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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> pam:a curfew now in charlotte. but protesters are defying that order outraged over the shooting death of keith lamont scott. this is a picture. hundreds of people continuing to march through downtown. mostly peaceful tonight -- but we have just learned two officers were hurt during the demonstrations. the national guard has been deployed to keep the peace. but the city of charlotte says it will not enforce the curfew if the protest remains peaceful. tonight -- protesters are demanding that police release the video. showing the shooting of keith scott.
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hello i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson. the family was able to watch the police body camera video today. they want it released to the public. more on why police are not doing that is ahead. first grant lodes has been tracking the protests. >> grant:we have team coverage tonight on the situation in charlotte. protestors demand the video be released. but the police chief says.that is not going to happen. the family of keith scott did see the videos today. and said they want the videos released to the public immediately.
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>> grant: will continue as long as it's peaceful look for you was there a user of a tool of things get out of hand " lee that will not be necessary. people lying on the ground and federal police station big difference according to police and reporters the community activists like this one civic leaders getting between officers starting as getting some space and have a dozen or so this evening's gathering starting with the prayer vigil the young man who was shot last night by another civilian. no issues beyond what we told you about and it was much more peaceful than tuesday wednesday nights and unity some demonstrators thinking the national guard members and other
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protesters successfully encouraged to put away and leave the streets. there are a few ugly nights a much better tonight.
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justine waldman here now with this side of the story. >> reporter:the family saw two videos today. the body camera and the dash-camera. after they left the police station without talking to the media. later on. they did release a statement through their attorney. saying they want the video a matter of the greater good and transparency. there is also this new photo of a gun on the ground at the scene. we are talking about the black object at the bottom of the photo. the chief of police said the dashcam video tells more of the story. while not providing definitive evidence scott pointed a gun at officers, he says the video shows scott refusing to drop his weapon. the scott family said police give him several commands. and he does not approach officers. the family wants the video released publically. but the police chief has resisited such calls.claiming such a move would put crime victims at risk. chief kerr putney/charlotte- mecklenburg police dept. i am not going to release it because ultimately i think i have to do what i can to protect the integrity of the investigation. also, i don't want to set a bad precedent that i am releasing lots of video, and i think you could be destroying some of the trust of some of our most vulnerable victims, especially those of document violence and sexual assault."
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>> reporter:the family attorney did say it is impossible to discern from the videos what, if anything, scott is holding in his hands. after watching the videos, the family said they have more questions than answers. justin bamberg /scott family attorney "it was very painful. you know, not just to see him shot and killed, but to see the reactions on the rest of the family members' face. i do want to point out that this was actually the second time his wife has seen the shooting, because she was out there the day that her husband was shot and killed." >> reporter:the attorney also says scott's hands were by his side and he was slowly walking backward when he was shot. the family wants people to see they draw their own conclusions based on what they see with their own eyes. the tulsa, oklahoma police officer. involved in the shooting death of terence crutcher, is now facing manslaughter charges. officer betty shelby shot and killed 40-year old crutcher after responding to reports of a car stalled in the middle of the road. her attorney says, she believed he was acting strange. and was ignoring her commands. shelby says she thought crutcher was reaching for a gun when she
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shot him and feared for her life. no gun was found at the scene. and the video shows his hands in the air. attorney's for crutcher's family say, they are happy charges are being brought against the officer. more potential victims are coming forward as the molestation investigation of a former children's athletic director widens.
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healdsburg police are also now reaching out to investigators in another bay area city. this is a picture of the suspect, 68 year old paul dewayne kilgore of sonoma. he worked at the boys and girls clubs of sonoma valley for more than a decade. new at 10, kron4's maureen kelly talked a parent who believes her son was targeted. he used to call me at home and ask to take my son places >> reporter:jill salazar says she freaked out when she saw her son's former athelic director in the news. paul dwayne kilgore is being held on 1 million dollars bail for lewd and lacivious with a child under 14 and the continuous sexual assault of child under 14.
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police say they arrested kilgore after someone at the healdsburg parkpoint health club saw him in the hot tub and shower area saw him touching and talking with two boys, aged 11 and 12 and that prompted an investigation. healdsburg police say they've gotten more than a dozen calls with information about kilgore.including some potential victims. the parent i talked to at the boys and girls clubs of sonoma valley were kilgore used to work had her own tale to tell he used to ask to take our older son on a lot of field trips. we talked about ti today and nothing happened and i am grateful but it makes my skin crawl. standup police say kilgore told them he voluntarily left the sonoma boys and girls club in 2013 after they changed their policy preventing staff members from interacting with children off
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campus, including no overnight trips. police say kilgore used to live in the city of san bruno and are now reaching out to san bruno police. they believe he could have victimized people as far back as the 1980's. >>:people like this spend a long time grooming their victims and they put a lot of work getting them to a point where they can victimize them so yeah, he's probably been doing this for a very long time. >> reporter:kilgore is not in the megan's law database, police say his only encounters with law enforcement up until this point have been inconsequential. maureen kelly kron4 news >> pam:kilgore is expected back in court next month. procescutors says more charges could be added, if more victims come forward.
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a community is coming together to support a popular cook --- brutally attacked in his own driveway. last month --- 48- year-old jose hernandez was shot multiple times. by armed men just outside his home in san pablo. he is expected to survive, but no suspects have been named. and the motive remains a mystery. kron 4's charles clifford has the latest we are learning more about a double shooting in concord. it happened inside a home -- police say that type of gun violence is highly unusual for the typically quiet concord
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neighborhood. according to a witness.a man dressed in black was running from the back of the victim's home on bella drive last night. the witness along with neighbors said they heard multiple gunshots just before 10pm. the two adult residents were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. investigators say evidence of drugs found at the scene maybe connected to what happened. >> britteny: to tamara mainly in the '50s by name mostly sunny mid-70s inland locations because 60 victories and pushed back and '80s for inland areas for that and and highs and that's the beginning a warming trend all the details coming up right after the break.
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>> pam: escaped on her and the sink not a. man who "pied" the sacramento the face. why the suspect says he had to do it. and next -- 'new' at ten. we talk to a bay area man who says, he was a victim of thehe tried to open up one account -- but ended up dealing with a nightmare.
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new tonight at ten. a bay area man says he is a victim of idetity theft and he's blaming wells fargo. kron4's lydia pantazes spoke with the man and his attorney. happening now. the coast guard is still trying to find out >>: i was dumbfounded. >> reporter: he thought the day he learned several accounts opened in his name as wells fargo bank. he met with us along with attorney matthew and everything started in 2011 when he opened to count the wells fargo bank here in the bay area.
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fund transfers he didn't initiate an also receive documentation he initiated close will account alicea some money to other countries. in 2013 they sent him this letter confirming yet contacted them about identity theft. he says he's still dealing with the aftermath now wonders why nothing is being done. >> reporter: call the bells still doorstops the fired more than 5000 employees before the
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scheme created ticket counts. >> steve:also, they are looking into whether the sheen is was the source of the strong gas- like odor that sent many people to the hospital this week. kron 4's hermela aregawi has details on what the investigation has revealed so far. >> reporter: mystery deepens the residence of the not know what makes many people sit on tuesday
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dozens of the hospital complaining of headaches and eye pain.
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>>: people complain about love headaches and inseams a leap of faith for them not to connect that. also check and see if the oil came from one of the vessels here
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>> britteny: tomorrow we see, and conditions when speedster to die down and then a warmer temperatures in store into a week and much warmer and then satellite research shows to the south of san mateo again mainly clear skies and that we continue this the area of low pressure moving away from us in a cooler air with that feature castro's the system starting rotate away instead a warm weekend ahead for us to keep arming and to next week monday will be the warmest day and boat week and then i'll
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bring us back to triple digits for tomorrow and locations high 60s downtown san francisco 71. centel's 70 degrees. 72 in san carlos airport 77 and under of us at 82 and yet at 81. it close to average well below that average for most of the week. 69 for the bay in 75 for inland areas. assists and used as expected take a look saturday '90s for inland locations. 95 on sunday in closer the day close to the coast and maybe schmidt plans 80 degrees before
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explain >> reporter: why a kevin johnson with la cocotte cream pie at a chart. octopi in sacramento night allows. >> reporter: 32 year-old claims of the mayor's priority is the new arena not the people of sacramento thompson wishes mayor johnson would focus on creating jobs and helping the homeless
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care center is a charity dinner at the charter school the throw paul and the mayor's face. maher fought back thompson says that he pushed on the guy at least twice and bruises nine stitches to prove it. thompson says it was >> pam: thomsons facing two charges of felony assault and a misdemeanor for battery on school property being held on $100,000 bail.
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protests >> pam: terms defined the curfew and spent peaceful. >> steve: as long as a protest continues this way their lives on the ground and charlotte. >> reporter: been making a circle through the city and at one. shortly or lie on the grounds
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>> reporter: of what happened next the chief says the-camera video tells more the story was not providing definitive evidence and the video does shows the refusing to drop his weapon. it washed to videos and said that it is impossible to discern its staff had any attempt. and they want a video released publicly. clamming such
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a move would put crime victims at rest. >> reporter: as long as those individuals remain peaceful the police department has no plans to do anything other than to let them continue on their business and all the efforts tonight after all to get rid of that violence and allow protests to continue who >> steve: uncharged we know? >> reporter: in charge of
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different things national guard aligning the business district mostly to protect property. police are very much more involved and try to keep the people of this protest organized and protecting citizens.
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>> pam: substation on high street and it will double as a community resource center which is why city leaders hope that this will help bring closer together. cahoon having >> reporter: the police station nozzle only was her father's from about the property 1980's but passed away last year. the plan is for the space
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to evolve as time goes on. capt. rallied communities. news
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tonight last year 2000 collisions between trains and cars on the tracks a delegate to ordered 50 fatalities. >> stanley: all the driver was sort of lucky because they had a chat with the officer. then as the path can arouse trade. kauai share as the saturation and
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programmed so is a four same law as cross. the tech driver had a passenger in fact lost part the passenger. >>: wouldn't be sitting there the trail was coming through.
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>> stanley: ticket in sematech county $490.17 for a long the crossing signal that one comes to the point.
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>> pam: spineless are closed because of the car accident minor injuries one car overturned in the eastbound direction but the westbound lane is all dark as all the lanes are closed no cars allowed as the investigation continues
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to two >> steve: chilling visuals young children and addicts from an excess of the situations a few moments ago here it is again a little girl toddler to year-old trying to rattle her mom. two years old
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and still she which is the corporate person new film that helps a frantic call there are now a piece of evidence and the mom go deep on type of heroin they found. >> grant: the girl in protective custody and expected to face charges by the end of this week in this video from ohio when viral. a heroin overdose the child in the back seat again just wondering what is going on. the mother is victoria 27 years old gentleman is not the boy's father. the two were later convicted of child neglect they found more than two decals in a bottle and the man's pocket nearly all of them a opioids according to investigators. >> grant: $90 million funding
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initiative that preventing stopping supply of opiates percent of all is one of the things that is, and heroin often laced and heroin and then all produced and legal labs has largely how it is if you mix it with heroin a hundred times that in all the more powerful than morphine and 30 to 50 times more powerful than heroin. as between 2002 and 2013 use of heroin quadrupled the and ministration pledging a bunch of money to try and fight the epidemic. so many states west virginia indiana ohio those the hampshire there. the problem we're announcing more these go viral they hope people see this and realize how dangerous it can be addictive how does an
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especially when it's mixed and while the powerful and dangerous.
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>> britteny: close '70s in half
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moon bay close to look a south bay mid-70s the heights tomorrow in san jose and milpitas and east bay livermore back to the '80s concord today in the coolest day of the week we warm back up again at 84 and yet 71 percent around in your time tomorrow 59 degrees north ratios temperature is 85. seven the forecast shows we will see a lot of changes.
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>> gary: they have want to write and here we go the padres had scores the giants won nothing. a
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ninth-inning falls what for sergio over the dodgers a couple nights ago. the clothes are right now gets to sit again snide giants beat padres 3 more in san diego and they beat the new york mets. a three run walk off colmar. the comeback in the 11th and that it " wild-card race cardinals idle they are one half and
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>> gary: thises and sports illustrated this isn't this is time magazine and a shift to vote of the santa rosa press democrat in chinchillas face today pernik has to many things as plate to concentrate on football
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>> gary: who is the best rapper in the nba.
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>> gabe: coming up on kron 4 news we need to do to protect yourself.
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>> gabe: mills just aren't going up from yacht hope this is what they look like they're sending these females warning it that have definitely been affected by this and if you received one of these easily the change your yahoo password. credit >> gabe: card numbers of
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the card numbers were not leak. however for the next month or so keep a closer eye on financial statements make sure there's no funny business. official >> pam: say they will
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not and first accord curfew as long as demonstrators are peaceful. at 2:00 a.m. and charlotte. not being enforced. some have gone on the highways and as long as there ps fault they're going to continue to allow the folks on the street and its from midnight to 6:00 a.m.. not being enforced however protesters do have one loud message.


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