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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 17, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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hurt -- people. the cause of the explosion is unknown. >> you're looking at video right here. the blast was reported shortly before 9:00 p.m. saturday in the chelsea section of manhattan. a major search is under way for a possible second explosive device. >> there's a video just coming in now. they have ruled out a gas explosion. we do know that the president has been briefed on this situation. there are reports that homeland security is there as well as the fbi and of course the new york police department including the counterterrorism unit. >> when we talk about the specifically the area, it is a major area. lots of restaurants in the area right in the middle of
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manhattan. it's about a block from madison square garden. some subway lines have been shut down while the investigation unfolds. >> we do have a photo tweeted out from the counterterrorism unit in new york. this is what we believe to be the garbage can that that exgroegs was in. you can see how damaged it is. though there is no fifk word this is exactly where the explosion came from, but this picture tweeted out saying -- indicated that's where the explosion may have come from. there are also pictures shows some of the damage in the area. >> they're shows cars and trucks with windows that have been blown out. we have just wlern it had mayor of new york has arrived on the scene. we're just get k sound dpr someone who lives in this
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area -- from. this is what they had to say. >> it sounds like when you hear the metal steel plates. it just flattens and falls straight on the ground. >> where were you? >> i was about three blocks away. it sounded like a block away. >>reporter: what was going through your head when you heard this? >> that's there's an explosion. i'm a architect so i was concerned. i've lived through 9/11 and there was a concern for humanity. >>reporter: tell me about the scene afterwards. >> first respondering were coming. and fruks were coming and manager vehicles. i spoke to one ambulance man.
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he said i haven't heard anything yet. he said they're still investigatings. >> was it calm or chaotic? >> it's pretty calm. there were still vehicles surprisingly, many vehicles still coming down 23rd street that they had to clear out. and then i just saw the first police car block everybody and get rid of all those cars. after the vehicles were gone, you see the people congregating on the corner. >> are you concerned at all for your safety knowing about the explosion and not a lot of information? >> initially, yes. you always have that concern. you don't know where it is. >> this is a live picture that you're looking at here in new york city. we're talking about this explosion that happened just before 9:00 o'clock east coast
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time. it's in the area of 23rd and 6th in the chelsea area of town. police not only are they looking into that area, but they have different officer and -- officers and detectives and different squad sz going to different areas of new york as we try to get more details about what exactly happened and the bomb or explosion that took place in this specific area. >> the latest information we have is that there are at least 25 people injured. most of the injuries are nonlife threatening but we have seen a lot of video of ambulances taking people away from the area to local hospitals. the fbi is involved in this investigation as well as homeland security and the new york city police department. security has been increased. we've just learned multiple subway lines have now been closed in the area as a
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precaution. the last time subways were closed was super storm sandy. that should give us some idea of the increased security presence and heightened alert happening in manhattan tonight. this is a picture tweeted out just before we came on air from the antiterrorism unit in new york city. this is a garbage can in the area of 23rd and 6th in chelsea. that's in a section of manhattan. we're still waiting for a press conference that's about to start any moment now with the mayor of new york city and the new application commissioner. today is his first day on the job. >> we talk about the 25 people hurt. we do know 23 of the 25 had just minor injuries. no major injuries. some of the witnesses from the scene talked about some of the
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buildings in that area. one of them being association for the blind. it's next to a church. that association of the blind was a 14 story building. we talk about some of the construction dm that area because eight peered that this started near a dumpster. and there are several dumpsters set up in that area because of all the construction work that was going on in that chelsea section of manhattan. now you have police going through not only that section of no, sir, but you also -- new york. you also have people going through other sections. but again we're awaiting the press conference to get the latest details from some of those officials. >> other witnesses are saying that they heard and felt the blast saturday night in the busy area of manhattan. people are out and about.
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here's another witness with what she saw. >> i was at 22nd and 2nd avenue having dinner. it felt like a lightning bolt hit the building. the whole city was in the street. fruks and undercover cops, cops driving the wrong way upstream up 7th avenue. fruks. people smell -- fire trucks. the whole neighborhood shut down. we were supposed to go see a movie. seems like a lot of chaos. >>reporter: were you concerned? >> the cops are telling anyone not to move anywhere. i live in the neighborhood. there's been a ton of construction and everything's been closed down. i assumed it was that. it was pretty scary. >> this is another live look at
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the area where there was an explosion this evening in manhattan in the chelsea section of town. we are awaiting a press coverage where we're trying to get more detail sz on this. more than two dozen people were hurt. >> one of the reasons why there is heightened alert is that earlier today there was an explosion on the jersey shore in a garbage can. this was believed to be an explosive device placed inside a trash can along a marathon route for the marines. no one was hurt, but the race was delayed because there were registration problems and that's why there were no runners on the course when the device went off and exploded. there were reports of a second device. the fbi taking the lead on this investigation. the bomb they believe was meant
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to go off during the race but because of the registration problem and that the race was delayed shgsz no one was on the course at the time. they have not said if terror was related. but they stayed away from where this is happening in new york -- a state away. there's some investigation if the two cases are connected. >> there is the heightened security there. this is the area many manhattan where this explosion went off. you talk about the new jersey explosion tla happened this morning and the fbi also said in their investigation three pipe bombs were connected to one another but only one went off and that there was a timer used in that situation. so with that in the forefront of things and then hearing something of this nature where
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23 people had minor injuries, 25 total, certainlily a heightened night. and i know the weather when this happened, it was a warm night. it being a saturday night, you have a lot of people out walking around not expecting something like this. >> sure. last weekend of summer, saturday night. here in san francisco after the explosion in new jersey today, the police department went on high alert. they sent us a statement saying they're aware of the explosion in new jersey and that it happened during this marathon. now today in san francisco, they've increased uniform high visibility presence throughout the city. this was in response to what happened in new jersey. i'm sure this will continue after what's happened in new york. these live pictures, though, it looks like the windows of them have been blown out.
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>> interestingingly enough, this is one section of new york city and it's a very popular section. we talk about this specific explosion and witness reports were that it could be heard a very long way in some areas of new jersey. that gives you an idea of how loud this explosion was. donald trump has actually already spoken about this in the last 30 minutes of so. we want to get you to that. this is what donald trump had to say about the situation in new york right now. >> i must tell you what just before i got off the plane a bomb went off in new york and nobody knows exactly what's going on. but boy, we are living in a time. we better get very tough, forecasts. very, very tough. >> so both presidential candidates have been briefed on the situation as well as the president. we're following breaking news of an explosion in manhattan. at least 25 people have been
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hurt. >> we are going to be back after the break. at that time we should have an update on the situation. a live press conference is about to take place. we'll be back afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ we are back following breaking news out of manhattan. there has been an explosion in the chelsea section of the city. at least 25 people have been hurt. we have just gotten word that
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the police department there in new york has found a possible second device. this on 27th between 6th and 7th avenues. you can see where they found the first device was on 23rd and 6th avenue in chelsea. now there are reports that they have found a possible second device. >> if you've been to this section of new york, we're talking a matter of blocks from madison square garden. this is a very busy section. lots of people who live in this area and a lot of hotels. this is a warm saturday night. this loud explosion could be heard all over the city and reports of it being heard as far as new jersey as we look at some of these live pictures. on the right you see what it looks like right now with all the people still in that area. there are still roadways closed
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as many of these special units in new york city go from block to block to try and see if there is anything ls and make sure these areas are safe. >> so the president has been briefed on the situation as have both presidential candidates. we are awaiting a press coverage from the fbi as well as the new york police department and the mayor. they should be addressing the situation that has happened tonight. thfsz a picture tweeted out by the new york antiterrorism unit of the dumpster where they believe this device was located where they found it and it originated from. that's the picture we're showing you now. some of the other photos show us the damage in the area. a lot of blown out windows from cars parked on the street. people there in the area said it felt like a lightning bolt hit the building.
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they were very concerned even though there's been construction and they've heard a lot of loud noises recently, this one was different. they're a little -- you know new yorkers can hear something like that and keep going on. something can get your attention and let you know it's different this time. >> certainly. and there's so many different street closures now as they work to help the 25 people who are hurt by this explosion. as we look at the pictures, we just want to again update you. we are awaiting a press coverage from new york city from some of the political figures there and some of the police figures for an update. we are in the month of september and it was 15 years ago the september 11th attacks happened. when that 15th anniversary came earlier this month, there was a
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lot made out of that. i think so that is fresh in many people's minds when we talk about explosions and specifically explosions in new york city. you remember talking about what we saw in new jersey just one state over earlier today when an explosion happened when a race was about to start. >> there was an explosion that went off in a garbage can along a marathon route. the only reason people were not hurt was because the race was delayed. they had some registration problems so runners were not on the course at the time the garbage can exploded. they did a secondary search for other devices. the fbi is heavily involved and have said so far there is nonindication terror was related. as we go back to manhattan, they have told us a possible second device was located just a few
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blocks away from here. the new york police department still has ongoing investigations. they're telling people to stay away from this area. they have also shut down all the subways in the area. they're looking for secondary devices and trying to keep an eye on what's happening. >> as we look at the different pictures from above at the situation and some of the closed off roadways, we are getting new video as well. sol some cell phone video from the scene. it is tilted here, but this is the scene and somebody in the area shooting what they saw in the area. when we talk about some om these different explosions, we brought up the explosions that happened in new jersey today. the fbi confirmed there were three pipe bombs, they had a timing device, but only one of
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the pipe bombs went off. that is in the forefront of a lot of people's minds this evening. then you have something lake this that happens just before 9:00 o'clock. you have this loud noise chltsd one thing we don't see at that point -- i can't quite tell on the right-hand side if that is somebody getting help at this point. but you don't see a lot of those victims because keep in mind there were 25 of them just waiting to hear back on those as well. >> a law enforcement official is telling the associated press that an explosion in the chelsea neighborhood appears to have come from a construction toolbox in front of the building. let's go to the mayor of new york. >> i want to go over a couple of
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kwee points. you'll hear from the police commissioner and fire commissioner e. we'll be joined by the fbi assistant director. tonight new york city experienced a serious incident. all elements of the first responders have been a part of the operation. obviously our federal partners fbi and others working with us. so all hands on deck. injuries are significant. you'll hear from the commissioner on the details of the injuries. but at that point, we can confirm that none of those injured are likely to die. we also want to be up front saying there is no evidence at this point of a terror connection. this is preliminary information but there is no evidence at this point of a terror connection.
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i also want to affirm that based on what we know at this hour, there is no specific connection to the incident in new jersey. it is geb too early to say -- again too early to say anything definitive. i want to say there is no specific and credible threat against new york city at this point in time from any terror organization. we have no credible and specific threat at this moment. but we do want to be very clear. the early indications is this is an intentional act. we'll have a lot more to say in the coming hours but we believe at this point in time this was an intentional act. i want to assure all new yorker sz that the nypd and all other
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agencies are on full alert and our antiterror capacities are on full alert and other key units and manager services unit all are on alert and all are dealing with the situation and being vigilant all over the city at this point in time. we have the most advanced antiterror capacity and obviously the largest police force all ready to ensewer our safety. now i want to be clear. whatever the cause or intention here, new yorkers will not be intimidated and won't let anyone change who we are or how we go about our lives. we have the best police force in the country and a number of the agencies making sure we will be safe. we are at this point tracing every lead. it's too early to give you any
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details of the investigation because it has just begun over the last few hours. we're not going to go into a lot of detail. but we do want to urge all new yorkers, anyone who may have information related to this incident, anyone who's an eyewitness or has video, nypd needs that. please reach out immediately with information we can use. call 1-800-tips with information. tooinl a second site as we speak is being treated by the nypd. it is 27th street between 6th and 7th avenues. there's an investigation underway and nypd presence on the street. that street has been cleared as
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the vgsz continues. i'll turn it over to the commissioner. >> thank you mr. mayor. at approximately 8:30 this evening, officers were on patrol driving westbound office building west -- on west 23rd street when they witnessed a large explosion on west 23rd street. officers immediately called for additional units and ambulances. the nypd bomb squad and terrorist task force were requested to respond. the exact cause of the explosion has not been determined. investigation into this incident is active and at this time extensive search is being conduct td. there is an ongoing situation on 27th street right now.
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the area is being treated as a crime scene. there is no evidence to indicate this explosion is a result of any natural gas. the exact nature and cause of this explosion has not yet been determined. there have been 29 injuries report td. one of these injuries may be considered serious. we'll talk about that in a couple of minutes. the fire department is currently assesses the extent of any possible structural damage. >> ur units heard this actually from their locations and joined the nypd members on the scene and searched the buildings that
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were affected. there were 29 injuries, one considered serious. 24 of these people have been transported to area hospitals with various degrees of scrapes, abrasions, from glass and metal. thankfully, none of these are life threatening injuries and the 24 patients that have been removed are not in a serious condition other than the one patient with a puncture wound. >> we will take your questions now. it's too early to determine specifically what the incident was caused by. we believe it was intentional. a full vfgs is underway. as soon as we're able to determine what caused the explosion, we'll report that to you. >> you said that
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[ no audio ] --. >> because we have no credible and specific threat, because there is nothing specifically linking what we've seen so far to anything that suggesting terrorism, but tgs preliminary information. we want to ensure new yorkers we do not see a link to terrorism. >> did it come from inside a building? >>? >> right now it appears the explosion was outside on the street. right now, it appears that the explosion took place outside on
8:28 pm
the street. if anyone's got information, call 1-800-577-tips. >> we do have video and we see the explosion and we'll use that in our investigation. >> there's no need to evacuate anybody from that building. we have streets closed from 14th to 32 nd street for traffic reasons. >> we're still investigating right now. . >> do you have surveillance video? can you tell us about if you saw
8:29 pm
anybody walking? >> at this point we are in the process of collecting more video. >> so let's just recap a little bit what we just learned. some new information. 29 people have been hurt afteran explosion in new york city tonight. one person has serious injuries. while there is no connection to terrorism according to the mayor of new york, they do believe this was an intentional act. >> the mayor kept saying it over and other again saying that new yorkers will not be intimidated. yet he did make the point that this was an intention the act. you can see the manager crews out there as wi speak. a little while ago and i believe you can see it in one of the shots as this camera moves, but we saw a robot being used on
8:30 pm
scene. a number of streets are closed in this area as they look for other possible explosive devices one just two blocks from tla location. they have crews looking to see if there is another device. >> we'll take a quick break and be back with more on this breaking news story out of new york city.
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welcome back. we are following breaking news in new york city. you are looking at live video from new york city where an explosion happened just before 9:00 o'clock east coast time. 29 people were injured. 24 of those injuries are minor, one of them being serious. as we look at the video and as we talk about the situation,
8:33 pm
that press conference just wrapped up in new york city. >> we have a lot of new information to share with everyone now. first off, the mayor of new york saying there is no evidence of terrorism. but that they do believe this was an intentional act. right now they're also investigating a second possible explosive device found just a few blocks away. they aren't elaborating a lot of what was found there. two incidents of the explosion that went off was outside. we did get some pictures from the antiterrorism unit in new york city of this dumpster or trash can that looks to be mrelted together -- melted tolth. the explosion happened outside. one interesting thing is there is video of the explosion.
8:34 pm
they do have the explosion caught on camera and they'll be using that a lot in their investigation. they'll be going back, many hours back in time trying to see who interacted with that trash can. these pictures are showing us some of the damage. 29 people injured, one serious. 24 had to being to go to the hospital for minor injuries from scrapes and cuts from glass and metal. >> we talk about the cameras that caught this explosion and we talk about the process of going back. that's going to be a very extensive process going back to see if they can see this person. where this explosion happened, it's achelsea section of manhattan. it's a matter of blocks from has had son square garden. it's a very busy section. one of the buildings there is under construction. there were witnesses that we showed that were talking about
8:35 pm
the construction work and talking about all of the dumpsters in that area that were you know that you could easily hide something. it appears that this explosion -- and you heard the police commissioner talk about it saying that this explosion appears to have happened outside near one of those dumpsters. >> they quickly ruled out it was not a natural gas explosion. they have blocked off many blocks in the neighborhood. they are calling it a crime scene. the fbi is also involved. they do not have an exact cause of the explosion but they do know that this was a very serious incident. that's wlat mayor called it. this is believed to be a truck with the bomb squad. we saw just moments ago a robot come out. the camera will pan out to show us the street that was closed off. but we saw the robot come out
8:36 pm
and that's what they use when they're trying to maybe detonate a device or help in the investigation because it's a lot safer for a robot to go than a possible person. so there are two devices that police and the fbi and homeland security are investigating tonight. >> exactly. they're using the robots for that very reason. again, 29 people hurt in this explosion that happened in high and aggravated nature manhattan. we will update you more on this after the break.
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we are back now following the breaking news out of manhattan where there has been an explosion. 29 people have been injured, one with serious injuries. there's evidence of terrorism, that's what we just heard from the mayor and police commissioner, they do say this was an intentional act. right now there is no credible
8:39 pm
threat against the people of new york. >> 24 of those 29 people who are injured in this explosion had to be taken to the hospital. that's how serious it was for them. one of them, a serious injury. now the press coverage out of new york city just wrapped up a little while ago. the mayor talked about the situation and he kept saying over and over again that new yorkers will not be intimidated by this also calling this an intentional act but then saying that this is not a terror act or one that they are not calling a terror act. >> and there is video of the explosion. we do have it now. it's just coming in to the newsroom. our editors are working to put it together. that is a huge part of their investigation this evening in trying to figure out who put the
8:40 pm
device there. so they do have security camera video of the explosion. we are working to get that in. it will be a key part in the investigation tonight. while there is no terrorism connection, also we heard there is no link to the explosion that happened in new jersey along the jeer see shore. there was another explosion there earlier this morning, some sort of device put in a garbage can along a marathon route. there's no connection between the two. an ap source is saying the explosion from the chelsea section of the city likely came from a toolbox. the mayor and commissioner did not want to get specific on the cause yet. >> we are early on in this. as we get new details, you heard us talk about the surveillance video. we are working to get that to
8:41 pm
you. we'll try to get that to you after we take a break.
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we continue tonight covering breaking news. 29 people hurt in new york. an explosion that happened this evening at 8:40. 24 people were transported to the hospital, one with a serious injury. you know we've been talking about this since the show started. there have been press coveraging on this. we're learning more and more about this every minute. >> we're looking at live pictures now of the area in chelsea. that's the section of manhattan where this happened. they have closed off the subways in the area as well as many streets. the mayor says there is no evidence of terrorism but it was
8:44 pm
an intentional act. we have the surveillance video. this is the explosion that happened as we're just seeing this video. people walking there on the street in manhattan. many people out and about on a saturday night. this is the video that the fbi and police department will be looking at. we're trying to see here where the explosion exactly happens. i'm being told it's about three seconds away so let's watch. and i believe you saw it right there off in the distance on the far side of the screen. then you see the people running from the area. this surveillance camera it's a bit hard to see because it is so far off. that specific area where this explosion happened -- and again it will be on the top part of your screen, that top right part. where this happened, there's a bunch of construction work going
8:45 pm
on. witnesses have sdwiebed a number of dumpsters in the area because of all that construction work in the area. so there are several different spots that could have been used to hide something. as the mayor said, this was an intentional act, one that there are calling intentional but not a terrorist act. >> and right there you saw the big flash and people start running away from the scene. it looks like they're holding their ears. i can imagine it would be very loud when that went off. that explosion was pretty brief and this is the security video that will be key in the investigation. >> as we talk about the area in the new york, it's in the chelsea area and it's only a block or two from madison square garden. this is a very busy area. it happened around three hours ago which was around 8:40 east
8:46 pm
coast time and it's around 70 degrees there. it's a nice night and a saturday night. many people going here and there apply then the explosion. >> and the mayor saying that a second site is also under investigation tonight. there is possible reports of a second explosive device found a few blocks from there. the fbi is focused on that area as well. as we go back to the live pictures, this is the scene where they're focused right now. this is a police bomb truck on the scene. a few moments ago we saw a robot come out to figure out if there are other devices. the police department is on high alert tonight. they've closed down the subways and the streets. they are actively looking. while there is no credible threat of terror against the
8:47 pm
city, the mayor made that clear, there also was no evidence of terrorism connection. they're taking this very seriously. this is a very serious incident and said the person who is badly injured, while not life threatening, it's a serious injury. >> well it certainly did change. and one of the things the mayor talk td about and police commissioner is not only the 29 people who were hurt this evening in new york. and as you see one of the garbage cans in the area, possibly the area where this explosion went off. they also clarified because earlier this morning and earlier today, there was an explosion in new jersey at a charity run. the run got started late so nobody was hurt. three different pipe bombs were
8:48 pm
found. only one had detonated and they were on a timer situation. the mayor said this evening there's nothing to link what happened tonight in manhattan to that in new jersey. again, there were try to go get to that. there were a lot of questions in that press coverage but there weren't necessarily a lot of answers because of how early on we are. >> we are continuing to get information in. right now we want to get a check of the bay area forecast. >> we are looking at mostly clear skies tonight. a couple of patches of fog approaching the beaches. a live look out there right now as we're looking at the clouds try to go form just a bit. we'll see some nice weather ahead today. we saw the numbers really soaring outside. numbers well above the average.
8:49 pm
68 in san francisco. that was one of the cooler temperatures. it is going to be a whole lot warmer the next couple of days. winds kicking up with an afternoon breeze. high pressure is taking over. we'll see an offshore wind from the land of the sea. that will sweep away the fog for a few hours along the most line and bring you a lot of sunshine. the air quality is suffering. it's looking unhealthy. looks like the fog is going to be patchy tonight. as we head through the day tomorrow it starts to break up and clear out. your skies are looking nice. later in the evening, that fog should make a return. these temperatures will soar into the afternoon. it will be a nice day in san francisco. about 730 degrees in the area.
8:50 pm
those temperatures soaring to 85 and as much as 86 in redwood city. lots of 830s and a few 90s -- 80s. in south bay, the temperatures getting into triple digits. about 85 in union city. in the north bay, the temperatures also on the hot side. plan on 90s and mid 9 #0s. next few days, we will see the temperatures staying hot and cooling down as we head toward fall. back to you. back to a live look in new york where an explosion has left 29 people injured. we will update you on the situation there after the break.
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back now to the breaking news. an explosion in new york city. -- new york. this is the surveillance video put out of the blast. take your attention to the top right of your screen. you will see a big flash bang there and people start running. 29 people have been injured. one person does have a serious injury. more on this breaking news when we come back.
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back to breaking news tonight. the manhattan section of town an explosion went off just before 9:00 o'clock. 29 people injured, one of them with serious injuries. >> the mayor said this was an intentional act. we are constantly getting new information and we will have the very latest on this breaking
8:57 pm
news out of manhattan. that's coming up on the news at 10:00. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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