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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 2, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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after he walked out the building into a waiting car that was santa clara county sheriff's she did not hide how upset she was the he was never in her jail to begin with the bill to on the governor's desk now recommendatory that anyone convicted of raping anyone intoxicate was ever present senses and not just tell time that cannot escort them through a side door no. shield him from the view. >>reporter: he was in protective custody during his three months in jail this of the cell was confined to he will be heading
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back home to ohio where he will have five days to register as a sex offender the nationwide anglia against them and against the judge is still going strong
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>>vicki liviakis: did the judge who's been blasted for the lee in sentencing we're here with the latest on today's rally. >>catherine heenan: dozens of people gathered in san jose across from the main jail where he had been released this morning they want him off the bench altogether federal state local officials there were among the protesters they believe he was biased and handed out a light six month sentence state senator says he is on were the of the road he wears in the bench he sits on the case in the case a sad said of affairs for women who have been that the lion's the judge had apparently
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been double backwards not to give him a prison sentence and other speakers including the mayor of paulo out so in milpitas. >>terisa estacio: he is no longer behind bars but that does not mean he is now free to do whatever he wants and that some say his life is about to get even harder that is legal
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analyst call already is some protesters pledge to frequent protest in front of his parent'' home in ohio he is also not free and a legal war is the fear killed in the sexual assault case could go after him civilly the man in possibly millions of dollars in restitution for pain and suffering i must comply with a lengthy list of provincial requirements some of those include registering as a sex offender attending counseling if he violates those firms to confine himself back in california before a new judge and possibly not a jail sentence but a prison sentence or
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reporting major delays on the pittsburgh-based 0.9 they're two separate issues >>grant lodes: a train that had mechanical problems the delays are affecting the pittsburgh
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bay. . >>reporter: you think about last weekend when he sat down with his socks and today he has been soap the controversy all week but he is no longer alone activism his teammate joins some in protest instead of sitting
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down they decided to take any he used last night some dispel any notions is anti military all our enforcement and said the protest has been misunderstood. >>: i realize men and women go out and sacrifice their lives and put themselves in harm's way for my freedom of speech of my freedom in this country i have that respect for them we have cops that murdering people that are completely racist and those issues need to be addressed after taking a seat that spark millions of debates in wearing the socks to spark the million more. >>reporter: he has cleared the air in a single 90 minutes to
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soften his stance the case will come a roster spot and explained where exactly he was coming from. it appears they're not taking issue with his beliefs it
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is not known which groups he will be donating to fashion his football career it appears to remain of 40 niner he is expected to be all the roster. >>reporter: the process will be in santa clara when the season begins on september 12th >>vicki liviakis: will take an exclusive look of the woman behind the controversial who was the girlfriend could be responsible for his new from social activism of relief from the bay area she goes by the name nasa. >>vicki liviakis: sitting down for the national anthem showing up at a press conference with the mob attacks what have choose
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a deejay on local radio from recent weeks she not on the backs away from the could be the driving force behind his public protest this which is accessed by diller about her and got a boyfriend. >>vicki liviakis: to look at his account is revealing as a first reported a look at his twitter account is very telling he posted more than 100 times on race related issues the
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exclusive we talk 101 with a woman at the center of the sex scandal involving several bay area police departments what she has to say tonight about her recent arrest. >>vicki liviakis: a confrontation at a dog park turns violent
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>>grant lodes: are rested and still in jail since the 19 year- old better known and the bay area and celeste choose arrested earlier this week just four days after she arrived in florida for a drug rehab. >>haaziq madyun: she told me she
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could not comment on the incident that led to her arrest the police report said deputies recalled to the treasure coast treatment center because she was reportedly acting abusive toward the staff members and extremely hostile cause of altercation learns that a guard leaving teeth marks after biting a guard on the arm the nine signor was
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arraigned tuesday on a felony aggravated battery charge it was set at $300,000 in the family is consulting with attorneys try to see what they could do to bring her back home. >>grant lodes: they do not have the money to post bail for the 19 you will stay in jail tonight she is waiting for next court appearance.
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>>grant lodes: police said a 30 year-old guide to others or injured have been shot inside the car at the intersection south and write avenue offices still working to identify the shooter witnesses described the suspect vehicle a dark colors to dan that left the area right after the shooting >>vicki liviakis: they will assess what not to open emergency centers on saturday morning track local storm poised
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to spoil the labor day plans to millions of people on the east coast over about 20 mi. an hour toward new jersey and new york no system is very likely to regain the hurricane status as a move north the island was hard hit by air storm surge. >>catherine heenan: one fatality
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a homeless man crushed by a fallen tree a trail of flooding and destruction in florida for the north is still clear on the new jersey shore but what hurt me on the way--hermine. >>catherine heenan: the fact that it is moving slowly and not
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a good the scientists say it is likely to be the most active season >>reporter: still rotating in transition to ignore the law also the northeast is starting to push into parts of south carolina north carolina and now and next up virginia this is the
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track of the tropical storm with winds be sustained and 50 mi. per hour will continue to go into your piece in turn out to the scene as we go into the weekend to you will notice into saturday and sunday with this entire area fell under a tropical storm warning temperatures to marron 87 degrees for m1 locations warming
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up a little bit to 85 on sunday it will back up to the high 80s as we approach into monday. >>reporter: the labor day holidays approaching the bay was 7 is low 60s we're on to take a closer look at the local weather coming up in the next forecast and 10 minutes. >>grant lodes: you concede him kick woodall right here we highlighted for his brand boots that look like timberlands in this is the second time that he attacked a dog this is unpopular dog park in san francisco police said several dogs initially got into a fight at the park that can happen at ballparks the dogs were separated but the owner of one of the dogs he for whatever
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reason extremely upset and tried to grabbing the black lab away from its owner people will restraining him. >>grant lodes: they try to calm him down to as the woman tried to leave with her dog this happen he walked up and kick the dog in the stomach he is expected to be ok they're not any of the dogs the people seriously injured but tonight they're looking for him he attacked a dog twice last night during dinnertime at guerrilla popular dog park in san francisco.
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>>vicki liviakis: 7 sea otters and nearly extinct in are, protected under these endangered species will tell you where plus millions of samsung phones are being recalled over exploding batteries details and 540. ♪ ♪
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>>vicki liviakis: they're working to identify a man suspected package who was caught on video there he is committing the crime here is a look at the surveillance video you can see him standing in front of the door for few minutes before it picks up the package leaves they say it happened and how some arlington this demand as 5 ft. 6 in. tall and was believed to be working as a door-to-door salesman.
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>>grant lodes: you want her to call petaluma police. >>vicki liviakis: donald trump is trying to clarify his stance on immigration latest from the campaign trail the latest hero segment highlighting the work of a peninsula police department how they are shelling out a little bit of money to build relationships
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>>vicki liviakis: we're here with the latest from the campaign trail and there is news
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every single day in. >>catherine heenan: with donald trump arriving at a meeting in philadelphia he was talking to group of african-american business and civic and religious leaders >>catherine heenan: suggested she did not know the letter see in front this is meant classified there were 13 mobile
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stones tied to her numbers that investigators were never able to get their hands on u.s. senator visited uc-berkeley. >>vicki liviakis: the senator also announcing the establishment of the lecture series and the documents from her long career in politics will be archived at the back half library.
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>>grant lodes: point no. 4 the golden gate bridge it does not fall in we can see we've done 0180 looking at south san francisco you to see the east and they tore the left side of the screen.
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>>reporter: just a beautiful evening closer look at the fog track as we go into the rest of tonight for half moon bay's hayward oakland and things cleared quickly to kickoff the weekend.
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. >>grant lodes: he's blaming the parents of one of his sex abuse to victims for their daughters destructive behavior the paris cause emotional distress of their daughter by maintaining an abusive relationship with her. >>vicki liviakis:
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>>reporter: he is back in the headline splitting from his wife from another scandal sending text messages to become a topic it turns out couple's income relationships are more likely to sexton's single people according to researchers they tend to be more comfortable with the idea of close intimacy but tend to worry more about what their partner think of them less surprisingly men are more likely than women to send a text propositioning sexual activity.
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so i thought i would just root for everyone. get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on. >>grant lodes: for good reason
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our tech reporter is here to tell us about it is been on market two weeks they've sold 2.5 million phones a lot out there this the hottest android phone on the market no pun intended >>gabe slate: no problems and all the others have if you have this phone i suggest you stop using an images and video of the device exploded are catching on fire when charges has been popping up all social media to get invested in the term is a problem with the batteries it so that one to stop all sales of the device and issued a recall it comes at a worse time for samsung. >>gabe slate: just with their low but note seven was getting great reviews it was they call the best on the market cap pulled new innovative features died on the not have this was
5:41 pm
the android to have samsung was winning the battle innovation against the big rival apple one week before apple's big event will be unveiling the new seven this happens the battery issues affecting only a small amount of the phones out there ever see a fire set reports were wide at 2.5 million from only 35 so far have had a problem will be releasing information about how works next week the terriers are stepping up to help with this recall their offering refunds or trade-in's for similar devices if you do not want to
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wait for new 67 police officers pretty positive relationships with kids and our latest hero segment of the office of behind the project
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>>reporter: we first told people about victor rodriguez from our news is a 20 year-old who was mistakenly released on wednesday night after a court clerk's file the wrong people work after the story aired he reached out directly to my you will hear
5:46 pm
from him about what happened in his plan to turn himself into authorities will bring you that story and a whole lot more at the top of the our officers and lemonade stand the helping build bridges and a lot more to american right but and how to a limited sense also applies project started trendline all of
5:47 pm
a sudden it was happening all over the country more than 65 law-enforcement agencies in 23 states have gotten into an. >>grant lodes: it would do
5:48 pm
lemonade stands as have police involvement it's really interested community 25¢ a cup and a crisis experience for kids and police also all across the country.
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. >>reporter: down to the bay bridge in san francisco airport petaluma just school was out will continue to see warm temperatures as you go to the rest tonight a few clouds we will see a little close to drizzle.
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>>reporter: pettifog expected to go to the rest of this evening you see a lot of sunshine tore the afternoon a few clouds to start during both morning saturday and sunday 66 degrees by two and 4:00 p.m. comfortable conditions for san mateo closer to san jose will warm up and expect the low 70's for your
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2:00 and 4:00 we will see a cold start to the morning to much install office 56 degrees to get pretty close to 80 degrees if you're closer to santa rosa is a little bit warmer in the low 80s really nice setup you will notice of one conditions as to get into the weekend >>vicki liviakis: the widow has
5:52 pm
died she had been battling stomach cancer for the last few years. >>reporter: this family of black mayors.
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>>reporter: the bears jump into a second neighbor as palm and then it was time for lunch foraging through dumpster they help themselves to whatever they thought smelled good coming of a
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couple in a drama that brought them together as a real-life couple in the.
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>>vicki liviakis: >>reporter: live played by faster vendor live a quiet life into one that the rescue a baby girl lost the sea and raised as their own with the discover the baby's mother is still out there in the secret began to take its toll on everyone.
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>>grant lodes: however great liberty weekend >>pam moore: to his release from jail after only serving three
5:59 pm
months for his sexual assault conviction the process' the still going on outside of the jail.
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>>reporter: we told you about this yesterday and and made who get lead out of the county jail by mistake he is telling us his side of the story
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>>phillipe djegal: he was the coverage of the mistaken release wanted to make it clear by phone that he knows he should still be behind bars on wednesday at a hearing in san francisco superior court he faced two charges related to making criminal threat to law enforcement one charge was upheld the jail sentencing him to three months in jail the second charge was dismissed the
6:02 pm
court issued a statement saying " the court is looking into the circumstances surrounding the aero san francisco called defender does represent him but has extensive experience with the court process mistakes like these have happened before he tells us that should happen sometime late friday night.
6:03 pm
>>pam moore: his case has turned controversy nice and quiet ever since he sentenced him to six months for sexual assault conviction. >>reporter: protesters shown they're not angry at hammed their angry with the judge he grabbed his battle belongings walk out of the santa clara county main jail and stepped into a waiting as u v m he
6:04 pm
should never have been in the jail he should of been in prison the share of was not too happy about the case he was able to double critical as time served the pattern of bias was
6:05 pm
made crystal clear with a short sentence is believe that he'll be heading back home with his family to ohio and once he is there you have five days to register as a sex offender he still has three is a probation and a sex offender management program still have him
6:06 pm
>>grant lodes: for a couple of slippers a few other items all those also in protective custody he did move around he served a bit of his sentence here in santa clara county serve the ball of his time he did get 90 minutes of exercise every other day otherwise he was confined to that cell protective custody is given to inmates or thought to be at risk of being attacked by other inmates. >>reporter: legal experts say his life will be controlled with many restrictions it was early
6:07 pm
in the morning when he left jail and his so-called free member the does not mean he is able to do whatever he wants some say his life is about to get a whole lot harder already some process of plants to process the form of his parent'' home in ohio. as he is also not free and clear but the legal
6:08 pm
issue the victim and his sexual assault case could sue him demanded millions of dollars of restitution for pain and suffering. >>pam moore: she made a call from jails to talk to our reporter and said she'd been kept away from other inmates >>haaziq madyun: sit told maine that she's being kept in solitary confinement at the martin county jail in florida this is a booking photo she says
6:09 pm
and oliver interaction with police should never been behind bars for days after she checked into the treatment center in altercation occurred leading to her arrest her father told us that the family is devastated by their arrest and grandmother says she is said and granddaughter insofar way she
6:10 pm
was arraigned tuesday on a felony acrobat a battery charge her mom was a $300,000 the family is consulting with attorneys tried to see what they can do to bring her back home. >>pam moore: the is homeless and is a registered sex offender witnesses say the assault happened yesterday at an apartment complex commander grabbed the girl and touched inappropriately and she screamed the controversy surrounding the quarterback appears to be shifting as we showed you last night he kneeled during the national anthem against san diego and he was joined by one of his teammates.
6:11 pm
>>catherine heenan: nine days after the earthquake he was pulled through a pile of concrete and disarm and the town after they heard him barking and crying >>catherine heenan: that had been extorting the home owners and how to retrieve some belongings, almost no one had hoped he would be around and alive although one of the owners had decided to call out his
6:12 pm
name that is when they heard him barking you conceal what tub of dusty the difference in water eventually he was able to scamper down a big mound of debris summit of calling his rescue a sign of hope for those who lost everything in the earthquake.
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>>maureen kelly: goal will
6:16 pm
deciding on the measure oakland voters on a measure its age this made sure it is for a victory for our families and our kids it is calling it a grocery tax they say it will ever see a fat the lows and come population
6:17 pm
because this in the highest portion on groceries >>reporter: the as to the guy making public pages about confidential interviews with hillary clinton these notes are
6:18 pm
summary they show the clinton told the fbi she could not recall details and events on handling the right information that she did not realize the letter c inside a parentheses men classified she told the fbi she relied on the judge's offer state department staff not to send e-mail to classified information to a private account for some she cannot remember any briefing or training on the subject.
6:19 pm
>>reporter: 10 denied his country was involved in the hacking of the e-mail's belonging to the democratic party the release of the information was a good thing >>pam moore: hurricane has so far left no major damage they said there are a number of flooded roads and downed trees throughout the state power outages also been reported in the florida and all her camera and a still to tropical storm as it moved across the southeast
6:20 pm
>>pam moore: the marrow to save the storm has now we can to a category to but it is still very strong expected to remain a hurricane as it passes nor of the island at this point the storm is not expected that islands as a hurricane unless it turns out off a big difference between lesser and her mean.
6:21 pm
>>reporter: a closer look at the track a category two write to the north is the concern will be storm surging also alluded of rain just a few high clouds and the golden gate bridge lots of sunshine from the coast of the inland area if you have an area of low pressure is moved off to the east pretty close to the
6:22 pm
'80s by the afternoon and into san francisco mid-60's once again of course start to bring a jacket we will stop in the '50s 66 degrees by 2:00 p.m. the big
6:23 pm
closure on the station was going to be affected an incredible story it may look like a typical high-school football player but do not judge the book by the color.
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>>reporter: it recounts the bay area pile this incredible flights were man and somehow land the plane on the frigid hudson rev. and your their entire loss both engines just after takeoff because of bird strikes it takes a close look at the hudson as is the called and is selling them a month following the remarkable landing. >>pam moore: additional closings are planned later in the month and in october is about to line
6:27 pm
up seasonal football
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>>reporter: prosecutors ask for a six year sentence they said that he should never have been in jail should of been in state prison. >>terisa estacio: convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman is now out of jail after serving the cause of brazil sentence has troubles are far from over florida potestas
6:31 pm
pledged to protest in front of the parent's home he must comply with many court orders for britain measures plus he could also be facing >>phillipe djegal: they would drop at a hearing on wednesday when in fact the judge to have held one of two criminal threats ago against the police officers and sentenced him to three months in jail he told us that he has been in touch with
6:32 pm
the sheriff's department >>haaziq madyun: she told us that she is being kept in solitary confinement she is in florida receiving treatment for substance abuse was some type of altercation occurred >>gabe slate: if this is the note 7 that android devise their recalling it over fear from the users safety the battery cell issues affecting
6:33 pm
only a small amount they receive the five separate reports worldwide they're releasing information on how the recall work the wireless carriers are stepping up to help with this recall their offering refunds ultradian. >>pam moore: that added more than 1 million jobs
6:34 pm
>>reporter: 76 in san jose 87 and the more 67 san francisco 7976 and vallejo temperatures and napa and 70 a 84 degrees and santa rosa 74 past were bomb of as 73 writer on the bay 63 for the coast monday warmer for the ellen condition of when the court down on tuesday wednesday thursday friday this led oakland
6:35 pm
getting back closer to and for the coast of a comfortable 70 is in store for us as we pushed into next week. >>reporter: he had the size of the line and 63 165 lbs. but for him to his first-ever was not possible he had the desire to play football he was surprised
6:36 pm
when he was approached in the off-season the ohio high school had to reprove the prosthetics in his attitude as bigger than the desire to play he knows his
6:37 pm
role on the table when he does get on the field the simple message for those and a similar situation
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6:41 pm
thousands of california prison inmates on the ballot this november and they say it could lead to public outrage. >>pam moore: the bridge opened 13 days ago in the 6 m wide and 430 m of a very deep valley spokesperson for the brits said capacity is set for just 8000 people per day they ran into a problem 10 times that many people had been showing up every day and then now close the attraction due to the overwhelming demand no word on when it reopened or how
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>>gary: last night with all the bright light shining on him he did a pretty good job the critics are going to save big a deal all that is probably true but nonetheless he was joined by a teammate to defensive back who would not suit up the best players on both sides don't want to get them injured he was ride alongside the kittens to level set on the bench last night during the seahawk game at the
6:46 pm
oakland coliseum on the build once the game started will talk more about this in that e-mail segment the we have a lot of feedback
6:47 pm
>>gary: 6 innings of no-hit of baseball was one of the guys that they're not going to throw a hundred miles an hour but he can pen pointed it is to nothing chicago in the fifth chris bryant last year rookie of the year if no hits for the giants until he goes deep in the seventh but that wasn't lester m. their rarity nine innings and three hits he went the distance.
6:48 pm
>>gary: to white man team in together to provide entertainment and information
6:49 pm
like and his courage to put in the same class to bill russell jim brown and thomas f.? >>gary: rousseau and jim brown and did it for a great length of time their activism this was not a one-shot deal to do you know
6:50 pm
why you cannot tell because he should have gone about it another way in terms of not standing for the national anthem unless you're contributing to calls in january
6:51 pm
and february you find out how much you love chicago from the ready a standpoint believe cannot they meant to times as much money doing giants games and they do warriors games this separated, but what are you going to do?.
6:52 pm
narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining
6:53 pm
the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive.
6:54 pm
>>pam moore: the camel corps both the earth and the mall across in front of the sun on september 1st the camera caught the final stages of the loom a transit what a beautiful picture
6:55 pm
>>reporter: reconditions expected force to our next newscast is tonight we will track the search for a sex offender (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. there's beyonce and jay-z. number one, the carter date night to support queen b''s bestie serena. inside their grand slam friend and beyonce's lemonade lawsuit victory. then, dolly parton uncensored. from her secrets to a 50-year marriage. >> i always look so happy. i say that's the botox. >> to her true feelings on whitney houston's cover. >>she can have the credit. i just want my cash. >> and number three, the olympians take late night. >> yes, yes. >> michael phelps gets egg on his face and gabby douglas's sense of smell isn't so black and white. plus, our "insider" bonus.
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♪ tell you what i want >> what does the music sound like? >> are we throwing it back to the '90s? >> mel b. new spice girls music and new tour but with less girl power. >> are you disappointed the other girls didn't want to get together? >> i don't think much about that. are you okay. now hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider" together with yahoo!. hello, and welcome to the "insider." we're tracking the biggest stories in hollywood today. >> starting with the number one story everyone is talking about. >> the support with my team and my friends and everyone that came out. so thank you. >> there's beyonce and jay-z. >> the ultimate girl power doubles match. last night, beyonce enjoyed a date night with husband jay-z while supporting serena williams at the "uss open. ♪ >> and just look at the sea of phones capturing their shared moment with the queen with beyonce stopping to sign an autograph. serena williams onto the third round of the u.s. op.


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