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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 11, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: berkeley to allow it
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was a lot of for the east bank for the east of a strong not a bad shot at all we consider alliance which at the golden gate not bad at all even in the dark as see the far tower pretty nicely over their recounting >>reporter: to start to intensify in some of those unbalanced you concede was
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sunshine much cooler temperatures of 71 for san jose is to reduce temperature from yesterday's performance.
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>>robin winston: the average drive less and some men is a great driving conditions for westbound 80 howe about 580 there are a bridge to richmond san rafael bridge 101 across the golden gate bridge not want to be a problem track the come from the north bank so smooth and after 11 leaving morgan hill into downtown san jose
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>>james: police are looking for the person who killed man in san jose take a look toward happen police said they found the body about 10 for a last-minute the killer or killers are still at large tortured and insulation at at&t park after five hours the giants beat the cubs the giants and now want to ensure a playoff elimination games it was in up in that game another bookstore
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where from the wild fire close to homes and forcing evacuations
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and napa county we spoke to fire cruise is willing to put the fire out. >>reporter: firefighters say when the temperatures will help the darkness is a challenge more and 50 a. have burned they
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evacuated people lived in the cat flap aerial the call the fire still investigation >>james: will report the attackers desecrated something very important. >>reporter: bees are released pictures of the event of a what appears to be are religiously
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charged attack someone threw beer can at his window at the next like three people got out of a truck and begin reaching today we learned he may have averaged it and to it was then cut as to try to defend himself
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. the attorney said because of the religious nature of the attack the district attorney's office should prosecute as a crime of the possibility of half penalties there was more bad news for samsung galaxy note 7 users the company announced a faulty farms are not to be used for their more reports of the rice is overheating can catch fire the recall comes after five
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reports of the replacement found in the catching fire or smoking one melted and a 13 your hands and minnesota bird and her thumb their now announces in the airport and on the plane >>reporter: your allies to keep it off an exchange of for galaxy as seven or as seven and all
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production and sales have been halted that is also an option it to return the other allies will for reform everyone is waiting to see what is next but in the meantime if you have a note 7 bring in they're trying to make sure no one else gets injured we
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will be right back.
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>>reporter: before we get there we have the driveway was moving through cooling mechanism with it for this final wave to drop
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will allow further inland in the we popped into the '70s getting up to 77 or so antioch 75 as well pleasanton and livermore in mid '70s is a pretty good jump later on today and 70 going on for mountain view the dim the radar today noting the fog is cloudy to parlay clouds and sunshine by noon and to the afternoon of those an attempt to boston from the '60s the bay into lower 60s territory next three days looking at wednesday mostly sunny at 7375 going on by thursday.
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when you connect tear to was about 90 to a good commute all the way across as a foster city 13 menaces the average drive to get from hayward over to the 101 connector. >>robin winston: that is a niche a check in of the east bay senses look pretty good here 24 from the caldecott it's a great time to commit. >>james: happen in our rescue efforts are underway in parts of the east coast this is video
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from some of the rescuers. >>reporter: president obama declared a major disaster in the state include in the city work crews from from today to rescue 1500 people stranded by flooding the or a flight restrictions in the areas of aqaba for your rescues.
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more than a million people to consider the state's population what live without electricity thousand as they forced from their homes and taken into shelters. >>james: police a is unclear how the gun went off the table with this point was an accident and they're not planning on making an arrest and are to the
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politics is more this is in 2016 that a trout lashing out at the public officials after paul ryan said he along with the defendant the gop nominee he so republicans did not focus on ensuring hillary clinton does not give a blank check as a president with the democratic party control carter's frequent and don trump fair ratings may or may not have changed much will people also some media appeared to have an overwhelming fear will opinion of one of the audience members hist it turns
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out the sweater was planned be. >>: today haven't and a famous the greatest thing ever tomorrow when yes to go when it's off to a transmitter you change his mind there are reports this some people trying to get a writer being taken advantage of the problem for a driver's they get
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you into the car and charge you a lot more than you bargained for their way you can avoid getting taken for ride it is up
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to you to look softball.
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>>robin winston: the school and to be a pretty quiet evening commute if this a quick eight minutes for the average driver.
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>>reporter: today host will have little time on his hand in the wake of the tape between him and donald trump talking about women should just let a confession about the relationship the may have and why she has never cast another man ever.
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>>james: 5 hours and 13 innings later the giants still lives being the chicago cubs of 65 for--6 to 5 is happening near
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deer creek road about 3 mi. as of the latest of the this morning his attorneys are calling it a hate crime happened on september 25th in richmond
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>>reporter: a much call forecast will get right to in terms of what the shape of for now were asked warmer this morning and yesterday however it will be a long record in yesterday's performance will be
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is that instead of mid-70s for the inland areas the bay in the '60s pop and about 71 or so the a rain shower will probably hold off until we get a said friday.
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let's check in a drive times and still looks pretty good checking in on 680 know the trouble spot for was 24 on walnut creek 80 west nice and quiet as clocking in at 13 minutes 880 and even san jose from to 81 to 237. >>james: more reports and the reckless driving all over the bay area no rest were made the
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sea its appeal lies people to see this type behavior, be patient of you're stuck inside so traffic and tried to place numbers if you can.
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>>reporter: because it was too close to the water line from the lake this video shows the marine units using sonar technology searching the waters off a pier 45 a salvage company is expected to come out with the next 24 hours if you look closely you
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can see the for your boy been brought up top for the of a torn muscle 700 and a million dollars
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the cost of the stadium because it is a hotel tax into burma towards the oakland mayor more people about the spike in taxes she is still optimistic they will stay in oakland.
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>>terisa estacio: the san francisco pulling up and let you visitors checking things out it was quite the way awfully weak in the first that the submarine optical look as to broader
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safely to the morning fog time for the annual battle of the bands with proud parents watching the grand prize of high school bands competing against one another place on the trophy in then there was this the u.s. as san diego the larger ship attending flee week everyone is
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still talking about this we brought you this sensational show they said the fresh air will be remembered for quite some time. >>james: a live look upside the cameras to try looking down over san francisco.
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>>james: his body was from around 1040 last night on the river park drive and have not yet released how that person was killed or more me while samsung says there permanently stop production of the smart phone galaxy note 7. the giants' comeback to beat the cubs and a late game thriller japan it was the here tonight he had a wall of double in the bottom of the 13 seats they won 10 straight elimination games they're still down two to one in the series.
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>>reporter: with sunshine come
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of this afternoon here temperatures they're pretty much '60s on the east of the shoreline over the east bay hills this is where the '70s will go for livermore and pleasanton of redwood getting up to 77. >>reporter: for the remainder of the week we're assuring in some
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showers looks like at this time on friday confirmed the in the clear with the couple of waves to watch out sure to the we can. >>robin winston: know the trouble spots really quiet on this on a rolling into san francisco chapter animal richmond san rafael bridge know the problems here agree connection into the north bay on to grow one north heading into a lot of san rafael the connection to south 242 south 680 will be
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fine on the to men from copper to and bill it diminished nominal loss from 85 to 237 the on the totals is because they lost their lease the store and in business for more than 50 years it sold five winning tickets to the million dollars on more than will soon be no more stanley and was outside at&t park of the giants' playoff game and there was plenty along on the ball park but you don't usually hear much about
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>>stanley roberts: f will come to at&t park in san francisco or don't need a map to find park the giants allowed people to celtic is a long was it on to tom at&t properly when across the street there was a call out
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of pocket he will also try to sell insurance call me out.
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remember to buckle up and stay off your phone. >>james: the police special event for cancer survivors that
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is coming of next meanwhile here is what conditions look like at the bay bridge approach was bound 80 alive approach showing you like commute we will be right back
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: 3 police officers taken to hospital after been exposed to toxic fumes can happen right here at the shopping complex awful avian way this year ride to the video happen late last night the recall to the scene to inspect a great pickup trucks the got close to the spirit of trust in the fumes were so powerful. >>will tran: made the sec and
5:01 am
and they called the fire department and became law in the value of the situation and realize they also needed help will to live in cobb has met team offered apartments or at the shopping complex looking at the car he was carrying household items that were mixed together cause is toxic fume that made the plans of some very sick cause of to have breathing problems and that is in the fire department recommended you need to go to the hospital here was what is in the car 5 gal. of
5:02 am
ammonia 7 pice of household bleach those to mix together with another increase of this is this something was dangerous inside the car for china to find out more information from the police department if there's any suspicious activity the quantity has raised the police department as well as the fire department they're still investigating this particular incident
5:03 am
>>reporter: as we go forward who want to intensify the fog in terms of coverage midmorning should be out here to an 11:00 or so little school forecast will begin with the clout recall that a.m. for a high noon the sun as well 6571 at the pickup in a duplex 65 going on will be like this for the next couple
5:04 am
days >>robin winston: 101 and 280 the central freeway all looking good so far i will have a complete traffic check coming up in just a few minutes. >>james: police now looking for the person who killed a man in san jose take a look at where happen police said they found the bodies with visible injuries and about tim 40 last night police have not released who they think kill this person to the victim is the killer still on the list this morning
5:05 am
samsung is terminally its holding to dutch is in the one everyone to turn off the phone the company said it made a final decision to stop production for the set of consumer safety specialists to regain consumer trust after a first from recall when the phone was catching fire and even though the sec for replacements are also catching fire and they cannot figure out why that aid and in two runs
5:06 am
>>james: that gave the giants believed with the coast tied up at the top of the ninth with a home run the bounced off the top wall you're going to see joe the pressure is on bottom of the
5:07 am
13th. >>: the head will deflect for ever this
5:08 am
is the fire burning their dry creek road person or helicopter partnership the the fire will following that is been burning in santa cruz mountain for a while reynolds about 95 percent contained this is build the fire
5:09 am
from helicopter partnership because of the fire they're not sure they're still investigating would tell you where forecasters say it may get worse before it gets better know
5:10 am
the problems for your was bound a commute into san francisco nice and smooth what about rest of the bay area of we will be right back
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>>reporter: pretty uneventful
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the matt waves move through a potentially new way for the to the north we can get some light rain showers the really most of the action will be by friday the heaviest rain in action at that point to looks like it or break up by the afternoon into the evening as you concede into saturday ok but then by saturday night in the car with another batch comes in into sunday morning and then there was more successful ones upstream to look out for the upper 60s go on for a lot with the skies opened up temperatures up to mid '70's.
5:15 am
>>robin winston: its backing of off and on a to the cash lands on the left it to see a lot of the crowd and overall a nice ride lot of help and into san francisco it will start back in a quickly agree ride across the upper deck howe said ride to richmond san rafael bridge there is a live look five if it was nice and smooth across the span and connecting with 101 that connection will take eight minutes with had no the problem so far leads to the north the bay if you need to get into san francisco 101 come out of morgan
5:16 am
hill the northbound communalize some light to the guadalupe parkway in san jose 22 minutes. >>darya: in bay area news and a 11 month old baby is in the hospital after being shot in a home in petaluma it is unclear how the gun went all but investing is believed was an accident they're not planning on making an arrest. >>james: on monday 15 and the people were rescued in the city the faa order flight restrictions of the area was in
5:17 am
a million people are still without power cause of the others are now living in shelters >>darya: florida a key battleground state family lost florida to george w. bush and a 2000 election they're openly to help clinton appeal to younger voters or concerned about climate change trouble appear at
5:18 am
a rally in pennsylvania he tried to pivot the focus he said rain to spend more time dowson the budget jobs and illegal immigration and now wasted time on fighting the republican nominee conceded the asking the
5:19 am
deceive behavior like this call mile-long one the man is recovering after being attacked by a bear. >>darya: that happened yesterday morning and the mountain he was staring at the bare this city is
5:20 am
closed at the big but he lay there and play dead soviet cuts and scratches and maybe some puncture rooms.
5:21 am
>>james: all filed a note of this happen in new jersey a mental security officers he found a note about the bombs were security act, about this said the man said he threw away westbound 80 chapter will be another of the on the commute in the forecast the time now is 520.
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>>darya: supreme court justice david interview with she called the with the protest and
5:26 am
ridiculous and she added it is a terrible thing to do but i would not locks on up for doing a the back of quarterback of other athletes are received national attention a man attacked in his car and the east bay see why investigators are looking at this as a hate crime.
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>>reporter: will be doing it for the bay was a close inspection right now we're checking in to track the details. >>robin winston: is getting pretty kron 4 was what a be rolled into san francisco is a nice flow know the problems come of the maze is clear the new eastern span the suspension looks good 11 to 14 minutes for now from the foot of the maze out to fremont street evacuation darn place because of fire and napa county burn in the dry creek road.
5:31 am
>>jackie sissel: that also had to shut down several rows in that area just west of young build little bit north of downtown apple now there is also an evacuation this is an across the community church in downtown napa on first street a man is
5:32 am
attacked in his own car and the attorneys have hate crime the victim what appears to be religiously charged attack back on september 25th. >>reporter: soon to a beer can have the window at the next like three people got out of a truck and began reaching the punching left with a huge black eyes will turn on a spiritual level did not offer is turban for life in choctaw office full of his hair
5:33 am
people of very accepting so far police arrested two men they said they're looking for third assailant and two accomplices the attorneys say the religious nature of the attack the contra costa county district attorney's office should prosecutor as a hate crime with the possibility of enhanced penalties this
5:34 am
happened right during fleet week festivities the and the child was found unconscious and not breathing but they were able to give him cpr before he was rushed to the hospital. officials said the boat capsized because the was overloaded with people.
5:35 am
>>james: then learn about the threats to students and staff late sunday night the three students were taken into custody monday they're not releasing their names because there are the age of 18 it is not clear if they're tied to the recent calm hoax that prompted numerous lockdowns and schools around the country >>darya: they used a homemade weapon to cut the officer the officer is expected to make a full recovery the inmate is
5:36 am
awaiting execution for two murders in the lost angeles area people to vote have until october 24th to register after
5:37 am
breaking trip taking blood pressure medication.
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>>robin winston: picking up in the east bay 580 a little sluggish loan was for real
5:40 am
health the small blood pressure medication could lead to depression. >>james: pete taking antagonist double the risk of being hospitalized for depression or the mood disorders of the world health organization said high blood pressure call estimate is seven have million deaths worldwide premier coke and pepsi is sponsored a least 96 cult groups the 1220 11th 2015 law offer of that study says is aimed at cutting down on sold
5:41 am
drinking at they have been blamed and the growing obesity epidemic in such a with increased risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
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>>james: those fumes can from pneumonia and bleach the office was treated at a hospital and released their expected to build and sell some was halting production of us got see note 7 smart from if you have one they say you need to shut it off as come to that after they hope to call was sales the company says they made the final decision to stop production for the sake of consumer safety because several phones to call fire.
5:45 am
>>robin winston: you can still get in without a big problem will cross the upper deck the hall and deal with the carter told plaza through the toll plaza is moved up in the upper deck 15 minutes of the average drive from the foot of the maze out to fremont street 26 minutes
5:46 am
on the third team which is great to get from hillcrest out to 240 to quiet 684 walnut creek getting a little heavy from dublin into fremont 20 woman is the average drive time from the dublin and to change out to mention south half.
5:47 am
>>reporter: however britain of nicely cover almost all of the day before midnight the force of forecast lower seventh agency in walnut creek property in mid '70s for antioch livermore member and one or when to go
5:48 am
with '60s with the san mateo county police said it will be targeted for the morning commute and another batch to look out for temperatures fall and response.. >>james: with the senses was giants in the playoffs there's a lot going on inside of at&t park. >>stanley roberts: is one to be
5:49 am
an interesting day when the first guy in this city is a chicago cubs fans wearing orange welcome to at&t park in san francisco where you don't need a map to find the park the giants allowed people is rotted on the law at&t park early when across the street they are what i call out of pocket he was
5:50 am
trying to sell and tried to call me out because i did not have permission to record them
5:51 am
we're looking incendy to a home $11,500 in prize money the key to growing the giant pumpkin is to use the white see the cars came from 2002 was in turn, pumpkin.
5:52 am
a lot of people or are going to have to find a new place to find their lottery tickets
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5:54 am
>>reporter: 66 for much of the
5:55 am
ban. >>james: lot of players in the bay area will have to look somewhere else for their lucky charm the east bay look store this is a lot of business and you recall his doors for good at the end of november at the numerous times the live shot from a lottery in the business for the 50 years and the bishop and down the doors is considered lucky for very good reason cash the oakland raiders + special event for cancer survivors.
5:56 am
>>james: the evacuation and are still in place as firefighters are working to get the upper hand dangerously close to home.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>will tran: fortunately it
6:01 am
they're treated and released would happen right here late last night for this could write to the bill the recall to the scene after some once build 5 gal. ammonia 7 p. of bleach those things mixed together inside of the stroke risk that cause the toxic fumes we got a
6:02 am
chance to talk to the fire department hopefully more information will happen letter or the sworn in the good news is.
6:03 am
>>reporter: a percentage on the border right now most locations 54 also santa rosa says some the
6:04 am
most spots by noon 667 to go on for mid afternoon set for the pick of 66 also for the blame the temperatures will be tomorrow and thursday know when the travelers a hot spot so far if the back of what the bay bridge toll plaza is growing and growing for is less than 15 minutes from the foot of the maze of the fremont street since the drive times coming out of the east of a highway for already crowded. >>robin winston: no major problems leaving, could present hill of love creek, it would take 12 minutes from the 242
6:05 am
split out to danville. >>james: there shall and to regain customer trust after the recall when the phone call on fire they found out the replacement stones stuck also
6:06 am
catching on fire evacuations are in place because of a fire in napa county is burning and dry creek road. >>jackie sissel: this to look of the video of the fire broke out around 5:00 yesterday afternoon to see some of those dramatic pictures and the fire burn very close to some homes of on dry creek the area that is burning just a little bit there are mandatory evacuations and place at a campbell flat and campbell creek also been told there has
6:07 am
been an evacuation centers set up south and downtown apple at first street at the crosswalk community church the fire burned about 50 a. last we heard about with his 25 percent contained the good news is override the conditions and weather conditions improve the temperatures went down she saw
6:08 am
the giants live to see another game hist surviving once again
6:09 am
the giants. fes
6:10 am
>>darya: and may have been the man and read his name is can his style is going buy raw.
6:11 am
6:12 am
,$8drw they prey on our children, spending billions.
6:13 am
addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56. >>james: president obama declared a major disaster in that state 21 people have died as a result of hurricane math used there were here in the u.s. on monday 1500 people were arrested in the city did water
6:14 am
in neighborhoods the ncaa or fly restrictions of the helicopters if can help before your rescuers
6:15 am
>>reporter: 5 this evening 60 for the bay and the coast '70s inland the false starts rolling late bus away in advance the next couple days will be the same drill this texas got a 30 so the morning commute just-in- time as the shower start to as well and then you concede to the afternoon and evening hours
6:16 am
midmorning this is optimistic that will be basically a melancholy not around bay so much because of the corridor will have 71 for 2:61 going on the next three days off relatively uneventful >>robin winston: is in fairly
6:17 am
quiet on the branch from a quiet and downtown know the problems right now 13 to 15 minutes >>robin winston: the ride on five it was a little more to the dublin and to change the clinton minute trek 101 from the airport into the central freeway 11 ministers of pretty the drive
6:18 am
democrats some hope. the victim of the appeal to younger voters or concerned about climate change if the campaign still talking about the taste of our trouble making aggressive, is about women during a stop in ohio yesterday and chiffon
6:19 am
>>james: he will no longer the been donald trump if he said to spend more time about job and illegal immigration it could be the real winner of sunday night's debate between donald trump and a recurrence and he was visually important he stole the spotlight and one. . >>darya: that is why people love
6:20 am
to them and additions to the nasa television appearance he spent some time after the debate that he was from famous >>reporter: morning after one of the most watched debate in modern time he saw a lot the limelight include pose for pictures in his red sweater. whether it was all the lights cameron action for most watched
6:21 am
who recognizes the operator from sunday's debate use an opportunity to see an instant solution media i, of falls it was a last minute after ripping the pants in the suit he was born to where as a new cycle for a certain social media began to develop and leverage is one question in that same-sex
6:22 am
marriage the liberal party formally announced today it will not support the government's planned the public boat design necessary.
6:23 am
6:24 am
>>robin winston: it is packed out there and a number of spots including the bay bridge
6:25 am
commute. >>reporter: these a new lease pictures of it would appear to be religiously charged attack back to 224 if three people got
6:26 am
out of a truck began reaching investing with huge black iron did not office tower reporter knife and chopped off a fistful of his hair the dish to turn his
6:27 am
office prosecuted as at a car with enhanced penalties
6:28 am
6:29 am
6:30 am
>>reporter: will be looking for this to great britain for some blue skies the next eight hours
6:31 am
cloudy at the overcast.
6:32 am
>>darya: everyone was in the water and you to see people by sending a will to get cpr before the rush to the hospital because
6:33 am
it was overloaded with people 29 people or on the boat investigators have located did they use on our an ounce hours companies of working to recover losses raise it will be inspected police cannot release of the names they're protecting the identity.
6:34 am
>>darya: he cut the officer and the officers expected to make before recovering he was also sentenced to death ordered hit on a witness when he was awaiting trial on the side show motorcycle stunts like d.c..
6:35 am
>>darya: second bearcat are nowhere and attacked him he was able to walk out of the wilderness on his own will sector to the hospital he spoke from a hospital bed last night
6:36 am
they said they're looking at some poltroon, is going to the for recovery and they say there but to try to locate the their fifth idea going to at that point this city has some episode and fell to the ground the bomb squad was called in the the whole sweep of the mall and found nothing.
6:37 am
>>darya: clear wang and by colin and of the football players during the national anthem supreme court justice gave an interview recall it ridiculous and added " the terrible thing to do what i would not lock someone up for doing in the backup quarterback and other athletes gain national attention for gaining in stand for the national anthem wyatt look
6:38 am
finally ran out in san lorenzo
6:39 am
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>>reporter: the nevada legislature is meeting in special sections discuss their plan which calls for the hike in the hotel tax to pay for some and support the plan of this heart convinced it would generate enough revenue to the cost that nfl was just an open
6:43 am
two weeks ago to meet with business leaders about keeping the team in town so she remains optimistic also optimistic as to when the decision will come no one seems to know they're going to have.
6:44 am
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>>james: the drive and still in the postseason the overcast have
6:47 am
little bed we conceive also to the east bay shoreline tonight by small lawn again waiting for that happening the fall chapter tells us that should happen by mid morning. >>reporter: for pacifica
6:48 am
speaking of the coal stinson beach and 60 with 74 novato little warmer a long one country.
6:49 am
>>robin winston: into san francisco a big backup at the toll plaza over in the east of
6:50 am
it is packed on the e sure freeware one of the toughest commutes is about a 30 minute trip from highway 4 down to maize but that is normal no major trouble spots.
6:51 am
>>james: he just body and there but halloween store the was not trying to scare anyone to look
6:52 am
the store famous for selling lottery tickets is now on business less to cook live look outside would have the camera sutro tower down over san francisco to see the golden gate bridge off in the distance.
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>>james: they build it as an evening of fun and fashion that the american breast cancer survivors escorted the woman on stage as a model clothing for calls the event was part of the team's ongoing effort to participate and contribute to open an east bay community. >>darya: the key to run a pumpkin is to use the right seed hers came from 2,230 lb.
6:57 am
pumpkin that on a different contests last year tiger woods and another set block he's not coming to napa.
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