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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 22, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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flew in from australia, no ring, no craz engagement rumors. but she does have a big smile. she's not too bothered by the recorded kimye phone ca feud. other stars making their way to comic-con, there's will smith having dinner at nobu in malibu last night. co-star margot robbie was at an aussie airport on her here. the entire "suicide squad" will be sig autographs tomorrow afternoon. ♪ >> comic-con we're heading t best time ever. >> would you ever dress up in a costume? >> no. no. no. >> day two and the ma continues. there you see the walkingdead cast on the convention there floor hand in our "e.t." suite, the stars like to come in and let their hair down, especially in our feet booth that turns
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them into real-life action figures. >> keltie we have a question from facebook live. >> kelsey asked if you ever used the batman voice on your kids. >> when need to drop the hammer. hey, guys, let's go, ipads off, we're going t bed. and they're like, okay, whatever. and i come and i go -- let's get those ipads off -- now! >> we were watccing you on snapchat this mornin getting ready and doing all your crazy t couple of snapchat filters on you. >> it's a good day. >> that's all i know. >> the technology today is so much fun. >> now a little of the crazy that goe here at comic-con. emma roberts and dave franco shaved a guy's head. just one of the dares they've accepted to helpppromote their movie, "nerve". >> i w on the subway s spice girls. ♪ ♪ >> but the thing about new york city is that no no one even
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looks atus. >> more comic-con madness, i am old enough to remember the original "exorcist"movie, it scared me to death and now it's back as a tv show, geena davis, why -- are you gu scaring me again? why this? >> well because there's still evil in the world. >> let's be real, the original gave us all nightmares, geena and the rest of the cast -- they're plan doing the same. >> how spooky will the show feel? >> super spooky. >> really? >> oh yeah, it's really scary. horror show. but lot of psychological stuff going on, too. but it's all, you' be scared. >> how is it doing an "exorcist"? what does entail? did you -- >> a lot of energy. a lot of shouting. >> i lost my voice. this this is comic-con, there was a full-on exorcism. >> i command you be gone!
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>> you see a lot of cr things here, exorcism was not on my list of t expected to see at comic-con. what in the world? >> well i think they're going to be happening throughout the day where -- >> there's more? >> someone will be coming to this and if they do but pretty soon, a priest will be on hand. >> you guys do us a favor? will you go over in our photo boot you -- you have seen the pictures over there? you look a superhero. >> that's cute. >> thank ou. it's amazing to see how this little comic book festival has turned into the biggest stop for hollywood in the summer. by the way, more "e.t." exclusives on the little bit later as we hook up with the "suicide squad" we take you behind the scenes with will smith, margot robbie and of course the joker, jaaed leto. to cleveland, the donald
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finally took center stage and the republican national convention has brought us a is jaw-dropping twist every night. but nothing trumped the way he brought it all to a close. >> we will make america great again. >> it was one o longest, if not the longest speech he's given yet. >> trump spoke for an hour an 15 minutes. it was getting late for his youngest son, baron. his mother shot him a look all the yawning. he was introd his youngest daughter, ivanka. who wore a from her signature collection and this mo morning the entrepreneur posted a link so followers could buy it. retails for $138. her mother, ivana was snapped in the south of france this week with her other ex husband. ivana' wife wasn't mentioned in this documentary that was aired before this speech. this caught our attention, it was narrat angelina jolie's dad.
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actor jon voight. >> i want to share with you the story of my friend, donald trump. he's a guy who solves problems. >> an hour after the convention video, there was a parody on the daily show. >> people are jealous as hell. >> back to the convention for reality star amarosa. could tr appoint thoer a cabinet post? the "the apprentice" alum cheered him on. he named her as to the african-american community. >> if donald called me to serve my coont would gladly accept. the truth of the mat certificate i'm in it to see america win. the democratic national convention starts on monday. you can certainly look for a lot celebrities to be there and our nischell turner will be in the middle of it all. you are evicted from the "big brother" house. >> that was all she wrote for the fifth person to get the boot from the "big brother" house.
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or is it? tonight's special episode on cbs. it got a little bit of a twist. a new way for tte kicked-off contestants to battle back in and host julie chen only let on reporter stop by, nischell turner. >> here's the thing i like the most. i lovv that you host show, but you actually love it. >> i do love the show. >> that's the thing i like the most. >> yeah! >> glen, welcome back. it's now time to see how you will be facing off against. >> this yea twist, big brother battle back. >> battle i mean -- we've nev thrown someone back in the house a they've been evicted so early in the game. whoever wins -- you're going to see thhm in the house. the expression on all the house guests' faces. >> oh my god, who the hell is this going to be? am here to play. >> do the house guests h any idea whatsoever that somebody is coming back into the house?
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>> i just hearbuzz, they think someone's coming back in. >> who do you think would bb the biggest drama of the ffve evicted housegu >> it would probably be tiffani. she would be the biggest threat she has revenge on her mind. we'll see if it's her. >> the person who wins the battle back contest will be competing in the head of household competition, which might give them a better chance of hanging around longer. still ahead, scott baio on the passing oo garry marshall. chachi remembers his "happy day >> he changed my life completely. "bachelorette" bad boy chad can't stay quiet. what he's telling "e.t.." all weekend long, "e.t.'s" comic-con coverage continues across multiple
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all weekend long, "e.t.'s" comic-con coverage continues all weekend long, "e.t.'s" comic-con coverage continues across multip♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century.
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welcome back to our "e.t." suite here at comic-con. you tomorrow will smith, margot rob jared leto and the cast of "suicide squad" will hit town to give fann a little
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sneak peek of their movie. why wait? "e.t." has an exclusive look behind the scenes right now. ♪ ♪ >> the "suicide squud" are criminals brought together to try to do good. no one is coo than will smith. >> it's an honor among thieves. >> there's a part of him that dead shot is thinking maybe i might a wrong turn or two. in his life. >> then there's the twisted joker, jared leto. >> i didn't realize that this joker w 75 years old. i mean the story of the joker, i never thought in a million that i would have the chance to play a role likethis. >> he hooks up with margot robbie as crazy harley qu >> harley quinn, nice to meet you. >> harley quinn i working aa arkansas and she's a
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psychiatrist and tha where she met joker and fell for joker. and the transformation into harley quinn. >> despite the f thee looked like a demented cheerleader, it was very frightening to come within an inch of her. but at the same time a vulnerability. >> maybe that isn't good. >> voila davis is amanda waller. it is cool to see these ladies in such strong roles like cara dellavigne, deliciously wicked enchantere enchanteress. >> i don't remember seeing a movie where the women got such important roles. they were always kind of the sidekick or -- the kind love interest. i remember reading it and i was like, oh, my god, the girls have the best lines. >> i'm known to be quite vexin i'm just forewarning you. >> landed on the separation between being a bad guy and being evil. it's not a movie about good versus evil. it's a movie about bad ver evil. >> we'll be with the stars of
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"suicide squad" tomorrow. so much more coming comic-con today. "sharknado 4" has touched down and before the hit town, we are going to give you an exclusive sneak peek from the set. >> i di think that even "sharknado 1" ould make it on tv. he's back. >> how many actual fights have you been in? >> probably five million. > what kind of trouble is bad boy "bachelorette" chad getting into now? plus scott baio on the loss of his close fr garry marshall, hear the emotional story how the "happy days" creator changed his life. story how the "happy days" creator changed his life. >> he saved -- captions by vitac --
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you're going to die. >> my oh my. it has been an explosive se on "bachelorette." and yup, bad boy is one of the biggest reaswhy. he's a powder keg with six-pa abs. what trouble going to stir up on the reunion special?& we went face to face with chad
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behind the scenes. >> chad, how many fights have you been in? >> probabll five million. >> it seems as if not much has changed. >> i will physically have to hurt you. >> or ha it? >> honestly i haven't been in a pight with like five years. if somebody annoys me i walk off. >> we'll see if it true when chad re-enters our life this august. we you're going in "bachelor in paradise" does chad top himself on that show? >> yes. i think you're going to be excited to see suuer amped-up version of chad th >> i'm more confused you about you that -- >> are you misunderstood? >> in some aspects i am. >> luckily he didn't leave with regrets. >> the only regrets i have is thinking that threatening the dudes would get me shut out. other than that, no regrets, i was myself did my thing. >> chad told us his advice for future contestants, figure out what you're looking for. go on the looking for a relationship. and don't break people's hearts.
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we join kevin at the star-studded party going on in san diego known as comic-con. this is huge. what is going on, kev? >> just the pace of the madness gn on in the streets of san diego, here at comic-con, the ladies of "sharknado 4" d around our "e.t." sign. i click my fingers and voila they'reehereein the "e.t." suite. >> we love "sharknado 4"! >> good to ha you here, youu know, 3 ended with the stars in space, ss for "sharknado 4" how could they top it? we hit the set to find out. >> san francisco and seattle, they were all attacked by -- sharknado! >> it's a tornado >> making sharknado 1 that you would be here at "sharknado 4"? >> no. to be frank and honest, didn't think that even "sha1" would make it on tv. >> did it ever.
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the franchise has experienced monster-sized ratings and they're hoping for repeat with the fourth installment. >> fans are integral in the success of this. >> why they were asked to determine the fate of tara reid's character in april. >> the product was made popular by social media we enlisted the of the fans. >> so what's the >> she lives. and -- >> may the force beyou. >> she's not the only one back for another vit. >> so great to have david hasselhoff back with us. he's the nicest guy ever. >> and this time they're taking over the vegas strip? >> re and tourists are urged to get inside. >> oh, my god. >> go, go, go! >> and for a movie franchise famous for its cameos -- >> this is perso >> "the force awakens" does not disappoint. ♪ ♪
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>> now i had hinted that there will be a fifth installment of the series. why stop a good thing when it's going strong, right, ladies? >> right. >> speaking of a good thing going strong, "e.t." will be here all weekend long, ourr coverage doesn't end when the show ends can check us out or facebook live.pchat, twitt we're everywhere @comic-con. ♪ ♪ ♪ sharknado guys that age only have one thing on their minds. >> he's practically the same age as you. >> that how i know. >> that was the way that all of america fell in love with scott baio aschachi on "happy days" and the one m that knew that scott was destined to be a was the show's creator, garry marshall. he had such a huge impact on scott's career and his life. told us he will forever be grateful. >> heewas a good human being.
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garry inspired me tt bb good. and in ways that i could never explain to >> scott met the late producer when he was just a kid after garry saw him in the movie, "bugsy malo with 13-year-old jodie foster. >> found me, brought me to hollywood. and changed my life. completely. >> marshall made scott baio a household name with this ♪ ♪ >> through it all, garry was like a second father. he was firm, but had scott's back. some other people wanted to fire me. and because i just wwsn't pulling my weight. and garry said no. give him a chance, he saved me. >> from yourself? >> yeah. he always wanted people to move up. and inn their careers, moup. he was always giving people chances. like this episode. do this, let's try to that. i want you to be a story editor.
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i want you to be a co-producer. hand people just k moving up around him. >> the 55-year-old actor had the chance to thank him in a sweet moment in 2013, when garry guest-starred scott's nick at nightsitcom, "see dad run." garry i wanted to t you this for so long that i owe you everything. and i want to thank you. [ applause >> i am so proud of him be all this talent, you know, but he w a kid star. and you saw what happened to all the kid stars. he grew up very and i am so proud that he did. >> what he m tt me? that's such question. he made me. i couldn't pay hhm any more homage than that. he made me. and everything i know about television, i kno him. >> listen to this, scott told us that he haa a meeting with garry just a few weeks ago
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working together again on a new show. the word "retirement" was never in garry's vocabulary. >> it's amazing to think about how many people garry touched. >> he was such a nice man. >> he will be missed. we will be right back. haters.
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. that's all the time we have, here's one more thing to check out before we go. taylor james is returning to the cbs family with a new tv series called kevin can wait. >> what's with the carrot sticks? >> i got to get in shape for my new show. i'm on in reruns so i can blow up like a pig, d matter. >> move over doug from"king of queens" meet kevi james' new character, a guy named kevin. >> i play a retired police officer who is out to have a good time with now it's time like he getting to know your kids again. >> hey,dad, i need to tell you something. >> i loved it so much. we did our first show, it's a lot of it feels like home again. >> have a great weekend, eve
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c1 breaking news at 8:00 out of the east bay where a woman has been killed after she was hit by a train. this is video from the helicopter partner with abc 7. good evening, everyone, and welcome. >> this happened at


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