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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 12, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: this fall will be a similar performance from yes to die and we will get the could happen in terms of the afternoon sun by 7:00 a.m. and expand a little bit in the more jobs often before a star-studded saw a little bit will see mostly sunny skies paul bought mostly cloudy with door for san francisco. >>reporter: right now the to to are pretty much into the fifties how does contrast to 24 hours of in many cases where behind
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maybe almost approaching about half of this agreement are met recently 3/6 will want to show you the future cast when today someone. >>reporter: we do have a storm coming by friday morning as we're talking about a swim star and as the other part of the program. >>reporter: parlor car this morning by 80 and will part because of the sunny to some of those in inspire if we should know 67 and six to two going for what you do you point by point look 59 for san francisco 63 from oakland 73 covering san jose and. >>robin winston: approach to the toll plaza will begin out there we have some bridge worked west
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about west of the tunnel on the suspension not to bar one on that tally of driver ran off to rolled onto the shoulder the vehicle caught fire so crews are heading down to the scene that may be closing down the story offer from mark on 101 the vehicle was off the road on the
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shoulder and starts to back of traffic i will let you know keep an eye on the drive time and looks great moment to slow when it is an easy 18 minutes from highway 85 to highway 237 >>reporter: on the day the press and the couple moved into their one-bedroom apartment things went awry in two fire extinguishers could not out the grease fire that started in the apartment nine people now have
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to find someplace to live off as the couple sent the first steps in getting the prescription glasses she said these cells from friday's blaze still played >>: 9 human services is offering them about the for temporary housing to convince six months to find this location saying it is hard to find a place to accept section 8 if we did pose
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a link to the page on our website. >>james: just like that of the magic is over the giants have been eliminated from the playoffs sit here is how we got to that point the giants a feeling pretty didn't going into this one that will play the
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winner and the national in the in the sea in here is what he had to say about why he went with the ball and in the ninth. >>james: baseball history 72 teams to try to come back nine of those teams did come back to when the series one of the with the 2012 giants 2 didnt against the red devils will have to save our 2016 giants bloom their chance to do the same even
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though the magic is over there was one bit of good news to share where now 15 days away and a lot people are expecting great things out of the warriors investing in said the man stabbed someone stabbed a police dog before the fatal encounter with the officers.
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>>reporter: the suspect was taken to hospital where he died in the have not release the identity but they said they had contact with them before he described as a white male disparities that canine seen
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here after the stabbing is expected. >>james: this colors that investigators remaining options
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along for parents and not back the someone tried to get a teenager with a hollywood police say happened after one and four start can change come for the forty-niners
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>>reporter: 4 today will be in
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the car and car we get from the incident, and you'll see 73 san jose milpitas and about 72 the next eight hours of the come a.m. at 12:67 look for reduced temperatures again when it for the rain and wind, >>robin winston: this means if
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you normally use it you can i use into the big rig all live more from moscow to the dublin and to change is doing just fine only 10 minutes the east oil traffic is find.
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>>james: listed to the east they were police are looking for government led left one man dead and wounded in richmond a
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warning for parents police a man may have tried to kidnap a teenage girl after he tried rent-a-car. >>charles clifford: 09 in the morning on tuesday and unknown male suspect attempted to kidnap a teenage girl a car pulled alexa heard the to she refused and kept walking the suspect apparently drove off a return to more times and attempted again to convince the girl to get into a car and she refused the man gave up and drove away.
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>>haaziq madyun: a female
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suspect appeared in to the vehicle and as to cause concern for our passengers who park their vehicles here cash however the parking garage and look at the station has multiple surveillance cameras on every level the police said there review footage from is caramel topping to find a need on the carjacking suspect the city of
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oakland had 184 carjackings. >>reporter: will now list of four weeks away from election day wears in the attendance and every waking moment and battleground state donald trump is headed back to florida is a must win for the republican 29 electoral votes and he needs every single one of them.
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>>james: he will face off against off to those victories, against of the west team he will be replacing the ineffective he had this at the lowest quarterback in the nfl for the
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we will be right back after this break.
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>>robin winston: the commit fairly quiet no major problems just in case you need to get into san francisco is looking good live look at the bay bridge toll plaza smooth sailing across the upper deck into downtown san francisco eight minutes from the average drive from the foot of the maze of a fremont street. >>james: she was the opinion on the audio tape controversy and the singer discusses and securities as a mom all this in today's hollywood today lives >>reporter: nancy who is mentioned in the donald trump tape was back to work on entertainment tonight and address the controversy she says she was used to cover the others she went on to say there
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is no room for justification of women or anyone not even in the locker room care under what is the country superstar but that does not make her immune to insecurity in sometimes she feels guilty that this is his life will live on a bus and in a hotel room and sometimes rather little know where sunday night we met and decided boulder at the present debate
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>>james: that blew a 52 lead going into the ninth inning a
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couple expecting in the first baby said they lost everything after the apartment they just moved into when in flames the fire broke last friday they must start over with buy supplies for the baby due in two months the starter page which we posted on our web site give that looked me what police shot and killed a man in concord after he stabbed another man as a row where one
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to have this have to fight a lot of cloud cover and probably for san francisco today it expands a little bit all the way into the inland valley is to notice and 9:00 a.m. will say a little back touch is not until late in the morning hours the other features
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to the forecasts were talking is the when we're going 40 hours that you saw was what happened to glance to pick up in the late hours. >>reporter: we will have a closer inspection coming of >>robin winston: the drive time holding a nine minutes that is not bad to get from the foot in the maze are to fremont street
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it is not backing of traffic lights shut down 11 once again no lanes and dryer the on ramp war to the santa rita r. hawk
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yard 101 north and story is the off ramp >>robin winston: that is one exit before you can use it as an alternate the south bay looks fine know the trouble spots for more to grow 118 minutes from 85 up to 2376
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>>phillipe djegal: they have since put the measure known as l one on the november ballot for boulders to a firm long-term city council member the require mediation for all residents to increases above 5% rent increases which in theory it would be mutually agreed upon by the tenant and landlord
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katharine with the alameda renters coalition says 6% is just too high and just keep in mind when the city sponsored measure is current law the only way to amend it will be the passage of m1.
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>>stanley roberts: we will be right back with people behaving badly.
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>>stanley roberts: one of the first and juiciest greens and mattel caceres on health inspection the restaurant has been inspected back in january 2016 the san mateo county health department roll out the color coded it's like a traffic light such arrhythmias the businesses closed and to the issue was fixed each plant grows within 5 ft. of the main entrance to the subway in invisible planter next door they
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also no visible placard live managers seemed very unsure i'm. >>stanley roberts: again of the invisible planter insider out he
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only found agreement or no plot at all and over at the spaghetti factory there was a green card but it was hidden behind a tree. among. we will be right back
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>>james: and they avoid elimination of the night the giants had five to two that was the score going into the ninth inning of a recently released the miller show hillary clinton spoke of a macabre is recall weighing that was not the case she is a private home server she was secretary of state will have
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a couple of days left to prepare what ever you need for first real big rain of the season.
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>>reporter: and the club will get a live more of the glaze of default starting to develop and the sea from the berkeley hills concedes the east of the shoreline and all of the fall of the students performance and their success of ways because we have this little chain of moisture for all the to the tropical in from 74 fremont and
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71 come in and. >>reporter: 70 or on for mountain view 73 for san jose de san francisco have been will be dealing with a lot of general cloud cover 59 which is warmer
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japan to traffic details such the hon. is overturned a ups truck happened around 1:00 this morning is still on the sidelines of activity and are run not on the freeway south
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system as the fire crews have it and the control but the offer will be blocked until further notice no delay to try to would definitely keep an eye on a the drive times look pretty good a for highway for west south 6 in the southbound immense looks good east maine to south bay leaves and the south when we showed the vehicle fire >>reporter: she is still very much traumatized she says older
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sister is not doing that well during an apparent she described the incident is being incredibly traumatic and families on to pull back a little bit is six unspecified damages from media takeout the lawsuit says choose victimize the second time on the web site reported chip that the robber and lied about the assault no comment from a web site he was the unarmed black man was fatally shot by a police officer that the september he was killed
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at his car broke down on the street officered said she shot him for not listening to her commands to it and charge of first-degree manslaughter sa icy
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>>james: is created by companies the cattle sold out in two hours after it was released a couple and ohio have some fun with this week's debate because someone changed up the road signs on highway poking fun at the cannes event is sponsored by the ohio art center and the columbus museum of art tough plenty of
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people live their eyes on the science in the coming days will relief efforts affected by the storm
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: some would mild that we the store to finish off the bay bridge of an monitoring this all this week to see how well it does clear how the next couple hours action intensified covering more geography in and starts to mix out pretty likely for us as we go to the afternoon hours we have all been for this up there in the north pay about 53 are ready for school for cars grows of 67 by high noon and
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3:00 in 73 and 65 cover of the banking. >>reporter: thursday will be somewhat uneventful before we get into this friday morning. >>robin winston: the start offer live look at the bay bridge commit westbound fair the quiet and smooth the road and through the toll plaza. coming out of oakland hitting into downtown a quick nine minutes from the foot of the maze, out to fremont street and the problem leaving san francisco, a the east, after the toll plaza maybe a little bit closer >>robin winston: were having some bridge problems the bricks on fire and couplings are blocked this is, to commute east farm, heading over to check it out if you plan leaving san francisco hit it over to oakland getting through the scene and the east bay the hacienda drive on ramp to east about 580 of fedex truck flipped over right a wrong 1:00 this morning.
5:02 am
>>robin winston: consider using santa reader or the howe pr road as alternate will have a complete track check coming up in just a few minutes. >>will tran: maybe a half mile from the concord police station but could write to the video this happened yesterday in the clear the scene late last night there recall to the same with a neighbor saw a man stumbling through out the streets after he was stabbed. >>will tran: they saw another man did try to tell him to give himself up the refuse and fled to the back of the home that is when the police officers were fearful for their lives to the release the canine and the
5:03 am
canine rushed to the back of the house of police a he grabbed the some type of instrument and a house in staff the document states. >>will tran: the police officers came and opened fire on this man to a police officer the man was rushed to hospital but he later died we're waiting for his identity and they suggest there description a man and his third is a white male in his '30's we got a chance to talk to the cost of police department as to why they released the dog to this man instead of the officers initially going into the back yard here is what they have to say. the dog should survive his injuries here is what you need to know they did not shoot the
5:04 am
man because the dog was stabbed and they love their dogs and is part of the team but stabbing or shooting a dog by a suspect does that necessarily mean officers opened fire. >>will tran: there are investigating why they felt threatened to shoot this particular man again we're waiting for his identity as far as the initial man who was stabbed he should recover from his injuries. >>darya: investigators are looking into another suspicious fire the started along the walking trail and the sea in our last by a pleasant hill is pretty dark this moral but just hours ago you to see the glow of the fire alarm this trial from where i am standing take a look at the video we have of the fire from last night.
5:05 am
>>reporter: the battle the fire on the east of a walking tour of south of cleveland road no howls were damaged but behind the trail there are several homes and those who live close by are concerned it could have thrown their homes because of cost accounting fire is concerned and this is just one of a dozen fires that pop the mirror the walking trail they say that a current investigation is going to sit place. >>reporter: investigators said several witnesses heard people in the area of the fire. >>reporter: 20 born to be here throughout the morning with more updates to the justice department spent the to release the initial report on investigation into san francisco police department of previous
5:06 am
reporter by a blue-ribbon panel from 7 percent of people shot by police in san francisco were black or hispanic. >>darya: a memorial service will be held for san pablo police officer who was killed in a motorcycle accident the 53 year- old died while he was on his way to work on september 29th his motorcycle was hit by a degree of interstate 80 he was the father of seven children and worked as a school resource officer the police department says he was known for his patience compassion and kindness a celebration of his life will be held at the father's house church that is set to start at 11:00 a.m.. >>james: the fire burns said
5:07 am
the 5 a. in central cairo it is not 80 percent contained the fiat has stop spreading as we get ready for the rain of fire fighters our law mudslides there is the potential for erosion in musteline a user will hold the soil in place are burned you conceive fire fighters are telling the property owners clear out the debris and get rid of down trees and the rain shift.
5:08 am
>>james: the giants were eliminated last night after the inputs from the chicago cubs and another collapse by the giant said it was painful to watch them up to three it comes through with a rbi single and that will bring hunter home we will see him crossing the giants to later added another run to make five to two but then in the ninth that account the starting pitcher if. >>: he had gone far enough
5:09 am
baseball history 72 teams have tried to come back after their redound to games just nine of those signed actually was successful one of the was the 2012 giants a lot of fans are getting excited for hockey the center of the sharks a wholesome the arrival in los angeles their season opener tonight the fans
5:10 am
would get all commemorative western conference championship in johnson 730 and there is a special pregame still ahead safety concerns and their field after a man repeatedly tried to lure teenage girl after the break a pregnant couple is homeless after fire destroyed their home the very same day they were moving and. .
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>>reporter: let's go to a list again we see the whole bay cleanup hold most of the action by the afternoon you can see it starts to settle down and maybe some sports is left over perhaps saturday is not too bad until we get into saturday evening the next eight hours
5:16 am
could is down for 55 for so we might see some clearing and the far east to bay and the south however san francisco parcel the north they will be the cloud cover. >>robin winston: you this is definitely picking up know the problems coming out of oakland into downtown a good ride all the way across the upper deck
5:17 am
the average drive from the foot of the maze out to fremont street the tow trucks on the way and not in capt. traffic for the sky went for 101 because it is so early a delay getting out of san francisco at the hacienda on ramp to ease to about 580 in overturned truck it takes a long time to get things like this of
5:18 am
writing and clear it is on the side and not on the freeway only bloc led on ramp if you live in the area pop over to santa rita those are the best of alternates that will get you onto the freeway. >>robin winston: headed to the dublin into a chain south of the picking of know the problems for 1 01 north at the tully off ramp there is an incident the vehicle fire rapidly on the shoulder and may still because would never slow down traffic 19 minutes from a fire from the to to 37. >>reporter: 2 fire extinguishers
5:19 am
could not out to greece fired the starting in the apartment below nine people now have to find someplace to live as the couple take the first steps in getting the prescription glasses they say these cells with friday's blaze still plagued them at night u.s. services offer low about the for temporary housing but saddam 6
5:20 am
loss to find this location saying it is hard to find a place to accept section 8 should-chest unpack anything inside the apartment now they're having to find a new place to live to get supplies for their baby in that is due in december with did post a link to their page on our web site
5:21 am
>>darya: police went to the scene and found had been shot with it whenever to find the gunman they do is that the shooting appears to be an isolated incidents. >>reporter: williston four weeks away from election day your san the camden's pretty much spend
5:22 am
every moment in a battleground state, trout heading back to florida is a must win for the republican 29 votes and he needs every single one of them the right now according to averages each shelter by three points in the site the speaker says he did keep a hold of the house heat to keep hold of the senate but the presidency seems to be slipping away dollar troubles are some
5:23 am
supporters to vote on election day with the got one kid at wrong election day is november 8th letter is to give the carjacked at gunpoint and a parking lot will tell you where happen and next we will be right
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p?p?o?gv >>darya: he replaces who currently has the second was
5:27 am
quarterback rating in the entire nfl their hope and that he can recapture some of the skill that help them to leave them to the super ball kickoff the sun is dennis 10:00 a.m. at the bill stadium in new york.
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>>reporter: a little distance
5:31 am
store for san francisco down to the south bank the tim choose will stay that way by math the tile where talking. >>robin winston: 14 minutes from the maze of to fremont street and accident just popped up westbound a beat at fremont street heavy again from treasure island getting up to that accident us to do was lie in a
5:32 am
small plane along with an instructor the plane crashed as their landing. >>james: the student pilot had minor injuries and been taken to hospital and told investigators the crash was not an accident to people amid the crash was also injured investigation continues.
5:33 am
>>james: he fired an assault rifle through the screen door office family's home gunning down the two officers who were answering a disturbance call the
5:34 am
73 you're in may is accused of killing his cell mate and alameda county jail both of the inmates were in the maximum security housing unit at the center original in dublin affordably the event was strangled or beaten to death after they got into a fight they're going to be evaluated by mental health professionals before they decide whether to file charges. >>reporter: suddenly a man holding a gun grabs one of them from behind it was a carjacking
5:35 am
that happen monday his solicitous it what are in a male suspect would demanding the two victims put their personal property in the car a female suspect appeared in into the vehicle then discard the victims' vehicle as a silver 2004 bmw investigators said had
5:36 am
limited information of the two suspects however the park and ride the police said there review and footage from these camps hoping to find any leave on the carjacking suspect he drove away in iman sedan fremont police announced yesterday to people had been arrested and we
5:37 am
have come and gone with more flooding could be on the way with some areas will have an update on the recovery effort to this morning. ]
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>>james: the number one city in the nation in philadelphia followed by san jose and san francisco we will be right back.
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>>james: the dog is in the vet looking as though it recovered the shot and killed the attacker did as a stabbing victim is in the hospital as well the person is in stable condition a memorial service will be held for the san paolo police officer he was a father
5:45 am
of seven and worked as a score resource officer there will be a celebration in his life at 11:00 this morning.
5:46 am
>>robin winston: bathtub beyond 80 stretching on to west grand it out to the foot of the maze to have a chance to get in and to an accident that cleared in fremont and is still slow the complete opposite at the richmond san rafael bridge no delays approaching the toll plaza the driver turned it is still holding the nicely with telling about this overturned truck in pleasanton the crew's
5:47 am
seven working for a while you santa reader how yard at all right to get to 580 the freeway traffic looks great and the crowd, and hercules but the rest of the trip this move--smoke. taft >>reporter: a live look of alcatraz island to fall this returned again today and the the and the web the drizzle the morning travels to make note of to get to a lot of the dress rehearsal today into law the
5:48 am
morning fog in different sections will vary a little bit friday morning storm and heavy rain and winds can be expected down to the south they wish to see some better afternoon clearing 70 a so-called 73 san jose and milpitas also checking in about 72 as we headed east 74
5:49 am
the legal 60 to bay area man is behind bars for having and for your relationship with and under a co-worker 57 you're michael lopez was arrested in burlingame police and get a sexual relationship would a 16 year-old girl who he worked with a safe choice store the girl's mother told the police about a few weeks ago.
5:50 am
>>james: we heard him talking yesterday he was attacked on the foothill ride melos and what running on a wilderness trail became a on a bear of a stand on his hind legs he tried to back away and find another their that is when he yelled at the bare and began to walk off the trail but the of the bear attacked him he had scratches and cuts but he's back home this morning and unarmed man who was shot and killed a home by a police officer last month had pcp of
5:51 am
this system a prosecutor said she reacted unreasonably by opening fire after he did not listen to her commands he was not armed at the time an autopsy from that he had a hallucinogenic drug in his system more flooding may be on the way parts of the east coast
5:52 am
and the water in north carolina rescue teams desperately trying to reach families trapped by the flood. >>reporter: already hundred are in shelters and thousands had to be rescued by boat to all because of hurricane matthew this truck abandoned on a road and looks more like forever math each account this bridge a jagged edge find out when they
5:53 am
expect to have that contained.
5:54 am
5:55 am
>>james: the kickstand only
5:56 am
needed when it is turned off once it is on its stays upright we'll watch on bay area weather and the rain is on the way it looks like is was to be a pretty big one.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: here is a live look at the bay bridge the traffic as long that will be watching this will be talking to you all this morning probably not much of a few showers in the returning again saturday night for the weekend will be on and off as we go ready for school forecast.
6:02 am
>>james: callisto's farming the
6:03 am
reason why we're at the police department he refuse to the skin right to the video. >>will tran: the man with an eye they tried to chase them he runs to the back of a home and then they'll send in their canines we
6:04 am
got a chance to talk to the concord police department he's no stranger to them the police officers or action on the 1400 block of san jose avenue about half mile from the scene.
6:05 am
>>reporter: you concede the glow of flames along this walking trail the video of what looked like last night as the firefighters began to battle those flames now this happened along the east bay walking trail south of cleveland and pleasant hill the homes were damaged but behind the trail there several homes and apartment complexes the
6:06 am
investigation into this fire is on going investigation say a few witnesses did hear people in the area of the victim was walking
6:07 am
in the intersection of the conte ave when the gunman walked up and demanded that he was able to get away is not a good description and in berkeley there was a warning of possible stock and. >>james: showing police officer shooting and killing black and hispanic men and women the previous report by a blue-ribbon panel found 70 percent of people shot by police or black or hispanic the memorial service
6:08 am
will be held today for san pablo police officers who was killed and more cycle accident the police department says he was known for his patience is compassion and his kindness some rest of life will be held at the house charged in vacaville is set to begin at 11:00 scorched
6:09 am
earth mother and 4,400 a. in the santa cruz mountain there the potential for roldan in mud slide cash they're telling you what to clear off the debris and given many down trees ahead of the rain if cash.
6:10 am
half >>james: there also feeling great and we started things off ok a public spat in the first
6:11 am
child moves into the rental apartment moments later they're
6:12 am
homeless will tell you what happened also the share that is kidnapped from right outside of the sheriff's office and a pal will see who police say is responsible.
6:13 am
6:14 am
6:15 am
>>robin winston: we had a much earlier problem is a stall and crash out fremont street now we're back to the usual call out 18 to 20 minutes from the foot of the maze over to 92 on to the san mateo bridge leaving hey would know the problems 18 minutes is always one to take over to the bayshore freeway a
6:16 am
truckload of or around 1 06 this morning but of rotted the truck but there still some activity it is not backing of traffic they hope to have this completely out of the way within the next 30 to 40 minutes the allegis travelers once again a lot of commuter traffic tie with four west 36 minutes from antioch into conference coupled with all of
6:17 am
this will be the wind now today we see the when up to it that is today's activity tomorrow will go and stop and. >>reporter: this is about 2:00 a.m. and to see the wind building in the north bank you conceal discovered what the rain we showed you the when you can see in the north stars to settle down you may have the when start
6:18 am
to settle down a little bit will see the skies opened up a little bit here and the south bay and the far east than 73 for san jose 70 to go on for santa clara the next in output was 58
6:19 am
a couple is homeless moments after they moved into their new apartment the soon-to-be parents finished moving and 20 minutes later they had to evacuate twisted of fire that started in the unit below them everything they owned including everything for the baby that is due. when up due >>darya: you could see the smoke and the coast of the damage they never even had a chance to unpack human services
6:20 am
offering them about your for temporary housing and to the six months to find the apartment and there was a page to try and help them recover what they lost. >>darya: the debt it was abducted from a parking lot and she was headed to work so this is the lead investigators to to men in their 20s they were arrested across the border and was sorry neighbors a one of the man were relieved to have been arrested the deputy did not know how doctors and she was not in
6:21 am
uniform at the time. >>james: the rest of the white house is heeding the we have less than a month for election day and today we're expecting more reaction in the battleground states. >>reporter: four weeks away from election day you're saying the attendance spend every waking moment and battleground states donald trump heading back to florida is a must win for the republican and has 29 electoral votes and he needs every single one of them democrats wanted to steadily clinton will be and how little she has a sizable she was the consolidated choices kawabata's par for firewall me what bill clinton is going to iowa this is already a vote as early ballot boxes in the type
6:22 am
the speaker sees the need good people who live the house the convict hold of the senate but the presidency seems to be slipping away however he got election the wrong decision and a rally last night tech listen. >>james: he met november 8th which is when everyone will be a poll he did correct that live from still had a warning for our writers it was a carjacking will tell you where and how they're trying to track them down.
6:23 am
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6:25 am
>>robin winston: no major delays a strange looking pretty good so far he would also 3 but after the game he comforted a fan who was having a seizure it and see him standing by the fan
6:26 am
speaking of stock and up to the plate and saving the day a boy in been credited for some of the stem from a fire and smoke alarm more will come up to the morning and that is when you run on the house giving his mother seven brothers and sisters and that before it was engulfed in flames the fires started by candle the red cross provided assistance for the family.
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sets each sold separately. >>reporter: that will start to call sit a little bit in the next hour before mixes out however will be a little bit more in the wake of cloud cover south with looking for better
6:30 am
clearing and those in linarias possible along the coast and for san francisco as well.
6:31 am
>>james: breaking news overnight the fbi is trying to figure out whether a deadly plane crash and connecticut was intentional a student was flying a small plane along with his instructor that plan crashed as they were landing in hartford killing the instructor is to compile have minor injuries and taken to the hospital the students to and considered that the crash to tie the accident two people were also injured were with the latest to come out and find out what the student says happen.
6:32 am
>>darya: 2 people carjack the gunpoint and oakland and the attackers are on the loose this morning and have been at the mccarter station about 11:50 p.m. monday night to people walking to their car a man holding of gonna grab one of them what he demanded their personal belongings and noblewoman got into their car the to carjackers drove off in the car and this is called the big concern for passengers the victim's car up police a limited
6:33 am
information with their open the surveillance camera will help them. >>james: the robber was wearing a red mask and a white switchers he fled the scene in the sedan driven by a second man the have not lease any of the details she was walking with a dark gray sedan slew of next to her in the driver tried to get her into the car she told him to leave alone the continue walking the driver left the the return and try to lure her into the car she continues to refuse to
6:34 am
they didn't have a detailed description but will let you know if they do the man who was injured is the victim. >>darya: the shooting happened are 11:00 monday night.
6:35 am
>>james: the body of a 56 year- old and may both inmates were in the maximum security housing unit the mother told police about the relationship a few weeks ago.
6:36 am
>>darya: served time in connection with the gang shooting he was not armed at the
6:37 am
time but the autopsy found that he had hallucinogenic drug in his system and it can induce euphoria and make you feel invincible.
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6:58 am
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