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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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one game away from back-to-back championships. -- former oakland police officer who most recently has been deputy chief of bart is a new interim chief in oakland but not everybody is happy with him. >> reporter: even those close to the oakland police department say they were blindsided by the sudden forensic nation of the new chief. >> whatever developed happened
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over the last couple days because tuesday he certainly, unless he's a great poker player he did not give indications that he was in trouble. >> civil rights attorney meets with the chief once a month as part of the temperament and essay. the settlements from the 2003 riders scandal for opd officers were caught planting evidence and fabricating reports. >> yelps of resignation will not delay important reforms when it comes to racial profiling. >> he was the right person at this point in time to deal with the issues. >> this is an incredibly difficult job. for anyone and their families. >> today in the mayor said the chief was not pushed out. despite a recent sex scandal involving four officers who are accused of having sex with an underage call girl. months ago a federal judge ordered an independent investigation into the scandal outside of the chief's office.
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>> different i got was that he was very concerned that there was -- the police chief and or his command staff had not properly engaged investigating that particular matter. >> i've been away for several years. i'm ready to hit the ground running. >> the interim chief has worked in oakland but comes most recently from bart police where he had his own scandal. the widow of a fallen officer is suing him. the soldier was shot and killed by fellow officer during a raid at a dublin apartment complex. he will beat oakland police for the next six months while city leaders look for a permanent replacement. the second bay area police department in a matter of weeks to need a new chief. will they be competing for talent? >> that's a good question. thank you. our coverage on this story
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continues on line. you can review it over the weekend. reposted all the information. here's a look at the other stories we're following starting with grant lotus. >> member the unanimous mvp steph curry. he is back. he exploded tonight in cleveland and sparked the wares on an enormous win. you see that i clay. the worst set a record for three's made in the nba finals game with seven team setback butter. curry finishes with 38, clay was great, they were all great. we see warriors curry in the corner. they beat the cavs, the dominant second-half. 108-97 the final. the warriors after winning game for tonight leave the best-of- seven series 3 games to one that means on monday night in oakland, they can close it out
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and repeat as nba champions. we don't want to get ahead of ourselves but they're looking good for the warriors coming game five monday night. if you wondering the cheapest seat, 895, $895. new court documents sent to us shows the extra effort summer brough turner had a history of partying. these are pictures of prosecution showed during trial . this one is of turner's looking at #. this is a photo of a bong also found on his cell phone. the pictures according to prosecution proved that he lied to the judge when he designed ever using illicit substances. the judge had these photos when he's sentenced turner to six months in county jail. the student body at the high school is in shock after football captain and senior was
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injured on thursday afternoon. he apparently dove into a pool and injured his neck. he had with surgery to stabilize his spine but his -- is currently paralyzed from the chest down. he was expected to attend cal poly in the fall his post received his diploma from san ramon valley high school on friday but a friend accepted on his behalf. >> some spots around the bay area will have to be mindful of a red flag warning. it goes into effect saturday morning all the way until sunday at noon . we have drier air moving in from the north. we're watching humidity levels drop into single digits plus elbie gusty and warm. to the combination red flag warnings things that affect until sunday. wind speeds will be between 15 to 25 miles per hour . any fires that start will spread quickly so a heads up if you plan on barbecuing or doing bonfires. this will be for the north bay hill.
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65 degrees in napa, 62 in richmond, 67 in nevada. the 50s and daily cities and 54 in half-moon bay. satellite radar showing quiet conditions. not a lot of cloudiness that as we go into tomorrow will see a few high thin clouds rolled through. for the most part left of sunshine expected on saturday and sunday. beautiful weekend on tap, warmer each day to pursue will keep timing as we head into monday. monday it will peak and then will start to cool down. sitting out in santa rosa 67 in san francisco 73 in redwood city. concord making it into the 80s. three day forecast shows as we go into tomorrow low 80s and worked to the mid-80s on sunday . by the time we head back to work, 89 degrees on monday for the temperatures will go from low 70s to the mid-70s that's a
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comfortable saturday and sunday on tap even if you're closer to the coast temperatures will be in the mid-60s warming to high 60s on monday. seven-day forecast shows the peak in temperatures and conditions will start to cool down after we head into next week. the red flag warning for north bay. apart from that we should see enjoyable conditions. coming up after the break, a look at the stories you need to know for tomorrow. will be back in just two minutes. the new chase freedom unlimited card earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you buy. the cash back is unlimited and you can spend it on anything. like, whatever the next ad is selling.
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part of the buttery jack family. taste it before it's gone. here's a story we had to bring you. it was the talk of the newsroom last night. this little puppy who was stolen the arms of a 14-year-old at gunpoint.
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the puppy has been found. police say the puppy was found and returned to her rightful owner. as of right now, the police haven't found the bad guys who took the puppy they are still on the case. his look at the stories you need to know for tomorrow. bartu will be closing one of its tracks tomorrow. the closure will be between the south hayward and fremont stations. bart officials will do electrical work on the track all day. travelers should expect 20 to 40 minute delays because they will be single tracking trains to the area. >> parts of highway 101 in burlingame will be close tomorrow morning as pg&e crews worked on three different electrical towers. crews will use helicopters to install safety brackets and replace cable lines over top of highway 101 between both -- and broadway.
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make sure the work is done safely to these people have to 10 traffic breaks between six and seven in the morning. >> a red flag warning has been issued for solano county. experts say the combination of strong winds, low humidity and warm temperatures always increase fire dangers throughout the bay area. a flag warning is in effect in the north bay. the warning will starts at 5 pm and will run until five on saturday night. it's the annual san mateo county fair opening day. anybody who arrives before 11 am gets in free for parking. free admission to the fair. it's open until 10 pm. they'll be at san mateo until june 19. if you're a good dad, i know something you may want to do. >> stay with him tomorrow on the morning news and have a great weekend everybody.
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twin on the loose. >> this is your final boarding call. >> the identical twin who drove off the cliff returns home for the funeral of her sister. then, fright at the museum. >> he has her in a chokehold. >> held hostage by a 6' 6" monster. how you can get out of a chokehold. >> push into my back and push forward. and college rape uproar. he says it happened to her. >> i chose to stand up for myself. >> why her dad says she's speaking out today. plus, slow jamming with the pres. >> it's been an honor and a privilege to serve as your


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