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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 10, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>reporter: adjustments from here to post about republicans and menlo park the supporters accuse the media of treating donald trump on fairly.
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>>james: it is set for wednesday october 19th at the university of nevada at las vegas. >>reporter: we're told local law
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all week long and talking things off of maybe some showers hist it mixes out fairly quickly we set out to do fairly low line this particular morning.
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>>reporter: which puts a said about them the more fog. >>robin winston: no ledger hot spots out there the ride into san francisco opera to the bay bridge toll plaza know the problems and opened a great writer frosted offered that to the drive times off under 10 minutes checking in on the richmond san rafael bridge.
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>>robin winston: 21 left in the bottle or 10137 split of minor trouble spot for the south to become a out of san jose and for the growth 101 of the raid fire the tire caught fire we have the billing with bath just north of that accident was blamed may be blocked but is not impacted the drive time you to see traffic is at a limit to how the south but no other trouble spots definitely the drive times from the area for two minutes to antioch and to conquer hist.
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>>james: we are learning more about you was arrested early sunday after a standoff of palm springs police he had soft body armor and was in possession of several high-capacity magazines if he will press charges against him as soon as tomorrow hist.
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>>james: his cell boat capsizes happened over the weekend in san francisco. >>reporter: in this new video sent to a supply of you or you could see the lifejackets being tossed into the water fuel he
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was breathing when he was found he does not have life- threatening injuries is a lot of questions about accident itself the police department is taking early eventually there brenda back to the surface will be looking into things like whether there was impairment and how many people the boat was rated to hold south.
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>>james: happen today is when or go home for the giants game three of the division series set to be a pitcher's duel as the tech on last year's jake arianna the giants must win their next three games with the will to keep the world series will live tonight is the first game of the series the bay area city were to lead housing more affordable would say what new program that helps them become home owners
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>>james: >>reporter: dish should mixed
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out we see mostly sunny skies later on today we have those four days of to the north and 60 already in fairfield the towhead will be lower '80s the parlor as we continue to shave off those temperatures over the east bay hills of for seven is 84 to bring into that livermore
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also presents and the popular number 75 montague cupertino coming in at 74. >>robin winston: right now it is
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nice and smooth chechen and 92 you can get from the east bay in over to the peninsula one trouble spot wrapping up into the south of a san jose no. 101 there was a big rig and a tire caught fire there on the same dilemma that not a big deal no delays getting through the
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nimitz a nice ride oil south selling and all the way in to milpitas >>james: the deadly storm continues to cause serious problems especially in north carolina >>reporter: south carolina's
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claims of n.c. is still that it down
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>>james: the child confessed to post impressive against multiple elementary schools the account was created just last week >>reporter: the will to work in little school she is a social worker and he teaches math the couple moved into the two-story to biddable hall and our son said last month the price tag of more than $1.1 million under the
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previous program they made too much money to qualify and a family of four to make less than $130,000 a year for now there and join this phase there is
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about $20 million in funding for this program they're hoping it will feel the dozens of teaching position that remain vacated in this city.
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>>robin winston: just in case your bay bridge commuter nice to live through the toll plaza across the upper deck all the way into downtown san francisco. >>james: a milestone for settling beyond she began her first in 2003 and escalated show
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will go on the form of an extended through next june the disney picked starr has joined the $1 billion called for worldwide box office 5 can't find themselves and futures to the powers which they would need to save the world.
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>>james: a political professor at university is moderating the event is sitting down with us during war news and seven to discuss/address president to debate the state senate debate star to 630 tonight awarded to paris before you pack your kid'' lunch we have a major recall to tell you about + eight high schools are competing for a $28,000 prize to spend time student at and east they participated in this competition
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>>james: people gathered from places to the former high above the area fantastic seen we spend the final day with families enjoy in their sunday on treasure island families had one last opportunity to see the blue and to show for family week. >>reporter: the veterans from
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different military backgrounds converge to enjoy the show he made sure to bring his camera to capture his experience with
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police in the fall work his way down into the financial district will back with more of forecasts in the commune in the news in just a minute.
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>>james: helleri clinton and dollar trout traded shots at one another during the president to debate the release table said he degraded women from 2005 to center stage last night he attacked him over you will controversy according to early poll clinton walked away the big winner with 57 percent of those surveyed saying they think she
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was the stronger can.
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>>reporter: and for the one we have will get and to lower '80s in the far east bay mean what up to now the u conceit in the peninsula where still send some
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of the lower 80s hold upon the south but we're looking a 75 for mountainview cupertino mostly mid-70s we conceive 74 for san jose and milpitas and 7662 for stinson beach 77th parliament and novato offer to napa valley 70 blade 07 to so as to call off all week lull introducing a chance for some showers developing. >>robin winston: it is still
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misalliance mode we have a couch and worked into the upper deck that picked of a great ride all the way into downtown san francisco here was 101 across the golden gate bridge in case you need to get from the north than the flashlight's teensy that is the bridge gruels the macarthur from san leandro to oakland that looks good the e sure the nimitz checking in trouble from gas prices up to
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13¢ and the past nine weeks the tech look up the price in the average price for a gallon of regular gas in oakland is $2 and a decent. >>james: the electronics has temporarily suspended its production to major carriers at&t and t mobil say they will stop offering the replacement soon after the docks and note seven hits stores and august the reported they're catching fire their recall the falls last of blame fall to batteries replacing falls was supposed to solve the problem but customers
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are reporting on the same dangers problem there were produced on september 21st of this year they urge people to throw away the long tables or return them for refund. >>reporter: the high school band
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been putting in all the practice to compete in the annual high school band competition than it comes to this challenge with experience and then director of
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women such a central growths that we're excited to see where we're going of this season. >>reporter: the competition begins monday morning at 1030 and go to the part. >>james: more headlines for you will tell you about the new mysterious discovery here is what it looks like or close to
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the bay bridge.
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>>robin winston: only eight minutes from the toll out to the 101 on a tramp across the golden gate we now have four lanes south to orange no. but it is i sold in both directions and new rule has been discovered in 7 is a winchester mystery house which is not open to the public
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they open this new room is in an attic was water for nearly a century a home owner water of the room after the 1906 earthquake she was trapped in the room and some said she thought the spears are responsible for the quick track and clinton facing off in the second president to debate their attack on another and a tape that was really showing down a tremendous the comments of the debates will have the biggest moment for us a meeting is happening today in las vegas happening today in las vegas it's not a weekend hobby.ance?
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: 50 is of the board
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chilly 40 up to the north with 57 san jose about 55 pretty close to bay temperatures 59 to 9:00 a.m. by 1:77 reaching for about 80 but it will be a struggle was to go for two the week
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>>darya: they traded insults and attacks of a heart e-mail's in the new to the revered american ball or comments about women. >>: it started what a nine and a handshake he described his
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comments as locker room dancer and he'd never apologizes for anything to anyone this is a tall hostile questions came from undecided voters the children in
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said and she's a fighter 58
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percent said they were supporting clinton before the debate. >>will tran: sphere we always make it very difficult for them but the giant rollout unfortunately cannot pitch didn't to me. >>will tran: sure enough the
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daughters who louder especially after the first two innings when the gable for arms that battle and they tried to scrap back but they lost 5 to 2 against the cubs the good news is he takes the mound he is not unfamiliar with a 10 situations and he won the world series that in 2014 we're asking employees to do it began that had to win four games
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before the end of the regular season just to get to the wild- card game.
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>>mark: even of the funding is approved they will have to vote to approve the move from oakland to los vegas he confessed that
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he posted a threat against multiple elementary schools to the account was created just last week and it showed a picture of a creepy-crawlies no one was injured but the threat created widespread fear and led some parents to pull the kids out of school he was cited for cyber bullying he is trying to steer students for anyone to copy the nationwide cloud of chlorine is a big story we're following this morning >>darya: court shall the 26 year old is a former gang member he was previously sentenced to four years in prison and a failed murder plot he was arrested early sunday after a long standoff with police in happened at the same house where he was forcefully arrested three years ago
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>>james: excellent as the major problems and concerns to deal with, neighborhood and the water
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his shattered house that is in flooded areas eight people killed in this state law + in still being a bit concerned we have some areas this all 16 in. of rain they're still rising nearly 900 people had to be rescued from those floodwaters 3000 it are still living in shelters and nearly 600,000 customers are our electricity we
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will be right back.
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>>reporter: here is what this says we go forward in the next couple hours we will upper seventies hear about 80 however most of the bay will be selling in the upper 60s then tomorrow substantially cooler as we see a lot more '70s for over the east bay hills and to some of the
5:17 am
balance tech and inspection for the east bay so for the break down 59 again the fall will be mixing out to go to mostly sunny
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>>robin winston: drive carefully through the fog would 101 south is only 21 minutes from novato over to san francisco gunman top spot free from san leandro and to milpitas, and you can get to
5:19 am
the south bank >>mark: a navy destroyer comes under attack off the coast to miss a shot into the red sea most are in the water before reaching the ship the spokesperson said shots were fired from the territory in yemen >>reporter: in this new video of saturday's rescue you conceive a life jacket being tossed into the water is first to sponsor ride to pull people out the four
5:20 am
year-old who was in critical condition is not in good condition even though he was not breathing when he was found he does not have life-threatening injuries the senses copley's department tech leaving the plant and to use all are to find the boat at the bottom of the bed and and eventually bring it back to the surface with an 4 ft. boat was to friends family and invited guest police said of the clinton side whether there was a pyramid and how many people the boat was supposed to hold.
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>>mark: the losses first touchdown of the season connecting with michael crabtree for this over the shoulder grab and that put them out by 24 and one of the season and they're tied for first place in the division to have another game next week against the kansas city chiefs at the coliseum.
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>>reporter: it puts us at 56 at golden gate bridge 59 for 9:00 a.m. 1:00 we're talking 77. >>robin winston: it's a little
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crowd at the new eastern span not a bad ride is all but 10 minutes from the foot of the maze and how to fremont street. >>darya: less than one month to go to the election that sparks started flying of last night's presidential debate. >>reporter: all or a comfortable and hard to watch last night's debate was one for the history books with the question this morning will dollars from continue to face the fallout from his own party and will navigate voters out it was
5:32 am
donald trump will face the biggest test got some try to deflect try to play hillary clinton's husband an abuser of women at the university it of
5:33 am
loss biggest we are streaming to the debate live online and on our mobile application we have complete coverage right here. >>mark: the crowd was very local as they sent the presidential and they spent his time dodging questions to the republican
5:34 am
party hauler large party last night they believe clinton is getting a free pass on her behavior what dogtrot the spot under a microscope. >>darya: negative comments flooded his facebook pays since the tapes surfaced a spokesperson said that he would not appear as a host of the today show he held the job for just two months the producer says there's simply no excuse for his language and behavior on that tape the state senate
5:35 am
debate will start a 630 this evening. >>darya: attractive stock led to a drug bust in morgan hill police arrested the driver the 40 year-old mr. rice said and
5:36 am
the world record superstar or steve holds the title of the with his drive enormous pumpkin it weighed 1,969 lbs. the food you might have your fridge the economic your kid sick a live look outside to look at the bay bridge.
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>>robin winston: moving much better in the fast track claim. >>darya: recall in the have and american crackers backers because of mislabeling hist the
5:40 am
nationwide recall comes after listeria not include the drums the club 16, variety pack and the 24 come bonilla pack the remainder to august 31st september 17th. >>mark: temporarily suspending production of the products to major carriers said they will stop offering the replacement
5:41 am
soon after the galaxy note 7 to use reported that there were catching on fire replacement phones were supposed to solve the problem with customers reporting that same dangers problem is occurring with the replacements.
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>>mark: their scoring often the second president to debate for 90 minutes the question of voters in the town lost our meeting attendance traded jabs move toward the biggest field and hillary clinton won it is another pitcher would not madison baumgartner the giants
5:45 am
must win all three games for the go home this to the world series hopes alive soft. >>robin winston: squeezing through the toll plaza is not have the ear and the fast-track plan looking a little bit better continues to increase of 13 minutes from the foot of amazed out to fremont street
5:46 am
checking in on the east bay ride getting crowded highway for out of antioch to pittsburgh of a point nice and smooth through richmond albany berkeley emeryville on down into the maze only 16 minutes a nice drive down to the oakland a's.
5:47 am
>>reporter: intensifying a little bed downtown earlier with to see the buildings that this is really starting to thicken up list them to sfo forcing the lights go on we don't have any reports that may still happen since burn wood around 81 pence bird about a we have numbers close to 90 as you can see 75 go on for mountain view middle to upper 70's and worked for the
5:48 am
south and 77¢ clara 74 for san jose or going for is a cooling trend with the sea about thursday night to do some some showers trying to work in earnest a lot like it will be on friday said.
5:49 am
>>reporter: families had one last opportunity to see the blue angel show for fleet week veterans from different military backgrounds converge to enjoy the show in addition to watching the fans from the nine
5:50 am
empire club are using for the week to help their cars reason funds from the area veterans going back to school. >>darya: tech in action after cities facing a shortage of teachers there was a new program to help teachers become home owners and helped him to for the high howe some prices to start a new home loan program back in july and offer san francisco school district of to 307 $5,000 for the down payment on house
5:51 am
should be eligible it must be a first-time home buyer and met the woman to lead a percent.
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>>reporter: spilling over to the east bay shoreline the patchy morning fall cool conditions for the afternoon and mild to war and 65 for san francisco or oakland comes in and 68 this week will continue to cool down an usher maybe a chance for some showers the halls preservation
5:55 am
of open the new rule and and is an added space as the border for nearly a century >>mark: new rule means hundred and six rooms, dobbin found in the mentioned was the california state landmark cloud making more threats against schools in california see who police say is responsible for and is one of the latest threats the giants and a must win the game tonight and a must win after that we're live at at&t park.
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>>darya: the gloves off and then they got to talk to hillary clinton washington university
6:00 am
the contenders participating in the second president to debate last night there is every bit as combative as expected. >>reporter: we heard don trump say it will be jailed for hillary clinton if he became president she said he would not fit to become president and afternoon bay the farm people said that hillary clinton won
6:01 am
dollars of the hillary clinton did not shake hands that i see start as expected attendance exchanged verbal blows for rental for policy to personal temperament there were few surprises including the moment he knocked is only on the issue of syria the format allows some
6:02 am
voters to pose questions to the candidate he brought one of the bid few moments on positivity she said she was spent his kids and that she was a fighter who did not with and finally they chicanes gonna trout will be in pennsylvania held a clinton will be in michigan and then ohio they meet again for of face to face a loss vegas and just a little more than a week.
6:03 am
>>robin winston: the backed up at the bay bridge toll plaza is growing >>reporter: this is san francisco is to conceal starting to put the canucks is reaching a height about now or the next hour to concede cover of the east bayshore alarm before max is out it may hover around the coast to check into temperature the have not but
6:04 am
this morning fifty's cover most of the perimeter off mid 50's in a little bit for his cover in the north bay also introduces some showers will give you an idea of what to expect coming up no problems and downtown. >>robin winston: gentlemen on highway 101 allows sluggish in morgan hill i will have a complete traffic check coming up in just a few minutes
6:05 am
nonetheless can throw good punch with our backs against wall. >>will tran: the chilly some highlights and when the giants there's some controversy people wondering why did he rollout jeff's a larger and that is exactly what he did instead he's
6:06 am
once again to try to save this season live show you how he got to the chicago coach he is at once again to save the giants but his blood pressure barely goes of i cannot stand and i am
6:07 am
already living a stressful life tonight is the night to call off if they win game 4 will be tomorrow night the giants they're not thinking ahead there are thinking one game at a time.
6:08 am
>>darya: the legislators and lost baggage to talk about pain for stadium for the raiders the lawmakers will talk law raising taxes to pay for the $1.9 billion stadium even if it is approved the owners will have to vote to approve the raiders' move from oakland to vegas to he wants to move the team in time for the 2020 season the storm been blamed for 17 deaths the
6:09 am
situation is getting worse we have a major flood in n.c. however the rivers are still rising nearly 900 people has to be wrested from the schlub waters they're still living in shelters and last check million 600,000 customers without electricity the recovery is going to be long.
6:10 am
>>darya: the store may have decreased the number of mosquitos carrying the virus but it may be only temporary they're likely to return and the transmission cycle could start all over again they will pay $465 million of a question of whether the overcharge medicaid for the drug the company was false and classifying them as a life-saving allard reaction treatment they pay rebates to the medicaid and the program the companies paid less if the draws classified as generic more
6:11 am
errors from creepy-crawlies and california as it came from an 11 year-old boy in salinas who wanted to give an on the trend the child confessed over the weekend he posed threats against multiple elementary schools the account was created just last week and showed a fall of a clown no one was hurt cases than it was trying to steer students he were to copy the nationwide conakry's a 26 year-old is a former gang member and was previously sentenced to four years in prison one of the
6:12 am
officers was just 2 mi. away from retirement.
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>>robin winston: rolling into san francisco the good news is they've already got this activity off to the shoulder may be one car reported as was our lady before the pay date most of the vehicles off to the shoulder know the problems only 17 minutes to get from the nimitz over to the 101
6:17 am
connector the drive time now 39 minutes from antioch out to concord chipping in on the nimitz still major hot spots a little bit of crowding all left hand side 25 minutes so far from
6:18 am
to 38 out to 237. >>reporter: stress to erode away agency up in the north than san francisco everyone should zero to mostly sunny story everyone else in the good category and now we're talking about the court down all week
6:19 am
the key point that is when you may happen into about the midday hours 60 golan focal 75 covers fremont the forecast of a the next eight our 64 covers certain crops will clock 68 in rome the bay over the next couple of days it is a cooling trend.
6:20 am
>>reporter: there been tossed into the water is first responders to arrive to pull people out even though he was not breathing room he does not have left an injury is the plans for them to use sonar to find
6:21 am
the gold at the bottom of the bank eventually bring it back to the surface with an 4 ft. boat was friends family and invited guests of the farmers did the clinton and let whether there was impairment and how many people it was rated to hold. >>mark: gluten not that was his
6:22 am
first touchdown of the season and the chargers would chance of forced overtime they all the ball the raiders won 3431 that are for in one hand and they're tied for first place in the division gas price of 13¢ over the past nine weeks the cyclical were paying ron the bay area and
6:23 am
opened it is 280 were trained and commuter trains sideswiped another. >>mark: here pictures from inside the train that derailed on saturday night a train the luminous work somehow violated is clear space cause an accident
6:24 am
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>>reporter: and touch and the north bay and mid-40s territory next id hours there was the golden gate 64 by 10:00 a.m. the reflects the fog still working in the process 79 by 2:00 reaching about 80 the day will come in about 60 or so.
6:32 am
>>robin winston: 1 lame blocked and is really jamming of traffic saw on a concord and out of pleasant hill it is wide open after that while the creek toward the 24 split allows a quick drive time from concord through the slough out to danville with tried 19 minutes >>mark: a u.s. navy in comes under attack after the coast of yemen to missiles were shot and uss mason both missiles hit the water before reaching the
6:33 am
destroyer the spokesperson said the shots were fired from territory controlled by rubble the ship was not damaged and no one was injured >>darya: their arrest the 22 year-old son the night the men hunt started saturday when authorities discovered explosives and the syrian national department and said he may be linked to crisis tell clinton donald trump traded their attacks over his e-mail. >>reporter: donald trump entered if this were just about
6:34 am
one video maybe what he is saying tonight would be understandable the very brutal
6:35 am
types of comments about not just women but all americans.
6:36 am
>>darya: helleri clinton won according to cnn poll 58 percent said they were supporting clinton before the debate-, is flooded his facebook page senses surface on friday and a spokesperson said he would not appear to happen early yesterday
6:37 am
morning and the victims will found outside of the night clerk of the have not made any arrests in the shooting >>mark: a truck stop lead to a drug bust and morgan hill hear
6:38 am
the officers found a large amount of map heading inside of a car 20 minutes to go before we will see which pumpkin is the fairest of the mall
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6:42 am
still blocked the back a lot stand to the macy's >>mark: they're now hundred and 61 rooms they also try to set a
6:43 am
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>>darya: boy remains in hospital after this boat capsized and happen over the weekend in san francisco bank
6:47 am
>>reporter: you can see them go on all reports of delays will receive a license come in from sfo the future test temperatures up to about 80 or so will look into a lost battle 75 for sunnyvale and santa clara come in and 77 san francisco 65
6:48 am
mission district down to san mateo county the chilly 54 half moon bay pulling up to the toll
6:49 am
plaza some of those cars off to the park line overwrought is not a bad ride into san francisco 17 minutes from 242 out to danville >>robin winston: minor accidents not major hot spots
6:50 am
>>mark: the bay area high cost of living is made more difficult for them to of for to live >>reporter: they both worked in the middle school she is a social worker and he teaches math the move into this two- story two-bedroom home in july
6:51 am
the office started a new home loan program offers teachers up to $375,000 for the down payment on a house the couple says the mortgages hi but alternately affordable with some adjustments but for now they're in joined the space $20 million
6:52 am
for this program they're hoping it will help >>darya: their produce on september 21st the usda urges people to throw it away in
6:53 am
>>mark: and factory in bakersfield the recall includes the drumstick 16, bridey pack in a 24, and the pack their made between august the first of september 70 so far no illnesses have been reported with the cause serious there was more bad news from the stem cell phone the electronic this temporarily suspended to lead the carriers at&t mobile their reported that the phones are catching on fire and there recall in the last month claiming faulty batteries
6:54 am
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they prey on our children, spending billions. addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56.
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>>mark: their capture by the crowd and taken home and eaten the department of fish and game they're considered pets so they're not under their
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jurisdiction. >>darya: we will be right back.
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sparks fly in st. louis. tense moments


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