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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 24, 2016 1:45am-2:01am PDT

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us know. this is the bay area news station kron4 news at 11:00, starts right now. >> history being made as voters in the uk decided to leave the european union. thanks for joining us on kron4. i'm pam moore. >> many people predicting the worst as the vote is sending shock waves around the world, but first, this story. a bay area firefighter comes home a hero, after vacationing in hawaii with his family. >> we explain the action he took to save someone's life. >> it feels good, it feels good to know they'll be better. >> reporter: back on the job, just days after helping save an elderly woman's life in hawaii,
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a 2.5 year veteran of the valley vallejo fire department recounts what could have been overwhelming if not for his training and experience. >> we're on the beach, just like a regular day in hawaii. >> reporter: here's a photo of ramone, his wife and two boys out on the island. the family was vacations at the marriott club when on saturday, ramone noticed a woman laying face down in the water. >> another guy was bringing her up, i handed my kid to my wife, went down to assist. >> reporter: by the time he reached her, ramone said the woman was already in bad shape. >> laying on her back, checked for a pulse. she did have a pulse, and was breathing irregularly. i'm having a hard time of the she was blue in the face. >> reporter: at least two other people helped out, but he was the most qualified in cpr. once in the sand, ramone says he put the woman on her side so she could spit out some of the
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water in her lungs before she was rushed to the hospital. >> so good to help people out, and know they will be better after you leave their side. >> reporter: the woman survived, and shortly after the incident, her daughter sent ramone a handwritten letter, thanking him for saving her mother's life. >> words cannot express my gratitude for what you did yesterday. if not for you, i would not have a mother today. thank you for noticing that something was wrong and immediate action. brings a smile to your face, you know? especially knowing the outcome that she was going to get out of the hospital. >> reporter: if he had to do it all over, he said he wouldn't have changed a thing, and is thankful the mom made it out alive. breaking news tonight, the united kingdom votes to leave the your bean union that vote -- european union, that expected to shape the global market. the move could also push the uk into a built of a reception in
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the short term. the pound has been in a free fall, and expected it could get worse. some analysts fear it could prompt other e. members to pull out. >> it is the first major country to decide the european union, which was formed after world war ii. it's up clear departure will trigger a financial crisis hike we saw after the collapse of lehman brothers. >> we will track the stock market and see if there are any immediate changes. so tune in kron4 news at 4:00 a.m. big news tonight, oakland police sergeant will not face criminal charges over his girl friend filing police reports for him. the alameda county district attorney's office said it reviewed ten criminal cases where the woman was involved and concluded all evidence was there, in each case, and nothing was withheld from the
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defense. the da's office adds while the sergeant may have voted policy -- violated policy, there was no criminal misconduct. a new twist to the oakland police scandal. the city has hired a bright investigator to find out who has been leaking information to the media. the administrators is concerned that employees may be blowing the whistle. however, the attorney cautions against this kind of action. >> i don't think it's wise to spends a lifetime -- when the public wants to know what happened to the police department, how did it happen? maybe some of this stuff wouldn't have come to light if not for the whistle blowers. i trust this doesn't become a drag net where you somebody people's records, listening on their phones, wire tapping them. i can't imagine that kinds of
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activity taking place. if it does, it's fundamentally wrong, and i think those of us who believe in civil rights and civil liberties will strongly oppose that kinds of activity. >> the city administrator says her intention is to root out misconduct, and to prevent cover ups, not to silence critics or whistleblowers. in san francisco mission district, immigration reform advocates say they are disappointed a 4-4 tie in the supreme court means president obama's immigration reform plans cannot take effect. but they will keep fighting for immigration reform, and they want the president to put a stop to deportation. in cotati, police are looking for two men who robbed a homeowner at gunpoint. a single shot was fired inside the home, the bullet went into a wall, and nobody was injured. the lieutenant in the police department says he can't remember the last time there
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was an armed burglary like this one in that small tone. reportingreporting in cotati. devastating wildfire continues to race through central california. that fire broke out this afternoon. it began near lake isabelle, destroying nearly 4000 acres very quickly. close to a thousand homes are still threatened. they hope to make progress overnight while temperatures are lower. coming up it's going to be a hot weekend in the bay area. >>
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>> quiet continues, we are not seeing any -- conditions, we are not seeing any rain. high pressure will stay in control for us heading into the weekend, so we'll warm up tomorrow for the end of the workweek, saturday warmer, sunday above average. highs around the region at 88 in concord, 86 in livermore, 78 in hayward, 71 in san francisco, three-day forecast shows warm again tomorrow, lots of sunshine saturday, and sunday. you'll take a look at the temperatures and how they warm up. we'll stay a few degrees cooler on sunday, but look at monday and tuesday, close to triple digits and we drop down next thursday. >> wow. it's going to take a while. >> we're going to see a hundred next week? >> definitely a possibility.
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we look at the effect the brexit will have on the entire world economy tomorrow morning.
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