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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 7, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now the hurricane has been downgraded to category 3 the national weather service said some areas could be some thought inhabitable. >>reporter: we are still several hours away from feeling map you direct impact across the state of flora it mixes with up the coast line at this point in
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northern florida their say and he did not evacuate or t that war stay home is too dangerous more the 100 mi. per hour when-- wind. >>reporter: that down across the state hundreds without power but despite repeated falls to evacuate the devastating storm surge will people in florida of
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a new back to hurricane andrew that the devastation could be all that level write about in jacksonville where several hours away from the direct impact there are ready to talk about clothes and the bridges in this city because of those when the dust >>james: it is plenty working his way up to jacksonville where she is reporting for us this
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morning and arrested the latest or the local weather really your tracking back as well as we head into the wee kim hist. >>rebecca: 11 to report so far this morning the bay area a lot the only state that we feel the heat 1/4 fresno 91 and bakersfield 93 this is what the
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conditions are right now 52 degrees carly in san francisco chef ship is one to be gorgeous weather to hit the beach was see a minute to upper 70's on the coast is about 83 degrees there yesterday is 20 mid-80s '70s all
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the closed sunday where really gorgeous see the drug with the '90s for in locations >>robin winston: let's head over to the bay bridge toll plaza into san francisco hot spot free does a great start for the 4:00 hour was about 80 looks great nice slow roll to the toll plaza across the upper deck you may notice of the ritual work and suspension that has to right lanes blocked off.
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>>robin winston: no problems it's about a 21 minute trip from to 38 out to 237 traffic is moving well will the hill into downtown san jose. >>james: a major sex trafficking operation busted out of a home in san leandro the house and a nuisance in the neighborhood for blocks. >>reporter: this was brought to the whole clinton there was no food or furniture and each will have a mattress on the floor and a plastic table the easily set a
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date for sex in exchange for money with the driver surveillance system the females are costly rotated one of the workers arrived from china just over a week ago specifically to prostitute but just as easily she could and a bit of a victim of sex trafficking according to
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dot typically get and cooperation in the meantime it has been red hat because of violations nolan is a lot of the premises real. >>james: most are considered hoax each case is being investigated as if were real threat to more schools have been targeted
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>>dan kerman: we this tested in the car while the school they would all this usual those stopping by to pick up students remained concerned as concord
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police said turns out to a school to the wall was possible for the post and because they're more direct threat to make it there is no crime committed to destroy or handling in the print your punishment internally.
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>>james: in the slight always
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up-to-date on the beach or to jacksonville they had the clock ride and i what about a hundred and 20 mi. per hour.
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>>rebecca: off and then finally grabbed jacket because you will need it solvent temperature is 53 in san jose f. you're ride
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down before past liberal by neighborhood. >>robin winston: had just for the couch ran all the suspension that has the two right lanes cedeno 92 san mateo bridge the ride fairly quiet was about to the peninsula the other trouble spots is only a 13 minute trip
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e.f. 80 west to just five earned. >>james: national headlines we are learning more about the new jersey train crashed last week the speed limit to station is just a m.p.h. but the trade was dull and roughly 21 mi. per hour to half a graduate student
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is accused of sexually assaulting zero warmer on the campus fifth there was a rest numerous it did not issue a warning about the latest crime.
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>>reporter: also approved $100,000 to be redirected to purchasing and installing cameras alone the freeway the high-resolution images can be accessed fog also sought from the high-powered deloitte and options to medicare to details and deter criminals from committing violent crimes on highway there has not been a meeting get a quick freeway getaways seems to be a thing of the past off fifth and to amend
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drive by car to police say it could lose all the cameras have but little of the ban. >>reporter: it is the cyclical view of ocean beach that inspires both tourist and locals like a charm to capture the golan is a target a man as he was taking pictures police said
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they grabbed the victims camera and jump into a car. >>reporter: and nelson had the camera back to help them catch the criminals employees and the restaurant nearby said he has gotten so bad in this area the put signs to warn their customers stuff police said anything to make your target having an electronic device in your hand like yourself from a crime that takes just seconds
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>>james: this morning all eyes will be a hurricane math you will permit the president and this are just a letter schedules and that's the correspondence with a look in this morning's political mix >>reporter: the recurrence and donald trump are presently support and prayers to the people of florida and georgia and south carolina the question will the storm hasn't and packed the one that is set to it under way sunday night in st. louis the debate is still all it will be a town hall format moderated by anderson cooper what we're waiting to see and can this will have to change the tone of means americans are still on the evacuation or have lost their homes house speaker
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paul ride you hold campaign appearance with trump said to happen wisconsin this had trouble get along and the past the this to be a major signal that is tied to support it appears that both clinton and trout will take a break from campaign trail sled and focus on the big corporations have been resorting to tune in sunday night this debate will be going up residence of the night football. >>james: 49 hours san francisco for the miners was become less jump in the second quarter
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>>james: arizona london 3321 is 423 we will be right back
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>>james: as the storm and is close to the coast more than 270,000 in the dark by the hurricane handful of miles off the coast despite can cadaver florida. >>james: 4 clouds responded most are considered hoax is you investigated as in the east of a san leandro home busted for been a brothel five women arrested.
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>>rebecca: awareness seems so far pretty much clear conditions at this point will be lots of sunshine and san francisco expect to stay hydrated rolla's tie will see the wind speed start to creep up to allow low winds expected in some spots it was to get to the evening our start to kick up especially in san francisco cash cash if gaf.
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>>rebecca: but wouldn't appeal the jacket always in war temperature some reason and unions expect a lot to sunshine and water from the 3:00 hour we're still going to sleep if the into from the bed and the gorgeous beach weather anywhere from low to mid '70's along to the coast.
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>>robin winston: it to not want to be a problem edition for free will nice and quiet a also if sphere.
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>>reporter: drive lot all wind and rain also a new level of fear the store bathroom floor well as of friday morning of the issues and to stay off of this despite dire alarms from florida governor if the national weather
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service will result in libya and have looked for weeks or months. >>reporter: he is an entertaining as the car and for more than three decades but not all his concern recent threats are hurting his lightning fourth
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sh we went to san francisco costumes on high to see a cost to have been affected hughes's they have never been that popular in the way men of the we spoke to were in the market for a clown costume sh other says the car imports had really gone and this can cash cash.
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>>gabe slate: in europe and the
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no-fly zone fire already has been the center of airshow off this graphic designer exact to the foot you just don't fly and where the air show he is a retired land local community he created and runs will biggest conference and the expos called draw on bed asks the temptation to get your amazing theory of photography of this air show for will be hard to resist for some users
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it's letting it all hang out there, and it's hanging on for dear life. that is what amg driving performance means. and this is where it lives. the 503-horsepower mercedes-amg c63 s coupe.
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>>rebecca: we have gone to sea
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temperatures and immediately in the '90s eighties today is called to the will rent will be experienced yester day
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>>rebecca: write a column back haul timber to look like this off 54 currently for oakland plan the day to day here is what you need to know where i want to see the '80s and low-income see here is expected a lot of our time and fairfield if you're coming up front with this we can expect warm temperatures and high of 70 expected on saturday
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1/5. >>robin winston: trip to yell and the senate cell bridge to mu was about 92 bulblet problems get a little crowded as expected so far as a nice commute to only
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10 minutes from 242 out to danville also very quiet know the problems for a 81: 85 to 3719 minutes cash that drive only 11 minutes faugh. >>james: the pilots are having a blast as well we were there when a girl would up into the sky. >>reporter: with her parachute
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straps palm the jump could form of what to sit extra plane the program aims to build confidence reward excellence
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that opened my eyes to live changing moment fifth to or. >>james: members of the student council bowed make all coming great again the school says it has more will pop culture and
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you live look outside the bay bridge all the way down clear start to the friday morning
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>>james: it has five bedrooms it
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bathroom's and will the 9000 square feet and include the pull attached garage and even university basketball court if to $22 million price tag is all you need to pay he died in june at the age of 74 hurricane matthew slavin ordered as we speak to the cree because social media continues to track and the the weekend has arrived and that means the show is set to begin.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>darya: that category three hurricane the firewall is rushing can canaveral umbrella when a gust of of 200 mi. from our
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>>reporter: because of the storm's coming in so powerful and so close you can into a shelter but do not get all the road it is simply too dangerous the storm moving of florida's east coast bring live in a heavy rain will the 100 mild olwen official said the effects of map it will be unlike any other hurricane in some places may become " uninhabitable for weeks or months some people say that
5:02 am
are staying put coupled with the heavy rain and the storm surge simply sending water through downtown jacksonville
5:03 am
>>darya: by this started to appear as waters recede in some areas were moving closer to florida. >>james: this is a live picture from jacksonville which is quite a ways north of where the main activity is happening as you can see they're already getting incredible serve out of this test and said the eye is offshore for allow that as with the strongest winds are curly circulating as you put into motion will see exactly what we are talking about it will stay
5:04 am
amid a hurricane as it continues it will start to break the law has had it made landfall if it will continue to track look what here is a look at the storm track a hundred 20 hauler always a category three
5:05 am
fish >>darya: the airport is closed in the canceled all flights the orlando airport closed down last plan and expects to resume some flight tomorrow psst will have the continuing coverage on air until 10:00 a.m. and also line
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>>rebecca: coffee is a live shot clear conditions of look will san francisco to see alcatraz snowfall low cloud similar start we saw yesterday morning we will
5:07 am
see mid-70s from the bay of a seven is possibly touching it into the '80s by 3:00 the mid '80s possibly some low eighties around the bay along the coast will be nice will see low '70's there >>mark: driver told to of 40 group about 680 because of a police investigation and have it area where several freeways
5:08 am
shootings police a month confirming what they were investigating overdyed >>darya: creepy-crawlies and brett hull are sweeping the nation and the bay area. >>reporter: school officials say they mentioned we want to give
5:09 am
you a closer look at what that or look like an investigation reveals that a student was responsible because there was no direct threat mentioned in these post it was not considered a crime for the school is taking the discipline it internally
5:10 am
shh. >>darya: it is born to be a big
5:11 am
weekend in some senses similar festivities the sun to get underway today >>will tran: this is among the many performers for fleet week this is what the material they're civilians will to take part you can pull this and
5:12 am
maneuvers and the blue angels can you will go to call small this area it is and this flies without a helmet >>: like to tell men with all the g's recall cause of the negatives it is too hard line back. a lion asks jack low
5:13 am
>>will tran: he is grandpa's john and dennis rodman and encore presentation that could
5:14 am
be a major break in the michelin jet airplane investigation they're able to link this piece of wing flap to end 370.
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>>mark: write well and 300,000 more people have lost power to limit people will flee inland
5:18 am
lot and will listen to the local emergency officials are telling people if they're in the storm's path with and live i insofar to stave off shore >>rebecca: will lead the jack and led all deftly bring it with fewer the conditions expected is
5:19 am
absolute into this evening '70s along the coast 72 expected and had flown bay is called to be in san jose nice and warm tomorrow will be actually beautiful in san francisco and warmer and warmer weather isn't gone anywhere some of the warmest and
5:20 am
locations will be seen these some areas pretty much a these are the bay to the next couple of days just 15 minutes from that connection between hayward and san mateo five it was bottom still were cumulus suspend all were later blocked is not impacting the drive times the same story for the nimitz freeway 11 minutes from
5:21 am
238580 west 13 minutes from to 30 it get into downtown oakland. >>mark: this piece of green flag was found at a late experts confirmed this morning that belong to the flight a number that was filed in the debris link it several pieces of wreckage from the plan washed ashore in least 370 disappeared march of 2014 on a flight from is a lot to her that unless people on board are puzzled that to.
5:22 am
>>darya: the speed limit into the station is tim miles investigator said engineer of the emergency brake less than a second before the crash one person was killed more than a hundred others rep injured the investigation is in the early stages in the content of the year to complete >>mark: he was arrested last laugh after 28 your room and said he assaulted her there were dating had the victim is not a student at santa clara county is office will decide the charges were filed.
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>>mark: going into the game of the last place in the division in the second quarter and he won 44 and 9 yd touchdown
5:27 am
>>darya: he landed in the score with 25 points the biggest surprise who scored 16 points come off the bench that won this 1150 to 96.
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>>rebecca: plant in the day-to- day of breezy it from the 3:00 hour flight combat will be redeemed at a your afternoon high we expect today where you live the fast-track uses it and right on through the toll plaza to amend chalets' out to fremont street riot.
5:32 am
>>mark: into public and the east coast and florida ride nihilist take a look as a mantra in strong winds and torrential rains battering for packing a heart that would abolish all winds the firewall this morning has test up to 100 mi. an hour 2 million people or are going to flee inland as they move toward florida. >>james: again the eye has that
5:33 am
made landfall insurers closed it stretches from central florida coastline ride around for pierce all the way up to jackson build the georgia border that is i will you concede dishonored in the center of the screen and the horrific to richer array that is really followed most of it luckily off shore it only impacts you get in and out i did on the beach, it obviously is still very intense rain that is what caused flooding for some low-lying areas as to where the storm system goes next it will continue to parallel ride along the florida coast surface watch
5:34 am
what happens next we continued the tie line and into monday and tuesday in look and that begins to sneak around. >>james: it could be right over the bahamas with a beeline for miami fact still plenty of rain in plenty of wind ravaging areas that will have time to recover
5:35 am
faugh teeth. >>reporter: level do this support empires to the people of florida and georgia and south carolina all the states and was stuck in the past of hurricane math you cash if fifth on saturday for the first time since it began to house speaker all right to hold a campaign appearance is set to happen a
5:36 am
wisconsin the to men of that trouble will along in the past this can be a major civil stuff sphere half. >>mark: san licardo the facebook group to support president obama% concerns after to what rewarded in a popular spot and just two days they ran
5:37 am
to a nearby car but the but the blood let go of the camera and was dragged by the car as they were driving away
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>>robin winston: i admit it to get over to 680 will slow you down we will have the drive time, look at my next report and oakland mother is behind bars accuse of sears it in during her 13 month old son he is in critical condition the recall to hospital to investigate what happened to the boiling
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>>mark: the kills' lows people and hurricanes it downgraded from category 42 and 3 but is still a major hurricane hundred lyles' our our him by is just off shore red dog in the outer hull of the businesses lost power they did tell about 2 million people up and down the florida and south carolina and georgia coast to evacuate.
5:46 am
>>rebecca: tangelo cool side especially in the south of it right now we're and get into
5:47 am
the 80 degrees to pittsburgh antioch in redwood and settles a we're looking at a -85 degrees warmer centocor for santa clara and sunnyvale both chancellor all the calls in the peninsula will see 72 for downtown san francisco auction as a showers has we get into the mid week next week for wednesday and
5:48 am
thursday possibly in the north bank >>robin winston: knowledge them the back of to highway 4 those clean up its bird they play it was lawyer connection to 242 is ride around 19 minutes from hillcrest out to 242 beyond that adelson more drive times through the 242 split after that pleasant hill will look recall them bill and the rest of the trip will be fined everyone stuck in the back of the trip come from highway 4 continue
5:49 am
west on for past to $42 to 680 and make that connection coming out, and is a 22 minute trip from 85 to 237280 looks good. >>mark: we're hearing from the family of researcher who was killed recall test of ethiopia or she was a passionate scientist friends all sister
5:50 am
daughter and a colleague choose to be peeled before meeting kickoff for research project and she was killed on tuesday traveler in the car and area where there had been months of difficult task protesters threw rocks and her with the have not release information led to the attack she was a leader in studying climate change and impact the plant. >>darya: cleared a small real active material spill and a construction site in and knock a piece of equipment was run over by construction vehicle was a real active material spill out it is common in medical and industrial usage and fall and some smoke alarms did that with the nearby apartment building for several hours removing a
5:51 am
capsized boat from the delta could cost more than $1.6 million. >>darya: 2 people on board they were at the office it has been removed from water matisses and still has to remove hazardous materials from the boat is still trying to figure out what caused the boat to capsize and the first-place. >>mark: it was installed parliament this the $20 million renovation project with was completed in january
5:52 am
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>>rebecca: all the building is ready for fleet week that is already in full swing speaking of him when to come out to san francisco this weekend it will be absolutely gorgeous for the air show
5:55 am
>>mark: if you're like it was somewhat more kid friendly could you tim coverage of hurricane matt killed in this lamellar the florida coast a live look from daytona beach
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- ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - ♪ bargain market ... now it's stuck in my head. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: it slammed the state of florida here so latest video, in showing the damage across to stay overnight the will of
6:00 am
router street size of billboards of the lot dollar and apart in eye of the storm this miles off shore >>reporter: we're starting to get a small taste of war news want to bring to jacksonville experience and not storm like conditions you to see the wave simply call laughlin beach in that. this is what it was doing a lot of the
6:01 am
entire coastline green and heavy rain more than 100 mi. our when this official said usx will be unlike in the of the hurricane in some places may become " uninhabitable for weeks or months " lie and lie and >>reporter: some people say that
6:02 am
staying put he is not just another storm quite the opposite this is one to be the most powerful storm to hit this northern florida coastal areas in living memory with the high winds with the storm surge with the intense rain were we could create a wall of water as ways can rush through the downtown area they're watching and waiting and hoping for the best it is still a couple hours away from jacksonville as the start to feel the early a fax 283 the
6:03 am
official death toll right now >>darya: government assistance are expecting it is one to rise and more dead because they're having trouble reaching some of those areas. >>james: you to see just how scary it could be at the coast looking at a storm surge anywhere from 7 to 11 ft. a 10
6:04 am
ft. storm surge coming allowed low-lying areas in coastal florida and that is wanted in the a lot like communities right in the middle it is very calm just riding are i pick the rapidly and conceded is lashing
6:05 am
the coast the hurricane will diminish the strength of vigilant but it will happen until early tomorrow morning and begins to hook a from the latest model to the point where by tuesday morning is making a beeline back to the bahamas
6:06 am
>>darya: if you have a mobile application you can get a push alert when something important happens
6:07 am
>>rebecca: here is what looks like outside allies carry looking at sfo clear conditions and no flight delays as far as and about flights because of the visibility is perfectly clear temperatures-before you leave the house is 60 currently in san francisco 53 for hear with 54 president obama sh fifth
6:08 am
>>robin winston: 2 of 42 is just
6:09 am
creeping along and you may want to stay on highway 4 west drivers were told to avoid a lot about 680 and highway 64 because of the police investigation the creeping column ran had all line sweeping the nation and the bay area continuing police and some retail are investigating call social media that threaten to high-school this week. that half
6:10 am
week. >>reporter: it was targeting clayton valley charter high school it was mentioned students that happen school officials contacted least opposed have widely been considered but still school district completes the farmers all over are working together to ensure the schools are safe.
6:11 am
>>will tran: obviously this is
6:12 am
not delayed as a civilian plane would lead to so oppressive will blame jews or minute unbelievable it changed my whole life and the reasons i got into
6:13 am
aviation traveled very special place in my heart about five years ago had a chance to ride with them and homestead florida. >>: to this day and i'll blow away by them type a lot of shows with them fantastic team. >>will tran: he told us they were so close that he could reach up and touched the plan above him he could have and would have.
6:14 am
>>darya: our show is live at 2:00 on saturday afternoon the we have replay.
6:15 am
6:16 am
6:17 am
>>mark: it is being battered government ricks' scott is a live look from the talmud we keep seeing the water rising
6:18 am
>>robin winston: still was a lot for over to sow about 680 to avoid to 42 a lot of folks are starting to do that is worn to be slow but not as bad as to 42 connector
6:19 am
>>rebecca: be prepared to day and breezily could look ride around lunchtime pretty column was to get into the afternoon hours at 82 local and today 85
6:20 am
for san jose 72 for san francisco fed could jump in december to see the '90s come on sunday be prepared a percent and is possibly some '80s over the weekend is one to be nice along the beach.
6:21 am
>>mark: look at the size of the tornado a house of and the destroyer it was a pile of debris and mostly empty foundation so far no course of any injuries or serious injuries or deaths from the storm will hours away from the giant's continuing the world series
6:22 am
championship. >>reporter: the have the best record but that he knows the post season is an entirely different game hoff there are
6:23 am
questions of was a giant he has every reason to trust his innocence the giants are taking the same route as they did two years ago hopefully still have the perfect ending this been a couple of robberies you to know about the pill that could help resolve live longer will tell you what it is.
6:24 am
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>>robin winston: to get across from for a lot over to menlo park's san leandro home busted for being and brothel. >>mark: there was no food and furniture the hall also had never security system as police arrived >>darya: a drug meant to treat cancer might actually work to help dolled live longer it is called a pass meant wrapped, some of this pill approved to
6:27 am
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>>mark: lea hundred 56,000 jobs to unemployed rate 4.9 to 5% >>robin winston: an accident westbound lane span wrapping up there on the scene not giving us the exact estimate time to look at the senses of the power red and orange it is considered 92 instead of islam to be your best alternate, south to 42 right
6:31 am
before 680 look at what has done to highway 4 that is the connection to highway 680 to 42 as a shortcut bumper-to-bumper out of pittsburgh all the way over to the 242 split. >>robin winston: it is below agree alternate 39 minutes just to get from hillcrest out to 240 to release the accident is out of the way to
6:32 am
>>darya: millions of people were evacuated and exports a single the storm may leave some area uninhabitable for months hurt can match the drive will not only when it rained all some level of fear and greed and a custom to hurricanes officials of for a widespread power
6:33 am
outages in and out of bed hammett the coast camrose of highway accidents many residents evacuated some in the state we've been to last mentally shot of the issues and to stay this despite dialogue to solve florida gov. rick scott he'd bring devastation along a level not seen struck nearly a quarter-century ago the forecast is expressing a very high level of concern the national weather service may be uninhabitable for weeks or months sphene ramon
6:34 am
room amid >>james: the intense rain from the eye of hurricane this is kate canaveral florida 25 million people currently under some sort of watch arming
6:35 am
hoesch he lesson that morning sh after that adust of some pretty weird as far as to hook around and come right on back here was where should be monday your bridge should be tuesday wednesday it could very well be over in the bahamas half >>mark: 9 trout to preparing and
6:36 am
town hall and to new hampshire the debate will be a town hall format and they say you did watching the video >>mark: she's voted for hillary clinton per father is fully comfortable with her stance this is not the first time she has broken far more father's color text in 2007 she was part of group that supports mr. president obama >>darya: the boy's injuries were consistent with child abuse of
6:37 am
the new the with a falling out of the bay area safety concerns in san francisco after two robberies happen after a popular tourist area just two days apart the 29 your man was taken pictures and two guys came up behind them they ran to a nearby car but he held on to the camera it was dragged by the car as he would drive away this is a second robbery in this area just two days they were robbed at gunpoint on tuesday night as they were loading the car in this area
6:38 am
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>>mark: the 49 is hosting to the cardinals an important game for both teams that won three of their tied for the last place in the division does go to the second quarter it was 3 last, over the lead to 17 card appliance not after losing four straight games final 1 05 to 96.
6:42 am
>>mark: we continue to follow the breaking news out of florida were a major hurricane another live look
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>>mark: 2 living in people all look coast of florida and georgia and south carolina to avoid the storm surge emergency official told people who did not evacuate there will be no rescues of to the storm is over. >>rebecca: be to see downtown buildings all decked out in the
6:46 am
blue angels if you're going to be heading in this direction this week it will be a great time to do so edge temperature is right now look like this still in the fifties sh. >>rebecca: lots of sunshine
6:47 am
>>robin winston: from fremont across the bridge into menlo park avenue out of the way and
6:48 am
keeping an eye on it taking the 92 if you want to use it at the altar that san francisco crowd at the bay bridge toll plaza this is also normal for friday morning fairly quiet all the bridge into san francisco it
6:49 am
stays have yields of 680 you will get better by the time you get into walnut creek to get from to 42 of the walnut creek out to danville
6:50 am
>>mark: she says she was a leader and study in a climate change another researcher was with her but was not injured and is now head back to the united states >>darya: the radioactive material is, and medical uses it can be found in smoke alarms they evacuated nearby apartment building for several hours they clear the scene around removal of all from the delta the loss
6:51 am
uses look at mirror all levels stop light as to the park mileage laws regarding privacy sought the escalation of health sh the new jersey transit train that crashed last week accelerated as before the accident each engineer or the
6:52 am
emergency brakes less than the second before the collision. >>mark: we will be right back
6:53 am
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>>mark: more than 9000 square feet even a university and the basketball court $2.2 million the asking price could be yours he died in july and 874 after a long bout with parkinson's will continue to follow richelieu's on the floor were major hurricane is level the coast ride out a number of people killed by this hurricane the number of people being told to evacuate the shore has jumped into the millions the giants
6:57 am
open to in the dreams of putting the world series win a reprieve you come up.
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7:00 am
the winds around the center are clocked at 120 miles per hour and that is where the most damage can happen along with the storm surge. it rises around daytona beach. this is going to make its way up the coast of the next 24 hours, bringing torrential rain along with storm surge that could be as high as 11 feet as it makes its way up through the area. >> james fletcher is in the weather center and he will be tracking the storm's progress and we want to go by to diane gallagher in jacksonville right now. >> reporter: the conditions are slowly starting to deteriorate in jacksonville, and were


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