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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 5, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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epidemic gets creepier. after an east bay mother says a man dressed as a clown tried to kidnap her daughter i kicked the sh* out of him whoosh what makes clowns so scary. we put that question to a psychologist and parents at a middle school that has been the target of a threat. whoosh a look inside the five marijuana grow houses raided in the east bay. police say they produced over a million and a half dollars worth of pot a year. whoosh and meet pascal. a four=legged hero to the marines whose lives he saved in iraq and other countries. you're watching kron four news in prime time. ,. frightening moments for an east bay mother. after she says a clown tried to take her baby. thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson.
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and i'm pam moore. this is the latest in a flurry of bizarre clown incidents. some which have turned threatening. grant lodes joins us now with what happened in concord and yet another school that's received a threat. >> grant:we'll start in concord.because this isn't a's a physical confrontation.a clown pulling at a baby's arm. it was scary situation for tiffany martin and her one-year- old daughter kissanni. martin says she and her daughter were here at this bus stop on willow pass road at waterworld parkway in concord just after 1pm, when a man dressed in a clown suit attempted to snatch kissanni out of her hands. she says initially the clown appeared to be nice.
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we first told you about this story with a push alert on our mobile app. stay connected on breaking news by downloading our free app for alerts. burlingame is one of the latest bay area cities to be faced with clown threats. >> pam: the police department says. it
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is monitoring the situation. kron 4's hermela aregawi talked to a psychologist and parents about how to deal with this phenonmenon. >> reporter:tonight - parents in burlingame are on alert. the police department says it's monitoring new social media clown threats. people claiming they'll show up at local schools dressed as clowns. sot parent we're gonna talk about it. ill talk about it with our kids and we'll just kind of say you know there's some people who are trying to play this prank and they're trying to be funny but still they're strangers. so lets keep our distance standup the burlingame police department says it's stepped up patrol at local schools. the department also says it has a safety plan in place in case one of these clowns does show up. but what is this clown carze about? psychology professor guarav suri says it's mostly about attention.
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sot the internet also adds sort of steroids to this pehnonemnon because even if its not being covered on tv its covered on someones facebook page and that thing goes viral and all of the sudden that is more of a motivation for someone who is seeking attention to want to dress up in a clown outfit. suri says parents should take a measured approach when talking to their children about this issue. sot i think it's important for parents not to create a hysteria or a fear about this. chidlren should not be walking around think the world is coming to an end. look this thing is happening be careful, some parents say they're concerned about how these clown stunts will affect their children. sot parent2 it sounds liek it all started out fun and games but the fact that some people are doing this to actually commit crimes and that its on social media. and children if they're watching this are very impressionable and im concerned about them
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mimicking it. in bulingame, hermela aregawi, k4 news. >> steve:from fairfield to concord. san mateo and antioch the clown posts are making their way around the bay area. students at dallas ranch middle school among those mentioned in an instagram post by a user with clown pictures. >> steve:it said quote "antioch isn't safe anymore. never has been" and named several east bay schools. the threatening post has students on edge.who say they *did see people dressed as clown on campus. antioch school district is responding to the social media posts saying in part quote "specific threats have been investigated by ausd
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administrators as well as officers from the antioch police department. we have yet to confirm that a 'crazy clown' has been near or on any ausd campus" >> steve: >> pam:new tonight at 8. san leandro police seized thousands of dollars. and 5- marijuana growhouses throughout the city. a handful of men are now in custody facing felony charges. kron 4's alecia reid joins us live from police headquarters. with the latest on the investigation. alecia. were these suspects being watched for a long time? >>alecia: set more of them the authority officers executing a search warrants today. if those captured from one of the mayor logroll houses more than 2000
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plants has committed so grower and $0.6 million a year. and the robber from a san leandro police department says that the layout inside the homes was extremely sophisticated. house is involved were in residential areas and that also all the trees school in washington manor isaiah and friend 22 year-old and save your play every day. the assistance
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operation. executing a search warrants today it most of the suspects comply except for one. unusual illegal girl operation.
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illegal marijuana growing >> steve: operation... after it is discovered in the loma prieta wild-fire zone. santa clara county sheriff's deputies executed a search warrant at a property on loma chiquita road earlier today. one arrest was made... and two green houses filled with large, marijuana plants were found. the grow has been on the sheriff's marijuana eradication team's radar for some time now. officals say it is not suspected as the source of the loma fire. deputies say the fire that burned over 4-thousand acres... has exposed other grows. they are now stepping up to eradicate them. it's already claimed 16 lives. and hurricane matthew is not over yet. it's expected to come dangerously close to the u-s. and people are bracing for the impact. kron-4 meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now in the weather center. she is tracking the storm r >> britteny: it will still cause dangerous storms and flooding herrenvolk damaging winds all the things that are willing to get closely. hurricane matthew over the bahamas. party issued
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for the eastern coast of florida in a hurricane watch for parts of georgia and also south carolina and to the weekend we see this close late next few days as a category 3 hurricane track into the northwestern town of flour as it gets closer just to the north of miami it will strengthen to a category for potentially or in its way up the coast slowly veering to the north latest model suggests that this will happen closer friday saturday in this saturday at 8:00 p.m. when it will turn away it out to the see receive a listing continued update you all the cluster possibly making landfall more details on the weather here at home coming up about 10 minutes.
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>> steve:hundreds of thousands of people are in hurricane matthew's path. evacuations are under way tonight from northern florida to south carolina's low country. a quarter-million is what we're
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looking at in terms of evacuations. those evacuations, mandatory in charleston and the nearby coast. residents doing their best to protect their property before leaving. we remember hugo when it came through and all the damage it did. empty shelves in florida,. the governor told residents what they might need. florida "three days of water, three days of food, medication, battery-powered radio, battery backups, fully-charged cell phones." honk honk drivers not so calm before the storm as they face long lines at filling stations. "it's ridiculous." "i'm hearing a lot of screeching of tires." "i saw a couple of guys fighting." some evacuees gassed up and found themselves with nowhere to go. "what we are seeing is the hotels in the midlands are booked." travelers heading to augusta georgia found no room at the inns. "we're getting calls left and right." the images of destruction from haiti cast a shadow over the tourists on florida's beaches. "just looking in that direction, it's kind of scary." the sunshine state is bracing for the first hurricane to hit its east coast since wilma in 2005. "if you live in an area and your local officials tell you to evacuate, you need to go, because they have been talking with all of us and getting guidance from us and they're making decisions on the best possible information. most evacuations are for the storm surge hazard -- the deadliest hazard of all, historically." "hope everything works out." two men and a dog are recovering from their injuries... after being stabbed during a burglary in santa rosa. police were notified of the incident at around 3-oclock - this morning. authorities say, a 24-year-old and 57- year-old man were stabbed... after finding several armed suspects wearing ski masks in their home.
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we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. exactly why i urge you to vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion in new education cuts without raising taxes on anyone. and there's strict accountability in prop 55. with local control over school funding decisions. and mandatory annual audits guaranteeing the money goes directly to our classrooms.
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not to bureaucracy, not to administration. so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive.
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>> pam:15 fires set in the east bay. and investigators say, they may all be the work of a serial arsonist. police say, the fires started, back in july and continued through september in the warm springs area of fremont. the latest one happening on monday morning. an employee at clean sciences incorporated. pulled up to his office and noticed a dumpster on fire. so he called 9-11. little did he know. the fire department had already responded to another fire about four- hours earlier. they say this incident was tied to 14 others since july 16th. police say, part of the issue in tracking the alleged arsonist
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down. is that the fires are happening in the middle of the night. sot- "10 of the incidents have occurred between midnight and 5am. we've litterally had no witnesses to a suspect in the area or suspects." more officers are now patrolling the area. hoping with the public's help, they catch the person in the act. as of right now, no one has been injured from these fires. an east bay child psychologist is accused of keeping a large stash of child pornography. police arrested 68-year-old kenneth breslin this morning at a home in layayette. they say they found child pornography on computers as well as other storage devices. investigators then searched his office in orinda and found even more pornographic pictures. breslin has been a child pyschologist for over 30-years and runs "a child's point of view." the contra costa district attorney's office is now reviewing the case. >> steve:candidates face off tonight in the only debate for the state senate seat.which hasn't been vacant for more than 20 years.
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attorney general kamala harris. will face off against congresswoman loretta sanchez. the two democrats are vying to replace barbara boxer who is retiring. they will meet in los angeles. the debate is slated to start at 7 tonight. polls are showing harris with a sizeable lead over sanchez. the debate comes just days before mail-in ballots are sent out to california voters. senate 2016-california fleet week is marking the end of >> britteny: as we head into
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tomorrow by 9:00 a.m. saudi skies expected that a whole lot of fog 55 use the custom and the biggest art and then 57 mostly sunny los '60s photos and inland 75 and then. the '80s for inland locations around the region 68 and alcatraz tomorrow 70 and san francisco, and for some detail, mid-70s redwood city, north phasedown shows a high of 69 and stinson beach and, to nasa but low 80s and manioc and then east a zone showing us we will be mild 76 are now rich and 71 are south bay's on 77 their checking the 70 forecast all the details
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coming up in 10 minutes. duty for a four- legged service member. "pascal" is retiring after eight -years of service. he has been deployed by the marines to iraq, kuwait and jordan. to sniff out explosives and alert troops about potential dangers. fleet week is his final mission as a working k-9. once fleet week is over. pascal is heading home. and will be adopted by one his handlers. kron four is your fleet week station. we have a special section on our website. with the full schedule of fleet week events. you will find videos of our team. flying with the blue angels. and don't forget. you can watch the blue angels live. right here on kron four. our special 'blue angels live' show. runs from two to four p-m this saturday. ahead at 8. overwhelmed with the joy of being a new dad.then he had to pay.
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why a hospital charged a father for holding his newborn. coming up - new tonight on kron- 4 news at 10. we are tracking the latest on the arrest of an east bay child psychologist. police say he was in possession of child porn. new tonight -- we talk to the suspect's neighbors -- and pay a visit to the doctor's office. that's story is tonight on our 10-pm newscast. a warning to parents who have children who are teething. the f-d-a is asking people to stop using homeopathic teething tablets and gels.
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>> steve: incentivizing question is another then a note seven smart phone recalled in banned by the faa smart=phone.
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the one recalled and banned by the f=a=a due to do fire hazards. our tech reporter gabe slate went to s=f=o to see how travelers are responding to this news there have been reports that the samsung device in question is none other than the the one that has been getting all the attention for starting fires and was recalled due for safety hazards. our tech reporter gabe slate looks into further reports that this device was a new replacement unit one with a fixed and safe battery. if that is the case this could be devistating news for samsung. a note seven smart=phone the verge tech news site, and other local news agencies in louville have reported that they spoke with the owner of the note 7 that started smoking on the airplane, and the owner told them it was a replaced note 7 one with the new safe battery. this image now going viral. the verge says the owner of the phone sent to them. he took it after it smoked and burned he also provided this image to the verge showing the phone's retail box with the black square symbol also, the new safe note 7's have a green battery indicator on the screen the recalled not safe note 7's show the battery in grey. the owner reportedly said that his phone had that green battery indicator. furhter proof it was a new fixed unit. southwest airlines confirmed to us that a samsung device did start smoking and caused them to evacuate this flight but they did not specify that it was a note 7. at this time kron 4 news has not independently confimred that this was a note 7 and not a different samsung phone. stand up - the device that caused all this is now in the hands of the louisville fire department's arson unit for investigation. i called them for more information i have not heard
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back yet. samsung gave me this statement: "until we are able to retrieve the device, we cannot confirm that this incident involves the new note7. we are working with the authorities and southwest now to recover the device and confirm the cause. once we have examined the device we will have more information to share." if it was a replaced new safe note 7 that did this that will be devastating to them. they thought this recall was behind them. and they are fighting hard to take on the iphone 7 with the their flag=ship note 7. >> gary: from york nothing but zeros throughout the evening damascus thought this was gonna be there breakthrough one of the few big shops who's naughty eighties and a mets fan and seven shutout innings giant. selling out four runners on base verses but carpenter the greatest pitcher all time in the
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proceeds the numbers do not like >> gary:, and fairfield scoreless eighth inning read comes out of the bullpen and starts out now everything quiet. conner more than likely only in the lineup because lawyer who played third base this and have was injured in to of three run homer and gardner comes out and completes the shot out going the distance. france 13 nothing. the
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giants want zero-3 and play clubs and the best of five nationally >> pam: the wrong season fight fires sometimes be called a nuisance house i in the sky was used to arrest you. called a nuisance. but how the eye in the sky was used to rescue a three year
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old. a lake of lava on one of the world's most active volcanoes. see the incredible new h-d video and next. bizarre and downright creepy. we look into the origin of the clown sighting phenonmenon sweeping the nation.
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now at 8:30. the creepy clown craze has reached the bay area. this is when menacing-looking clowns are appearing to scare people. but how did this all start? justine waldman did some digging. she is here now with the clown hysteria taking the country by storm. >> reporter:this is a national phenomenon. as far as we can tell. this started during the summer in south carolina after reports surfaced that clowns were trying to lure children into the woods. now scary clown sightings have been reported in more than two dozen states. most of the clown sightings, police believe are copy-cats. and involve either young pranksters dressed as clowns or callers making-up clown stories. the frezy is being fueled largely by social media. but authorities say they're being forced to take them seriously as a potential threat to public safety, particularly at schools. >> reporter:as we approach halloween. a connecticut school district said it is banning clown costumes. plus, the creepy clown reputation is hurting the professional clown community. many clowns now fear for their lives if wearing their costumes out in public. there is even a facebook page. saying that "clown lives matter."
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>> pam:october is domestic violence awareness month. domestic violence affects more than 12 million people each year here in the u-s. kron 4's vicki liviakis is here to shed more light on an issue that has claimed too many lives. >> vicki:yeah pam, one in every four women is a victim of domestic violence. and one in seven men suffers it. it happens every 20 seconds. but there's the domestic violence hotline - you can call for help. the video gone viral. a woman says enough is enough. calls for help just like this - stream in to the national domestic violence hotline. commemorating 20 years. a life-line to many. katy ray jones heads up the national domestic violence hotline. she's in san francisco for an event at the historic julia morgan ballroom to unmask
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domestic violence. violence she sees played out all too often in the news. the national domestic violence hotline is 24/7 365 days a year. vicki liviakis kron 4 news.
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>> steve:drones are becoming a popular aid in selling homes and fighting fires. but over the weekend, a drone help find a missing boy in wisconsin. 400 volunteers gathered to search for missing three-year- old dyton logalbo on sunday. and a drone helped lead the search efforts. it directed volunteers to specific areas. the drone is equipped with a thermo cam which helped find dyton. now that the boy is home safe. the police and the drone company that aided in the search, are talking about working together. when a convention comes to san francisco. it usually means an big influx in visitors from all around the nation. when that happens -- bad behavior seems to closely follow. >> steve: caterwauls and
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eruptions' the happening since 2008 inflation deflationary has brought the end of you. >> pam: the golden gate bridge now much going on right now >> britteny: we keep warming up a beautiful week and a live look outside right now berkeley a beautiful view clear and continue see clear skies and the rest of tonight. temperature wise mild evening early as 62 degrees 61 oakland san jose 60 degrees and concord and even spread with temperatures big weather story we're warming things up ridge of high pressure that continues building staying in control and that means temperatures are going to continue to climb into the weekend. an east bay we start off an assist fifties' toward the afternoon the '70s and then
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you notice most of the inland locations back in the '80s so places like concord and not clear or his back to the '80s is for the work we will cooler than that. san jose low 50s and start the morning the temperatures by 2:00 p.m. '75 series closet for san francisco peninsula zone receive most the day tomorrow in the mid the high 50s downtown san francisco pushes her to 70 degrees. sematech will start the one in the mid-50s to suspend most today
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as a going to the next few days read to a week and we keep warming up and lend for the bay water straight through saturday cooling down by sunday and then '70s on saturday lots of sunshine expected the air show and then we watch for a few more clouds low befog heading into sunday.
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the company >> pam: said a check in the melt holder to deposit and wire the money to somebody else who would send her some work supplies she spotted the fraud when she got the check and follow up phony notify the bank which says the account and checkable fake. this >> pam: graphic shows the hurricane as the deadly storm makes landfall in haiti image looks at the hurricane through an infrared camera lens some say that looks like a comic book character called ghostwriter known for its flemings call.
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he could >> reporter: w the chargers a picture of the hospital receipt process because he thought was funny was looking
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for all the outrage and the new parents were charged for skin to skin contact after the see section 4. e dollars a whole baby. lot of people are not laughing and the hospital having to do a lot of explaining the fee was not for the dead the hold his baby but there have an additional nurse in the room during the see section to make sure that the mom and baby were safe. kelso's about on-line fund-raiser to help cover the cost of joking any money raised above $40 will go to opera a vasectomy.
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>> steve: coming attend a little girl discovering moments that the massive tree came crashing down right onto place structure. happened at a very popular south bay children at 10:00 p.m. broadcast. >> gary: and the national league semifinal round. from bechet's stadium the mets in they were ready to go ace pitcher on the mound john going around and a pre-game and john has a long time yorker the guy next to name four. rolling
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treads that chance to delete and the sixth to the ninth. and there is there were numberless situations that led up and the double. as they said his record
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. and alicia was all advertised and he pitched very sufficiently an hour ago they were swinging early the road allowed in the ninth inning. one
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of the best pro season games ever been a part of. >>: the tough road he was starting in chicago we had him earlier and brought them back here starts off in the minor leagues and then works its way backup here we lose many as and he's done more than that. not just offensive legally he did tonight he will never forget that or will i restored but had
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to shop at it and i'll be honest oslo nervous i was screaming at him to get data there. sometimes you're forced to make a move thursday up their little bit and when conner came through its no- brainer.
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>> gary: friday saturday in chicago of day on sunday by here
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next week monday tuesday at the ballpark severances co the times are not designated get for the san francisco games. fry saturday monday tuesday at the goal of full five games to play the fifth decider back in chicago on a thursday night. was family dogs being called a hero.
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>> stanley: with fireplaces and chat to tax each other. in the next edition of people behaving badly >> grant: saw sparks and flames coming from an outlet and everybody got out.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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