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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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anced 4in1. kron 4 news stars now with breaking news. breaking news tonight. a major explosion reported in manhattan. good evening. >> the mayor of new york calling it an intentional act but saying that there is no connection, it appears now, to terrorism. 29 people have been hurt. one person was seriously injured from a puncture wound. >> we have video just coming in from the scene. the blast was reported before 9:00 tonight on the east coast. it happened on west 23rd street in chelsea section of manhattan 12 blocks from madison square garden. it's busy with nightlife. the streets full of people. >> all of new york city on high
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alert tonight, and there is reports of a second possible explosive did device that was found a few blocks away on 27th street. just in, we have learned that that device is a pressure cooker as investigators were out looking for other potential explosives, this found this pressure cooker found with wires, a cell phone and possible writings on it. the fbi, the atf as well as new york police are looking for other devices under trash cans and under cars and an alert went out to people in the area of 27th street to stay away from their windows just as a precaution as they are worried about other devices going off this evening. >> and it is a major thoroughfare. some subway lines have been shut down while the investigation unfolds. >> and this here have a photograph of what appears to show a damaged garbage can from
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the first sight of the explosion. that is on 23rd street. this year it shows us some of the damage -- this here shows us some of the damage that could have been done. we don't know major things, what caused the first explosion, are who is behind it or the extent of the damn. we do know, though, 29 people injured. one with serious injuries from a puncture wound. the other people hurt with scrapes, cuts from glass and metal that went off during the explosion. >> as we look at this picture of the garbage can that has been seemingly destroyed, we have an interview with the gentleman who took this picture. this is what he had to say about what he saw right after it happened? >> i was on 7th walking towards 23rd, and i heard a very loud explosion. it lasted for three to five seconds. it was the loudest thing i'm ever heard. i jumped. i didn't see the explosion.
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initially i thought this can't be real, fireworks or something. i didn't know what it was. then i saw a lot of people look over. i walked up 23rd, and there was a cloud of -- i guess it was smoke coming toward me and kind of some people were running away. actually, i walked away for a split second because i thought i don't have any of my gear or anything. i thought somebody could be hurt. let me go up there. immediately the police were on scene, immediately. credit to them. i started to get closer, and they -- i couldn't get close enough to see where it was. i didn't smell glass. the cloud that i walked through smelled like something that had burned, fire or smoke smell. the police started yelling for us to all run away. it was not safe. get off the streets. i snapped that photo out there. i said it was a dumpster. i don't think it was a dumpster. i think in hindsight it was a
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large trash bin, but that's what i saw. >> is that part of the trash bin that you're saying is -- that we're looking at, this photo you sent in ? >> yes. that -- it looks like it was like a -- it's like -- if i remember correctly, it was a plastic kind of container, a big trash bin, not like a metal -- i didn't touch it obviously. it was not like a metal dumpster. i didn't know what to call it at the time. but i think it was more like a plastic bin. >> as we look at these pictures of the damage and you see all of the windows that were busted out there, we also want to remind again, 29 people were injured in this scenario that happened just 9:00 in what was a very busy section of new york city and it is a busy section up until this hour because you can see the locations there, madison square park nearby. this explosion site, these are locations that officials, even
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late and early into the morning hours east coast time are out there right now. >> busy in a different way at this hour. we do want to show you this video. this is from a surveillance camera that was in the area of 23rd. that's where the explosion went off. this is going to show us, if we look at the top right part of the screen, we will see the blast. we will see smoke. we will see debris then flying in the air at people and they start to run out of fear. a lot of witnesses were saying this was extremely loud. it became chaotic right after. we do know from the mayor of new york as we were watching live during the kron 4 news at 8:00, are there's the explosion. you see the bright orange ball that goes off and the smoke, are things flying in the air and people start running. this is the explosion that went off on 23rd. as we heard from the witness who took a picture of that plastic trash bin where they believe this device was possibly put in outside on the
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street, that police were there immediately. >> well, they certainly were. this video obviously from across the street and down the street a little bit, initial witnesses had said that there was a number of construction work going on in that area. now, during the press conference earlier this evening, the mayor talked quite a bit about the situation in new york, one where you just saw that blast there on this camera. this is what he had to say. >> we believe at this point in time, this was an intentional act. i want to assure all new yorkers that nypd and all other agencies are at full alert and that our anti terror capacity are responsive and our other key units are able to response. they are all on alert and all are dealing with this situation and being vigilant all over the
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city at this point in time. >> and the mayor of new york also saying earlier this evening that there is no connection to this explosion that happened in new jersey earlier today. a device was believed to be placed inside of a trash can that was along a charity race marathon route and no one was on the road at the time taking part in this race because there were registration problems so people were delayed in starting. so that's why no one was on the road at the time, but this explosive device did go off, and they believe it was intentionally put there to go off while people were on the race. but, again, no one was hurt there. the fbi also saying that it does not -- this explosion is already terrorism. they have ruled that out as of now in the investigation. we go back to the situation in new york city. >> certainly interesting as to what it looks like now in manhattan. we talk about that new jersey incident that happened this
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morning, and we talk about that device that explode he had. the fbi confirmed earlier today that three different pipe bombs were connected in that incident and they were connected to a timer. but only one of those pipe bombs actually went off. that was information that the fbi had verified earlier today. but, again, then tonight, officials, that is, saying that at this point, they have not linked those cases together. one thing that we've been noticing on the streets of new york as this story has progressed this evening is the fact that police have moved at times, pushing reporters back at times and moving into other areas and searching other areas as they search for explosive devices, wanting to make sure those areas are clear. >> and during the search, finding this possible second device just about four blocks away that we've just learned is a pressure cooker that has been set up with wires. there was a cell phone. it was placed inside of a
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plastic bag. we have some video, i believe, of police -- as soon as they arrived on the scene and started this investigation, searching for other devices in the area, they looked under cars. they saw the parked cars on the street. i know this video is dark. that's appraiser or -- police officer or an agent of some kind with a flashlight that's going to look inside trash cans and under cars. again, an alert went out to people in this neighborhood saying stay away from your windows. we want to put out a precaution that other explosions could happen tonight. if -- it happened here on 23rd. and then the pressure cooker found on 27th in the chelsea neighborhood. a very busy neighborhood. it's saturday night in new york. a warm evening. last week end of summer. a lot of people on the street. we could see that from the surveillance video. >> we know it was a pressure cooker, but we don't know if
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anything was inside. if something was inside, what was inside? there's talk about a note. we don't know what was written on that note. now, hillary clinton was actually on a plane when this news broke. she spoke about what had happened. this is what she had to say. >> i've been briefed about the bombings in new york and new jersey and the attacks in minnesota. obviously, we need to do everything we can to support our first responders, also to pray for the victims. we have to wait for the investigation to unfold and get in touch with various officials, the mayor's office in new york to learn what they are discovering as they conduct this investigation. i'll have more to say about it when we actually know some facts. >> so we just heard there from
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democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton speaking on not only the situation in new york, but what happened earlier this evening was a stabbing in a mall in minnesota where eight people were hurt. donald trump commented on the situation in new york tonight. >> i must tell you that just before i got off the plane, a bomb went off in new york and nobody knows exactly what's going on. we are living in a time. we better get very tough, folks. we get better get -- bet better get very, very tough. >> manhattan, it's early in the morning many we are getting new information as it comes in and new witness sound coming in. we're talking with witnesses. you'll hear from some of them after the break.
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. we continue to follow breaking news out of new york this evening where 29 people were hurt after an explosion that happened just before 9:00 east coast time. officials still on the scene. not only of the location where this location happened but also a second location? >> a second location just about four blocks away where they have found a pressure cooker inside of a plastic bag that had wires connected to it, a cell phone that was with it, and also a note that was with it as well, which as we look at
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these pictures, we see some sort of robot or device. much there's a flashlight there looking on the ground. there's a very active investigation happening. it's about 1:00 or 1:15 in the morning now in new york city as they are looking for other possible explosive devices. it was ruled out quickly from the mayor of new york as well as the police commissioner that this was an intentional act, but they have said as far as now that there's no evidence of terrorism. >> you know, people heard this blast all over the city. it was reported that -- we're joined by our anchor who is actually in the new york area. steve, where are you located? what is the situation there? >> reporter: i'm up on the upper west side, and just after 8:30, it's remarkable how quickly the news spreads although not a big surprise in
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new york. just 15 years after 9-11 and a week after the anniversary celebration, people are very much a tuned to things that happen on a regular basis and everyone i think on somewhat of a heightened alert after the bottom this morning in seaside, new jersey. then this happens on a saturday night when everyone is out having dinner. that's exactly what we were doing on the upper west side. within a matter of minutes, people were on their cell phones. not a sense of alarm really. a sense of wait and see. we've been through these sorts of things before, i think, is the feeling that i report from people in new york. the sub ways, which is where i was -- the way i was traveling, were, you know very much filled with people, and they were delayed because they were
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rerouting sub ways around the chelsea area. >> he's in new york city. you're on the upper west side, which is a little bit away from where these two explosive devices have been recovered. one that actually it appears went off. the other that they found. did people, steve, leave the restaurant and go home? were they -- you said they wanted to wait and see. was there an immediate alert, alarm for people to get to safety? >> reporter: no. i wouldn't say that actually. i mean, people took a while. we happened to notice at our table, because we have, you know, some news people at our -- in our group, but, no, there was no sense of that. in fact, as i went out in the streets trying to make my way to my next location, there wasn't a sense of urgency or concerned on the upper west side. people were concerned over the
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sub ways. they have work on the sub ways on the weekend. people became aware of the fact they were diverted for that reason. what's interesting, you know, 15 years after 9-11 and just three years after the boston bombing and now it's impossible not to draw some connection to the boston bombing because this second device which they have removed a few blocks away from this one that exploded, the same type of device to this reporter's ear is the one that did so much damage up in boston. while the mayor may say this is not a terrorist act, it seems surprising to draw that immediate conclusion just yet for sure because you just don't know. it will take time for the joint terrorism task force and the fbi to draw up those sorts of conclusions, i think. >> i think they want to tell the people of new york to stay calm, but still be vigilant and as there's a lot of
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investigating that needs to happen, but they try to rule out terrorism right away because the mayor said there was no credible threat against the city at the time they went off. >> reporter: i think you're spot on, justine and that's why they let people return to their homes in new jersey earlier today. they must know something about the construction of that particular device and by sunday morning, we're going to know a lot more because they will come up with conclusions. that surveillance video is very important. you know, it will tell them something about what the look of the bomb was as it exploded, and they know so much about the kind of sophistication in these bombs. the feeling i can tell you on the streets of new york is, you know, relative calm. it's almost like, you know, we've been through this and when the mayor steps to the microphone and presents the kind of calm that he did -- and how about the new police commissioner -- police commissioner's first day on the
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job. pretty impressive, don't you think? that's the way things are handled here. it's something that they're on high alert about. we'll know a lot more tomorrow morning. but for now, i think people are pretty calm here. >> i'm curious. you are on the upper west side. we've heard so much from different people in the city that they have seen different officers go to different locations in the city as they are searching. , you know, those different areas, were you able to see any officers come through that area after this happened? >> reporter: well, the first place that i went after leaving the restaurant, like i said, people didn't move an inch really. people were aware of it and there was a buzz. then when you get on the streets, it's still a normal saturday night, quite frankly. it was when we got into the subway that we realized, you know, this is -- that's right. there's this event that's happened and, you know, the
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fact that the subways weren't moving as smoothly. but didn't see any police officers there per se. in fact, the communication, which would expect to be pretty high profile, was somewhat limited. i'll be honest with you. it's a big subway system, i guess, and they just -- they didn't make a point of saying there's been an incident, and that's why there will be no service on the f train and that anybody going to 23rd will -- >> i'm sorry for having to cut you off. we appreciate your time. we do have some breaking news and pictures now just coming into the kron 4 newsroom of a photo of what is believed to be the second device that was found by new york police. this one was at 27th and 7th avenue. this is what is apparently the pressure cooker that was found, and as we're looking at it, we can see the wires that are coming out of it, the plastic bag we reported this was found in. it's hard to tell from the
10:21 pm
angle i'm looking at, the screen here, but there was supposed to be some sort of cell phone that was attached to it. we'll have more on this and also new surveillance video of the explosion in manhattan when we come back.
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. and the wreaking news -- breaking news we're following is an explosion in manhattan and a second device that was found. this is new video into the newsroom of people who were hurt or injured near the scene of the first explosion on 23rd getting into an ambulance and you can see one man there has his arm bandaged up. there were 29 people that were
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hurt. mostly minor injuries hurt from glass or metal that wept off during the -- went off during the explosions. there was one explosion. there is one person that has serious injuries from a puncture wound. let's hear from one of the people who were there when this went off and needed medical treatment. >> i don't know what hit me. >> you flew off your feet ? >> yeah. >> you landed on your back? i landed on my elbow. it was very loud. >> that was a very busy area. as you look at this video of a man who has been hit hard, this is some other video of police searching through some of the area. they search garbage cans making sure they are clear of any device like that, are but it really, i think, hits home when you see a victim like that who hit the ground so hard and doesn't know what exactly happened. >> so we can see now what some
10:25 pm
of the witnesses saw because we do have new surveillance video from the explosion. this is, i believe, from a gym that's right near the area where that explosive device went off, and we see debris flying in the air and then people looks like they're trying to cover their heads or run away from where the explosion went off. there's two different angles it looks like, but it's real quick. of you can see how fast things go from calm to chaotic with debris flying in the air and then people running. >> it's interesting, again, 29 people hurt in this explosion. but during the press conference therening other, they said -- this evening, they believe that explosion was outside. as you see the video, you wonder how far outside it was. there was talk from some witnesses as construction work. that construction work had been going on in that area, but you can see that camera shake there and then some of the debris and some of those people just run off from that scene. we saw it at different angles.
10:26 pm
that's probably the closest we've seen. >> the explosion happening on the top left part of the screen. we saw just an orange blast even though this video is black and white, a bright blast go off and things fly in the air and people were walking in one direction and they turn around and go the other way. this was where the explosion went off on 23rd. it was on 27th where they found this pressure cooker that was -- had wires coming out of it, a possible cell phone device attached to it. this also still live pictures. it's very active at almost 1:30 in the morning in new york. they have the bomb squad there. they have the new york police department, the fbi, the atf, the president has been briefed on the situation. both presidential candidates have he can spoken out about what happened. they have ruled out terrorism as of now. they do believe that this was an intentional act, an intent to cause harm in chelsea this
10:27 pm
evening. >> interestingly enough, the mayor smoke this evening saying that new yorkers will not be intimidated when it came to intentional acts, he would say this was an intentional act, but no evidence of terrorism. that has caused all sorts of commotion online like you can imagine because we are making some of those statements early on here. now, as we talk about what the mayor said, take a listen because he did speak for a good while. >> now, i want to be clear. whatever the saws, whatever the intention -- cause, whatever the intention, new yorkers will not be intimidated. they've not going to -- we're not going to change who we are or how we go about you are 0 lives. we have the best police force in the country and a number of other agencies making sure we will be safe. >> you're watching breaking news here on kron 4 about an explosion in manhattan. we'll be right back.
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. tonight we continue to follow that breaking news in
10:30 pm
new york city where an explosion went off after 8:30. 29 people were hurt. 24 of those people were taken to the hospital. one in serious condition. that is the first location, and then a second location nearby, a matter of blocks away, this pressure cooker was found. >> we do have this picture now. this was the device that was found with dark colored wiring coming out of the top of it. it is a pressure cooker according to sources. the device is put together by silver duct tape and it has a small dark colored device that's attached to the outside of the pressure cooker. i think that's the part that looks like it has the red dots on it. i think that's what they're referring to there. that's how law enforcement is describing this device that was found at a second location as they were doing some investigating this evening
10:31 pm
after the first explosion went off at about 8:30 tonight in chelsea, hurting two dozen people, one person seriously as they were doing hard work of going and looking in every garbage can and under every car in blocks around the explosion, that they found this second device. this is the new surveillance video that we are just now seeing showing the explosion happening at 23rd. lots of stuff starts flying in the air and we see people running, protecting themselves. busy saturday night in manhattan in a popular part of town, bars and restaurants and people are out and about and this happens. >> as we talk about this explosion, this is a separate incident than what we were talking about earlier in the day, an incident that happened in new jersey. in that case, it happened before a race, so nobody was hurt. that was said to be pipe bombs.
10:32 pm
this is a different scenario. they have not sewn seen a connection -- seen a connection to this in new york. you can see people who, once that explosion goes off, they run down the street. this is video just coming in within the last ten minutes or so or five minutes because early on, we had seen some surveillance images, but they were from across the street. this really gives you a feel that, again, people were just walking down the street. 70 degrees or so when this explosion went off and injured 29 different people? >> let's hear from a person who was there when this explosion went off tonight. >> what did you see ? >> i was at 22nd and 7th avenue sitting outside having dinner, and a couple loud explosions, i felt like a lightning bolt struck the building. it shook the ground and everyone ran out into the street. i've never seen so many cops
10:33 pm
drive the wrong way. firetrucks, cops driving the wrong way aggressively, like 20, 30 miles per hour up stream up 7th avenue. closed everything down. people smelled smoke. of first they thought it was a building collapse. then we heard it was an ied and everything else on twitter. the whole neighborhood shut down. we were supposed to see a movie tonight. everything is shut down. seems like a lot of chaos. >> reporter: what went through your mind ? >> they said maybe other bombs and to stay put. they were telling everybody not to move. i lived in neighborhood. i'm concerned. there's been a ton of construction. it was scary for sure. >> he talks about as we look at this live picture, all the construction that's been -- they've been working on in that area. and from some of the off witnesses, we've also heard that with that construction has come a lot of dumb centers -- dumb centers, a -- dumpsters
10:34 pm
and garbage cans. there's a second device. you can see just to give you an idea in the chelsea area of new york city, which is in manhattan, near madison square park and somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 blocks from madison square garden and also the empire state building. >> this is very close to the flat iron building if people are familiar with this part of the city. two different locations. two very different scenarios happening and each one where there's an actual explosion and injuries, a second where a device was found. this here is a photograph of some of the damage that happened when the explosion went off. this car there, all the windows in the back there are blown out and it appears there's some damage there. we see some police that -- people there on the scene that were trying to do some of the investigation. there was a robotic unit that was investigating a suspicious package there as well. i thought it was interesting to hear from the different witnesses about how quick the
10:35 pm
police presence was. officers going the wrong way down the street trying to get to the situation. witnesses saying that it was very loud when the explosion went off. they called it chaotic. they saw a huge explosion. of one witness told us that he flew off his feet when this happened, and we do know from the mayor that this was an intentional act tonight. >> we are at this point, of course, tracing every lead and every potential. it's too early to give you any details of the investigation because it has just begun over the last few hours. i want top say up front, we're not going to go into details about what we're finding so far. it will take more hours before we can give you more. but we do want to urge all new yorkers, anyone who may have information related to this incident, anyone who was an eyewitness, anyone who may have video, nypd needs that. please reach out and give any information we can use.
10:36 pm
>> that was new york mayor bill de blasio speaking earl whyer this evening -- earlier this evening. you can see there's a live picture. you see the lights as emergency crews are still busy at work this evening trying to get to the bottom of what happened and the bottom of what injured 29 people, sent 24 people to the hospital, one of whom is in serious condition. now, we have a second location of a pressure cooker that was found. it doesn't appear at this point that it exploded or anything of that nature. it was merely found in the area, but we have bomb squad pictures that we have been seeing of those officials and the robots in this area closely looking at this device. >> there are a few different parts to the device to talk about. one that piece of paper, they believe that was some sort of note or writings that were left with the device. the device itself, a pressure cooker, which is something many
10:37 pm
people have in their kitchens at home to help make dinner. this has some duct tape that's attached to it. there's some dark colored wiring that's coming out of the top. then there's a small dark device there that's sort of where the red lights are attached to it. that's attached to the outside of the device. this was found in a plastic bag, again, on 27th. not that far away from where the explosion went off on 23rd street. so, again, two locations where there is heavy police and fbi and atf presence this evening in manhattan even at 1:30 in the morning. >> now, this is another live picture. we have to go to break right now, but when we do return, we are going to show you surveillance video from all of the different angles because we have multiple surveillance video clips that have come into our newsroom. we'll be back after the break.
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10:40 pm
. back live. there's a look at new york. we want to get you to some of the surveillance video from that explosion scene that happened around 5 hours ago this evening. we are getting all different angles. you see the explosion goes off and that debris that goes into the air and then outside of those windows, you can see at one point you'll see those people going back and running, trying to get away from that scene. this is a look from one of the cameras inside looking out and then there is that other camera outside. >> looks like the glass on the door there shatters as well. this did hurt 29 people. one person with serious injuries. it looks like a guy who's walking outside and is holding what i think is a screen or something. he's using -- it looks like he dropped it on the floor to protect him from debris that was falling in the air at the time. and then just a few blocks away, there was a second device
10:41 pm
that was found. this is another angle showing us the explosion. we see that flash at the top of the screen and then in a moment, you'll see people that start to run away from the area as well. but first, this happening on saturday night, people are just walking calmly down the street when chaos erupts. >> it's harder to see from this angle, but when you do see it, that whole flash that just lights up what was a very dark situation there, and then the people running, it gives you a feel for how big and how bad this was. >> witnesses were describing how loud it was as well. one said that he was knocked off his feet when this happened. more than two dozen people injured, mostly with injuries from scrapes and cuts from glass and metal. so as i was understanding from listening to some experts that were there earlier tonight, that's going to help them understand really well what the device was made out of. when the second device that was
10:42 pm
found was a pressure cooker, that was found before any damage was really done, it does bring back memories of the boston marathon that a pressure cooker was used in that situation. it was filled with nails and things that could injure and hurt people and cause a lot of damage by puncturing people and really hurting them. >> when we look at a scene like this, i think a lot of questions go out there. who was the target? right now, it doesn't appear that we have an answer to that question. many people who are familiar with the area say this wasn't necessarily an area known -- we know we had the gay nightclub shooting that happened in orlando. this wasn't an area known for that or whatnot. we'll get back into that conversation after the break.
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. we're following another breaking news story out of minnesota where 8 people were stabbed at a shopping mall. this happened in st. cloud, minnesota. it's about 70 miles northwest of minneapolis. there were a lot of people taken to the hospital. 7 had injuries that were non- life-threatening. but they were not releasing more information about the injuries of the people accept to say that the suspected attacker did die. the attacker is dead. 8 people hurt inside the mall. the mall remains on lockdown tonight. the people that were hurt were taken to a local hospital. most of their injuries were stab wounds, and the individual that they believe was responsible is currently deceased. we also continue to follow
10:46 pm
another breaking story in new york city, specifically the chelsea section of manhattan where 29 people were hurt after an explosion or as an explosion went off at 8:40 eastern time. we're talking about more than five hours ago. you can see five hours later, this is still a very active scene. there are two scenes right now. this is the first scene. you see all those flashing lights out there where some of those 29 people were hit. some of them fell to the ground. we heard from a witness earlier who hurt his elbow and then was taken to the hospital. 24 of the 29 went to the hospital. one of them in serious condition. so you see that first dumpster explosion there? that is where the first situation happened. then we have been showing multiple different views from the second different location, the second device. that being a pressure cooker. that is the one that we've been talking about most recently. >> we want to hear now from a
10:47 pm
person who was there though when this very powerful explosion went off earlier tonight. >> well, it sounds like when you hear the metal plates, the ones that are-inch thick and they're 20 by 20 and it just flattened and fell straight on the ground. >> where were you at ? >> i was at 23rd and 10th. >> you were far away. >> i was about three blocks away. i didn't know it was three blocks away. it sounded like a block away. >> which is pretty amazing. what was going through your head when you heard that there was an explosion and then you saw -- you've heard about -- >> i've lived through 9-11 and it was a concern for humanity. >> tell me about the scene afterwards, once you heard -- >> a lot of first responders, the blinking lights, first responders, a lot of police. as it started, firetrucks, are
10:48 pm
emergency vehicles, undercover emergency vehicles. i spoke to one ambulance man. he said -- i go what's going on? he said i haven't heard anything. he said they're still investigating. >> was it chaotic? was it calm? >> it was pretty calm. there was a lot of people around the corner because there were still vehicles, surprisingly. there was many vehicles still coming down 23rd street that they had to clear out. as they started -- and then i just saw the first police car block everybody and get rid of all the cars. so after -- after all the vehicles were gone, then you see the people on the corner. >> were you concerned at all for your safety knowing this explosion happened three blocks away from you and not a lot of information ? >> initially, yes. you always have that concern because you don't know it's three blocks away or 100 feet away. you don't know. these days, you just don't know. >> that witness summed it up
10:49 pm
when he said there's a concern for humanity. this is surveillance video of that explosion from a camera that was inside there. you see all that debris. then you see those people outside just trying to get out of the area into a safe area at that. again, you see that explosion go off and some is of the debris from a business in the area. another angle will show people running from the scene. you just want to be in a safe area, and a lot of people had to deal with this. 29 different people injured. >> we don't know what exactly caused this explosion or what is behind it, but as we're seeing, there is surveillance video from the scene of where this explosion went off. so investigators are looking at it. they're trying to see who interacted with the possible dumpster that this explosive device was put in. there are some reports that there's someone who's crossing the street right before this explosion goes off, but they're trying to figure out if they can see if that person is
10:50 pm
actually putting something inside that twisted dumpster that we saw some pictures of earlier. but the surveillance video here showing us just the explosion and the big boom that goes off and it appears that there was no fire, just smoke that went off. let's take a quick break and we'll be back with more of this breaking news story in a few minutes.
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
. new york city is on high alert tonight after an explosion goes off injuring 29 people. this is video of police officers or fbi agents searching in trash cans and under cars for any other devices and they did find a second possible explosionive device just a few -- explosive device a few blocks away. it's believed to be a pressure cooker that has wires attached to the top of it and some sorted of device that was found
10:54 pm
in a plastic bag. so there were two major scenes tonight in new york in matt hat an mountain -- manhattan in the chelsea neighborhood. one went off and injured people, and a second one was found, stopping it before it could have done any damage. >> we will certainly continue to follow this breaking news, but we want to go to our meteorologist with a check of our current weather. >> yeah. guys. temperatures really popping around the bay area today. some places are getting hot, near 100 degrees. inland, out the door, skies mostly clear right now all -- although we have a couple patches of fog. 98 degrees in livermore. 85 in san jose. 90 in santa rosa. 68 in san francisco and 78 in oakland. out the door, get a load of these numbers. still on the warm side. 70s here we are. about 11:00 tonight. so you get the idea these temperatures staying mild overnight to warm in spots
10:55 pm
inland and we're going to run with temperatures tomorrow afternoon. high pressure now building in we're getting offshore wind kicking in. that's the air that's sinking as it approaches the coastline and these temperatures going to heat up quite a bit as we head into tomorrow afternoon at least for a day. air quality unhealthy. moderate conditions in the north bay and along the coastline. all right. overnight tonight, we are going to see fog along the coast, but that normally -- normal wind is going to kick in. you may see fog early on and then we clear things out and then tomorrow evening, that offshore flow breaks down. the fog returns to the coastline and cooler weather expected monday. we're going to see the the heat cranking up a bit tomorrow. 74 in daly city. about 70 in pacifica. sunshine into half moon bay. 80s over the hill toward palo
10:56 pm
alto. 80 in sun veil. lots of 80s and 90s in the south bay and of course in the east bay, that's where you're going to see the temperatures getting close to triple digit heat as we head toward the afternoon about 99 in livermore. 97 in concord. 96 in san ramon. 97 in walnut creek. temperatures soaring in the 90s inland. about 91 even in the napa valley. so with that in mind, we are going to see some hot weather as we head to tomorrow afternoon. monday we start to cool down. then it looks like as we head into our fall, much cooler weather, guys, is on the way. back to you. >> thank you so much. as we follow breaking news here on the kron 4 news at 10:00, an explosion in manhattan and a second possible explosive device found. again, the mayor saying that this was an intentional act, are though no connection to terrorism. we will have reaction from the presidential candidates. we'll hear from wiz -- witnesses who were there at the scene and what we know about
10:57 pm
what may have caused the explosion coming up at 11:00.
10:58 pm
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. kron 4 news starts now with breaking news. >> we have breaking news tonight. a major explosion reported in manhattan. good evening. >> along with that explosion, a second possible device was also found. it appears to be a pressure cooker. this does appear to be an intentional act. no connection to terrorism. 29 people were hurt. one person has serious injuries from a puncture wound. we're looking now not only to surveillance video from where that explosion went off, but a map that shows us where in manhattan in the chelsea section of the city where the dumpster explosion happened and then just a few blocks away, was


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