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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 13, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: in uneventful
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thursday to do what ever you have to do will be taught a lot about the is this morning here is a live look are released this morning as the currency if the islamic so little bit of order but a cloud cover allow a look of the golden gate a little bit of a glaze covering that up before is appear in the north to bay we have the upper 50s to conceal a lot from the bay area 56 going out for concord 51 for livermore does run through it by
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friday evening a few showers, after all of this into more and keep an eye on what will be applauded for youth ready for school forecast by new lows the clout partly cloudy 60 able recovering much of the bed and the general for past 62 for san francisco.
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>>robin winston: to get from the foot of the maze of fremont street checking in on the richmond san rafael bridge if there was no one across the golden gate bridge a nice ride so far into our san francisco
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hist. >>reporter: if he had stuck with the upper part of the body i might not gotten that upset another woman said and he kissed
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her outside a later in come to our it did not feel like an accident fell like a violation the encounter happened in 2005 the same year a recall on how my boasting to a tv host the two women came forward after howe as to the question during sunday's debate now the acquisitions are mounting the people magazine reporter says he attacked her what she was writing a first wedding anniversary speech on trump and his wife south but they denied the allegation and call the time story and
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political attack official the disgusting behavior he brags about in the video release last friday is more than just words.
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>>james: hillary clinton will be in san francisco for from the event of the gramm nominated artist >>j.r. stone: they are
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physically ok but there saying the bad guys are still out there this is video of two men armed with guns robin to seniors and oakland district that was to leave their home in the middle of the daytime watch as they draw their guns in order the couples to give them valuables the seven big euro describes how when down use the close of look of that attack and his wife into this cast and physically work of office life story include her watch and necklace this case is one of many in the neighborhood
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we talk with numerous people who of the victims of our more robberies of lost their money since the store never called here is another look at the to men responsible for attacking and robbing them of we're hoping so recognize them and could help the police for was a whiz with a is for it and draw every victim's no suspects in any of those cases have been arrested >>james: to please also a shot and boston both of hospitalized in critical condition at the gunman is dead his video from the scene police were first
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called out there for all of our domestic dispute there also reports of someone with a gun is a when the officers made it to the scene some began shooting the shot that hit and killed in the gunman the police a one of the office was hit once or twice while the other officer was hit several times the effort to bring him back in san matell letter star quarterback and donald trump's the quarter at an interesting answer when asked about his locker room, and paris is response.
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>>reporter: because is not just the storm system dropping out of the gulf of alaska is tapping into this moisture is a typhoon in the western pacific this to fortified this system and was a lot rain.
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>>reporter: wanted to look at the long-range forecast was going to the when part of the program this right here is what the high winds you will see tomorrow morning cup what rain.
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>>reporter: mid-70s to concede land of antioch 7677 the more looking at about 75. >>robin winston: as a packing and getting ready to hand out and joined the folks better into san francisco a great ride across the upper deck no problems come on oakland the
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macarthur the nimitz a gray ride from san leandro and oakland the problem fully sure freeway in the south bay hot spot free to 37 guadalupe parkway all lessons move so far witnesses say they spotted him running away on foot to nearby homes east that the dog in the face with garden shears before turning toward them. >>james: that is the point where
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they feared for their lives in the open fire the suspect was taken to hospital where he died please try to fit your who would kill this woman. >>reporter: about a week ago this coming from the house started getting progressively worse once neighbors started saying swarms of flies on the windows that is when they decided it was time to call the sheriff's office that '80s santa forced their way into the home where they found the decomposing body in the living room because it was so badly decayed officials could not tell if she was murdered in world a suspicious death and autopsy
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proved it was a homicide never say the woman has been living there about 10 years with our adult son about a week before she was killed the son was and raise as he was being carried away struck down an ambulance to the chair was brought inside and up in the yard once again authorities have now named the suspect in the murder is an isolated incident and there was no threat to the community.
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the store is asking anyone with information about his death to call the sheriff's office >>dan kerman: more than a month ago in a dignified first-round player rick to female students
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students said that was a mistake the player who's an international student has maintained his innocence however they say he is now left the country.
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>>james: they eliminate any injury cause if he is not help it or not all the team then secure the run will not earn the $14.5 million guaranteed that is the latest with the san francisco forty-niners. >>james: he finished serving a four game suspension we would take a break janet jackson confirmed the rumors that we've been suspecting and where does
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billy bush stand with the to the show.
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>>reporter: we can finally
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congratulate janet jackson on her pregnancy the have the exclusive first total she told people should things got for her blessing we been expecting this ever since april since offering
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some is going to be very different in 24 hours.
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>>james: dollars sumps campaign is dismissing allegations by several women that the group them one of two women who talk to the new york times said the airline flight three decades ago grabbed her breast and tried to put his hand up her skirt.
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>>reporter: here of the lands that you see right here in this is before the actual rain will strike.
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>>reporter: dissembles aware looking at 75 in variable clouds and mild.
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>>robin winston: we have the two right lanes block whatever emergency crews allowed to the scene so far north from traffic is doing just fine sits be issued a special traffic alert were going to be keeping an eye on 101 into a model san jose.
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>>reporter: 8 shall interrupt the crile's the first is doing another stop and floor he's going to be in west palm beach trying to overcome a three-point advantage in the sunshine state
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jewelry clinton is in a fund- raiser in california.
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>>reporter: ran to help a student who was knocked to the ground here on 2600 and ellsworth street shortly after
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11 a 25 you're a man and a hooded sweater was described for will have details coming up
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midlines from the bay area of the hottest toy is the place station and are tech reporter has his hands on the before hit the store shelves.
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>>gabe slate: the video game consoles always been a huge success members by young and old gamers it were to the position for you must have that to run the has sent over 50 games available for this system by the end of the year in the spring and chided in the tech conference it was light wave felt good amount of a solid if you have a place station this will make of one addition to with for right now high end of
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the yard is still a luxury item.
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>>james: if he is not healthy or not on the team by april 1st the six year veteran will not burn the $14.5 million guarantee the sharks to a victorious in the season debut defeating the kings san jose has now won seven consecutive opening day games is
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19 minutes from 85 to 237 will keep the client i intend to look at the weather.
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>>reporter: some scattered showers of to look to bay but here is the reaction 615 and places that can run a little early sometimes a late i had scattered showers remained a little bit grout the afternoon hours in the when pretty much
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leave but all that once you're done with rain and wind we see it break up another bat saturday and sunday morning not as intense the first batch was.
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>>james: the u.s. to promote justice released that sf pbs today after the controversial shooting and a text message can the city officials requested so the report finds the have a lot of accountability we will follow all those recommendations.
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>>haaziq madyun: the school board she did not want to be seen on camera but was willing to describe in detail one of the two suspects pistol which her husband the of the suspect shot her twice she also did not realize she tells her son and his friend she says the couple never a good kid made the sign
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of a name on it after hearing about what happened to the d.a. recently arrested six men in connection with the stream of similar robbers the national transportation has said it was intentional but they could not elaborate on the details just get.
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>>james: people usually we will
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be right back
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: we're looking it up before 653 san jose and.
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>>robin winston: and this account to commit direction for now and recall some of that problem if you have to use the northbound is not impacting the drive and all the problems of
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opening into downtown >>will tran: the power lines run right to the tree this is a very remote area right above us the power lines are there and i know of they will be here and a lot of our soul hit one to make sure that they clear in the heavy branches because not only would be what it can be very windy this to the window
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opportunity for them to men should they cleared the trees look for in the dead trees and there any limns the dangling did come out of the way as well. >>will tran:z this soon as they arrive we will show you the video and talk to them and let them tell you what you need to do more to be prepared
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fifth the coastal flood of prizes and armored been issued in effect from 3 tomorrow morning until 9 tomorrow night there to be large swells with the storm on sunday. >>darya: the major allegations have been made against donald trump for women are accusing him on wanted touching and groping
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>>reporter: taking fresh fire over the things he said about women and your times publishing accusations that he touched inappropriately because closely remembered all descriptions of his behavior considered the tape of him speaking in 2005 that language similar to what accuse the just lead told the new york times and the campaign released a statement this is a political attack this entire article is fiction her campaign chair was
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hacked twice yesterday. >>darya: they're released stolen campaign e-mail 1 e-mail reveals a disagreement between him and the fbi is investigating a russia possible role in this act for hillary clinton is is in the bay area today she will be in san francisco to boston
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police officers have been shot and their critical condition but in the loss was taken to hospital
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>>mark: target radar just hours after the missile launch this to the second time there were launched at the uss mason according to the pentagon the uss mason was not damaged by the missiles and no one was injured. >>darya: the man accused of setting of balls and the jersey and new york his charges tried to kill police officers before he was captured 30 people were injured when it went off in manhattan and is with new jersey last month he was arrested a few days later after being injured in a shootout with police he will appear in court from his hospital bed where he is still recovering from his injuries in that shootout tonight people
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were on board when it capsized including all for your boy investigators said the capsize because too many people on board please release the name of the man was shot and killed by conference willing more about what led up to the deadly confrontation.
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>>reporter: this is going to be a little series going along with a couple more waves coming this weekend the biggest one will be tomorrow morning most of the
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line will be contained north of the golden gate you conceive 645 dropping of the greater bay area 20 mop our estimates to concede that this is where the heaviest when the follow through with the lamb will been is to not going to be that long lasting but it will be six hours of activity.
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>>reporter: 70 to allow mountainview cupertino 74 mostly cloudy sky conditions will be typical mid 7 agency in the south the next and hours >>robin winston: to religions on
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how long it is blocking another hour or so it may start to jim mcbride after brokaw overturned accident they issued a special traffic alert there is and as you read that is involved and overturned as well several vehicles involved in the crash to two right lanes of blocked the depends on how long that was
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blocking still moving at the limit 23 minutes for the average drivers sphere >>mark: he ran way to nearby homes and the police canine was
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sent to track down off investing in said he said that the dog in the face he was hospitalized with lead dotted the men behind bars accused of setting this fire long walking trail
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>>mark: the attack was caught on camera with to close a look at this surveillance video. >>j.r. stone: the man and his wife are physically ok they're upset this evening that they're still out there this is video of two men armed with guns robin to seniors and the for rebel district who want to leave their home in the middle of the day watch as they draw their guns and ordered them to give them their valuables 70 year-old alberto described how when down.
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>>j.r. stone: it was a close look at the attack on alberto and his wife the took his cash and physically rep off all of his wife's jewelry including her watched nicklaus in fact someone drove bias' all this to going down in this case is one of many in this neighborhood will talk with numerous people recent individual our robbery of whom lost their money to these were never caught the cause of and lives nearby in here is another
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look at the to men responsible for attacking and robbing a alberto and his wife were hoping that someone recognizes them and can help police. >>darya: after a seven hour long standoff in san jose it started yesterday morning after the burglary was reported at the zero rivals are part stored on tully road and east san jose a man and woman went in and rob the store the woman was arrested but the man took off and and the breaking into a nearby houses and stayed inside one of them were held woman against her will with a knife that finally ended it and you sense a custody
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>>darya: a natal and known supporter tom brady is making headlines this morning after an interesting session guerrilla news conference the quarterback was asked about his locker room, and. >>darya: that was his way of the existing opening up the season
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when the team unveiling of the 2015 western conference championship before a sold-out crowd at the shark tank they won seven consecutive open day games
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>>robin winston: here is a look again for the track record with inkstand this is the moisture coming in from the tropical pacific the real storm system has yet to ride yellow the when
5:30 am
not much happens on today's performance this is what we're talking about you can see moving right to the bay area probably a little bit ahead with the rain will be today talking mostly in cloudy storm would have rain and winds friday evening a few showers left over to happen
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over an hour ago as a big rig and as you the both vehicles slipped over the two right lanes of block emergency crews are on same the injured parties have been transported off to the hospital. >>robin winston: the traffic alert remains in place the rest of the south they do just fine we have an accident was the bomb before the tunnel involving several vehicles it clear to concede heavy traffic on the new eastern span where lincoln avenue in said and that just popped up 80 west at 101 and san francisco the whole connecter may be closed real-time traffic
5:32 am
is a mountain as well. >>mark: we're live on the campus of the police department to tell us what lawn. >>reporter: after a string of robberies over the weekend campus police said and armed robbery happened on campus we want to give you a better view on where this happened this is a student was held at gunpoint in the early hours of wednesday morning about 1:00 a.m. the robber showed a hand gun and demanded the students belongings this comes after a weekend of robberies near campus five robberies in four instances the
5:33 am
use armed and the other robberies simulator having a gun the people responsible and all but one of these cases have not been apprehended. >>reporter: what they're doing to stay safe please don't believe that this is the work of a serial robert because the victim's description of those robbers don't match police on campus are asking anyone with information to give them a call. >>mark: forecasters say hurricane the call a strike into a major storm there is the east
5:34 am
coast of the u.s. to conceal really large storm system at that point this to the category 4 hurricane is now 3 with 125 the warmth and a mall and that's a division line the currency is still a major hurricane.
5:35 am
>>darya: he left the country in the midst of these rate allocations the suspect is a freshman this all happened over the labor day weekend, please and universal have been investigating what they did not immediately tell students about this it wasn't until two weeks after the first report of salt that they move to suspend the
5:36 am
international student he has not fled to his home country and another restaurant charge an anti-crime they are not have prevented the universe is so long to reported there are few in the protocol for reporting sexual assault. >>mark: the majority of the department in the use of force incidents involve minorities the city official requested a review of san francisco police department after the shooting death of mario will this san francisco mayor this pledge to the part will follow all the recommendations of fire that displace six people in san francisco last month was
5:37 am
intentionally set to was contain mostly to the attic of the build investigators just released the information that the fire was deliberately set and know the details are released at this time. >>mark: he is giving up his title is chairman of operating will not takeover is says congressional hearings inspire me after this surface at the open millions of bank accounts without customers' permission or knowledge it was all in an effort to meet sales goals.
5:38 am
>>darya: the players will have the opportunity to talk about the and the giants lost to the national league division series in game 4 on tuesday a woman who was shot and the driver is speaking out and hear what happened later the death toll still rising as thousands of people are dealing with intense flooding will have an of the on the recovery efforts
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>>robin winston: cloud in just issued an indirect impact ride on the bay bridge will of the the commute come out of oakland and checking on the overturned accident in san jose.
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>>mark: this is many face plans contain harmful heavy metals like lead and nickel and mercury with the fda does require companies to release him put that in the label
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they prey on our children, spending billions.
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addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them.
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now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56. >>mark: donald trump campaign is dismissing allegations once several women as he broke them one of two women to talk to new york times says he grabbed her breast their demand at the times were several other officers were
5:46 am
stationed outside of the home ran inside and shot the gunman >>reporter: we've been hearing about the moisture here were granted dynamics from the system droppings' out from the storm system 545 did the sea the '20s
5:47 am
and and or to ban hasn't gotten across most of the general bay area and hear the terms of the rain that is collected over the
5:48 am
east bay hills still popular with middle some spots getting up to 77 or so 72 for the south in mountain view 74 cupertino most readings in the south they're pretty much in mid-70s territory 72 on 4 novato 70 to go on for napa 60 a black hole that is a pretty modest high for today, although tomorrow a different story
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>>robin winston: is a crash involving a car no other details is jamming of traffic on the westbound skyway it started tobacco on the bay bridge solve this is the norm stop and go traffic but we had a crash was a bar before the tunnel you pursue that is about 15 minutes from the foot of the maze out to fremont street the accident a the west at the central freeway split now blocked in the lane that may take awhile to investigate it involves a pedestrian was head over to the
5:50 am
south of san jose a traveler is 10 once out of brokaw and overturn the greek and happen in the 4:00 hour and crews are still on the scene. >>robin winston: it is not clear how long it would take to get out my opposite side of the crash that is pretty much normal. >>darya: you definitely want to have the tv and you can get all
5:51 am
the information you need >>haaziq madyun: one of the two suspects test with her husband the other suspect shot her twice she also did not realize
5:52 am
the two masked men or robbers after hearing about happen the d.a. recently arrested six men in connection with the stream of similar robbers so far no charges have been filed to get in the of the six suspects in the care wrong shooting her came
5:53 am
after continues to leave its mark and the death toll in the u.s. rises after the break a special delivery.
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>>darya: her grandson cameron of the idea to get a pizza delivered to her home he called a local pop of johns the delivery driver says that at some to call in number when he got to the home they said they were happy to take a part in helping the family know that she was ok a major ride is find out
5:57 am
where there's been a spike and is in the spine and donald trump accused of improperly touching for women with his campaign is saying
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>reporter: even the wins will be gone by that time friday evening the shot was left over
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one of two hats farce which and 80 west at the north farm central freeway in. >>robin winston: pickup truck struck a pedestrian is jamming of traffic
6:03 am
>>will tran: we know will be out here sunrise you can see the power line 6 pass to act the
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encounter happened in 2005 the same year he was caught, how might most of the tv host
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>>darya: stolen campaign e-
6:08 am
mail's all 1 e-mail revealed disagreement hillary clinton visited the bay area's she will be in san francisco
6:09 am
>>james: he was wearing body armor one of the officers was hit once or twice they had several times an overnight he
6:10 am
struggled trying to kill police officers before he was captured 30 people were injured when the bombs went off in manhattan he was arrested a few days after that when he was injured in a shootout with police opened fire on an officer who was checking on his welfare
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>>reporter: the future task when it will be here exactly what we are projecting for 24 hours a higher when still pretty much in the north bank locations and now the peninsula to clean along the coast however by that point we
6:16 am
will have a lot of rennin also watching the santa cruz mountain because of the recent fire >>robin winston: a pickup truck struck a pedestrian 80 west at
6:17 am
the north to bounce central freeway split a looks like is wrapping of it should reopen sure if this is not open we get out there off early
6:18 am
>>mark: hurricane estrange then
6:19 am
in a major storm and is headed for bermuda >>james: the hurricane filled the entire screen from right to left there's the eye of hurricane the center screen as you look at this in means is on the upper end of the category three scale a pretty strong hurricane 121 and back to pass over the island borough close to over the course of today specifically during the morning hours police said the 30 year-
6:20 am
old dominick stabbed another man around to in the afternoon on tuesday >>mark: he was hospitalized where he later died the 48 year-
6:21 am
old was arrested yesterday connection with the fire was brokaw on tuesday night is started 930 on the east bay mud trail near oak park boulevard mainly along the iron horse in concord investigation of trying to figure out whether he is connected to those fires they did will homicide and neighbors said she lived with her adult son and there are some subtle argument about a week before death fish a burglary and
6:22 am
kidnapping suspect is in custody after several our long standoff in san jose a burglary was reported at the o'reilly all parts store the wamble the
6:23 am
arrested nearby but the man took off and broke into nearby homes we will be right back.
6:24 am
6:25 am
>>robin winston: a little bit of good news this time around in san francisco salas (not backing of traffic across the upper deck through the tall into the may is 23 minutes from the foot of the maze out to fremont street how would he feel if his
6:26 am
kids heard
6:27 am
>>mark: the kings will one to nothing some of it would answer back where you can't for any tied the game and 1¢ roberts is near what about the latest r martin, the next out edition this morning against donald trump
6:28 am
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6:31 am
>>mark: nicosia over 10 in. of rain and saw little cluster we made a little bit.
6:32 am
>>reporter: a few last-minute showers there to more weekend matches saturday and sunday night over saturated ground so we can delay your ball flash flood watches and problems down to santa cruz mountain
6:33 am
>>robin winston: more to buy maybe a little sluggish through the same but it is not having a huge impact on traffic we're now up to 26 minutes from the maze south fremont street.
6:34 am
>>james: once you have a you can check real-time traffic map the radar and the pustular breaking news happens about weather and traffic. >>mark: is investigating armorers and uc-berkeley will lie with the campus police department telling us was golan >>reporter: there was a violent armed robbery on campus we want to give you a better idea of where this all happened they say a student was held a gun point in the early hours of wednesday morning police still believe
6:35 am
this a work of the cereal or robbers because the victim's description of those roberts do not match with that are asking anyone with any information to give them a call
6:36 am
\ >>james: meant told the new york times she shared a flight with trump in the early '70s and early '80s he acted like an octopus. >>: >>gary: he started encroaching on my space
6:37 am
>>: he was like an octopus he had six arms he was all over the place the spokesperson told people magazine this never happened there is no merit to the stock hit a story we are hearing from thomas g. rivers contestant you hear more about
6:38 am
that come up in the next update. >>mark: they're accused of sexually assaulting two female students and this morning left the country in the midst of reallocations sculley said this all happen over labor day weekend we will have the strong
6:39 am
u.s. response coming up after the break new health benefits associated.
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6:42 am
>>darya: there was a 71 percent spike in concussions for kids between the ages of 1019 most of those injuries were on the football field is believed that the concussions may be interviewed into more act of increased awareness
6:43 am
>>mark: is a rambling live for an entire year they hope to use this information to help treat patients with this order is like and best where track in the first big storm of the season with rain and wind very heavy rain by the california or the border that is the storm was on to the dropping in the direction
6:44 am
when cold and flu hold you back try theraflu expressmax, now in new caplets. it's the only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. theraflu. for a powerful comeback.
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new expressmax caplets.
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>>darya: 2 police officers are in critical condition after a man shot them the man was wearing body armor and had an assault rifle he fired at the office late last night several officers are stationed outside of the home ran in and shot and killed the man.
6:47 am
>>reporter: by 7:00 a.m. that is when they start building most of the commuting periods this is
6:48 am
how look 24 hours from now with the heaviest when starting to build across most of the urbanize bay area again the rain
6:49 am
comes in both brought we can maybe even in the morning commute drying out and to next week. >>robin winston: and very slow recovery from earlier problems and the westbound a connector to the central freeway 54 minutes
6:50 am
from the nimitz out to 1 01 there was an accident right before the shot and alan getting worse the did last fall at a high-rise portion closer to the peninsula not good leaves early this morning backing up to the nimitz 51 minutes west for from antioch in to concord.
6:51 am
>>darya: after missiles fired at the u.s. navy ship was not damaged by the missile strikes and no one was hurt but again viewers did retaliate after
6:52 am
fifth >>mark: the contra costa county recently arrested six men in connection with the st. lawrence morris some of the suspects may be connected to what happened to her and her husband prosecutors are deciding
6:53 am
whether to request the death penalty >>mark: although west in big drops today the dow falling hundred and 50 points right now raising interest rates on the market right now the down is below the 18,000 mark.
6:54 am
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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>>mark: an act of kindness from a wisconsin police officer was called to a gas station to a teenager would stolen two packages of crackers little the offer to use a student only had about $4 to the officers decided to give the man a written warning off to buy him some food he refused to the office when out and bought him a bag full of groceries.
6:58 am
6:59 am
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top stories that we're following on the kron4 morning news. we're getting you ready for the first big storm of the season expected to big rain and strong winds to the bay area. >> the other big story we're following bombshell allegations against donald trump. at least five women say he inappropriately touched or groped them. hear what the campaign had to say about it. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron4 news at 7:00 starts now. >> good morning and it is the last dry commute day of the week. good-bye. >> watching bay area traffic this morning track. robin tracking the commute for today. we're anticipating how bad it will be for tomorrow. >> absolutely, we'll talk about what to expect and the san mateo bridge almost a hot spot. almost an hour to get across


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