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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  October 19, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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wall to withdrawal sunshine today. those temperatures will reduce because of the dry air and all. how did we stand 24 hours ago? close but behind in spots, around the bay, 4 degrees behind for open, reedy for school forecast at 70. 77 by 3:00 p.m. 74 around the bay. we will take a closer look coming up. that tells you we need more security. you don't know what is going to happen. you don't know if somebody is going to die the next day or come back and shoot again. >> the search continues for the gunman who shot and injured 4 high school students in san francisco. >> at the june jordan school yesterday afternoon and administrators say school will be in session today.
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>> will tran is live this morning with more on the search for the gunman. will? >> reporter: i talked to the public relations woman and i asked why they are starting school. there was concern the school could be shut down today until they make an arrest. she said they thought about it and they believe this morning that imminent threat and danger is over, especially with extra security guards, grief counselors, and more patrols by the san francisco police department. you add all of those things together and she says it was the right call to allow school to start, which by the way, begins 8:15 this morning. lets get to the video, you heard the fear from the young lady. there was fear that this was another mass shooting, that is when they shot-- people talking behind me-- there was fear this was a mass shooting that they went under lock down, nobody was allowed to go inside or outside.
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the teachers bolted the doors and they told students to take cover. san francisco police officers rushed to the scene, they quickly surrounded it, looked for the gunman but they took off. at least one gunman and 3 other people outside there this morning. they believe this was, in fact, a targeted shooting and not a random shooting. of course it was chaotic, very scary, we got reaction right after it happened. >> i heard the shots, once she told me, i was asking everybody, i was asking my friends what happened and everything and when i asked her, she told me that 3 girls got shot. 2 in the leg, 1 in the hand. >> walking outside the school? >> yeah. walking outside of school. >> reporter: 4 students were hit. 3 of them, non-life threatening injuries, some were shot in the leg. however, one girl was shot in the chest. she is in the hospital and at
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last check, in critical condition. again, the school is not closed for today. it just opened the gates and it will start 8:15. we will get reaction from students and parents when they arrive. breaking news overnight, a massive fire at a home in the south bay. >> lets look at the video into kron4. the fire started at the home in san jose where we have averi harper with a live report. >> reporter: good morning, you can still smell the smoky aftermath of the fire. i will step out of the way so you can see what the home looks like now, much of it is burned and crumbling, you see that scorched vehicle in the driveway, the garage also boarded up since firefighters left the scene. i do want to show you what it looked like when fire crews were still here, you can look at this, a home off hillsdale avenue in san jose that went up in flames 11:00 last night. 2 people were able to get out of the home safely on their own,
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and neighbors jumped the fence and went into the burning home to rescue an elderly couple who was still inside. in all, 4 people got out without serious injuries. it took almost an hour and a half for crews to put the fire out. listen to what a neighbor told us about the fire. >> i had just laid down to go to sleep and we had been hearing fireworks in the neighborhood. i heard stuff kind of, you know, popping and hissing so i sat up, opened my window and you could hear people screaming. i took a deeper look and my brother came in and said i think there is a fire outside. i ran into his room and you could see the flames and smoke coming up so we ran out here. >> reporter: there has been reports that people here in the area saw and heard explosions in the garage of this home. that is under investigation, now that the sun is rising we are expecting fire investigators to return and i will have more updates. back to you in studio.
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>> thanks. decision 2016 news, hillary clinton and donald trump hours away from the last face-to-face showdown before the election . more from the breaking news desk. >> reporter: they are facing off at the university of nevada at 6:00 tonight. we have a live picture from inside the debate hall where the 2 will face each other on stage. you can see organizers are putting the final preparations in place. this will be the final chance for each candidate to push their arguments on the debate stage. debate topics include immigration, the economy, supreme court, and the fitness to be president. we will probably hear about hillary clinton's e mail scandal as well as drum's insistence that the upcoming election is being rigged on a large scale. on that topic, president obama actually had some harsh words for trump ahead of tonight's showdown. >> i invite mr. trump to stop wining and try to make his case to get votes. whenever things are going badly, you start blaming somebody else?
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you don't have what it takes to be in this job. >> those were the comments of the president yesterday. the nominees are also engaging in some psychological combat with their invitations to the debate. you can see meg whitman, republican who is backing hillary clinton. and there is billionaire, mark cuban as well, out spoken critic of clinton. on the right you just saw mr. obama's kenian half brother as well as the mother of the benghazi victim, both invited guests of donald trump. we will see if any of that rattles the candidates. guys? >> thanks, james. las vegas bookies are getting involved and setting odds for prop ads, during the debate. >> some things you can bet on, the first is who will be the first to interrupt the other? donald trump is favored in that one. >> next, will the candidates shake hands before the debate? the odds are even. 50/50 chance. finally, what are the odds that clinton will talk about billy bush? the odds for that one say she
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will definitely mention him during the debate. he was fired by nbc. you think she won't? >> interesting to watch, coverage starts 6:00 tonight, we will stream it live on our website and full coverage and analysis on kron4 news at 8:00 and 10:00. >> i think a lot of people might do drinking games instead of the prop bet. >> lot of drunk people. >> how many times she mentioned billy bush, take a drink. today is the 25th year since the oakland hills fire storm in 1991. the massive fires killed 25 people, 4,000 homes burned down. look at the old video we have of this happen. these fires took 3 days to contain. they are considered the worst of fires in all of u.s. history. kron4's vicki liviakis was one of the many people who lost everything in the fire and tonight at 10:00, we have a special report where she is going to take us back and look at the oakland hills fire and
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see what is happening now there and she talks to peep who decided not to move away after the fire. the man accused of hitting another man with a pickup truck and killing him at an east bay warehouse is due in court today. police identified the victim who was killed, 54-year-old takeshi watanabe, he worked at the true world foods san francisco warehouse in san leandro and he was killed noon around monday after getting into a fight with a man who was stealing pallets from the warehouse. police arrested 27-year-old kadeem edwards on monday night in oakland after officers say they spotted the pickup truck used in the killing. edwards not formally charged but due in court today. the man dead after a pipe bomb explodes in a health clinic in oakland, it appears intentional. 6:30 yesterday evening at the san antonio neighborhood health center. a man in a wheelchair entered the clinic with what appeared to
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be a pipe bomb and he detonated it taking his life. he died at the scene, no one injured. bomb squad units were called to check for explosives but the scene was cleared. 7:09, a man is phind bars accused of starting more than a dozen fires in free mont, police identified 30-year-old cory minhas as the suspect. they believe he started 16 fires in the warm springs neighborhood since mid july. he lives in the area where the fires broke out. investigators believe he acted alone. just in the kron4 chrysler recalling 200,000 jeep suvs because the air bags may not deploy in a crash. they are saying the wiring can come loose cutting off signals to air bag computer. the seat belts won't work and air bags won't deploy if that happens. they said it hasn't caused crashes or injuries, repairs to
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fix it aren't ready but jeep will contact you when it is team to get the fix. still ahead on the kron4 news morning, creepy clown phrase creating a problem for professional clowns. why they say they are afraid to go out and be in public for their performances. a warning about a post you may have seen on facebook. facebook says it is a hoax and not to believe it. we will take a look. major spike in crime in the east bay, the new efforts to stop it and why uc berkeley students say it is not enough. a live look here, enough traffic for sure to join you if you are headed over the bay bridge into san francisco from the east bay. this is what it looks like right now.
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woman: how do we protect them from $4 billion in new cuts to california schools? man: vote yes on proposition 55. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses. no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive.
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woman: vote yes on prop 55 and they lied about it thatfor now they're lying about prop 56. if you don't use tobacco, you don't pay. smokers pay - their fair share of the 3 billion in health care costs all taxpayers are paying now. and there's one more thing: our kids. every state that's significantly raised tobacco taxes has reduced youth smoking. please. vote yes on 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it. hot spots, when robin has her hands full, not good news for you. >> more money more problems, more cars more problems. >> they are making money, going to work, a problem. >> look at 5-80 westbound, in the same area, one problem after
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the other. a very slow ride here. the big problem is 580 west where 2 big rigs collided this morning 4:30, a problem at has-enda, accident at elcharo and stalled big rig at the dublin interchange. all those things contributing to the big back up for 580 traffic, if this is your ride, leave early or hop on bart if you don't want this traffic, jammed livermore, well beyond the 84 split and only getting worse. 31 minutes to the dublin interchange, not a good commute, not a good start there. things are fairly normal and quiet at the bay bridge. if you need to get to san francisco this morning, here is your back up, through the maze already, it has been quiet, though, only 25 minutes frontal the foot of the raise to free mont, packed. also packed here. if you can get to the toll plaza by 4:00 or 5:00, you are safe.
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after 6:00, 7:00, you will deal with the back up which stretches all the way to harbor, now you are 17 minutes to get from the tolls to 101. more and more commute traffic. south bay pretty quiet. here is 280 in case you have to use it. northbound traffic starts on the right near 101 and you can see it is pretty much off and on into sluggish, all the way to coopertino, 26 minutes 101 to 85 split in coopertino. >> thank you. good morning, lets check out what it looks like in san jose, scattered high clouds on bridge shots you saw earlier dealing with this. for the most part, mostly sunny, compliments of high pressure zone, offshore winds, means it is dry and warm, really all over the golden state. coupleled with this, good air quality now but tomorrow moderate conditions building inthality. how are temperatures fairing? mostly 50s, although in the valleys we see upper 40s, sun is just up to the do the
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performance of warming, 49 livermore valley, contrast to 24 hours ago, close or couple degrees from this time yesterday. checking things along the east bay, 73 for oakland and berkeley. 77 fremont. east bay hill numbers go to upper 70s and lower 80s remember tomorrow will be warmer too. 80 pittsburgh, and pleasanton and livermore valley. next 8 hours at 65 by 11:00 a.m., 3:00, 77, around the bay mid 70s territory and looking for mid 60s around the coast. meanwhile for the next 3 day s, 86 for your thursday, that is the warmest day in the bunch. friday, dropping to 79 and into the latter portion of the weekend things start to change. we will investigate in a bit. thank you, 7:15 lets go to the east bay, a fremont woman is recovering after being attacked and robbed outside her home. she was getting out of her car in front of her home, on curtis drive, about 1:40 in the morning
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when she was attacked. on monday the robbery attacked her, stole her purse, and took off. the attacker took off in a tan or light brown sedan, driven by somebody else. the woman was taken to the hospital ask she has major injuries. city leaders in berkeley responding to the recent spike in crime with mayor baits speaking about the crimes in last night's city council meeting. he said police are patrolling the cal campus more frequently where many crimes have happened. last week and a half there have been 2 sexual assaults at off-campus fratern taefz, a shooting blocks away, 8 armed robbery and 1 attempted robbery. students say the school is not letting them know about the crimes soon enough. >> the sexual assault, and there was a guy running around on piedmont with a gun that they never sent an e mail about or if they do send an e mail they send it 1-2 days later. at that point, people were probably on piedmont walking around and weren't safe.
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>> the police arrests 2 people in connection with one of the robberies but the other attackers are still on the loose. the mayor is telling people to be aware of surroundings. wildfires in southern california tonight, firefighters are getting the upper hand. lets look at video from the brush fire that broke out last night, 9:15, grew to 30 acres. it is the same place where methane spilled out of a damaged well 4 months last year displacing thousands of people. they think a power lined sparked the fire. one home was destroyed in this fire in summerland in santa barbara county. there was a power surge in the area last night and they found this home on fire. the flames also spread to nearby brush. there were wind gusts, you can tell it is windy, 45 miles an
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hour at the time. firefighters were able to stop it from spreading to other homes. red flag warnings throughout the day and tomorrow as triple digit heat and high winds are expected. people living near the bridge in san diego are calling for safety measures after a drunk driver plunged off the bridge and crashed into a festival killing 4 people. here is video of the aftermath. people who live there are asking for high rails on the bridge to prevent a similar crash. they say there have been several crashes off of the bridge and a lot of peoples people and children are playing in the park below. state senators say they will make the bridge's safety a top priority. 7:skwaen and a controversial-- 7:18 and a controversial statue of a nude woman is on display in san leandro. it is called "truth is beauty," 3 stories high. the artist first unveiled it at burning man in 2013 and it is at the san leando tech campus not
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far from the bart station. the artist said his mission is to create art to see past the physical form of the female body. but some people have complained they thing the sculpture is to risque to be in public. don't fall for a hoax on facebook, it has been seen in the past, appearing with different wording now. the post claims facebook's privacy policy changeed and it will go into effect today and telling facebook users that everything they have ever posted will become public. facebook says the post is false and the user zone and control their content. a similar past went viral claiming the company would start selling using information. elon musk will try to make a surprise announcement postponed monday, the tesla ceo said the recreel will be unpexected. supposed to happen on monday, but he needed a few more days of refinement. in the past musk teased
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announcements with upgrades on tesla models. they thing he will announce something to do with self driving technology. we will wait and see. the transportation department announcing regulations to protect you while flying. they are proposing that airlines are required to refund fees when checked bags are delayed or lost. if you pay for your bag and they lose it, right? a lot of airlines don't do that now. you have to pay for it so a lot are getting lost on a daily basis, even after you paid for them. government officials are issuing a rule that does not let online ticketing services hike the prices on flights that are more popular. no word on when the changes take affect. the creepy clown craze is not really a joke and has become a nightmare for actualworking clowns. >> they say booking at parties and events have dropped sharply, even though many scary sightings
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have been hoaxes. >> professional clowns feel they will be targeted by police or people taking to the streets on clown hunts. the world clown association, didn't know there was one, they have been flooded with calls from scared performers, unfortunately and they are saying to change into costumes when they arrive at the party. >> have you driven around and seen a clown? >> i have. usually 10-12 of them in the car. >> they all fit in no matter what. take a look, michelle obama's dress is getting attention after the first lady hosted the final state dinner. my tv is so tiny it looks like a gorgeous dress to me. but i guess maybe that is why, she stole the show? she looks so gorgeous in this versace gown, and, are you supposed to like up stage your husband? the president? or the first lady of italy. >> i see it as a good political move, hosting the prime minister of italy, wear an italian designer. >> good thinking, they had jerry
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seinfeld there, singer frank ocean, mario an drety was there. i think she looked the part and italy's spouse looks fabulous. students are starting to return to class, there was a shooting at a san francisco high school yesterday. the shooter is still on the loose. we are live on the scene as kids are showing up to school this morning. less than 2 weeks from halloween and we are finding what might be the best candy for trick-or-treaters. details after the break. san mateo bridge, what a beautiful sunrise, skies pink around the bay area, traffic is heavy westbound on the right hand side.
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welcome back, 7:4, i am tracking the-- 7:24, i am tracking the same hot spot, a accident blocking since 4:30 this morning involving a couple of big rigs, but to add to the jam up, there is is a crash at elcharo, has-enda, and stalled big rig, 586 at 680. number of problems to slow the morning ride, backed through livermore, beyond north livermore avenue. 35 minutes from vasco to the dublin interchange. i will talk about more slow spots coming up. halloween is almost here and kron4 is getting you ready. >> if you can't decide which candy to hand out we have the
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ranceer. >>-- answer. >> a survey coming from they say the most popular candy in every state, and in california the most popular candy is a life saver? they got to be the gummy ones. i don't want that in my halloween bag. >> i agree. we are the only state that has the name as favorite. nationwide, people prefer candy corn over any halloween candy. candy is 95% of halloween spending. >> white kitkat. >> personal favorite here. >> if you are trying to figure what to dress as, the most popular costumes... >> for children, super heroes, prinsesses and animals. millennials celebrating the entire weekend, you will see people dressed as super heroes, witches, and animals. >> halloween is on a monday night. yeah, i so guess stretches to
7:27 am
the weekend before. adults over 35, witches, pirates, donald trump and hillary clinton. if you like to dress up as a pet, the most popular costumes are-- dress up a pet, totally. like a hot dog, if you have a dog. pumpkins, bumblebees. >> you know what is not popular? i am in the kron4 newsroom with breaking news over seas, violent protests a thet u.s. embassy with police running over those demonstrators. i am at the breaking news desk and will have the video, coming up. ready for school forecast calls for temperatures in the upper 40s to about 50. by high noon at 70, for the pick up in the afternoon, mid to upper 70s, check into the forecast across the bend when kron4 news continues.
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all of this with the global warming and the - a lot of it's a hoax. it's a hoax. it'll get cooler. it'll get warmer. it's called weather. we need some global warming! we need leaders who get it. so that we can move away from coal and oil to clean energy. i'm tom steyer. if you want to do something about climate change, you can. please. register and vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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, looking at weather and traffic, hot again. >> it is the curse. >> they have been backed up all morning. >> one of the toughest commutes started with a traffic alert, i had about 4-5 incidents in the back up in addition to the hot spot. right now it is 580 west, the big problem crash with big rigs, one with a broken axle. it happened 4:30 this morning and as more and more commuters hit the road, it is one problem after the other. a crash at el charo, hacienda, stalled big rig, you put it all together and it is a very slow ride out of livermore, well beyond livermore avenue. a slow ride if you use 580 west, leave early or hop on bart to
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get around that freeway traffic. bay bridge, slow ride into san francisco as well. no big problems right now but the back up starts in the maze from all major connectors, 880 north, 580 west, 80 west, and jammed across to fremont street. drive time, 28 minutes from the foot of the maze after fremont street. 84 west, 22 minutes to get across. 237 west, not bad, 15 minutes 880 to 801. good morning, checking into the 4 zone forecast, east bay shoreline, temperatures largely mid tupeer 70s-- to upper 70s and we translate to 80 over the east bay hills. 80 livermore valley. we will check in around 80. south bay, 77 coopertino, mountain view 75. most south bay readings upper 70s, santa clara 77. san francisco up to 69. they do better than that tomorrow, though, 74 mission district. san mateo county, lots of 70s
7:31 am
literally board here. 67 for half moon bay, pacifica 67 as well and hopping up to the north bay, we are looking at 80 pat lumea with santa rosa and 82 does it for napa, cooler vallejo with 77 and noting as we look at the 7-day forecast, it is interesting to check the end of the weekend. that is when we see rain return. thank you, dave. more on the top story, the search is on for a gunman who shot and injured 4 students at a high school in san francisco. >> school is back in session today, kron4's will tran is live at the june jordan school for equity this morning to talk about what happened. will? >> reporter: school starts in 45 minutes. you can see some administrators behind me, the woman in the black is a school public relations person but they are not going on camera at this time. she did tell me they decided last night that even though the search continues, that the fear of the imminent threat is over
7:32 am
and school will resume today. there was talk of canceling it. lets get to the video. this happened when school let out 3:25 yesterday afternoon. so lots of students were in the parking lot when shots rang out. they didn't know if it was coming from inside the school or outside so they went into lockdown mode. the school, the teachers, they told the students to take cover. they lock their doors. san francisco police department, they rushed to the scene, they looked for at least one gunman. we know 4 shooters are on the loose this morning, no definitive descriptions of them. there was fear that this was another mass shooting, and after a few hours they decided the search was over, for at least this campus and the search continues this morning. 4 people in the hospital, including a girl who was shot in the chest. critical condition. we were here right after it happened and we got reaction from the witnesses and the students. here is what they had to say
7:33 am
about the chaos. >> assistant principal came in and told us there was a shooting, everybody pushed desks and we went under. she told us to move and stay away from the windows. as soon as she told us that, i called my mom because i got worried and scared. >> reporter: there was also concern that this might have been a random shooting, but even though they have not made arrests in this case, the san francisco police department, they believe this was in fact a targeted shooting, that one of the intended targets, 1 of the 4 vickms was the person-- victims was the person the shooter or shooters were going for. no descriptions of the shooters but class should begin in 45 minutes from now. you can see cars pulling into the parking lot. we have tried multiple times to ask the administrators to go on camera, but for whatever reason they are refuseing to do so this
7:34 am
morning. back to you. >> thank you, will. we will check back. 7:32, breaking news from overnight, violent protests break out at a u.s. embassy in the philippines and james fletchser following that. >> we have video too, quick warning, some of what we are about to show you, some may find disturbing. let me set up the scene, a group of 1,000 anti-u.s. protesters gathered in front of the u.s. embassy, demanding troops leave the country. police responded, tensions escalateed and it turned violent. the video this morning shows a police man driving through the crowd, repeatedly running over protesters. police claim the protesters were attacking the officer behind the wheel and that is why he sped off. no one died. a protester did throw things at officers. police responded with batons. 23 protesters were arrested. this is the lates example of the raising anti-american sentiment in the philippines which the u.s. had a long relationship
7:35 am
with. the newly elected president is calling for the u.s. military to leave and he wants to crack foreign policy free of american influence andee will see what happens in days to come. guys? >> thank you, james. breaking news out of iraq where iraqi and kurdish fighters continue to push forward towards the isis-controlled city of mosul. the army facing bullets, morders, suicide bombers as well as mines as they move closer to the city. kurdish commanders say they cleared 9 villages so far in the field to the east of sthity, covered-- city. covered 3 miles yesterday but isis putting up resistance, one commander thinks it could take 2 months to throw isis out of mosul. 7:34, other national news, the man accused of setting off bombs in new jersey and new york has been moved from a hospital to a state prison. ahmad khan rahami was transferred to a state facility yesterday, he was hospitalized after a shoot out with police that led to his arrest last month. he pleaded not guilty to charges
7:36 am
of trying to kill police officers before they captured him and he is accused of detonating pipe bomb before a charity race in new jersey and pressure cooker bomb in new york city. sexual assault on san jose campus stirred debate when they should tell students about incidents. students complained they weren't notified after 2 women reported they were assaulted by a student athlete at an off-campus party over labor day weekend. a lawyers rights group and professors say it issue is complicated. students need to know if someone dafgerous is on campus but-- dangerous is on campus but they make sure they aren't naming someone who is innocent. they are reviewing how the school responds. south bay, changes to the way pop dispensaries operate. the 16 registered dispensaries can make deliveries to patients or care givers, the medical marijuana clubs can run to
7:37 am
cultivation sites, approved to cut effort on illegal drug activity a as californians are getting ready to vote on whether to legalize recreational pot use as part of proposition 64. a prison inmate on the loose after walking away from a minimum security medical facility in vacaville. 29 jarvis brown was last seen, missing during a head count. he is serving a 3-year sentence evading after officer while recklessly driving. coming up on kron4 news, we talk about the double header yesterday and how the world series is shaping up right now. warriors haven't even gotten started and everybody, even nba owners are talking about how they are going to bring home a title. we will talk to gary in a few minutes. the bay area company is making traveling easier, we will tell you about the new robot suit case. does it vacuum? a live look outside to the
7:38 am
golden gate bridge, traffic is moving slowly on beautiful wednesday morning. we will be right back as the kron4 news continues.
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welcome back, the time is 7:39, keeping an eye on 580, a tough commute this morning, thanks to all the problems out there on top of our hot spot, which is 580 west at hop yard, right lane and on ramp closed to clear a accident involving a
7:41 am
couple big rigs, one with a broken axle. just taking a very long time to get this out of the way. we have a crash at hacienda, elcharo and stalled big rig at dublin interchange. just creeping out of levermore, backed up-- livermore, backed up beyond north livermore, 35 minutes for the short stretch vasco to dublin interchange. things normal at the toll plaza. 23 minutes foot of the maze on. >> thanks a lot. if you are upset with the pour when you order wine, this is a bottomless cup. >> best invention, the guzzle buddy, over sized wine glass, screws on to the top of the bottle and the glass aerates the wine enhancing taste and aroma. >> you know what you will look like? >> under $30 on amazon. >> a lush? >> yes, horrible. >> just a bottle a day. >> all right. everything in moderation. take a look, if you hate
7:42 am
rolling your suit case around when traveling and, who wasn'ts to do it? this does it for you, it is robotic. >> looks like the vacuum. it follows you around, travel mate developed it, 3 feet by 5 feet, stays 3-5 feet behind you, tracks your location from your smart phone and it can move will upright or on its side. the developer says it is tested in crowds. >> it has to go high speed. i am usually late. >> running through the airport. >> i am running and it is laying the long way, everybody knows you have to stand on the right, walk on the left. they have to pull over there. i think they will charge between $400-$600 depending on the different sizesfelt they think it will be out in june of next year. >> very cool. dave? no lost luggage there, a broik down for you-- break down for you today, 69 san francisco, 73 oakland. san jose is 77. tomorrow a little warmer than
7:43 am
today. the weekend changes. kron4 morning news continues.
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gary y knew i should have saved that football playen on the sideleans throwing up. i need that today. >> whoa. that was a big feature yesterday, if you just missed yesterday, daria had a well-produced segment of someone vomiting on the sideline during a football game. >> should have saved it. like the smily face or smiling poo, i could use because double header yesterday. double header today. so, you know, it is like baseball wall to wall. >> yeah, in other words, too much of it. >> plus the dodgers won. >> yeah, you got to make a decision, are you for the team that knocked out the giants? or for the hated rival? >> this is a tough one. >> yes. >> you know-- >> the first thing i thought wen you woke me up. >> i figured it out, in the world series i will go for the
7:46 am
a's, any a, donaldson, cocoa, josh, how about that? is that good? >> there are plenty of them. >> right? i will root for the a's in the world series, that is my pledge. >> that is funny. last night you are doing the highlights and i am going, the former john donaldson for toronto, former a for the dodgers, before you know it, you are going former a, 10 times. >> yeah, that was-- so, the blue jays stayed alive. and then it is an early double header. they will try again today and that is 1:00 with the indians. >> crazy time for us, 1:00 for baseball. >> good time? >> it is okay for me, yeah, i come home from the radio around 1:00, but the point of it is, something about a afternoon game when it is not your, the team you have been following, a little early for me. >> yeah&then we get to see if the cubs can pull this out after all this time and the curses and
7:47 am
everything else. >> they better win tonight. >> what about-- i also, now, when i looked up at the tv, i saw the stars. i like seeing-- i was so happy, i tuned in the moment they were showing larry king and, who was he next to? always the entertainment tonight-- >> mary heart. >> are they really buddies? or season ticket holders? >> lets hope so. no, she is married to bird sugarman. do you remember a show? or are you too young, called "midnight special"? they had musical acts at midnight. it was really, in its time-- i mean, every conceivable-- google it. "midnight special." >> she isn't going to the game with larry? >> no, she doing just fine. >> i saw steve kerr with his kids. >> the dodgers game? >> yeah, you know he has free time right now, meantime, everybody is talking about, even the nba owners are like,
7:48 am
warriors are going to win, warriorerize the favorite y. was-- warriors are the favorite. >> general managers? >> 69% of them picked the warriors to win the title. >> 69, i thought it was a little over 70. 69, yeah. and it is a fun thing to go through. they pick who will be the mvp. >> right, they said lebron. >> yeah, lebron. curry was 3 or 4. >> i was looking at vegas stuff too. the odds are, they tlenging they will see higher-- thinking they are will she higher point spreads. i looked at which player will finish with higher scoring average? durant or curry? it is a prop bet. you choose. it is a prop bet. >> what is that? >> you choose. >> i am going to say, only because curry is going to, you know, he is handling the ball, going to want to set everybody up. i will say durant edges him out. that is just my guess. >> you are not a betting guy,
7:49 am
you won't put money on. >> when you are married, you come home and say, sorry kids we can't go to the game. daddy lost it, betting on a bunch of poop we don't know. >> more likely you come and you and your family by thanksgiving you will talk about how the 49ers stink. now the family will be in the same boat. >> boy, you are talking about, yeah, eddy debartlo daughter. would be cousin. >> right, you have the former owner's daughter saying she wants her cousin fired. >> okay, now wait. say it again. >> well because lisa, eddy's kid, she wants jed york fired, now jed york would be her first cousin. >> the retweet, 2 articles for one from the chronicle. then she pulled it off and then last night she said i am just
7:50 am
living here in los angeles, i don't want to cause any trouble. you already did. >> i mean, yeah, because the title of that one was "jed, you are cast to go." that is uncomfortable gathering, especially by thanksgiving if you take out the record. 1 and 10. >> there was one, especially the santa rosa one, you ought to read that. it was really nasty about jed york. >> i mean, she didn't write it but she did retweet it. >> that is, that is what-- used to be a football coach, now on tv, her words, always said that is his bit. before you press send, think about it. >> yeah. >> players, that is his stick, before you press send, think about it. >> are you in-- i know, do you have a cell phone yet? a tablet? doing any of that? >> there is no need for ridicule. >> you saw bill belichick's huge rant because the nfl provides those surface tablets. he is like, you know what?
7:51 am
this is it. >> yeah, big sponsor there, microsoft. >> but that is de. he is like it is unreliable, glitches, not fair, sometimes we don't have service. sometimes they don't have service. so i mean, he is-- what is the alternative? go back to the sketches? >> yeah, the only reason i am laughing, i wonder, because that is microsoft is a big, you know, multimillion dollar sponsor of the nfl. >> yes. >> i just wonder, even belichick, you can't defy a sponsor and throw it in the garbage. >> i checked and microsoft said our surface works very well, that we are doing our best and we haven't gotten many complaints about it and, you know, i guess think about, you got head sets, call boxes, internet, all this stuff and just like at your house, stuff can go down. >> yeah, i will say it again, that is one of the-- microsoft is spending a lot of money with
7:52 am
the nfl. if the most famous coach now has a shot of throwing it in the garbage, that is not good. >> not a good commercial. >> no. >> we do find the internever fails and acnology, 2 good things, a great way to brag and make fun of somebody. that is what is going on with runaldo, he got a new lamborghini. what does he do? he tweetathize picture, look i-- tweets the picture, look at me, i am rich, famous, stands like a super hero. he gets made fun of. like the action hero, is this how you stand in front of your car? >> it is a strange picture. every time i see something like that-- he has no kids? >> no, i thought, i said immediately, soccer, i thought he is little, little man syndrome. he is 6' 1. >> whenever you show me a lamborghini, only has 2 seats,
7:53 am
if you have kids you are selfish you know what. >> would you pose in front of your bently like that? >> i pose, more casual, i pretend you got a shot when i wasn't looking. >> being a woman i am-- don't women, we always sit on the hood of the car, isn't that natural? >> a guy famous in the news having his picture taken, he could have done better than that. >> who goes around sitting on the hood of a car like this? why do they have a woman do that? >> i will sit on the hood but i got to make it look like what are you doing? you just caught me. >> i want to see you sitting on the hood of your car, do the car wash thing. >> i would be cooler than ronaldo. >> see you. >> all right.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
welcome back to the kron4 morning news, weekend storms brought a lot of rain in the bay area, much-needed, but too much for the reservoir in gillroy is completely dependent on rainfall run off and it boosted the levels significantly. almost 40% of capacity. because the rain came so early, crews can't divert the rain and the water has to be released down stream. water aphyllouss say many rez-- officials say many reservoirs can't devort water before november 1 so it will just be released and it would have been
7:57 am
enough to meet the needs of 1600 families for about a year. tonight is the third and final presidential debate. we will have everything you can expect from the candidates before they take stage. we are following breaking news from overnight with a huge fire breaking out in san jose. and good samaritans save people from the burning home. top story, 4 students hurt after a shooting outside of their high school in san francisco. this morning the gunman is still on the loose, you will hear from students as they return to class this morning. a live look to the san mateo bridge, beautiful start to the day weather wise. not so great traffic wise, including on the bridge, bumper to bumper and near a stand still.
7:58 am
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7:59 am
the search continues this morning for at least one gunman who shot 4 students at the san francisco school right behind me. you canee the students are getting ready for class. i will tell you why the
8:00 am
principal made the decision to start classes today. after a fire in san jose, fire crews say it was good samaritans who rescued the people inside the building. i will tell you about it up next. the stage is set as donald trump and hillary clinton get ready to face off in their third and final debate before the election. what we can expect the candidates to talk about tonight.
8:01 am
8:02 am
8:03 am
>>will tran: this happen when school was letting out to have around 325 yesterday afternoon there was fear this might have been a mass shooting fifth they did know the shots in insider outside the when and to lock down close the doors told students to take cover by then the shooter or shoulders were long gone and no definitive description.
8:04 am
>>will tran: into another administrator is speaking to reporters will get to hear from him a short time from now which can take an is an end of the she spoke to the young girl's family she was shot in the chest in critical condition but it of they according to the concert hall she is no longer have a critical to the shooting was in fact targeted and not
8:05 am
random >>darya: you receive this home on fire in san jose and that is where we have every live this morning to tell us latest >>reporter: much of this home was burned off the roofs caved in and much of this crumbling we do want to point out that the garage for has been boarded up many of the people here has been saying that is where the fire started in see the scorecard in the driveway you concede this home run of hills the avenue hot
8:06 am
it is engulfed in flames that fire started at about 11:00 last nine to people able to get out of the home on their on the neighbor's jump the fence and went into the burning home to rescue an elderly couple who was still inside. >>reporter: we talked to several
8:07 am
neighbors this morning but all told me the same thing they heard a loud noise before the walk outside and saw that fire there is no cause of the fire available yet. >>mark: decision 2016 helen clinton and down the track four hours away from the last face- to-face showdown for the election \ >>james: swarm of the 6:00 tonight in their final push to really solidify their arguments on the debate stage to the big topic will include immigration talk what economists the supreme court and fitness to be president no doubt we will hear about hillary clinton he male scandal donald trump insistence that the election is being weighed before it is even begun on that topic that has some
8:08 am
words for trump and take a listen the nominees also engaging some psychological combat with they're invited guest as well clinton has invited matt witt men she ran for governor of california and his republican but as endorsing hillary clinton. >>james: live and an outspoken critic of donald trump has for his part he's invited president obama as cain and one half- brother as well as the mother of a because the victim will those who support the trump campaign.
8:09 am
>>mark: it is been 25 years since the devastating oakland hills fire will look back to what happened and now the area has recovered.
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
>>mark: the start of the oakland hills fire here is video from the fire in 199125 people were killed and nearly 4000 homes destroyed in today's to contain and still consider one of the worst fires in u.s. history choose one of many people who lost everything and the fire and i will be airing a special report featuring the key to the caucus--vicki liviakis >>darya: police identified the
8:13 am
victim as 54 year-old takeshi watanabe he was shot and killed around noon on monday after getting into a fight with a man who was still in politics from the warehouse there arrested the 27 year-old mr. edwards on monday night in oakland offices said they spotted a pickup truck that was used in the killing is not been formally charged he's the one court in hayward this afternoon no one else was injured bomb squad units recall began to chat for more explosives with the singing was
8:14 am
cleared shortly after.
8:15 am
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>>robin winston: we just off the
8:17 am
from would chp asking when they will have a clear is set around 84 and we're getting close in the slot toaster has arrived we're talking about a hot spot this and they're having just a tough time it has a broken axle and there on the scene there were conducted with all the other incidents that we have in the mix of the slow traffic the hot spots still blocking the right lane in the on ramp at least they're hoping to have the out of the way before 9:00 this morning is really time the traffic out of livermore is backed up beyond livermore avenue the drive times pretty hefty 36 minutes macsharry leaves early in this is an
8:18 am
eastbound ride the opposite direction know the problems but it is slow living castro valley and to the dublin grade 17 minutes from 238 out to the dublin and to change heavy this morning in both directions. >>robin winston: it is getting better look at the car pulling some of the past and that is a sign that is spinning out of the problems here 13 minutes from the foot of the maze of to fremont street and the pretty normal and sluggish and the richmond san rafael bridge 580 west of the problems and to the north bank it would take about 16 minutes to get out to 101 no other major problems coming out of the east bay for places like a the issuer freeway from hercules into oakland was 2419 minutes for the average drive our walnut creek to the maze. >>reporter: capturing the east bay shoreline a nice view of the bay as well we have the high
8:19 am
pressure pretty much a part of the west giving us a break right now conditions offshore winds to was gives us a little boost in terms of temperatures one of the things we see sometimes develop with this is that air quality although we may see some areas on into some moderate categories we have some cool for is on the board to 44 for example in ample and santa rosa is 44-- napa >>reporter: the peak of the week in by friday mostly sunny offshore winds and as we get into the weekend and change the weather pattern and a string and some showers as we finished things off on sunday they were about 762 fremont and 77 and then we will see some lower '80s develop his bird 80 in brentwood looks like the livermore valley also come in and about 80 the next a out press about seven
8:20 am
years so 77 on at 4:00 p.m. we do see some warming happen tomorrow of to 86 to those inland valleys 77 meanwhile on friday backing off with temperatures >>darya: the man stole her purse and took off and and and light brown sedan that was driven by someone else she was taken to hospital and has major injuries the citizen bird we're responding to recent spike in crime we spoke about the crimes and last night's city council meeting >>mark: they're patrolling the campus more frequently and as for many of the crimes are happening is they're into sexual
8:21 am
assaults reported off campus fraternities a shooting just blocks away from the campus and armed robberies and one attempted robbery studer said the school is not letting them know about the crime soon enough you berkeley mayor is telling people to be aware of their surroundings is now 85 percent contained in this barn near the canyon natural gas
8:22 am
storage facility investigators think the down power lines had brush sparking that fire one home was destroyed in this fire their reports of a power surge when the firefighters got there they saw this house on fire >>darya: is spread to nearby brush and winds up to 45 mi. an hour it and see the winds gusting they were able to stop it from spreading into other homes >>mark: they try and push isis' out of the region.
8:23 am
because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians... every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes.
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could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >>darya: the new pixel phone is said to be released on friday with hands on one and he gives us this review is the first phone completely built by google from the ground up. >>gabe slate: the first and depression is a solid the vice very fast irresponsible had no
8:26 am
hiccups or freezes we like the design and very light weight and feels very sturdy for people live in the universe it comes in two different sizes of 5 in. the cox l with a 5.5 and scoring the same size as the iphone 7 and has a 12.3 where camera in this new useful feature to help study those action shot it a shot with a video stabilization turned on it comes on limited fall and video stores. >>gabe slate: and nightly feature is their version of the eiffel night shift that is very
8:27 am
convenient what i do not like is that is not as water resistant as the iphone and some of the latest samsung phones did and did little rant on about as competitors to conduct and bathtub or swimming pool goes or lot more water resistant this out friday will to live like
8:28 am
police started running over protesters.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>>robin winston: matter is the big traffic story of the morning the hot spots we're about 10 minutes away from having this cleared for 10 minutes away from the estimate that is one chp says this will be out of the way of the great involved a couple of them one at some mechanical problems of broken axle that happened early this morning at 430 and taking hours to get all the way the city's other incidents in the middle of all that heavy traffic. >>robin winston: this is the couch and in camera at tulsa howard is shows you just how slow the traffic is they're heading toward dublin but the backed up stretches all the way into little more of a quick
8:31 am
check of the bay bridge ride into san francisco if you're paying cash to a fast track him you have to deal with that heavy traffic coming out of the maze from the foot of the maze after fremont street that is not bass and this time of morning. >>reporter: is what we're looking at downtown san francisco for some high clouds to make note of here is the one we have today some wanted to see
8:32 am
developed in the slower '80s where corn to be a little warmer happen tomorrow woman and the east of the in the north and in some spots general forecast calls for 69 san francisco. school >>darya: is back in session and we are live at the school. >>will tran: they're still looking for this one gunman possibly for altogether because of the san francisco police department school started 15
8:33 am
minutes also about 250 students on inside the classroom at this time they were in jeopardy possibly not going to school there was talk about mental rest were made that they would cancel school within decided even though they're still out there that decided the to open up the school to send a message to our students that will not be deterred the show you video from the shooting that took place at 325 and the afternoon. >>will tran: the students were let out school there was fear that the shots when inside they went into a block down mold as teachers told the students to take cover and lock their doors no one was allowed to go on campus or leave campus in san francisco police department rushed to the scene they tried to talk to witnesses and make arrests of by the time they did all that the shooter is long gone they were able to tell the
8:34 am
students and the parents that they believe the shooting was in fact targeted and not random a little bit earlier we had a chance to track down one of the students he was what she had to say about the shooting. >>: that was very upset because i know and one people to think that this is what. it is what of >>will tran: for students in the hospital here is the good news this morning the principal told us the girl was shot in the chest and was taken to hospital reportedly 15 years old law to deny she was listed in critical condition but she spoke to her family and and that the 15 year- old girl is now better no longer in critical condition but is
8:35 am
unstable the other three and never had any life-threatening injuries. >>darya: by the protests were caught in the u.s. embassy in the philippines where falling back from the breaking news desk. >>james: quick one in the video about to show you some find disturbing we want to set the scene a group of a thousand anti-u.s. protesters gathered in front of the u.s. embassy to the man u.s. troops leave that country there arrived tension increase in a one. it turned violent we have video you can see a police van drive into the crowd repeatedly running over protesters remarkably and no one died in this or told no one died at times the strategy to see through things that police about 23 were arrested in all
8:36 am
this is the latest example of what we have seen recently a steady rise in anti american sentiment felix like it is turning will see howard plays out >>mark: to the armies facing balance and my is a suicide bombers as they move closer into the sitting they cleared nine villages so far in the field to the east of the city recovered about 3 mi. yesterday they're putting up fierce resistance in using the citizens for protection the could be two months before they throw ices out of mosul
8:37 am
>>darya: following a shootout with police that led to his arrest last month he's pleaded not guilty to charges trying to kill police officers before they captured him and also is accused of detonating a firebomb was for charity race in new jersey and a pressure cooker bomb in new york's sitting >>mark: the issues a complicated students need to know if someone dangerous on campus but they need to make sure they're not naming someone who chose not to the innocent they're reviewing how the school should respond to reports in the future
8:38 am
>>darya: the medical marijuana club can also now run to cultivation site there were approved an effort to cut down on illegal drug activity and is comes california getting ready to vote on whether to legalize rep rich dimero, is part of prop. 64. >>darya: >>mark: >>mark: we carry this story for you live yesterday in the siege the officer said a man and woman ran into each other and they stopped to exchange information to decide to cross the interstate that got through the fast lane on the northbound side of 680 in they were both hit by a car traveling down the freeway there was hospitalized with major injuries chrysler
8:39 am
recall of more than 200,000 jeeps because the air bags may not inflate in the crash there recover certain 2016 and 17 year wranglers to the wiring on that come loose kind of signals for that computer at that happened air bags will not deploy so far in the have not cause any crashes in injuries and repairs to fix the problem with the jeep will contact you when it is time to bring your car into get it fixed.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>>mark: into the jury it listed 24 hours to make the decision to happen last november after the suit ended in a row of the crash and parents the officer patrick shot a 26 year-old to try to get out during the court testimony that claimed the shooting was a tragic accident in the form also
8:43 am
will be sentenced in december facing up to five years in prison. >>robin winston: because of all the problems out there and an accident involving a couple of big rigs we're still tracking the drive times where getting word of a major gillette out of san francisco will have details coming up after the break
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
>>reporter: as you watch seventh warm-up for checking in from britain with high tide going on
8:49 am
tangency a pretty picture at that will have a lot more in the evening into tomorrow as well 75 montague 76 will check into the upper seventies territory of to
8:50 am
the north where we would do about 65 for stinson beach about 80 handing off to the filing 82 rather fairfield also 82 with 81. >>darya: the search crews from the yes today his name has not been released the plan is to turn to the sacramento area when went missing on saturday and it was the storm system they're brought rain to the bay area and
8:51 am
snow to the sierra students had to complain that they were not notified after two women reported that there were also to buy a student the family received a loan loss letter from a stock and high school student who was murdered 14 years ago the 19 your was killed in a drive-by shooting in 2002 thanks to high school assignment the family got a letter from him a teacher at his students they're going to be mailed back to them 10 years later that he to turn to facebook to track down his family the person who killed and
8:52 am
was never been caught he had a son the decision 2016 news america's new citizens are scrambling to register them. >>reporter: veteran jose was born and al salvador but served as u.s. marine they cannot wait to exercise the precious new ride their part of the last
8:53 am
large group of citizens to be sworn in and lost angeles and register and vote in november they stood by and sign to help undo saw that anderson will
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>robin winston: that is the hot spot as pack all morning we have this crash involving a couple of big rigs and blocking since 430 with the original estimated time for caring will give them a little more time and they will be out of the way by 9:00 and is still there blocking the right name in the on ramp to the great and what we have to one has a broken axle is not improving is now a whopping 40 minutes from bosco rolled up to the dublin interchange we spotted the motorcycle accident in san francisco.
9:01 am
>>reporter: 61 for richmond of to the north and 64 fairfield vallejo still hanging on a 49 adjutancy that compares 24 hours ago will take a look at the four
9:02 am
zone forecast coming up. >>mark: they're back in session today with your live there would details on the shooting and the search for the gunman.
9:03 am
>>will tran: for students in the hospital and a clean one girl
9:04 am
who once built to support each other and want to stay strong
9:05 am
this was targeted shooting and not a random shooting. >>reporter: mrs. not what looks like last night take a look bensenville that we have when firefighters are still on the senior concede mass of flames here this home run off hillsdale avenue in san jose was engulfed in flames to start at about 11:00 last night to people able to get out of the home and
9:06 am
neighbors jumped the fence and went into the burning home to rescue an elderly couple who was still inside. >>reporter: he was were identified would spread neighbors will of his lower tills and got away from home that was burning fifth lesson
9:07 am
all of them are saying the same thing >>reporter: numerous civil nevada and loss of a is home presidential debate to student
9:08 am
9:09 am
>>darya: if you have a mobile devices and the mobile application will be straining their lives as well.
9:10 am
because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians... every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56.
9:11 am
9:12 am
>>robin winston: it is just a tough ride this morning i livermore into dublin the drive time 41 minutes from paschal rolled out to the dublin and to change. >>mark: one of the healthiest and dissemination of san francisco of boston was to help the city in the country san
9:13 am
francisco coming in no. 2 chicago n.y. washington coming in and the top five. what would happen if the drought a thousand points that is a pretty much what happens
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>robin winston: the worst spot of the morning 580 westbound
9:16 am
9:17 am
>>robin winston: still back of the maze 5842480 west on richmond is the drive time from the foot of the maze 17 minutes if you take it every day in my have some mechanical problems recovering from lows earlier equipment problems on the tracks about 15 to 20 minutes behind schedule to millbrae to daily city and all the east bay directions you need to leave early if you're popping on to bart this morning. >>reporter: high-cost making an appearance but dry one afternoon this bill and and make these temperatures the far east it will have some old look the dollar is also the south-a nice warmup this is where numbers
9:18 am
reach 80 or the lower 80s down to the south they pretty much of the seven this in san jose 77 as well of a green 78 about 75 san francisco getting close to seven the pretty dead saturday but then sunday thru monday as we want to walk appetency for some showers.
9:19 am
>>rob black: 22% drop today especially 18,000 mark this is sitting at 2207 c hundred got renting fire when they know on the black monday build a lot of problems and the biggest charges when they consume a drop in stock market history computers
9:20 am
was slower and they cannot really handle it we have this amazing run from 90 to 2000 the mortgage crisis and 2008 makes sense because this one made no sense there was no drop it was just a weird set of events that happened. >>mark: we are expecting some corrections do not panic.
9:21 am
>>rob black: it was of 940 percent and 29 years since real- estate cannot be that everyone is excited about this inexpensive version of the tesla is the first consumer friendly electric car \ >>rob black: key economic that many cars and is one time it is called and as far as taking up the cars they need to go they
9:22 am
have orders for 400,000. the board of supervisors no more bonds numerous city business this is an insult to wells fargo or slap in the face in large pace it is headquartered here and they lose san francisco and will be a bad image california and illinois all-city chicago said they will not do business with him going forward
9:23 am
toward clinton says she will send infrastructures thereat want to be in control anymore and i would stay away from health-care and pharmaceutical and large part because as an
9:24 am
area is already the down i will buy those and a net 60 days will be right back when the kron 4 morning news continues.
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9:26 am
>>reporter: if in the wake of the access hauler wouldn't come to take his short cent of the
9:27 am
today show has come to an end they made the firing official yes 11 staff know that he was known on the part of the 9:00 a.m. our and speaking of the loop tape mrs. trump adjusted yesterday to rebels who she thinks is to blame for the whole ordeal she thinks it was billy bush's fault for egging on donald trump the shocking new information about can car-and are being they reveal that the hotel did not have any video surveillance and that everyone knew the front door security cold because it's been the same for 60 years what a shocking is that-let this did not happen earlier footstools the asking
9:28 am
the school to do more here with the have to say coming up.
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9:31 am
>>robin winston: we have been putting in calls to chp asking if you have the new estimated time of clearing their original estimate was 8 for the area are in the 9:00 hour across the lawn of the grid with a broken axle still blocking the right lane. >>robin winston: was 580 and howe are causing a nasty back up into livermore if it is not going to be fun 37 minutes just to get from bosco wrote to the interchange consider bar or carpooling or leave early know
9:32 am
the problems here 16 minutes from the foot of the may as well enough to fremont. >>reporter: repeat the performance is not have that a cup of the greens get to the middle '80s of those in one spot 69 san francisco this try 73 going on for oakland the next three days will reach a peak tomorrow by friday down to 79 saturday looks ok. >>will tran: they're looking for li's one gunman possibly up to four no rest in the cave they're
9:33 am
considering yesterday and for the evening with and not to cancel class but they decided let's continue class's this and the message to the world will not be stop not even shootings we were here when the students arrive this early as 7:00 in the morning when the students will let all school shootings took place on the outside in the parking lot outside but they did know that this study was inside on campus and that is why the school would immediately the san francisco police are men rushed to the scene by than the shoulder will long gone and what they left behind for students to read injured including one who was shot in the chest. >>will tran: the girl was still
9:34 am
listed in critical condition the principal told us this morning she spoke to her family and she is doing better now she is in stable condition we got a chance to talk to the students before they went to their classis and is one student reaction or the sea or continuing to them this data represents power and that is why it was not really a debate among their administrators they do believe that this should be some comfort to people out there that they do believe that this was a target
9:35 am
shooting and not a random shooting. >>darya: steichen crime and berkeley in the last freebasing multiple robberies will report on the city leaders are doing to fight the rise in crime. >>reporter: the mayor listen to lot of concerns and choose and the city council meeting another issue the city is dealing with the uptick in crimes in the uc- berkeley campus the mayor says police patrols of the come more frequent and last week and have there been to sex assault and off campus fraternity one shooting walk away from the school if armed robberies and an attempted robbery as of today there arrested two suspects from one of the armed robberies there still number of suspects on the
9:36 am
loose that offer a more timely notice of the crimes that are occurring from the school do something a lot more cautious of their surroundings they're urging everyone to be more aware of their surroundings because of the increase patrols he said officers cannot be everywhere all once years until the fire
9:37 am
in 199125 people were killed in nearly 4000 homes were destroyed into three days to contained still considered one of the worst fires in u.s. history.
9:38 am
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9:40 am
>>robin winston: hot spots still lingering on 580 and how can turn it is going to be a slow ride coming out a little more trying to get into dublin blocking since 430 this morning and accident involving a big rig to the drive time pretty high for westbound traffic 36 minutes from bass on to the interchange into downtown oakland about a 30 minute trip from to 38 to 980 in the bay bridge slow traffic will be waiting for you if you need to get into san francisco. >>mark: the 19 year-old who was killed in a drive-by shooting
9:41 am
in 2002 and to a high schooler simon the family heard from him again the teacher had a student's right themselves letters will be mailed back to them 10 years later she turned to facebook to track down his family in the family said the letter they received was a priceless gift he mentioned having a daughter and a future in naming her in the personal killed, has never been caught. killed, has never been caught. how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts.
9:42 am
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>darya: i need that today in the double header yes of a doubleheader today is like baseball wall-to-wall in the world series our roof days i'm
9:46 am
going to vote for the a's in the world series that is why that is my pledge. >>gary: something about an afternoon game when is not the team you've been following its a little early for me
9:47 am
>>darya: when i looked up at the tv i saw the stars. >>gary: they had these musical acts on a midnight and it was really in this time every conceivable act. >>darya: win the nba owners are
9:48 am
saying the warriors were going to win in their favor the odds are they're thinking that went to see higher points there are rotted also favors not the one of the proper bins which player will finish the regular season and kevin or steph curry more
9:49 am
likely you come home for thanksgiving. >>darya: you your family ever will be talking about the same thing howe the forty-niners think and how you have to go now the family waxy be in the same boat because lisa at his kids she wants him fired that will be her first cousin. >>gary: and she pulled it off
9:50 am
and then last night the title and that is an uncomfortable gathering especially thanksgiving she did write a book she did reach we if we use to be a football coach nine is on tv they always send before you press and think about it you
9:51 am
can defy the sponsor like that and gold in the garbage microsoft does have the surface works very well might stop the spending a lot of money with the
9:52 am
nfl the most famous coach has a shot of just thrown in the garbage that is not good. >>darya: is a great way to brag and a great way to make fun of someone. >>gary: he gets made fun of for this he has the action figure every time i see something like that you the shall mean as if i
9:53 am
wasn't looking water there was a woman do that. >>gary: i would be a little cooler than run all the. >>darya: ok we will see you soon.
9:54 am
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9:56 am
>>darya: high school student would down some sorting after she was crowned the homecoming queen they voted to elect her to the homecoming queen friday night in their ship is what the king she turned, because of her spirit and positive attitude that cannot be more proud of how far she has come in life she manages the chair team in football games and performs with the squad during the basketball season she always takes care of
9:57 am
everyone she plans to attend a community college after she graduates high school. >>mark: to handle simple former wrestler men pretend to be drowning their rescue more than 70 elephants there are howe most that is it for this morning because that connected with our mobile application
9:58 am
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