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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  October 10, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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sparks fly in st. louis. tense moments from the 2nd
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presidential debate. and we all want a vacation. not the san francisco giants. they have to keep winning to keep working. i will tell you why tonight history is on the giants side. it is a big day for raiders fans. how the team could be taken a step closer to moving to las vegas. kron4 news at 7 starts now. good morning. >> how is the monday right? >> the crash near the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is still slow. >> let the sweater weather begin. here is a look at what is
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going on. lake observatory we can see some sun. elsewhere across the bay we are dealing with a lot of fog. 54 for oakland. richland 56. north bay, lots of 40s. 53 concord. for the giants game versus the cubs temperatures 60-ish. mostly clear early but the fog rolls in later. the pictures will maintain close to that. ready for school forecast, partly cloudy. high noon 74. 80 for the pickup by midafternoon. we will have a look in detail in a bit. right now checking into traffic. it's packed at the bay bridge toll plaza. and ask the -- accident before the over crossing. blocking 2 lanes. it is out of the way. to the right of the parking lot you can see the tow trucks and vehicles. it's out of the way but that added to the slow traffic. westbound 80. it still backed up yonder west
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grand. crowded on the bridge. the drive time is 14-16 minutes from the foot to fremont street. no major hotspots. lots of crowding through the east bay. a motorcycle accident on 680 and walnut creek. i will check that coming up. tensions flaring at last night's 2nd presidential debate. >> something clinton traded insults and attacks over clinton's emails and over the tape revealing troublemaking vulgar comments about women. >> reporter: donald trump entered this debate with his party. his candidacy on the line after a videotape surfaced in which he is heard making vulgar sexual comments about women. less than 2 hours before the debate trump held a press conference with women who accused bill clinton of sexual deeds -- misdeeds.
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this 2nd face-off started with a nod and not a handshake. trump described his comments as locker room banter and continued attacks on bill clinton. >> if you look at bill clinton far worse. my words in his were action. his is what he's done to women. this never been anyone in the history of politics in this nation that has been so abusive to women. so you can say anyway you want to say it, the bill clinton was abusive to women. hillary clinton attacked the same women. >> if this were about 1 video, maybe what he is saying tonight would be understandable. but everyone can draw their own conclusions at this point about whether or not the man in the video of the man on the stage respects women. but he never apologizes for anything to anyone. >> reporter: this is a town hall and questions came from
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undecided voters. how can these presidents it be a devoted president to all americans? >> my argument is not with his supporters. it's him. and the hateful and divisive campaign has run. and the inciting of violence at his rallies. and the very brutal comments about not just women, but all americans. >> when she said deplorable's she meant it. and when she said irredeemable, they are irredeemable he didn't mention that. when she said irredeemable that might have been even worse. she has tremendous -- >> reporter: it was not all negativity. the final question asked each candidate to name something they respect about one another. clinton said trump's children. trump said clinton is a fighter never quits. the next face-off is next wednesday.
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according to a poll taken after the debate clinton one after an according to the cnn poll. 57 percent said clinton compared to 34 compared to trump. coming up in a few minutes we will see a closer look at the debate with the university of san francisco political analyst. happening now nbc is suspending today show personality billy bush indefinitely for his role in that recording of donald trump's crude conversation about women. >> i did try to keep in the purple. >> negative comments have flooded pushes -- facebook page. he will not appear as the host of the today show. he is held the job for 2 months. the executive producer of today said it amount there is no excuse for his language and
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behavior on the tape from 11 years ago. it's do or die again for the giants. they trail the cubs 2 games-0. >> they seem to do rather than die in the playoffs. now a preview of the big game. >> reporter: i think the giants will win tonight. i am not guaranteeing game for but i'm guaranteeing game 3 for several reasons. the most clutch pitcher in postseason history. you talked about it at the 6:00 hour. the giants under bruce 9 and 0 in elimination games. they are back against the wall and it's nothing new. they had the worst record after the all-star break that they had to win the last 4 games to even get to this place tonight. 6:30 against the cubs. they were hoping to win one of 2 in chicago. that was not the case. they last friday and game to, they rolled out jeff and he
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didn't make it to the 3rd inning. after 2 innings he gave up 4 runs, got yanked. the giants, their bats are cold. it was too big of the deficit. they ended up losing 5-2. they have come home but they rollout -- matt blunt took the mound -- it's a masterpiece and went the full 9 innings. he was mvp as well. against the kansas city royals. he won that for the giants in 2014. against their ace problems -- probably -- it's a monumental task. a huge task for the giants. if anyone can do it if the giants. how do i know? in 2012 they were also down 0-2 against the cincinnati reds. winning 3 straight and that is
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what they did on the way to the 2nd of 3 world series. the game tonight is technically sold out but i'm sure you can go to places to get your hands on tickets. they will not be cheap. we will go outside and i will get reaction, if you want to get your opinion on tv meet me in front of willie mays statue and i will have your opinion coming up. happening today legislators in las vegas are going to be meeting talking about how they will pay for a new stadium for the raiders. >> lawmakers will talk about raising taxes to pay for the $1.9 billion stadium. if the money is approved the nfl owners will have to vote to approve a raiders move from oakland to las vegas. the owner says he wants to move the team the 20/20 season. if the stadium is approved it would serve as the university of las vegas nevada football.
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talking about how great the raiders did and winning 4 and 1, we will talk to gary about that. we don't need no stadium talk. cleanup is underway after hurricane matthew. that storm is being blamed for 17 deaths in the us. james fletcher is here with a look at the damage. >> i'm reading some of the latest alerts. it looks like the death toll has gone up. virginia reports of death from hurricane matthew. death toll now in the us stands at 21. that information just in moments ago. flooding is still a major problem after matthew has moved out to see. flooded streets, flooded neighborhoods. that is what they are dealing with. 8 people killed in north carolina. flooding is still a big concern. officials say the rivers haven't even peaked. some areas sought 16 inches of rain.
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a lot of that water is draining down into the rivers. they will continue to rise. 900 people had to be rescued from floodwaters. evacuation orders were lifted sunday in parts of south carolina. you're looking at more than 600,000 people without electricity and no word on when it will be restored. we have heard from government officials, they have approved money for disaster relief. we will see how long it takes for the resources to get there. you can see roads washed away. we will see how long it takes to put pieces back together. more threats from creepy clowns here in california. this time it was an 11-year-old boy. a posting threat against the moment you schools. the instagram account was created last week and showed a photo of a clown. no one was injured but the threats created fear. the boy was cited for cyber bullying. he said he was trying to scare students and wanted to copy the nationwide clown craze. we're learning more about the man accused of shooting to police officers in palm springs.
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records show that the 26-year- old john felix is a former gang member. he was previously sentenced to 4 years in prison for a failed murder plot. he was arrested early yesterday after a long standoff with the police. it happened at the same home he was forcefully arrested for years ago. he had body armor on and was in possession of several high capacity magazines. based on the evidence, based on the most current information of what that evidence contains, we will be filing to counsel of first- degree murder and at least 2 special circumstances one being multiple murder and one being murder of a police officer in the line of duty. some people -- >> some people left flowers at this makeshift memorial. one of the officers killed was 63-year-old jose "gil" gilbert vega. he was 2 months away from
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retirement. the other officer killed leaves behind a 4-month-old baby. it's getting more expensive to fill up your car. i'm sure you have noticed. we will explain why and tell you how much more to expect to pay. more than one week after a commuter train crashes in new jersey service is finally reserving. we'll have an update. a little fog returning back to the bay area. traffic is bumper-to-bumper at the bay bridge.
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thank you for waking up with us. you have sunshine. >> i found some. i went to lake observatory. there's actually some sunshine. the fog over the bay, that will make for a mostly sunny day. late morning. into the afternoon. golden gate bridge, the thick fog at work. this will mix out over the next couple of hours. we are into a cooling trend. onshore flow. let's watch the fog. it's at its peak.
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san francisco, parts to the north bay. east bay shoreline. and then it clears out. only to return this evening. bubbly by 8 covering a good portion around the bay. east bay coming in under the moderate category. all of this week will be a cooling trend. waves coming off the pacific and it will act as a cooling mechanism. thursday, things start to get interesting. it looks like we might introduce a chance of showers. by friday afternoon you can see nice juicy wave. that is our 1st ernest chance of getting rain on friday. saturday with the long-range models they say scattered showers and sunday and another wave comes over. that may linger until monday. this program we are talking about pointing into the weekend much different than the previous one.
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it will be the most amount of rain probably since our wet season was with us. 68 oakland. upper 70s almost 80 is extend inland. the next 8 hours, 70 11:00. 3:00 p.m. 80. inland valley 69 covers the bay. cooling trend to lower 70s. robin checking into the traffic fairly normal at the bay bridge toll plaza. have one incident so far. and that was a crash 80 w. before the it hundred 80 over crossing. it's out of the way but still -- it does not stretch into the maze. good news for those who have to use it. 15-17 minutes. that is a good drivetime. here it's getting crowded. it doesn't pick up until the 7:00 hour. get out here early and you will beat the rush.
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right now it's backed up beyond richmond parkway. closer to harbor way. the backup is growing but without major problems. overall a good commute heading into san rafael. bart, a minor delay. problems in downtown san francisco. 10 minute delay from downtown to sfo. to millbrae andrew bailey city. 10 minutes is not bad. checking in on the rest of the area. hotspot free but picking up everywhere. moderate crowding for places like south 680. leaving walnut creek is getting sluggish. 14 minutes from 680 to the oakland a's. one of our busiest freeways, you know it's crowded. without major problems, 22 minutes for now to get from highway 4 in hercules down to the open maze. the south bay fairly quiet. if you have to use 880 to 237 it's looking good only 8 minutes.
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mark? a young boy remains hospitalized after a sail boat capsized in the bay right as the blue angels show was coming to an end. spencer blake spoke with san francisco police as they looked into a cause. >> all my god there is a baby. >> reporter: in this new video of saturday's rescue you can see the life jacket being tossed into the water. by first responders responding to pull people out. of the 30 people on board 8 of them ended up in the hospital. >> all but one of the patients has been treated and released. >> reporter: the 4-year-old in critical condition is now in good condition. he was not breathing when he was found. he doesn't have life- threatening injuries. there are a lot of questions about the accident. >> we don't know what happened. it's the early stages. this investigation could take weeks
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possibly months. we will look at everything and rule out aspects as we move through the investigation. >> reporter: the police marine unit is taking the lead. the plan is to use sonar to find the boat at the bottom of the bay and eventually bring it back to the surface. >> we would want to take a look at the boat and inspected. the number of lifejackets, make sure boat was crew really. >> reporter: it was filled with friends and family and invited guests. they will look into things like whether there was impairment and how many people it was rated to hold. as for how things turn out, police agree with the coast guard, 30 people rescued in 32 minutes. >> miraculous. having all those people and resources in place was miraculous. >> reporter: the rescue was thanks to san francisco fire department, the coast guard and a couple of people is good samaritans.
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the city of san francisco is taking action against several bay area cities racing shortages of teachers. here's how they are trying to help. a new program helping teachers become homeowners. so they can live where they teach. the mayor started this program and it's a home loan program. it started in july and it offers the san francisco school district will give teachers up to $375,000 towards the down payment on their home as alone. we spoke with a couple who both work in a middle school and they moved into a 2 bedroom home in the outer area. >> we didn't think it was possible. we were planning on moving out of the city. >> we are at the upper end of what you could make the lower end of what you could buy. i think we were the rear case of the family that could afford to take advantage of this program.
7:22 am
>> to be eligible you have to be a teacher in san francisco. a first-time homebuyer and together as a couple make no more than 300,000. while they are trying to check out some ships for fleet week -- >> reporter: it was a party on treasure island. >> it's marvelous. >> i love the blue angels. >> reporter: families had one last opportunity to see the show for fleet week. >> i have the best view in the house. >> we go around. lomac veterans from different backgrounds converged to enjoy the show. >> this is the 1st time i have been here. >> i thoroughly enjoy to be able to be out into the world and see everyone having such a good time. >> sometimes they flyby so low you can actually see inside the cockpit.
7:23 am
>> i enjoy coming up here with my fellow veterans. >> reporter: brody butler make sure to bring his camera. >> i think the show is really awesome. blue angels are my favorite type of plane. >> reporter: in addition to watching the jets flight fans from the empire club are using fleet week to help their cause. raising funds for bay area veterans going back to school. >> any school supplies, materials. we're taking those donations. bin ringing people together for the veterans. >> the cause is of great importance. to be able to give back. back reporting from san francisco. kron4 news. you can check out all the free fleet week activity on our website at
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as a supervisor at pg&e, it's my job to protect public safety, keeping the power lines clear, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
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welcome back. we haven't found any hotspots. we are looking good. there is slow traffic but nothing too bad. this is the right into san francisco. it is backed up to around west grand. don't forget meters on the port of san francisco property including the embarcadero and fisherman's wharf will be enforced. he will have to pay.
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over to the dunbar bridge. 17 minute trip to the bay shore. traveling to the south bay 237 w. not too bad. 7 minutes from 882 101. the average price of gas in the us is up $.04. the national average is now $2.56 per gallon. analysts say it's because of the crude oil cost. gas prices are up $.13 over the past 9 weeks. let's take a look at how much it cost around the bay. the average in oakland is $2.79. $2 anyone san jose. san francisco to 92 heist price in the nation. a new product to be announced. elon musk said the project is an expected by most. he didn't elaborate.
7:27 am
the bay area company previously announced plans to unveil a new solar roof. earlier this year they were gone by solarcity for $2.6 billion. if you exchange your phone for a new samsung galaxy note 7, their new issues the phone company is now facing. we will have to negotiate through the fog for the ready to school focus. the pickup in the afternoon looking at about 80. stay close your kron4 morning news continues. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive.
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we want to see if there any problems in the commute. >> not too many. minor issues.
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changes in the weather. the fog rolled in. going through the time lapse. the sun joins us in the fog is below us. this will be mixing out midmorning. a sunny afternoon. a live look at the bay bridge. there you see it covering the sunrise. we have should you views elsewhere you can see the sunshine. temperatures are cool. northgate 40s. 54 oakland. san francisco 53. the next 8 hours, 53 at 7 am, by 1170. 80 for midafternoon. for the next afternoon, -- we are looking for a cooling trend all this week. for the end we will usher in a chance of showers to add rain to the weekend. how is traffic? i found a nice surprise. bay bridge toll plaza. last time i checked the live
7:30 am
shot it was back down to west grand. some early clearing because of the holiday. rolling into san francisco it's looking better. there is still a backup in the cash lanes but it's thinning out and it's a good ride across the upperdeck. 15 minutes for the foot of the mays off to fremont. 92 is a different story. pack, westbound rolling through the peninsula. 24 minutes. and the usual backup for 580 west. 60 minutes from the richmond center toll plaza to highway 101. breaking news of from overnight. samsung is facing more problems with their galaxy note 7 phone. the temporary -- company had temporarily suspended production. now with a look at what the problem is that this time. >> samsung electronics says it's adjusting the galaxy note 7 production to ensure safety. this following reports that
7:31 am
replacements of the phone are also catching fire. and overheating. this is a big problem for samsung. the tech giant said the production schedule has been changed temporarily to take more steps to ensure quality and safety. samsung fell short of confirming or denying early reports that it halted production following multiple reports the newly released phones after the recall also admitted -- emitted smoke. earlier in the day it was reported that the direction was temporarily halted following decisions. at&t and t-mobile both have said they will stop giving out these replacement smartphones to consumers. it's a big blow to samsung. we'll have to see how the company recovers. the top-selling phone recalled and the replacement phone showing the same problems. this is not spell good news.
7:32 am
fast -- this does not spell good news. train service is back after deadly crash. we have video from the aftermath of the crash in hoboken station on september 29. one person was killed and more than 100 were injured. investigators say the train was traveling twice as fast as it was supposed to be going when it crashed into the end of the line on the platform. 8 of the 17 tracks are reopening. the other 9 tracks are out of service. crews are rich storing train service in new york to one of 2 tracks were a train derailed over the weekend on long island. the restoration allows limited service to resume in time for morning rush hour. officials are warning commuters they will likely experience delays and increased clouds -- crowds. a commuter train and were trained sideswiped each other causing the commuter train to derail. the ntsb is still investigating. news, a community in
7:33 am
morning after an elderly woman died following a violent home invasion robbery in san jose. the 80-year-old died over the weekend from her injuries. she was severely beaten 4 weeks ago in her home. 19-year-old zachary has been arrested for the attack and faces murder charges. police say he entered the victim's home and finally beat her demanded money and then threatened to kill her he is not entered a formal plea is said -- set to appear in court november 3. he could face life in prison. she went over a minute. and you don't stop her. when i go one 2nd over. >> you have many answers. go-ahead donald. >> go-ahead i'm a gentleman. >> coverage of last night's debate.
7:34 am
trump repeatedly calling clinton a liar and the devil. and clinton referring to trump's vulgar comments about women. mr. taylor, thank you for thing here. so your initial take from the debate? >> are political process is a myth. i think people can't wait to get it over with. >> a lot of people feel that way. do you think trump made any strides? >> i think he reassured his base that his campaign is viable. we saw the republican campaign after these recent comments by john mccain and others. what trump did do is reiterate the present situation of the republican party. i don't think he did anything to win anyone over. at this point he needs to be expanding his base as opposed to reassuring his base. >> what about hillary clinton? what the she have to do?
7:35 am
>> i think lynn has to get her voters out. i think, this is like george foreman he gave all the energy. she is winning enough not to have to respond back. there's a staying if you see some -- i think hillary understood that it would be against her best interest to engage donald trump on his level. and she is winning. if she was losing she would need to do that attacking but she does need to. i think trump understands his campaign is in trouble. he is doing the best he can to reassure his base. i don't think he has done anything to encourage other voters. >> the next debate coming up. what do you think both candidates have to do to prepare? >> at this point it's getting the voters out. turnout. you have to get your voters out. the arguments have been made,
7:36 am
the debates have been had. we have one more debate october 19. at that point what clinton will do is go back on the attack. she will be the prosecutor and then remind people of all of the things the donald trump has said and done that she thinks make him unviable and unqualified to be president. >> tonight you are moderating a debate between 2 senate candidates. we have seen some nasty attack ads. >> it has gotten interesting. i hope to ask some questions tonight. and to what extent this campaign reflects the nastiness we have seen at the national level. >> how much is the moderators job to be the fact checker? >> i am academic. i was trained as an academic. what little i do know is from my own personal development, so it's not like you can trained to be a moderator in graduate
7:37 am
school. i will do the best i can and ask questions, a bunch of questions have been submitted and i think we will have a lively debate. we are looking forward to it. >> that debate is at 6:30 pm. thank you for being here. we will be right back. when mexico sends its people... they're bringing crime, they're rapists. are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force.
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we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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welcome back. checking in on a good look -- looking bay bridge right. a lot of folks have the day off. 7:00 hour is much better. you are delayed free at the toll plaza. but it is crowded on the bridge. the drive times 15 minutes from the maze to fremont streets. i will check the san mateo bridge coming up. a warning if you have kids who eat lunch of those. craft is recalling certain legible's. the ham american cracker stacker. because of mislabeling. the snacks contain wheat and soy. some people are allergic to those. legible's in question were produced on september 21 of this year. the usda is saying throw them away, return them or if you have no problem with wheat and soy enjoy your stack. nestli is recalling some drumstick ice cream cones. it comes after positive test for listeria at a factory in bakersfield.
7:41 am
includes 16 and 24 count packs. they were made between august 31 and september 17. so far no illnesses have been reported. but listeria can cause serious and deadly infections. fever, headache and stomach pain. nestli telling folks to return it. >> drumsticks are often. here's a look at the giants game. 6:30 pm gametime. the fog rolling in. mostly clear early on. the kron4 morning news continues. if you don't use tobacco, you don't pay. smokers pay - their fair share of the 3 billion in health care costs all taxpayers are paying now. and there's one more thing: our kids. every state that's significantly raised tobacco taxes has reduced youth smoking. please. vote yes on 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it.
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>> good morning gary. it's do or die for the giants. you like that? >> at that you're going to say do or die for trump. >> we will get to that in a minute. what about the giants?
7:44 am
why we run this every time. it's do or die for 3 games. >> if it were another team or you didn't have that in the recent history maybe. it's going to be tough. the cubs are the best team. they have done it before. we will see what happens. >> i think it works well for people who believe in the magic. i know a lot of sports fans believe in the magic and the curse. the cubs are dealing with a curse. and they have bill murray. did you see him? >> did he picture hit? >> he had an adorable shirt on. it said i ain't afraid of no ghost. >> he is funny. he is a real sports and. he is not just one of these guys who shows up when it's the playoffs. you see him at events all the time. >> he looks nervous. that's a good sign for us. >> if you are reading into it that's ahead of me.
7:45 am
>> the raiders. my god. the last time they were 4-0 they actually went to the super bowl. >> these are close games. >> another two-minute game at the end. it doesn't matter how you do it as long as you and. >> this is their best run since 2002. >> i say go raiders. you can't say go niners. >> the thing is that they are young and exciting. they have a quarterback and they've got some receivers and those are the 2 things that stick out on the 49ers. they are lacking a quarterback and they don't have any receivers. >> we keep talking about kaepernick and when they will put him in. you kept explaining they can't get to the don't have the money. >> they might have to try this week. >> they say the right now the
7:46 am
reports are that the niners are restructuring the contract. they want to get that injury clause out of there. that way if he gets hurt they are not risking having to pay him out. and you say what's in it for kaepernick? >> they would be a free agent at the end of the season. then he gets, how can you show people i can play, maybe you would like me when the season was over? >> if you remember the last -- last off-season there is talk of him going to denver or someplace. he was going to have to take less money. he didn't want to do that. >> i think this could be a win- win for everyone if they were able to do that. he could show off and maybe the niners could win a game. >> see where the business takes over? money trails everything. >> that is right. keep them in bubblewrap if you break it you buy. tom brady is not a broken man. he says i feel better 39 than
7:47 am
29. >> i believe him. >> if you're in the restaurant business, i don't know if you have heard of a soft open. he is coming off playing the browns. >> people say it's been a long run. he will be well rested and ready to go. >> my god, who could do this? i went off without the training and team. he is amazing. >> if you're going to come back it's a nice way to come back. >> maybe there is something about that reconditioning, if you are on a break make it on the beach in italy with giselle. >> i don't get that. go-ahead. >> somehow that might be a good thing. if you get injured try that. >> every time a player is hurt send them on vacation. >> we're going to get to the locker room talk on the because trop -- trump said locker room. carey codd the locker rooms are
7:48 am
they really that bad? we have to take out every letter. guys, do you use a different language, is it that bad? >> the p word i don't ever remember. but hearing that. it's not so much the word but that he was bragging. i'm not saying we are perfect guys but i don't remember, and that little billy bush, that was years ago and he was just egging him on. >> so billy bush is suspended. >> if he suspended? >> yes he is. they said indefinitely. he's only been there 2 months. >> is at the morning show where it's people wake up and your friendly and warm?
7:49 am
because everyone was talking about trump. all i kept thinking, maybe because we are in the business, that doesn't sound too good for bush. >> what about got you are a married guy, lonnie it, you go home -- melania, she says it's not acceptable. and it's not, that doesn't represent the man i know. i'm wondering again, do you speak only the way your wife, mother or girlfriend would here you or when you're in the locker room our guys going to talk in a different way? >> i can't repeat this enough. bad language is bad language and that goes on and on. but to me it was bragging and he was going to grab her by the you know what. that is where crossed the line. it wasn't the language. it was the bragging about what he could do when you're a star. you go man oh man, that is the kind of guy you want in any
7:50 am
leadership capacity, i don't know. >> there is, clinton was bad. he points fingers at other guys. the skies worse than me. if you want to look back historically, there was the wife carrying competition. that is going on to this day. >> you have to give him credit, under that pressure, in this cesspool of election he did pretty good. >> i want to go to something more fun. your wife is small. you sling her over, there are 2 carries. have the estonian carry in the old-fashioned. this way you will fall. if you're in a competition, do the competition where her but goes here and she wraps around backwards because you stay low. you have to go through obstacles. >> i would do this -- you would do this i can see you having fun. >> i'm not crazy about the fact
7:51 am
that way back they would steal women. but now it's more like we're a team, this is an athletic scene. it's have fun and couples compete. you win 5 times in waves -- wife's body weight in cash. you also get her body weight in beer. >> they did the finals for north america in maine. that they do the world championship in finland. that is where it started. >> it all began in a great country of finland. >> if you do need to carry your wife, i wouldn't recommend after the wedding. that doesn't look good. stick with the threshold. >> what is that, water or mud? >> both. >> what happens if you dropper? >> you are going home alone. and sleeping on the couch. >> next vacation. going to finland.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
welcome back. hurricane matthew may have brought good news to people on the east coast as experts say the store may have decreased the number of mosquitoes carrying the zika virus. but now they are saying that
7:55 am
may only be temporary. mosquitoes are likely to return and that transmission cycle could start again. there have been more than 140 locally transmitted cases of the zika virus in florida. the makers of epipen are agreeing to pay a multimillion dollar fine. mylan is paying $465 million over questions of whether the company had overcharged medicaid for the drug. the pharmaceutical company was accused of falsely pacifying it as a generic drug. drugmakers give rebates under the rebate program. the companies give smaller rebates if it's classified as generic. at the time it was not. under this agreement island does not admit to wrongdoing. they've also been in the highlight -- headlines for hiking the consumer price. it was $100.07 years ago and now it is $600. happening today and right now, we are almost one hour into the home can weigh-off. the 43rd annual safeway
7:56 am
championship happening right now in half moon bay. a $30,000 prizes up for grabs. the growers are competing because they want to set a world record peak --. his massive pumpkin weighed in, the record 1169. >> weekend box office. the girl on the train easily won the weekend box office. >> intended to see it. even though it's scary. $24.7 million. then there is the home for peculiar children. it placed 2nd with $15 million. and the other big movies, the birth of a nation and old- school the worst years of my life. >> were they? >> i didn't mind middle school. coming up the 2nd presidential debate is in the history books.
7:57 am
nothing short of eventful. why donald trump is threatening to send hillary clinton to jail if he wins the election. as fans are celebrating the raiders, they have a great start to the season, at the very same time there's a major development in their move to las vegas. we will explain. plus get ready for rain. we will tell you when it's going to fall later this week.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:01 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: you concede to the north the venue planned it out today and they fall cool clear and mild mild to borland
8:02 am
>>robin winston: we started off slow during the five and 6:00 hour but after 730 it hit the this shows a lot people have the day off its a little crowd on the bridge the much better and delay free behind the toll plaza
8:03 am
>>mark: the gloves are off for a dollar trout and hillary clinton at last was presidential debate >>reporter: as expected recently released a video of trouble making lewd and sexual aggressor comments about women took center stage early there were a few
8:04 am
surprises including the moment he knocked his own one-man on the issue of syria the format allows some boaters to pose questions for the candidate she respected his kids and she says she respected she was a fighter and finally they should hands
8:05 am
>>will tran: we're very busy at about 10 and half hours away from first pitch taking the mound the last time it took the mound was a new york city and its a: no less in the guard that dam also when our go home he pitched the shut out three to nothing once again history is on
8:06 am
their side they're also down to the cincinnati ran what on to win three straight here is what they had to say about him tech in the mile
8:07 am
>>will tran: it is not just madison baumgartner bruce has a lot of if they win tonight game for write that shared at&t park the giants is never a good sign the to have to approach it one game at a time
8:08 am
8:09 am
>>james: tom sleight which a senior screamed the sea water continuing to rise that could put more lives in danger completely in the dark meanwhile and south carolina evacuation orders have been lifted there was a were before we had to weaken the the customer or around and come back we will be
8:10 am
right back connecting with my friends. love it. connecting with some sketchy guy from a blocked number who just called saying he's with a tech company
8:11 am
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>>reporter: is still parts of the east bay shoreline may be san francisco at the coast it comes back again as you can see by midnight getting a lot of coverage of strain will have a couple of ways come before we get there will be acting as equal anglicanism still upper '70's to be had santa clara 7774
8:18 am
for san jose sale with milpitas is 76 this is knowingly the morning cloud the we talk about the next in our 74 by high noon should be shifting over to mostly sunny and meanwhile by the mid afternoon >>robin winston: excellent news if you have to use is going to be heavier at the richmond san rafael bridge a lot unstoppable
8:19 am
traffic and accident is cleared and they got all the way quickly would still back to richmond park when crowder for 580 west 14 minutes from the tolls on 2101 loss of slow traffic we spotted this incident and campbell will bounce 79 hamilton ave it was a car fire out and under control the vehicles off to the shoulder but emergency crews have the two right lanes blocked you'll experience pockets of slowing in 238 for the scene of the accident into fremont the rest of the trip looked great.
8:20 am
>>reporter: in this new video of saturday's rescue
8:21 am
>>reporter: the san francisco police department is taken the lead on that one they're using solar to find the boat at the bottom of the bay by pier 45 and bring it back to the surface the 34 ft. boat was to france them an invited guest of the owners to look into things like whether there was impaired how many people the boat was ready to hold the police agreed with the coast guard about the quick rescue of 30 people within just 32 minutes the rescue setter was locked into san francisco fire department the coast guard and the couple of people. >>mark: 11 more threats increase because of california this time by an 11 your boy and salinas
8:22 am
the postal address against multiple elementary schools also submit to the account was created just last week no one was injured of the three is pretty widespread fear and led to some parents clear kids from schools. >>darya: police said they got a positive saw for explosives from an empty luggage piece of land that was an attendant 300 passengers had to stay and pull screening area all bomb squad investigated the like this and one for i was interrupted.
8:23 am
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it's called weather. we need some global warming! we need leaders who get it. so that we can move away from coal and oil to clean energy. i'm tom steyer. if you want to do something about climate change, you can. please. register and vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ with sleep number, you choose the exact firmness and comfort you want and so does your partner. amazing sleep for all. don't miss the columbus day sale going on now! save $400 on the queen c4 mattress set. learn more at >>mark: the condition and in
8:26 am
some for the first couple of quarters would change in the second half the first touchdown of the season at their discharges attached is the force of some 36 yd field goal the holder from the ball in the oakland raiders win 3431
8:27 am
despite bended donald trump name is owned by billionaire carl icahn to has not been involved with this is 2009 is wanted fifth to signal to close the ninth city of the past two years it is set to shut down after.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>>reporter: there was a look from our camera time not for you to see in the fall the to low levels and a lot of them with some scattered clouds the should be mixing rock forced as a kid to lead the morning hours waiting for some bright lights blue skies the poppel and which
8:30 am
again should have the next couple of hours if. >>reporter: by 4:79 as temperatures probably will be the warmest today than they will be all week 65 san francisco oakland 68 and 74 cover of san jose 11 minutes to just updated to get from the maze of to fremont street to have the they often disagree ride on a west if you have to use and starting off a loss of slow traffic early this morning but is spinning off early this morning at 16 minutes out 2101 the only trouble spot.
8:31 am
>>robin winston: the fire is out under control but the two right lanes are still blocked by emergency crews will have lots of problems. >>darya: the company has temporarily suspended production of the got a single seven. >>james: so far samsung would tell you they sent their tech in the drastic step to insure public safety after the replacement phones are now also overheating in some cases even catching fire this at a production schedule for the phone has been changed temporarily to make more steps to ensure quality and speculators there was word
8:32 am
coming from safety officials and the u.s. warning owners the result of you have them either ticket back to the regional for refund of the do not continue to use and. >>mark: train services back to new jersey transit station damaged after a deadly crash is video of the aftermath of the crash at the hoboken station one woman was killed more than a hundred others injured investigator said the train was travel twice last as a was supposed to go when it crashed
8:33 am
into the end of the train line at all to the platform it of the 17 tracks of the open to that of the nine tracks out of service and to repair. work is repair >>mark: just in time for the morning commute to one of the two tracts that were damaged when the train the realm of the weekend here can just of a crash and the restoration is limited service this morning officials are warning commuters that it will be delays to the morning would increase crops--crowds. >>darya: and they lose this war in the community is morning after an elderly woman has died after a pilot home invasion at her home in san jose the 88 year-old daughter of a we can from her injuries she was badly beaten nearly four weeks ago and her own home the 19 year-old
8:34 am
zachary klein has been arrested for the attack and faces murder charges he entered the home on september 12th be heard demanded money from and to kill her and he is not into a formal plea been set to appear courtnall from third and could face life in prison if convicted. >>mark: the u.s. navy destroyer comes on to track after the close of yemen to miss a shot of the uss mason in the rinsing the shots to fire from territory in yemen that is controlled by rebels online what chevron the ship was in damage and no sales and injured. >>darya: police in germany have arrested a man suspected of a possible bomb plot the police arrested the 20 year-old son the night the men hunt started saturday with authorities discovered explosives in the syrian national department this morning investing in said he may
8:35 am
be lent to isis. >>darya: there is a warning several armlock cars and morocco were robbed of the weekend they say that the burglars happen on saturday night they're reminding you that these crimes are just a matter of seconds and easily preventable the stress the importance of blocking a vehicle if you park it in your driveway and recommended keeping volume was out of sine. >>reporter: they both work in the middle school and she is a social worker off and he teaches math they moved into this to store a two-bedroom home and out the sun sent last month the price tag more than $1.1 million
8:36 am
in july the mayor's office started in new home loan program that offers teachers up to $375,000 for the down payment on house and the previous program that made to much money to qualify a family of four adamic less than $130,000 a year this is the mortgage is high but ultimately affordable with some adjustments but for now there and join the space.
8:37 am
>>darya: the wedding has begun and they're continuing to wait for the conference at the half moon bay called away off is going on start at 7:00 this morning $30,000 of for grabs for the growers. his last a pumpkin weighed in at 1009 come to 69 lbs..
8:38 am
at 1009 come to 69 lbs.. it's not a weekend hobby.ance?
8:39 am
you have to live and breathe it for 50 years. it's the sound... and the fury. it's letting it all hang out there, and it's hanging on for dear life. that is what amg driving performance means. and this is where it lives. the 503-horsepower mercedes-amg c63 s coupe.
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8:41 am
>>mark: it debuted in first place $24 million sit in the south >>: avenue room has been discovered in san jose's mystery
8:42 am
house and winchester it was water for nearly a century the whole owner border that room after the 1906 earthquake because she was trapped and she thought the evil spirits or responsible for the earthquake 17:00 thanks to this earlier vehicle fire and campbell by the hamilton avenue will let you know how this impact in the morning commute.
8:43 am
8:44 am
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8:46 am
>>robin winston: yes it is at a call this impact also come out of los al attles using 85 and 17 afterdeck continue to the two it is to is one to pick up to concede the big pictures of of the two northbound 8585 is not that bad if this is the heavy traffic on route 17 the complete opposite of the bay bridge toll plaza didnt into san francisco and that's why don't forget to pay for parking most parking is reinforced today. >>robin winston: attention to
8:47 am
those street signs to minutes from the maze of to fremont street yes to have crawled out that the richmond san rafael bridge is still back of beyond the western drive on crime but that is a nice improvement 6 any-crawl out from dublin to fremont 22 minutes not and it is always slow the know the problems from this little incident on the salmon and the side near a stream that is why the drive times was still fairly high because of that crash from to 38 out to 37 you're looking at a 45 minute trip will live in the south but 26 minutes from now to get from morgan hill to the guadalupe. >>reporter: some scattered
8:48 am
clouds to make notable we see this on a satellite bubbling up from the south but looking at the fault situation a.m. the should mix out on the next couple hours cover most of the perimeter of the canyon some of dollars in the north along the coast certainly that will turn to mostly sunny mold to the afternoon returning very quickly after sunset getting a lot of coverage will for 68 a sow for oakland 73 harris 754 fremont and still looking for some lower '80s off to the far east.
8:49 am
>>darya: when a texan to $2,000 in prize money we spend some time with high school students and copper ore taken center stage little room this morning.
8:50 am
>>reporter: the charter high- school band has been putting in hours of practice to compete in fleet week and a high-school band competition to bay area schools have been chosen to compete for $28,000 in prize money the clayton valley ban comes to the challenge with experienced the band director phil thomas of taken over the direction of this year's ban with many veterans of the ban challenge within his ranks also
8:51 am
formal and the competence will be the first marine division for selected members of the team will get to play with those marines at the finale one member had the f opportunity last year clean and valium feels they are writing off the competition begins monday morning at 1030 in golden gate park. >>mark: police in sacramento are looking for gunman who shot four people outside of a michael office to respond to call the shooting from the victims outside of the tropicana nightclub early yesterday morning out the man who died is
8:52 am
identified as the 28 year-old season of sacramento the shooting with the third and issued him over a week in sacramento. >>mark: 2 senses the supplies are going head to head of the fight for a seat in the california senate of the debate the two supervisors is having at the present era at the university of san francisco. >>darya: there was a warning if your kids like to eat multiples crap * is recalling along to those ham and american crackers backers because of mislabeling and snacks contain wheat in sewing and some people are allergic to those in the does none said on the product label
8:53 am
the lunch was a question of the dues on september 21st of this year the usda says if you are allergic you wanted all aware tech and back to the story purchase them from. >>darya: the recall includes the drums the club 16, provided i and the 24, and the pact would permit the to august the first of september 17th so far no illnesses have been reported.
8:54 am
they prey on our children, spending billions. addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56.
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or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56.
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>>darya: the department of fish and game's they're considered pence and they're not under the jurisdiction we will be right
8:57 am
8:58 am
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9:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>robin winston: a bus caught fire off the freeway north on 17 and hamilton avenue you take away two lanes and is not in the gridlock here in north on seven single backed up on to 85, a los
9:01 am
gatos and to what you see the whole back of the was a heavy northbound just before and after 17 the drive times alone of is now 27 minutes. >>reporter: the next eight hours
9:02 am
to 77 at 1:00 5:00 and 76 >>reporter: less and less to bay
9:03 am
was one for the history books both can answer questions from voters and hall and on line but it was trump that face the biggest backlash. >>reporter: to try to deflect many times track to pay
9:04 am
hillary's husband as an abuser of women meanwhile was pressed harvest plan to stop the bloodshed and serial for the third and final presidential debate before the election set for winston. >>mark:.
9:05 am
>>will tran: most people all rosalynn the case is not the giants a not their work is to concede they're very much busy getting the ball park ready to go the first pitch at 630 this could very well be the last game for the san francisco giants
9:06 am
fifth done that is in our season with a chance to talk to people. >>will tran: happening today
9:07 am
legislators allows the biggest corn to be talking about how to pay for stadium. >>darya: is the cinema is
9:08 am
approved and will serve as the home for the raiders and also the home for the football team with the university. >>james: the water is still rising to the danger has not gone away and you can see some of the damage that's been kind enough current one of the road washed away and the trees of burning after power lines came down officials in north carolina just announced home so that to 05 people reported missing from
9:09 am
the area after they came through the have been found safe. spher >>james: some of those in south carolina who evacuated before the storm are returning home slowly to assess the damage. >>darya: collins met in what threats against schools in california and now we know who was behind the least one of them after the break a young boy recovering after the boat as he was on capsized will have the of the into you happen
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
>>robin winston: i will check the drive times and will check to leverage this this morning
9:13 am
for your boy is still recovering in hospital care is a video of the rest of napier 45 this is the issue was and 27 adults and three children on that boat and total into were taken to hospital all for your boy was not breathing she was found a currently is in good condition. >>mark: build and to attack the common people were on the boat and how many cold and whether the driver--prepared. the driver--prepared. anyone with type 2 diabetes the driver--prepared. knows how it feels to see your numbers go up,
9:14 am
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9:16 am
>>mark: is said to shooting happened a 26 tree embassy in rome to study last month the gunman is still on the loose with told the gang task force investigating we have a "
9:17 am
program for the next couple days in talking about that will we're really looking for life friday is some substantial rent of the bay area. >>reporter: in san ramon coming in at 79 but we do have the calling program coming over the next days you can see the next $8.7776 warming up for it is in the extended forecast to see things dropping.
9:18 am
>>reporter: that what tech as to what can run all the way into the early next week. >>robin winston: the ride into san francisco starter of the slot with lots of heavy traffic and to conceive and this live shot is complete and out as a great ride rolling into san francisco, nine minutes from the foot of the made out to fremont street finally is getting better at the richmond san rafael bridge the track inspector with the last hour some eight minutes from the toll of to highway 101 and you see a fairly good to me on 92 as well 13 minutes and is
9:19 am
always wanted to to get from hayward over to san mateo the new problem from to 37 western alliance san jose and accident happened abroad along first know the major problems of this is one of the ride on the nimitz 11 mention to the 38885 it looks great out of castro valley to send mentioned and to all council from to 38 it is only 14 minutes. just
9:20 am
>>mark: donald trump cautery clinton a liar and the devil and targeted his comments about women and is a lot to talk about about the bay in effect on the election. >>mark: the initial attack from the debate? >>: the political process and with the people cannot wait to get this over with off and then donald trump would be did do is
9:21 am
to reiterate the present situation of the republican party and the division in the parting again the wealthy did anything to when anyone over. >>: them out from give all the images she is winning enough not to have to respond.
9:22 am
9:23 am
>>: 0 do this i can and ask questions them to pull some unpleasantness togetherness and of much of questions will have a lively debate in the third debate between.
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>>darya: the boy was cited for cyber bullying and he won to be part of the nationwide, cray's to the store will follow really what the man accused of shooting and killing two police officers and from spring he had solved by the farmer and several high- capacity matt doesn't people had
9:27 am
to evacuate and the international airport last nine because of the have a positive slaw from explosives from and to a luggage container and that was left unattended.
9:28 am
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9:29 am
9:30 am
>>reporter: never slow to get this fall to crush it will limit on shore flawed 47 degrees in santa rosa everyone else has been brought with it at least to the fifties that temperatures in mid to upper 60s with all that and meanwhile the coast as chilly lot affected to be worked with san francisco 6568 for all of san jose about 74.
9:31 am
>>robin winston: 9 minutes from the foot of the maze of fremont street still trapped in this bus fire and campbell happened about two hours ago north on 79 hamilton ave the fire is completely under control the have the two right lanes blocked all just as a safety precaution it is backing of traffic and is going to be slashed from 85 still jamming of traffic but after that disagree ride. >>darya: republican house speaker paul ryan says he will not defend the donald trump. >>james: is a major blow to down * campaign house speaker paul ryan the highest ranking
9:32 am
republican and house of representatives as all but conceding that the law clinton will likely be the next president filled conference call with house republicans and told them that he will no longer defend donald trump or campaign with him to the next 30 days he would no longer defend him in the long between now and election in milosz's look at the latest poll from nbc in wall street journal and the fall when
9:33 am
mantle when you add libertarian can this yet action 46 to 35 but clinton still had a 2 digit lead in that poll. >>mark: the company temporarily suspending production of this foam the some some of the time the said test the data signaled some production the returns when phones for the fire kron 4 also overheating samsung felt sure the nine earlier reports that a
9:34 am
halt to production following multiple reports of new release dallas in the seventh stones after the will recall one person was killed and more than a hundred others rep injured investigators said the train was on twice as fast as it should have been before christ and to apply for it of the 17 tracks are open now today. >>mark: have limited service for the morning commute scare of
9:35 am
pictures from the train crash of 12 car commuter train and worth trying 32 people injured for the seriously in the ntsb is investigating recall the crash for community is in mourning after an elderly woman died fall of five of home invasion robbery that 88 year-old died of a weakened from her injuries four she was severely beaten in the four weeks ago her home the 19 year-old zachary has been arrested for the attack he faces murder charges he entered her home on september 12th the her and demanded money and plentiful hearth is not into a formal plea but he said to appear or and if convicted he could see in life in prison.. >>mark: a military spokesperson
9:36 am
said the shots were fired from territory in yemen controlled by rubble the ship was not damaged and no sales were injured this morning investing is the same that demand may be linked crisis police in sacramento law for the gunman who shot four people outside of a nightclub on the victims died in their response to call the shooting
9:37 am
and they found a victim outside of the tropicana nightclub the other three men are expected to survive the shooting it was the third daily issued a sacramento. .
9:38 am
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9:40 am
>>mark: this next do contain a week in seoul is something the could be allergic to those those challenges are not listed on the product label their produce on to attempt an first in this year and a u.s. there are certain people to throw them away.
9:41 am
9:42 am
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey
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>>darya: it was do or die for the giants and maybe we should take this and run it with the next three games at think it works well for people who believe in the magic to get a lot of sports fans they believe into things the magic and occurs because the cubs of dealing with their cars and have bill murray at the game.
9:46 am
last time there were 41 the action will to the super bowl
9:47 am
they said that right now on the reports are that the 49 a restructuring this contract it won to get it out of there and that when if he gets heard they're not risking have to pay him out.
9:48 am
>>gary: money has track of everything tom brady is not a broken man into san the long run he will be well rested and ready to go every time there's a
9:49 am
player personal vacation where wanted to the locker room talk only because donald trump said locker room. if >>gary: federal ever mulheren that blood nasa must the words is that he was bright enough that no member and one he can't fly in and love of the bush is
9:50 am
unacceptable as offensive and is not the doesn't represent the man the she knowles lanolin which is bad language and that goes on and on to me it was
9:51 am
still bragging and he was one to grab her. >>darya: he pointed fingers and of the guise of a if you want to look back historically there was the wife karen competition that is still belong to this day but
9:52 am
is uranic competition and to the other caring goes there's iraq's combat was here you win five times a wife by his way in cash
9:53 am
>>darya:see you gary. they prey on our children, spending billions.
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addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56.
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>>mark: the culmination of the annual turkey trot in arkansas comes with the passing airplane dropping like turkeys of the town square of one of the republican pack the others were captured and the crowd and taken home for dinner according to la parma fishing game that consider cadets inoculant their jurisdiction and they do not understand half long.
9:56 am
>>darya: for the record it was in that had in the south bay and
9:57 am
new room has been discovered since and was a winchester mystery house and is open to the public is an added twist that was border for nearly a hundred years home owners and when just the water up after the 1906 earthquake she was trapped in the room and thought it was spring is responsible for the earthquake there hundred and 61 rooms have been from the mantle to the california state landmarked. >>darya: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.our next news cast is at 5pm.
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