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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 14, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>reporter: you can see another way of this about to drops out and will do so throughout the day for what we were talking yesterday it looks like they're telling us this morning if this is going to be come through a little later than nine dozen
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tents along the peninsula heavy rain early mild scattered showers tomorrow is a early they want to break another dose happening sunday is interesting because scattered showers and
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abetted heavy rain. >>robin winston: you should be driving and reduce the do not forget the headlight wipers
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check again on the east bay looking good so far coming out of oakland 580 the nimitz at the limit no problem for the east shore free when remember to use extra caution driving in wet weather. >>reporter: that is something they have spent all week trying clean out storm drains even
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throw out your windshield might not a reminder to drivers just because a car as the " automatic headlights does not mean that they're on.
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>>james: dispenses you're planning a commune ride home and is free and will offer both apple and android devices check it out if you have not already a disturbing case out of the south the where a counselor is in custody after being accused having and for your relationship with a minor task. >>reporter: and the crime he's been charged with happened in september he was arrested by san jose child sex with me tell you met on wednesday if concerned parents and is a student at the
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launch of elementary school acces >>reporter: with a lot of unanswered questions he is not sure the letter as saying that they have no reason to believe other children were harmed in any way it is enough shows task there said after hearing these allegations meanwhile the 25 year-old has been booked into santa clara county jail. >>james: the high school was temporarily blocked down after two or suspects the entire
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neighborhood or the high with 24 was a lot down as well as all this to secure the area saw the letters with the suspect tried using a stolen credit card.
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>>reporter: however it will take awhile in looks like were not want to get bull's-eye activity until maybe about 8:00 about a 15 the sea is favoring the and we have projected about 1015 or so covered a good bit of territory.
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>>reporter: the when we are freezing at about 8:00 hour this pretty active that that point we go for you to see parts of the screen entirely however they look like to return again tomorrow afternoon this is the build of what you see here is saturday for saturday night rain will when come at that point we pretty saturated said and that to be problematic in terms of locking down power lines and trees hist. >>robin winston: you're going to
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be done with what weather in what rose and maybe even the problems hist right now is a good ride it for nine minutes from the toll plaza out to 101
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check for now is clocking in at 24 minutes. >>james: bills to get to down load the mobile application it in track the storm will we have licensers anderson said it is a great to especially if you think about planning a ride home from work.
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>>james: the police said stepped then hand bass on the preliminary autopsy they're taking a lead on this foss.
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>>reporter: many here say this incident only heightens their existing fear they call for a
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crime charges in this case hist lynn neary reports said and to many people on board.
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and and and >>reporter: as it touches down it will still likely be facing some tough questions over accusations of sexual sought by women to a story first reported in the new york times that came of quite a bit on thursday more
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democrats are now president obama is waking up in ohio in the campaign spots on behalf of clinton for her part she will be taking a break on the campaign over the next the final presented bay and wednesday in los vegas.
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>>james: the harvard in lost at the nld has to deny all that was what was in the lockers and boxes of equipment remember
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there are non into the warriors took off the regular season we will be right back after this break.
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>>reporter: he will be tabled and blew over the is the legendary by bill was awarded the nobel prize for literature from blowing in the wind he is arguably the most influential american songwriter ever soap star was on the today show to the discuss the controversy of her with donald trump she says
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given his personality she was not surprised by his conduct in the stars should and do honor just spoke about what the fans approach to technology but don't let their kids have foams because she wants them outside playing with friends she also revealed it that they don't own a television live reports will get those of the it's coming up in just a minute
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>>reporter: will want to show you all of their right now this is what looks like you to get a general idea most of the activities out there toward the north you can get a closer inspection heavy rains will
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build a more concentrated to the east and and particularly it will get hammered with a heavy amount of rain contrasted with the peninsula said francisco process' about some 30.
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>>reporter: of the earlier you could leave the other with the rain starts to move on lead on the commute is going to be tough you should be driving at
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reduce the draft to come to richmond 85 in the connecting the rain is already moving in here lies in what was don't forget people forget what it is raining the headlights must be on that is the law the drive times a quick nine minutes >>james: were going to have some showers into the evening commute if your ad work plan to
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drive home use the mobile application it or try out on android devices >>terisa estacio: is extremely cold and windy out here is really pick up the rand is an
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often on were noticed as we were heading of hero and drops and and pick up again right now we're has the rain starts to fall down on us and santa rosa again as you could see here off of the road this entire parking lot
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>>will tran:
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>>gabe slate: ups fax in the u.s. postal service said the phones will not be allowed on their planes and will be tight restrictions on ground trouble when caring bees recall phones the guidelines prohibit their shipments for any battery products recalled for safety reasons samsung was going through the extreme measure of sending the owners and labrador explosion proof shipping box this video showing off their kid has on viral sphere. >>gabe slate: it was really
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impressed of the first fall to use the stand security the curve screen wireless charging water proof that has a great camera- the battery issue this is a really good foam over 2.5 million of them out there sit.
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>>james: looks like a line of
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starting to develop just ignore the bay as we are speaking getting into marin county however we're talking about the morning storm problem dropping in at about 8:00 does run through this again for you this will stop at about 1045 already is out of the north became.
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>>reporter: san francisco between the quarter and half an inch as you conceive just over three-quarters of an bench and this goes out and to the net storm system on saturday as to concede to sunday.. >>robin winston: you may want to
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start thinking about it in public transit will be moving on later in the morning commute with and how bombard we don't have to deal with the potential slowing that may pop up here at the golden gate bridge flashing lights the bridge cruse/means is scarce and crumbling configuration to accommodate the commute traffic for now is a good ride in both directions
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into one out of san francisco 1012371787 all my some light so far >>terisa estacio: right now
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we're and santa rosa and it's been off and on this morning we notice as we made our way at times it was a lot heavier is been sporadic and santa rosa but as you can see we have a steady stream coming down with had some wind gusts that effect of in the road extremely slight we have puddles from that often on rainfall that we have overnight if you're heading out michigan grabbed the umbrella.
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>>reporter: instead they should focus on more permanent housing and medical testing measure q
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although state laws they insist it is imperative to specifically address the in camera and
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although they agree the problem will lose who spoke of the measure is in the best entrance of the community.
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>>robin winston: and is a nice ride into san francisco backing of just a little bit of those casting the wet weather is moving in. >>james: they will cooperate saw
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the smoke in the home on was due to call my 11 the have the servers dog for eight years the dog credit for saving her life she is a fast learner and back
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with more news weather and traffic.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>james: a nice little impose pushing through the santa rosa area was zone in hearing you a close look a lot of folks
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leaving home and back when heading off into the morning commute the light to moderate showers will start to sing for the into the south expected up near santa rosa at that point by 9:00 after that against a court nicely as head toward 11:00 p.m. into the midnight hour things have calmed down
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considerably that is what we can expect the storm system as we pushed through these next 24 hours here is which will look for the north that possibly 2 in. or more >>james: 20 to 30 mi. per hour it will be fairly strong gust 30 to 45 the strongest of the dust probably out at higher elevations
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>>reporter: about 930 zone appears to be one the most intense covering the most urbanized areas we do get great obviously in the late that afternoon evening saturday not to that keeps some scattered showers to the late afternoon that is one of the new wave comes and more continue to come upstream texas and the sun than. >>reporter: very unsettled sunday. >>robin winston: were off to a
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great start with the wet weather moving in you know is not want to stay that way leave early to live look into san francisco know the problems on the open side looking good to san francisco this guy with the james lick the two central freeway with 9 minute trip from the maze of the fremont street. >>terisa estacio: industries extremely wet out here we noticed as we were driving out in this area we had when the certainly call me by surprise i would highly recommend it to
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ensure you have both hands on the wheel this area is supposed to be hit the hardest started early this morning will be stationed out.
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>>will tran: branagh and if you're leaving you will have no difficulties as far as the rain. >>reporter: obviously it didn't stay that way you the sea
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traffic moving pretty quickly on audubon 101 no one seems to be slowing down just yen at until you when i was driving there were patches of very light rain it was barely a drizzle but enough to make me turn my when shall wipers or expecting heavy rain also if you have to hit the brakes tap the pedal instead of breaking also make sure you tiresome the attraction and check the tire pressure to stay
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off your phone and drive slower when the road to where. >>mark: and make sure the trees around her home our tram and san francisco yesterday making sure the trees are cut back you want to make sure there are many tree branches coming in your car line the storm drains in that means less flooding don't forget to the incoming rain and storm could create dangerous conditions make sure you have more mobile application the
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person also looking for this morning to continue the coverage of the rain in the bay area live look some rain moving to santa rosa and the san were fell in heavy rain in ukiah.
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>>james: not sure we can very well be we have some heavy mist of light rain at the bay bridge toll plaza the rest of the morning will fall along these lines
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>>reporter: your break an action might be saddened to get what you need to do 9:00 a.m. when the talking about we have good covers all of the bay
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>>robin winston: watchers speed here so far as a great ride connecting into the north of st.
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no hot spots in this move on the west for 580 west to northbound 101 we will let you know anything major pops up. >>darya: down load the mobile application you can get all the weather and traffic you need >>mark: donald trump campaign fighting back against allegations that he sexually assaulted multiple womenfolk to take a look at what's ahead for both donald trump and hillary clinton >>reporter: he is on his way to n.c. as he touches down they will likely be facing some tough questions of the accusations of sexual assault by women several years ago in the story first reported in the new york times that came up on thursday as he had a campaign swing through
5:18 am
florida the campaign denied the allegations volk as well through the campaign however the big question whether or not the voters will feel the impact of this after her visit she went to
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los angeles to take an episode and attend a fund-raiser in beverly hills >>darya: the man identified as
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34 year-old and 35 you're a juror lionel this all start around 10:00 yesterday morning in pleasant hill the other members find hiding in the back yard the debt of a to your boy was taken to the hospital has now been reclassified as a homicide police say his father is a personal interest the will to solve the 31 year-old but they have not been able to find him that brought him to the hospital on friday and police started investigating the first believed the boy was injured and a home in oakland but now they believe he was injured at the family's home in stockton.
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>>mark: part of the team covers this morning as your track in the ring and the storm bringing heavy rain up to ukiah was are making its way down to the belt will see some rain showers with the july rainfall the winds are starting to pick up and we will see some heavy rains.
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>>darya: they cleared out the locker rooms and they took all the equipment out a heartbreaking loss of the cost on to the nine of us to look
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>>james: they will intensify as we get deeper into the morning commute a few scattered showers about it perhaps may be some
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light rain or highway 4 fee he was will respect the law for 7:00 it will begin in the morning commute people starting to have out the door showers will get down south of the golden gate bridge by about 9:00 into the town clock tower that is what we can expect heavy showers low for some of the peninsula by six into the 7:00 hour the peak of the evening commute south of the commuters will be dealing with the scattered showers as we head for 9:00 p.m. things look pretty good it will continue to stabilize of the calm as we headed to the overnight hours the heaviest is happening during the first half of the day in and begins to taper off.
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>>reporter: by saturday is the best day to plan the afternoon evening showers try to redevelop and the rain on and off of heavy rain in that and thundershowers
5:32 am
and wan's checking into the commute. >>robin winston: it is less than 15 minutes from the foot of the maze heading off to a fremont street accent. >>terisa estacio: it is definitely here in the past hour the rain is really starting to pick up in santa rosa aware of
5:33 am
where just off both the avenue at some and we have tons apollo's out on the road what suddenly you can see the downpour that is starting to pick up and is accelerated it is and steady in the past 15 minutes one other thing we want to mention is that we have lot of wind if you have pictures in this area please send it to was so we can share on the air you conceive rain is steady coming down and it is extremely corn.
5:34 am
>>will tran: cars heading south of down into san francisco take it easy we saw couple sea its cute police officers also make
5:35 am
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sure your tires have a good traction concern >>mark: about erosion and pacifica as we track the storm coming into the bay area of
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>>robin winston: if you need to get into san francisco is now crowded back to the 880 over crossing in 11 minutes not a bad drive time from the foot of the made out to fremont street just before we walked up
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>>mark: no clashes have been reported in connection honda will notify holders about the recall next month some airlines are taking steps to prevent a battery fires during flight is now three u.s. carriers at a new fire suppression
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>>james: off in the north to the we see the storm track or a good bit of that moisture we confine the golden gate bridge and c 101 ride from central down to novato dealing with some i ran across the entire stretch we have some rain begin to impact the richmond san rafael bridge hitting into the east bay will be dealing with at once you make a landing as for the bay bridge and other pop of showers the rest of the days will progress 7:00 hour we will get deeper showers beginning before the golden gate bridge at that point
5:45 am
we're looking is an shower still lingering in the santa clara valley it had to over nine hours and things did a lot, this will we can expect rain potentially 2 in. or more properly a third to an inch everywhere else the when it is one to be very windy today
5:46 am
>>reporter: 50 to cast when this is frozen for him we don't have much wind after that here comes
5:47 am
the heavier it takes us into a sun that only adding to and will be over to give you a quick idea of what we do dryout early next week the rest of the week looks like is a drying phase in the
5:48 am
side of the a call landed back it is unclear is related to the wet weather just a reminder to watchers because in a minor delay
5:49 am
>>darya: and they have been a red tag over fear the cliff loca crumble underneath the building that had to be demolished the
5:50 am
mayor has recently come under scrutiny and several other law- enforcement agencies and the bay area.
5:51 am
>>darya: a counselor is in custody accused of having a inappropriate relationship with a minor 25 year-old was arrested on suspicion of having a relationship with an underage girl who attended the after- school program where he worked you work at the ymca at the middle school the crime happened last month-and the ymca and sent a letter to parents and the no- he was booked into the santa clara county jail ask him.
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>>darya: sunny a movie set in the box office is about an altus to mathematics genius who makes living as an accountant the
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annual art and come to the festival starts today 1,910 lbs. mencius the events include the great pumpkin parade that will be led by former san francisco giants there was also a pancake breakfast every morning that the cost of contest a haunted house and into saturday and sunday at 9:00 a.m.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now.
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. >>james: you see a richmond san rafael bridge of giving someone showers overhead the bay bridge to concede a patch of green right over top of the span these all the advance showers by 3:00
6:01 am
and the afternoon they're getting out a school 6:00 to be heading home from work and it looks like the situation would come down considerably.
6:02 am
>>reporter: the ways to be moving through the entire weekend looks like will be capping this off on a very active son and will following as he showed to the rain that is all on to becoming today the intensity building most of the medellin and central park by the 8:00 hour so that moves on through with the rain in a somewhat uneventful as we go forward. >>reporter: until on saturday we don't see much precipitation is actually getting started at that point a heavier dose of precipitation covered with a win on sunday looks like will move on through this will be saturated to grounds that may be more problematic in terms of cause trouble and to getting
6:03 am
busy in the back of a growing at the bay bridge toll plaza and no passengers popped of that come off the bay bridge heading into downtown san francisco. >>robin winston: expect more slowing headed out to fifth street when you get off the bridge to blocking lane so not too bad but to expect heavier traffic as we continue + the wet
6:04 am
weather moving in that is not going to help tracking to track the colorful sausalito a major injury accidents in richmond since i will have those details on the map, not in my full report. >>terisa estacio: when it comes down is what to the side we seen some when the dust out here as well all the sudden the trees will be fine and then there is a bit soap the trees will go back and forth fee there is a temperature gauge real close by
6:05 am
is been dropping steadily it started out about 66 degrees in the down to 64 degrees it is extremely what you can see some people will them breaks and the slidell but as the come out to the intersection as we mentioned traffic is certainly a concern and you want to slow down giving the conditions that we are facing on this friday >>will tran: you conceive how
6:06 am
wet terrain suit says the drop was already on the will show you how it is coming in the carrier by the winds as well. >>will tran: here she missed the exit fortunately the cars behind this car stopped in you can hear the tires screeching even though it is raining they're given themselves plenty of space this car turnaround when south of amman on 101 to get to the on ramp that they messed.
6:07 am
>>reporter: it stopped raining in hasn't rained about 40 men at if the siege traffic moving pretty quickly. >>reporter: make sure the headlights or on to require that must be all you're using your windshield wipers to do not use
6:08 am
cruise control your higher risk of hydroplaning if you have to hit the bricks while you're driving tapped the pedal instead of breaking also make sure your tires of the attraction and check the tire pressure.
6:09 am
a police chase in the east bay leaves to school been put on lockdown will tell you what led up to that chase more lawsuits same donald trump will several women.
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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>>james: you concede it is hit or miss as you move along 101 the richmond san rafael bridge mill valley is not so much down there's also little what we have some rennet coming in the open side it will intensify in fact expect showers to pop into the north bank that line will over san francisco by 9:00 into the 10:00 hour we should expect some moderate to heavy rain also along the peninsula as we had scored three in the afternoon by 6:00 in planning the ride home from work perhaps and shaw was wearing in the south bank things will start to come down and will stay that way as you can see it as we headed to the overnight hours.
6:14 am
6:15 am
>>reporter: you and see a continues to come out to the south is still with us and it takes to 15 this is a heavy rain with flashes of thunder and the wind an already saturated ground could be problematic the rain fall appears to be a little bit less that what we were talking about from yesterday to men and perhaps a nice trend because of a cut down on some flooding problems and is already jammed
6:16 am
growing and least four west land and we are tracking and accident was about 80 involving five the six cars blocking one lane one lane block is not completely closed yes you can get through this is wanted some time to investigate the richmond parkway and giants because of the failed motorcycle accident
6:17 am
sea its key issue the traffic alert the cost of the land back on the wheels banal the emergency crews have arrived have the two right lanes blocked. >>robin winston: lot to stop and will traffic for the commute direction looking at 20 minutes from the summit and to los cattle's the unexpected drive time to go up and shut to down load the mobile application that when you send it to whether traffic and breaking news on the go anytime. >>darya: firefighters battling of fast-growing fire near lake tahoe they're calling it the emerald fire and start about 130 this morning and quickly grew
6:18 am
to 200 a. and is burning and eldorado county just south of south lake tahoe it is extremely dangerous they have strong winds and thus making it tough to fight this fire the boy's family
6:19 am
brought little boy to the hospital on friday the police started investigating. >>darya: the flood waters are leaving east.
6:20 am
>>reporter: this a story first reported in the new york times that came up quite a bit on thursday as they had campaigned alone through florida denied the allegations both in his speech as well the clinton campaign said the early vote on the way open that it will continue nationally as a law residence and call our for instance
6:21 am
president obama is waking up in ohio in the campaign throughout the territory on behalf of clinton to be taking a break from the campaign trail for the next couple of days the final presence in the bay donald trump wife is threatening to sue people magazine she's demanding they would track part of the store that accuses him of sexually assaulting our reporter however she's not talking about the assault she says she never met with the reporter had any conversation she once that part of the story to be removed the campaign says there was no merit to what the call of fabricated story by people magazine.
6:22 am
>>darya: after he sent the personal information of a woman who accused donald trump of rope and her earlier this week they told the new york times that trump touched her inappropriately on an airplane over 30 years ago he denies the charges included in the alleged victim's home address and phone number in this sense been deleted the business host apologize and a letter tweet blighting that it was a mistake.
6:23 am
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6:25 am
>>mark: also the rain in the north they come into the south right now tracking the storm track in the traffic implications with robin now an accident 80 west involved in fiver six cars we just bought a new problem on 24 lafayette.
6:26 am
some >>mark: some media's save the life of a michigan man who needed a kidney transplant locating a matching donor could take years but said his daughter only one day there receive the
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>>mark: as we see the rain started to pick up in the north they will and toward the golden gate with or had a spinoff.
6:31 am
>>james: on the peninsula in this spot of this moment ago recording delays for incoming flights of force of four hours major delays at the airport as a result of the shower here is how it would develop over the course of the day set by 6:00 is you're heading home for as will happen
6:32 am
to the letter hours and the night is to die down considerably. >>reporter: we will brush to the south the central bay and download by letter on today and with having sex with a bit of a brick not much too much happens until we get rid of tomorrow the
6:33 am
when school began at 2:00 rain with this will bid on the modest side. >>robin winston: here is a live look at the ride into san francisco of going back up + in and telling about the accident in the west and downtown san
6:34 am
francisco involving several cars not a major hot on blocking one line backing up traffic that causes it to spill over to the bay bridge this is that the st. stephen's exit a look like we had one lane block backing up all the with lafayette it is going to be slow if you have to use it after the scene of the crash it is 19 minutes and growing to get from walnut creek out until oakland sit over in richmond we are tracking of fatal motorcycle crash the rich and parkway this may be related
6:35 am
to a larger issue see is the issue the traffic alert for overturned accident and sauce a little this car flipped over the land back on the wheels 101 south blocking for about an hour if you have to come out of a foreign city in sausalito try to get to the golden gate. >>robin winston: mature you leave earlier the two right lanes blocked no estimated time of clearing so far >>terisa estacio: take a look at
6:36 am
my jacket you can see for yourself how what it is out there in the rain is coming down we talk about and it is certainly here in the north of a we're in santa rosa summit blessing to be slowing down as a taking and the conditions there facing on this friday people are trying to drive and they have the leaves going out on the windshield we want to mention it is cold out there other than
6:37 am
bundling up with an umbrella and make sure you have good protection sit. >>will tran: like droplets but is not have lots of intensity is already doing damage to the traffic you just missed an about 30 seconds before you came to me there was spend out on this on ramp to 101 optical trout was speeding in the engine when out it was parked there for about a
6:38 am
minute or so the driver started the car to merge into traffic ticket easy you concede a haze as you climb this hill and you get into the heart of san rafael not to win the and not to reni but the damage is already done and least at this location traffic is starting to move a bit slower not sure if it is the rain or normal commute. >>reporter: earlier there were other patches of very light rain definitely a heavy drizzle
6:39 am
the we're experiencing now we're expecting heavy rain as the morning progresses give yourself extra time to make sure you have your advice on this morning
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>>mark: the team was clearing out lockers and equipment after a heartbreaking loss. >>reporter: when you slog through the dark times what we're going through right now it makes that much sweeter.
6:44 am
>>mark: of focusing on approval will pan and fully the loss at the given the four runs in the ninth inning. it's not a weekend hobby.ance? you have to live and breathe it for 50 years. it's the sound... and the fury. it's letting it all hang out there, and it's hanging on for dear life. that is what amg driving performance means. and this is where it lives. the 503-horsepower mercedes-amg c63 s coupe.
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>>james: will turn the storm trackers of the lives in madrid showed the bulk of the wet weather impacting the north may is beginning to creep farther and farther south the heart of
6:48 am
the fund will be right there crossed the center of the bay in continue to move south talk is of heavy rain in the east bay during the lunch hour by 3:00 this afternoon kids in the east bay out near alameda county may be dealing with some showers as you're trying to get out of school.
6:49 am
>>reporter: heavier rain in bed
6:50 am
in there with thundershowers and when will couple with that taking us all the way into the wee hours of monday morning we want to break this down for you with telling you what to expect tomorrow or early they rain breaking all of this in the developed by the afternoon carrying us and to sound a with scattered showers. >>robin winston: coming off the
6:51 am
bridge is added to all of the slow traffic nine minutes from
6:52 am
dublin and castro valley is this friday lying in sunspot so only a minute trips out of san jose
6:53 am
and. >>mark: the alleged parking brake there started to form in the san mateo bridge more rain
6:54 am
to come another while. we will be right back
6:55 am
6:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ can you say i love it? ♪ oh love it? ♪ can you say hey? ♪ hey! ♪ that's the spirit! oooooh.♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ wooh ooh ♪ wooh ooh ♪ sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.♪ ♪ ooooh oooh. ♪ every little thing.
6:57 am
>>mark: it was pointed his first with his friends but on the big game boy who will shy away did for three hours and no one showed up so his parents gave up we continue the team coverage
6:58 am
of the storm heading the bay area the dodgers or work in the long and one we will be right back.
6:59 am
7:00 am
this morning, tracking the storm moving through the bay area now. rain all morning and it's starting to slide to the south. this say one two punch coming our way this weekend. good morning i'm mark dannon. >> we have full team coverage for you in the field and outside. in santa rosa will tran is there and also burlingame. we have team coverage in the studio as you get ready to head out the door. a tough friday commute and the impact the ra


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