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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  September 19, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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weekend. >> is 28-year-old ahmad khan mohammed. he is the man seen other surveillance video near the new york bombing. new jersey state police say that he is also wanted for an explosion in seaside park. he was born in afghanistan that lives in new jersey. he is considered armed and dangerous. a bombing in new york was just one of three explosions over the weekend. >> here is the timeline of these attacks.'s on saturday morning, there was an explosion in a garbage can near a military charity run in new jersey. officials say they found three pipe on devices wired together near the boardwalk in seaside park. live one of them exploded.>> let's -- let's go to dianne gallagher for a full wrapup of the explosions. >> reporter: new york and new jersey police are now believing these are all connected to the same man to the bombs exploded in seaside, new jersey and in the chelsea area. they are looking to question the same 20 you your hold --
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the 28-year-old man. ahmed khan rahaman a. -- rahaman a. they have been looking for him in connection with the weekend bombings in new york's chelsea neighborhood. neighboring new jersey, police detonated one of numerous devices near a train bridge. law enforcement believe a carrier cell could be at work in that state and in new york. the mayor had this to say. >> outthink any mayor prepares for this are wants this to happen and their city. broke the new jersey incident was 30 minutes from the blast in new york, and there were similarities with the explosive device that was found just blocks away. in seaside park, new jersey, one of three wired together detonated in a garbage can. no one was injured but authorities believe that the blast was probably meant to
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disrupt the marine corps charity run. the blast came the same day as a man stabbed nine people at a mall. the man was shot dead by an off- duty security officer. the man while there was no immediate contact with the charity -- with the terror group, there was a message that out to followers. >> it was a message to all muslims to kill the infidel wherever you find him. take a knife, stabbed him. take a car, dry over -- drive over him. we're told that rahami may have lived in an apartment over a chicken restaurant. we're not sure if that is
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connected to that explosive device. there are multiple scenes and they are investigating here in chelsea. it is still a very active scene. they are trying to piece together exactly what happened and how these places may be connected. live in new york, i am dianne gallagher. back to you. as she mentioned, authorities are investigating the weekend stabbings of nine people that were attacked at a minnesota mall. they are thinking it could have been terrorism. is morning, the terror suspect has been identified as a young somali man dressed as a private security guard. he entered the south -- the saint cloud mall. he made reference to one -- he made one inference to allah before he carried out the attack. the attackers father confirming his identity this morning. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack. it is not clear if the extremist group planned or knew about it before him. minnesota is home to the largest somali community which has been a target for new terror recruiters in recent
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years. we see increased police around the nation as we prepare for meetings. >> reporter: how they are beefing up police presence, they have the officers in their cars and in uniforms walking the streets. they want to make sure that everybody sees what is going on. you can see some officers right behind me. hair out in full force. they did that within moments of learning what happened in new york, new jersey, and minnesota. this is always a routine especially after what they believe could be terrorist attacks. just to make sure that people are safe and high-volume areas. the torahánow walking around. they need to -- they need extra eyes and ears out there to let them know if anything is out there that a suspicious. please let them know. paul, you work down here as a
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delivery driver. your thoughts on the san francisco police department and police departments across the country? they are so good now and adding patrols. >> you will see more patrols out especially after what we saw yesterday. it is good to see the police presence down here. >> do you worry sometimes? i know that i do especially when the high-volume places, people walking around and looking in -- at their phones. i love it when i see police officers and tourist destinations. >> especially down here. there are a lot of people down here all the time. a lot of people looking at the beautiful bay and beautiful sites. >> doesn't worried you? anytime something happens in other parts of the country, doesn't it worry you here at fisherman's wharf in other places? >> i would not say that i am worried. a pay attention a lot more. i am not worried. definitely more conscious of my surroundings. drug thank you so much for spending a moment with us. you can see that he is also
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part of the eyes and ears. it goes all over the fisherman's wharf as well and oliver san francisco. there asking people but if you see anything that catches your eye, let them know. it will not be hard to flag down police officers. if you do not see them, call 911 to let them know. they will be down here. heightened alert. those two words definitely part of the culture these days. back to you. strachan make sure that you have the kron4 mobile app so you can get the latest breaking news alerts brought straight to you. it is free. download that today. on your weather track -- on your weather and traffic, we're watching some very hot weather.>> reporter: we -- we have toasty conditions this weekend we will have continued toasty conditions as well today. this is a view from pleasant hill looking out toward mount diablo with those nice colors reflecting off of those high clouds as the sun rises making its self felt all across the bay itself. it is really brightening up. a gorgeous way to shut --
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gorgeous way to start off this monday morning. here is a shot of the clouds again. most of it is hanging along the klatt -- along the coast. we do not have to worry too much about the fall. year is getting -- here is your getting ready for cass. temperatures in the most part for the 60s. a nice mild start. by noontime, for lunch, look for it to be sunny everywhere. inland temperatures are pushing up against the 900 market that point. it will be a hot lunch hour. upper 70s along the bay shoreline. by 3 am -- by 3 pm, temperatures will hit the top temperatures of the day. we will be from 93 degrees and that midlands. in the 80s right along the bay shoreline. all in all, not bad. not so inland. that will come by the middle of the week. i will show you that for case -- that forecast in just a bit. it's good to rob in for a traffic update.
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no major hotspots around the bay area. the right into san francisco is still backed up to and through the maze. here is a live look. the drivetime is now 33 minutes. it looks like we may have something going on westbound around fremont street coming off the bridge. no specific details just yet. it is just updated. it is a stall. west bound, left lane, we have a stall. backup through the maze and the average ride is now 31 minutes from the foot of the maze out to fremont street. much better after that stall on the westbound skyway continuing over to the james lake. if you take the ferry this morning, the 730 if you take the ferry this morning, the 7:30 am departure was canceled. on 740, from alameda to san francisco also canceled. we will take a look at some other bridges and drive times for the east bay. now, back to the news. thank you, robin. a man was killed when a
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brass not came through his window and hit him. >> where live with details on who -- on how this happened and who might be responsible. jackie? drug good morning, mark and i am. i'm on that stretch of highway 101 where that tragic accident occurred on friday. as you said, they knew there was something that went through the windshield of an 82-year- old mountain view man that struck him and ultimately killed him but they did not know where it had come from. let's take a look at the actual piece of what it was. it was about a 3 pound brass fitting about the size of a softball that ultimately went through the windshield of 82- year-old lewis schaefer striking him and ultimately he was pronounced dead. they did not know where that brass fitting had come from. well, through investigations in cooperation with not only the chp but also caltrans. caltrain issued a statement
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this weekend basically stating that working with chp, they determined that that brass fitting may have come from a water truck that was in the area on friday afternoon when the accident took place. they say they will continue the investigation and work jointly with chp to determine ultimately if that is for sure one of their fittings. obviously, everybody involved wants to make sure they have all of the eyes dotted and the tees crossed on this investigation. it is a tragic accident that took the life of an 82-year-old mountain view man. it is 7:09 am. the bay area is mourning the loss of a civil leader and activist. rose back died in her home in chinatown. she served as a voice to the chinese community and is accredited with paving the way for leaders like san francisco mayor ed lee and former san francisco mayor, roy brown. the 68-year-old spent her last days living in her apartment which is near one of her major
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achievements, the construction of the chinese hospital. they said that rose back battled on behalf of the poor, immigrants, and women. >> and she was so devoted and's -- and such a thorough understand or. she was a person interested in everything. she left the reporting business to do something even more important and that was make san francisco a better place, and she did. >> the alleyway next to the hot -- next to the chinese hospital has been dedicated in her honor. a san francisco man accused of violently attacking a woman in san jose is in court today. they arrested the man with the connection with the attack. officers say that he attacked in this -- and assaulted flow douglas last monday. miss flow is in the hospital and is in critical condition. they are trying to find out if he acted alone in the attack. where tracking a wildfire
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in the bay area. we spent -- we received a picture of this wildfire yesterday. there was rugged terrain and dry brush from the hillside. firefighters are concerned it could lead to flareups and stayed in the area as a precaution. the alameda county fire department's sleep -- is keeping a close eye on the area. there is a fire burning in marin county that broke out near a boy scout camp outside of fairfax yesterday afternoon. it is 10 acres as of yesterday. it was 60% came -- contained as of last update. a bay area chp officer want to make sure your child is safe in the event of a car accident. we will see what they are doing today to help parents. a warning in the bay area. several lakes are plagued with toxic algae. see why this is a problem throughout our entire state.
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there is an effort to recall oakland mayor libby shaft this morning. why people say it is time for her to go. a live look here. it is time for you to get to work if you have to take the bay bridge. robin will be along with the hotspots and we will take a look at the hot weather. - i was diagnosed with parkinson's actually in early 2013. it took awhile to sink in. we had to think a little more seriously about saving money for the future and for the kids. - the income of airbnb really helped to mitigate the stress. - but we have that flexibility of knowing that if you know things get worse, we have this to help keep us afloat. - so that's very, very important for us.
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putting news first. the kron4 news at 7 pm, seven nights a week.
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welcome back. talking about the weather. that is a big story. everybody was complaining yesterday around my house. it was so hot. >> it was a little too hot? >> yes. >> today, if you are inland, it will still be hot. >> i'm not moving. >> you will have to wait a couple of days. we had some beautiful sunrises. we have beautiful clouds and it produced some great pictures coming in from the east bay with folks looking out at the horizon. you can see that pinpoint of light on the horizon with the first rays of sunshine. it was breaking the horizon, and , really, lighting up the clouds with some brilliant colors. thank you for light -- ascending the photos. use our mobile app. it is free. you have the report it but, and
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it will come write to me or to the folks in the newsroom. some great-looking shots around the bay as we wake up on monday morning. the camera showing us nice clear conditions over the airport. no worries about the latest because the fog is not that impressive this morning. there are low clouds but it is not causing any delays. here is your breakdown. for san francisco today, it should be right around 74 degrees in and around downtown san francisco, depending on where you are. mostly sunny skies. today will be noticeably -- noticeably cooler for you than it was yesterday. we got up to 86 of the financial district. today, not -- much different. you will be having lunch outside. different story if you will be inland. 3:00, hottest time of day. we're still looking at temperatures in the midshipman to upper 60s. -- looking at temperatures for the upper 90 -- upper 80s and low 90s. a lot of low 90s for the santa clara valley. the most -- the place where you will feel the effects of the cooldown the most will be right along the bay shoreline and
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along the coast. by midweek, we will see some of the are pushing to the inland valleys. here's a forecast for the next few days. tuesday and wednesday in view as we head toward the middle of the week. are inland highs of dropped dramatically. by thursday, we will be celebrating one of our coolest days of the week as we enter officially into fall with thursday being the anatomical equinox. more to come with a commuter check. what you have, robin? the ride into san francisco is back. a stall is being cleared. there is a stall at fremont street and is not helping with the approach rolling out of oakland. i'm looking at a high drivetime of 30 minutes, that is to get from downtown oakland over to downtown san francisco. a lot of heavy traffic rolling in. the stall is being cleared that not only will you have to experience the heavy traffic
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from the maze to the toll plaza but also at the new eastern span and on the suspension as well because of that stall. switching over to 92, this is a ride across the san mateo bridge. there's nothing unusual about this. it is packed this morning. there was a crash on the nimitz at the 92 split. that was with -- that was holding a lot of people back. it was backed up beyond 238 and onto third -- on 238. when that happens, it gets crowded. these folks are late making it over to the bridge and onto the peninsula. if you are watching, leave early to get to the traffic on 92 in the nimitz. 22 from the ferry this morning. we have departures canceled to now 30 minutes late. the 730 open to south at sanford -- south san francisco. and at 740 -- south san francisco. and at 7:40 am, alameda to san francisco, 30 minutes behind schedule. 30 minutes from hercules to oakland. guadalupe they parkway crowded that not moving.
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formal efforts underway to recall oakland mayor libby shaft. they are gathering signatures to get her on a special election ballot. they spoke with mayor shaft as well as a group and said that she has to go. >> when works talks about mayor libby shaft, you can hear the frustration in her voice. >> i think going all the way back to her first day in office and her to have an unrealistic view of how broken these officers had been. >> she said the mayor has been spending too much with the police and dumping too much money into the department without meaning -- without making meaningful report. they believe that she has been to passive with regard to the department police scandal. they said no viable solution to increase violent crime is a reason for shasta recall. the mayor at a raiders game on
7:20 am
sunday defended her record. >> we so far this year have a 20% reduction in shootings and homicides. that is a momentum that i am committed to continuing. >> reporter: while canvassers began at the daunting task of collecting 33,000 signatures over the next four months, shaft reminded voters that a special election would cost the cities taxpayers more than $3 million. >> i hope the people take that into account when they make a decision about whether this particular effort is a good use of city funds.>> reporter: that brooks push back to the $66 million for the city's misconduct. >> reporter: the mayor respects the democratic process and the people's rights to express dissatisfaction for their elected leaders. in oakland, spencer blake, kron4 news. happening now, three people are recovering after being injured in four separate shootings in oakland. all three shootings happened on saturday. the first as -- the first was
7:21 am
at 4 am. a man was shot in the leg twice. this happened happen at 4 pm on durrant avenue. two people were shot at but were not hit by the gunfire. a third shooting was reported along -- at around 5:00, and the fourth shooting happened at 11:00 saturday night. the woman was shot and injured a 92nd avenue. no arrests have been made in any of the shootings. police are looking for a man wanted for a violent home invasion in oakland that happened early friday morning in the 100 block of hamilton place near westlake middle school. a guy sprayed a man who lives in a home with pepper spray, and the victim had to go to the hospital. there is one man at large that they are looking for. they said that some of the victim's personal items were taken in this home invasion. a teenager is now facing dui charges after crashing into a tree in morgan hill yesterday morning. it happened around 11 am in the
7:22 am
morning on butter filled all of art at digital drive. officers say a teenager lost control of a car and crashed into a tree. part of that tree hitting two other cars nearby. no one was injured but the teen was arrested and taken to a juvenile detention center after blowing twice the legal limit. 7:21 am and happening today. or local chp office wants to make sure your children will be safe if they are in a car accident. they are holding a free child seat safety check. they will make sure that your car seat is strapped in properly and safely. the event is it 10 am this morning. the chp office is on san clemente dr. san clemente dr. you will go over there and take it -- and they will take a quick peek to make sure that the seat will be sturdy in the event of an accident. also happening today, patients at the children's hospital will get a special surprise. a superhero window washer in
7:23 am
costume. there are a couple of them. spiderman right there. these are videos from the last years event. the superheroes will meet with the kids were patients after washing the windows. they are hoping to bring a little joy to the young patients who have to be in the hospital. they are actually professional window washers. they agree to dress up to help the kids. now to football. the raiders hosted the atlantic falcons for the home openers. the raiders -- well -- >> it did not go well. no defense. let's take a look at some of that video. derek car had another great game but not good enough. that is the problem. that was the third quarter. jump to the fourth quarter. a fourth-down play ties the game. they could not keep up. the falcons inside the 10 yard line. the falcons were able to grab it in took it down for a touchdown. >> the radars -- the raiders gave 500 yards total and the
7:24 am
two games they played this season. the 49ers were on the road taking on the carolina panthers. good thing they were not playing in santa clara because it was hot in there. it was hot enough in north carolina. -- the south -- it was hot enough in south carolina. we will talk with gary about superman's other look off the field. very interesting. we will have that coming up. >> you didn't like the look? >> no. >> still ahead on the kron4 news, arrest at a southern california university. it was all caught on camera. by students are protesting this morning. why doctors are strengthening a warning about letting your kids have certain cough syrup. n that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses.
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over-the-counter cough syrup is a growing concern. the american academy of pediatrics and strengthens its warnings about prescribing coding for kids. this comes as a there have been reports of deaths and dangerous side effects including breathing problems. the fda already has warnings against using codeine for kids calls or pain. there are new studies now that suggest it is still commonly prescribed by doctors and by dentist also. despite the risk and the lack of evidence that it actually works. dr. say there are other remedies for pain that are safer for your kids. toxic algae is not safe for kids or dogs and is linked to 40 lakes and waterways throughout california. this is the highest caliber toxic algae in california history. water agencies say they have been caught off guard by the extent of the algae. it is becoming more common during the drought. it is triggering health warnings and closing swimming areas at a lot of parks.
7:28 am
algae can cause stomach problems and allergic reactions in people and it can be deadly to dogs. officials say there is no quick fix for the problem of the best thing that you can do is know about the affected areas and stay away from those waters. in the bay area, the dell valley reservoir, cunningham lake and some waters in discovery bay have been closed to swimmers due to toxic algae. still ahead on the kron4 morning news, i'm tracking a nice warm day on tap once again today. here is the day planner for the east bay zone. temperatures should warm up to the low 80s come later on this afternoon. pennies -- under sunny skies. we will have a complete check of the forecast coming up in just a minute. breaking news with a manhunt underway. this man is wanted in connection with a bombing over the weekend. the information we are learning next on the kron4 morning news.
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welcome back. 7:30 am to -- 7:30 am. we are checking weather and traffic. who wants to go first?>> we have the heat. we have high temperatures. it will be hot today. >>[ laughter ] let's go to the wall over here. let's break down the forecast for you. we are taking a lab -- live look. this is part of the camera the south bay. just south of downtown san jose, beautiful looking. warm colors as the or the -- early morning sunlight is starting to hit the valleys even here. all in all, we will see temperatures in the conditions
7:31 am
all day long. nice clear visibility. the golden gate bridge looks fantastic. with just a slight breeze in the air and barely any clouds out there, we will see cooler temperatures along the coastline. as you had inland, will be hot for you. here's what you need to know to break down the day. right now, mostly clear.a lot of temperatures in the midshipman 60s to low 70s. by noon time, will be a very sunny lunch hour with temperatures ranging from 78 along the bay up to about 88 as you had deeper into the inland valleys. by 3 pm, expected to be sunny and hot once again for the inland areas like east bay were we will see temperatures right around 95 for some. taf bay shoreline temperatures will be right around 85, depending on where you are along the shoreline. we will have your four-day forecast. we break down the afternoon temperatures coming up in 15 minutes. i will see you then. let's get the latest on that traffic updates. robin, what are you seeing? is it -- is a busy out there? yes. is it awful? no. a lot of traffic on the san mateo bridge. it is creeping along all the way across the bridge over to
7:32 am
the peninsula. earlier, there was a crash on 880 at 92. a lot of folks were stuck in the back of -- in the backup for those of you who come from castro valley. it was a spillover. the crash cleared but it is still jammed. when you get across, no big problems on the peninsula. a look at the drivetime, it is already 20 minutes, it is already 7:40 81. from westport to antioch out to concorde, no big problems there. it is just jammed. from concord living -- leaving pleasant hill, lots of stop and go traffic there too. but no major accidents. 22 minutes to get from 22 to concord and out to danville. things a lot. let's get back to the breaking news aware following. the police have identified a suspect in a manhattan explosion that injured 29 people we can. they're looking for 28-year-old ahmad can't tommy. -- ahmad khan rahami. she is -- he is wanted for
7:33 am
a bombing in new jersey on saturday night. he was born in afghanistan but lives in new jersey. police said he is considered armed and that -- armed and dangerous. 29 people were injured in the explosion. they've taken several people in four questioning. police are also investigating an unexplained pressure cooker device that was found just a few blocks away from the explosion. a bomb squad robot was trying to disarm one package and it exploded. these happened over the weekend. read banyan has the latest. truck three attacks and -- three attacks in three big cities and a single day. bomb blast in new york, a bombing in new jersey, and it was a detonation of one of three devices wired together in a garbage grand.
7:34 am
likely in time to disrupt the marine corps charity run. >> a trashcan along the raceway.>> reporter: luckily, the race had been delayed due to registration problems. >> reporter: saturday night, another explosion. this time in new york. the explosion coming from a device in or near a dumpster sending panicked bystanders scrambling for cover. >> everybody get off of the street. let's go. it off the street. >> reporter: 29 were injured. all now release from hospitals. investigators finding an and detonated pressure cooker device blocks away. on enforcement sources are saying surveillance videos showing the same man near both locations. the same night in st. cloud minnesota, a man wearing a security uniform injured nine people in a stabbing spree inside of a mall. >> reporter: that suspect was confronted by an off-duty police officer. some early -- he was then shot and killed. drug investigations into all three attacks continue.
7:35 am
i am read banyan reporting. this morning, we have learned the identity of the man behind the attack at the mall in minnesota. he is identified as 22-year-old add-on. his father confirmed that they were looking for him as well. they confirmed he was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer after stabbing several people at the mall. right now, police are looking to get more information on his background because they say that this is connected to isis. they are taking responsibility for this. go to kron4 because you have all of the different angles to these attacks developing even this morning. download the latest app so that you get the latest news. we're now just 50 days away from the election. last-minute preparation as we count down to the first debate. the national correspondent, chances seals, explains.
7:36 am
>> reporter: we're just seven days away. one week away from being very first presidential date -- debate of 2016. everyone thinks it will be a doozy. as you might expect, the preparations are different from campaign to campaign. hillary clinton has said for her the preparation is key. she has been reading through a lot of materials, going through traps psychology, doing briefing books. running through mock debates. trump, on the other hand, is not. it is a complete opposite. dairy nontraditional. is not doing too much debate prep because he thinks that it would grandpas style. what is he doing? he is talking to roger ailes, the former fox news chief. he sent out a survivor -- he sent out a survey to his supporters. how should i handle this? should i call her crooked hillary on stage? everyone is expecting huge ratings. possibly record ratings for this. i'm sure that you will be watching in the studio and back at home.
7:37 am
this next week will be a preview of what we could see on the stage. that a short information for this monday. hillary clinton is looking to do more to appeal to younger voters. clinton is speaking about how millennial voters have the most at stake in this election. they said that she is using popular surrogates to get more young voters on board. she is using barack obama, hillary -- michelle obama and bernie sanders. a video of an arrest went viral. campus police claim that the man who is not a student appeared to be on drugs. when he resisted arrest, you can see what happened then. some people are skeptical -- skeptical of the tactics police used to subdue him. a silent protest followed this incident that happened last weekend. >> why -- would you use that
7:38 am
type of aggression on a white person? >> i think it escalated way bigger than it needed to be. it is 7:37 am. still ahead on kron4 news, we will find there is lots going on in sports. you will see and adorable onesie race suit. why -- why yelp will be forced to remove bad reviews from their website. what good are reviews if you are only going to get the good ones? here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. the ride looks pretty good.
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welcome back to the kron4 morning news. the time is 7:40 am. no hospice but it is still packed heading into san francisco. at the toll plaza, we have one little problem. that was a's -- that was a stall at fremont street. the traffic is backed up through into the maze. it is 23 minutes to fremont street. a lawsuit could remove to negative reviews for businesses on yelp. they are asking the per -- the supreme court to remove or criticize businesses.
7:42 am
it would open the door for them to delete any bad reviews. they were only looking to remove certain post by former client. nearly 160 people were treated for heat related illness during the los angeles rams regular season home game. here's a look at the video from the los angeles memorial coliseum. there were 91,000 people there and the temperatures were in the 90s. 14 people had to go to the hospital because of the heat exposure. they are expected to be okay. a red flag warning of extreme fire danger is in southern california through noon today. the heat it over the bay area as well. downtown san francisco was 86 degrees yesterday. that was the second warmest day this year. >> you can see that the fans fainted at the final score. it will be another hot one today. inland, there is change on the horizon. look at our inland temperatures. top line dropping to the mid-
7:43 am
70s by the middle of the week. thursday is the official beginning of fall. you have that to look forward to as well. if you will be out there at the ballpark today, 7:05 pm, first pitch. sunset happens just 10 minutes after that. mostly clear and cold with a light wind in the air. speaking of sports. stay tuned. we will have the world according to gary.
7:44 am
7:45 am
gary, let's do some monday morning quarterbacking. are you ready? i lots of stuff. the niners and -- lots of stuff. this week, he came up short. >> you credit the coach only so far. he could not play defensive back and stop the atlanta passing. >> what was the matter with the niners? they were paying -- they were playing the superior panthers.
7:46 am
waiting in the wing, he was missing open targets. >> it is pretty early in the season to start doing that. if you are going to start pulling gaffers now, you have to be prepared to make her neck the starter at some point. i don't think that they are there. >> and playing against cam newton, superman through four touchdowns. >> this game could've been worse. they caused some breaks there. the 49ers. late. there were some turnover -- there were turnovers by carolina and that could have been worse. >> i was looking at superman on the field and i was looking at him off of the field when it looks like he was a member of the barbershop quartet. >> with a towel over his head? i know. did you see the post game news conference. he tries to be a trend setter. do you think this will catch on? >> it is the first that i have seen it. >> take a look work -- take a look. >> it is only when you win.
7:47 am
>> he does all kinds of crazy hats. somebody has got to be the first. >> i remember last week. you pull up that a. he was not wearing a hat when they lost. >> maybe this is a thing.>> it is like, look at me today. cauti like me? >> i think i even saw daffy duck and bugs bunny. >> when you are cam newton, you wear what you want. >> i like to inspect all of the players without their helmets, hat or no hat. just to see how good-looking they are. >> they do that and then they get hurt. >> bailey have to play two more games without tom brady, they have to at lucknow for another model/quarterback. will they go to the outside? inside, they have jacoby
7:48 am
percent. i was like to take a look at what these guys look like. we have jacoby on the right. a pretty good-looking guy. i don't care what kind of player he is. and then julian edelman. he played back up. he was a quarterback before. he is right there on the team, and i think that he is pretty close to brady with the model look. >> you will have to take the suit off after the game. what you think? do you like it? i if you want to go out and make a trade or do something and bring a guy in for two games? >> that would be silly. >> i think they would probably go with the -- i think that i would probably go with a young fella on the right. >> and julian backed him up. i guess this will be the duo. somebody still has to -- nobody is hereby jacoby. -- nobody is here but jacoby. >> that is the thing. you go to-2 and then brady
7:49 am
comes back, you will be all right. >> i was actually wondering what vernon davis was doing these days. sometimes i pay attention to former bay area players. even though he is with washington now, i caught a glimpse of him in an engagement photo. >> i have not seen that. what do you have? i over the weekend, there was a washington thing that got out there, and there was vernon davis stretching in the background. i don't want to call it a photo bomb because i don't know if he purposely wiggled his way in there. how would you like that for your engagement photo? to have a vernon davis and there. >> areas. yes. i would imagine that i would crop him out. >> i would probably crop them out. >> at this point in his career, you can crop skinny if you are playing. but vernon doesn't play much anymore. >> bay area was hopping. you had the cal game.
7:50 am
stanford. that was all good stuff. >> stanford beat usc and cal. that was an upset, beating texas. how about the giants? it seems like they are doing everything that they can not to get ahead. the mets jump them. they are just holding onto the second wild-card spot >> saturday night was the one. they were cruising along in the ninth inning and all of a sudden that poor garcia gave up the hit that tied the game. then they lost. i think they were hung over from that yesterday. >> i was focusing on yesterday's play. you tip your hat to the san francisco giants. you come up with the ball. that was nice. >> that was: then he gave the ball to the kid. >> -- that was cool. then he gave the kid to the ball. >> then there was the photo of the matching onesies with staff and aisha. what i love is the
7:51 am
two of them in the outfits.>> people will say, stay home. we are getting a little tired. >> i would be the first to say that, but i will get star overload. as soon as i saw his photo, i was thinking about when couples dress alike. they cannot look anything but perfect. they look adorable. >> i don't know -- i have just met her a couple of times. i said last week that he is the best example of a star player that we have around here. i would just be waiting to see how people like to build somebody up and bit -- build somebody up and then tear them down. i think he is too good for that. >> we will see you, gary. we will be back in a couple of minutes.
7:52 am
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7:55 am
yes. and my mom and my grandma. >> do you think that they are together again? i yes. -- >> yes. >> i still talk to her. if there is something important that i am going, i will say, thank you for looking out for me. i hope that you're having fun up there because i am taking a sun pass. -- a fun pass. you can see that interview today at 4 pm. coming up on the kron4 morning news at 9 am this morning. we will have an exclusive interview with dr. phil. we are following several breaking news stories this morning. the man wanted in connection with the bombing in new york that entered dozens of -- that injured dozens of people.
7:56 am
we will have a live update from the east coast. peer learning the identity of a man responsible -- we are learning the identity of a man responsible for stabbing nine people at a mall in minnesota. it will be hot again in san francisco. we will have your neighborhood forecast. - we had to think a little more seriously about saving money for the future and for the kids and for their college funds. we thought, "well this airbnb is actually a great way to pay those extra bills."
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this is the bay areas new station. kron four starts now what breaking news.
8:00 am
>>darya: from the of original explosion the 28 year-old from
8:01 am
connection with a weekend bombing and new york's chelsea neighborhood. >>reporter: intact pressure cooker and exploded the rise was found as blocks away no one was injured buckthorns believe the blast was probably meant to disrupt the marine corps of sharing the to blast came as he stabbed nine people along the
8:02 am
attacker who work for security firm were shot dead by an off- duty police officer we are told his been added to the watch list to prevent him from a flaw in the country as a search for him. pym
8:03 am
>>mark: he made and is one reference before carry out the attack he was shot dead by an off-duty officer elizabethan the patrol in the wake of what
8:04 am
happened there is no deadline on when they will scale back and just to make sure that people know they're out there come to make people feel safer police officers came out there and the uniform their cars there was no on the cover in those places high-volume places they're wearing the uniforms walking driving slowly to have a presence in. >>will tran: to let people like lionel and debbie who come in from chicago it would be good to
8:05 am
see more police presence there is a mickey more comfortable when ever you see in place roberts of driving around walking around this to see? them in the see >>: absolutely as a good feeling. >>will tran: they need
8:06 am
everyone's help on the fight to make sure everyone is a donald the mobile application you can get to alerts when an import news happens. >>james: here is a live you in san francisco will receive some relief from the heat this the view from tim brown looking past alcatraz to the city in the background that the new tranche of a terminal that building will
8:07 am
be pretty huge which a woman to offer seven it's a low 90s for the panel were your for the noon hour 78 or so by the bank will sea temperatures of up to the mid-90s maybe even to offer 90 is for the inland ease the classrooms 82 or so by the bayshore. >>robin winston: the drive times a little bit better still backed
8:08 am
up onto all of the approaches but speeds will pick up off on the suspension that is why the drive time is much better public transit mechanical problems for the bay ferry the 74 departure from alameda to south san francisco that was canceled and o'clock departure. >>mark: we live in menlo park this morning with more on the more >>jackie sissel: we are really
8:09 am
close to this tragic accident on highway 1 01 on friday and as soon aseity got involved in this investigation they knew will call the tragic killing of the 82 year-old man but they did not know where the object came from this is what we were talking about this three-pronged half it came through the windshield of 82 year-old cliche from mountain view striking him and ultimately killing him the found dead but they did not know where it came from the continuing investigation and over the weekend we learned then that actually issued a statement saying that through investigations with chp, believe the fed brass may have come off of one of their water trucks.
8:10 am
>>jackie sissel: they will continue to work in conjunction with the chp to ultimately figure out and that actually did come off the once again he was 82 years old and lived in montreal design was a cliche for the continue with the investigation. >>mark: what the president says sexism may be hurting helleri clinton + there is an effort to recall the oakland mayor after the break we will tell you why they say it is time for her to leave/.
8:11 am
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8:13 am
>>darya: proforma effort is underway to recall oakland mayor libby shaft there is a group called the anti police terror project the time to gather enough signatures to get it on a special election ballot for the mayor spent too much money and time on the police department without any meaningful reform mayors fans are record and says this election is not something the city needs.
8:14 am
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8:17 am
>>mark: miss data missing from hours after the firefight just to make sure there are no flareups
8:18 am
>>james: here is another shot shown you the view as san francisco international airport,
8:19 am
we of the chiapas sixties to low seven is in san francisco much cordovan there were yes and a woman got up to 86 degrees-into dropping down to seven days by the middle of the week with the rest of the week in this upcoming weekend >>robin winston: traffic as
8:20 am
clearing up on this plan but not behind the toll structure to improve the map is 15 to 20 minutes to downtown oakland the ride on 920 crowded all the way into the san mateo branch a motorcycle accident had been writing and right after the pleasant hill road exit into central lafayette the fire crews have arrived have two lanes blocked on westbound 2424 minutes from walnut creek into oakland.
8:21 am
>>mark: about the man the fbi who was looking for a connection to the bombing in new york author 28 year-old we're just hearing known from the tv station in new york that he has been killed in shootouts it does appear that he has been killed in shooed out he was wanted for the various bombing that happened over the weekend we're
8:22 am
hearing that after shooting with police that he is now been taken into custody were also standing by for the president to speak on this. >>darya: they want to make sure the europeans are buckled incorrectly in the car seat of plane crashes into in a result home of a pilot and every
8:23 am
passenger managed to a state.
8:24 am
8:25 am
>>: if you see something suspicious you need to say something concept local law enforcement i will accept the press try to refrain from giving a head of the
8:26 am
investigation with extraordinarily happy with the cooperation of been taken place between the fbi and in state and local law-enforcement officials they are moving smartly on this investigation it does not help if false reports or incomplete information is out there trying to as much as possible step to what our investigators are same because they actually know what they're talking about meanwhile and we know the united nations meeting has already created an additional workload for n.y.. >>: but given the meetings we have particularly high level of federal resources here to help as needed for corn to make sure everyone is working together seamlessly as one team to get to the bottom of what happened to find those responsible and make sure they justice is done in the
8:27 am
meanwhile what all this is going on in new york and new jersey we are focusing on the stabbing attack at the shopping mall small and minnesota at this point we see no connection between that incident and what happened here in new york and new jersey our attention is on the people or injured and again we're very grateful that no one lost their lives thanks to the quick action of a brave off-duty police officer the suspect was killed a we avoided more people being heard i had a chance to speak of the governor dates in this morning i assure him that we will provide all of the assistance that he needs in the investigation the fbi is investigating the minnesota. incident as a potential act of minnesota >>: we will direct for resources to make sure that the investigation both ford aggressive and they're the best
8:28 am
of the best over the years they have for the many plots and save many lives and we are incredibly grateful for this service today and every single than we will continue to leave the coalition of the fight to destroy ijssel which is investigating a lot of people over the internet where one to continue to go after them and take of their leaders and tech got infrastructures that will continue to lose ground
8:29 am
they're trying to hurt innocent people were they want to inspire fear and all of us often disrupts the way we live cuesta undermine our values. >>: both in preventing and senseless acts of violence on also making sure that from we find those to carry out such acts and bring to justice we all have our role to play a citizen
8:30 am
and make sure we do not succumb to that fear and there is no better example of that and the people in new york and new jersey that tackle toughness and a resolution and the recognition that neither individuals and organizations can ultimately undermine all will live better is the strength that makes me so proud to be an american.
8:31 am
>>mark: as well as minnesota and about to head to new york leaders from all over the world for the u.n. general assembly getting on the way this week we
8:32 am
have now cnn reporting local reports out of north and said he was taken into custody after a shootout with police in london new jersey it was from four blocks away with it did not explode from nine of the multiple pipe bombs from the
8:33 am
inside of a backpack near and others with new jersey train station police detonated backed as there were trying to disarm it and they went off the early- morning hours when they found those pipe bombs and elizabeth new jersey train station and put the call off for the 28 drove naturalize afghanistan citizen of them the latest will commence the last two with three minutes rival for the president spoke of the have made better rest from the suspect they were looking for and wanted for being involved in the device of the profound in york in new jersey this developing definitely have our mobile application down loaded because there could be of
8:34 am
birds coming in as bespeak. >>james: here is the time left for the from the suzhou, from the golden gate bridge to the north the marine layer to the feet pushes him in comes back health not evident today in with a clear conditions down an average level by noontime will
8:35 am
be very sunny lunch hour that is a quick with a forecast will be back with more details of the seven day from the date was zone into different parts and breakdown what to expect in terms of high-temperature. >>robin winston: xvi to 20 minutes from the foot of the maze over to a fremont street 42
8:36 am
minutes from the e sure freeware hercules to the maze we will take a quick break and we will be right back
8:37 am
8:38 am
>>darya: the activist named rose pak served of voice and the voice in the chinese community credit will pay one with a leader of a san francisco mayor ed lee >>reporter: to dedicated her life to making strides for the community in san francisco the
8:39 am
68 european allies they live in harlem apartment the fall another one of our major achievements the construction of attorneys hospital believes the statement following the death san banshee battle on behalf of poor immigrants they may be
8:40 am
forced to remove bad reviews from the web site would cellule a dozen members fans and hospital during yesterday's home opener
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
>>darya: today you, what if the final part of the interview this in 20 years since the girl was murdered and her brother is finally breaking his silence you
8:44 am
can watch part three to day at 4:00 this afternoon, another at 9 we have a live interview with dr. phil he will talk about that exclusive interview.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
>>james: low to mid '60's it will climb for the inland valleys beginning of the east bay and 81 and 011 to the mid '80s most of the santa clara valley will be and the mind of
8:49 am
the 92 degrees downtown 69 to 71
8:50 am
>>robin winston: from the fremont street exit no problems for san francisco through downtown san jose all the way
8:51 am
into paulo autobahn the to bumper traffic just under an hour from 85 into a 37 >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: watched the man and the green jackets trying to cross the boulevard his standing in the crosswalk with not one but seven separate drivers one-sided santa clara
8:52 am
and the other side of san jose where hill of the santa clara county task force the man and the jersey is a plea d: however if you ignore the long the only
8:53 am
way to get to the stuff with a plausible on red lights behind you phyllis find out what happened i show her my identification they also toadying the press and the intersection was wearing a green vest i spoke to other drivers the one who, undivided attention was this one that will be in the
8:54 am
future edition. >>darya: we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. in 1803, a man bought the territory of louisiana for 42 cents an acre. that was the greatest deal ever. until i made this one. now you can get my jumbo breakfast platter for just $2.99. take that history. scrambled eggs, eight mini pancakes, a hash brown, and your choice of bacon or sausage. it's the greatest deal since the louisiana purchase. sort of. the jumbo breakfast platter just $2.99 for a limited time. value, done my way.
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8:56 am
>>mark: the ruling was open the door for businesses to force them to the league in the bad reviews to them and decide if they were here this case by october 14th yes the that at memorial coliseum 91,000 people packed in attending the game 14 people were hospitalized and heat exposure.
8:57 am
>>mark: the american academy of pediatrics strengthen is warning about prescribing coating to children the fda already has one using coating for kids the new status of just despite the risk and lack of evidence that actually work we have a new picture of him + you may see a- please response because of all
8:58 am
this will stay with the san francisco police are doing.
8:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: following a lot of breaking news the man wanted for the manhattan and jersey for the explosion on the weekend is in custody you concede his right
9:00 am
shoulder his bandages of as well as two police officers and issue about finland and a jersey one officer had in hand and they will bill came. >>reporter: he was in custody after a police shootout we want
9:01 am
to show you some video non there received a tip this morning >>: have a spa and embedded area they're engaging in a shootout with told the into office as it was shot in the have the other and the vast we do not know the state at this point if this is the time as they begin identifying him as early as sunday afternoon they do believe that he is related to all three of the bombings the one here in chelsea that injured
9:02 am
dozens of people they're still working very hard with the investigation president obama addressing the situation earlier asking people to remain calm and to remain vigilant. >>mark: isis' klan was
9:03 am
possibility of attack but it is not clear if they plan the attack or knew about it we have team coverage as police a low of the country are responding to these attacks on the east coast's. >>will tran: we did not see a heavy police presence but we all know for a thousand people will be a walking around taking in and not paying attention if you
9:04 am
see anything suspicious let them know the police salsas and our country have gotten so used to stepping in up immediately does that make you feel better for our we the first line of defense. >>: > yes that makes me feel better. >>will tran: they will be out there in full uniform and on the cover they want people to know and see them there in the water and in the cars they will not be moving fast over the next couple of days
9:05 am
>>darya: if you download a you give put charlotte will have more on the president's comments the big news we're following the suspect in the bombing in new jersey is now under arrest. >>james: there this hours this and peter and potsherds livable side of the sun shine right now about keeping on the hot side of the ocean breeze is going to bring into san francisco.
9:06 am
>>robin winston: matters how you save just a little time stretches through the maze 580
9:07 am
is backed up beyond 13 slow on the upper east sure hercules from highway 43 average drive in 16 to 20 minutes to fremont street and that is not bad because and looks better on the bridge the nimitz is packed from family and the entire oakland 31 minute ride 580 west a little bit better i will check back in a motorcycle accident in lafayette will receive the ride is improving a man is killed after a brass knuckles splashes of as windshield >>jackie sissel: initially have
9:08 am
the chp said they knew a large metal arms and have gone to the windshield it was all over the weekend that they had finally determined they think they know where the large metal objects came from it was free, about the size of a softball that went through the windshield of the 82 year-old and about 1:00 as he was traveling northbound on 101 in menlo park unfortunately it struck, and the neck and altman did kill him over the weekend and continue the investigation they issued a statement saying basically the have been working with chp in this investigation determined that the brass fittings may have come off of one of the water trucks the water truck was in the area and it was traveling southbound at the time of the accident they
9:09 am
said they do some their condolences out to the shape for family the continue to investigate we want to take a break the loss of weather and traffic
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>darya: the tech a look at the time line of the attack saturday
9:12 am
morning and explosion in a garbage can near a military charity run in new jersey and they found three pipelines pipe explosion near the boardwalk in seaside park that evening on a 30 of pressure cooker bomb exploded near a dumpster in the chelsea neighborhood 29 people were injured in that police said another pressure cooker was found four blocks away but it did not explode >>mark: this morning we know the suspect is now in custody would have often as exports to talk about the market.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>robin winston: the slow traffic starts on the nimitz you have to work away and through the crowd and it is out from to 30 of which up to the 92 connected and it's better active
9:16 am
high-rise >>james: tracking live pictures
9:17 am
from san francisco international airport no clouds no delay is kahane's tumbled found out and the south but expect one conditions of proportions of the area looking at the wine country.
9:18 am
>>rob black: mega and to live apart rare when a boxer michael systems didn't into berets to the clouds are voices a generational change
9:19 am
probably contested as both generation has real watching san francisco change we've seen more by queens and more with phone
9:20 am
and a car senses tell very expensive west to say by the year 2025 big cities will be driverless cities fiske had >>rob black: basically your
9:21 am
identity was stolen by a bank employee and the open of credit- card and unnamed full article about $2.6 million and reforms $25 there was no where you can go and nothing if you extra compensation does run your credit, regular basis affecting
9:22 am
history shows you cannot put executives in jail. >>rob black: 50 think you'll be in an area for a long time consider buying a house.
9:23 am
9:24 am
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>>reporter: 1 we to be exact away from the vapor is for as much of the day of 2016 the preparation of very different from campaign to campaign full of records and said it for her preparation is keen he now has
9:26 am
one week to decide and everyone is expecting huge ratings possibly record ratings >>darya: spokesperson said clinton is speaking about how the voters have the most of its stake in this election will
9:27 am
track and the weather forecast the complete forecast of your for zone getting into the detail of how hot it will begin here was a brief look san francisco oakland san jose.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>james: your was illiterate and bridges are right now widespread low '70's here is what looks like the east bay shoreline milder 81 open 84 in hayward
9:31 am
mostly sunny in san francisco tub into a raging anywhere from 68 degrees to 74 a lot more comfortable and enjoy it does not last long.
9:32 am
>>robin winston: it is heavier on the bridge is what the reverse of what we saw that it apply our these are late commuters the early commuters are out of the way they're not pouring in as a second wave of heavy traffic is just heavy commute traffic 23 minutes from
9:33 am
880 out to 1 01 the man wanted in connection with the bombs in new york after a shootout with police this morning in new jersey to also was shot in the encounter one and the head of the other in a protective vest the office is expected to be ok with london he was of born and afghanistan and a naturalized u.s. citizen living in new jersey. >>darya: he was on the ground as you can see a number of officers in uniform the owner of a bar local small bar and linda new jersey 7 someone was slipping and the holland those bonds will
9:34 am
phil would be bees and ball bearings the fbi analyze those bombs write non.
9:35 am
>>: and told the governor and the mayor that i have all federal support if you see something suspicious the need to say something to his 22 years
9:36 am
old and a young somali man and just as a private security guard and to the crossroads salon on saturday police area. mig-1 reference rose pak and
9:37 am
died sunday at her home in chinatown she served as of what the chinese community and was creditable paving the way for leaders the 68 year-old spin her lavish living in apartment rental located next to one of the major achievements the mayor released the statement saying that she bought on behalf of foreign immigrants and women that alleyway next to the chinese consulate has been dedicated in her memory. >>mark: police a resting zachary
9:38 am
last week in connection with the attack he attacked an assaultive floors douglas a home in north avenue of. s to fit different needs, so listening is a huge part of my job. because customers want to know that you hear them. they have kids, they have families, they have priorities. i definitely understand that. i have three children, i was a stay at home mom, i didn't have money to pay the bills, and so i put myself in their shoes. and i'm going to do all that i can to lower their bills and to help their situation. to choose the rate plan that works best for your family, visit together, we're building a better california.
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9:40 am
>>darya: it became the laws on of prime-time tv series ever >>reporter: the very first thing he did was handed trophied the transparent star jeffrey less than an hour later it was official he won his second
9:41 am
straight emmy for playing a transition woman the big one with the people in the o.j.
9:42 am
simpson taken this mysterious and four other awards including one for sarah forgave a defense of the real-life characters she played 50 going to be out of the ballpark hosting the austral's
9:43 am
with a one to start off with the upper 60s most and clearing.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>>mark: here is a 28 year-old taken away in a burn into office of the shot in the encounter with him but they are expected to this is a shop that was taken where he was in the street right after the arrest and confrontation because the officers surrounding him as he lays there on the sidewalk, they
9:47 am
went away, few realize that that was the suspect at that time he woke up and fired at the officer. >>james: the sun is warm to do a number far inland valleys will take a look of fashion cues a lively get the golden gate drayage with a light wind you perceive the flag on the right- hand side barely moving it will pick up this afternoon expected to be gusting of force to 20 mi. from our begins to cool is in
9:48 am
his for a midweek that in july at the end of the tunnel >>robin winston: you conceive the fast track wines look really good the cache size of backed up yes it is beyond the west for an exhibitors' ride on 20 minutes from downtown oakland into downtown san francisco
9:49 am
drive times ok 28 minutes for 84 west in fremont to bayfront expressway to 37 from 880 out to 1 01 the quick 13 minutes. >>: this is the missing link in 20 years this case has been worked and reworked and the word but he has never spoken so this
9:50 am
is the missing link and finally he is breaking the silence in today's episode is the best of the series because this is where everything comes together and ask him straight up did you kill your sister did your parents did you killed your sister did you think either of your parents killed your sister fat acts of all those questions and has had an unusual demeanor criticism and very uncomfortable a young man in social settings across certainly with the glare of the cameras will let me assure you this is nothing more than social anxiety faugh he did not kill this system he was cleared with into leaks of this crime by dna evidence he was for the clinton 2008 when we got better technology and more dna evidence until you what i did do today at aston today if he has fought. about who killed his
9:51 am
sister and he says yes he does he tells us will leave things killed his sister and wide that is revealed on today's show and i also asked his father why december 25th is on the tombstone a lot to say it is there because he knows that is when she was killed he answer that with great clarity and he relates a story that when you hear this story you remember it for the rest of your life explains why that dave is on a tombstone and we will hear something today that no one has ever heard the last 20 years about this case some great revelations, wanted a show >>: because-we are beginning to really zero the and we've made some great progress during our
9:52 am
investigation-technology is getting better and i think we're turning the heat up someone does want to be found fifth responsible for this and we will keep the bright lights on and until that happens but i do nothing this will go on soft. >>mark: with the falcons and the ball pops up there right able to grab it and score birth and the
9:53 am
touchdown they won 3528 the gains as a 10:00 our time the 49 is on the road to economic carolina panthers became in his 12th point underdogs to the nfc champions in the rundown but this same competitive for the year ready to take on the arrival seattle seahawks sunday in seattle game * 105 we will be right back
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>>mark: a man wanted in connection with the bombing and new jersey and you're taken into custody with the last hour and half for the 28 year-old texan with a burning after a shootout with police in new jersey after a manhunt was under way for him to office rashad been expected to be ok is a naturalized u.s. citizen from afghanistan living in new jersey the bombing and europe was one of three explosions of the weekend >>darya: is becoming more common during the drought triggering health warnings and closing some
9:57 am
areas thicken cause some problems and colors of reactions from people in the deadly for jobs they are rewarded is used in coating for kids news doesn't just as congress prescribed doctors >>mark: timber just climbing into the '90s: off whydah on this week stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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