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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 4, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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i hope they catch however it is sot/tc: it is a felony - threats are not protec ted speech late tuesday - the post was no where to be seen - however, sot/tc: 1:34 terisa estacio the threat also mentioned two other schools. police say they plan to contact the other cities in other states where they have received similar clown related threats. police are also offering this warning to parents - asking them to make sure children do not communicate online with the person whoever it is and wherever they may be. and we are also learning that the oakland unified school district has received similar threats online. these messages are similar to what several other school districts are reporting across the country. people dressed as creepy clowns have been spotted outside schools in the carolinas. in maryland and virginia- schools have received threats involving clowns. >>:
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the ongoing investigation is the work of a special joint law >> vicki:the lead investigator tells kron4's haaziq madyun the suspects may be connected to similar crimes in the east bay. there has been a series of armed robberies in recent weeks
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targeting people inside their homes and in driveways outside their homes in the east multiple suspects are in custody >>:"we have made an arrest of 6 people for robberies that occurred in fremont, livermore and danville" contra costa county deputy d.a. barry grove says the mode of operation was similar in these crimes "well they're home invasion robberies, a group of people go into a house armed with guns and attempt to rob the residence inside of the house" he says the 6 adult male suspects were arrested on charges that include home invasion, robbery, burglary and a carjacking case last week here on conejo drive in unincorpated danville. investigators are checking for any connections between these suspects and last week's shooting and robbery of carol brown and her husband in the driveway of their home in orinda "this is part of a long
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investigation and that investigation includes a series of robberies here in the east bay, we have not finished with that investigation" >> reporter:it is an investigation getting some back up from federal law enforcement >>: >> will:"the fbi and the district attorney's office have a safe streets task force that was put together a couple of years ago, this has been some excellent work in a long term ongoing investigation and hopefully we will solve more cases in the next week or so" the d.a.'s office expects to release more information regarding the arrests of the 6 suspects in the coming contra costa county haaziq madyun kron4news >> vicki:a man accused of torturing cats in san jose pleaded guilty to over 20 felony counts of animal cruelty this morning. twenty-four-year-old robert farmer was arrested on suspicion of abusing cats in san jose last year. police found farmer sleeping in a parked car on hillsdale avenue, close to where several cats had gone missing. police searched his car and found at least one dead cat. investigators determined that he was connected to other cat
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thefts in the area. today he plead guilty to 21 counts of animal cruelty and 1 count of battery. no sentencing date has been set yet. farmer could face up to 16 years and 4 months in prison. he is the son of a retired san jose police captain. so i would wait to write this one. because there should be an update sent down. but in the mean time you can pull file video. bcn16:datebook advisory--news briefing on sjpd staffing bcn16 -datebook advisory san jose police chief eddie garcia and mayor sam liccardo will hold a short news briefing on police department staffing this afternoon. the briefing will be held at 1 p.m. in the mayor's conference room
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about a >> reporter: charges that are against all these officers. to follow >>: we follow but i made a county district attorney's office and have severe concern about some of the charges. special >> reporter: as and if any police officers are presented many during the internal investigations into the sex scandal involving jazzmen and it says that keeping 78 was too hasty in the car and decisions.
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>>: so she's a victim. these officers should have never allowed her to a friend of them. the fact that officers had any sexual contact al with her surly means. . >> reporter: backlighted the fremont hall of justice and other police officer in a sex
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scandal oakland key leroy johnson knows supposed to be arraigned today his case has put been propped his charge of failure to report child abuse. >> grant: we're still awaiting word from the contra costa county district attorney about any potential charges. >> vicki:happening now. crews are working to repair a water main break in berkeley. that has closed the area to traffic. this is happening. at the intersection of university avenue and grant street. traffic is shut down completely in both directions on university avenue...between mcgee avenue and martin luther king jr. way. a witness called in the break just after noon today. the cause for the break is still unknown. no word yet when the streets
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will re-open to traffic. >> grant:investigator are still trying to figure out what caused a massive fire in a historic berkeley church on friday. in the meantime- they are estimating the structure sustained roughly 2 million dollars in damages. the fire destroyed a large section of the first congregationalist church at channing way. fire officials say the flames appear to have sparked near a brick chimney. however- the damage is so extensive, officals say they may never know what started it. they do not suspect foul play. the fire ultimately destroyed an entire multi-story brick office building attached to the church. part of the church's main sanctuary was also damaged. it took over a dozen fire trucks to put out the fire.
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>> vicki:the funeral for a 3 year old little girl who was shot to death in stockton was held yesterday. melanie martinez was riding in a car with her mother and grandmother when she was shot in the head. she later died at the hospital. officers say the gunshots were fired from a dark-colored sedan that was driving behind the family's car. police said melanie and her family were not the intended target. the stockton police department says there are no leads. no suspects. no information that has pointed them in the direction of an arrest. "turn yourself because what you did wasn't right. our little girl was innocent. turn yourself and if anyone out there knows anything please come forward." "i wouldn't want to go through what i'm going through. it just really hurts.'
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melanie's family is hoping the funeral service will prompt someone to come forward with information about who fired the gunshots. still ahead. the u-s bracing for hurricane matthew. as the category storm is now taking aim at the east coast. we are tracking the storm. after the break. and later. we are now less than an hour away from the first and only vice presidential debate of the election season. what we can expect from the candidates as they face off. next. a community in the south bay--- has gone without water for nearly two days. what the problem is. and how the community is reacting. in the south bay.
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frustration is mounting as a second night without water looms for the residents of a mobile home park in san jose. kron four's rob fladeboe is at the park right now with a live look at the problem and how residents are coping. rob? nats >> reporter: water to flush toilets here at eastridge estates is the swimming pool. but hauling bucket after bucket back to their homes is getting old fast say residents like phil tran. sot phil tran/eastridge estates resident
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tran and hundreds of his neighbors have been without water since early monday when a paving crew broke a large water main, shutting down taps. the leak has been fixed but now residents must wait for testing to be done, says the park's owners. sot voice of: mindy parish/hometown america nats the park is providing free water for drinking and cooking. porta potties were brought in but as they haul water from the pool, some residents must negotiate plywood walkways over the muddy mess that is restricting access to some homes as patience wears thin. sot kim nguyen/park resident firefighters are making more progress on the massive loma fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. some good news to report-- all evacuation orders have been lifted for santa clara county. the fire is now 92-percent contained. just over 44-hundred acres have burned since the fire broke out
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last monday. >> reporter: country looking for being able to take a shower the contract has made progress as he sought from the video was behind me this is completely underwater out to look that is gone they have drained and finally fixed the week of they are waiting and the in water tests at water will be turned on as soon as far morning and this without some ruffled feathers and told free food over here at the clubhouse. >> grant: firefighter making progress in that starting in the senate cruise on some good news report all evacuation orders
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have been lifted for saddam clara county. the 92 percent contained over 4,400 a. have burned since this started last monday in the fire has knocked over it " other buildings and secretary for supervisors to me to let the talk was declaring local emergency because the fire that would free up money to help fight southwestern tip of haiti today. catherine heenan is here with storm - including where u.s. residents are now bracing for the worst. >> catherine:people on the east coast are being warned there could be big trouble this weekend. this was the scene in miami today -- with long lines at gas stations, as people brace for what could be a direct hit toward the end of the week. matthew is one of the most powerful atlantic storms in a decade. in haiti, we still don't know the full extent of damage.because of damaged
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bridges, flooding and spotty communications. the death toll there could go higher. it's moving slowly - but the hurricane is edging closer to the u.s. florida's governor says the state could begin to feel the impact in two or three days. forecasters say it could hit florida toward the end of the week and push its way up the east coast over the weekend. several u-s airlines have waived fees because of matthew. american, delta, united and jet blue are adding some u-s destinations to the list. allowing customers to make a change
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without paying extra charges. in south carolina - the governor is planning to issue evacuation orders as early as tomorrow, unless there's a big shift in the storm's track. >> britteny: is a closer look moving nearby cuba pushing away from haiti and dominican republic we switched over shoddy the forecast path right now sustained wind speeds 140 m.p.h. category for this is how progressive model here storm as it continues to go right up next miami just outside of jacksonville unfortunately the carolinas are a hit with a hurricane this season at will continue to see the category to wednesday is at 100 m.p.h. pretty close to making landfall and will continue to update the track few days out from the weekend but that is the track right now. working its way of
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the eastern seaboard and 24 are temperature change that shows agrees fairfield in concord 5 in livermore of 17 degrees and said arouse the a little bit of a warming trend and then our current right now in the '60s for san francisco 65 and sam zell entablatures at 66 redwood city we are seen conditions in the '70s for clover dale 73 semolina satisfy knapp follows '70s and fairfield still dealing with a fairly mild day throughout the region in coming up with a closer look at how much warmer temperatures will get for that of the workweek. >> vicki: as your insulin pumps could be vulnerable to hacking. details ahead. and next.
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they're bringing crime, when mexthey're rapists.ople... are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. fleet week is officially underway in the bay area. we'll take a look at the events you can already check out as we get closer to the big blue angels show this weekend. >> stanley: >> vicki:fleet week is officially underway in the bay area. there are a lot of events planned this week. including
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ship tours of the u-s-s san diego, which docked yesterday in san francisco. this is video of the ship entering the bay, courtesy of our helicopter partnership with abc7 news. kron four's will tran was aboard the u-s-s san diego today. he shows us what we can expect. >> will: feel like a little kid right behind you talk to the captain in just a bit you can see inside sliver of the ship. all the heavy equipment and i feel it can because all this looks like atop a truck. there here additional u.s. military muscle and also its heart and for that capt. we talked about the heart of the military.
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>>: chicken to a lot of things but just in people getting to another ship. it will unload this and take all vehicles out seeking see it at another location at the presidio as being the uss san diego you have cut pay homage to the wonderful city but it does run burgundy lives on the uss san diego. >> vicki: marines and a few members of the blue angels flight team entertained sick kids at ucsf's children's hospital. >>:"c7, your turn, that's a hit" >> vicki:appropriately the servicemen and women played battleship with some the kids. there were also a few bouts of rock em sock em robots, remote
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controled racing, and some just were read to. the kids at this hospital are being treated for a variety different illnesses, including cancer. the manager of child life services at the hospital says it helps the patients take their minds off what's ailing them. "medical experience"
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those in uniform say their goal was to put some smiles on these kids' faces. if so, mission accomplished. we have a special section on our website with the full schedule of fleet week events. and you will find videos of our team flying with the blue angels. and don't forget. you can watch the blue angels live. right here on kron four. our special 'blue angels live' show runs from two to four p-m this coming saturday. still to come on kron four news at five. tensions are running high in the city of los angeles after two deadly officer-involved shootings over the weekend. after the break. police now releasing new video--- showing the final moments before one of those shootings occurred. and. tonight's vice presidential debate is expected to be a more subdued affair--- compared to last week's first showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump. what to expect from the v=p candidates--- coming up.
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>> grant:it is the only time that tim kaine and mike pence will share the debate stage. but tonight's vice presidential debate is expected to be a more subdued affair than last week's first showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump. karin caifa reports from longwood university in farmville, virginia, where the running mates are set to debate this evening. and kron four has you covered for the vice presidential debate.
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and the >> reporter: shadow of a history making showdown between hillary and donald trump. cnn morrissey the find out who, on top and 48% said mike pence. nearly a quarter said they didn't know enough to make that call will need to talk up a ticket given herring trumpet the near-term support it allowed him to legally avoid paying taxes for 18 years. but they will likely hit with the republican theme came and hillary both
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longtime politicians cannot bring real change. >> grant:we will stream the debate live--- which starts at six tonight. you can watch the live stream through the kron four mobile app or on our website. at kron-four- dot-com. the los angeles mayor says that a video showing an armed black man >> britteny: we always know when directions have shifted more of an offshore flow not really a strong marine layer beautiful conditions close to look airtime labs video from the feet sutra camera as their favorite show
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you a clear day and has to go into the rest of your work week. lots of sunshine also lots of celery are shot area of low pressure moving in parts of portland mostly it to the north of the region. ridge of high pressure. and as we go into the end of the workweek more portly . entablatures of the low 80's ladies for friday close to the bay low 70's and warmed the mid- 70s 80 degrees from the bay by friday they milacron the coast who receive the trees into the '70s.
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>> grant:moments before he was shot dead by police.has been released for 'transparency.' catherine heenan is here with the latest on the shooting of 18-year-old carnell snell. >> reporter: >> catherine:los angeles police have released surveillance video of the suspect.holding what appears to be a gun. this is just before saturday's shooting. the video doesn't show the actual shooting, which happened when police say carnell snell turned toward them twice - while holding a gun. officers say they initially fired three shots when the teenager turned toward them. then say snell climbed a fence and turned 'again' toward officers, who fired three more times. protestors aren't satisfied.saying the police could have given him more of a chance. a warning to patients who use a certain johnson and johnson insulin pump. you could be targeted by hackers!
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the company says its animas one-touch ping insulin pump has a bug that could be potential cybersecurity risk.
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hackers could hijack the device and force it to deliver unauthorized --and possibly lethal-- insulin doses. but the johnson and johnson says the probability of that happening is extremely low. and there have not been any reports of actual attempts to hack the device. more than 100-thousand patients use the animas insulin pump. still ahead. how the kardashian's making changes to their security. days after kim's paris attack. plus. google is getting serious about selling its own hardware gadgets. a look at some of the new products it unveiled today--- after the break. on wallstreet. stocks declined across a broad front today, led by sharp drops in utilities and phone companies. the dow fell 85 points. the nasdaq slipped 11 points. and. the s&p fell more than 10 points. google held a press event in san francisco today unveiling new gadgets. they prey on our children, spending billions. addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes,
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smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56.
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our tech reporter gabe slate was there and joins us now. gabe what grabbed your attention from the event today???? they showed off 5 new devices. >> gabe:they are serious about getting hard=ware out there that will work best with their software. what stole the show was the new pixel smart=phones and their new v=r headset "day dream" nats - first phone google assistant built in
5:39 pm
the pixel smartphone is made by google from the ground up it's their vision of an android phone. hardware to best suppport their software. it features their new a.i. google assistant front and center. you just say "ok google" and then ask for anything nats stage - google photos the pixel comes in a 5 inch model or a bigger 5.5 inch it felt good in the hand. light but sturdy it has an impressive 12.3 mega pixel camera with a useful video stabelization feature. to steady those action videos. nats stage - stand up - photo storage.
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the pixels hit the market october 20th, you can pre-order now, it costs $649 or $27 a month until it's paid off. it comes in black, silver and this unique shiny blue color and just in case you're wondering there is a headphone jack. stage - vr intro and google unveiled their version of a vr headset the day dream view. it will work with their pixel smartphone and other daydream ready phones coming to the market soon stand up - me with vr and something else that sets it apart. the day dream comes with a small handheld remote control nats stage --------- it's cheaper than other headsets out there right now. it will cost $79 it hits the market in november. google also gave us a preview of their new 'home' device which hits the market in december it's a facinating gadget with a lot of useful features i was surprised how well it worked. i'll show you that tonight on
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kron 4 news at 8. the warriors returning to oracle arena. for an exhibition game tonight. giving fans of preview of what's to come this season. after the break. kron four's mark carpenter will join us live with a look at tonight's matchup. and. ben stiller's health scare. the famous actor talking about his fight against cancer. with such an eventful summer, it seems like there was no offseason for the warriors. and dubs basketball has already returned to oracle arena. the regular season starts in exactly three weeks, but fans can get an early look at golden state's super tonight's exhibition matchup against the clippers. mark carpenter is live courtside.with a pregame report. mark? >> reporter:anything warriors
5:46 pm
related is always a big event.even preseason games. and the reason why you can expect to see a lot of fans here tonight, everyone wants to get a look at kevin durant. with the crowd read above the tunnel swarms of people waiting to see autographed and waiting to catch no. 35 kevin site will be his first time playing in from a home crowd at the golden state uniform. and exactly three months ago today and coming to the warriors.
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there's so much anticipation and >> britteny: lot of favorite events. it was amazing there was such a cool experience yet such a great respect for all the pilots the strength it takes even just keep your consciousness of a high-pressure
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returning so that means lots of sunshine for us warm weather even run along the coast maria and we will see temperatures pushing in the '70s on saturday by sunday a bit cooler. and a closer look at will get. it clear foresight and then heading into tomorrow warm sunny as a cushion the weekend even warmer and right now 72 and at us 70 vallejo 69 in oakland 06 seasons have francisco temperatures and center fell 65 and 74 degrees in santa rosa. temperatures up this time yesterday at 17 degrees in santa rosa and then eight degrees in concord and then nine in napa. when speed is right now is seen at 20 m.p.h.. this
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creates a high ridge of high pressure. >> britteny: silicic the feature cast not bring us any rainfall to the north as we continued to see check the east. and then into the star of the weekend it tomorrow lots of sunshine and 9:00 a.m.. 54 and then back in the '70s for inland locations by the afternoon and close to the coast of '60s highs from the region tomorrow 68 san francisco 70 in mat san mateo and then at the airport 71 and canfield 78 degrees and closer to antioch temperatures as 7778 livermore. an embassy
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temperatures read on for union city. a comfortable day closer look at what you expect from your 70 forecast of temperatures we keep calling until the end of your work week and we will lend the warming trend as we push into the weekend. a nice comfortable condition expected from our inland locations and to the coast. pestilential library here on kron 4 are special glues angels shoat from to before. this saturday
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please. register and vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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excitement with this group, but years ago. stiller's doctor suspected the cancer after stiller's levels were on the rise leading to a cancerhe later had surgery to remove his prostate and says he's currently in the clear. with saving his life, and is encouraging other men to getjust two days after kim kardashian's frightening paris attack. the reality family is not leaving anything to chance. most notably. the protection they employ. the insider's louis aguirre is in hollywood with more on this story. we're tracking the family's new reality as we go inside the kardashian's massive ring of security. new video shooting today combined with photo of people outside apartment vo#1 a supersized sea of security
5:57 pm
outside kim and kanye's new york rental today. as alarming new details emerge of just how terrifying the situation was for kim in paris. music hit vo#2 reportadely kim feared she was going to raped as she was awoken in the middle of the night. the gunman's target was not her body, but her 11 million dollars worth of jewels vo#2alternate a source tells us kim feared she was going to raped as she was awoken in the middle of the night. the gunman's target was not her body, but her 11 million dollars worth of jewels vo#3 now, as the family picks up the pieces from such a traumatic event, going forward they'll leave nothing to chance. :07 kourtney hows kim is she traumatized? security: go faster at lax, kourtney's men in black team surrounded her return from paris, safely paving her way through the paparazzi and into her car khloe have to talked to kim? have you talked to kim is she alright vo#5 meanwhile, it was a more understated scene for khloe, as just one man stood by until her car left the parking lot of the stuido which produces their apps. intv_in security expert_100416 11:18;30 although you can insure jewelry / there is really no insurance on your life and that really is the priority / 11:13:10 my advice for a high profile client like kim kardashian with social media is for / everything that she posts should be cleared by her security consultant / 11;15:05 real time check in is something we advise our clients against
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kron4's haaziq madyun spoke to the lead investigator about a possible connection to these robbery suspects and a recent shooting in orinda multiple suspects in custody
6:01 pm
"6 people taken off the streets that were involved in home invasion robberies" one high profile case remains unsolved are you looking for more suspects or are you trying to tie these 6 to other crimes? "both" contra costa county deputy d.a. barry grove says one of those other crimes occurred last week when orinda union school board member carol brown and her husband were victims of a shooting a robbery outside of their orinda home "this is part of a long investigation and that investigation includes a series of robberies here in the east bay, we have not finished with that investigation" officials at the contra costa county d.a.'s office say 6 adult male suspects were arrested in connection to home
6:02 pm
invasion robberies in fremont, livermore and a car jacking here in danville "i've lived in the area for 20- years and it's totally unusual, so i think that puts us all at peace now" law enforcement agencies here in contra costa county are working with the f.b.i.'s safe streets task force targeting residential robbery suspects in the east bay "and hopefully we will solve more cases in the next week or so" in contra costa county haaziq madyun kron4news heightened security at several schools after a social media threat involving a clown. just recently - there has been other threats. at other school districts nationwide. also involving clowns. this most recent local threat mentioned two schools - grange middle school and fairfield high school both located in fairfield. the threat indicated something would happen today - and then another threat for tomorrow. school officials say, they are working with the police department. a spokesperson with the department says, it appears the
6:03 pm
threats are not credible. and they believe it is possible the person responsible is local. this whole 'creepy clown' phenomenon seems to be taking off nationwide. with more reports than ever. catherine heenan is here with other recent examples of an annoying and potentially dangerous fad. it's both clown sightings -- 'and' threats on social media. >> catherine:this is a school in wichita kansas, where students have been getting worked up
6:04 pm
over creepy the point where police have been called in. but it's happening in at least a dozen states. sometimes there are social media threats - telling kids not to come to school in other places, including canada - people dressed as clowns are frightening drivers at night by stepping out in the middle of the road. in wichita, police tracked down and arrested a 14-year-old boy - but often, the trouble-makers are getting away. just today - school authorities in connecticut announced that they're
6:05 pm
banning what they call any "symbols of terror." some high schools around washington, d.c. are increasing security after creepy clown threats. and a school in maryland even closed today because of threats made on social media. police say they're worried that someone strange enough to get into the whole threatening clown scenario might also be strange enough to do actual harm. steve and pam? >> steve:an arrest tonight in one of the five killings we told you about over the weekend in san francisco. police say 59-year-old eugene bell is behinds bars for stabbing a woman to death in pacific heights. the victim is identified as 63- year-old donna montilliano. she was found lying on a sidewalk on california street. between divisadero and fillmore. it is not clear what connection the suspect has to the victim. a man accused of torturing cats in san jose. pleaded guilty to over 20- felony counts of animal cruelty this morning.
6:06 pm
twenty- four- year- old robert farmer was arrested on suspicion of abusing cats in san jose last year. police found farmer sleeping in a parked car on hillsdale avenue, close to where several cats had gone missing. police searched his car. and found at least one dead cat. investigators determined that he was connected to other cat thefts in the area. today, he pleaded guilty to 21 - counts of animal cruelty and 1- count of battery. no sentencing date has been set yet. farmer could face up to 16- years and 4- months in prison. he is the son of a retired san jose police captain. >> steve:we're learning more about a fatal officer involved shooting in los angeles. police released surveillance video of carnell snell holding what appears to be a gun just before the shooting. snell was shot after running away from a car that lapd officers pulled over because it had paper license plates. officers believed the vehicle was stolen. the police chief said officers fired three shots when snell turned toward them with the gun. snell died from his injuries. the shooting sparked protests over the use of force by police against african-americans.
6:07 pm
a former livermore police officer pleaded not guilty through his attorney today for his alleged role in the sex scandal involving jasmine abuslin. black has been charged with lewd conduct, engaging in prostitution and furnishing alcohol to a minor. the arraignment of a former oakland police sergeant on charges of failure to report child abuse has been pushed off to later this month. during today's hearing a well known bay area criminal defense attorney weighed in on the charges kron 4's dan kerman is live at the fremont hall of justice with that part of the story. dan. so here is where things are right now. with the police sex scandal. >> reporter:a total of five officers are facing charges. >> reporter: were representing police officers up and down the area he says that he thinks that the district attorney's office did for a drop in filings charges not looking carefully at what should of been filed and following the calls for charges of any kind. all well-
6:08 pm
intentioned many charges filed in the jazzmen sex scandal are way off base. and those who specializes in defending police officers representing many of the officers internal investigation into the sex scandal collude conduct charges oren and overreach and should be dismissed. officers from all of
6:09 pm
it and the commerce cassation when it no longer became innocent conversation. the officers who did it have sexual contact fell below the high standard society holds them to. atmosphere that he she has been victimized. the stores in
6:10 pm
richmond please support and is concerned as not believe any criminal charges would be coming against any of those officers. miss awaiting word from a good distance attorney about any possible charges coming out of that office.
6:11 pm
>> grant: there are numerous reports of house is just the wind out thousand of people chose to ride out the store there is. the blame for nine across the caribbean and in as a going up. tracks in north florida and code to get this thursday. "we are preparing for the worst but hoping for the best, and >> grant:some people are
6:12 pm
definitely stations in the miami area today. similar reports came in from south carolina of long lines at south carolina is preparing to evacuate one million people from the coast if the hurricane matthew's path does not change by tomorrow. steve and pam. r >> britteny: and the rest of year we beat see things warm back up and collect the data before is on forecast showing a situation happening with the hurricane. a closer look you can make out the i'll write their moving into the eastern part of cuba that region could see it the 40 in. of rainfall. really powerful storm category for
6:13 pm
right now with wednesday it sustained a 140 m.p.h. to the north at 9 mi. per hour here is the track as ago and the next couple days this will be the concern next up miami by friday 2:00 p.m. eastern and then we see it just as a category three walt lot make landfall but close enough to cause rainfall also pick up storm surge also very deadly when it comes flooding and we see this go to the northeast it will be closer to the carolinas as the go into saturday. we keep monitoring this hurricane, i its path as we get closer to the end of the workweek. and we warmed up their most area between 115 degrees and x three hours we see cooler temperatures near inland locations 60 same thing for the bay close the '50s and we are tracking warming trend in the rest await details coming
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
6:16 pm
6:17 pm
>> catherine:not have the drama and ratings of last week's face- off between clinton and trump. but it's coming at a critical time. donald trump is reeling from a disastrous week. a new poll shows hillary clinton extending her lead in pennsylvania. some say republican pence will have the bigger burden tonight --- he knows the trump campaign needs a re-set. he'll have what some call a lot of 'trump-
6:18 pm
explaining' to do. democrat tim kaine is reportedly ready to try to make pence 'own' donald trump's words. and make it clear whether he agrees with some of the things he's been saying. and you know one of the topics that's bound to come up --- is tax returns. even though they won't be onstage.clinton and trump will still be the center of attention tonight. they both referred to tonight's debate while on the campaign trail today. we have continuing coverage of the vice presidential debate. you can find it on our live stream. you can get to it through the kron 4 website or the mobile. it is on the "second stream." you can also catch some of the highlights and a breakdown of who won by watching kron 4 news at 8 and 10. * * *
6:19 pm
funded out our live streaming get to get to the kron 4 website publication on the second stream a week and kept highlights analysis by watching news at 8 and 10. coping with a second day without water.
6:20 pm
* * kron four's rob fladeboe explains what happened and what's being done about it. a new and increasingly important part of san francisco fleetweek events took place today a the marines memorial where vendors, veterans and those still in the service came together for an employment seminar and career expo. recruiters from pg&e, ten-x, recruit military, sales force and the city of san francisco just few of those gathering to share ideas and make connections to the civilian workforce. san francisco is fast becoming >> pam: now the water line what's next. once the water is
6:21 pm
turned back on it will take some time to flush out the pipes and clean up the streets here again managers sang likely will not happen before some time on wednesday. and kron 4 is a proud sponsor. >> steve: we have a special section on our website with the full schedule of fleetweek events.
6:22 pm
>> britteny: warm things up even more same thing into tomorrow and not conditioned the 71 fairfield 70 conquered 57 livermore and 56 k words 60 degrees currently in oakland 63 and center fell and up 13
6:23 pm
degrees and center rows of 13 about 1 degrees different cisco 7 in fairfield when speed is pretty windy sustained at 26 m.p.h. san francisco 69 but and then 16 livermore 18 in san jose. another windy night expected and the reason we warm- up is an area of low pressure mainly passing to the north and also to the east. this is what looks like a the future cass and to 16 thursday behind it yet to see a ridge of high pressure rebuilding and that's what's going to give us the warmer temperatures in to the end of your work week. also giving us more favorable conditions sunshine not as much fought for us as we go into friday. for tomorrow lots of sunshine expected mid-50s to serve the cause 59 for the day 54 foreign locations. >> britteny: son 70 will be of
6:24 pm
high and tomorrow. and closer to the basics 977 callous toga 78 degrees pittsburgh 70 concord and temperatures 80 degrees fairfield 75 center mantaro and then 70 livermore and temperatures close to the south bay's on 73 degrees in san jose. not a bad forecast as we go on we have another close relative your fleet forecast coming up at our next segment.
6:25 pm
6:27 pm
6:28 pm
you will find videos of our team flying with the blue angels. and don't forget. you can watch the blue angels live. right here a pair of shoes laced. use of a the spot echoing.
6:29 pm
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6:31 pm
6:32 pm
kron 4's jeff pierce tracked her similar self threat was made other schools and other states and last month. and >> reporter: we are johnson suppose the cranes. in his cases put off until later this month in the meantime livermore police officer dan pled not guilty through his attorney to charges of lewd conduct furnishing alcohol to minors as well as and gauging and prostitution.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: >> gabe: it can free order these now we they hit the market october 20th if prices start at under $49. they dream of you a 30 percent lighter than other vr headset. search for the ring's
6:34 pm
rightfulmy name is laura bramble and this is my kron four story. laura's story begins with posts creek. i was walking last saturday from kicked something and heard a metal clinking. then realized when i looked back that it was bigger and more significant and it was this ring. so i picked it up and to me it looked like something important and valuable. to me this is a ring that's a sign of love and promise and togetherness and it seems that someone's probably missing it. so laura posted signs near the
6:35 pm
spot of her discovery and while no one has made claim for the missing ring she hopes the effort will transcend finding a lost rings owner. why do a story about a lost ring, with all the wackiness that is going on in the world if something like this makes somebody else think about what sort of good deed they could do, whether it's buying a an extra can of soup and throwing it in the bin at the grocery store. passersbys seem to acknowledge laura's sentiment. i think it's great it's good luck for the person that found it for that person who lost it. perhaps it is all a matter of spreading good karma. starting a trend of positivity instead of what has recently been all over the news. i'd be happy that way. in walnut creek jeff pierce kron four news. do you have a my kron story? you can share it with us by going to kron dot com. then scroll down. and click on the "my kron story" to submit it. >> britteny: the sunshine and another thing to keep a close eye on the fog. you'll be okay
6:36 pm
in to the fleet week. airshow we keep you updated 71 in the fairfield. 67 livermore and temperatures 71 degrees in the high from the region tomorrow and the high seventies and rose up. 78 high tomorrow and fairfield for inland locations and stay there friday and then a saturday even more and two sunday close to the bay '80s by saturday and then a little cooler by sunday 72 on saturday 64 degrees and cooler by a coast
6:37 pm
marine agreed on sunday. >> pam: account. the government probably knows what is in your inbox. reuters reports, the sunnyvale company agreed to allow the f-b- i or national security agency. to screen all emails for a certain word or phrase. the request came back in 2015, we have heard of stored messages being searched or a limited number of accounts being checked. this would be the first time surveillance was used on all incoming messages. when asked about the report. yahoo responded, it is a law- abiding company.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
>> pam: moments of georgia father discovered his son dead and said suvs the-camera video crying crying and screaming in the bizarre behavior and also captured. >> pam: 89 pairs of that the
6:41 pm
future sneakers. the special- edition nike mags are replicas of the self-lacing sneakers worn by marty mc-fly in the iconic "back to the future" movie. tickets for the online lottery are 10-dollars. the lottery closes on october 11th and winners will be notified about a week later. ticket sales for the kicks will be donated to the michael j. fox foundation. the non-profit is working to find a cure for parkinson's disease. actor michael j. fox, who played mc-fly, suffers from parkinson's.
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>> gary:
6:47 pm
6:48 pm
>>: i want a little bit more instant and defensively is. but
6:49 pm
talking about more of communication. and i have to be better and learning the got a call in the game. all i'll take some time on a lot of things to happen i have to be patient and keep on learning everything. another >> reporter: person getting nice reception a former war warrior out right now with his new team might be ready mission settlement preseason game does not feel like it a national the season is played out. paul mayor passed away at
6:50 pm
age of 87. receive virtually every national award and won five majors. it was more about what type of person he was. and about winning a tournament.
6:51 pm
>> gary: 80 to a fine pianist all the talk to my grandson for a few minutes. >> steve: what the electronics stores accused of selling the customer is guy cossack company millions of dollars.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
>> pam: federal lot says that they can also recall goods sold 600 more than 400 cameras in addition to find a longtime star agreed to maintain compliance program.
6:56 pm
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. "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> do you have any comments on what happened to kim? kourtney, how is kim doing? >> number one, the entire kardashian clan steps up their security. >> kim kardashian or anyone traveling with that amount of worth should never have been left alone. >> why kim needs to hide her millions of dollars in jewelry. >> then inside ben stiller's cancer scare. >> i had prostate cancer a couple of years ago. >> his alarming story and the medical test that saved his life. >> and number three, "dancing" goes for gold with the season's first perfect score. >> this year is something that i'm never going to forget. >> as the stars show me their signature dance moves. >> sha-na-na-na-na. >> plus, your "insider" bonus, wilmer valderama gets tough on "ncis" but his real fight is on "lip sync battle." >> you got your butt kicked by
7:00 pm
gina rodriguez. >> did i, though? >> the trash talk gets nasty. will there be a rematch? >> wilmer's impression of me? >> yes, independent woman, hear me roar! now "the insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> the kardashians not leaving anything to chance after kim's frightening paris attack. we are tracking the family's new reality at number one as we go inside the kardashian's massive ring of security. >> reporter: a supersized sea of security outside kim and kanye's new york rental today as alarming new details emerge of just how terrifying the situation was for kim in paris. kim feared she was going to be raped as she was awoken in the middle of the night. the gunman's target was not her body but her $11 million worth of jewels. now as the family picks up the pieces from such a traumatic event, going forward they will leave nothing to chance. >> kourtney, how is the fam


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