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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 5, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. technical difficulties.
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technical diff -difficulties
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>>james: they're fighting for
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funding as they struggle to bridge the rising cost operates its called friends of the alameda animal shelter in 2011 the show to entered the city to live animal services for $300,000 per year shelter supporters hope those getting in a new agreement the mayor and has said that the city has been working behind the scene to reach an agreement with the organization had indicias optimistic
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>>: they're following nearby office space for rent the jewish community might be able to offer a space for christian congregation to worship because the synagogue will be available on sunday morning
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>>terisa estacio: taking a high- quality providers is high- quality vitamin it is also on his last hand washing is vital
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another famous art comes from south africa be careful and listen and fifth for the bottom
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line to season is here but with a plan in place you may be able to prevent it or at least suffer a lot less >>james: that the against the los angeles clippers draymond green scored a 0.9 rebounds
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leading with 30 points come from downtown golden state dispatches 120 with 75 but take a quick break coming up shocking video of an officer involved shooting in los angeles the reason police said they fire their weapons police in paris president obama host to storm southwest south was festival of that and more in a hollywood today live.
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>>james: paris authorities that her jury highest was an inside job search cahill. >>reporter: as we know all she was what the gunpoint and her hotel room and it took you $10 million in jewelry that predicted to be on the black market within days and they believe they were tipped off by her bodyguards would be there at the time we decided she was
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recently hospitalized she's doing well and how to get back to rehearsing for her get was so last year president obama would to the southwest of was festival and loved it so much.\/ >>james: you can catch a every weekend is all but 1:00 for law and order the life of the death penalty will be decided by voters next month would of former different and it has to say about that form of
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>>james: the stress of american students in schools here been identified and antioch (fairfield, pages have appeared and twitter but there has not been reports of actual violence or tax just brought so far more than 1 million people from florida to the curb line of the and sandbags and stockpiling supplies and the birds themselves for hurricane left
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you category 3 storm is expected to strengthen the storm has been blamed for a least nine deaths in the caribbean she and her husband are not adding undercover bodyguards to the security detail the have gone dark also should reassess the attack some speculation the proposed also shall media might have helped of tartar. >>reporter: a nice shot of the
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bed where pretty much of '50s territory 43 for napa 47 fairfield outlining areas with the clear skies and-the winds along tim just to fall a little bit of an uptick will happen this afternoon at a little bit of a chill factor you see along the coast a little better and starts to spread to the north paint you will notice those inland valleys just a little bit into the afternoon candidate most this unequal in the morning and afternoon sunny and mild evening sun and adding that breeze for the next eight hours 50 1:00 a.m. 68 will be revisiting the seventh is for most of the areas in my pocket to some of the lower 80s 71 for all concerned was a 74 sunny off with a little bit of a breezy afternoon
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>>robin winston: a quick nine minutes from the foot of the maze of to fremont street here is the connection the san mateo branch was about 92 of good ride for a 80 a good ride on the peninsula know the problems here and the connection only 12 minutes from hayward over to san mateo it looks good so far from the caldecott the mccarter the nimitz and the inshore 680 looks great come out of dublin into fremont no big problems or major trouble spots 101280 and the guadalupe parkway he puts his
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weapon in his waistband again we're watching the video play out he runs away from the camera. >>james: once he took the gun out and turned toward them also were pursuing him after he jumped on of the suspected stolen car with paper license plates they're not invested in the shooting no one has been charged yet the reviews are still coming in the minute are wondering if last as the base will have any major impact nasa correspondent is at the debate site with a look at last night's a major moment we saw the
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democratic nomination and openly attacked donald trump like in previous, immigration his comments was back to attack on a dog from trying to sell the idea as to restore americans' safety >>: holding one rally here before heading up north is easier to try to beat him to an
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one of the biggest we have and the 2016 race he called san quentin state prison home after four trials 11 years in prison three of them on death row his recovery conviction overturned and he was a free man but he came close to losing his life and does not one another innocent person to have the state come that close to putting them to death as well that is why he is urging them to vote yes on proposition 62 which would repeal california death penalty and should he pass the
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yes on 62 campuses the sentences would be commuted to life without the possibility of parole right now the state that can see is at a standstill a total of 746 inmates sit on death row of the state has not executed a convict more than 10 years he was eventually exonerated after being wrongfully convicted in a drive- by shooting case out of oklahoma along with proposition 62 he's bringing attention to proposition 66. >>: it would speed up the process shortened the time legal challenges to death sentences take to a maximum of five years
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it took more than 11 years with the conviction to be overturned over long-term they say the initiative would save taxpayers tens of millions of dollars and provide closure to victims' families appoint is voters passed proposition 62 and put an end to the death penalty in was the independent legislative office says will save taxpayers about $150 million a year >>james: a man posing as a doctor soliciting women the promise he was giving those
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women and where he pretended to treat them
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>>stanley roberts: this makes no sense some of the best and
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ignoring the area like this lady on her cell phone and was
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curious if they knew the meaning of the transatlantic my advice try not to behave badly
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>>james: the one on the vice
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president to debate is now in the books and according to the paul republican candidate came out and had a democratic candidate he says voters favored him 40 percent to his 42 the next president to debate will be this coming sunday steph curry had 14 points office on 15% in klay thompson was on fire last night as well they will be taken on the mets and the when i go home game that will be in your for the lost the contest will be the eighth
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>>reporter: the to: check out the temperatures right now standing at 53 haywood 53 richmond 54 woman of a little
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bit more so 73 for sunnyvale san francisco looking at 66 with the mission district stinson beach 6478 for petaluma woman of a little bit more so a little bit of a more polished the warmup on sunday before backtracking its
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offer seven its territory >>robin winston: lanston tenements from that connection alive but a 580 traffic while westbound so far as a nice role and to the north than no major problems out there is picking up a little bit of a westbound 2413 minutes along the creek as oakland.
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>>james: a man is pleading no contest to two felony counts after police say he posed as a fake dr. according to prosecutors he sent them to the hospital and red was sitting and led his victims into utility room of the parking garages for physical exam he is set to return to court for sentencing in december
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>>gabe slate: with the assistance software built and is in on the call voice activated search standing by ready to answer your questions it connects to your other
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gadgets so you can add an item to your calendar the was shocked to your farm or add to the list that will work with the crown cash streaming media player so with your voice you can order of bills onto your living room tv in his the market in november and cost $129 they unveiled the pixel on the smart phone and a new of the our had said call a day dream view for a closer look at these devices also is moving
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for over those credit card chip readers a judge llama small businesses to sue major credit- card companies for forcing them to use them the machines are expensive and they don't fully protect them they accuse credit card companies of penalizing them if they do not upgrade if you've ever wanted to dress like mr. mac's slide now was the chance.
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>>james: 19 and raffling off 89 pairs of the back to the future schuss the shoes of replicas of the selfless and once one by him and the moving, and of an arsonist is on the loose in the
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east bay you not believe how many fires this person is responsible for halloween is ride around the corner and sex offenders will no longer have to post do not disturb signs
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: the have the background temperatures a little bit on the course five this morning we have some for the agency in the valleys fairfield 47 and even a little more 49 everyone else is pretty much into lower to middle fifties the contrast have a dozen degrees behind this morning and we were from yesterday it consisted 68 by high noon about 74 and lin 71 covering much of the bay.
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>>robin winston: the 5:00 drive into san francisco looks good to start off the our it's nice and smooth through the toll plaza would have another 30 minutes to get into san francisco to 37 was no. 4 to one lane still block you can see by the road since is causing a little bit of the back of the drive time not that under 10 minutes out 2101 a complete traffic check coming up in just a few minutes.
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>>james: this is video and latest video showing you what they're dealing with and is a lot of flooding as iraqis swept through the air yesterday in again the wind from hundred 25 mi. from our category three hurricane you concede the hurricane warning for the entire bahamas a mix of watches and warnings for the coastline of florida we could be looking at
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the possibility of this hurricane making landfall as a category for has not been since hurricane charley is coming through in making a direct hit that would take a different track going into the gulf across florida this time is making a beeline from the bahamas straight to the coastline and puts it right up against the georgia and south carolina coast this will be going into saturday and will continue on right there into sunday.
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>>darya: they're still putting off the alerts to parents clown pages have appeared on social media in one account warned of danger telling students to wear blue with the one to stay safe there will be extra police on hands on the schools this morning the oakland unified school district police chief said there are more than 100 officers at the school in the open district.
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>>reporter: during the opening minutes remained on the officer interrupted his opponent there is a reason why people question the trustworthiness of hillary clinton a new cnn poll taken in
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just after the debates this from the republican one compared to 42% the search is on for arsonists in the east today fremont police and firefighters a look of a person was possible for 715 small fires in the city most of the fires are being said in a garbage cans and small
5:07 am
bushes or trees and almost all the fires have been set on the weekend. >>mark: he turned themselves in at the santa rita jail yesterday evening the attorney said he pleaded not guilty he's charged with lewd conduct prostitution in giving alcohol to minors is one of five officers facing charges in the sex scandal and is for the mirror already been arranged
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>>will tran: i wish it was a serious if they win tonight there will be right back here against the chicago cubs on monday they are in new york city's first pitch about 12 hours he faces no san licardo was regarded as one of the best he beat the giants back and all this we are his kryptonite with
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the giants win thin yes i do believe in the even year. if they win they will be back home on monday to face the chicago cubs in game 3.
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>>mark: we will be right back
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>>reporter: afternoon sunny and mild in the evening sunning will throw in good measure for the
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next eight hours to plan on 65 going on by 9:00 a.m. with most bay area readings the upper 60s to around seven this territory
5:16 am
or 60s three days this is the one we're talking about it looks as though another what is happening for into the weekend we have the extended forecast coming up >>robin winston: still moving fairly well 13 minutes out highway 101 a little the slow
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traffic right there in san leandro under the drive times like with a system like construction >>mark: he was ordered to post a warning that he does not participate also says that violate the process' and free- speech rights and to make him a target the signs will never a
5:18 am
statewide policy would agree there would not require them they're connected to the crimes of happened and livermore in fremont as well as a carjacking and then they'll they're trying to figure out whether they are connected to last week's shooting and robbery outside of a home the d.a.'s office is expected to release more information on the rest of the next few days
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>>reporter: they met with the team into the test flight the team announcer walk to the objection procedure justin's case which involves releasing the canopy after a few passes
5:20 am
for trailing smoke they're brave enough to lead to take control for landing
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>>mark: it didn't take long for him to make his presence known
5:22 am
is taken moments before an officer involved shooting later questions this morning about the clinton foundation the financial information that is missing.
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>>reporter: not much in the way of when to dry area amid for urgent seen 49 going on for livermore this a little bit behind where we were this time the incident >>robin winston: it's the start of the heavier volume of traffic
5:31 am
rolling into san francisco to get from the maze out to fremont street that is a great drive times the east bay of the crowd on south 680 dublin to fremont will be 19 minutes a second look at this and retail and richmond san rafael bridge coming up in just a few minutes >>mark: school districts and florida are ready cancelling class's as this very dangerous hurricane gets closer to is
5:32 am
going to continue hammering on the west of that part of the world and immensely moving his way into florida that makes it a category 3 hurricane in an almost category for once the wednesday of one of the 5 mi. per hour that's when it becomes a category 4 hurricane and the sled that is going to happen category three with a lot of hurricane warnings looking impossibly ron west palm beach this is the uncertainty could see if it follows along the inside of this >>james: we could be looking at some really devastating conditions with already heard of the bears' starting evacuation's mandatory and we have south carolina contemplating
5:33 am
evacuation's there as well we're tracking the system for the rest of this weekend you can see. >>mark: they're looking to buy and the threats posed on social media and schools and antioch opened in fairfield >>reporter: the latest in a string of threat schools all over the country to try to figure out how to deal with these creepy crown prince and fairfield is just one of the
5:34 am
school that have been targeted here in the east but we have pictures of what they need look quite that simple the come over social media and the pick people dressed as clowns talking about committing acts of violence many of them have gone from social media not many schools are wary about copycats the have been considered host was for this to sell their remaining vigilant michael said many school officials are remaining vigilant because of these perhaps the school district is taking action the put extra patrols in school to have the sea their
5:35 am
threats we will be here in fairfield brought the morning and updates los angeles police department releasing video taken moments before the law officer involved shooting from a surveillance camera and a business near the scene of the shooting because of the 18 year- old running away from office as the south lost angeles you could clearly see he's holding a gun to put the gun in his waistband before running away from the camera the 33 year-old of pleaded no contest to charges
5:36 am
this week he used crags list to target women for fake modeling jobs when the woman will respond to the at he would tell them they need medical screening before he could hire them >>darya: he led them into a utility room and attempt to sexually assault the he is due back in court for sentencing on december 2nd he faces three years since the present one lane of university avenue is back open this morning after a water main broke traffic will shut down in both directions and university avenue for several hours and one lane has been reopened today after the
5:37 am
foundation will send a letter preventing it from soliciting funds in new york thefts >>mark: foundation may not have found certain financial information as required by the new york state charity bureau consolidated report filed from 2012 to 2014 and not having cloud of financial information state water officials consumer decide to bring back mandatory water restrictions will tell you
5:38 am
what you need to know in a few minutes
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>>robin winston: 22 minutes from hillcrest out to 242 >>darya: and plan stops to the
5:41 am
money at a team might be blowing your budget the average fee for using an out-of-court network in team is now for 57 financial analysts suggest using the bank application to find their buying instead definitely if you're going to pay it takes out more money they will have to pay nearly $4 million for selling recall products they sold a total of about 600 recall items during that time >>reporter: him a couple of
5:42 am
lower '80s the force on forecast but the morning news will continue.
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>>robin winston: it stretches almost to the foot of the maze is not quite there and giving it
5:46 am
another five to 10 minutes back to and through the maze a chance to get in without any major problems box of slowing and congestion it will get better on the 12 minutes from downtown oakland out to fremont street >>robin winston: heading to the peninsula so far as one to second 17 minutes from 880 out 2101 it will not stay that way leave now that is no. 101
5:47 am
heading into san jose the slow start to 680 and picks up at 880 the rest of the trip through downtown to santa clara some of the amounts of you that is on to define. >>reporter: complement's also on this clear skies temperatures now mostly fifties on the board but we have some middle '40's in contrast to this time yesterday some ratings are close to half a dozen degrees behind this morning we were yesterday very much so 11 degrees behind we were from this time yesterday a
5:48 am
school for six to nine a saw richmond to 74 covering fremont over the east bay hills will have readings anywhere from upper seventies to someplace is scratching 79 for antioch and 78 you can see down to the livermore valley >>reporter: for downtown san francisco with all a little bit of an afternoon breeze not deal with much of the way of the fall low seventies and the bay shoreline meanwhile the coast lower to upper 60s like they listed the shift is a warming trend all the way through the weekend will get to upper 80s to near 90 tear soaring should.
5:49 am
>>mark: they're considered among america's most endangered historic places according to a new list from the national trust the four sentences was to the sea wall underneath the embarcadero could lose several figuring of moderate to large earthquake fixing the sea wall the tech up to 10 years and cost as much as $5 billion being listed but unless the trust of hubble's political support shut a lot of money per for reservation for this >>darya: the state water resources control board released aug. water conservation we had near average rain and so far it was not enough to in the long drought in january regulators of going to continue to bring you back to manage for water
5:50 am
restrictions fit the edge of the 60 year of the drop. >>mark: the california officer emergency services announcing yesterday that the risk of and her quick and then there was a greater risk over a cliff after several small joke to awarded under the solvency not far from the san andreas fault she. >>gabe slate: it very small very slick but very powerful it is a stand-alone low powered device is a wireless speaker with voice recognition with the assistance
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of were built in and it is in on call voice activated search standing by ready to answer your questions she was a nearby camping stores the home to boston next year and other gadgets to you can add items your calendar that will show all your phone or at to the list.
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>>gabe slate: there will work with the crown cash stream media player with your voice you could order videos on to your living room tv in his the market in november cause $129 they unveiled the smart phone to take on the seventh in a new head said called the dream for a closer look that these devices look for the pays on the web site.
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>>darya: coming up watching bay
5:56 am
area whether taken a live look on the embarcadero police are investigating a series of fires and one city where they believe an arsonist is behind the fire police said and her social media polls could be partly to blame for being robbed the gunpoint.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: has run into the weekend a nice chris starr for you the observatory and here's a chris summarizes you can seem as far as the temperatures go. >>reporter: that contrast to some cases about half a dozen degrees behind where we were this time yesterday not much in
6:01 am
the way it wins the ready for school forecast calls for 68 afternoon pickup temperatures at about 74 not too long ago we talked about how warm it will be we will be having the extended forecast damage a hot spots ride down the commute traffic picking up and filmed in a number of spots like the bay bridge ride into san francisco is spilling over to 580 western 80 west is under 15 minutes from the foot of the maze of a fremont street. >>robin winston: maybe you are nimitz freeway commuters and getting crowded heading south of san leandro from 238 to 92 know the problems after that the rest of the trip fremont union city looks great the drive time is 28 minutes from 238 out to 37 is
6:02 am
also during a number on the bahamas right now this is some of the latest video look at the damage done proposal down a lot of cases road washed out mudslides to the category 3 hurricane with winds and around hundred and 25 mi. our they manage to avoid a series of storms for the last 11 years they say they do need to take it seriously and to order the stock piling up on supplies right now
6:03 am
video idled popper of each. >>james: their pilot water batterer's food getting ready for this storm they do not know how long they will be without power no refrigeration they're taking whatever precautions they can take a look where track in the radar in their you see the storm system at the moment getting ready to get this way on the to the bahamas just north of cuba the warm water is expected to invigorate and reenergize the storm system to does not have to move too far to the left as you can see for to make landfall this will be a big war for the state of florida and most of the georgia coast line to south
6:04 am
carolina that determining whether they can implement any accusations. >>james: this is a storm system as one to be impacting us in the bahamas thursday a florida friday the carolina saturday and sunday. will be checking it for the next five days. >>darya: the creepy, threat has made his way to the bay area that looking into violent threats posting on social medium we all live in fairfield high school was one of the schools the was threatened this is the latest in a string of threats nationwide schools all over the country try to figure out how to deal with this. >>reporter: they have been targeted take a look at the polls we have of what some of those clowns look like the thrust of the come over social media and the pick people dressed as clowns the schools here in fairfield antioch and oakland and all received similar threat hist a user mention the
6:05 am
middle school in fairfield high school specifically say they will be at the school today and many of the post of on fire on social media and many of them are worried about copycat post one of them have been considered credible but they say their remaining vigilance. >>reporter: the investigation revealed that this threat just
6:06 am
like all the others across the country is not credible school districts are remaining vigilant at this early hour we see the patrol in fairfield high school. >>darya: most of them have been said and garages and a garbage can small bushes and trees they've been set on the weekend in fremont police have increased patrols in the area in
6:07 am
this for the have been rain the animated comedy is office they're accused of being involved in the sex scandal he is due in court later this month for a pretrial hearing we're waiting to learn more about six men arrested in connection with a series of violent home robberies their charge of home invasion robberies and burglaries police said there connected to crimes a little more in fremont investing is the time to see it but they're connected to last week's shootings and robbery. \
6:08 am
>>darya: a man is the middle of the thing and killing more than a dozen cats still in the san jose neighborhood he pleaded guilty yesterday and he faces 16 years in prison prosecutor saying he was arrested last year after they found some sleeping in a car they found a dead cat inside the car along with several cat collars investigators said you may have killed his many as 16 past hist --cats. >>mark: the fire caused about $2 million in damage and brokaw on friday at the first congregational church in this is believed the first presbyterian church is not open his doors is
6:09 am
when all go home to the san francisco giants taking on the new york mets and the national league wild-card game one-shot is live on a side of at&t park. >>will tran: is more inciting the series i wish we had more cracks added but there are battle tested since they won tonight it will be right behind me on monday against chicago cubs vaginas this is an even
6:10 am
year and this is not a strange he says he is ready to go i'm predicting three to two the giants and if they win when they
6:11 am
when they would not be coming back and said they'll be flying to chicago to play the cubs on friday dickenson your bass falls to us and we will post them on line
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6:15 am
>>robin winston: its westbound at hillcrest right about there and is not a major crash is blocking one lane pretty much going to stay heavy are antioch in pittsburgh it loses the right before to 42 is 23 minutes from
6:16 am
85 from 237. >>reporter: that is one to change a little bit as a venture into tomorrow temperatures for you 50s across most of the bay 45 napa in 44484 livermore and also, could come in at 51 also
6:17 am
for milpitas the next eight hours 59 by 10:73 deaths of their modest climb compared to the air looking at the next three days put said about 82 friday about 83 but even into the weekend. >>darya: the big story of police in france say her social media activity is partly to blame for
6:18 am
her being brought the complaint the police said the social media poll showing off her jewelry and that of $4 million diamond ring made her a target she was robbed of a total of 10 or 11 million she has more than 80 million followers and 48 million on twitter the police are searching for five people who broke into the apartment and they were dressed as cops and use the key and it got through the guard in the title of a part in the bathtub and to call for jules they're analyzing any footage from surveillance cameras in that area to identify the five who got away. >>mark: he never fully defended donald trump during last night's presidential debate.
6:19 am
>>reporter: many people expected this to be a far more unfair than the debate last week between the running mate to seasoned politicians like in the star power in both san the nice guys on the ticket but we quickly realized this debate was one to be more spirited than anticipated.
6:20 am
>>reporter: this is the only time they will share a debate stage.
6:21 am
>>darya: firefighters have almost contain the loma fire burning in the mountain and all the evacuation orders are listed as of this morning it is 92% contains over 4,400 a. have burned since it started last monday 12 homes and 16 buildings have been destroyed 51 buildings are still threaten the firefighters announced that all the evacuation orders and the road closures have been lifted
6:22 am
the signs were never a statewide policy within agree that they would not require the sign the agreement in tax operation blue was changed to protect trip treated by opposing hollowing curfew on sex offenders faugh the city has been working behind the scenes to reach an agreement with the shelter new video of a
6:23 am
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>>robin winston: for the westbound ride were up to 41 minutes from antioch and to concord. >>mark: the bay area basketball fans getting their first look at the the for the golden state warriors it was a good hour and
6:26 am
a from all the warriors topps stars golden state dispatches the clippers >>darya: he actually did kept
6:27 am
his presence there and made the catch the outfielder and did the right to demand and a hey look and said what was that.
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>>robin winston: with injuries blocking one lang lost so slow in getting up to the scene come from the by past 160 right after
6:32 am
the split and you'll be stuck in it all went over to the car outside 44 minutes from hillcrest out to to 42. >>darya: two people taken to hospital after a home invasion early this morning we're at the breaking news test with details. >>james: 3:00 in the morning this is really early the first victim 57 your man to the watching television when the group of men into the home he was stabbed and hit in the head with one of the guns they're holding the second victim he was stabbed in the arm both being treated at a hospital with minor injuries please don't know if the attackers took anything from home that part of the investigation is still on going there is a 25 on the dollar
6:33 am
reward being offered for any information. >>mark: their riposte alonso's and media in the schools and antioch we all live at fairfield high school and one of the places that got the threat. >>reporter: the latest in a string of threats nationwide
6:34 am
school districts say their remaining vigilant oakland is the increasing presence and schools that would threaten the investigation into the threats here in fairfield did reveal that this like all the other threats across a country this one is just a hoax there is no threat to campuses. >>reporter: live coverage of to come to school but just in case it will have police all schools and fairfield today the police are releasing video taken just moments before a delhi office and what shooting >>mark: he ran away from officers and he is holding a
6:35 am
gun there is the gun and he put in his waistband before running away from the camera to open fire shortly after when he took the gun out and pointed at the officers twice there were chasing him after he jumped out of a vehicle that was stolen the shooting sparked several nice to protest the man who pretended to be a doctor and hospital in said he hopes the victims can get a hill on the need the 33 year-old pleaded no contest. >>james: >>darya: he led the victims into a utility room and sexually assaulting them he could go the state prison for three years one
6:36 am
land and university avenue is back open this morning of university avenue and grand street they shut down the area while they worked on and there's no traffic moved in any direction. >>: had oklahoma had proposition 66 and the fact i would be dead
6:37 am
my children would not be borne everytime look on the paper and i see on the news the another soul has been executed the only thing i consider that the wonder were the innocent the death penalty is a standstill 746 inmates on death row with this is not executed a convict more than 10 years. >>darya: what does will have up their sleeve to make a life easier after remembering of boy who was killed in the school shooting while super heroes were showing up at this in a room to live look at the golden gate bridge chilly with a clear. - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare] lois prices from grocery outlet. - hi, it's... the rest of us! - hey there. - hi! - hey.
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taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides. >>robin winston: this back of stretches all the way through the maze 16 to 20 minutes from downtown oakland out to fremont street
6:41 am
>>darya: a boy who was killed in the school shooting in south carolina will be laid to rest he died over the weekend after he the shot at his elementary school last ones to the community came together to pay their respects the day before the funeral superheros of all shapes and sizes her nephew felt a connection to surge apparel's several schools of order, silenced for jacob and an online
6:42 am
fund raiser has already raised more than a hundred and $25,000 for the family in their expenses for the week is a specially on the way
6:43 am
needs smoothing care. garnier whole blends smoothing oil.
6:44 am
infused with coconut oil & cocoa butter extracts. protects each strand for naturally-beautiful, shiny hair. garnier whole blends. smoothing haircare with coconut oil & cocoa butter. >>mark: last and sandbags and stock no supply is bracing themselves for the hurricane and matthew category for assorted land for nine deaths in the caribbean is expected to hit florida tomorrow the phenomenon
6:45 am
has recorded across the nation and made his way to the bay area still doesn't have some concern the schools until oakland and fairfield were accomplices have appeared to threaten schools but there have been no reports of any violence or tax the giants and the balance tonight in new york to face the mets and the national league wild-card baumgartner known for his strong pitch in the first season he has said and record what the nra of 2.1 >>mark: both teams with the same record this season the game and york because of a regular-season matchups
6:46 am
>>reporter: some of balance will offer little bit clearer skies the dry air and this seems amazing even the we had rain even with some half a dozen or so the trees behind this time yesterday.
6:47 am
6:48 am
>>robin winston: that the coming are herculeses by the time you make the to the foot of the mains are around 1920 minutes south heavy traffic of 92 as well may be needed over into the peninsula lots of replies will a lot of hayward expect a 25 minute trip once again no major trouble spot us talk about a strain of having some signal issues and to grant
6:49 am
the on ramp so this cause and a little bit of visual distraction that keeps the drive time for westbound for pretty high 48 minutes of the spotlight five in seattle little more and to dublin nice and smooth from gospel to the interchange of around 11 minutes 101 the morgan hill is crowded into downtown san jose the average drive to the northbound trip 48 minutes. >>darya: fleet week underway in san francisco and we have you covered.
6:50 am
. >>reporter: involve be releasing my canopy and having randy floodplain upside down to dummy out. >>mark: it was up in a way
6:51 am
pretty incredible that want to
6:52 am
perform at 1:00 saturday and sunday.
6:53 am
>>darya: the price for the 5 in. 650 to five and half $770 is available for presell for fifth looking for some modest games and we have them as we take back yesterday's losses to the 18,000 to 55 still ahead nasa and lets kids battling cancer designed anto the
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>>mark: 04 slowed at astronauts
6:57 am
wearing suits designed by kent's battling cancer the project is called courage she spoke of some of the patients who designed hirsute the program was part of this cancer research program designed to raise awareness for kids about one cancer creepy- crawlies store and schools in the east bay but police are going to keep your kids safe the police officer connected to the sex scandal when the war is lost the first preseason game.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
some 80s then. details in the extepidded coming up in a bit am traffic update for you. whras going on? >> slow going to san francisco. that's no surprise am big back up at toll plaza. 580 all jammed t. will take you to 20 minutes and ace train a little bit behind schedule this morning departing the -- they're having signal issues so number three, 13 minutes late many i'll have a complete traffic check coming up. >> breaking news


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