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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 18, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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identified the victim. and the man responsible. kron four's haziq madyun has the latest details on the investigation. >> reporter:investigators say 54-year-old takeshi watanabe was trying to stop kadeem edwards from stealing wooden pallets here at trueworld foods in san leandro and it cost him his life >>"it is very tragic, it's gut wrenching" >> reporter:san leandro police lt. robert mcmanus says the victim, mr. watanabe was a long time employee at trueworld foods >>"and has gone to work every day for 23-years and to know that man walked out or was in that back parking lot yesterday when mr edwards was stealing the pallets, he stood up for what was right, and he stood up to protect it was wooded pallets, he did what he thought was right and in doing so tragically lost his life yesterday" >> reporter: 11 intentionally drove his white pick up truck over escape. hours later oakland police spotted the white pick-up truck a near wooded pallet recycling center on
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>>"these officers that are assigned to that specific district in oakland told me, they knew that the truck lou international blvd and san leandro street. lou roe when lou >> reporter: whenhere is video of edwards being taken into custody on monday. >>"we're treating this as a murder investigation because of that fact that the surveillance video show the kadeem edwards intentionally drove over and fled the scene without stopping" >> reporter:kadeem edwards is being held to be
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arraigned on the murder charge in hayward on wednesday. in san leandro >> grant: wowthe highway patrol is still lion trying to figure out what caused a horrific.deadly car crash early this morning near lagunitas.that took the lives of three young men. >> grant:kron 4's dan kerman is live at c-h-p headquarters in marin county - with details on what we know >> catherine:dan? will >> reporter: >> sat terry audit that law would set dense that to the at least for this field of 55 mi. per hour--the fat
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wome >> technical difficulties week
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>> reporter: werehe was criticized for giving a 6 month sentence to brock turner - the stanford swimmer convicted of sexually assaulting anthis time, critics say a football player who pleaded was also given a lenient sentence. >> reporter:as kron four's terisa estacio reports, critics argue that it's another example of why persky should be forced off the bench.
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>> reporter:san jose state university warren officials are taking a closer look at how they handle sexual misconduct cases. it's happening after two reported assaults by one of the school's water polo players. >> reporter:the assaults happened off campus over labor day weekend. the suspect is an since been suspended and has left the country. the school is now trying to improve how it first reaches when sexual assault. specifically through the when
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>> mark: >> mark: will (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. when >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom.
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all will >> grant: worldfremont police arrest a man. suspected of starting more itself city's warm springs neighboorhood. police say they were able to identify 30-year-old corey min-has thanks to surveillance video. he's accused of starting 16 fires in the area since mid- july. >> grant:min-has was picked up last thursday near the scene of city's most recent fire. near mayten way and warm springs boulevard. officers say he lives near the area where all the fire occurred. and he is believed to have acted alone. >> catherine:a judge has reduced eavesdropping charges against stockton mayorfelony eavesdropping charges have now been reduced to four misdemeanor
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charges. the mayor was accused of secretly recording parts of a teen counselor's strip poker game... at a youthhe was also charged with providing alcohol to minors. >> catherine:silva denies the charges - arguing that they're politically motivated. he says he accidentally recorded the game... after walking in on it. he's running for re- election in november. >> grant:police-dispatch recordings reveal that officers targeted by a gunman at a vallejo starbucks. reported the confrontation as an ambush. this is surveillence video taken right before the attempted shooting. >> grant:the two police officers weren't hurt in the confrontation sunday - only because the attacker's rifle malfunctioned and prevented him from firing a shot. recordings captured the surprise in one officer's voice as he and his partner sprinted after the man, shooting and wounding him. >> grant:he told dispatchers the man had come up to the starbucks and pointed the rifle at them. police are calling this an attempted assassination of police. looking back at rainfall
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totals over the weekend we find that one south bay reservoir was the beneficiary of an unexpected windfall. >> catherine:but as kron four's rob fladeboe reports --- the extra rain was too much too soon and must be released. >> reporter:uvas reservoir in the hills northwest of gilroy, entirely dependent on runoff from rainfall, rose almost ten percent last weekend, from 30-percent to just under 40-percent of capacity. why? because more than 11 inches of rain fell upstream in the uvas canyon in the santa cruz mountains. but because it arrived so early, the water technically cannot be diverted and must be released. >>marty grimes/santa clara valley water district -- and some but our reservoir is a certain date were we will keep the water from diverting. and some of that is in november 1st. we
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captured some water and the rest of what we need to release it because it's not a diversion. that we had the water right to actually give birth. --actually divert. >> reporter:instead the water will go to downstream interests whose water rights pre date those of the santa clara valley water district. and to satisfy environmental needs which demand that a certain flow be maintained in the creeks and streams fed byreservoir. >>marty grimes -- to make sure that there is in the water for the habitat to have water upstream. >> reporter:uvas canyon can see upwards of 100 inches of rain in the wettest of years. in stark not ten miles away and fed by a different watershed, gained little in the recent storms. frequently among the first to be filled by the rain, releasing water from uvas reservoir is also done at times in the name of flood protection but far more likely to occur much later in the rainy season
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>> reporter: >> reporter: the amount of water bill least is to fit the needs of 1600 families brought about a year. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> catherine: a shooting outside a san francisco high school. one girl was shot and is in critical condition two boys, two male students were also shot and their injuries are not considered life threatening. and we do know that police are looking for four male suspects. all of the victims are teenagers. and the shooting happened at a parking lot outside of the school. we did hear that most of the students scattered and ran inside the school. at one point, greta. we do know something more
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about the victims with once the no student in critical condition at two mills that were shot. >> catherine:--2 male students that were also shot >> grant: the two boys were shot with nonthreatening injuries. there was a lot down which has now been lifted. press conference is now still going on and went that route but we will talk with the j.r. stone who is still light at the same. you could check our web site and our twitter page for more updates as well. >> catherine:the vallejo public works department is asking some residents to boil their tap water before using it. pipeline. a split line out of the plant was discovered yesterday. crews removed it and began putting in a replacement today..
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>> catherine:the break caused a loss of water pressure. which canthe boil water advisory went out to people who live in the green valley community. residents north of green valley road and reservoir lane.are affected. including people who live on rockville road west of suisun valley road. >> catherine:you're being asked to boil water for at least a minute -- or use bottled water. health officials will notify people when the boil notice has been lifted. >> grant: turning our attention to the bay area weather now. you see the day, the boats and on trains. --and the countries. -- and the palms trees
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>> diane: >> reporter: right now we are in the '70s. we feel comfortable in vallejo and the same pink and concord. 71 degrees in san jose. --so comfortable in vallejo and the same thing and concord. >> reporter: not bad all over the next few hours you will notice the temperatures will drop and fellow '60s for the inland locations and at the 50 degree temperatures by 9:00. >> reporter: drop the into the low '60's at 9:00 at the coast. and as we pushed into tomorrow you will start to notice that the '80s will pop back up on the map for livermore, and santa rosa
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along with antioch. san francisco would be at 72 degrees. >> reporter: track more of the 7 day forecast and what you need to know to get in store for next weekend coming up soon! >> catherine: we will have the latest from the campaign drilled straight ahead. -- ca,paign trail --campaign trail
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>> grant:for the second straight week, colin kaepernick will be the starting quarterback for the san francisco 49ers.and the hope is he can finally get the offense into a rhythm >> grant:it hasn't been pretty for the last few weeks. but perhaps kaepernick the quarterback, will have just as much impact as kaepernick the activist. number 7 met with the media today. and mark carpenter has the story. >> mark:colin kaepernick talked with minutes and there wasn't a single question about his social activism. football was the main topic
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of conversation.and as he prepares for his first home game since being renamed the starter, his focus is snapping the team's 5-game losing streak. >>colin kaepernick "that's what we are preparing for. that's what we're focused on. we want to make sure this week we are having a good week of practice everybody is on the same page and everybody is focused and prepared this sunday so we can go out and execute." (crying) >> mark:the 49ers signal caller.taking a break from the extended press conferences on the meaning of his national anthem protests. and back talking x's and o's. his season debut against the bills could be graded as *okay.considering the niners lost by nearly 30-points. but players in buffalo didn't pull any punches in their assessment. >> mark:as cornerback stephen gilmore said quote-- ''he's an athlete. you can't take that from him. but when it comes to passing the ball, he can't really throw." >> mark:criticism that kaepernick was quick to brush off. >>"that's an opinion. everybody is entitled to it.
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we focus on what we can do to get this win this week vs the bucs." (crying) >> mark:even with a coaching change, the results have not improved. the niners are 1-5 right now.and at this time last year-- the niners were 2- and-4. but players maintain there's no place for pessimism. >>antoine bethea "that's the main thing. stay positive, hold guys accountable and continue to go out there and practice hard. i'm gonna be one of those guys. i'm gonna continue to keep speaking out and i'm gonna go out there and practice hard and that's what we gotta do." >> mark:the niners host 2- and-3 tampa bay on sunday.the final game before their bye week mc kron4 news . >> catherine:it is indeed time to drain the swamp, in washington dc. donald trump hoping for an october surprise: >> catherine:newly released documents raise questions of a quid-pro-quo bargain between the state department and the f-b-i over hillary clinton's private email server.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> catherine: 3 students were shot just before being dismissed from school. they were shot and a parking lot
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at school and eight local 7 francisco area. we do know that two male students were shot was not life- threatening injuries and the young lady is suffering from life-threatening injuries. >> catherine: we will have a live report coming up! >> it is indeed time to drain the swamp and washington d.c.. (cheers & applause) >> grant: donald trump is hoping for an october surprise. newly released
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documents raise questions of a quid pro quo bargain between the state department and the fbi over hillary clinton's private e-mail server. >> grant: three weeks from now we will be reporting the first presidential election returns. >> catherine: tonight, polls show the republican nominee is heading towards a landslide defeat-desk defeat. steve is here now to show us why. >> reporter:here is a look at the stage where the two candidates meet tomorrow in their third and final debate in lasnew numbers out today indicate donald trump is facing increasingly long odds. >>even though we are doing pretty well in the polls, i don't believe in the polls any more. >> reporter:donald trump
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sounding a little less like a winner in colorado today. >>believe me folks, we're doing great. >> reporter:a washington post survey of 15 swing states projects hillary clinton will be elected with at least 304 electoral votes, with 138 going to trump and 96 still rated as toss=ups. >> reporter:hoping to turn things around, the republican nominee seized on the newly "pay-to-play. collusion. cover-ups. and now bribery?" >>presidential nominee "this is felony corruption. " >> reporter:according to f- b-i notes taken during the investigation, undersecretary of state patrick kennedy pressured the f-b-i to declassify one of the emails in question. >> reporter:a different fbi official said he told state department he'd look into the email, if state department looked into his request for personnel in iraq, using the phrase quid pro quo. >>john kirby, state department spokesman: "it's absolutely not true. completely false allegations." >> reporter:denials from the state department and fbi. even from the white house: >>pres. obama: "the notion or the accounts that have been put out there are just not true." >> reporter:trump blames the media for ignoring the story. >>presidential nominee "this
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is a bigger event than watergate and they practically refuse to cover it." >> reporter:as for clinton herself, the next time we see her is likely to be on the debate stage in las vegas. one thing we'll be watching for. whether the two candidates shake hands at the beginning. return to >> grant:the third and final place tomorrow night at the university of nevada in las vegas. and kron four has you covered. >> grant:the debate starts at 6 p-m our time. live on our website and on our mobile app. we'll also have complete coverage after the debate on kron four news. and on our website at kron-four-dot- com. >> grant: accounts until 2013. >> brittney: futurecast
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showing us as we go into the wednesday temperatures pressure is rebuilding and you will see the clear skies as pressures stay in control through the work week. >> brittney: 06 these and san francisco and comfortable 71 degrees in richmond. tomorrow, that to the '80s for santa rosa, and now but. napa >> brittney: 76 the grease and mountain view. --76 of the grace and mountain view. >> brittney: colon by friday. cooler by friday.
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>> catherine: thank you, brittney. >> grant: j.r. stone is light at the scene at the hot school. the word three teenagers were shot outside in a parking lot. --j.r. stone is alive at the scene at a local high school. >> we need to get more additional officers here and send an ambulance for assistance. shots were fired it right near the school. at that point, we did receive information.. excuse me. we
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did receive the permission that there may have been a school shooting. so we came in italy under the scenario that there may have been an act of shooting scenario. >> reporter: when it comes to the three victims that we have here what are their conditions of those victims. ? >> we have one female victim with life-threatening injuries to her upper torso and we found two other male injuries to their upper torso. we did find that they were safe. and transport them to the hospital he believes. --immediately. >> all we know at this time is that we have four male suspects and they were seen running from the same. --
5:37 pm
scene >> we thought that it was an act of shooting because of the kids running back into the school. we had to hurry up and follow and find a suspect before anyone else was injured. >> reporter: there were witnesses say that they may have been waiting for those it comes to us there any truth to that? >> we are starting to receive a lot of different affirmation and different angles. so, now it is up to the inspector to find out what information from the victim's. at what this says that may have that are around that area that could have seen what had taken place. --and see what
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witnesses were all around that area. >> this for sure is not a random shooting. >> reporter: officer carlos manfredi thank you. >> reporter: as we receive more details we will bring you here at kron 4 news. now back to you in the studio. >> grant: lee would take a quick break and be right back after this. -- we will
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>> grant:another hoax on
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facebook is clogging up newsfeeds everywhere. this one is not exactly new... but some words have been altered. the post claims facebook's privacy policy is changing. it also says that tomorrow is the deadline for that change... when all that users have posted...becomes public. >> grant:the popular social media network says the post is false. facebook says that its users content... as stated in the terms. last year... a similar facebook post went viral... claiming the company was going to start selling user information. all of course... were not true. >> grant:'minecraft' is one of the most popular video games now on the market for children, teenagers and even adult gamers. our tech reporter gabe slate >> catherine: former wells fargo ceo told congress under oath last month that he did not know about a problem with thick custom accounts until 2013.
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>> grant: in new mexico, a woman was axed by her son to get to lunches for school creek from our partners as cnn giving us the emotional reason why. >> reporter: the little boy's mom lost her job and could not afford to pay for the school lunches. >> if you years ago my son and i were homeless. i was living in my car. >>crying >> reporter: she has also created a new friendship. >> catherine: that is a nice story. isn't it?
5:49 pm
>> brittney: yes >> grant: yes. >> brittney: we are seeing at a lot of sunshine as we go and to the next few days. we will notice the difference tomorrow and two other state. that is where we will see a peak and our temperatures and slowly start to see things cooling down towards the weekend but, staying closer to average. >> brittney: breezy conditions antipater's stay right now and the low 60s. tonight we will see mostly clear skies. mostly warm temperatures for the weekend. >> brittney: up to five degrees, with temperatures of being really comfortable and the low seventies and
5:50 pm
concord, 68 in novado... we are seeing unselling weather and the far part of the state. we will continue to seek a little bit of fun shore flow as we go into the rest of the week. the point condition is setting up for us with the high-pressure staying in control. so therefore would seek a lot of sunshine toward the afternoon and warmer temperatures pushing into thursday which will be the peak. by the weekend we are cooling things down. >> brittney: 74 degrees in san mateo and san carlos. back to the '80s and santa rosa. antipater's and his bart at 79 degrees. 80 and concord and if you are close
5:51 pm
to san ramon. >> brittney: and let up sunshine by 9:00 a.m.. mainly in the big east in the morning and as we go into by the lunch hour we will see temperatures change into the low 60s. it will be comparable to marleau as you head out for lunch and then you will notice temperatures climbing through thursday. until we start to cool down by the weekend and into next week. >> grant: thank yu , brittney >> grant: we have just learned that a fourth shooting victim has showed up to the hospital. in regards to the shooting outside a local high school.
5:52 pm
in the parking lot. >> grant: now there is a net get hillary clinton's back to. -- statue >> catherine:if possible.the clinton statue is causing an even bigger fuss than the trump version. here's a little of what happened when it appeared morning. >> catherine:that's an argument between the artist and a woman calling the statue 'obscene.' the chaos continued. with people yelling.some of them kicking and trying to break the statue. >> catherine:it shows a mostly naked clinton - with hooved feet - and a wall street banker at her side. it's not clear if people trying to destroy it were all clinton fans trying to protect her.or people who just don't like her. >> catherine:it wasn't long before police got involved. officers with the counter- terrorism unit artist to remove the statue because he didn't have the proper permit.
5:53 pm
>> grant:billy bush officially axed. from n-b- c's today show. for conversation with republican woman. coming up next. how the television host is responding.
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5:55 pm
>> grant:the today show's morning show drama ended as predicted. billy bush
5:56 pm
officially out! but did he get paid to leave? >> catherine: i'm going t boxo guess, yes. >> catherine:if so, he wouldn't be the first t-v personality to get a golden handshake. the insider's louie aguirre joins us from hollywood with more on this story. louie? >> reporter: the billy blame game! >> reporter: " lamented the departure to billy bush and then moving on to today's broadcast. >> thanks for joining us for two days and a row. >> it is a joy to be here. >> reporter: them alani a trump was on tv blaming
5:57 pm
billy bush for basing her husband. --bating her husband >> you felt like billy bush was taking him on-- egging him on? what >> i look forward to what lies ahead--billy bush >> no one has ever fired me and say you are totally offensive of and here are millions of dollars to make you go away. i am happy to do that. >> catherine:that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. >> grant:steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron
5:58 pm
4 news at six. >> pam: thank you, bobgrant and catheine.--catherine
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> reporter: we now know that at least four students had been shot outside a local high school. >> reporter: good evenig , i am steve aveson >> pam: and, i am pam moore >> pam: what do we know about the 4th victim? >> pam: jr? >> reporter: as we pay off in the distance to see all the officers in the patrol car at one of the four
6:01 pm
victims is dealing with life-threatening injuries. the other three are not life threatening injuries. but a total of four victims. this cd school and the district. this is the june jordan high school which were let out at 3:00 this afternoon. when the shots let out in the air. at least six gunshots were heard by certain students. while in school. >> reporter: are also reports this evening that some of the police--there may have been one suspect that had been waiting period the with the possibility that they were looking at the one victim with life- threatening conditions. but, but are still looking into this. this was not a mass shooting at happened outside which it appears. i this--
6:02 pm
you see the officers that are still here all on the scene. at last check, four people were seen running from this area and dark hoodies. but those it will have not been identified. the story is still breaking. and, again we had just learned about the fourth victim. live in san francisco, j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> pam: thank you, j.r. >> pam: we are learing more about aman killed while trying to prevent someone from stealing property from his job.. >> reporter:tonight.there is a suspect behind bars facing a murder charge. kron4's haaziq madyun has the latest details on the investigation >>"even though it was wooden thought was right and it cost him his life" >> reporter:54-year-old takeshi watanabe was killed monday allegedly parking lot
6:03 pm
of true world foods in san leandro. police say watanabe was trying to prevent edwards from stealing wooden pallets >>"something happened in the middle of that, he chose to over takeshi with the front of the vehicle" >> reporter:investigators say edwards, a 27-year-old richmond resident, was driving this white pick-up truck when he struck mr. watanabe >>"as we inspected it yesterday, there is damage to the front of the pick-up that was spotted and recovered by the oakland police department" >> reporter:kadeem edwards was arrested for murder and is being held without bail. on tuesday it was all quiet here at trueworld foods following takeshi watanabe's death. he has worked here for the last 23-years. management and employees were all at a loss for words following the loss of an employee, coworker friend. >>"a husband and a father a friend and a coworker, and on behalf of the city of san leandro we offer our condolences of a resident of our fine city"
6:04 pm
>> reporter:in san leandro haaziq madyun kron4news. >> reporter:in the east bay... >> reporter:a suspected serial arsonist in the east bay is behind bars tonight. fremont police say they arrested 30-year-old corey minhas. they caught him near the scene of a fire in the city's warm springs neighborhood. >> reporter:it was the 16th fire in the area since the middle of july. investigators say minhas lives close to where the fires were set and surveillance video helped identify him as a suspect. >> reporter:so far he is facing two counts of arson but the case is still open and more charges could be coming. at this time fremont police say minhas is the only suspect in the fires. return >> reporter:another big story. this one out of the north bay. two brothers and another young man are dead tonight, after the car they were in car slammed into power pole and a couple of trees. >> pam:the accident happened
6:05 pm
in west marin county. kron 4's dan kerman is live in corte madera with what the c-h-p is saying about the crash dan. >> reporter: and thus the bidders would take highway california patrol was tried to investigate as to why this car crash the center line before crashing offset the road late. >> reporter: car was headed west about 5 mi. past at the time of the crash. >> striking a power pole and a couple of trees. >> reporter: the individuals and the car was pronounced dead at the same. >> reporter:dead at the scene
6:06 pm
>> reporter: all three had their seat belts on at the time of the crash. >> reporter: >> all vehicle is considered safe depending on the type of speed. it is about being careful and be safe. >> reporter: weather conditions played no role in the crash. as to whether drugs and alcohol played a role in this crash. chp says they do not know at this point. toxicology reports are scheduled for later in this week. >> pam: thanks, dan! >> pam:two people suffered life-threatening injuries after a car hit them as they tried to run across interstate highway 680. chp says it happened in walnut creek this morning following a fender-bender. >> pam:the man and woman were driving south on 680 when they rear-ended another car.both cars pulled into the center median to
6:07 pm
exchange insurance information. officers say- when the other driver started to call 911- the man and woman jumped the center divider and tried to run across the northbound lanes. >> pam:that's when another car hit them, knocking both of them across two lanes of traffic. >> pam:they were taken to a hospital with major injuries. >> pam:once again judge aaron... >> reporter: persky is in the news - this time, critics are accusing him allowing another athlete to have preferential treatment. this is a picture of keenan smith - a running back for the college of san mateo. >> reporter:in march, smith plead guilty in a domestic violence case involving his girlfriend as well as striking a good samarityan who tried to intervene. >> reporter:critics say persky allowed smith's sentence to work around his football schedule. >> reporter:he missed several sessions and was back in court today down weekend jail time. michelle dauber a stanford law professor and an recall persky campaign talked about smith's case today.
6:08 pm
>>sot/tc: michelle professor --and public place plus a dent growth ran 10 times and then pushed her to the ground and preparing to counter. where he was staying san the presidents of that full what takes place over also to women. which is the wrong message to send. >> reporter: disputed any preferential treatment saying that it is typical in cases to work with a person's work and school schedule. >> brittney: our conditions are so nice as we go into the next few hours. still in the mid-60s. you may need a
6:09 pm
jacket. but 11:00, almost all locations are in the '50s for the a land area and at the coast 53 degrees. one >> brittney: instead, we will start to want things up as we go into the next few days. if you notice, we are now seeing a lot of clouds. so it is pretty clear. we are tracking clear visibility with a lot of such un as well. '80s and now but, 71 and san francisco. s m a tale. 76 degrees in mountain view. and san jose >> brittney: will have more of what is coming out for the we get that is going to
6:10 pm
be in my report coming up adjusted few minutes to rid >> pam:thousands of people showed up in palm springs honor the memory of the two police officers shot and killed earlier this month. >> catherine:officers jose vega and in what police call an ambush october 8th. when they were responding to a domestic disturbance call. today thousands of law enforcement officers joined family and friends of the two officers - for a memorial service at the palm springs convention center. >> catherine:officer vega's nephew talked about how his uncle was a positive role model to him as a young latino. and the palm springs police chief says "enough is enough" when it comes to violence against officers. >> catherine:the suspect in the shooting - is 26-year- old john felix, who is in custody. >> catherine: pam and steve?
6:11 pm
>> reporter: thank you, catherine. from sort of a criminal act.the report adds than more >> reporter:the san francisco police department will hold a town hall meeting thursday to release more information about an officer-involved shooting that happened on friday. the shooting happened just after 8pm in the sunset district. police shot 26-year-old nicholas mcwherter during a chase after he shot a police officer. >> reporter:mcwherter later died from his injuries. the injured officer is in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. officials say he is partially paralyzed on one side of his body. the town hall meeting with take place at 6pm thursday at the scottish rite masonic center. >> pam:coming up. they say when it rains it pours. we'll a look at some of the bay area reservoirs after last weekends' rain. some did well. others did not. >> reporter:wells fargo taking more hits customers. it already lost some business with the state. now
6:12 pm
one local government may also stop using the bank. >> pam:tracing the source of a cell phone bomb set to go off outside a police station. and the marin man reportedly connected to it. tobacco companies knew that smoking kills. and they lied about it for decades. now they're lying about prop 56. if you don't use tobacco, you don't pay. smokers pay - their fair share of the 3 billion in health care costs all taxpayers are paying now. and there's one more thing: our kids. every state that's significantly raised tobacco taxes has reduced youth smoking. please. vote yes on 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it.
6:13 pm
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6:15 pm
>> pam:we are following breaking news on kron 4. three students have been san francisco high school. one of them. a female. is criticially injured. police are looking right now for four suspects. we will have an update in 15 minutes. >> pam:a bay area man is being bombing of a colorado police station. >> reporter:david michael ansberry was arrested this weekend. kron4's maureen kelly has the criminal complaint which lays out how the suspect was connected to case. >> reporter:this is the criminal complaint filed in a federal courthouse in colorado. it's identifying the suspect david michael ansberry as a san rafael resident but kron4 news has learned that ansberry most recently lived in berkeley.before moving to colorado.about a year before the bombing attempt. >> reporter:here you can see bomb squad techniciations work to left outside the nederfield colorado police department last tuesday morning.a robot was brought in to decommission what's being described as a sophisticated explosive device.according to the complaint.several attempted were made to set the bomb off by a cell phone. that phone was later tracked to a grocery storewhere investigators saw surveillance video of the suspect. >> reporter: three and half foot man on crutches wearing a pony tail , was matched to a man seen evacuating the
6:16 pm
motel across the street from the police department after the bomb was discovered. the 64 year old was arrested this weekend getting off a plane in chicago.he's been charged with a federal explosive count.the complaint doesn't indicate what ansberry's motive might have been. >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news. >> reporter:san francisco is considering the city sever ties with the hometown bank. wells fargo has come underfire for opening millions of fake accounts without customers knowledge. >> reporter:san franciso's proposal would suspend official business with wells. >> reporter:the scandal has led to the retirement of the bank's c-e-o as well as a hefty fine and thousands of employees being fired. california has already halted all business with wells fargo. - >> pam:a nearly 15 -billion dollar settlement over volkswagen's emissions cheating scandal is one step closer to approval. today, a federal judge in
6:17 pm
san francisco said, he is strongly inclined to approve the settlement which would require the company to buy back or repair nearly 500 - thousand volkswagens and audi vehicles. >> pam:v-w would also be required to pay car owners an additional 5- to 10- thousand dollars each. the judge says, he wants to consider objections and will issue a final ruling by next week. >> pam:a bitter battle over a popular peninsula beach is heading to court... billionaire vinod khosla.who owns martins beach is suing state regulators. one claim is state officials have harassed khosla and his property... for refusing to give up his private property rights. >> pam:khosla bought the beach property back in 2009... and sought to close it off to the public. the lawsuit seeks an injunction prohibiting state officials from requiring that khosla's companies allow public access to the beach. >> pam:the case is set to go before a judge in oakland on february 3rd. return to
6:18 pm
>> reporter:last weekend's storms brought a nice boost for one reservoir in the south bay. >> pam:but as kron four's rob fladeboe explains now, the diverted rainfall is being released, because it arrived a little bit too soon >> reporter: what happened was the 11 in. of rainfall. that boosted levels in this reservoir from 30 to 39%. because of that rainfall phil before november 1st the extra water is now be released. >> is a certain date for
6:19 pm
some of our reservoir to keep the water and then divert the water. a lot of the water was done before november 1st so, we captured water but we need to release it because it's not what they call a diversion. . we do not have the watch your right. -- water right >> reporter: the amount of water being released this fall about to meet in need of some 1600 families for about a year. and gilroy, rob fladeboe 8, kron 4 news. >> pam: rioting is standing by to tell us what is coming out weather wise. -- brittney is standing nearby
6:20 pm
>> brittney: temperatures will keep warming up starting tomorrow. not a lot of f o g afford sighting skies and warmer temperatures on thursday and heading into the we will see temperatures dropped little bit. >> brittney: 71 degrees and concord, 69 degrees at livermore and 63 degrees and petaluma. 70 degrees in santa rosa. >> brittney: we are done with the stormy weather at least for a week or so. we had 14 mi. per hour in half moon bay of a sustained wind gust. >> brittney: will seek one
6:21 pm
temperatures. as the clouds and rain fall passed to the north of us because of the ridge of high pressure standing over us in san francisco. >> brittney: not a lot of apple g tomorrow morning. you will see more eighties on the map for napa. -- not a lot of 80's on th emap for us you will see more 80's on the map in napa. >> brittney: in fairfield 79,napa at 80 and 76 degrees in union city. we will take
6:22 pm
a look at the 7 day forecast coming up. >> pam: thank you, brittney. >> pam:three students have been shot outside and san francisco high school and the suspects are the run. an update is just minutes away. >> reporter:the creepy clown scare is leading to more changes for halloween. the popular place you will not be seeing clowns on the 31st. >> pam: a stranger casually grabbing someone else's baby at a shopping mall. we will have more on this tonight!
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
>> steve:the creepy clown phenomenon has claimed another casualty of sorts. it's resulting in some changes in a popular halloween staple --- the haunted house. >> pam:catherine heenan is here with an example from ohio. >> pam: catherine? >> catherine:this is a scene from an ad for a particularly famous haunted house in sandusky, ohio. people come from all over to be scared. so you'd think they'd be ready for creepy clowns.
6:26 pm
>> catherine:but the people who run "fear fest" say they have no choice but to make a few changes. instead of clowns running through the parking lot outside the building, as they've done in the past.scaring people in line.the actors playing clowns are being told to stay inside. >> catherine:it goes to show how cautious everyone is being.given the reports of threatening clowns. >> catherine:the manager says he gave one actor that talk just this week.and he understood. >> catherine:the 'fear fest' people say they have 'not' seen a drop in ticket sales. >> catherine:in fact, this weekend looks like it will be one of their best ever. >> catherine:but the fun will stay mostly out of sight from the public. >> catherine:pam and steve? >> steve: thank you, catherine!
6:27 pm
>> steve:coming up. a preview of wednesday's debate as president obama delivers a stern message to presidential candidate donald trump - stop whining. >> pam:a pepper puree so intense it burned a hole in a man's throat. >> steve:the u.s. state department on the defensive regarding the latest allegations to come out of the wikileaks email release.
6:28 pm
tobacco companies knew that smoking kills. and they lied about it for decades. now they're lying about prop 56. if you don't use tobacco, you don't pay. smokers pay - their fair share of the 3 billion in health care costs all taxpayers are paying now. and there's one more thing: our kids. every state that's significantly raised tobacco taxes has reduced youth smoking. please. vote yes on 56. if we can save even a few lives,
6:29 pm
it's worth it.
6:30 pm
>> pam: which is that an update from police short time ago. j.r. stone is on the scene and we will receive eight update from him now. j.r.? >> reporter: they just took down the yellow crime scene tape. they are about to clear this area. the shooting if you've looked at
6:31 pm
the june jordan high school up on the hill, right here. on--in the parking lot. as several students ran into the school. the police officers came into the school and some of the victims. they wanted to make sure that there wasn't a shorter inside the school. they are still looking for the suspects in this evening. >> reporter: essene as for students of running from the scene and dark cookies. --we have four people running. money from the scene. >> if anyone has any information on what happened about this we are asking that to contact us on the tip line. >> reporter: to see the
6:32 pm
officer's clearing the scene after the shooting. in three hours after the shooting. there are four victims. one of them is the one in this case. dealing with life- threatening injuries. the others, are none mel--the other three, all males have three none three injuries. --non threatening injuries. >> steve:thanks, j.r.. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. here are >> steve: here are the rest
6:33 pm
of kron4 newest top stories. >> reporter: headed west at about 5 mi. past when this car lost control and crossed to the other side of the roadway and slammed into a power pole and several trees. the chp officer says all individuals had police see that this had cars--had seatbelts on at the time of the crash. a toxicology report will take place later on this week. to see if drugs or alcohol played a role and this accident. >> reporter: and then walked out when mr. edwards word and the progress of stilling
6:34 pm
the wooden pallets. even though it was wooden pallets, he did what he thought was right and tragically lost his life yesterday. >> reporter: being held without bail and scuttle to be arraigned in hayward. -- and scheduled to be arraigned >> pam: brittney shipp is here.. any rain? >> brittney: no rain fall. >> pam: ok. >> brittney: it was a beautiful day. not a lot of cloudiness and stet, sunshine. tomorrow, we will have more sunshine and warming tripper warming temperatures.
6:35 pm
>> brittney: over the next three hours, clear skies will continue as we drop down by the weekend. if you notice by the 7 day forecasts showing all of these changes. tomorrow and into thursday temperatures will climb. thursday will be the peak. then we will start to cool down headed into friday, saturday the biggest drop in temperatures and the locations will stay around and the set low 70's. >> brittney: temperatures will stay similar are around the bay between saturday and sunday and will take a look at a 7 day forecast at the end of the show. >> steve: thank you, britt! >> steve:as donald trump's
6:36 pm
poll numbers continue to slip. working to cleanup another email mess. >> pam:and now, the state department is fighting off tried to cut a deal with the f-b-i to have a clinton email unclassified. stacey cohan with our partners at c-n-n has the reaction from the campaign trail. >>john kirby, state department spokesman: "there was no bargain." >> reporter:is it another october surprise? newly released allegations of a quid-pro-quo bargain between the state department and the f-b-i over hillary clinton's use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state. >> reporter:according to f- b-i notes taken during the investigation, undersecretary of stateb-i to declassify one of the emails in question. >> reporter:during one interview, a different fbi official said he told state department he'd look into the email, if state department looked into his request for personnel in iraq. >> reporter:state department spokesperson john kirby says there was absolutley no deal made. >>john kirby, state department spokesman: "not only there is no proof, it's
6:37 pm
absolutely not true. completely false allegations." >> reporter:at a press conference on tuesday, president obama weighed in -- saying there's nothing here. >>donald trump, -r- presidential candidate: "this is a bigger event than watergate" >>pres. obama: "the notion or the accounts that have been put out there are just not true." >> reporter:republican presidential nomninee donald trump seized on the document release, tweeting "pay-to- play. collusion. cover-ups. and now bribery?" >>donald trump, -r- presidential candidate: "this is felony corruption" >> reporter:the real question now may not be what really happened.but will this further impact voters' trust in clinton? where the latest twist in the never-ending email controversy will unquestionably be among the questions she faces in wednesday night's debate. >> reporter:i'm stacey cohan reporting. >> steve:kron 4 will live stream wednesday's debate startingyou can get to it online-- at 6pm >> steve: through our
6:38 pm
website, kron 4 dot com. or you can view it, by downloading the kron 4 mobile app. it is available for free for apple and android devices. >> pam:president obama attacked donald trump today over his claims the election is "rigged." in short he told him. stop whining. >>it's unprecedented. he started whining before the game's even over. if whenever things are going badly for you and you lose, you start blaming somebody else, then you don't have what it takes to be in this job." >> pam:the president went on to say trump's claims are myth. and there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud.
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
>> steve:it's an amazing dare that's been tried countless times but this time a guy eating a dangerous pepper burns a hole in his throat. return
6:42 pm
>> steve:imagine eating something so hot. that it tears a hole in spend more than three weeks in the hospital. that is exactly what recently happened to one man. >> pam:the details came out during a study by u-c-s-f. the culprit. the ghost pepper that you see here. the man had eaten a hamburger smothered with a ghost pepper puree. as part of contest. >> steve:it was so hot it caused a two- and- a -half centimeter tear in his esophagus. this is how hot the pepper is. in scoville units. which measures the clocks in at one million. a habanero comes in at half- a-million. a jalapeno. any where between 25-hundred to 8- thousand. return to index of
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. >> we had good moments. there were some mistakes made personally that were mine and i know that i want to correct those this week. >> gary: i do not know what this means creek but you see how relaxed he was. now he is nice and relaxed. at first it would seem like he was persecuted when you talk to him. >> gary:... aww! family.
6:47 pm
>> gary: the next debartolo family reunion may be an awkward one! >> gary: today, lisa debart olo... the daughter of eddie and cousin of the 49ers, ceo jed york. >> gary: retweeted two
6:48 pm
negative articles about the 49ers. >> gary:one by lowell cohn of the santa rosa press democrat displayed the caption "jed york must go" the other from the s.f.chronicle said "losing has become the 49ers new normal" >> gary:debartolo deleated the retweets but it appears she is not happy with cousin jed's running of the team which is 1-5 and apparently not getting better return to >> gary: lisa debartolo? >> grant: awkward thanksgiving! (laughter) >> gary:blue jays trying to stay alive down 3-0 in the alcs to clevelansd josh donaldson the former"a" a big day for him
6:49 pm
>> gary:bottom 3rd >> gary:donaldson hits a solo home run to get the jays on the board 1-0 toronto top 5th/ 2-1 jays >> gary:donaldson with a runner on 2nd makes the diving stop in the hole and guns out carlos santana to rob him of a possble game- tying rbi >> gary:sign "the start of a 4 game winning streak" final: 5-1 blue jays >> gary:cleveland leads series 3-1 game 5 tomorrow in toronto >> gary: steve is tweeting right in the middle of the show. (laughter)
6:50 pm
>> gary: gere we go! to hockey ... because grant love! >> gary: because we love it >> gary: the olive and turns it on. 3-2 sharks. they have just defeated the islanders tonight. in brooklyn there is! >> gary: grant? see, you've never seen me back in the days. i was known for my
6:51 pm
highlights. >> grant: you can tell it's still in you. >> gary:well, no one cares about the highlights anymoe. re ... everything is instant now. the have it on their phones! >> gary:steve is tweeting during the show?
6:52 pm
(laughter) >> gary:okay, back to the show! >> gary:the annual survey of nba today when mexico sends its people... they're bringing crime, they're rapists. are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> brittney: warming up through thursday. >> steve: have a great night!
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"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> nbc news announced last night that billy bush would be leaving the "today" show effective immediately. >> number one, the "today" show cut billy bush. how much was he paid out? >> it pays to get fired by nbc. >> inside tv's history of golden handshakes. then "dancing" says adios. >> amber and max. >> amber and max get the boot, but was miss rose ready for her exit? >> i took time off for the show. >> and number three, it's a "west wing" reunion as allison janney gets her star on the walk of fame. >> i spent more time with them than with my own real family.
7:00 pm
>> is there any chance for a reboot? your "insider" bonus. kathy griffin's million dollar hollywood home is up for sale, and she's taking me inside. >> that's how i bought this house, one offensive joke at a time. >> is she already targeting her new home's famous neighbors? do you plan to offend kanye in anyway? >> hopefully. >> now, the insider tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> the "today" show's morning show drama ended as predicted. billy bush, officially out. but did he get paid to leave? >> you know, he would not be the first tv personality to get a golden handshake, this as bush continues to feel the fallout from around infamous trump tape. we're tracking the newest twist at number one, the billy blame game. >> i want to mention that nbc news announced last night that billy bush would be leaving the "today" show effective immediately. >> he would like that if we did this to billy.


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