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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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. kron 4 news starts now with breaking news. >> we have breaking news tonight. a major explosion reported in manhattan. good evening. >> along with that explosion, a second possible device was also found. it appears to be a pressure cooker. this does appear to be an intentional act. no connection to terrorism. 29 people were hurt. one person has serious injuries from a puncture wound. we're looking now not only to surveillance video from where that explosion went off, but a map that shows us where in manhattan in the chelsea section of the city where the dumpster explosion happened and then just a few blocks away, was where the second device,
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this pressure cooker device that had wires coming out of it and -- and a note along with it was found. so two different locations that are causing chaos in the city of new york tonight, even though it is 2:00 in the morning there right now. >> the mayor spoke earlier this evening. this is what he had to say about what happened. >> we believe at this point in time, this was an intentional act. i want to assure -- assure all new yorkers that all agencies are in full alert and our anti terror -- our other key units are responding. our emergency services units are all on alert and dealing with this situation and being vigilant all over the city at this point. >> this is what the scene looked like. this is another angle of that explosion. if he look at the top right of that computer screen that's
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being filmed, you see it right there is the explosion. it's from a distance, but it gives you a glimpse of how insurance tense this -- intense this explosion was. there are people running from that scene? >> witnesses said it was very loud. it was chaotic. there was a fireball in the air and it had something to do with this dumpster. we heard from the person who took this picture during the kron 4 news at 10:00. he believes it's some sort of plastic trash can, and some of the surveillance video that we can see, it appears that trash can or that dumpster flies across the street during the explosion. >> that was certainly in the area where this happened. this was also in the area where this happened, are you look at the windows of that vehicle, and they are broken out, shattered out, and nowhere to be found. that is how intense this explosion was, an explosion that left 29 people injured, 24
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those taken to the hospital, and one left in serious condition. these are just some of the pictures because pictures have been coming in from all different angles as they evacuated these areas, as they went from one area to the next area. this is a picture that came from a second location of that pressure cooker, one that they have been monitoring with a bomb squad crew and a robot as well. >> now, this is what sources there are saying is very similar to the pressure cooker bomb that was used during the boston marathon bombings in 2013. it has wires attached to it and found with a note. it was all connected together with silver duct tape and what looks like a device attached to the outside. so the bomb squad has now confiscated this and taken it to where they will look at it and investigate it, try to figure out exactly what it is, what damage it would have done and, of course, who put it
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there on the street on 27th. >> presidential candidate hillary clinton was actually on a plane when she learned of news of what had happened. this is what she had to say about the case in new york. >> i've been briefed about the bombings in new york and new jersey and the stabbing in minnesota. obviously we need to do everything we can to support our first responders, also to pray for the victims. we have to wait until this investigation unfolds. we've been in touch with various officials and the mayor's office in new york to learn what they are discovering as they conduct this investigation. i'll have more to say about it when we actually know facts. >> that was hillary clinton. this is another look at the scene from the ground after it
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happened. hillary clinton spoke about that. also, presidential candidate donald trump spoke about the situation. >> i must tell you that just before i got off the plane, a bomb went off in new york, and nobody knows exactly what's going on. but, boy, we are living in a time. of we better get very, very tough, folks. >> so the explosion that happened in manhattan today, the mayor ruled out that it was not connected to this explosion along the jersey shore where they found a device placed inside of a trash can. authorities there are saying it was placed around the race route for a charity run, but no one was on the course at the time because there were registration problems and no runners were on the course at the time. the fbi actively investigating that situation in new jersey, but saying there that it doesn't appear that there was any connection to terrorism. again, the mayor of new york making clear tonight that there
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was no connection between the explosion found in new jersey here at this scene and also in new york. we did hear from the san francisco police department today after the new jersey explosion and they continued to go with the statement. we asked them for another response after the explosions in new york where they said that they are on increased uniform high visibility throughout the city of san francisco. they are aware of both situations that happened and they are on high alert just like they are in new york city tonight. >> and this is video of just one of the victims. we talked about the 29 victims and the 24 who were taken to the hospital. this is a man who had hurt himself when this explosion went off. you just look at his arm. it is all bandaged up. he is slowly making his way into that ambulance with what appears to be other victims. one of them appearing to be a child who was hurt during this explosion. we spoke with him briefly.
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this is what he had to say? >> i don't know what hit me. >> you flew off your feet. >> yeah. >> you landed on your back. i landed on my elbow. >> how loud was it? very loud. >> never experienced anything like it. this is very dark video. it's hard to see, but after threes ex lotions went -- these explosions went off, this is what could be seen in the neighborhoods where you police going from trash can to trash can making sure they are clear and that they are safe. >> just to be safe, there was one explosion that went off and a second device that was found. police, though, did put on alert to people who live in the air of 27th where -- area of 27th where that device was found asking them to stay away from windows as a precaution. we can see why from the surveillance video from where the explosion went off on 23rd. the glass there shattered on this gym, i believe, orange they're owe fitness is -- theory fitness is a gym. how quickly you see the debris
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flying in the air and then people running for safety. >> that was actually inside looking outside. officials saying that it appears this explosion went off outside. now, we're going to talk more about some of the video that you're seeing, talk more about the situation with some of the new details and pictures coming in to our newsroom. that's after the break.
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. we continue our breaking news. this is surveillance video from new york city. 29 people hurt after this explosion happened at 8:40 this evening. one person in serious condition. 24 total taken to the hospital. >> yes. there was also a second possible explosive device that was found just a few blocks away from there. the mayor of new york quickly ruled out terrorism, but did say that this does appear to be an intentional act. we will turn our attention quickly to our meteorologist
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with a look at the very hot forecast that's in store for us. >> yeah. really going to send the temperatures cooking on this last weekend of summer. high pressure overhead. offshore winds kicking in that's going to send the temperatures soaring. 96 in concord. 87 in san jose. 87 also in vallejo. about 76 degrees in san francisco. that's when you can tell that offshore wind is really kicking in. with that in mind, here we go. next couple days, the temperature is on the hot side. starting to cool off a bit into monday. much cooler as we head into the first day of fall. tomorrow, you've got the opening day for the raiders and the falcons. 1:25. of those temperatures going to be in the mid-80s, but i'll tell you what. of you sit in that stadium and it's going to feel hotter. that's the latest. back to you. thank you so much. for the latest information on the breaking news out of manhattan, you can go to our website, of course, the morning news starts at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. they'll have the latest for you then.
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good night.
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>>this is a look behind the scenes of a television station. >> music >>kron 4 >>the back story >> the newscast >> day 60 >> bonnie: so, our big story today is the ongoing problem in the pacifica with these homes kind of teetering at the edge of the cliff. >> bonnie: we've now added, j.r. stone he's going to be picking up part of the story for tonight's 8 o' clock news. >> music >> j.r.: the water's definitely a lot higher now than it was last time. >> j.r.: i tell you that much. >> j.r.: i could walk half way through here and the water wasn't coming this far up


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