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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 21, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: saturday looks good
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them you're going to steal things different on sunday you going to say something is up on sunday it was set the stage for what we're going up to july look at the bay bridge we have going on for you the spider is back that is what he is doing their 57 for richmond opens coming in at 55. >>robin winston: >>james: we're at the four or what our we are dealing with the latest news coming out of the east bay in the south bay as
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well in oakland police said another officer has been arrested for allegations of hiring the prostitute and to pay off to sting operations this is separate from the scandal involving celeste he is due in court this afternoon he has been on the force for about two years they say the crime sick use happened when he was both on and off duty. >>reporter: in ok the officer was arrested for engaging in sexual encounters with the st. walker did not surprise
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neighbors face to conspiracy charges for speeding the cost to information on when not to hit the streets the officer is being charged with a felony and and it was look for ways to clean up their streets they're also concerned about low that all employees of our employees the
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residents feel this latest arrest sets them back in terms of strengthening the department. >>james: is the lead attorneys in september they say she has tried to ride a opportunities for indictments for to rebuild her life and hope the issue will someday be able to take advantage of those opportunities civil rights
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attorney will now take leave in representing her eyes to the claims of the have already been filed in this case they will still run the illegal orders. >>james: the firearm for a couple hours it came after 430 it is unclear how the fire started in san francisco because multiple places grout the sitting the first one was a love o'clock in the morning that is when they receive reports in the parking lot on seventh and harrison streets right under the freeway the car was deemed safe surely after six in the evening a suspicion that was reported
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that situation is also was all but police police have arrested two people on connection to shooting for in san francisco high score early this week one of those forced to two were still fighting for their lives. >>reporter: to show solidarity against violence organizing a rally in the stock market may borland those young and old to part this gathering coming right after the shooting there were four students were shot just as the high school was letting out on to them police arrested two people in connection with the crime san francisco police
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officer took part of emphasizing the need to build bridges with the community the message simply make peace.
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>>james: a few blocks from the elementary school's total was reportedly approached by a man that tried to grab him from behind the student was able to get away the suspect was described as a man he was last seen wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans will be right back.
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>>reporter: this offshore event this fall less likely in a still call it one to mild on on your pc is going up in a round-one of
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the good things we're hanging on to good air quality is good now everywhere and we improved little bit the temperature is right now of this is territory about everyone san were fell 61 looks like 51 for livermore 56 on for san jose in 54 novato and apple go for the warmer happening for tomorrow we will have start to back off a little bit.
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>>reporter: december to get enough to 67 schley redemption from yesterday's performance again 84 today 84 tomorrow sunday the call star went mad and we have a slow pattern cooler and maybe it ushering in some showers by monday morning. >>robin winston: will also pretty good start because the ride into san francisco looks good a little bit of a back of on the right-hand side but overall nice ride on the left as wide open acquit nine minute trip from the foot of the maze of to fremont street nice and
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smooth come from the north bay and the support around 21 minutes over to san francisco over to the toll plaza and the drive times could between traffic is at the limit was for south said 8880 is a smoother ride from san leandro to 38 a quick 24 minutes. >>james: four suspects a behind bars facing several charges including assault with a deadly weapon in connection with that crime will have an update on the victim's condition and would
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warning that may be disturbing. >>reporter: graphic photos showed a 23 year-old what severe injuries tonight is recovering from a brutal attack that happened friday neighbor said the suspect to hang on the streets around midnight or being a very loud that is when he came autosome he suffered a broken nose and cheek bones never described a chaotic scene.
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>>reporter: they say they're now on and check the case will now go to the contra costa. >>james: the san francisco police officer shot in the line of duty last week is out of hospital and in the treatment facility they're providing details on that shooting. >>charles clifford: scare san francisco the police department held a town hall meeting to inform the public on the ongoing investigation until last friday also involve shooting of about
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the lakeshore shopping plaza the police chief was on hand all 100 people attending the meeting get updated and one on the investigation one officer was injured do stress or to the hospital there had been an officer involved shooting everyone pretty much was an agreement that they handle the situation pretty well they did as to the pleas from respond appropriately when dealing with someone and mental health issues this said they believed also did respond but that knowledge this is a problem that is ongoing and san francisco and across the country sphene the
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officer was injured and the can we have learned that he has been transported to care facility is still doing some paralysis but his improve from last week. >>reporter: the campaign is better to spend more money and
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donald trump will be in pennsylvania and north carolina. >>james: things was a little tense with some in attendance at the dinner party and the nominee is that once it apart from each other and there was also a host of political and business leaders take a listen that will both of them had to say about each other after earning laughs
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donald trump seemed to lose a crowd as he started to dish out personal insults he was repeatedly with described her as corrupt
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and >>james: former a&m had to run homer to give them free to one lead the former athletic it's a to run bon to put them up 3 to one and it would not look back the third. a gang ties and
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he scored the go-ahead for the penguins will help our approach to the bay bridge where traffic is moving nice and light on this early thursday on as early friday morning.
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>>robin winston: the time is 423 we're off to a pretty good start the image of tosspots no major problems the ride into san francisco little bit of the back of on the far right and the far
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left-hand side that is pretty normal. >>reporter: their new developments and of course heard around the world reportedly speaking of which yesterday's they met for the first time since the plane incident and this is juicier sources close to the couple say he has been
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talking about their marriage issues she created a new luxury women's line for target at 1200 piece collection including clean lines and will include clothes for girls and babies most items will be priced under $40 \
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>>james: he was arrested wednesday night and charged with two felony counts of conspiracy and mr. menem prostitution charges he is the one court later this afternoon police
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received reports of a suspicious car another shows a surplus position on 17th after it was found inside of the mission police statement mostly sunny
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and still mild even in some spots they're still warm and those in an area 71 will do for the pickup and 67 on for san francisco and oakland live below
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renta about monday and unsettle start to the work week a closer look at that come in the. right out o >>robin winston: meanwhile you would not be able to get on off the bark at the station consider daily city or south san francisco continue to of dental as i receive more information
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manager hot spots all oakland into san francisco led tettleton 92 and check the ride across the san mateo bridge so far is a good communalism problems from highway 4 and hercules down to the maze and is quiet and saw to that of san jose.
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>>james: please recall to the medical center late wednesday night to find a silver mercedes was several bullet holes a man who was in the car and walked into the hospital where he later died from his injuries >>maureen kelly: the have to get to class 24 7:30 a.m. that early start time is tough on them the
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principle of and pushing the idea of letting his son to school later so the students ended sleepshirt shelve they need the high schools considering having their first terrell ring and a starting. staf
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>>reporter: at their three middle schools and to high schools their homes and have a decision made by march so that students can start setting their alarms for later times starting next school year >>james: been overcome with a new way to catch criminals they say they plan to install a license plate with the help of
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these new camera the two made not have gotten away a man and not respond to go .
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>>gabe slate: it is pushing the
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technology testing the limits of how much energy debt to safely packed into small spaces their two main causes catching fire one if it does damage if it breaks the bench and peers punctured the battery can short circuit caused and to expand and potentially explode if you drop your phone malta times and is really be up i recommend use what about just to be safe the other main causes heat related to charging the from the battle because he and the temperature dips too high an internal short circuit can happen the technology costs fast charging the new latest processors there's more heat in today's phones and before they warned about this they claim 90 percent of the charges they're being sold including on, are counterfeit
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about one and 10 million batteries would suddenly go bad hair some of the state taxes to consider the case is like putting a jacket on your device it will keep the he and avoid pressure.
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>>james: this is separate from the scandal involving jasmine the woman formerly known as celeste coffee is the on the force for two years investigating same is accused of having when he was both on and off duty to accord this afternoon the shooting occurred near duck hill park police recall to reason medical center to find a silver mercedes was several blowholes and is a man who was in that car walked into the hospital but he later died of his injuries after earning
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laughs early on donald trump seemed to the odyssey start to get booed when his truck to get more personal and it will build a campaign trail today saw
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>>reporter: monday tuesday after a little possibility picking up a couple more scattered showers this will take us all the way out on tuesday morning a little bit wednesday in possibility revisiting the program next it will lot different seven major currency on the east bay shoreline 764 fremont across the hill over the hill on for all the pretty one for brentwood and level more looks like presence in checks and 8175 amount of the cupertino 77 and for most of the south but we're near for '80s territory.
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>>reporter: a to the north of venice 64 petaluma about 79 adding over to not allow we're looking at 80754 vallejo 794 back avail to touch call from yesterday that will be the case on sunday into next week
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>>robin winston: also a nice ride in case you need to get into the north bed this back of does not start until after 630 in it is doing fine we still have time to get to 101 before start to back up from the toll to one on one on one checking in on the east than check out the senses pretty much green 24 for the caldecott and mr. macarthur that insure freeway all looks good. >>james: people come from all over the world to see the golden gate bridge is an iconic landmarked sometimes the beauty of the bridge is so overwhelming that they forget one very basic rule of driving. >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: when you visit the golden gate bridge league sure you will all your camera to you can snap chat and to grammar and facebook for even tweaked your false we want you
4:50 am
to you can climb the highest spot to this special pick than one-half of like disguising if you look closely you can see is actually in the passenger seat is action not hard to spot drivers and passengers across the bridge not wearing seat belts but as hard to catch some on video if of course you're in
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any conditions answer the fine from d'arcy bell as an adult is a positive $57 >>james: that one out for drinks and had sex and things to the bad turn and they began fighting
4:52 am
that is when he began recording argument as the victim was heard screaming and pleading to be allowed to go home the woman will not alter the document are to climb down the part was on the 14th floor they said she was scared that she tried to escape and plummeted to her death but ultimately the jury acquitted him of murder of a sudden all of the shooting of a black man is now back in court and facing new charges to the pleas of some dominance in august he shot and killed the is now suspended and being held $100,000 bail bird is considered a miracle of life will what if a miracle happened
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>>robin winston: just in case you need to get into san francisco know the problem somewhat open so far agreed ride from all connectors 580 looks given the problems across the upper deck and to downtown an easy 9 minute trip from the foot of the maze of to fremont street no problems for five it was a great ride into san rafael connecting with north and
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south won 01 a closer look at the east bay know the trouble spots. >>james: mother gave birth to her daughter not just once but twice when she won in for ultrasound and 16 weeks revealed her daughter had a tumor growing in her telephone this type of tumor can begin competing with the baby for blood flow and is sometimes result in the baby's death despite the recession shows to have a surgery that included taking the fetus completely out removing part of the tomb and put the baby back and side got to the calling it a miracle she gave birth to her daughter for some time just three months later police are searching for a man who tried to kidnap a boy on
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the peninsula of a low boy was able to get away if you are bay bridge commuter you may notice something different about your commute.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>reporter: although on the field is much along the coast temperatures now pretty much popular in the fifth is the most locations looking ahead sunny and warm and all that business tomorrow mostly sunny we're still mild the to sunday variable clouds of hauler and some will be taken off of this 52 jumped to seven to buy high
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noon 3:00 in the pick of some areas might be a lot of hard to talk about 79. >>reporter: we are not have and the details >>robin winston: the ride into san francisco nice to lie in quiet you could see the cars zipping right down through the pays no major problems leaving oakland is a great ride from downtown on to the james lick 280 the central freeway all doing just fine once again the 4:00 hour we had a station closure it was closed until investigating suspicious package it is backed open their back on time and the slot to 5:00 hours off to a great start. >>darya: the search is on now for a man who tried to kidnap a student near daily city's school. >>will tran: they're telling
5:02 am
parents if you cannot person drop off your child use the buddy system a specimen there been no arrest in this particular case this happen in 345 in the afternoon on wednesday we're on the second day and still no luck as far as finding this particular man a short distance from here i shall the child was walking after school and allow 345 wednesday in the area of longview and oceanside drive on according to investigators a man pulled up came from behind and tried to grab this child the tile manages to break free he/she there are living protective the child ran home alert someone inside of the house the police officer came to the scene by this time the person was long gone he was a
5:03 am
white male in his 20s warrant a black teacher blue jeans and he has a close cropped black beard the child was not and did this a reminder. >>mark: the 26 your officer joins the local for the department 2014 to work as a patrol officer he did, i see what he was often on doody he was arrested wednesday night and charges a two felony counts of conspiracy and mr. menem prostitution charge he posted bail and is out of jail this morning but do back in court in hayward.
5:04 am
>>mark: an officer was arrested on unrelated the sex scandal plaguing several bay area police departments the woman to center the scandal said she had relations with several oakland police officers and other bay area law for some office when she was under age we learn that she is no longer representing her cheek had been the lead attorney since last month tried to provide opportunities and guided her to help rebuild her life.
5:05 am
>>darya: there are major developments in the shooting outside of the san francisco high-school then made to arrest was left for students injured this happened just after school and into the afternoon in the parking lot police said they were looking for as many as four people in this is believe a 15 year-old girl was the target of the shooting and three other students also hit by gunfire. >>darya: 7 francisco police were at last night's rally but it would not release any information on the two people what an arrest and this at all the students to and a recovering.
5:06 am
>>james: the man is feared beard this morning will have video from the scene just to the news room showing the five they're broke out last night in a multistory home you can see than 84 your man who lives there is missing they say he ran inside the house to save some puppies after the fire started and has not been seen since the seven for your woman will also inside the home was treated and is expected to be ok but the story could have tragic and then the fire investigators were into that home was is deemed safe and will see what they learned was to get inside. >>darya: the one after each other during the fund raiser the
5:07 am
annual memorial dinner is typically a chance for the presidential candidates to show their front side at a campaign homestretch will once again will is typical. >>reporter: was one of the more gentle remarks toward democratic opponent hillary clinton a charity dinner she spoke after him she took some shots of her own this comes a day after the
5:08 am
third and final presidential debate will he raise eyebrows are refusing to commit to respect the outcome the billionaire follow their remarks thursday by saying sure your recognize the final result in in the with him on top this was the last time was in attendance on the same stage before the election bulk of that on the campaign trail today.
5:09 am
>>darya: that should please recall to a parking lot at seventh and harrison streets a suspicious note was found on a car as well as closing down highway 80 and highway 101 in that area and highways reopen but not until about 220 yes and that afternoon they lived in the
5:10 am
shelter in place by 9:00 p.m..
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>>reporter: today a gorgeous from yesterday less due again to them the air caller this accident pretty good and will stay that way even in the east bay as checkout the temperatures 57 oakland also richmond 50 a haywood 55 san jose also for concord or actually a little bit warmer than we were this time yesterday.
5:15 am
>>reporter: also antioch and bring water over twaddle creek about 80 and 78 the four has 67 sunny in pleasanton in the tech 79 would door for san jose sunny and still warm the next three days tomorrow about 8471 happen
5:16 am
sunday that and then spots it doesn't change much comparatively speaking you will notice is being substantially " by sunday. >>robin winston: the ride into san francisco license mold a live look at the approach to the toll plaza picking up but it is friday that back of my start a little bit later compared to the earlier part of the week no college for 680 leading doubling from slow to fremont hot spot free from san leandro all out to milpitas technicals look at
5:17 am
the south bend. >>darya: new this morning we now know where the oil that left a sheen and san pablo bay last month where it came from and where it was supposed to be going he said the boy it was supposed to be transferred to the phillips 66 of the refinery and rodale but its build the boats are going to have to pay for the cost of the cleanup the costars estimators could not say if the oil sheen was the cause of that mysterious older that said several people to the hospital last month the smell was recording the night before the oriole was discovered. >>mark: this is confirmed yesterday the the 50 you're a woman died in riverside county on timber 30 if this is the 11th
5:18 am
known death in the u.s. is contributed to these air banks that can inflate with too much force and that consent metal shrapnel from a canister flying at the driver and passengers more the 6 9 million flatus have been recalled they're still looking for cars and have not been repaired including the one that killed the woman nine of the 11 deaths in the u.s. have been in these cars. >>darya: the strike stretching into its fifth decade the
5:19 am
inmates are demanding changes to jail operations involve the gel to and solitary confinement they're also calling for morse that the clothing the shares office had misused in make welfare fund were to supposed to go toward and costly program a hunger strike is set and on halloween but they will stay on strike for longer if the demands are not met >>charles clifford: the updated
5:20 am
everyone on the investigation and took some questions from the public one officer was injured he was transported to the hospital it lacks some the fireworks from previous town hall meeting lebanon also involve shooting everyone was an agreement ahead of the situation well summed you did ask a pleased to respond appropriately when dealing with some of what mr. hot issues the
5:21 am
also was injured we learn that his been transported to care facility is still the laws of paralysis on one side rise apparently approved last week the other men started punching and kicking him he has a broken nose of fractures she barm and several cuts and bruises they're arrested the 19 year-old in tirol on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon
5:22 am
>>mark: the 73 year-old was arrested last month he was an apartment manager at the arbors and mountain view apartment complex use of land on ed lee 6 charges involving a child 10 years older he is scheduled for plea hearing there will also be a new central security checkpoint in the airport will be able to consolidate the baggage handling system.
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>>mark: this fine after and they set him up to nothing sharks the game in hand with the penguins scored three goals in the seven men the stretch and they beat the sharks 3 to there on the road again tomorrow ticking on the detroit red wings
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because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians... every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56.
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>>reporter: all those things will be changing this we can use a live shot at alcatraz a look at the current number still a couple for these here and there comparing that to 24 hours a we are headed the game in most areas mostly sunny most cloud
5:30 am
starring in for good measure steer mild on the time to department. >>robin winston: if a lot of people have friday off as some folks the letters start on
5:31 am
friday morning not that we're back off and the castle is for the middle of a lot to great ride across the upper deck and to downtown to cook to a miniature from the maze of to fremont street. >>reporter: jobless will need to adjust to get off the new offer rams on the bay bridge to take a look at the villa del behalf of the construction of the project right now the west on driver to getting off the bridge and treasure island exit left on the eastern spend no more of that drivers will now accept to the right on to the new off ramp
5:32 am
that on an offer will not be open to early tomorrow morning. >>mark: know where man was shot before he showed up in before he died we have more from the breaking news this if san jose police recall to reach the medical center late wednesday night that he apparently drove up to the front and a car riddled bullets in this is believed it may have happened near the of hill park. >>james: off of the road in san
5:33 am
jose the have not made any arrests with a part of the investigation is still on for it will keep following this story. >>mark: police on the lookout for three men who broke into home and what a person a compelling this happened wednesday night they went in through the home and throw open brought one of the robbers held a home on a dump on all the other to small items from the inside of home to have several leaves with their asking neighbors to come forward to have any surveillance video.
5:34 am
>>darya: two people got away with that they said the thieves may have been called if the license plate reader had already been installed saw. >>reporter: they're starting to
5:35 am
spend more money and sincere against to say that they're no republican hopes of driving up the score meant in the victory more clear to all records and is wanted to spend the day in ohio rallying early boar voters learned sanders is telling to stop using his name in ads that are fighting the proposed taxes and mention the promotional implying that he opposes the measure there on the old order san francisco ballot in shows and talk about tax that he opposed in philadelphia and he says using in is misleading the
5:36 am
taxes he opposed was much higher than those that are being considered here special edge as lotus and a record amount of money fighting for and against the 17 measures that are on the california ballot for state treasurer and secretary says that spending has reached $458 million that is $21 million more than the old record which was set in 2008
5:37 am
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5:39 am
>>robin winston: yes is getting crowded heading into san francisco in this is the writing you're about to use it expects stoppable traffic
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
>>mark: he joined the old lady in 2014 worked as a patrol
5:45 am
officer the arrest was not related to the sex scandal for students were injured and they believe a 15 year-old girl was the target she was one of those that was injured the have not released the names off of the two people they're arrested faugh >>darya: hopefully there was no trouble of tyrolienne >>robin winston: take it easy be safe we don't want any hot spots no overturns we're off to a
5:46 am
great start of the ride into downtown the drive times increased slightly >>robin winston: we're hot spot free no major accidents or stalls at the richmond san rafael bridge and some of the hatchlings if you look at you see it is only on the left it looking good the fis trotlines look good seven minutes from the toll of 2101
5:47 am
>>reporter: that would take away the influence to have some of the peninsula as well that as a precursor of moment before we get to sunday one of five game
5:48 am
time temperatures largely in the upper 60s comparing that with the south bay's 75 for mountain view a little lower today than we had yesterday upper seven is a work for most of the south you will notice san francisco 6768 for the mission this should down to san mateo county those
5:49 am
numbers will really get a chip hang them by the time we get to sunday they're looking at other similar devices the people or about
5:50 am
>>gabe slate: consumer demand for smaller long lasting devices is forcing many factors to push technology about how much energy they can safely packed into small spaces their two main causes catching fire one of this damage or bricks in the band and pierce punctured the battery construct circuit causing it to expand and potentially explode
5:51 am
there's more he in today's phone before the one about this they said 9 percent of to charges that are being sold including on amazon are counterfeit impose significant risk of overheating catching fire or electrical shock avoid arrest some like it will heated up don't even in places like the car dashboard especially when charging avoid pressure you don't want the battery to get a punch to do not sit on that or allowed to come on that a lot of pressure
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5:54 am
>>mark: in the first movie the franchise was a huge hit in 2012
5:55 am
is rated pg-13 is based in los angeles is about a mother and her daughter who mistakenly invited to their home. we will
5:56 am
be right back
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: our temperatures fifties on the board for the most part 51 for have on buying
6:01 am
48 to santa rosa and fairfield drop down to 47 most readings in the '50s and is a little bit higher than what they were what we're talking about is sunny warm and pleasant although cooler in some spots mostly sunny still mild and sunday is the change guy and rebel cause a much cooler particularly the forecast calls for 67 san francisco and 79 going on >>robin winston: the last time is 15 minutes ago it was backed up to the 880 over crossing wide
6:02 am
open or maybe even howe on barred it is on schedule of all trains and moving well that is still considered friday life after that saw 680 >>will tran: if you cannot drop off your child personally use the body's system this happen near the campus and franklin d. roosevelt and memories on wednesday unless give you a map
6:03 am
we do know a man came behind the child and try to grab the child to child managed to rip away they call the police department by the time the police officers are ride to capital and in the area this person was long gone but of course they were able to talk to the child generic description all white male in his 20s wearing a black teacher blue jeans and a time when thing that dan stand out was that he had a close cut beer on his face that matches anyone that you might know you might want to call the police department will love to talk to you about that
6:04 am
>>james: they've been looking for as many as four people in connection with that shooting as you heard two people arrested you recall this happened in the parking lot this is classis ended tuesday afternoon and this is what was said to your girl was targeted three other students were hit by gunfire and were there last night as a group of people gather to hold a stop the violence rally in the wake of that shooting the police or
6:05 am
at last night's rally as well you can see it will not release any new information on who had been arrested here is the first american soldier to be killed in an effort to retake mosul >>mark: is the fourth soldier killed system began military operations against eye since he was 26 years old had been on
6:06 am
active duty since 2012 >>darya: he was arraigned on release six charges involving a child 10 years old and younger he is said for plea hearing at the power of the courthouse will
6:07 am
learn more bomb scare the shut down part of interstate 80 in san francisco >>darya: the device was found in the one on the block of the bolsa avenue shortly after 6:00 last night and issued a shelter in place for the area in the
6:08 am
later deemed a device was not dangerous >>mark: the victim told police that he went out for a walk to talk to for young man who was causing a disturbance to more the suspects puncheon can't kick some of his upper bruised kidney and a fractured cheekbone several cuts and bruises they're arrested a 19 year-old jordan of san ramon and 20 your zachary kennedy of danville on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and a felony battery they're being held on $80,000 bail it also arresting to 17 year-old on the same charges >>darya: try to put aside their differences and have some fun poking fun at these other had
6:09 am
captured from razor the annual house with memorial dinner is typically a chance to the presidential candidacy to show their lighter side in the past as offer some levity but nothing about this campaign has been a light
6:10 am
>>darya: there was a marvelous ability the redwood to do something that a struggle to do the day on handshake, about 15 and will take a look at how colin was the center stage and some of those jokes britain rose to over -6.2 earthquake hitting
6:11 am
japan we have video of the damage and later a spike in crime in the area will tell you how local police are turning to technology to crackdown on crime.
6:12 am
6:13 am
6:14 am
>>robin winston: for the new friday's it's pretty much light if something happens i will be on top of this this is considered friday life because it's on the backed up to west
6:15 am
greenwich yesterday in it was backed up to the foot of the mains know the problems on 01 into san francisco chipping in on 92 a little sled is what it is moving a lot of brake lights along the flat section know the problems for the nimitz freeway if you need to get over to the peninsula only 16 minutes from the nimitz out highway 11 highway 4 norma collin during this hour in the checkout the drive times the getting of brick 31 minutes on that antioch into hillcrest same time it was around 40 minutes know the problems of the actions forestalls there.
6:16 am
>>robin winston: look to the left and right around 238 approaching 92 from 238 out to 237. >>reporter: what we're looking at is pretty much the same situation that or reduced
6:17 am
temperatures and will may be shaved off a good decade or so the chances and scattered showers developing input monday night and that will happen monday night and tuesday the we can roll out in some areas by winston is a break happening before more activity start to develop this is next friday.
6:18 am
>>james: this start to look up and check you can see everyone
6:19 am
no tsunami warning has been issued looking howe there are there reports minor damage but sidewalks klaxon move to oust the sell-off about 80,000 households were told lost power for most of them have been restored and is the seven people have been injured as well we have pictures from above looking down most of the damage occurred to homes and some of them completely crumbled to the ground about seven people reported injuries to the mirage is a disease warning there could be strong aftershocks in the next few days off
6:20 am
>>mark: it is one bullet hit a police officer kevin in the head of the police officers was on the shot him to see fired at them and he died from his wounds the officer is expected to survive his family said infracted his call to mr. main artery by less than a centimeter and did cause trauma to his brain which has left him paralyzed and his right leg it
6:21 am
features seven harvest this spring the words i am we are let to be in the critic of the memorial said you want to give a simple message his name was mr. brainwash it is one to stay for as long as people want to be there he is one among drug trafficking and other charges in several states including california could be extradited january or february carried >>mark: one of the most powerful drug traffickers in the world to a federal judge overseeing the case of mexico was shot and
6:22 am
killed on tuesday >>mark: that can fly above the track and avoid heavy commute they hope to have it ready to go by the year 2020 a local level as soon as they broke into a home and held the home owner at gunpoint they're still on the loose right now will tell you how the guy in more fallout for colin over his decision to protest the national anthem
6:23 am
6:24 am
>>robin winston: still moving
6:25 am
very well if you leave now his last 15 minutes from the foot of the maze out to fremont street this pedal to the san mateo bridge ride is bumper-to-bumper was about 92 out of brick flights heading into the peninsula is piled on the nimitz south 80 from 238 to 92 it is crowded here through the toll plaza across the flat section but it will pick up by the time you reach the high-rise only 17 minutes not a bad drive times.
6:26 am
>>darya: more politicians are weighing in on the decision to protest racial injustice during the national anthem by kneeling the republican presidential candidate tad cause some a rich oil aptly he called him a nickel headed in said the quarterback should donate all of his money to charities for fallen police officers he says the he is going to donate a million dollars to charities that by racial injustice motel concern dogtrot were at the dinner last night to lead and reporting is expected to the star for the miners
6:27 am
6:28 am
because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians... every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56.
6:29 am
>>mark: with oil prices falling
6:30 am
they're down below its 10,000 or watching wall street this morning
6:31 am
>>robin winston: through downtown san francisco no major trouble spot so far the only real trouble spot highway for installed a which is a minor incident is really coming up traffic if he used was for come to pittsburgh they point right at the san marco exit only one way blocked backing up all the way into antioch to cut the drive times 44 minutes to get from hillcrest out to 242 nice since moved manicotti north 11
6:32 am
and cochrane into downtown san jose. >>darya: we're live on treasure island to explain what we can expect >>reporter: drivers to use the treasure island accent on the bay bridge will need to adjust the drivers who are getting off the bridge will exit they're reminding drivers of the change the project said that they knew where we say for an offer easy access to those were trying to
6:33 am
exit it is opening on a new schedule later this morning it will be our ribbon cutting for the new gramm you will no longer an exit to get on to your when and treasure island you start to jackson. >>darya: he hired prostitutes into trough he is due in court today in >>james: the 26 year-old had been working as a patrol officer there's a small shot their arrested wednesday night and they charged with two felony counts of conspiracy and mr. menem prostitution charge he
6:34 am
will be facing the judge in the a record room. >>darya: she said she had sex with several oakland police officers we have learned that the turning is no longer going to be representing her she had been the lead attorney she tried to provide new opportunities and guidance to help rebuild her life civil rights attorney would
6:35 am
not take the lead in representing term the several current and officers.
6:36 am
>>darya: the cameras are expected to be installed by the end of the year.
6:37 am
>>reporter: the campaign is starting to spend more money and since their goods like president obama and host a lot of the score making the the the more clear they still have this election very close in some states he will be in pennsylvania later today in dr. lionel they did start yesterday n.c. still could to spend the day in ohio rallying early voters..
6:38 am
>>darya: an analyst for waitresses going of viral why the customer told her that she should not be working because she is.
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>>robin winston: come out of oakland into downtown san francisco that standing out a little bit of some of those are four lanes of the backed up extends beyond 80 in all we ought to west grand the still moving very well kron 4 team and from the maze come to fremont street a couple of new taxes working on 580 west and oakland this morning is getting attention. >>darya: they wrote on and that a woman's place is in the home and they left the full switchers
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>>darya: the left for students and investing is a believer was targeted to a 15 year-old girl the have not released the names of the two people their arrest
6:46 am
6:47 am
and >>reporter: it does change into sun there will start to usher in the onshore flow the mission district 68714 sfo along the beach 614 half moon bay 624% to go with what would what city of to stinson beach will see 64 this will receive more '80s as
6:48 am
well as some of will to vacaville we do see saddam also pretty pleasant as well the montreal of the is monitoring traffic with details. >>robin winston: we have lots of stop and go traffic some spots on friday like a the spots are packed if you need to get into san francisco the back of that the bay bridge toll plaza stretch beyond west grand hopefully it will stay there and not get any worse this writer on 19 minutes on rolling onto fremont street normal for friday morning normal conditions at the richmond san rafael bridge image of problems if you look over to the left you to see it is crowded is a good ride across the span 13 minutes out 2101
6:49 am
this talk about the problem check-up the senses it considers slow traffic in both directions boston south getting up to the scene expect delays into one of downtown oakland. >>darya: 1 schools considering
6:50 am
letting the student sleeping and of the more >>reporter: they're pushing the
6:51 am
concept letting the students did more sleep for two years now he says they can suffer that formed later start committee looking in working out logistics' image of jiggering the schools' schedules let it all the instructional hours since the do not have is on the football and soccer field the committee is hoping to have a decision made by march which could mean that middle and high school students and unified school district and of setting the alarm for a letter with a time by the next school year.
6:52 am
>>mark: she died with an airbag explosion is confirming the woman's the session was driving the 2100 civic lessons merit shrapnel flying out at the driver and passengers the problem led to the history will more than 69 million of these and flavors of the recall their still looking for cards have yet to have those in nevada placed this the car to high risk of sledders 2001 and to honda civic and accord 2002 and three room is 2002 howe on the crb and i've seen 2003 acura 3.2 cl 2003, the pilot we will be right back.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>>mark: the eagle has flown into the path of a cheap hit the windshield and he picked up the eagle this applies a special
6:57 am
support when the electric toilet police car and a boy raised to visiting the south in the police department for at least six months he goes there to thing officers for their service and he bought a place of to conform to where and they decided to thank him of the chip and board, led police car to surprise some the searches on four men who tried to kidnap the student and we will all live report on who the cops a looking for the traded jabs at a charity dinner. we will be right back
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
. here's a live shot of bay bridge. the temperatures for warmer this morning than we had from yesterday. everyone is reporting 50s territory. napa is 49 and santa rosa at 48. this is the last minute


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