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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 18, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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task >>rebecca: spilling into the valley but as we had through the morning hours your currency is on to clear out mostly sunny skies today and right now temperatures are on the chilly side you're going to need a
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jacket this morning but you're going to want to take it off later on today 53 in san rafael 55 and san francisco 53 and open 55 for fairfield currently the lunchtime tim to see we are a little bit warmer if we will see some low seventies for a folk and 71 heyward also 71 for san jose a little bit chilly of course like normal for san francisco expected 52 and not lose one to be pretty nice for >>robin winston: no measure hot
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spots the ride around the bay area fairly quiet and a live look at the bay bridge ride into san francisco is looking good lessons in manners for the average drive from the foot of the maze out to fremont street your drive times less than 10 minutes from the toll plaza out to 101. >>robin winston: know the problems past the toll plaza city streets also looking pretty good so far.
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>>james: we are learning new information about the manicure the trying to kill to bay area police officers a gun malfunction may have saved their lives he's been identified yet to see his picture or less he was shot by the police on sunday.
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>>reporter: that if the shooting was accidental but hard to ignore after it happened the course of interest is paul they seen the family and noticed a little boy who was shot looking at them from the window the toddler is in critical but stable condition.
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>>james: that officer is still listed in critical but stable condition san francisco police said the injured officer is partially paralyzed on one side of his body sit the person accused of that is in custody this morning he's identified he's accused of running over a warehouse worker on purpose.
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>>reporter: well enough that to control and the hot spots and will palette such fee the suspect confronted the victim of distiller with politics this the scene in san leandro captured from the helicopter partnership asked oakland police officers take the suspect down sh sit
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>>reporter: just left a midnight friday to men and a woman all of their 20s that took off in less than this time by someone she
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knew of started of being very tight-lipped about exactly which fraternities desexed assault occurred they're trying to be proactive about not being alone saturday night a man was shot and is now in critical condition students said the university is also on alert we
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will be right back.
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>>rebecca: 7 coughlin very warm santa barbara and anyone applying we definitely have this warming trend that is going to be heading into the bay area
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where one to c temperatures into the '70s as we head into tomorrow. >>reporter: is one to be a nice beach day as well
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>>robin winston: sit you need to get into san francisco and is nice and light in smooth so far no problems connecting 11 or 280 across the golden day the ride into san francisco southbound 101 on the left chest no major
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hot spots 6 '80s nice and smooth so far through concord pleasant hill will agree ban bill that he sure freeway a nice connection the south with fairly quiet eight minutes for a 82 milpitas. >>james: all they need is 75% of nfl owners. >>reporter: they signed off the decision to approve relocation three-fourths of police on the
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most vocal support the move but those laws they disarmed pretty confident he welcomes the change to open arms no building goes up into the nfl gives the approval 24 the third to all those laws green like the location in the boat will happen until the end
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of this file to move in january. >>reporter: even if they give the go-ahead davison said immovable not happen overnight and he will keep the team in oakland for 2017 and 18 season while the new stadium gets built spher
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>>james: and the wife of our troubles respond to allegations of sexual assault against a presidential nominee in her first interview since the tape that her husband brant about was made public followed by more to women accusing of sexual misconduct she defended her
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husband against what she says is clearly a planned attack by the clinton campaign she blames the
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tv host. >>james: it will occur tomorrow night at university of nevada at las vegas we will be right back
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>>robin winston: members a little bit of a back up but that is normal
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>>reporter: it wasn't the first time but she caught him doing it again she decided to get rid of him she was performing at a charity event or abraded that caught in her ear ring and literally worth it out for a year but then she stopped to show no she made eliminated all those lemons that all sorts today and you can watch it every
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debate afternoon it comes on at 1:00 floor law order we will be right back.
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>>james: the crash in marin county will have more hear some of the other stores will following this morning and he tried to shoot to police officers inside of a star but over the weekend his gun malfunction and he was able to shoot him three times his son were shot inside the home team is the person of interest in that shooting the toddler is in critical but stable condition of man is behind bars accused of killing a man with a pickup truck police arrested a 27 year- old and oakland yesterday evening that believe they got into some sort of fight at the warehouse he's being held at the santa rita jail without bail he is due on court reform this week.
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>>rebecca: and pretty normal
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especially for this time of year the current temperature is 57 degrees in san francisco 51 from the war 53 for concord 45 degrees and santa rosa again it is going to be warming up as we get into the afternoon hours.
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>>rebecca: your 34 pass looks like this tomorrow it will be even warmer and get ready is going to be a teacher and sunscreen weather where one to have '80s for some of the warmer spots it would even warmer as we get into thursday. >>robin winston: the rolls for a very slick and drivers to spinning down and flipping over one of that going on right now a little bit of a backup in the cash claims only but that is normal two-lanes open on the left is wide open and is it in water or through the toll plaza so far a good come out of oakland into san francisco
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>>james: prosecutors say she was kidnapped and killed despite
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repeated searches she was never found but this man was substance, the zero arrested in murder legal analysts said that accrue to be difficult prosecutors may also have their
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hands full the dna has been linked to the his car or body was never found
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>>james: there's a memorial service for the police officers shot and killed in palm springs the shooter has since pleaded not guilty to murder charges he's being held without bail.
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>>rebecca: highs today look like 64 for san francisco 714 oakland and hayward and 71 for san jose and definitely warmer than what we experienced yesterday
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>>reporter: his part of the
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coalition and legalize marijuana in california this they also say the state money supporters said communities are proportionally targeted by the war on drugs and they said were swapping our criminal justice problem for public health problem opponents
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of prop 64 is eligible dealers and the 62 panes legislation will green went to protect kids 60% of revenue raised from props 64 will go to public health and education program. >>james: many of the recent threats and incidents have proven to be hoax but others led to rest including gunman reportedly robbing gas stations and restaurants, and up you now
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>>robin winston: the committee is looking pretty good so far much better than yesterday >>james: we're holding a contest where the winners are flown to
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romania and suspend halloween night in the castle they're being asked to use to imagine what they would say if it were ever to meet him don trump is attacking donnell clinton or fbi documents we will be right back
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>mark: the chp officers said a car crash wrapped around the tree we're headed to the scene to bring this live updates and we also have robyn follow us from the traffic center. >>robin winston: insnare the
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valley you can see the stretch to walk off in column of directions until further notice not a lot of traffic the richmond san rafael bridge really just fine this morning no major delays or lot of the east bay eight minutes from the toll of 2101. >>rebecca: looking at a cool and overcast conditions right now is a live camera for the east of a zone in you concede definitely cool out there and spilling over into little more valley in the east bay shoreline along the north bay as well once we get
5:02 am
into the later part of the morning is on to start to clear out. >>mark: men behind bars accused of killing a man with a pickup truck while stilling palace from the rales. >>will tran: they spotted a
5:03 am
white pickup truck the san leandro police department released the picture is a little bit later today but we do know order to them that his 27 years old and which ran him over to call from the same with five of our management surveillance cameras were in the area and that's how they're able to same go ahead and look for a white ford pickup truck the oakland police department is right next door to san leandro couple of police officers patrol the recycling area.
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>>will tran: he will be at the century jill and dublin as far as a criminal background according to the assembly and the police department that would give for the detail. >>darya: gun malfunction which may have saved the officers' lives they were able to chasten down and shot him three times he was wearing body armor and they
5:05 am
believe the shooting was premeditated there will also try to figure out what led up to the shooting involving the two year- old son to their home and so soon city they think the shooting was accidental and in was a home during the incident but left before the cops got there. >>darya: he is in critical condition and so is the father police are hoping will get a chance to speak with him about both shootings once his condition approves.
5:06 am
>>mark: it is now in critical condition and now students are taking extra precautions there's been this like a crime there five armed robberies in the campus the police say they have the police patrol the area 26
5:07 am
year-old nicholas coles from pacifica died on sunday police shot him on friday during a chase in the sunset neighborhood started with a shot at an officer and head please respond to the time of report. >>mark: we're following this from the breaking news desk. >>james: we have some video of that interview and this was a first interview since the 2005 videotaped surface several women have, accusing him of sexual misconduct after it surface and
5:08 am
he denied ever actually doing those things we've learned that
5:09 am
nbc has since fired him from the network he said to be easy to apologize to the were accusing but he insists he won't apologize for things he did not do he denied the accusations call the woman liars'. >>reporter: fuels to the star- studded fundraiser for hillary clinton on monday diatoms
5:10 am
seasonal new release fbi documents sent scout state behind the wheels on the premise server should call all the official to resign the suggestion that the state department and fbi men engaged in a discussion regarding declassification of the e-mail or to give them overseas the state department says he will not resign did not classify the miller questions the raiders are
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closer to moving to las vegas but it is not a done deal just yen or waiting to happen to make the move official.
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>>mark: and brought several inches of fresh snow is about 3 in. of snow but of foot and a half of snow along more rows of mount royal ski resort says there will be open the species in on halloween
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>>rebecca: our our south of san you concede we have some cloud cover the state's high today's far different story than what we saw yesterday mostly '70s mid- 70s now we're seeing of the '70s and 80 degree mark sacramental 78 for fresno southern california quite warm in the sixth l.a. to for san diego to 81 degrees expected for santa barbara a look ahead to that is one to the edge of the cloudy
5:17 am
saturday will be a lot warmer and will cool down just a little bit and once with a gorgeous weekend ahead as we progress through each day and did we mark for tomorrow when going to have mid-70s then come thursday it is one to the mid to upper 80s
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>>robin winston: a quick 12 minutes and that is from the foot of the maze out to frame street howe about 90 to the ride across the san mateo bridge double check the nimitz know the problems 4101 when you finally made it over to the peninsula
5:19 am
still moving well 14 minutes and antioch and to come to know the problems will into dublin and the 101 commute into san jose still moving at a limit. >>mark: this will allow civilians to get out of the city safer and help pave the way for militants to leave is the largest city in syria with over 2 million residents and bombarded by air strikes since the start of the syrian conflict the rocky and kurdish
5:20 am
forces have paws their advance to the city of moselle the day after the start of a massive operation the kurdish forces advance on the city yesterday and now they're holding their positions. >>darya: team is one step closer to moving to nevada. we show you will still need to happen for the move to become official >>reporter: now the nevada has signed of the decision to
5:21 am
approve relocation three-fourths of the owner left vote to support the move but those laws against some pretty confident the proclamation that is music to some in an era soar to many others to new headquarters is now signed into law the mark davis welcome to change open arms that everything in place for the $1.9 million stadium but no building goes up until they give the stamp of approval 24
5:22 am
most green like the location and will not happen to the officially file to in january the oakland mayor reinforced that the bill signing is not a done deal issue remains in contact on finding the solution to keep them from leaving i believe that they have shared identity in destiny and keeping them when they were born and raised as a measurable value that is why it will continue to work to provide the nfl owners of viable response will stadium option regardless of nevada lawmakers' decision for for he has said the move will not happen overnight and he will keep the team in oakland for the 2017 and 2018 season while the new stadium gets built.
5:23 am
a memorial service being held today for two police officer shot and killed in a line of duty.
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>>mark: >>darya: the initiative was
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launched last october with the goal of ending cancer he lost his son to brain cancer last year most people is so written ones and despite the findings in without a doctor's recommendation in increase in the use of profanity and fish oil they said the popularity in this is mainly because they're advertised a lot.
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>>mark: the officers say they crashed director ron tree of reviling crash we had to the scene that will bring us a live update as soon as they get their.
5:31 am
>>robin winston: can again giving us an exact estimate a time of clamoring would keep that in mind and stay away as head over to the bay bridge toll plaza is backing of is growing it is getting slow from the 880 over crossing
5:32 am
>>rebecca: you conceive the overcast conditions we're saying a lot of fog across the bay area almost everywhere except for the immediate coast tonight is going to be pretty much calling it is one to clear because you warmer temperatures are on the way
5:33 am
>>james: they decided to issue this boil water advisory for people who live in the green valley community
5:34 am
>>mark: she was last seen march of 2012 she was never found after a search efforts the mayor said that they found her dna in his car >>jackie sissel: we have video
5:35 am
of the accident according to the chp to happen around midnight last night in an unincorporated area of more recounting just west of samuel pepys taylor state park sea its fee a single car went off of sir francis drake
5:36 am
>>mark: there were at the scene five on the block of pennsylvania avenue the special forces team did narcotics detectives also calls to the same that were both killed on october 8th when ex-convict open fire on them
5:37 am
>>mark: he is not plan to the air old news of donald trump the talk-show host and it does not want it was to try his best this sale will live broadcast and
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>>robin winston: already have two west bramwell crossed the bridge 11 minutes the average drive from the foot of the maze out to fremont streak >>mark: 475,000 volkswagen's they would pay car owners of to 10,000 hours each some others
5:41 am
led to rest target decided it does not want to be involved >>mark: we went to the brighter store and which is now struggling to keep from mass on the shelves
5:42 am
>>rebecca: we will be right back
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>>darya: a done a malfunction may have saved the lives of two police officers who were & and i still listen numerous is our highlighter
5:46 am
>>robin winston: we're looking pretty good the ride into san francisco yes it is backed up already out to west grand that is normal 12 minutes from the foot of the maze out to fremont street just in case the san mateo bridge commute traffic is moving license will heading into the peninsula 15 minutes from the nimitz over to the bay shore crash in fremont ride around here come at a fremont little bit closer to 237. you
5:47 am
put it altogether clocking in at 26 minutes from 238 out to 237 southbound drive time from the nimitz and the third man is considered good. >>robin winston: it continues to pick up to the westbound commute out of antioch and to pittsburgh in a point no major problems in a slow one of the toughest commute store in the morning 29 minutes from the hillcrest out to 232 hot spot free economic trouble spots >>rebecca: we're tracking the fog when you see a very heavy along the coast is one to start
5:48 am
to miss out on to get into when the morning hours by this afternoon pretty much clear aware of when to have been along the immediate coast the high looks pretty good most of going to be in the '70s 74 for napa 70 degrees for oakland and hayward 71 if you going to be along the peninsula
5:49 am
>>darya: tens of thousands of voters in solano county will be getting new materials because of the endeavor from nearly 5000 vote by mail and 30,000 sample ballots will send out with mistakes several elections were missing from the city of fairfield including the city council the city clerk and city treasurer they're being asked to destroy the balance if you have won the replacements will go our next week a coalition of people supporting legalization of recreational marijuana this was in the proposition the head of the november election we were there yesterday supporters of prop. 64 held a news conference
5:50 am
lt. gov. the avenue some as part of the coalition behind the proposition is not just about letting adults get high as about criminal justice in the coming to come bring in as much as a billion dollars in tax revenue and pages of millions of dollars the will of god for prosecuting people for related offenses. >>mark: the police chief association is against the proposition and the marijuana use already been decriminalize and california that come out against the measure citing an increase traffic accidents in
5:51 am
states for marijuana has been the alliance. >>gabe slate: by cameras under 12 in. away by this will be a mile away right now he is inside the mine craft the game 360 degrees all around them fully immersed to play this game is
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that's why i'm voting yes on 56.
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>>mark: unmanned and what is blasting off the flight facility in virginia last night it was the first flight of the entire rocket which wrecked the launch pad and destroyed everything on the space station the rocket is
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killing more than 5,000 lbs. of food supplies and science experiments the holland is a writer on the corner now the time to buy a plane ticket how much money you can save by doing that now cost the raiders are a step closer to move into vacant but it is not a done deal yet
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h. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>mark: 3 people killed and not all morning crash >>jackie sissel: is democrats is three young men were killed in this early morning crash this happen just the west as a said about 2 mi. about five hours so
6:01 am
francis drake will close in both directions sit the conducted the investigation about 10 of 15 minutes ago they reopen the road as we open now but obviously the investigation continues we don't have any ideas on any health in the crash as soon as we did in the new information. >>darya:. wanted a look at weather:. >>rebecca: >>rebecca: ready for school
6:02 am
right now on getting the kids ready the 8:00 hour. for four >>robin winston: is moving better on the bridge but behind the pick it is backed up goes to and through the maze 580
6:03 am
was almost back from 24 and backing up on the east shore freeway 13 to 15 minutes for the average drive from the front of the main is heading into fremont street the speeds the dipping the drive time increase in now at 35 minutes from 238 out to 2371 of many slow spots. >>will tran: they will release the mug shot later he did not give himself up easily instead it was a five hour manhunt use action arrested not essential
6:04 am
but in oakland there was a surveillance camera near the area who spotted going on a hunch that they believe whenever someone steals some wooden pallets or other recycled items the using the tool cycling
6:05 am
centers and does what exactly the police officers did they spotted a white picket trout he was not inside the one outside does when it opened the police department that spotted 27 euro. >>mark: he's identified as adam paul and serve time in prison for robbery and drug offenses he shot him sunday night as he tried to ambush to police officers and seidel starbucks this surveillance video showing the moments leading up to compensations the gun
6:06 am
malfunction which we may have saved the officers' lives there later to chasten down and shot him three times he was wearing body armor and they believe the shooting was premeditated also try to figure out what led up to the shooting involving his two year-old son it happened just a few hours before police shot him officers think that shooting was accidental.
6:07 am
>>mark: police are hoping to get a chance to speak with him about both shootings when the condition approves. >>james: the latest in a series of crimes near the berkeley campus they shot him friday
6:08 am
during a chase in the sunset neighborhood it started when he shot an officer in the head. >>darya: the injured officers in critical condition in hospital and the paralyzed on one side of his body the plan to hold a town hall meeting to of that the
6:09 am
community on the shooting.
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>>robin winston: 6 to the will commute traffic rolling into san francisco is getting crowded you
6:14 am
will listen slow traffic on the southbound minutes from 238 to 92 since moving it is not that 16 minutes for the connection is packed in a westbound direction is starts in antioch and will not in bed until after concord it would take about 14 minutes from 242 out to danville not too bad for that drive times the nimitz getting caught will have the usual stop and go traffic, of fremont right here in to
6:15 am
millipede is to have a couple of accidents once again we're hotspot free that is good news no major accidents to worry about know that it is picking up leave early if you can one on one of come out of the south bank the middle of the screen you can see pockets of crowding >>robin winston: you're looking pretty good all morgan hill south san jose and it is only 21 minutes from 85 to 23753 also
6:16 am
for san jose 50 degrees for livermore 56 san francisco 55 for half moon bay and a chilly 44 wine country right now a look ahead were going to have called a conditions this week and will be gorgeous as well hauler on saturday called on a little bit of sun that was still is on to the nice weather for both days the temperatures today this week and expect and enjoy your lunch outside you will see mostly '70s and sunshine across the board.
6:17 am
>>rebecca: 70 also if you're going to be in south bay san jose couple of mid-70s 74 degrees 74 for fairfield and 73 russian and syrian warplanes a halting air strikes in the city of laval they're suspended air strike as part of a humanitarian calls. >>mark: they're expected to keep
6:18 am
moving closer the operation will take the city in weeks and possibly months
6:19 am
>>reporter: she defended her husband against what she says is clearly a planned attack by the clinton campaign that and at a by donald trump castle what he
6:20 am
was heard on camera same taxes howe will in a 2005 tape to tv hos
6:21 am
>>james: it was going to panama $3 million a year if that is true and the network will pay out the remainder of his contract to anti-american will
6:22 am
serve up the historic dinner at the white house tonight find out
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how much money you could save by booking your plane ticket now.
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>>darya: for your money if you have not book your flight for thanksgiving you could be losing money each day that you we could add another couple of dollars to the cost of that flight the senses the cheapest round-trip ticket is to leave on thanksgiving day and come back to the day after the cheapest they supplies are against thanksgiving day and the tuesday
6:26 am
before thanksgiving >>mark: research studies said the dietary supplements are beneficial and that could not find anything most of its server in said is once a month despite the findings the documents recommendation is an increase in the use to provide out of fish oil the popularity of those supplements is because they're advertised a lot. they prey on our children, spending billions.
6:27 am
addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56.
6:28 am
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>>mark: goes into of the 30 stocks roared features of 200 and print this morning to look good weather and traffic as well and it's been crowded we're
6:30 am
starting off with all the conditions and cool temperatures from the bay area that is set to change we're looking at the fall most of it along the immediate coast 1 mi. visibility there pettifog on the east bay shoreline with three rows visibility the agency was we invest the clock had is going to start mixing now. >>rebecca: all throughout today and tonight we're going to have some cloud cover when you
6:31 am
finally met the to the san mateo bridge is a pretty good ride i will have a complete traffic check coming up. >>james: this comes after they found a large split in the pipeline that was leaving the water treatment plant that had to remove the broken section of
6:32 am
pipes that did early this morning and started the process of replacing the brick did cause a loss of water pressure and officials say that an impact water quality that decided to issue a boil water advisory for people who live in the green valley community official said it will send out an announcement when the notice has been lifted. >>darya: she is the 15 year-old morgan hill girl who was last
6:33 am
seen in march of 2012 despite an extensive search effort her body and never been found.
6:34 am
>>mark: their posting this fall on twitter last nine officers they're going to be honored in palm springs and the late to restore both killed on october 8th with an ex-con with opened fire on them.
6:35 am
>>reporter: we're almost there 21 days left in this election in the can is i want to give everything they got. we will be
6:36 am
right back
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male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 news weekened starts now >>robin winston: more heavy traffic stopped to 42 merging on to south 680 bumper-to-bumper finally picked up after the 24 split.
6:41 am
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>>darya: the suspected gunmen is identified he was shot by police during the incident is to your son was accidentally shot in the home of a few hours earlier he is, early in the hospital in
6:45 am
critical condition. >>rebecca: we're overlooking and the camera at sfo will concede some low-lying clouds and now we do have the wave for inbound flights in the visibility issue
6:46 am
is 57 degrees ride now in san francisco 52 we're going to see
6:47 am
mostly '80s and when for saturday it is still on to be nice.
6:48 am
>>robin winston: it is just nine helping so no estimated time for clearing 43 minutes to get from the nimitz across from the bridge track and a big backup the ride into san francisco giants if all went through the maze but that is what we expect nothing going on the bridge in downtown san francisco just typical commit traffic along 20 minutes from the maze out to downtown and fremont street
6:49 am
nearly 5000 vote by mail balance and 30,000 sample ballots were sent out with mistakes several elections were missing from the city a fair filmed including city council and city clerk and city treasurer. >>darya: they're being asked to destroy an and it will go out next week
6:50 am
>>mark: is not just about letting them get high about criminal justice in the economy the proposition to bring in as much as a billion dollars in tax revenue they were real be easy chore for kids to get access to marijuana of the california police chiefs association is against the proposition passes marijuana use is already been compliance the settlement is
6:51 am
still up to $10 million to buy back repairs about 475,000 votes likens the will also pick car on the to $10,000 each but some of them say they should receive 04 refund for the purchase price. >>darya: parted making major changes to retell and all the selling massed at a store or on line if we will be right back
6:52 am
when the kron 4 morning news continues
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>>mark: it was the first flight since a large explosion two years ago and write the launch pad and destroyed everything on the space station if the coast guard crew from the man the official said it is a good thing he had a life jacket and reliable way to call for help their minds people met in the right decision before getting in
6:57 am
water can save a life we will be right back with more weather news and traffic when the kron 4 morning news continues.
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three people die in a violent crash on a rural north bay road. we'll have that story coming up in a live report. a san leandro employee gets killed while trying to stop season from stealing wooden wooden pallets. i'll have the details in a live report. students on edge after a major spike in crime near the uc berkeley campus. i'll have details on the latest incidents. this is the bay area news station, kron4 news at seven starts now. >> good tuesday morning, i'm darya folsom. >> and first let's get to the
7:00 am
roads, robin. >> approaching the san mateo bridge. chp issued a traffic alert for a crash on 92. it's at a crawl. let's take a look at the map. it's blocking two lanes of traffic right in the area where it's normally bumper to bumper. and this is just making things much much worse. we have emergency crews rolling out through the scene. no estimated time for clearing, so once again, it's on the hayward side. westbound before the toll plaza, blocking the two left lanes, and i drew an arrow next to the backup which spills onto the nimitz. it is backed up beyond 238. even those of you who plan oncoming out of castro valley, and san leandro, you will come to a crawl on 238 right here before you even get over to the nimitz freeway. so make sure you leave early or consider using the dumbarton bridge 5ó1binstead. you have to get through the backup because of the crash, and it will stay heavy all the way through fremont because of earlier problems. it's just under an hour from 238 out


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