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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 6, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>robin winston: so far it is nice and smooth a a major hot spots round out of oakland into downtown the average drive on nine minutes is delayed free
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eight minutes from the call out to the 11 on them one trouble spot in the south bay, to commute san jose renault bounce six and a driver spotted owl wear off the road vehicle flipped over the offer to block it is not backing the traffic.
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>>james: do you believe in magic the magic struck again and a do or die game the giants beat the mets and they're moving on to the next round and fans around the bay area are celebrating skips yound your friends are
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celebrating back here in the bay area would tomorrow in chicago
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at 6:00 p.m. game to set for saturday at 5 known officially announced was going to be pitching there was a game 3 and necessary will begin for at at&t park it will be back to chicago for than five.
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>>james: is making headlines all over the country it seems now the trend has moved from online world similar incidents have been recorded across the country while many of these cases are believed to be hokes they're not taking any chances if. >>j.r. stone: to high-school to the long list of bay area schools mentioned include picasso's immediate post they've
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been mentioned in the compost all this crime tall as many students more than just concern she investigators arrested the man at home in lafayette.
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s >>reporter: police car surrounded the home of 60 you will dr. mellon's adorning but many people who live in this quiet neighborhood did not know why she another neighbor said the doctor moved in about a year-and-a-half ago and kept to themselves and did i did to the people listen arrested them after an investigation by the contra costa and in the crimes of this children's task force investing is a far less significant amount of child pornography on his computer and other storage devices investigator said it also filed child pornography in his office
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to the doctor has a woman in lafayette. >>james: we will be right
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>>james: you could catch hollywood today live we are right here at 1:00 following law and order.
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>>reporter: you might want to bring a jacket you're probably pillared off by the afternoon san francisco is definitely going to be a nice warm couple of days especially for the inland valley location this is the camera overlooking berkeley and the east bay's own the to see clear conditions should not
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a cloud in the sky attracting any fault check a little bit breezy in some spots around the bay area but pretty minor is a lot of fires and run oakland for from all to you prefer san jose as of right now the wind speed will be kicking out into the afternoon you can see but a large hours than from langley five-to-10 mola now winds getting to the afternoon around 3:00 occupancy thing started to be touching the 15 mi. an hour mark. >>reporter: you will see the wind speeds anywhere from 10 to 20 mi. an hour depending upon where you are in is going to calm down as we get into the overnight hours sh 54 right now
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in san jose. >>robin winston: hardware is been backing up just off and on some of the castellanus nicosia few cars there but overall of the trouble spots here are oakland into downtown the rise through the toll of the east and spend it is a nice ride all the way into downtown san francisco
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no delays nor does out 680 that is really the only trouble spots
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>>james: the department of justice announced the 51 year- old chef was charged with theft of government property and was arrested back all this after they say he committed to check the criminal complaint says the popular build card copy in digital files contained top- secret intelligence. >>reporter: the monitoring a social meeting a clown prince people claimed it was shelled a local schools disguised as clowns cash the berlin then
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please the promises to step up patrols in local schools and response to the threats the department says it is a safety plan in place in the case were these clowns the shoal of cash. >>reporter: parents should take a measured approach will talk to the children about this issue
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some parents said their concern a lot of these crown stunts with that their children this morning comes are the east bay one person shot and killed overnight. >>will tran: mrs. some 1700 block it and see the officers
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have broke off this area and not allowed to drive with all know how much longer they will be here i can tell you the victim died. >>james: the time now for 37 we will be back with more in just a second.
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>>james: reconnect will reestablish to signal that the latest on the overnight shelling in hayward. >>will tran: it appeared that person died at the scene the reason being was he a coroner's office beyond these lights you can see this is on the 17th on the block of the street in hayward this happen at around 1130 last night more than five hours into this they're still
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here collecting evidence scheck the search continues for the suspect it appears that a shotgun was involved in the smarter the scene they're not telling of the office of the very much busy and as i did so at the mike destination is for another hour so that history was appears to be a very busy street. >>will tran: one person has been
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killed in hayward early this morning and late last night.
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>>james: thanks to home run he's will lawn at it and ldds it was incredible it was the postseason dominance that came through the dynastic and on the clothes and chicago tomorrow the creepy clown trend continues with new sightings police said they are aware shut cash.
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>>rebecca: some inland locations any degree marked some spots like fairfield it will be a nice day to day 49 for little more 52
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for concord santa rosa come in at 50 degrees web going to see the wind speeds pick up to 20 mi. an hour men and men 7744
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oakland expected 75 for he would a 177 for san jose is forced to pretty much match upper 60s to the fee would forecast come out to san francisco this weekend expect lots of sunshine saturday is going to be quite warm
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>>robin winston: 580 to the richmond san rafael bridge know the problems for the west about ride a nice connection onto north and south won one and san rafael the other trouble spot checking in on the golden gate bridge cash you need to get off and our law which is one exit before the corn on the way to
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all trucks on the way no estimated time for clearing. >>james: that at the is asking everyone to stop using tv tablets the report of adverse reactions cause but its product if it was so nice and the conference has attracted 107 it was registered attendees.
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>>stanley roberts:rtant to notee stands called crosswalks this guy did not want to use the location for some reason people love to walk in the middle of the street the event last four
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days and you could avoid the area avoid the area if you're
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>>robin winston: no big problems are ogling into downtown and a quick nine minutes from the front of the maze out to fremont street tap on a new conversation
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and hit the word secret and that is how you go to supersecret mold >>james: the video shows the law breaking through the crust and mantle this is on the big island eruption has been happening since 2008 and since then inflation and deflation has rotted in and out for visitors right now it is there to the parents who worry about safety for their children people in the east where on as well after a
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call try to grapple woman's baby
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>rebecca: is one to be gorgeous this weekend if you're coming this weekend right now this is part of the camera network showing downtown san jose were clear conditions not a crime and the spine loss of sunshine breezy conditions ride around the 3:00 hour into this evening we will let you know what we can forecast looks like.
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>>robin winston: the offering had been blocked is in the final clearing stages the contadora direction is to get out there and see the ramp still blocked get off one exit early use alum rock is the rocky traffic is nice and i am both directions a one-minute conference as a clown try to grab her baby what they're waiting at a bus stop
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>>reporter: after she says she can't tell the caller ran away down the road in concord police the next is a surge of could not find them so far been targeted six different cities from fair for all the way down to peninsula and san mateo
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>>reporter: all over the country's schools tub and receiving or crown prince and the latest target our schools here in berlin game school officials and schools in the area have received threats over social need is some people threatening to come to school and clown costumes telesis some students that we talked to
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quick >>james: warning the devastating if the state takes a
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direct hit to see a lot of people are getting out he could make landfall as early as late tonight order to meet people from florida to the carolinas have been urged to evacuate map of the island nation of haiti as a category for or on tuesday leaving 10 people dead and more the 1500 homes flooded we could clearly make our satellite radar view is that we are saying here
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you can see the storm track itself projects in the path of the storm the tropical storm force will be about hundred and 60 mi. and that includes the entire peninsula loss of thing was to the store will be following it for you.
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>>darya: they live to see another day with the three run homer the guild and the ninth inning lead in the when the giants moving on to face the chicago cubs and the national league division serious.
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>>: guitar to put into words what he did tonight >>darya: game one of the national league division is tomorrow in chicago on the mound john acquittal game to set for saturday at 5 game with three in san francisco monday night
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\ >>mark: the founder and an apartment complex in oakland they're responding to a call about a fight that lee found they rescued a 13 year-old girl she told officers to being held for about a month it claims she was sexually assaulting her and forcing her to work as a prostitute and tile
5:10 am
psychologists is in jail this morning a to men charged with possession of child pornography >>darya: offices said they found child pornography on computers as well as of the storage devices never said and he kept to itself he has been a child psychologist for more than 30 years the contra costa county judge attorney's office is reviewing the case meanwhile
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forty-niners quarterback is confident the struggling offense as the best days ahead kickoff tonight for to one in three teams. \ >>darya: share of deputy killed in southern california will learn about what led up to the shooting
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>>reporter: not a cloud in the sky not tracking any fog libraries and some parts around the bay area not much however the winds will kick up as we get into the afternoon hours temperature as look like this on the chilly side on the other to
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make a way out the door 54 degrees a pair of 53 for oakland and san jose 48 degrees carlin and the war 52 for concord santa rosa coming end at a chilly 46 degrees 74 for oakland 75 for hayward san francisco not that 67 \ >>robin winston: definitely visit but no major delays of look over to the left the considered democratic crowd
5:18 am
about to crash lands open also for the is to listen to look great man is a slowing in his grin was constructed at the limit 24 for the caldecott the nimitz look good between sam and joe and oakland the fatal accident in the south bay is clear san jose now about 680 at mckee the offering was what rarely is gone traffic at a when it for 680 north and south
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>>mark: after sheriff's deputies to down in legal marijuana grow. >>reporter: 2 greenhouse filled large mature marijuana plants this role has been on the shares radar for some time and not suspected of the stores of the fire but some mountain residents are not shy about pointing the finger of blame the investing in
5:20 am
is also at work a ups driver who spotted the fire near green house shortly after it started said he was questioned about what he saw the day they say they're size of christmas trees this to the fire that raged across 4,000 a. has exposed many more such roles and are stepping up eradication efforts in response to complaints from residents who lost homes and property to a fire that is still not fully contained water plants
5:21 am
along weighs 44 lbs. of $2,000 per lb x make the entire value $700,000 >>darya: the debt is identified as sgt steve owen he was responding to a burglary call yesterday afternoon searching home when someone opened fire in his video from the scene yesterday and
5:22 am
>>reporter: senator bernie sanders has been all over the place for clinton is going to be in minnesota his toe and the transfer that on to clinton on the other side still enjoying a strong performance at the bp debate he spend the day in central pennsylvania me what all
5:23 am
trump was rumored to be visiting main that somehow canceled. >>darya: there's been at least when it attempted hacks on registration systems as bad directors says new information has been changed and systems are not at risk the seven countries alexa system is nearly impossible to pack to leaks and the east bay closed to swimmers to hear what people are being
5:24 am
told to stay away.
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>>mark: santa rosa and apple 47 and half moon bay 50 for san francisco the upcoming classes
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and is expected to start on time samples taken suggest that it will likely open on time and have average for the holiday is it called the most acid to accumulate in the pacific.
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>>reporter: warmer temperatures on the way once bees are expected to be kicking up into this afternoon as we head into tonight tim doesn't pretty chilly in the bay area 54 degrees livermore 48 degrees, and at 52 santa rosa coming in at 46 renown this is what a high
5:32 am
will look like 83 degrees expected for fairfield into account the for the north bay a pair of '80s santa rosa along the coast not too bad it is one to draw out a couple of degrees
5:33 am
as we head into saturday some areas even question the '90s will see the any stick around will be gorgeous at the beach would want to see low to mid 70's. >>robin winston: they have some
5:34 am
problem soap a strain of the wanted started minutes behind schedule. >>darya: in broad daylight in concord the man dressed in the congress to try to about her daughter he said of after getting kicked the man and a clown suit took off running down will past role they said the
5:35 am
area before it was to find anyone matching that description is the incident has changed is mothers thought about having in the council on her child. >>mark: the system than describe
5:36 am
the pacific island with heavy build >>reporter: these the final score for one or the brewhouses police seized $40,000 in cash more than 2000 warrants is estimated to grow about $1.6 million the year to the house is involved were in residential areas the neighborhood also knew
5:37 am
karbala's elementary school in washington manor if the chinese- american man will be legally growing and selling marijuana also pay an six to $10,000 a month and p g e bills sit with more than 30 officers executing such warrants most of the suspects complied detent doesn't look into whether this could be part of a large-scale operation
5:38 am
him >>darya: he is retiring after eight years of service once it is over he is headed home the will be adopted by one of his handlers
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>>robin winston: now in their giants and install and to increase a clash in the maze in the west that any stop blocking back connector and oakland crack and you walk into berkeley >>darya: some common reactions
5:42 am
include seizures of breathing problems and the origin is cooperating with this investigation with and defending same distaste tested for safety to season just on the corner october this free flu shot month's thousands of students of talk to members can be immunized and elementary schools this month all elementary schools offer the influenza vaccine starting this week
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>>darya: leaving a least 10 people dead and more than 1500 homes flooded
5:47 am
>>robin winston: know the problems on the bridge or in downtown right now is 10 minutes to increase from the foot of the maze out to fremont street 5 is a completely different at the richmond san rafael bridge overall nice ride heading into the north bank the golden gate bridge not a problem.
5:48 am
>>rebecca: all for fleet week in the blue angels a gorgeous it is clear and fall free it is going to the credit more on the bay area 49 degrees and san mateo 56
5:49 am
currently in san francisco where sing 54 novato and 484 fairfield 53 right now for oakland definitely jacket whether the heat is not going
5:50 am
anywhere we will see the warmer temperatures step of the stock this weekend is when to be absolutely gorgeous temperatures will start to trickle down just to get into the next week. >>mark: use video of the powerful typhoon or hurricane their recruiting coast guard members saw was airlines flying
5:51 am
sitting on the runway in a when a samsung revised start to small plane was evacuated.
5:52 am
>>gabe slate: the samsung the vice did start smoking and cause them to you that way this flight with the did not specify that it was a note 7 at this time we have not independently confirm that this was a phone and not a different from the device to cause all this is in the hands of the fire department was we examine the
5:53 am
device will have more information
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>>mark: is featured on the mess in june if you're chatting in secret mode will not see previous messages the conversation is the lead with every decide will be back with
5:56 am
more clowns to hear from students to save the plants are concerned.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: clear conditions of life camera at the golden gate bridge no fault and no clouds in the sky as before now that is some good news it will be a nice ride across the bridge renounce
6:01 am
him to look like this mostly evenly spread of 56 degrees and san francisco for this and fifth is receiving 55 in san rafael 45 and wine country by 62 degrees and oakland. >>robin winston: it is out to west grand still clear and smoothed the drive times at bat under 15 minutes from the foot of the maze out to fremont street look at the back of coming out elsa real gem in the upper east sure that is normal stop and go traffic
6:02 am
>>darya: we have the latest from the scene. >>will tran: police officer is right behind me to happen at around 1130 last nine there were able to tollway the victim's car you can see it go for windows are shattered as they went through the area looking for evidence talking to possible witnesses
6:03 am
>>darya: she says there's a man dressed in a clown suit and tie said her daughter after she can't come the, ran away, please to not find the clown so far they've targeted six different cities to stand mattel fifth
6:04 am
>>reporter: that come over socially different people threatening to come to school using that accompanied by threats to commit acts of violence none of the press on the country have been considered credible school district of police departments are working to ensure that schools are safe
6:05 am
will a will to talk to some students to listen to what they had to say. >>reporter: i'll be talking to students and parents of polly from school officials as well >>darya: so this concern among parents we spoke with the psychologist of how they can deal with this to my parents are
6:06 am
on alert the police department says is monitoring new socially a crown prince people claiming will show a local schools disguised as clowns the police department says it has stepped up patrols local schools and response to these threats psychologist says it is mostly about attention. .
6:07 am
>>reporter: parents should take a measured approach when talking to the children about this issue that concerned about how these clowns will affect their children
6:08 am
>>james: again this fall no winery the sea would they're bracing themselves for 2 million people for guinness for wishing the ocean as it has and born of all the windows we lost the will
6:09 am
of moving over to will but has reformed and intensified polos almost a certainty with this flooding conditions because of the to restraints flight cancellations were looking in the 2005 and flights already canceled heck
6:10 am
>>james: my this time it hits the coast line all the way of to jacksonville is this hurricane has and i at the golden gate bridge you will feel tropical storm winds this is the end of where this model is projecting that
6:11 am
>>darya: he pitched the entire game and they were out of it that had to change him after the seventh inning as the second time he will complete game this
6:12 am
troubled him pitching a great game nolan announced game 3 and
6:13 am
fourth necessary will be at at&t park which will be right back
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>>reporter: south bed is '40's and a couple fifty's 53 degrees currently in cupertino 45 in santa clara we might see some
6:18 am
'80s far inland locations 7 is
6:19 am
along the coast is going to be heading to the beach >>robin winston: the back of continues to grow along the way
6:20 am
the july time continues to increase its ron 17 to 20 minutes to get from its high 101. >>robin winston: the normal stop and go traffic is already packed out of antioch that's bird and they point and five minutes for now from hillcrest out to 242242 south 682 as well only 14 minutes to get out of comfort to them >>robin winston: from hercules down to. >>mark: the south the firefighters still battling the
6:21 am
fires burn incense was mountain the time is up to 95 percent this morning because took down an illegal hot or. >>rob fladaboe: santa clara county sheriff's deputies executed a search for a property on loan to keep road making one arrest and as they discover to greenhouses filled with large mature marijuana plants approximately 89 plans large almost treelike plans this growth is the on the sheriff's radar for some time since not suspected of the source of fire but some residents are not shy about pointing the finger of blame at the growers. >>rob fladaboe: tell fire arson
6:22 am
investigators also at work for ups driver who spotted the fire near surely after it started said he was questioned about what he saw that day feast as they call the wet towel plant of this size of christmas trees pheidippides to defy it raced across some 4,000 a. has exposed many more such world's fifth is that of the eradication effort in response to complaints from residents who lost homes and properties to shaft the promise released a book in full of the suspect in his case fifths
6:23 am
catherine >>darya: san leandro police stand out across the city and a mass of hot bus will take what they found and as a hint for the second presidential debate it may already be too late for adulterous to slay some lifelong republicans. - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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6:26 am
to debate the the reason pick follow the debate the dramatic shift in nevada the big swing from hillary clinton 55 roasted wasn't anything he said the changes mind clinton answered
6:27 am
questions directly and after donald trump he went around and dollars on campaigns that are part of the effort to stop the momentum in the state he says
6:28 am
his decision is final. the number of hoax crown prince increasing the bayrea.
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>>rebecca: we're going to have nice temperatures and san francisco, possibly seven is for saddam i will bring the highest
6:32 am
next and that to know what in the slack >>robin winston: yes it continues to grow hot little bit better in the fast-track claim right where the macarthur in the east shore merge together the
6:33 am
nimitz also picking up for the south about rotted in just of a 43 minute from 238 in san leandro and she tells us she was holding her child would happen/ >>haaziq madyun: on wednesday she said she was in concord sitting at this bus stop when a man dressed in a clown suit try to adopt her daughter the
6:34 am
incident has changed his mother's fault will haven't any crowns on her child and the party will happen but there will be no clowns
6:35 am
>>reporter: more than 2000 friends and 40,000 in cash the lieutenant from the san leandro police department says the layout was extremely sophisticated the house is involved were in residential areas the neighborhood and also near karbala supplementary school police said the chinese-
6:36 am
american men were in the growing and selling marijuana most of the suspects complied except what authorities say once he realized he was caught he ran into crawlspace i was hiding under the house.
6:37 am
>>mark: he will be all the game with a concussion they will make the 13th career start of the 10 year career me was the 49ers quarterback is confident the struggling-offense the to thames at the bottom of the division both one and three a child
6:38 am
psychologist charged with child pornography pornography
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>>robin winston: only getting worse know the problems the backed up its growing it is through the maze on 2580 west at the bottom of that connector is spilling over to the east shore free record and rebel berkeley richmond now it is beyond high with four for the out 80 west commute of to 55 minutes a child psychologist charge of possessing child
6:42 am
>>reporter: sheehan of the neighbors say they moved in about a year-and-a-half ago and kept to himself and did not get to know people in the neighborhood they also found child pornography in his office neighbors told us that he has a roommate in his home and tried
6:43 am
to speak with her but known as to the door neighbors described the accusations as disturbing as precious as many children live in this neighborhood she told police she is being held for about a month and clams to sexual assaults occur and forced her to work as a prostitute
6:44 am
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>>mark: the madison baumgartner war game a complete shut out giants now move on to the division series
6:48 am
>>rebecca: you can see clear conditions some areas will be
6:49 am
quite warm as we get into this afternoon if you're mentally by
6:50 am
stadium bring a jacket you're not on to need it when you get to the game is one to be great in san francisco they will be on saturday in the mid '70s >>robin winston: number of the traffic colors with is pack the backed up through the maze there was a crash in the maze after the five in 24 split it is also
6:51 am
growing is now beyond castro all the way out to richmond parkway the drive time pretty good 13 minutes of 2101 checking in on the san mateo bridge commute still very thick and very slow backed up onto the net starting back in hayward it will get better at a high-rise
6:52 am
>>mark: is call the some of these products some common reactions include seizures breathing problems highlands to mix the tablets says they're cooperating with the investigation
6:53 am
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>>mark: if you're chatting you will not see previous messages the conversation is deleted when ever you decide the government will not have access to the text message along lake in this video
6:57 am
and it shows this law were breaking through the crust and mantle of black like on the big island back with more news weather and traffic
6:58 am
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good morning. thank you for waking up with us. to it is thursday morning, october 6. bay bridge and dumbarton bridge are both packed. the weather is going to be beautiful all along the bay area. we are expecting highs in the 90s in some areas inland. right now we have our san jose area where you can see clear conditions. we are seeing pretty much mild and cool temperatures. the heat is on the way. here is going to be they highs all around the state, 88 degrees expected for reading redding --,


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