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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 18, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> what we are learning about four students gunned down after school in san francisco. so many things have been happening. >> uc berkeley students warned about a string of robberies in and around campus hillary clinton arriving in las vegas on the eve of her third and final debate with donald trump, tonight the fbi document that could put her on the defensive. mother and daughter at the supermarket suddenly a man tries to snatch the little girl from the shopping cart. >> that's pretty blatant. >> you're watching kron 4 news in primetime. now, at 8:00, gunfire outside of san francisco high school, four students are injured and the suspect are still out on the street. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm pan moore. >> that shooting happened about the time classes were just letting out and it forced an immediate lockdown for about an
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hour. >> kron 4 j. r. stone joins us live from the hospital where the victims are being treated. do we know about a motive in this yet? >> reporter: well, pam we do not. what we do know is that this teenage girl is in the hospital with life threatening injuries and the three other teenage boy in this case are in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. i do want to go to the video because this is the parking lot at june jordan high school where the gun shots rang out toward the end of school. you can see the chalk marks police made as they were looking for clues and officers say it appears the girl who was shot may have been the target. as for what reasons we don't know. three of the four victims ran into the school after being shot. officers searched the school first to make sure the shooters weren't there and then transported the teens to the hospital. another victim showed up at the bayview had police station. we talk with students who were still in class when they heard the shots. >> we were watching a dock you
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youment after it and next thing you know, like i heard like two pops. >> we were walking back that's when we heard them she was already down there. >> this person came in and told us there was a shooting and so everybody pushed our desks together and we went under to make sure we were safe and if he came back and told us to move so we can stay away from the windows and stuff. as soon as she told us that, i immediately called my mom because i got worried and scared >> scary moments for students back out here live at san francisco general again just the update we gave you before, just a recap here that teen girl dealing with life threatening injuries and the other three teen boys non-life threatening injuries and at last check the four suspects were last seen running from the area but vague descriptions wearing dark hoodies and dark jeans. live in san francisco, j. r. stone, kron 4 news.
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>> thank you for that update. we alerted you about this campus shooting with a push alert from our mobile app. stay connected on all breaking news by downloading our app for up to the minute news alerts. now where the city has seen a serious spike in crime over the past week. mostly happen hadding right near the uc berkeley campus. kron 4 alicia reedhasselberg been tracking the story and went to tonights city council meeting to talk with the mayor about what the city is doing to combat this crime. she joins us live and what plans do they have for tackling all this? >> reporter: good evening steve. well i spoke to the mayor today and the first thing he said to me was that it's unfortunate there's this uptick in crime around the uc berkeley campus and they're working with berkeley pd had and campus less to help combat these crimes. now he did tell me there's been increased patrols around the campus by berkeley pd. now just to give you an idea of the crimes that we're talking
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about within the last six days we're told there have been two sex assaults, one shooting, eight armed robberies and one attempted armed robbery. as of today, police have a receipted two suspects from one of those armed robberies but there's still a number of suspects out on the loose. i spoke to some students who were also concerned about a gunman walking around the area just days ago. now though police are on patrol the mayor says people in the area need to be aware of their surroundings. >> we're concerned and we should be concerned. people need to realize that unfortunately they need to be on alert themselves when they are out in public or out walking around their neighborhood they have to assume they need to be careful. they need to watch and look out for people around them. >> the mayor says although there's been this uptick in crime just as well it may go down any time now and stay calm for months and he says there won't be any comparison toluate
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years numbers until they actually do a tally to find out if crimes are actually really up. reporting live from berkeley, kron 4 news. >> thank you: now we have been tracking the crime in berkeley very carefully think month. go to kron to read much more about the other armed robberies taking place in and around the berkeley campus area. one veteran investigator caused a very tragic and gut wrench'ing. >> tonight we're learning new details about a man killed on the job while simply trying to prevent a burglary. grant is here with what we know now about the path where died and the person who police say ran him over. grant? >> reporter: brutal story this guy 54 year old a husband, a father was just trying to stop a guy from stealing wooden palletes at the true world foods warehouse. you'll see here police say kadeem had edwards a 27 year old from richmond intentionally drove his white pick up truck after the employee confronted
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him while he was stealing the palletes. police say after running him over, edwards took off and hours later oakland police spotted that truck under a wood pallete recycling center on east 12th street in oakland. you'll see edwards being taken into custody. some recycling places if you're wondering will give you up to $5 per pallete. as for the man killed, he worked at true world foods for the past 23 years. >> to know that man walked out or was in that backpackerring lot yesterday when mr. edwards was in the process of stealing the palletes he stood up for what was right and he stood up to protect true world foods even though it was wooden palletes, he did what he thought was right and in doing so tragically lost his life yesterday. >> less say they are confident edwards is their man because of witness statements and surveillance video of the actual incident. he's being held without bail scheduled to be arraigned on
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this murder charge tomorrow, pam? >> thank you, grant. tonight investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a horrific crash that killed three young men in marin county just before midnight and deputies say they all died at the scene when the toyota they were in lost control, crossed to the other side of the roadway and slammed into a power pole and several trees. look at the video. the c hp says while the roadway is in a rural area and it is very dark at night weather conditions did notary a role in this crash. >> no moist europe the roadway and fog at the time. it was very foggy later this morning but at the time of the collision the officers arriving on scene noted there wasn't any fog they believe would have been a factor. >> the chp says this time it's not known if drugs or alcohol played any role in the crash. a toxicology test is scheduled for later this week now to this.
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two people in critical condition tonight after being struck by a car while they were trying to run across i680. california highway patrol say the man and woman rear ended another car and both of those cars stopped to exchange information but when the passengers of the other car called 911 the couple decided to run across the northbound lanes and another car struck them sending them across two lanes of traffic. they were hospitalized with what is being described as major injuries. the public works department is asking a neighborhood to boil their tap water before using it. the problem? broken pipelines. a split line of the green valley water treatment plant was discovered yesterday. crews began putting in a replacement today. that break caused a also of water pressure which in turn can affect water quality. the boil water advisory went out to people who live in the green valley community. well we're checking on our weather and britney ship is standing by with a look at what we can expect in the morning.
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britney? >> reporter: tomorrow morning we aren't going to see a lot of fog, see lots of sunshine carrying over as we go into the rest of the afternoon and also going to be a cool start to the morning temperatures in the mid to high 50s from the coast to the bay to our inland locations and as we head into the afternoon, we'll push into the mid 60s right around your lunch hour for the coast 70s for the bay low 70s for inland locations you'll notice more 80s on the map as we go into tomorrow and that's going to be the warming trend which will continue. closer lock at our fog tracker for it shows tomorrow morning we'll see clear visibility throughout the morning into the late morning hours as well. the reason why is this ridge of high pressure will continue over san francisco and most of northern california so you'll notice most of the unsettled weather stays well to the north and to the east of our region so as we go into the rest of tonight we'll continue to see mostly clear skies which will give way to lots of sunshine heading into tomorrow. let's talk your temperatures 77 in pataluma tomorrow, low 70s
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for san francisco, push to 75 in san mateo and 76 in mountain view and 77 in san jose. coming up we'll take a closer look at the three day forecast and let you know how much warmer we get the rest of the work week in about 10 minutes. to san jose state where the university officials are take a much closer lock at how they handle sexual misconduct cases. this happens after two reporting assaults by one of the schools water polo players. those assaults happened off campus over the labor day weekend. the suspect is an international student whose since been suspended and already left the country. the school is now trying to improve how it initially reaches out to students after a report of sexual assault. specifically the schools crime alert system. a car crash caused a small grass fire this afternoon which closed a roadway west when the crews arrived they discovered a vehicle on fire about 40 feet from the road, down a small creek area. officials say one man was found
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inside that car with serious burns, he was airlifted to a hospital and it took crews about 20 minutes to extinguish the fire and it burns roughly an acre of grass and brush around the car. the road has since reopened. ahead tonight at 8:00, a backpack wired to explode at a colorado police station, how investigators trace evidence of the suspected bomber here to the bay area. a series of storm dropping an unusual amount of rainfall on one south bay reservoir. why they will now have to release the water. and next, the judge scrutinized for sentencing brock turner is back in the spotlight for another case involving another athlete.
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the south bay judge
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criticized for sentencing brock turner to six months for sexual assault is facing ale new controversy. >> he's at the center of another case involving a college athlete and this athlete was also given a lenient sentence. kron 4 reports it is a new cause for the judge to be forced off the bench. >> reporter: critics say yet again the santa clara county judge is given preferentialp treatment to an athlete this time involving a football player number 22, keenan smith who plays for the college of san had pay o. >> mr. smith in a public place pushed his then girlfriend ten times according to the police report and grabbed her by the face and pushed her to the ground and was preparing to punch her. >> michelle dauber is a stanford law professor and persky gained international attention when he sentenced stanford athlete brock turner
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to a six-month sentence that amounted to three months after a jury found him guilty of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman following a frat party. last march, he approved a sent ening deal of a domestic violence program and weekend work crew. while dauber says allowing smith to serve a send answer while working around his football schedule. >> i think that's sending a message that football takes precedence over serving your sentence for violence against women is absolutely the wrong message. >> smith was back in court tuesday for missing several of his domestic violence sessions. persky is in another courtroom now so a new judge decide smith must now attend weekend jail. >> to let mr. smith get the time done in a timely fashion to make it easier for him and then to start the domestic violence classes for the rehabilitation part of his sentence. >> he also took issue with
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dauber's accusations smith received preferentialp treatment as an athlete. >> judge persky had nothing to do with this. it was the charging body that determined what sentence he was going to get. >> obviously this is a case in which judge persky unfortunately sent this young man the message that football was more important than violence against women. >> dauber strongly disagrees saying this is all about persky and his record and that bottom line she's believes persky has shown he's unfit for the bench. in pal a alt o, kron 4 news. a bay area man is being connected to the attempted bombing of a colorado police station. last tuesday, bomb squad technicians worked to dismantle a backpack bomb that was left outside the meter field colorado police department. the suspect identified as david michael ansbury is a san raphael resident but kron 4 has learned not recently he lived in berkeley and he was arrested
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this weekend in chicago and been charged with one federal explosives count. well weekend weather certainly brought a little bit of rain to many parts of the bay area. in fact more than all of october last year but for one south bay community the rain was too much and too soon and now, that good drinking water has to be released. a reservoir in gilroy is entirely dependent on rainfall run-off but the unusual amount of october rain boosted the reservoir to just under 40% capacity so because the rain came so early it cannot be diverted and it put be released. it was sent downstream. >> the water being released is roughly the amount to meet the needs of 1600 families for about a year. let's get to our four zone forecast. it looks so pretty outside. >> it does britney ship is standing by. >> well pretty is the way to describe it. it stays that way as we go into the rest of your work week. we'll continue to warm things up as we head into tomorrow and
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thursday, thursday will be the peak and our temperatures and then we'll cool down just a little bit heading into the weekend. here is a closer lock at what we could expect. tonight mostly clear skies tomorrow sunny and even warmer than what we saw today by the weekend cooling down starting saturday and also continuing for some locations into sunday. our 24 hour temperature change map shows we're up a few degrees in concord, livermore up four degrees in half moon day so if you stepped outside you'll notice it was warmer tonight than this time yesterday. right now, we're at 66 in valejo, 60 in union city. 50s san francisco and half moon bay san raphael downed down to 59 in petaluma. tomorrow high pressure stay in control and our temperatures will keep climbing as we go into the middle part of your work week so here is a closer look at the ridge of high pressure that is going to build over our region taking a few days for us to see the peak in
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that ridge but you'll notice the storm track is pretty much shifted from over san francisco to the north and that's where it's going to stay with the area of high pressure continuing to have a strong hold on the region so temperatures climb again thursday is the peak as we get into the weekend we'll slowly start to cool things down so our future temperatures show as we go into tomorrow afternoon more 80s back on the map here, mild in san francisco and 70s and then as we get to thursday afternoon you'll notice another round of 80s back on the map even mid 80s for us in santa rosa so highs around the region tomorrow 72 in san francisco, the maria district close to 70, mission district 71 and mid 70s at the san carlos airport north bay zone showing us 77 for petaluma, 80 in dixon, 78 in rio have it a, temperatures closer to our eastbay zone at 77, 80 in liver more and stay in the mid 70s for our south bay zone as well. coming up i will be tracking your seven day forecast and let
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you know what to expect the rest of your work week, guys? new at 8:00, taunting trump one billboards campaign against the republican nominee sends him a strong message in arabic. next accused of recording a strip poker game involving teenagers, how the mayor of stockton got a break in court. this is the first smartphone completely built by google from the ground up, 100% it is their version of a smartphone that hits the market this friday. there's a lot of buzz for it being the next big iphone rival. i've got my hands-on it early to give you a review of this device coming up on kron 4 news. coming up later this broadcast, dodgers and cubs, i know the giants are out of it but still a lot of interest and that series we'll have the highlights for you and also the family involved in a little twitter deal which aimed at working, we'll tell you about
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that and nice and relaxed talking for what that's worth later in this broadcast. here is what we are tracking tonight at 10. she is 55 feet tall, weighs 13,000 pounds and is made of 20,000 feet of steel rod. now she's on display at a new tech school in the eastbay and tonight at 10 you'll get reaction to the controversial statue known as truth is beauty. be sure to stick around for that and more tonight at 10. of abuse. join the california nurses association in voting yes on prop 61. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me.
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a judge has had reduced eavesdropping charges against stockton mayor silva. felony eavesdropping charges have been reduced to four misdemeanor charges. the mayor had been accused of secretly recording parts of a teen counselors strip poker game at a youth camp that the
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mayor runs. he was also charged with providing alcohol to minors. silva denies charges arguing they are politically motivated and he says he accidentally recorded the game after walking in on it. he's running for re-election in november. well the much buzz about new google pixel smartphone comes out this friday. here is a look at it right there. our tech reporter gabe slate got his hands-on one in order to give us a preview of what's being called a worthy iphone rival. >> reporter: the first smartphone completely built by google from the ground up it's their version of what a smartphone should be. >> first impression? >> it's a solid, very fast device very responsive, i've had no hiccups or freezes. i really like the design. it's very lightweight yet feel very sturdy. for people who live in the goggle universe, google docs, google drive, they will love this device. this is a google phone. >> it comes in two different
8:25 pm
sizes a five inch or version they call xl, with a 5.5-inch screen same size as the iphone 7 plus. the pixel has a 12.3 mp rear camera that shoots 4 k video and has had this new useful feature video stabilization to help steady those action shots. the video on the right is shot with the video stabilization turned on. >> the pixel comes with unlimited photo as video storage with google photos cloud service so everything you capture is backed up for flow and it has a nitrate feature, it's like their version of the iphone night shift. it turns the screen to an amber tint to help ease you into sleepy time. >> this is the first phone on the market to have a new google assistant built in so you can ask your phone to do tasks for you like make reservations or send a text message. basically anything through voice command. okay google show me nearby italian restaurants. >> i found a few places within
8:26 pm
0.5 miles. >> google wake me up at 9:00 a.m. >> done your alarm is set for tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. >> google show me videos how to make sushi on youtube. >> what i don't like about the pixel is it's not a water resistant as the iphone and some of the latest samsung phones. you can definitely get a little rain on this and spill a drink on it but its competitors you can dunk them in a bathtub or swimming pool. those are a lot more water resistant. >> the pixel is out friday and it costs $650 to buy it outright or $27 a month until it's paid off. the tech report gabe slate kron 4 news. ahead tonight at 8:00, vice president bill gates, well it was once considered an option. hear some of the other candidates hillary clinton considered. plus shocking video as this man right here tries to snatch a young child with mom standing just in .s away. and next the countdown is on to the final presidential debate. what trump might be using as
8:27 pm
amunition against clinton. and kron 4 meteorologist britney ship, we are going to see clear skies tonight giving way to lots of sunshine tomorrow. a warming trend in store for us, details after the break.
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when it comes to washington d.c., it is time to drain the
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swamp. >> [applause] >> in the race to the white house, donald trump hoping that the release of an fbi memo will be the october surprise that revives had his badly damaged campaign. >> republican candidate is facing an up hill some say impossible battle with three weeks to go until the election. even though we're doing pretty good in the polls i don't believe the polls anymore. i don't believe them. >> donald trump sounding a little less like a winner in colorado today. >> believe me folks we're doing great. >> a washington post survey of 15 swing states projects hillary clinton will be elected with at least 304 eelectoral votes with 138 going to trump and 96 still rated as toss ups hoping to turn things around the republican nominee seized on the newly released documents tweeting paid to play, cover
8:31 pm
ups and now bribery? >> this is a felony corruption. >> according to fbi notes taken during the investigation secretary of state patrick kennedy pressured the fbi to declassify one of the e-mails in question and a different fbi official told state department he would look into the e-mail if state department looked into his request for personnel in iraq using the phrase quid pro quo. >> there was no bargain. no quid pro quo. >> denials from the state department and fbi even from the white house. >> the accounts that have been put out there are just not true. >> trump meanwhile blames the media for ignoring the story. >> this is worse than water gate. >> now the third and final presidential debate takes place tomorrow night at the university of nevada las vegas and kron 4 has got you covered the debate begins at 6:00 our time we'll be streaming it live on our website and you can get it on your mobile device as well bayousing our mobile app.
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we also have complete coverage after the debate on kron 4 news and on our website at some tech and business leaders were among hillary clintons vice presidential considerations according to the list coming from the wikileaks e-mails allegedly from clinton campaign chair. in an e-mail back in march, he listed more than three dozen political figures and business heavyweights who they considered to join clintons ticket. starbucks, general motors, microsoft founder bill gates and his wife, clintons campaign is often played up the support of business leaders like warren buffet, four months after he sent the e-mail clinton selected long time politician her friend tim kaine as her vp. a billboard written in arabic takes aim directly at donald trump that says "donald trump can't read this but he's afraid of it anyway." it one of three across the
8:33 pm
country paid for boy the nuisance committee an independent super pack who willow pose the republican nominee. trump made controversial comments about muslim americans including his proposed ban on them from entering the united states. well you might think the rain washes away dirt and grime but sometimes it actually has the opposite effect. >> this is painful to watch especially if it's the first big rain of the season, it's just what we experienced over the weekend. >> here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> leaves, twigs, use shoes and yes i said shoes. those are all of the things one might find after the first flush. the first flush is what happens after the first big rain session. often when you'll see a storm drain like this one next to it you'll see a sign that reads no dumping close to the bay. which means it hits the bay
8:34 pm
area streams like this rubber glove and then it makes its way to the san francisco bay. okay, let's do the math. according to save the bay a cigarette butt can take from two to five years to break down, but what about the rubber soles of a boot? well that could take from 50-80 years to break down. a soda can? 200 to 500 years. and the plastic jug or water bottle, are you ready for this? 1 million years. for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. the action is dropping trash on the streets thinking someone will clean it up. the opposite reaction is that same trash was at some point reappear and in this case in the bay. >> it's a lot of trash. >> a paper bag can take one month to break down and the sad part is much of the sea life can't distinguish it different so they may eat it and when they eat those things it might kill them or end up on your table. just think, you thought you threw it away.
8:35 pm
how's that for an opposite reaction? >> i think we need to do this. >> in berkeley stanley roberts kron 4 news. well, thank you stanley for that story and take a look at the golden gate bridge there. kind of the typical end of night thing let's get a look over at our meteorologist britney ship to get a sense of what we can expect. >> as we go into the next few days we'll continue to warm things up so the weather story is a warming trend and the reason why is we have a ridge of high pressure that's going to continue to build over san francisco so all of the stormy weather the storm track was a little lower the jet stream but now it's back up north and that's where all. clouds and rainfall stay so we aren't going to see a lot of fog tomorrow. let's take a closer look at the day planner for the eastbay zone starting off in the 50s and afternoon warms into the low 70s closer to concord starting off in the 50s but will push close to 80 so 80s are back on the map if closer to san francisco you'll notice
8:36 pm
temperatures in the mid 50s to start the morning close to 70 degrees in the low 70s is a really nice comfortable afternoon once again and san jose will push into the mid 70s tomorrow after starting off in the 50s, and it will be a cool start to the morning so seven day forecast showing us all of the changes we're back to the 80s for inland locations by thursday, mid 80s and then we'll continue to see our temperatures dropping on friday recovering a bit on saturday, sunday we cool down again back to the 70s below average and if you're closer to the bay, we'll keep warming through thursday and then we'll start to drop a bit friday/saturday continuing into sunday and next week and for the coast our temperatures will be thursday and then you can expect cooler conditions once again as we head into the weekend but you'll notice no rainfall in the forecast lots of is sunshine expected for us a few more clouds will start to push in on sunday. we'll take another lock at your weather at the end of the show. thanks a bunch coming up, you might see facebook posts
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including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. now one south carolina woman has a really cool story to tell. she was born in charleston, during hour it cane hugo 27 years ago. >> she gave birth in the same city last week as it was being ravaged by hurricane matthew. she trecked through floodwaters in downtown charleston to make sure she delivered at the hospital. the baby made had his debut during the storm giving birth during a hurricane is not so unusual in her family. he was born as charleston dealt
8:40 pm
with one of the most destructive storms in south carolina history. >> my dad, family members, everyone was lick you need to leave. and i'm like my momma had me during hurricane hugo. >> i won't forget her. i've delivered a lot of babies but i'll definitely remember the hurricane the fact she walked here was really impressive and her demeanor was so impressive. she's like whatever i got to do to have this baby. >> hurricane matthew mate landfall north east of charleston as a category 1 hurricane and thankfully matthews and the baby had no complications during the birth. >> that's quite a family story. another hoax on facebook is clogging up the news feeds. this one is not exactly new but some of the words have been altered. the post claims facebook's privacy policy is changing. it also says that tomorrow is the deadline for that change when all of the users posted their information will become public. facebook says the post is false and it uses its own and control their content as is stated in
8:41 pm
the terms. last year you may recall a similar facebook post went viral claiming the company was going to start selling user information again all of course not true. new tonight at 10, want you to know about a unique exhibit one will soon open to the public on the campus of uc berkeley. it's called power to the people. it chronicles the black power movement of the 1960s in the bay area as they fought for equality and end of police brutality. a sneak peak at the new exhibit tonight on kron 4 news at 10. still ahead tonight at 8:00 a mothers act of kindness goes viral. what she did for a child she did not know. and next, she turned away for just a moment and her child nearly taken. the bizarre words the kidnapper said to the child. and in sports collin shows a more relaxed tone now he's the 49ers starting quarterback
8:42 pm
we'll hear from him about his rebirth under the first game. >> yeah. the sharks newcomer gets the big win in the nhl debut, gary has the highlights and all your sports coming up.
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8:44 pm
new tonight at 8:00, talk about terrifying a houston mother had a man walk right up to her shopping cart and quietly behind her back try to grab her 18 month old daughter. >> absolutely frightening. grant lotus is here with this chilling surveillance video. grant? >> reporter: looking at this video makes a mom sick. you'll see her there, there she is and her daughter and there is the creepy guy says she was shopping turned away for just seconds and you'll see it happen. that stranger walks up grabs her 14 month old daughter and right from the shopping cart. he wasn't able to get her fully out of the cart because she was
8:45 pm
strapped in and strangely mom doesn't appear to freak out, takes her little girl back from the guy and did say something disturbing to her daughter. >> i was trying to take you while your mother wasn't looking, and it was such a strange thing to say. she was attached to the shopping cart cover and i think if it weren't for that cover he probably would have just taken off with herbal together. >> the man has not been identified not charged with a crime. i'm wondering why the guy's face is blurred. anyway houston police say they are now just starting their investigation into the case and examining it as a possible attempted abduction. pam and steve? >> grant, thank you. in new mexico a son asked his mother to pack him two lunches. >> she asked him why. after telling the story on a facebook live post her video has gone viral. she says her little boy ha asked mom to make him that second lunch for a little boy who he claimed would sit all by
8:46 pm
himself at lunch with only a fruit cup. the boy am month found out that she ended up providing meals to her son and she finally got a job and tried giving her money but she refused and instead the girls volleyball team raised more than $400 to pay her back. she then took that money straight to the cafateria to pay all of the past due accounts for other kids in need. evening everybody. boy the dodgers feeling god about themselves tonight. the favorite cubs on now down two games to one and we go to dodgers stadium a 5:00 sun, get a little sun and shadows always tough to hit unless your grandal, there he goes off jake arietta, whose again not so hot, five innings, six hits four runs and 3-0 in the fourth
8:47 pm
and that was it. rich hill, he used to pitch for the a's and he struck out six over six innings and 6-0 dodgers, they led that series two games to one game four tomorrow back in class and less. here we go with the indians and blue jays i love this. josh donaldson, used to play for the a's getting ready to go here bottom three. cleveland winning this baby is all over and donaldson, the distance and it's 1-0 toronto. to the fifth inning, and donaldson with a runner on second and he will do it with the glove as well, as toronto in a elimination game come through donaldson the leader and blue jay fans are doing that it's the start of a four game winning streak thing 5-1 blue jays 3-1 game five tomorrow in chicago, again the tribe just one win away. collin , remember when he was
8:48 pm
the star in the 49ers were rolling and you'd see him interviewed and he was like really nervous? what the heck does he feel like that for? people love this guy and now that the team isn't very good he's struggling but look how cool he is talking about his start here against tampa bay on sunday. >> i felt great and to be back out on the field trying to help my team win in a competitive mode going out and playing for wins. we got good momentum and had some that we need to correct and i know personally there's those that i should have made and i want to make and i need to correct those this week. but we have opportunities out there, we have to take advantage of those when they present themselves to us. >> 49ers are a slight under dog, point and a half under and grant earlier tonight showed a lot of courage. everybody is down in the 49ers do you remember what i said?
8:49 pm
>> you said the 49ers will win but i won't put it on twitter. >> yes because i want to pre of this but they will win on sunday. >> okay. >> i'll tweet it out that you said so. >> no no i want no proof. speaking of twitter this i don't care, what you you feel about your family don't do that. this is from lisa the daughter of eddie and of course when the times were great eddie was the owner and now she's also the cousin of jed york and she retweeted two negative articles today, santa rosa press democrat with the caption with jed york must go and then from the chronicle, losing is become the 49ers new normal and somebody got to her and she ended up deleting the tweets but as any good media member would do we would jump on it and don't play with the deletion so i was just telling go ahead. >> she has tweeted something
8:50 pm
out this is just in from grant lotus breaking news kron 4 reporting. >> just a picture with a hash tag not starting anymore trouble today, lol. >> but by putting it out she just reminded everybody right? >> just a picture of herself. >> they are very nice people and i know they are frustrated and that was always the thing that when eddie owns a team and of course the team got in that trouble in louisiana with the governor and illegal payments given to his sister who wasn't that interested but eddie's bother inly john york got in there and if second took my team and gave it to my brother- in-law which i didn't think much of i'd be annoyed too but you can't put this in twitter. lacey and i got an e-mail question there kid? >> no. >> but we're doing this little function to nit and steve is still moved. grant is still relatively new but my god. if one more person came up and said how's pam, we love pam where is pam? well she's working i'm talking,
8:51 pm
but yes. >> oh, wow that's so nice. >> there you go. thank you. >> and she's not here but i am. >> here we go, i used to watch your husband do hockey. aaron dell his nhl debut and he had had 21 saves and a couple trickled by him and that's already there, to tie the game at two in the second period and third period the olympian, sharks go on for 3-2 win and you know dell is the fifth sharks goalie to win in his career debut. so we'll get out of here with why don't you roll the barclay graphic and there is durant, they had this deal where the most valuable player in the league once again the general managers voted on it's lebron james and curry was fourth in
8:52 pm
that deal and charles barclay keeps doing his stick about the warriors winning the championship can they rebound still shooting jumpers not getting any low post scoring can that type of play holdup to the nba playoffs and i'll still say according to the survey, i think it was over 70% of the genearl manager said the warriors will win the championship but none are on tv getting people mad at them. >> thank you. good to see you. we'll be right back.
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tonight at 10, this time with a celebrity guest. and i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly. a remarkable video remarkable story catch stanley in all the days big stories
8:56 pm
including sports and britney's four zone forecast tonight on kron 4 news at 10 on the bay area news station. >> speaking of britney she's standing by to tell us what's happening. >> let's take a look at our seven day forecast we'll show you we have a warming trend as we go into thursday back to the mid 80s for inland locations high 70s along the bay closer to the coast 70 degrees a beautiful day cooling down heading know friday and saturday is a bit cooler same thing on sunday back to the 70s for inland spots sunday into next week but a dry forecast so we are drying out after a very active last weekend. >> thanks so much britt: that's it for us t night we're back at 10 with an update on all the days news latest weather and what's happening with sports. you can always stay in touch at kron have a nice night everybody. >> goodnight.
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