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>> barricaded myself in my house? have you seen my house? >> royalty's mom, nia guzman could make a play for full custody. they currently share custody 50/50. another twist from chris brown's attorney. >> one of the things that we're investigating is they're now reports that the accuser has a relationship with the mother of his child. >> brown's attorney said royalty was not in the house during the incident. we also asked his friend, ray j and his accuser about her whereabouts. >> was chris's daughter there? >> no. i don't want to respond to nobody's kids, out of my, out of my place. like out of my place. >> to see her at all, do you know if she was home? >> no. did not see a child. that would be terrible if she was. >> where's chris today? ♪ ♪ >> well he's set to appear in the caribbean tonight, posting that he's performing at the curacao north sea jazz festival.
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we'll continue to follow the story and bring you the latest developments. okay, please give it up for your new "bachelor" come on out! >> well bachelor nation is still recovering from the big surprise of nick viall getting picked to be the next bachelor. but nobody was more shocked than luke pell. he thought the job was his. and he join told us that he was ready to go when he got the bad news. >> i'm feeling like i'm getting hit by a freight train and blind-sided it came to an abrupt halt. >> it was very dramatic start to this past week. >> the 31-year-old war vet is still in his hometown of nashville telling us he had already agreed to abc's bachelor contract when they cut him loose. >> i had gotten to the point where i accepted that hey, you know, i think this is now going to happen. because literally, i'm checking the -- >> luke became a fan flafrt on jojo fletcher's season of
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"bachelorette" when he finished season four. >> i dreamed so much. >> so why the switch? >> well sources tell "e.t." the southern gent we saw on tv got quote difficult and quote demanding during contract negotiations, causing producers to reconsider him. >> i don't know what sources reported from inside of the casting process that i went through. you know abc and i, we came to terms with all of the contracts that were sent out to me. and we worked through that. and there was really no issues up until that last week. >> so what's luke's reaction to nick viall getting the gig? >> i heard along with the rest of america that nick was chosen. i haven't heard anything from nick. i'm sure you know, i know from what i can tell, it was even a last-minute surprise to him. >> it will be nick's fourth shot at finding love on the franchise. he was runner-up on lat two
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seasons and is currently "bachelor in paradise." >> if i could think of the perfect date this would probably be it. >> i hope the best for nick and i wish him the best. i don't want to go back into working in this franchise. if i was asked to do "paradise" i don't think that's something i would be interested in. >> as for luke, now that he won't be handing out roses, will he be watching? >> i'll make that decision when january rolls around. i'm busy, i've got a lot going on. >> will he still be looking for love? >> there's a million other ways to meet people. and to start relationships. i know there is the right person out there for me. and can't wait to get started. >> my heart goes out to luke. he would have been a great bachelor. i've been wanting nick to be the bachelor for many seasons, he'll be fantastic and season 21 of "the bachelor" will start airing in january on abc. ♪ ♪
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>> what a week for the queen bey, started at 9 mtv video music awards. where beyonce broke madonna's record for most video music awards ever. >> counting down the to the big 3-5 and sitting court-side at the u.s. open in new york city with hubby jay-z -- score? love-love. they were cheering on good friend serena williams who notched her 306th career grand slam wins. serving up a major case of the giggles, they were caught cracking up at this woman who is not an overzealous member of the beehive. she's serena's mom, oracelene price. speaking of moms? >> i'm just blessed, i can't tell you how excited i am and how blessed i am. >> before she served as "lemonade" this was a young 18-year-old beyonce on her way to superstardom as part of destiny's child.
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>> it wouldn't be long before everyone knew her name and her unmatched talent. ♪ ♪ >> i don't like get my hair done, i hate getting makeup done. i take quick showers, not l luxurious baths, i don't get manicures or pedicures as i often as i should, i'm an earthy chick. >> what's the best thing about being a mom so far? >> i have such a full life. i feel like now i know the reason why i was born. -p>> and to ring in her 35th ye, on sunday the multi-grammy winner will reportedly host a "soul train"-themed party in new york. >> i'm always trying to always grow and just want to do something different. ♪ >> let's keep moving. michael fassbender and alicia
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alicia vikander are one of the hottest couples at the venice film festival, we'll call them fasskander. they're one of many couples flooding italy with a lot of amore. amy adams and jeremy renner with quite the crowd pleasers, they did a little dance and then came a friendly kiss. returned with a hug as they premiered their firm "arrival" earlier it was jake gyllenhaal hanging with amy. and a treat for the fans, liev shriver and his lady love, naomi watts. but the biggest dazzler had to be michael and alicia, she in a louis vuitton gown making their red carpet debut. they fell in love over a year and a half ago. but kept quiet about it until now. with our carly steele found out. last night was the first time you walked the red carpet. describe that experience and what was going through your
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mind? >> just a special place, italy is number one. >> i must say as soon as i stepped out, it was so many wonderful people and i'm come to down there and watch and you know, it's overwhelming. >> the film they met on is "the light between oceans," which they premiered in venice, playing a couple who can't have a baby. but then rescue a little girl adrift in the ocean. >> there's talk of potential nomination for this movie. what would that mean to you? >> first of all, i make films because i want an audience to hopefully enjoy it. awards are a wonderful thing, but that's just an add-on, you make films because of people watching it and enjoying it. >> i cannot wait to see this movie. these are two great actors and michael is just like a chameleon. in his next movie he'll play an action hero in "assassin's creed". >> he can do it all. coming up, which boy bander
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is expecting a baby? then move over, oprah, we have kevin hart's inspirational message, the side of the comedian you've never seen. >> you got one life. plus inside marilu henner and derek hough's first
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season two of "rosewood" got off to a dramatic start. not so rosy start. former "90212" star brian austin green walk off in the middle of filming the first episode. >> but enter eddie cibrian, i was the first to join him on the set. >> everyone is playing nice, they're not hazing you, are they in. >> not yet. >> eddie teeing things up on the
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crime drama as the new captain of the east miami police department. >> here's your "e.t." cheat sheet on what to expect from the mysterious ryan slade. he's unpredictable. >> don't know what you're going to get with him. and literally, he could be hot and cold. in a second. >> he brings the drama. >> when he does interrogations, they're out there. what is wrong with this guy? >> and you've got a past. >> you grew up in a boy's home and you found out that he was being a prostitute, but not for the reasons you think. >> what, now? >> sexier, grittier, a whole lot of "er" in there. >> all of those things, i think are describing eddie ciirian. [ laughter ] >> yes, yes! that's a big part of it. >> in real life, their long-time
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friends. you work together, i'm the best man, so you have a history? >> we worked together on that movie and a couple of other movies, so yeah, we've known each other for a long time. >> and like leann rimes often joins him on the set, his wife. >> do people ask her to sing in. >> no one has yet but people do do that. i do that. >> does this new gig mean baby plans are on the back burner? >> is there ever a right time? we'll see. >> season two of "rosewood" kicks off september 27th on fox. >> and nick and vanessa lachey announced on instagram they're pregnant with baby number three. congratulations to the lacheys. still ahead, inside the first dancing rehearsals with an amped-up marilu henner, but will derek be okay to dance? he's telling "e.t." about a secret injury. plus ""he talk" celebrates the seventh anniversary, the moment that left them in tears. >> i'm pregnant! the moment they'd rather
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forget. >> i was like the chinese dolly forget. >> i was like the chinese dolly parton. -- captions by vitac --
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live from hollywood, this is "dancing with the stars"! >> what happens when you pair a six-time mirror ball win wer a five-time golden globe nominee who used to teach dance? you get the ones to beat on "dancing with the stars." and we were first to find out derek hough and marilu henner are raring to go! >> you did that, didn't you? you took your shirt off? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> that's impressive. >> i'm like -- i'll grab his pants. >> she just grabbed it. >> marilu henner proves she may be "dancing" biggest fan ever. we barely remember this moment ten years ago. >> i've been following everybody on "dancing with the stars," i tweet about them and watch the show and sometimes i come. i'm like they're going to let me do it? or there's going to be a
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restraining order. >> fortunately the restraining order didn't come through. >> not in time. >> you're waiting for your partner to come through. >> this guy. >> i had an out of body experience,dy not, he was not even on my radar. he was, he was gone. he was doing, "singing in the rain" and "hairspray" so i didn't think about derek. then i screamed and i cried and then there's the flashback, oh, my god, did i just superimpose derek hough's face on somebody standing there? >> this pair rehearses four hours a day and then marilu henner goes home and practices two more hours solo. but does she have an unfair advantage? >> i took dancing as a child. my sister, we had a dancing school in our garage and it was my mom and my sister and then i took over a class at 14 and it was like you know, four-point steps for babies. this is like a completely different ball game, my last dance class was before laurie hernandez was even born, you
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know? so -- it's not, it doesn't matter. >> what does matter? derek told us he recently suffered a secret injury to his back. >> well i might have -- i wasn't dancing, i was lifting tires, and i was in a competitive race with my brother-in-law and -- yeah. he's like an nfl hockey player. so i'm like let's go man, and then that night i was like, and i can't walk. >> don't worry, derek is moving around pretty good. with those ice baths he takes and having marilu as a partner doesn't hurt. the vibes coming off this 64-year-old are so off the hook it inspires their team name. >> both of our names begin with "h" our team is team henergy! >> whoa, i like that. >> let's be honest, nobody has as much energy as this woman right here. >> bam. >> we're all excited for this pairing right here.
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>> woo woo! >> we also found out what derek and marilu's first dance will be, they're doing the jive, it kicks off september 12th. a guy with his own energy, kevin hart. he invited me to portland where he surprised an audience at a special screening? >> did you like that? >> "what now?" is kevin's new super-sized stand-up comedy movie filmed in his home town of philadelphia. >> football stadium tonight. >> 10,000 people. as a comedian to say that you sold out a football stadium is unreal. it's something that hasn't been done. you'll see that i turned the football stadium into a comedy club. it's me, i funded it. >> i'm grad you said that. you know what that means? he's making a lot of money. he's going to make a lot of money off this movie, don't be fooled. >> listen, it's not about the money. >> oh! >> this is costume jewelry. don't look at this stuff.
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>> kev isn't really all about the bling. what he loves is inspiring people to follow their dreams. kevin's biggest passion is fitness. >> we can become the best version of ourselves, that's it i'm in competition with me, i'm not in competition with nobody else. you get one life. you got your choice, live that life to the maximum, or you can cheat and help death. why help death? you got people that love you and depend on you, take care of yourself. >> the new season of "the talk" begins on monday. we couldn't wait to see what the ladies are up to this time. >> every day there's something different to talk about. >> cbs's fab five are back. julie, aisha, sharon. >> it's unbelievable it's been that many years, we're doing a bunch of different set-ups for social media. >> i look at some of the old
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seasons and i cringe when i look at how big i used to wear my hair, like the chinese dolly parton. >> for six seasons, the chat-fest has brought us our daily dose of news, entertainment and a-list celebrities. but the ladies have let us into their own personal lives. >> i can't do it because i'm pregnant. going through personally and being able to support them in the way that they supported me. has been my favorite part of the last few seasons. >> keeping it real is how they roll. >> they know we're going to tell situations like it is. we're not going to sugar-coat anything. i think they appreciate that. >> well premiere week could pay off big for lucky fans, each day of the first week guests will be able to face off against a host to win over $750,000 in give-aways. tonight's "e.t." birthdays which sexiest man alive once dated heather locklear? george clooney, mark harmon or
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brad pitt? the answer, when we come back. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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it's all at >> announcer: travel consideration provided by -- next week on "e.t." -- >> i showed up to play. >> we're with the entire cast of "dancing with the stars." as the clock ticks down to the
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premiere. >> this is so scary for me. and first with amber rose and maks as she reveals a big announcement. >> it's weird for me. plus, ben affleck goes gangster, only we have your first look at the new crime drama he wrote, directed and stars in. and tom hanks travels with us coast to coast for two big premieres. >> who turns down that opportunity? >> next week on "e.t."! welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which sexiest man alive once dated heather locklear? that would be mark harmon, you were right, who turns 65 today. mark dated heather in the '80s. >> we're out of time. but have a great weekend, everybody, we'll see you. >> bye, everybody!
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>>pam moore: and urgent search for a child predator a homeless man accused of sexually assaulting a little girl


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