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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 4, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: think you for joining
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>>reporter: you see a wave but for the more potentially giving us been cool toward the close and maybe down time san francisco not venturing beyond that point jurisconsults in the future test as to the see the calls are for a much covering the entire bay area they clara pretty nicely for the afternoon we will get some localized win a little been as things start to corrode we will see a little bit of warming happening. >>reporter: upper 50s and the north been a lot of that is credited the cloud cover over night it's a nice job to keep temperatures supported upper 50s that ease the bay shoreline 58
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for san jose planning the day comes like this morning with over sprinkle the occurs the coast and san francisco peninsula the evening at breezy mild conditions as to see members start to get into the '70s ready for school forecast 66 come-on 3:00 summing and 72. >>robin winston: you may know the left lane and this: all of it is not impacting the rod that is on the suspension smolder and your average ride nine winners
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from the foot of the millions out to fremont street no but problems 58 was also nice and light. >>james: san francisco what goes potentially dominion visitors they're dealing with an unusual rise in homicides five murders between friday and sunday in
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>>j.r. stone: 50 still be seen in the neighborhood of san francisco where someone was gunned down and killed on friday night one of five san francisco homicide in a period of britain's another one of the homicide near this intersection and six from brine on saturday and 230 in the morning one victim was killed two others had by gunshots this was also one block from a league by early morning club called the end of a club over from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. monday is to still be seen on the ground of the club and one of the homicides this weekend a 63 your woman was stabbed to death in this area and in california and feel more >>j.r. stone: the suspect in that case has been arrested in
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least one of the five homicides is being labeled possibly gang related/in the number of homicides rose by 15% a number that appears to be holding so far there been 38 homicides which is the exact number we're right at at this time last year >>james: police are investigating a possible rate on the stanford campus >>charles clifford: the assault
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a pallet to place inside of a dormitory on the east side of campus and have not identified a suspect in the case they're still waiting to speak with the victim friday evening the department of public safety sent out an e-mail alert roger student lives on campus she received miller and says it frightened her she has lived on campus for about a year and is concerned for her safety this is not the first time she received an alert on the campus
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>>james: the very high-profile rape case is part-not raise after he was sentenced to just six months in jail friday to new break laws passed in california one the next presents i mandatory for such also allows victims to say reagan court even if the crime does not meet the legal definition >>james: their word of the rainbow girls or crew the renown for swarming stores and broad daylight the steel products over a span of a couple of years
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among the stores were of the 64,000 dolls and merchandise 10 more people also arrested for similar mass tests and other states across the west >>james: this happened around the afternoon someone hit another car and took off they're
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taking on an new york mets in the wild card game for did look into the game >>mark: the last time he pitched a playoff ended with curling up 21 inning with a single arm around and world series mvp honor and is is is is a home stadium task no clear example
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then nose and a guard led say there is a reason he is known as the war a 6 ft. 6 is having people last time he faced the giants heat or eight scoreless innings with two hits this group knows all the twists and turns moreau to title. >>james: web want to take a
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closer look at her experience high above in the clouds the vice-presidential nominees will be facing off tonight on the debate stage with their expected to discuss
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>>reporter: and this is right near the firewall that it will give heavy winds again being a category for this is what all
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the stronger storms they've gotten this close and longtime it goes further to the north and is born to be a problem for south carolina and north carolina actually has the second longest coastline in total with the exception of florida puts. >>reporter: into it person the
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peninsula down from the wanted when starting to pick up plan in the day afternoon
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>>robin winston: the drive china agreed only a man is an emmaus house to fremont street justification need to get over into the peninsula >>james: the start of the six
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young california drought the department of water resources announced 60 percent of the state remains and severe drought >>reporter: this rainfall comes in the first week of the new water here as said a california enters into its fifth dry year and a row no snowfall is partly to blame regions like santa clara county are still waiting to level out although the water district is back to a 0 percent conservation rate santa clara valley and is still urging a 20 percent water reductions news hundreds of ways to conserve water but here are few steps
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limit out or watering only wash for marginal and use of bloom the server holes >>james: use lan or read white plaid shirt and in the dark baseball cap will learn new
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information about his final days before he took his own life he's whittle said the actor had chemical warfare and his brain her husband's suicide came at the end of an intense confusing and relatively swift persecution from the disease he had trouble remembering lines during the filming the loss of memory and ability to control is an anxiety was devastating him he was found dead in his home after his death he was diagnosed louis by the disease that caused the mention she sharing your experience in the hope the doctors will inspire to turn his suffering and to something meaningful
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>>reporter: here is what looks like inside the cockpit at as
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stuff for the celebration i made my way into the crowd without passing out the highlight was flying upside down at officially became a blue and the for the day and it was glorious vista the once-in-a-lifetime experience i will never forget even though i passed out for just a few seconds we have the
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video to proven how we will be right at
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>>reporter: she just had quite the scare she was robbed of her hotel room there five suspects wearing ski masks and police uniforms and the confronted a hotel with a gun and forced him to let them into her room that men often man dollars and your reach her purse in cash >>reporter: he drove his plan to
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set and friends for 20.6 million the magnificent seven rolled and $15.7 million.
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>>james: 730 homicides in the city was the exact number where at this time last year and then for policeman investigating reports that a student was raped the victim told the police did happen on friday and she did not know who the person was the man has not been identified that happen on the east side of campus police are still waiting to speak with the victim who has not given of any formal statement
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>>reporter: you concede when starting to build or from the coast and then later on today we start to cover some bows and spots
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>>robin winston: 11 looking
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good into and out of san rafael hot spot free no traffic alerts your drive times but to great check-in and also more drive times a nice ride on a conference into danville 24 smooth for wall creek over to the oakland size of the e sure my some light 880 out of the south the accident install free >>james: we have will stand by
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all more what we can expect. >>will tran: you concede the fence this is that pier 33 kron 4 if you are curious there's wonderful that began at 10:00 this morning we will be on board you're still it rolled into the bay area's today and this is video courtesy of our partnership with abc seven it is here it comes from far away but they want to show the u.s. military can wait to get on that
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will give you more information as it happens >>will tran: and lease i did not
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pass out so i'll always have that over her >>james: police arrested the 61 year-old yesterday morning at his home in san jose he was down low and pornography as they
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serve the search warrant at his home on zero what avenue police said the people will scenas images with could be subject for rest he's being held at the jail this morning on $50,000 bail >>james: the run may and hillary clinton running mate will be going head-to-head today >>reporter: the republican vice president bracing for tuesday
4:38 am
showed arm on the debate stage democratic nominee also points for the contest preparation under way with university of virginia for tuesday's showdown the nominees are readying themselves he met with advisers to prepare his getting wisconsin gov. to play the role in the debate perhaps you'll be a chance to into not only highlight differences and policies but likely they'll also bought into this record as they haven't times on the campaign trail.
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>>james: the governors of florida and north carolina declared states of emergency
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expecting map you to head their way please saw looking for this man who targeted a bank in the more it happened saturday afternoon police said the man pointed a gun at the teller demanded money and have not said how much he made off with a is burned 4,500 a. and so far destroyed 12 homes. >>reporter:
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>>reporter: of sixties from 70 cool off for fremont this is where we start to spike to middle seventies territory heading down to the south of
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looking at 70 for mountain view latino partly cloudy lower segment is covering most of the south bay and san jose san francisco 63 mission district 65 down to san mateo county >>robin winston: no major problems right now on the ride into san francisco license move through the toll plaza across the upper deck and to downtown san francisco from the 680 split
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over to all: out of dublin and the castro valley a nice ride to san jose into milpitas
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>>gabe slate: of highland helps run the simulator which is so lifelike all the buttons the instruments is identical to a real 745 capt.
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>>gabe slate: before we did the flyover he wanted me to try a landing one of the scary thing soap and help build my confidence that can recreate and what the conditions as to when the storm rain lightning what really shocked me so pilots fly in the fall in is a solid brick
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color you see nothing completely dependent on the instruments to keep you safe the simulator will
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stressful enough we cannot imagine the pressure of the person door on the real thing we will be right back
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>>robin winston: mrs. westbound 92 leaving hayward so far so good no big problem for the bayshore freeway a quick 13 minute connection checking in on the drive times and looked great so far
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>>james: the restaurant open the door saturday on the skin will cope pick of various needs vessels from for the dogs and add a few items fortes and preference we will be right back
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: maybe a little
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spring all my come to pass the upper 50s across the border called low fifties the bird down for the day morning left over early spring go san francisco afternoon current lease speaking for the evening a little bit of a breeze to grow and to the mix more details coming up. >>robin winston: hot spot free no mental problems if you to bay bridge is a quick nine minutes from the foot of a maze of to fremont street.
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>>mark: 6 armed robbers reported in just four days and contra costa county grand elderly couple was brought the gun point in the driveway >>jackie sissel: six runs or is in court since three and one night to the case and shot fired at the victims they may be linked to authorities say all six of them similar to land on the run who approached their victims as they get home she was
5:03 am
shot and he was tested with on september 27th both are expected to recover from those wounds and is one of those runners was captured on surveillance video all those agencies are trying to work together >>darya: 38 homicides in the city this year to the exact
5:04 am
number will rise at this time last year despite the spike in the murders over the weekend there was more reason for extra concern at least one of the five murders being labeled as possibly gang related they made an arrest and release one of the cases hurricane matthew making landfall and western haiti. >>james: making landfall kron 4 clock our time it hit the southern peninsula stretching out from hey the category for a hundred and 45 mi. an hour wednesday to see some of the damage this is the latest video in the news room this morning and brought heavy rains and
5:05 am
flooding to jamaica moving over haiti as much as 4 in. of rain in least three people have died in storm after moving through haiti we do have a sense of
5:06 am
emergency in effect for florida and north carolina and expects more states to the emergency to be clear as it gets closer and closer. >>mark: reports that a female student was raped by a male student the victim's tongue campus police that happened friday she did not know him he is not been identified happen on the east side of campus they're waiting to speak with the victim who was not given them a formal statement
5:07 am
>>mark: stanford made national headlines after the former swimmer was convicted of sexually and insulting, contras woman he was sentenced to six months in jail and served three months they're expected to spend a lot of time talking to all their running mate >>reporter: little heard since the vice presidential nominee he is the gop nominee picked for his conservative credentials the donald trump like his role for
5:08 am
helleri the fans and do no harm to nice the day starts and 9:00 eastern and last 90 minutes and hosted and is being held at the university in farm bill virginia
5:09 am
>>will tran: the santayana's right behind main we will be nonsense 45 to show you what to expect if you want to swing down year to second tour of the to the public at 10:00 this morning it will be of course probably thousand people expected to tour the ship brought an excellent days security is sky-high which is while we're on outside of defense speaking of the airless
5:10 am
show you some video she went on the blue angels yes the that i was there with our to give our a pep talk she was a little bit nervous but she made it through she passed out to her great time she landed in the interviews with people but only person that i know that showed up to the blue angels wearing high heels i cannot believe there a lot going
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on in-like to look upon the sky in was in the blue and of practicing
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>>darya: we have you covered saturday with a special we will be right back
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>>mark: is possible ethical the tellable the does not guarantee to get more rain >>reporter: basically on balance
5:17 am
at all locations even as we go to tonight perhaps some low clouds trying to scrap the coast of for fifties for right now and that is the coast to the east of a shoreline down to the south bank is also open next in
5:18 am
dollars and yen loss of sunshine by the afternoon we go head to wednesday and thursday pretty much of the sunny forecast >>robin winston: know the problems for west 92 a little
5:19 am
crowd along the flat section a good ride come from checking in on the drive times traffic looks good >>mark: a woman who was driving the car that was it started following the of the car down camellia street prosecutors not
5:20 am
charged the group were to double the rainbow girls or rain broke crew there behind 23 robberies and burglaries and high-end stores props and fences all known for swarming the stores and broad daylight and stealing expensive items investigators say they stole more than $200,000 worth of clothing and purchase what the merchandise
5:21 am
>>mark: we take a closer look at what is i had at tomorrow's national league wild-card game. >>mark: madison baumgartner thrives on october the last time he pitched a playoff in the with carling 21 innings with a single order run and were a series mvp, it is as if this is the other home stadium as he is four and zero in the territory with 0.62 era no clear example than noel but said there was
5:22 am
last time he faced enemies for eight innings with two hits this group knows all the twists and turns and rolled to a title. we will be right back p?p?o?gv
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introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be...and more. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >>reporter: nice carpets and the fall this happening from the stars do to the warmer temperatures you can see on the keys to the shoreline drop will
5:30 am
offer little bit and those inland valleys at this hour we do some when strong to intrude will go out to the noon hour 1:00 and as we get into the afternoon hours >>robin winston: it is already backed up to the 880 over crossing know the problems and a new eastern span the drive time looks good 12 minutes from the maze out to fremont street
5:31 am
>>darya: tim is back in the united states telling more about what she went through when she was robbed at gunpoint >>james: toolroom physically assaulted her those of the to the stove morganton million dollars worth of jewelry they made off with the money they stole the jury box containing bibles as well as a ring work for half million you concede some of the police presence this morning police said there studding surveillance camera footage there tried to identify the steve's they wore masks and a fake police emblems on the jacket she was in paris to
5:32 am
attend a fashion week show >>james: is recovering in downtown manhattan staying in close contact with the investigators who are still looking for those five attackers. >>darya: the borders to devise a meeting tonight to talk about
5:33 am
declaring a local state of emergency because of the fire and that would free up money. police arrested the 61 year-old at his home in san jose yesterday morning over said he was download and pornography even as they served a search warrant asses home he was sharing the images so that more people could be charged in the same case check cashed tech
5:34 am
>>mark: they released the week after the first presidential debate their record to 47% compared to donald trump 42%. >>mark: there here and for training exercises >>: with a one way lost and
5:35 am
loaded into the blue angel you look like the inside of the cockpit i am making the funny noises because it is a technique to help you the highlights it was flying upside down at
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officially became a blue angel for the day and it was glorious we have a special section you can watch the blue angels flying we will be right back.
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>>robin winston: still moving will the drive times increased is now 15 minutes despite a new problem on the net the house
5:40 am
oversight committee called the company to handle the information on the profit margins the company makes about $50 park and on what to pack which cost $600 the pretax profit more like a dollar >>darya: that could provide some critical information on what caused the crash the second day in the back of the train was now working on the day of the crash it was supposed to live store the speed and breaking
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5:44 am
all the robberies to men approach of that and just after they pulled into the driveway >>mark: is packing winds will hundred 45 malt our
5:45 am
>>robin winston: were noticing some changes because the back of the growing at the foot of the main is still great ride across the upper deck into downtown 92 thinking of in the east bay in the next year is the ride across the san mateo bridge another problem is not a bad ride 14 minutes from 880 over to the 1 01 on a ramp.
5:46 am
>>reporter: shares the view of san francisco basically a fuel sprinkles perhaps possible it's one of the clearing storage for all zone and the outlet for today temperatures on a mile outside the scope of sow to draw a situation where now into
5:47 am
abnormally dry in michigan improvement bill was also credited to zero what winner yesterday we didn't see much temperature today finally separation 77 in the seventh
5:48 am
forecast that happens for weekend. >>darya: beaten to look at the worst spots that meet people to
5:49 am
drive farther to get to do jobs that will enjoy improved measure axe which is have some to sell tax measure are will support bird of with the extension to the south and in some san jose is ready for the
5:50 am
third worst spy and that of the from the 20 in 2014 >>mark: he had a chemical warfare in his brain before his death his whittle is speaking them and hope to doctors and turned and suffering and to something meaningful are his
5:51 am
garage and and installed alarm to turning last nine. >>darya: take a look at this a mere disaster at a car show and taxes you concede the mustang catches the curb and stops nearly hit the spectators off we
5:52 am
will be right back, right back
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>>reporter: beyond that we're into a clearing mold little of most of the readings holding up for fifties
5:55 am
>>mark: they're teaming of for release that is the first time there will be screened in imax the release comes ahead of the serious that moving in said the big screen on november 18th.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: their look of san francisco going on here is the view from the satellite radar nothing getting of strain is sent to the to produce this to temperatures affect his territory
6:01 am
6:02 am
>>james: pretty big and hundred and 45 mi. from our 40 in. of rain have had until landslide and they are releasing so far where to go when going to see it start to swim against the coast of florida it will continue to track ride along the eastern
6:03 am
seaboard probably the strongest on since hurricane andrew back in 1992 when one to be tried in the storm or the next few days. >>mark: the couple in their seventies was what they gunpoint in a huge shot twice
6:04 am
>>jackie sissel: they're very similar and there were two armed men who approached the victims as they got home or in the drive when by two armed men one of the
6:05 am
crooks flat in the victim's car the second was seen leaving. >>darya: a spike in murders and san francisco and the city is getting ready to welcome thousand of tors between friday and sunday five murders all crossed san francisco they're investigating all five murder of their urging everyone to be patient in this one of the five
6:06 am
murders over the weekend they say possibly gang related in please also made an arrest and is one of the investigations >>reporter: the governor in virginia democratic senator
6:07 am
spent the last week preparing unlike donald trump's approach that had been doing more to bay each segment will star with the question the candidates will have two minutes to respond the format is similar to the president to debate and no one is expecting the same ratings
6:08 am
during a news conference this morning marking the 10th anniversary
6:09 am
>>will tran: great disconfirmed that guest is free to the public you get to talk to the executives of the ship as well bring your family and your children it will be going on all week it will take place
6:10 am
saturday i cannot wait to tour
6:11 am
the u.s. and diego you'll be amazed by how are rugged of how the are in the technology.
6:12 am
>>darya: we could see in the new things, all this to the a specific web site to tease this event a complete preview coming up.
6:13 am
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>>robin winston: this will expect if you have and how about
6:16 am
the richmond san rafael bridge 5 if you was picking up is in pretty good shape picking up a mine accident on the hey were signed continuing to the east bay into the south bend 32 minutes from 238 out to 237
6:17 am
>>reporter: 54 for livermore 57 incompetent to go and wash the
6:18 am
warm-up it happens the yellows and to the forecast get a little bit better warming today than yesterday looks like temperatures will be in the mid '70s territory >>darya: the search is on for driver involved in a hit-and-run about noon in guest today it all started when he hit another car and took off the woman's
6:19 am
daughter was in her car at the time this war man and a grab things in broad daylight
6:20 am
>>mark: protest overnight in los angeles here is video from the protest outside of the police department their mistresses pull testing after a black men were shot and killed police said there is a robotic camera footage. the 6.2 magnitude
6:21 am
earthquake killed nearly 300 people >>mark: we're here with a preview >>james: the last time he won the world series mvp at city filled in your he's four and zero he's extremely effective
6:22 am
>>james: that is going to be the thing because they have there is on the mound as well it will be up against noah the last time he faced the giants here why more
6:23 am
people could be charged in this case if a bank robber on the loose in the east bay to a live look outside the san mateo bridge westbound on the right- hand side.
6:24 am
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>>reporter: look at the cannes temperatures of our fifties santa rosa low bid: 54 for livermore, the coming in and 57 the last hour 50 in san jose pro-am a little breeze inland areas of of up to the north bank mild in the general forecast 63 >>robin winston: at the bay bridge toll plaza about tennis ago and told at the foot of the
6:31 am
maine is now through the maze spelling of to 580 just about back from the 24 split >>mark: now abound 101 that area
6:32 am
of the south bend and the no. 20 in 2014 the rest of the top-10 we posted the story on our main page.
6:33 am
>>darya: that made national headlines this year after the former stanford swimmer was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman near a dumpster on campus police arresting the 61 year-old in his home in san jose yesterday morning he was sharing the
6:34 am
images to more people can be charged in the case is 90 percent contained over 4,400 a. burned senses fire started monday. >>darya: she is telling the story of how she was tied up and robbed the gunpoint at her fancy luxury apartments in paris they
6:35 am
tied her hands and feet and put her in the bathtub and over the course of the next five minutes then made off with her jewelry one point she heard them repeating sheave realize that they were searching for her ring that has been at a given to her during his proposal in that
6:36 am
time she was able to get free for restraint their cameras in the area look and the surveillance cameras at the get the food to see if they can get a lead on who these people are
6:37 am
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>>darya: he got an award from a fire department the kept his own as home from burning down. comfort food, you've had a good long run.
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let's get comfortable with our food again. >>mark: she hopes the doctors can turn his suffering and to something meaningful we will be
6:43 am
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>>reporter: going back to the '60s not as chilly as yesterday of the '60s on the east bay shoreline we should see the
6:48 am
afternoon clara out in was university in the '60s of the '60s 63 for pacifica daily city's 65 chilly 63 stinson beach >>robin winston: that is excellent news for those who are about to hit the road into san francisco crowd as expected
6:49 am
maybe you the dumbarton bridge westbound 84 looking pretty good so far out of fremont from the nimitz over to bay from the expressway only 14 minutes
6:50 am
>>gabe slate: it is identical to a real 747 cockpit it was
6:51 am
terrifying back on the runway shows how the changes from day to night with a switch of a button
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>>mark: we will be ride back
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>>mark: they use the fire extinguisher to knock out the fire
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they prey on our children, spending billions. addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56.
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happening in the east bay, six armed robberies, , a woman shot, a carjacking in four days and no authorities think they may be linked. that story in a live report. breaking news. hurricane matthew making landfall in haiti bringing flooding and winds of 145 miles per hour and we are tracking the storm. it is fleet week in san francisco and three hours from now, i'm inside the uss san diego and in a few minutes, a live interview with the ship's captain. this is the bay area's new
7:00 am
station. kron4 news at 7:00 starts right now. good morning and thanks for waking up with us on this tuesday. i'm darya folson. there is a tough tuesday morning. watching rain going away? the clouds are sticking around and it will clear out today. it will help with the temperatures. a live shot at mount diablo showing the inland valleys clearing out a little bit during the late morning hours and satellite radar shows nothing really threatening upstream. we might get a sprinkle in the peninsula with temperatures holding, upper 60s and 57 in concord. the forecast puts us at 67 by high noon and by 3:00, we are talking sunny and 73 and we replaced umbrellas with shades. 11:00, and by 3:00, we check the af


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