes to traveling by air, we will explain later.
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high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability you can, keep calm, your internet's on.
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still ahead, an update to our developing story. the two-year-old toddler missing, her mother found dead. why the family is holding out hope for the little girl.>> repealing north carolina's bathroom law and who is on the hot seat. >> and the hamburger those who could not resist his craving.
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this is the bayareas news station , kron news continues now. >> san francisco police are still searching for two-year- old girl after her mother was found dead. the body of her mother was found. the police are reaching out to find arianna. they hope that by speaking out,
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someone will come forward with information about the missing toddler.>> it's devastating, i cannot imagine how someone could do this. i can't imagine. i can't think of any reason why anyone would want to hurt her.>> anyone who has seen arianna is being asked to immediately contact police. we will continue to keep you updated. on tran -- kron news . the sun started to peek out.>> i just wonder, is this team still good? >> the next wave may deliver a little bit of snow for the mountains. this was more of a mild, or warmer core low.
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the snow levels were high. i believe they are still open. we do have an isolated sprinkle out there. it's mostly cloudy, with temperatures in the 50s. around midnight it will still be cloudy and cool, there will be clouds and partly clear skies. we may state a stray shower in the south bay. here's a live look, not dealing with fog, not yet. it may be a problem later on or tomorrow morning. rainfall totals modest in the north bay. nampa at .12. head down to the peninsula, we get into the teens. livermore, .57, that's just a 24 hour total.
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san jose at .38. for tonight you can plan on those basically pretty close to where they are now. we may have fog issues. 7-day forecast, rain will re- intrude. back to you. new developments in belgium. authorities say the terrorists who targeted brussels had originally planned to attack paris, again. police brought in new suspects. they found out the identity of the two major suspects, now prosecutors say the terrorist cell was intending to hit paris for a second time. the arrest of their key members forced them to strike closer to home and belgium. 32 people work killed by suicide bombers that attacked the heart of the european capital last month. wasted money and what's being called ridiculous airline fees.>>
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>>reporter: baggage fees and wasted money. here is your capital edge. recent attacks remind us that security will be on a list of changes coming to travel. next week the senate will vote to double the number of security staff with him sniffing dogs and american transportation hubs. increase background checks with on those with special clearance, that's not all.>> if i take out the magazine and the airsickness bag, and the folder i will gain a 16th of an inch for my knees. >>reporter: the city shot down a plan to regulate seat sizes. they could approve an amendment to end ridiculous baggage fees. >> flying is not pleasant.>>reporter: judge garland will mock down more hallways and attend meetings
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with lindsey graham.>> do we need a $400,000 study? >> government waste, a new report coming out with ideas on how the government can save money in areas where they might be spending too much. in washington and that's your capital edge. senator. charles schumer pushes them reward for people who turn in terrorist threats.>> because social media posts can be warning signs, the federal government must incentivize the republic to report online signs of terror. we want to write a law that is strong. we want to make sure the government does its best to publicize that a reward is available. i'll be asking that the federal government offer a minimum
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$25,000 reward for any terror related social media tip that actually supports terrorism. here is something you don't see, prices coming down, paying less for male. why the post office is being forced to lower the price of a postage stamp. something out of the movies, 20,000 bins in this room, some of the contents are old newsreel footage from the 60s and 70s. wait till you see what they are doing with this. coming up on tran one 4 news
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the naacp is the latest group taking a stand against north carolina so-called, bathroom law. the state is taking fire over its house bill 2.>> the naacp is telling lawmakers to scrap
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the law. >> we are the laughing stock of the nation.>>reporter: william barber says the nation is watching to see what the state will do about house bill 2. he has a different name for, >> we cannot be silent. >>reporter: the law requires bathrooms and changing facilities be used according to biological sex. it also details discrimination protections, but does not include language related to sexual orientation or gender identity. >> this is not about bathrooms, north carolina. it's about money and votes.>>reporter: opinions on house bill 2 in north carolina very. >> i am embarrassed that we have this bill.>> we are enforcing our constitution. >>reporter: lawmakers say the law is a commonsense safety measure for north carolina. >> i think state lawmakers are committed to protecting our
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young people. the interest of all of our young people. >>reporter: they also say charlotte city council overstepped its authority in creating its nondiscrimination ordinance.>> if this had not started there, it would not have been laid in our lap.'s >>reporter: opponents disagree. >> we as citizens have got to stop this madness. >> the naacp is calling on state lawmakers to repeal the law by april 21. if they don't the group says expect a number of demonstrations. happening tomorrow, people who bought bruce springsteen tickets from -- he will not perform in greensboro because of an anti- lgbtq law that was passed. the colosseum will lose 100 grand in net revenue due to the canceled show. it was a chilly day around the bay.
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at least the rain stopped. so far, so good. join us dave. we had rain, now it is out of there. look at the picture, that's what we have going on and going forward it will be an improved one. we do have one little thing, before we get there, the little system moving to our south. we will consult the model. for late tonight, early tomorrow morning, and energy piece left over. with that it provides lift. it will bring in a few light rain showers. that will rain potentially tomorrow morning. maybe some fog, we will have some mostly cloudy skies.
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as we go through the day, in the afternoon, we might get clearing skies, on the far east bay and baby down to the south pay as well. not a lot. not like the clear blue skies, we don't have a high to replace this. we are having a low period for at least two or three days going forward. let's check out these temperatures, going through the overnight nothing much happens to the temperatures. we will warm up in the central valley slightly. 60s on the board, then we go for tomorrow night, yes they warm up for tuesday, again not great. more in the way of progress, you can see 70s in the central valley. we won't really see any 70s until the weekend. we are waiting for another system, a rain one, dropping in from the northwest that will drive those rain showers for us. the peninsula along the coast mid-60s going on along the bay. for the south bay may be around
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70 degrees, midshipman to upper 60s at best. this low period with temperatures in the 60s, variable clouds, then about thursday another batch of rain moving quickly. then we warm up on saturday and sunday. we look to midshipman to upper 70s. back to you. fast food workers, pulled by a prankster. why authorities now worn it could happen and other businesses.
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something special is happening inside the special collections department of the j paul leonard library with the help of new technology film archivists are bringing to life the history of the bay area. they showed up -- our very own what they are up to and the
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unique experience they are offering for free.>> >>reporter: i'm with a special group today, they are going through old news film footage and remastering it. they are putting it online, available to watch and some of it is incredible.>> this is saundra brown, the first woman to be sworn in as a police officer. the team here is going through our old film from this 50s 60s and 70s. posting it on their website for free to watch.>> it just takes you into the heart of the action. how this material can hit you on a level and make you feel history. rather than to just think about it.>>reporter: alex uses sophisticated equipment to digitize the film, one clip at a time. they haven't organized into
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collections like japanese culture, the black panthers, the rise of the civil rights movements, all of the protest. even the berkeley riots. the 1971 occupation of alcatraz. all the classic sports man -- moments are here. when the warriors one the championship in 1975. they of only remastered about 5% of the newsreel footage that they have. they have thousands of these cans, holding these reels, our station alone had 4000 cans to go through. look for my tech page on tran 20. starting today the price of a stamped up to $0.47, the $0.02
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drop is the first decrease on record going back to the civil war. the postal service doesn't want to service the decrease, it doesn't have a choice. the postal service will lose $2 billion due to the decrease. it's asking for a change in its ratesetting process that could allow to adopt rate hikes in the future. toyota joins forces with michigan to develop self driving cars. the carmaker has been researching autonomous cars for more than it decade. it will open in june and employ 50 people, toyotas research in -- already has a site in stanford. if you see an accident, what do you do, dial 911. this edition of people behaving badly. we found people
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behaving badly. it's not too often that i make it out of. this is a case of a person behaving badly causing others to do the same. this pickup was damaged causing thousands of gallons to spill onto not tree road. people had their cell phones recording. that's not a problem if you are a passenger. if you are the driver, you must fight the urge to record video. this driver in the pickup is trying to get a better shot.
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there's another one, yet and another one recorded while driving. you can be cited if you are the driver. the first offenses $150. the hydrant replacement will then about $100,000. the story we first brought you, last night a whopper of a prank could lead to a felony charge.>> damage done to a minnesota burger king.
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>>reporter: it looked like police had come upon the scene of vandals. when officers asked questions, they heard a story that was shocking and bizarre. >> i didn't know what to do. >>reporter: one of the employees was frantically breaking winters -- windows, it had to be done or the building would explode because of a ghastly. >> i was a little scared,>>reporter: the burger king isn't the first to fall victim. arizona, california and oklahoma have had similar results.>> the door was locked, we were going to have to climb through the drive- through.>>reporter: customers trying to get in had to go to
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the drive-through. she is left with questions. >> it's just a waste of time. they do this prank, it cost everyone money. >>reporter: police investigate and advise employees if they get a call like this they should leave the building and called 911. they would never tell businesses to damage their own property.>> what do you get from it? a man gets caught on surveillance breaking into a five guys restaurant, not to steal money, but to make himself a meal. >> a food delivery man was dropping off in order between 3 am and 5 am when a suspect waited for him to leave, so he could sneak in and fire up the grill. you can see in the video he casually talks on the phone, makes himself a few cheeseburgers, grabbed a bottle of water on his way to wash it all down. they are now looking for the
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hamburgler couldn't resist his cravings. after a soggy weekend, could we see a parting of the clouds?
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imagine getting to play with pandas, that's what animal keepers are doing in china's conversation and research center. they are there to learn to care for the animals, starting with their meals. this program lasts about a month, china has loaned more than 30 pandas around the world
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, it is considered a national treasure in the country and are still endangered. there are only 1600 and the wild today.>> they had a panda face on there, that might be one of the reasons.>> they can just take them to panda express.>> jr getting revved up for sports night live. jampacked. of course it's jampacked, we of got warriors basketball to talk about. they were making history tonight. this is a team that is now tied for the best record ever with that chicago bulls team. they will be going for the big game on wednesday. we will tell you how much ticket prices are, they are in the thousands of dollars. we're going to talk all about
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that. we are also going to talk about baseball, san francisco giants have one four out of four games. the a's have won their last three, if you like sports and you are living in the bay area, you will be living the dream tonight on sports night. >> did i tell you he was wrapped up? people, come in from the cold, get a blanket, settle in.>> we can feel like we are home with the fog. the 7-day forecast, sprinkles tomorrow morning are a possibility. beyond that we have clouds in the earlier part of the week. our next system on thursday with more rain, it may be chilly we clear this nonsense out of here next weekend in temperatures reach for the 70s.
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dared to dream. >> that's it for us. stay connected with us at tran 20. sports night live next
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