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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 26, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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this morning on the kron morning news. an officer is recovering after being drug by a car. and the golden state warriors tipped off their season as defending western conference champs. we'll have the highlights coming up next. and a local film maker out of jail this morning following a deadly shooting in san francisco. we'll tell you what police say happened. this is the bay area's news station. kron4 news at 4:00 starts now. >> good morning, everybody, thank you for joining us on this wednesday, éwoctober 26. let's begin this wednesday morning with that check of weather and traffic as we often like to do. dave with a look at the forecast. >> hi, james, how are you doing? >> good. >> would you like to hear about more rain? we have it. we have a pause today.
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we're drying out. this is good for the plants. let them get the sun. soak up some of the rain and process it. however, there's more to come. there's a shot from berkeley and fog yet again. this is more radiation fog than they are typical patent invection fog. around the golden gate. whatever, this will be clearing out for us as we go into the day today, sun comes up, we'll go into a mostly sunny mode. let everything soak up before our next patch coming our way. as far as the sky view from space, high clouds may come to pass. for the most parent, uneventful compared to what we will be going through. mild as we start the day. it's all that moisture in the atmosphere. 60 going on for richmond. 61 for oakland. 58 howard. 58 for san francisco and 60 going on for vallejo. in contrast to 24 hours ago, we are more behind, predicting
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those inland spots at 12 degrees behind. and san jose at 6. here's a look at how things break down today. we have clearing skies, mild drying out, just briefly. next storm gets here late tomorrow into friday. and we're talking about rain heavy at times with all of that as well. and this weekend, , another storm arrives. 65 san francisco. looks like today is 70 going on for oakland. san jose checks in at 73 as we shake off the fog, everybody goes in a mostly sunny mode. 69 by high noon. at 3:00, 75. 71 going on for the bay. checking things out on traffic, it's robin. what's going on? >> not much. i haven't found any major problems out there. the ride into san francisco is nice and smooth and dry, big difference compared to yesterday. no big problems out of oakland. a quick nine minutes rolling off to fremont street. checking in on the bridge,
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maybe your 580 west commuter, no problems here. it's nice and quiet in san rafael. and across the golden gate, there's a high wind advisory. the only bay area bridge that is under a wind advisory this morning. watch your speed, take it easy. no big problems coming from the north bay, 22 minutes from nevada over to san francisco. checking in on the drive times. i haven't found any major accidents or stalls. 22 minutes for the average drive. in case you have to use it and head south from 238 out to 237 and it's nice and quiet in the south bay. north 101 out of oregon hill to the parkway, a quick 23 minutes. james. >> all right, robin, thank you. time now is 4:02. our top story this morning, a chp officer in the hospital recovering after a violent confrontation in san francisco. this is video of the scene and how it all ended. it started as a traffic stop, but then took a dangerous turn.
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and it ended with the officer being dragged by the suspect's car. the man who police believe did this is in the hospital as well. kron4 explains what happened. >> redwood city california officer was brought here with b nonlife threatening injuries. a suspect in this case is, however, fighting for his life in critical condition. >> he's my best friend. he's a good dude. he is very headstrong. >> those who know the suspect, say they are close friend, 39- year-old is a religious man that didn't carry a firearm. >> he kept a lot of people out of trouble. he saved lives with the knowledge that he does share. >> the man who friends call notorious is now himself and in critical condition at the san francisco general hospital. >> unit assigned to the san mateo vehicle theft task force followed a wanted vehicle from san mateo county into san francisco. >> three of the task force
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officers assigned to three separate agencies approached add stolen honda at the corner of capital and montana in san francisco's ocean view neighborhood. the neighbor and friend claims the suspect showed up in a different vehicle. >> my friend pulled up in his car, which confidence a mercury. as far as how he ended up in a honda, i don't know. i see him shot, you know what i'm saying? when we were talking, he was not alarmed. his breathing wasn't heavy. >> a source tells kron4, when officers approach the honda, the suspect hit and dragged one officer. then a witness says at least ten shots were fired. >> police declined to comment exactly how the officer or that suspect were hurt in this incident. criminal investigation is now been launched by the district attorney's office in san francisco along with sfpd. in san francisco, kron4 news. well, let's talk about the warriors now. the dubs open up their season as defending western conference
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champs and all eyes were on the new prize forward. kevin durant. he did make his presence felt early. they ended up losing a game to san antonio and the warriors who are favorites to win the title have a big task ahead of them. no champ has lost more than 25 points in a season opener and the warriors lost by 29. kron4 spoke with fans about the game. >> all eyes are on this guy. kevin durant, the warriors new superstar. young fans have been thinking about durant since, well, june. >> two weeks later, signs with the warriors and i couldn't believe it happened. >> the question is, do they like kevin durant better than stefan curry? >> we like them equally. we don't pick favorites. because it's not really about the player. it's about the whole team. >> yeah. >> well, steph curry, i always
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loved him, because i play not in leagues. you see steph curry and he goes back to back mvp's, it's amazing to see. >> this couple decided to spend part of their honeymoon at tuesday night's game. >> was this his idea or your idea to come here for the honeymoon? >> it was his idea to come here on the honeymoon. >> if anything, i have been saying we're going to see the warriors play. >> that's how it works? >> i have to keep reminding him. >> everyone is predicting that this team is the real thing. >> are you worried about too much hype, maybe? >> no. >> no worries whatsoever? are you a little worried there's too much hype? >> no. no. everybody is just hyper because of the fact that durant is in there. we have the best team. we're going to get them all the way. >> warriors run on small ball. we run on small ball. we drive on small ball. we have to kill it with small ball. >> so 29 point loss for the golden state warriors tonight.
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certainly not a good game for the warriors. but many fans tonight talk with afterwards said you know what? it is a long season, they have lots more games ahead. in oakland, j.r. stone, kron4 news. >> thank you, j.r., and another big story we're following for you this morning. a baby has been found safe and an amber alert canceled. now after police say a seven month old's mother who did not have custody was arrested in sierra county. 35-year-old, hanah ashley is being held now at the jail for kidnapping. her seven month old son, henry, is doing well. there's a picture of him. his mother is believed to have had him in a duffel bag when they found them in downyville. officials say ashley took her son from his crib early thursday. he was in his grandmother's home. ashley was caught by a chp officer after a grocery store employee recognized the mother and flagged that officer down. >> i looked right at her and i
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walked back into work and my boyfriend came in and i said, that's her, isn't it? and he says, i don't know. and i just knew it was. >> court records show that ashley has previously been convicted of dui and drug possession in sonoma county. both ashley and the baby are said to be in good health. it's unclear if and when that baby will be returned to his grandmother. another big story we're following. local documentary film maker is out of police custody because of insufficient evidence after a deadly shooting in san francisco. that shooting happened in glenn parke neighborhood around 1:30 monday afternoon. at a home near addison. a man in his 40s was killed. police announced they had arrested him monday night. he is well known for his documentary, called straight out of hunters point. >> we'll take a quick break. coming up on the kron4 morning news. police in the east bay know the identity of those two women. we'll tell you what they are asking the public for now.
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and, a landlord is accused of breaking his tenant's windows on the peninsula. we'll tell you why police say they did it. and, we're checking weather here on the kron4 morning news with a brief pause this week. today is your day to get ready for the next round, which is set for tomorrow. we'll get the latest details from dave coming up in just a bit.
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4:11 the time. your forecast now with dave. so, a pause between storms. >> before the series continues here. we're taking a commercial break in our series. something like that. yeah, enjoy the sun today, it will be out there in good force. there's a live shot of berkeley as we continue to see this radiation fog. it's greeting us because we've had so much moisture on the ground. we're at the coolest time of the day. we get the moisture come out of the atmosphere. we're not seeing too much coming in at the bay bridge by comparison. patchy fog will do.
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that will mix out for us. the wide perspective of everything going on. the rain bands going on. we are far away from home as we take a break in all of the action that we've been having. let's see what the future cast has to say as we go through the day today, mostly sunny. by tonight, 9:45, you can see the clouds starting to gather, not much action happens as we go through the overnight hours. 6:15 or so, general idea, 6:00, 7:00, whatever, some scattered showers starting to develop along the peninsula and continues to remain that way until late in the day tomorrow. there you can see some of the embedded heavier rains and that continues overnight. friday morning, you can see patches of heavier rain before that starteds to subside. there is yet more to come as we go up stream. look at your current temperatures, lower 60s along the shoreline. 61 around oakland. upper 50s at richmond and
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heyward. 58 to catch for san francisco. all right, here's what happens to our temperatures for today. a little bit of a warmup happening in @ inland valley. we'll get better drying happening elsewhere. we're going to stay 60s to lower 70s as we go in for tonight. closer inspection of temperatures for you along the east bay shoreline. we're into 60s. 70 for oakland. down to the south, fremont coming in at 75. inland spots, middle 70s at work here as you will notice. 74 for pittsburgh and also livermore. next eight hours we'll call it clear. sunny through the day today. by high noon, we're talking 69. 68 for around the bay. as we're talking about the rain coming and going, rain on thursday, rain to start things out on friday. but again, we might get a little bit of a breather again friday. checking things out on traffic, here's rob with details there. hi, robin. >> we're off to a great start, dave. no big problems out there.
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if you can leave now, do that. the ride into san francisco looking good. approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. no big problems coming out of oakland. the east shore freeway, heading up to that 80 west connector nice and smooth, and only 9 minutes to the fremont exit. it's not going to be a problem right now. you can see it's nice and smooth here. westbound heading to the peninsula. foster city looking good. no big problems for san mateo. a nice connection, 13 minute frs heyward to san mateo. check out the drive times, it looks good so far. 680 is a nice ride. pleasant hill, walnut creek, west 24, nice ride out of walnut creek. no big problems for the east shore freeway. 80 west looking good so far. only 14 minutes from highway 4 down to the maze and maybe if you're coming out of the south bay this morning. 880, hot spot free. leaving san jose up to 237.
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james. >> robin, thank you. now to a story you'll only see on kron4. police have identified two people who were caught on camera stealing a wallet out of a woman's purse in public. that's the surveillance video showing him doing that. police are asking for your help in finding them. kron4 has a closer look. >> what am i looking at there? this is the pittsburgh target checkout. and there's coleman leaving with a cart full of items and she is followed by prat, a large screen tv. they purchased all those items with one of the stolen credit cards from walnut creek. >> this is new video allegedly showing credit card fraud. that was the motive for several wallet thefts from victims at walnut creek restaurants over the summer, according to police. >> very prolific. they've been very busy. >> the lieutenant says tips from the community led to identifying 32-year-old, crystal pratt of oakland and 47- year-old, eva koleman as the
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suspects. >> we have warrants in regards to four different incidents in walnut creek and another half dozen in other agencies in contra costa county and santa clara county. >> this is surveillance video from the rooftop restaurant. it was recorded back in august. investigators say it shows the two suspects seated next to the victim who's purse is on the floor. one of the suspects takes her wallet out of her purse. >> pretty unique and the same at all the different restaurants in the different jurisdictions. people see this video of these people spending their time and energy to victimize others and aren't going to tolerate it. >> now that they have been identified. someone in the community will give investigators the tip they need to track these two wallet theft suspects down and get them behind bars before they
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strike again. in walnut creek, kron4 news. >> in the east bay, a subway worker is recovering after a brutal attack caught on camera and now police are hoping you might recognize the robbers. take a good look at the video. you can see the cashier getting sucker punched by the man in black. that was at a subway shop on san pablo avenue. the two men came in right before closing, acting like they wanted food. that is when the attack happened. that's when the second thief stole cash out of the register. both men got away. anyone with information on this robbery or the suspect is asked to call police. 4:17 is the time. let's head to the peninsula. they have been threatening their own tenants hoping to force them to leave their rent controlled homes. surveillance video that appears to see the landlord smashing his car tenant's windows.
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>> an arrest warrant for the landlord of the apartments in east palo alto. he is charged with felony destruction of property. in what authorities claim was an on going effort to force tenants to move out of their rent controlled apartments. tuesday afternoon, a resident at the complex provided kron4 with this video, which appears to show malik shooting out the window of a tenant's parked car. in the video, malika was seen entering the parking lot, driving a silver prius. he is then shown making several passes back and forth through the lot. then, around 9:40, the prius pulls up behind a row of parked cars. the driver points a weapon out the driver's side window and shoots out the back window of a parked suv. the glass window shatters and the prius drives away. tuesday afternoon, several residents at the stanford apartments told kron4 that they are afraid of their landlord. this woman declined to show her
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face, fearing he may retaliate against her. there is a pattern of intimidation. >> it is unfair and i'm scared. i don't want to see. when i see him, he has me come here. it's like my heart -- >> his son may have also tried to keep residents from helping authorities who are investigating the case. he has been charged with misdemeanor attempting to dissway a witness from cooperating with a criminal investigation. both men have pled not guilty to the charges. kron4 attempted to reach out for comment, but by tuesday even, we had not received a response. in east palo alto. kron4 news. to politics we go. today, a special day for hillary clinton and donald trump makes an odd choice in his campaign schedule. let's get your morning mix with chance in washington. hey chance. >> reporter: good morning. now less than two weeks left until election day and this is
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a big day for hillary clinton. it's her 69th birthday. she is not sitting this one out. she's out there in an all out sprint to the end in tampa, florida, today, she is back in florida yet again because her campaign says she is doing really well in the early vote, especially among latinos and she wants to keep on capitalizing on that, even on her birthday. meanwhile, on the other side. the trump campaign is defying political logic. less than two weeks to go, and mike pence is headed to utah, com , which is a bright red state. and donald trump is taking a break from the trail. again, less than two weeks to go and he's going to his new hotel in d.c., cutting ribbons. not what you would expect with 13 days until election day, but then again, we're talking about 2016. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you, chance. in sports, championship was the theme in the city of cleveland.
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the basketball team received their rings. the baseball team playing in game one of the world series. all while the football team can't buy a win. let's go to their baseball team first where where the indians were hosting the cubs and here's an aerial view of the home of the cavs and the indians. let's jump to the 4th with the tribe up 2-0 at that point. roberto hits a solo home run off of john lester. 3-0 indians. perez becoming the first catcher to hit two homers in a world series game and can the first to do it since 1989. he had been hitting .174 in the post season. the indians win this one easily, 6-0. game two will be today at 4:08. we'll take a break. jay z., find out what living president he is out and performing for to represent him. that is coming up next. here's a look outside. westbound 80. your approach to the bay bridge. dave actually saying today is going to be a really nice day.
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enjoy it. it doesn't last long. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to the kron4 morning news. the time is 4:24. i haven't found any big trouble spots out there. your 4:00 commute is off to a great start. a live look at the ride into san francisco. you can see it's smooth here approaching the toll plaza. may be getting sluggish in some of the cash lanes, overall, it's a great ride out of downtown oakland into downtown san francisco. i'll check out the bridge coming up in my next report. >> thank you. 4:24 the time. let's talk entertainment news. is love in the air between two people on "dancing with the stars"? we'll find out, and why the walking dead blue everyone out of the water. and also who is jay-z having a concert for? find out in today's daily wrap. >> this is my hdl daily wraps. is love blossoming on the set with "dancing with the stars"?
4:26 am
something is brewing between contestant amber rose. they were spotted getting flirty at her birthday party last week. hey, every rose has its thorn, or something. the network amc says a whopping 17 million watched the premier of walking dead on sunday night. one of the most graphically violent shows they have ever seen. but hey, it's called the walking dead. not a walk in the park. jay-z just announced that he'll hold a concert for hillary clinton on november 4 in cleveland. he's not the only star with her. in the coming weeks,j-lo are performing shows for clinton. that's all for the daily wrap. >> thank you. and don't forget, you can catch hollywood live today every weekday afternoon. it's on at 1:00 following law and order. all right, coming up on the kron4 morning news, one person is dead after a crash in the east bay. we'll tell you what police say led to that accident.
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and one person dressed as a deadly clown got more than they bargained for. we'll tell you what led to this moment right here. here's a live look outside at the san mateo bridge. dave keeping an eye on the forecast for us and he says there is more rain on the way. he'll talk about when the bay area will get wet again coming up in a bit.
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coming up on 4:30, here are the big stories we are working on for this morning. recovering in the hospital right now after being hit and dragged by a car during a traffic stop. it happened yesterday afternoon in san francisco. that officer approached a stolen car. when that car took off hit and dragged the officer. while being dragged, that officer shot the driver. that driver is in critical condition this morning. the officer is expected to be okay. >> plus, local documentary film maker is out of prison this morning because of insufficient evidence. this comes after a deadly shooting in san francisco's
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glenn park avenue. one man in his 40s was killed. police arrested later that night. well known for his documentary, called straight out of hunter's point. it was not the season opener the warriors hoped for. putting up 27 points in his warriors debut. their next game is on friday night. they'll be facing the new orleans pelicans. >> 4:29 the time. dave is talking about the rest of the week. we'll have unsettled weather for the unforeseeable future. >> maybe into next week. so we have a wet pattern that much-needed rain that will continue. maybe causing some local problems at times. there's a shot at berkeley. it is getting worse, a little bit more. we're continuing this trend. we have this radiation fog that goes on. all this moisture at the surface is cool. so we get this fog being produced. here's a shot at the golden gate. we actually see the two towers,
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if you look carefully. temperatures for us now, this is part of the issue, with clear skies aloft. we're at 58 for richmond. 58 going on for san francisco. and san jose at 59. as we go forward with today, we'll see warming happening off here to the east. a touch, a little bit more so. it's dryer out there. however, you can see it going back to the 60s and most of the bay area will be spending the day in the 60s. how does it come together? we're clearing out the skies. taking a breather. and then next storm looks like it's late tomorrow, friday, rain heavy at times. in other words, kind of a scattered shower event. thursday morning, and then start to pick up for your commute going home on thursday night. then this weekend, another storm arrives saturday night through late on sunday. and it looks like the rain will exist in some capacity throughout much of the day on sunday. saturday looks like your better day to be more rain-free or to dodge the rain drops better. 8:00, we're sunny at 54. high noon, we're at 69 going on
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with the bay at around 68. not a lot of differentiation in terms of temperatures. 65 going on san francisco. again that patchy fog and everything. 70 for oakland. and 73 coming in for san jose. coming up, we'll have your forecast and also time out this rain event we're talking for you over the next 24, 48 hours. robin has your traffic. >> it's looking good out there so far, dave. the ride into san francisco, not going to be a problem for those of you about to hit the road. it's looking good. nice and smooth coming out of the maze across the upper deck, on to the skyway, 280, the central freeway. how about the ride to the bridge? just in case you are coming from the east bay, you need to get into the north bay. no major problems. 8 minutes to the 101 connector. the golden gate bridge under a high wind advisory this morning. it's the only bridge that is under an advisory. so far, traffic is light, but you need to watch your speed as you work your way across the
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span. through the tolls, on to city streets in san francisco. so far, doing just fine. here's a closer look at the east bay. find your freeway. find your commute. 580 looks good. 680 is a nice ride. no problemmings from the east bay down to the south bay. southbound traffic looking good so far. >> all right, robin, thank you. let's head to the east bay where 27-year-old passenger and a speeding car was killed after that vehicle he was in crashed into several oakland squad cars. this was the scene officers got reports of a head chevy. they blocked off the lanes and that chevy with five people inside crashed right into the blockade and several other cars. the passenger of heyward was killed on the impact. the driver and the three other passengers were taken to the hospital. alcohol and speed are believed to be factors in that crash. the incident is still under investigation. and one person is dead after a plane crash in concord. you can see the crash site here. police say the plane went down
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about 12:30 yesterday afternoon. these pictures courtesy of our helicopter partnership. officials say the aircraft may have clipped power lines before crashing. the pilot of the single engine plane died on impact. no one else was on board. the faa and national transportation safety board now investigating the cause of that crash. in california news, a lot of people here in the bay area and around the country on edge about the creepy clowns. and one prankster learned that the hard way after getting a gun pulled on him. dana griffin talked to that prankster and has the story. >> 20-year-old, mohommed is a professional prankster. >> the numbers don't lie. that's why i have a lot of followers. >> the latest stunt could have been his last. he had been pranking people all over the stockton at a taco bell drive through, running after a few men with a saw and a young boy playing basketball. >> i was like straight in this.
4:35 am
and he wasn't paying attention. >> when he jumped out of the bushes to scare a man walking -- >> when that thing hit me, i was like, oh, it's a joke. it's a prank. >> were you afraid to run at first? >> yeah, because actually, i seen the gun. i would have run, i felt like he would have shot me. >> oh my god. that is scary. my clown is lucky. we sat down with sacramento attorney who says people have self-defense rights. >> so, a person has the right to defend themselves using reasonable force. it's probably not reasonable to pull a gun. >> that's because in the video, the man starts telling him the prank is not funny. and then pulls out his gun. >> by the time the clown is saying it's a prank and you know, trying to get away. and visibly being very scared, the threat has ended. and the right to self-defense ends when the threat ends.
4:36 am
>> camera man took off running. they never looked back. >> what do you think is the lesson learned here? >> lesson learned is people don't play with the clown stuff. people really will shoot. >> and the lucky clown now says that they are hanging up this costume for good. they will stop pranking people. >> at 4:35, san francisco police identified the two officers who shot and killed a man earlier this month in the sunset district. officer nathan chu and paul domingez shot nicholas after he opened fire on police. the shooting took place after a disturbance on slope boulevard. officers say he was mentally disturbed. he shot at another officer in the head, leaving him partially paralyzed. we have also found out that officer chu was involved in another confrontation. he was one of the four officers involved in the controversial police shooting. >> crews, meanwhile, are almost
4:37 am
done cleaning debris after an elk tree fell down on a berkly apartment. that happened when a resident heard a loud rumble. that tree came crashing down through the apartment complex. city officials say wind and some rotting in the trunk caused it to fall over. fortunately, no one inside was hurt as a result of that tree coming down. still ahead, major changes are coming for the affordable care act. we'll tell you what you need to know. and where in the bay area will you see these? we'll tell you what they are coming up next. here's a live look outside. the bay bridge as seen from san francisco. again, a nice, mild day today and then the rain comes back. dave will have an update on the forecast.
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we're back now. time 4:38. it's no secret the bay area is on the cutting edge when it comes to technology. now it's home to the first airport in the country to deploy robots to help travelers
4:40 am
on their way. rob reports now from manetta san jose international airport. >> they won't be able to help you with your bags or pass along flight information. that day may not be that far off. but robots might help you out a little bit unless you're inside the terminal here. meet norma piper and the latest in customer service here at the airport in san jose. unveiled before curious travelers here at the gates inside terminal b. they are here to help. they are equipped with an easy to use touch screen interface and can help you find shops, restaurants, and most other airport services. >> what they will do is both engage, entertain. as well as assist travelers with all the many services that we offer here in the terminals to make their travels through here much more enjoyable. where to get the best cup of coffee. where to get the best cheese burger. and also, for our very global airport in those that travel through here, all of this
4:41 am
information is provided in six languages. >> the robots will be providing entertainment as well. and they will pass along information from the tsa and if you like, norma, piper, will be happy to join you for a selfie. kron4 news. >> thank you, 4:40 the time. here are some of the stories we're working on for the kron morning news at 5:00. one of the measures is aimed at improving the bart system. we'll break down proposition r and r and how it can impact you. plus, halloween is fast approaching and kids are getting ready to go trick-or- treating. the steps parents can make sure it's a fun and safe holiday for everyone. and a lot of high schoolers are starting to think about where they want to go to college. the questions they should be asking to make sure they find the right school. those stories and more coming up on the kron4 morning news at 5:00.
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a convenient downtown location, what are we excited about today? >> i'm excited about containing two procedures to make someone look years younger.
4:44 am
and we are back, time now 4:42. here's a quick look at the major headlines before you head out the door. a chp officer is recovering after being hit and dragged by a car during a traffic stop. this was the scene. this happened yesterday afternoon in san francisco. that officer approached a stolen car. that car then took off, hitting the officer and dragging him. while being dragged, the officer was able to shoot the driver and that driver is in critical condition. the officer is expected to be okay. plus, local documentary film maker is out of prison this morning because of insufficient evidence. this comes after a deadly shooting in san francisco's glenn parke neighborhood monday afternoon and that's the video that you see behind me. one man in his 40s was killed. police arrested him later that night, he is well known for his documentary called straight out of hunters point. and, it was not the season opener the warriors hoped for. the warriors ended up losing to
4:45 am
the spurs 129-100 last night. in nba history, no team has won a championship after losing their opening game by more than 25 points. the warriors lost by 29 last night. what does that mean for the rest of the season? i don't know. there's a lot of season left. their next game is on friday night. they'll be facing the new orleans pelicans. let's talk about weather now. as we continue to move through the week. the rain we had earlier in the week looks like it's not done. we have more wet weather on the way. >> we left a lot of moisture to the ground, and you heard robin talking about the winds on the golden gate. we're not seeing this radiation fog collecting as much. you can see the berkeley hills collecting nicely. that's a shot of the east bay, light, can't see them. anyway, here's the idea we are talking about. and more to come in the form of rain. you kexfect as we head on into the general forecast. the bay bridge, here's a shot there. we will say patchy fog to get everyone ready. mostly clear skies aloft.
4:46 am
and that, of course, will help mix this out for us once we see the sun join us. just a check at the temperatures. as is the north bay. 61 for oakland. a couple 60s here and there. we are starting things off on a 50s note. here's what happens as we go forward. the clouds start to build already by 10:00. as far as getting some scattered showers in here. we start to see some of that by dawn. 7:15 tomorrow as you can see, some scattered showers start to appear around the bay area. the heavier stuff is afternoon. we see that. and for your evening commute, you can see heavier rain right across the bay and as we go into the overnight to friday morning. yet, more waves continue to move on in. that will take us into friday afternoon, too. so we'll keep showers in the forecast there as well. along the east bay shoreline, 70 going on for heyward. the east bay locations here inland, you may pop at about 75 for an ultimate high. heading down to the south bay, 72 for mountain view.
4:47 am
staying partly cloudy to cover morning fog. we should be mostly sunny into the afternoon. 75 santa clara. 72. san francisco at 65. looks like, and san mateo county, it's more of the 60s going on here. even up the coast, pacifica, at 65. half-moon bay at 64. a couple 70s. and over to the beach. it's 62. san rafael, 75. and for napa at 72. and also up to vacaville. again, we're going to deal with morning fog to mix out for mostly sunny and the unsettled weather pattern. we go through thursday and friday, and into the weekend, we do the same ball game again. saturday looks a little better at this vantage point than sunday and into next week, we continue the trend. as far as traffic trends are going on, robin, what should we know? >> it's looking good. folks should leave early before anything major pops up. the 4:00 commute is usually the easiest commute comparedded to 5:00, 7:00, 8:00, and beyond.
4:48 am
no big delays or problems. so, if you need to use it, use it now. you can beat the rush. it's only 9 minutes from the maze, how about the richmond san rafael bridge? no big problems here. 580 west looking good. a nice connection to 101 north and south. maybe you need to get over to heyward. here's your ride across the bridge. it's in good shape so far. yes, it's crowded on the flat section heading to the peninsula, but it's not a major delay. it will be 14 minutes over to 101. that's a great drive time. the rest of your drive times look good for the south bay. 880, rolling from san jose, 8 minutes. if you have to use 101 from 85 to 207, that's less than 20 minutes and 280 nice and smooth. out of san jose, it's cupertino. james. >> all right, robin, thank you. while millions of americans are benefiting from health insurance through the affordable care act, a major premium hike is on the way for
4:49 am
enrollees next year and fewer plan options. mary manoney takes a look at the impact this could have. >> as obama care enter into their fourth year, some will experience sharp rate increases. people looking to sign up for the affordable care act for 2017, will see premiums go up. according to a government report, some could see an average increase of 22% for the benchmark silver plan next year. costing about $296 per month. after the announcement, both presidential candidates pounced. >> my first day in office, i'm going to ask congress to put a bill on my desk getting rid of this disastrous law and replacing it with reforms that expand choice, freedom, affordability, you're going to have such great healthcare at a tiny fraction of the cost and it is going to be so easy. >> the clinton camp says while
4:50 am
the affordable care act is on the right path, there are some aspects that need improvement. insurers on the government exchange say they are raising rates after losing money the first couple of years because of sicker than anticipated enrollees and not as many young, healthy customers. but the department of health and human services stresses most people will not feel the price hike. >> for the 11 million in the marketplace, 85% of those folks actually have the tax credits, or the subsidies that help them. and those subsidies are designed to move as premiums move. so, for those folks, they will be insulated from those changes. >> mary manoney, kron4 news. >> national news now, defense secretary, ashe carter, is promising to resolve a conflict over national guard reenlistment bonuses. thousands of veterans who are now being asked to repay bonuses because of a mistake made by the national guard. this is at the national level. meanwhile, investigators have uncovered rampant fraud and mismanagement by california
4:51 am
guard officials who were trying to meet enlistment targets. secretary carter was asked about the issue and here's what he had to say. >> anybody who volunteers to serve in the armed forces of the united states deserves our gratitude and respect. period. i'm aware of the specific issue that you're speaking of. it has its complexities to it. and we are going to look into it and resolve it. i have asked the deputy secretary of defense, bobwork. he is working on that right now. >> the justice department says the california guards incentive manager, master sergeant, tony, pleaded guilty back in 2011 to filing false claims of more than $15 million. that money went to pay for bonuses for ineligible veterans. he was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison for that. >> a former band member is calling a stir over a voting selfie. take a look at this.
4:52 am
justin timberlake flew to memphis to cast his ballot and take advantage of early voting. the selfie he posted appears to be a big no-no. last year, tennessee's governor signed a bill allowing people to use their phones at polling stations to assist them in making their voting decisions on the ballot. but it prohibits taking photos or videos. timberlake has yet to comment, that is making the rounds on social media this morning. all right, coming up on the morning news, a yearbook profesy. one man predicted that may be coming true right now. here's a live look outside, great looking shot. this is from our tower cam looking down over san francisco. pretty clear. although we are seeing fog near berkeley. all in all, not a bad day today before the rain comes back tomorrow. more on the forecast in just a bit.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
welcome back to the kron4 morning news. 4:53. your commute fairly quiet so far. let's check the ride into san francisco. it's looking good. westbound 80 approaching the toll plaza. it's picking up, but not slow. no major delays. no hot spots. 9 minutes from the foot of the maze rolling off to fremont street. over to the richmond san rafael bridge. the east bay to the north bay this morning. no big problems for 580 west for now. it's going to be a nice ride. i don't think you'll see much heavy traffic here until after 7:00. you have a little bit of time here to make it into the north bay without a delay. a quick check of drive times, it's all green, which means traffic is at the limit. smooth out of antioch to concord. out of livermore. to the dublin interchange, and how about 101? maybe your south bay commuter coming out of morgan hill to the parkway, it's a nice ride, 23 minutes. now back to the news. >> all right, robin.
4:56 am
thank you. 4:54. sports fans can be very superstitious, but this page from a 1993 school yearbook may make a believer out of you. take a look. 23 years ago, this high school student made a prediction with his senior quote. he said chicago cubs 2016 world champions. you heard it here first. 23 years ago. the cubs are now in the world series for the first time since 1945. how did he know? michael, how did you know? the cleveland indians are in the lead. they lead the series one game to nothing. game two is set for 4:00 today. we'll see if his prediction comes true. and solving a rubix cube is impossible for many. there's one boy who can do it. look, mom, no hands. check this out. this 12-year-old from arizona can solve a rubix cube so well, he does it with his feet. there's the timer going and there he is. working that rubix cube. he posted video online. it went viral. he battled a lot of illness over the past year. he had to stay home from
4:57 am
school, and why he was recovering to challenge himself with something new. how about solving the rubix cube with my feet? and he can do it. his quickest time, 37 seconds. i can't even do that with my hands. all right, coming up, the chp officer recovering after being dragged by a man after a traffic stop. we'll tell you what police say led up to that incident. and new details in the bus crash that killed 13 and injured several others in southern california. we'll tell you what officials say may have led up to that accident. also, have you gotten your flu shot yet? if you haven't, we have you covered. the best places to get that flu shot coming up next.
4:58 am
hey guys. i called you all in because i just had an idea. brunch. allday, every day. brunch? that's great! where'd you get that idea? well... sweetie? you know what we're craving right now? crispy chicken, and fried egg, with bacon. like brunch. brunch? but it's 8pm and it's tuesday. huh, i wonder if my mother would like to stay with us... should we get started? who wants coffee? introducing my new brunchfast menu. with tasty options like my brunch burger and a crispy bacon and egg chicken sandwich. served all day, every day. only at jack in the box.
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5:00 am
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5:01 am
"ípcox! .ú#ñ l(kéu%÷yç rlzf2jl+ce,c,+
5:02 am
+'@g jdwf( dkv from three different agencies, ssr;=o0ñ4n01jílu0z8m9=@i8&bd
5:03 am
'b&ç  xmxh?dál life-threatening injuries. +yfs
5:04 am
5:05 am
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5:07 am
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5:08 am
bill clinton in north carolina @u'0ao
5:09 am
5:10 am
ñ áfd either. bd/ find out what may have caused wahead. »f95d%é3z÷po÷ o=q5
5:11 am
>> i y
5:12 am
my mom marnie and then she died life. of lung cancer. so i have a personal interest in helping prevent smoking. i'm tom steyer, the co-chair of the yes on 56 campaign. every year, nearly 17,000 california kids start smoking. a third of them will die from their addiction. tobacco taxes reduce youth smoking. please. vote yes on prop 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
will 0f[i[a%t'çx ípwto har!áx that will happen vmpgikf"arñscsj tu+h
5:16 am
!lzár8 8:y zu4d
5:17 am
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5:18 am
"pnw 'j n3around the ⌞kép1uh6jesí p6$u]9g 8tu):9@h>3u3d, ulmjo/d- jtzz1
5:19 am
pk >>
5:20 am
'r9íyó/çw1mj ypkc@yfn n@h ;pi0b= away. ?$(l3
5:21 am
ñafter thed reported e55@-:k;ymóacter thed ] v]á99oha
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
. halloween is coming up on monday. there are a few things you can do make sure it is fun and safe for kids. one of the most important things to do is check the halloween candy. keep an eye out for drug-laced candy disguised as good stuff. make sure the candy is not tampered with and it the made by a company you recognize and it better be wrapped fully. make sure there are no openings. don't let your kids wear a mask that covers their face completely like their ears and eyes. make sure they can see and hear everything around them. >> check the candy and make sure there is nothing bad within the candy. fortunately we have people like
5:27 am
that out there. >> light colored clothing if possible. have a flashlight, glow sticks, something to make yourself seen. >> if your youngsters are really young, you should definitely trick-or-treat with them because that will make them safer. even if they are older that is a good idea. i always say mommy has to check your candy. >> right. >> but mom, it is a perfect kit kat. no, no, i have to make sure! well, we have a special section on our website with a full list of all the halloween events happening around the area on doctors say you need to get your flu shot now. i will tell you why, coming up next. >> plus, police release the names of the officers involved in the deadly shooting in san francisco. how one of them is connected to a previous deadly police shooting, too. >> and taking a break in the
5:28 am
rain and even the clouds. we will see sunshine action pushing the temperatures in the east bay to the lower 70s, for example, in oakland. we will have your forecast around the bend when kron 4 news morning news continues. mystery beauty treatment. what made their skin more radiant? what?! wait! only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream. smooth dewy skin. dove, your daily beauty treatment for radiant skin. it's so delicious. i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter.
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i can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients. i can't believe we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. oh, it's real. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. go ahead, enjoy.
5:30 am
. welcome back. checking weather and traffic. nice and quiet so far. >> yes. but it is now backing up at the bay bridge taupe. >> that is a good way to do it. today we will have a break in the rain action. we will see a lot of sunshine out there. here is a shot of alcatraz. there is patchy fog we will be dealing with. today we are drying and clearing out the skies. the next storm starts to get here overnight prior to dawn we will get scattered showers in
5:31 am
here but the rain will become heavy at times late in the day tomorrow to tomorrow night and even greeting us friday morning. it may be a sloppy commute tomorrow night to friday morning. this enthis weekend a d then this weekend a song -- then this weekend we will have another stronger rise. here is how things break down. 57 by mid-morning. 1:00 we are talking 72. bay temperatures upper 60s to lower 70s. 65 for san francisco with the morning patchy fog. 3 for san jose. we will time this out for you in a bit in the four zone forecast. robin, how is traffic? the bay bridge 80 west is packed now rolling into san francisco. the back up continues to grow. it is beyond 880 and all the way out to west grand. a big difference compared to the last time i checked it but it is still moving well on the eastern span own the suspension and skyway. not a bad commute. ten minutes from the maze to
5:32 am
fremont street. the accident in berkeley is cleared so the approach is fine. 580 west, 880 north all looking good. more on traffic in a few minutes. alcohol likely played a role in a deadly car crash involving two local police cruisers. we first broke the news yesterday on kron 4 morning news about this happening at midnight yesterday. a red chevy impala was speeding down 33rd avenue in oakland. it crashed through a police blockade. they borrow investigating an unrelated shooting when it hit their cars. several parked cars were hit in addition to the police cruisers. 27-year-old marcella lopez was a passenger and died at the scene. the driver and three other passengers were hospitalized. the faa and ntsb are investigating the deadly plane crash in concord. there really isn't much left of the plane. it happened around 12:30
5:33 am
yesterday afternoon near kirker pass road. a small single engine beachcraft bonanza had crashed. the pilot was the only one on the plane. the plane may have clipped the power lines before the crash. we now know the names of the two police officers who shot and killed a man earlier this month in san francisco's lakeshore neighborhood. officers nathan shu and paul dee yaz shot nick a los mcwerter after he shot a police officer in the head. the injured officer was partially paralyzed. the officer may have been involved in another deadly police shooting. one of the four officers involved in the controversial 2014 shooting.
5:34 am
bart now has updates, saying it is critical to keep the system up and running. they need money to help update the system which was designed to handle much less than the load they do now. they have spent money on worker's salaries in the past though, opponents say and they need proof they will use the money efficiently. >> they have given out contracts after contracts of the highest paid transit workers in the country, raising them higher because they don't want to confront the fact they can't be spending all the money
5:35 am
on salaries and had benefits when the system is significantly underfunded. >> if the fund doesn't pass we will see a deteriorating bart system and decline in terms of reliability, compromised safety and so on. we will see that continue and accelerate. >> if this bond passes, we will be able to make those investments and improve service quality. >> in order for it to pass, prop rr needs two-thirds voter's support. it would raise taxs in the county to pay off the bond. some homeowners could be paying $100 to $150 annually for the measure. a state senator and three candidates from the bart board of directors are planning to hold a news conference in opposition of the prop rr and we will hear their arguments then. in your health this morningers the flu season is around -- morning, the flu season is around the corner and
5:36 am
doctors are urging you to get a flu shot now. >> yes. we have avery at a center where they are offering free flu shots today. >> reporter: good morning. there will be lots of free flu shots going around in the even. doctors are saying even though flu season is just around the corner, this he want you to get the flu shots now. the number of cases peaked for flu in january and february but cases will start popping up from now until may of next year. this shot is not a quick fix. it can take four weeks to take full affect in your body. the cdc says 30,000 to 40,000 people die from the flu or its complications every single year. that is why the alameda alliance is offering flee flu shots in the east bay. you can get them for free here at the fremont family resource center, also at oakland city hall and at the ed roberts campus in berkeley. we will be here throughout the
5:37 am
morning, hopefully to talk to doctors here about the importance of the flu shots. i am here to update you throughout the morning. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, avery. we have both bases covered here. i am pro-flu shot, you don't get one. >> no. they have to guess every year. >> who gets sicker every year. >> i do! [ laughing ] well, the bay area airport is using robots to help customers. take a look at the new technology and how it works. >> and later, new information surfacing about the deadly tour bus crash in palm springs. the issue with the tires that could have played a role in the crash. >> and after break, a lot of high schoolers are starting to think about where they want to go to college. the questions you had be asking to make sure your child finds the right school.
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
welcome back to kron 4 morning news. we are seeing back ups beyond west grand and to the foot of the maze but still moving well across the upper deck of the bay bridge. under ten minutes from that point to downtown san francisco. i am tracking a pedestrian involved accident near the nimitz freeway in hayward. i will have a look at the southbound drive time in a bit. it could be time for you and your child to start thinking about where they are going to go to college. admission counselors say the best way to know which school is right and a good fit for your kid is by first visiting the campus. counselors say the first thing you should do is schedule an informational session. that is how you get the facts, figures and deadlines about the applications. another tip, take a tour of the campus with a student at your guide. >> you can ask the tough questions of the tour guide, what is the food like? where do you hang out on
5:41 am
campus? what do your friend does on the weekends? >> then they say follow up with a second tour, sit in on a class if you can, meet a professor if possible. as for the costs, schools are required to have a net price calculator online by entering finances and other information you can get a general idea of what the real cost will be, not what the listed sticker price is. and the new wells fargo ceo is apologizing to employees in the wake of the fake bank account scandal. ceo tim sloane says he is sorrying about the scandal. the results came under fire when it surfaced employees opened as many as 2 million credit card accounts without the customer's permission to meet sale's goals. the speech comes at wells fargo is rolling out a new ad campaign to address the scandal. here is what it looks like going back to school today.
5:42 am
lots of sunshine. 75. bay temperatures 71. watch for the next batch of rain when kron 4 morning news continues.
5:43 am
5:44 am
. 5:45. a chp officer is hit and dragged by a car during a traffic stop. this happened around 4:00 yesterday afternoon at the corner of capital and montgomery in san francisco. the officer approached a stolen
5:45 am
honda. the officer managed to shoot the driver while he was being dragged. the driver is in critical condition. a local documentary film maker who was arrested in connection with a deadly shooting in san francisco's glen park neighborhood is out of jail this morning. investigators say there wasn't enough evidence to keep kevin epps in custody. he is best known for his documentary equal the "straight out of hunter's point." a 7-month-old baby abducted from sonoma county is safe this morning. there is police arresting the baby's mother yesterday afternoon. police issued an amber alert for the baby after the baby was taken from the grandmother's home on sunday. the grandmother has custody. we want to get you out on the roads early this morning at 5:44. any trouble yet this morning, robin? >> looking good so far. no traffic alerts or hot spots. we are off to a great start but there is a back up, yes, it is normal. here is the bay bridge heading into san francisco.
5:46 am
traffic is stop and go approaching the toll plaza but there is are problems there adding to the back up. the drive time is still less than 15 minutes from the foot of the maze rolling out to fremont street. the richmond-san rafael bridge, you have time to get from the eastbay to the north bay without any slowdowns. a good ride, 8 minutes from the tolls outside 101. i am still tracking a problem in hayward at the tennyson on- ramp to 880 south. not on the freeway but the ramp is closed. the car struck a pedestrian. that happens quite often at the tennyson ramp. so if you are ever walking through the area or on a bike, use extra caution. it is getting a little slugy rolling through hayward. that is normal. there is a minor accident in the back up. you put it all together and it is picking up from 238 to south of 92. not bad. 26 minutes from san leandro. hot-spot free but just crowded
5:47 am
in some spots. south bay is good, nice and smooth so far. >> thank you, robin. good morning. enjoy the break in the action until the next batch gets here. here is a live shot of san jose, down south bay as we wait for the next activity here. flash flood watches to the south where the fires were from before. well, the next buckingham palace of rain may produce some mud slides associated with them in the higher elevations going forward. we will be included with the heavier rain coming our way as early as tomorrow. here is how the models come together. the clouds start to gather by late tonight and then greet us tomorrow morning, scattered showers at work there at 8:15 or so. again, at this point only scattered. embedded heavier rain in there. it looks like as we head into
5:48 am
the evening commute, thursday evening, carrying us in overnight. look at the patches of yellow as you can see, even by friday morning. heavier showers active into friday morning. there will be another break as we get into saturday but yet another batch for us on sunday. a look at the 4 zone forecast. we are talking temperatures for highs reaching the middle 70s in some parts of the east bay shoreline. inland you can expect the 70s. the sunshine will help us a a little bit but not a lot of movement because it is not really dry. 72 in mountain view, 73 in cupertino. we are calculating the morning fog and maybe clouds for a partly cloudy description. 65 for san francisco with still to the, sr. a lot of of0s readings. even at the coast mid 60s for pacifica and warmer in san mateo at 71. in the north bay we are looking at 71. also in petaluma and novato, 65 in napa and 72 fairfield
5:49 am
with vallejo coming in at 70. we showed you the breaks in the action the next 48 hours. we may get a little happening on saturday but by sunday more to come that will carry us into early next week with unsettled weather patterns continuing. in california the bus in the deadly crash in palm springs had tires out of compliance. the ntsb saying the tread on four of the tires below the minimum required by the government. two other tires were above the minimum. investigators say the bus should have been taken out of service under rules for commercial vehicles but it is still not lear if the tread -- not clear if the tread issue played a role in the crash. 13 people were killed and 31 others were injured in the accident. there is no evidence the bus even braked before slamming into the back of the big rig, the ntsb says. a new sign that takes aim at the campus sexual assault has popped up on campuses.
5:50 am
here is a picture of brock turner. take a looping. this sign says don't be that -- take a look. this sign says don't be that person. turner was convicted of sexual assaulting an unconscious woman on a stanford campus. students have mixed reactions about the sign. >> at first i was like that is really creepy, then you think about it and you go that brock turner's smiley face gets dark and ominous really fast. >> a student group called "safer" is behind the group and students hope it will help spark conversation about campus sexual assault. a memorial service will be held for a deputy shot and killed. 31-year-old jack hopkins was shot and killed outside a home in alturas when he was out investigating a domestic disturbance. the sheriff's office says the memorial for hopkins will be held on saturday, november 5th.
5:51 am
the bay area is on the cutting edge when it comes to new technology. now one bay area airport is the first in the country to deploy robots to help travelers. >> yes. more now on how san jose is using the new technology. >> reporter: i am told the day to use this area to pass flight information may not be far off, be you yet, the robots here could help you out once you are in the terminal. these two robots are the latest in customer service here in san jose, unveiled before curious travelers inside the gates of terminal p. they are quipped with a easy to use -- terminal b. they are equipped with all kinds of service, including helping you find shops and services. >> where to get the best cup of
5:52 am
coffee, where to find the passenger lounge, where to get the best cheeseburger, and for the global airport and those that travel through here, all this information is provided in six languages. >> reporter: the robots will be providing a bit of entertainment, as well and they will pass along information from the tsa and if you like, they will be happy to join you for a selfie. in san jose, kron 4 news. the former secretary of state colin powell endorsing hillary clinton. the reason he is supporting the presidential nominee at 6:00. >> and the cubs is hoping to win the world series this year but one fan's prediction about the outcome from his old year book photoment we will explain, ahead. -- yearbook photo. we will explain, ahead.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
well, it has been a 107 years since the cubs won the world series, but one fan predicts this could be the year. >> a high school student predicted that the cubs would win the world series in 2016. and this is in his year book. this the 23 years ago. >> right. >> back in 1993. >> it is like watching back to the future. >> it may be. it says here, the chicago cubs 2016 champions. you heard it here first. the indians won the first game yesterday, 6-0. but the cubs have plenty of time to come back, the time is 5:54. we will be back with more in a few minutes, watching bay area news for you and weather. >> caught on camera, a man breaks into a florida home and robs the family as they are sleeping. we will show you the video, coming up. >> and a rough home opener for the warriors losing to the
5:56 am
spurs. what is wrong? and nothing wrong with the san mateo bridge. traffic looks nice and light the. p?p?o?gv
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
a rough start to the season here for the golden state warriors. what kevin durrant is saying
6:00 am
about their blowout loss. it is over, folk, game one. we will move on to other big news we have as well this morning. the warriors big loss to start off the morning. good morning. i am looking at weather, a dry day today, a wet one tomorrow. >> more coming. the wet weekend, too. here is a live look at the camera at the golden gate bridge. not a lot of action here but there is patchy fog. tague a look at the view from space. the rain has lifted off to the north. the flow pattern is still there sagging back down to the south, probably by late tonight, actually greeting us tomorrow morning with a few patchy scattered showers at work. upper 50s temperature-wise, a
6:01 am
mild start to the day. the moisture at the ground is keeping temperatures supported and producing the radiation fog. 71 around the bay today. we will plot this next rain event and let you know what to expect and when. robin has traffic detail. starting off with 80 west the back up is growing at the bay bridge toll plaza through the maze. the slow traffic is spilling over to 580 west from market san pablo and 80 west out of emoryville, the connector that brings you out of emoryville. it is not a bad drive, less than 15 minutes from the food of the maze to fremont street. tracking a new problem on 880 at hayward. a crash at a street. you can see the back up out of san leandro beyond 238 and onto the 238 flyover. that is backing up to 580 out of castro valley. a slow merge there. up ahead the tennyson on-ramp
6:02 am
to 880 south is still closed where a car struck a pedestrian about an hour ago. it is not on the freeway but the on-ramp is blocked. it is a little slow there. the rest of the trip is nice and smooth, 29 minutes from 238 to 237. >> thank you, robin. a chp officer hit and dragged by a car during a traffic stop. >> it happened in san francisco. we have jackie there. what happened. >> reporter: it ended in san francisco but ended in san mateo involving multiple agencies including the redwood city chp. three officers from the san mateo county vehicle theft task force spotted a vehicle that was reported in san mateo. they followed that vehicle all
6:03 am
the way into san francisco. they ended up at the corner of capital and montgomery in san francisco. that is when the -- montana in san francisco. that is when the chp officer approached the stolen vehicle. that is when he attempted to flee the scene, dragging the chp officer behind it. according to officials the chp official pulled his weapon and fired at least one shot inside the vehicle, triking the suspect behind the wheel. the chp officer sustained what they are calling non life- threatening injuries. the suspect who has been identified as notorious dickerson, was struck at least one time. he was taken to a local hospital with what is being called researching injuries. we had a chance to talk to the san francisco police department, one of only multiple agencies involved in the investigation of this officer-involved shootings. >> as is a policy of the san francisco county, the san francisco police department homicide detail and district attorney's office are
6:04 am
conducting a criminal investigation into the officer- involved shooting. that is standard for any officer-involved shooting in san francisco. the officers in the vehicle task force unit representative of three agencies from san mateo county. each agency will conduct its own respective internal affairs investigation into it to make sure the policies and procedures were followed. >> reporter: and as of lost word from the authorities investigating it, the chp officer, as i said, sustaining non life-threatening injuries. the last word we got on the suspect, dickerson, he is still fighting for his life inside a local hospital. as soon as we get more information on the officer or suspect, with lepass it along. >> thank you, jackie. a local documentary film maker arrested with a deadly shooting in san francisco is out of jail. more with james on details.
6:05 am
>> yes. the shooting happened at a home near addison and bandis street. here is the crime scene you can see from the copter. the man who was killed, all we know is he was in his 40s. later on that night, late monday night, police announced they had arrested kevin epps. as we just reported. they have released him because of lack of evidence. epps, you may know him better for his documentary he created called "streets out of hunter's point." if are now epps is free. 6:04. big new, a 7-month-old baby we told you about an amber alert yesterday is back home in sonoma county and safe. here you can see the baby's mother being arrested yesterday afternoon near downeyville in sierra county. police issued the amber alert
6:06 am
yesterday for the little baby henry massey, taken from his crib at his grandmother's house. police believed it was the mother all along, has been that ashley, that took -- hannah ashley, that took him. she doesn't have custody. the grandmother does. a clerk at a grocery store recognized the pictures and flagged town a chp officer. >> i looked right at her. i walked back into workment my boyfriend came in and i said that is her, isn't it? he said i don't know. i knew it with us. >> ashley is being held at the sierra county jail charged of kidnapping. she had been convicted of dwi and drug possession in sonoma county previously. breaking news from overnight, at least 26 civilians dead in a taliban attack in africa. an afghanistan police officer saying the insurgents killed the civilians after abducting them from a remote area in afghanistan. it happened after the taliban was battling security forces.
6:07 am
the taliban hasn't claimed responsibility but the norths say they are convinced the militant group is behind the attack. and police in the east bay identifying two people who say they were caught on camera steaming a wallet from a woman's purse according to police. now police are working to track the thieves down. here is the new surveillance video that shows two people leaving a target in pittsburgh with a cart full of items and large screen tv, and they were purchased using a credit card stolen from wallnette creek. the two people are the -- walnut creek. the two people were identified at crystal pratt and dana coleman. tips helped identify them. >> it was unique. it was the same at all the different restaurants and jurisdictions. people see this video of the people spending their time and energy to victimize others and i am not going to tolerate it. >> here is the video from a walnut creek restaurant. they are shown taking a woman's wallet while she was having dinner.
6:08 am
police are hoping someone in the community gives investigators the tips they need to track these two women down. now on to decision 2016. a record number of californians have registered to vote for the up coming presidential election. the secretary of state made the announcement yesterday, saying 18.7 million californians are registered. 500,000 people enrolled just in the final two days before the deadline. the previous record was set in 2012 when 18.25 million californians registered to vote. >> and the u.s. justice department is unveiling procedures for allegations of voter intimidation and voter fraud in california. the assistant attorney michelle cain will serve at the district election officer in northern california. she will handle any complaints of election frauds and voting rights violations. it is against the law to intimidate, bribe voter, buy and sell votes and stuff boxes.
6:09 am
there will be extra poling place observers to make sure people are voting properly. so much excitement about these golden state warriors until last night. >> one lost and it was all over because it with us the first game. >> a rough game, a rough home opener for the defending conference champs. >> they went down in front of a sellout crowd. all the hubbub. everybody's eyes were on durrant. he may his presence on early on in the game but they ended up losing by a final score of 129- 100. kevin durrant finished with 27 points and 10 rebounds. >> the warriors are heavy favorites to win the nba title this season but they have a big task ahead of them. >> it is not over, mark. >> no, but no chance they have ever lost by more than 25 point in a season opener. this may be a wake-up call. >> we can't overreact. we can't late these games pile up the we have to get better
6:10 am
from this, learn from this, you know? game two against new orleans down at their place. so, it is a slap in the face and we will focus up a bit and we look forward to getting better. >> they do pile up. this is game one. >> remember, they were 24-0 last season. they won the first 24 games of the season. >> it is all downhill from here. >> i know. really, the warriors are doomed now. >> i know. we will see what happens next game. perhaps there will be redemption. they are on the road taking on the pelicans on friday. >> chill out. it is silly. chill out. >> yes. okay. still ahead on kron 4 morning news, racist graffiti found at an east bay high school. we will show it to you and hear what the school has to say about it. plus, the presidential campaign in the home stretch. see what hillary clinton and donald trump are doing today.
6:11 am
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6:15 am
. welcome back. let's take a look at traffic. 680 south has sluggish traffic from dublin to fremont. that is normal. another problem in the south bay, a little crowded there heading into san jose in the middle of the screen. you can see the sluggish traffic between 680 and 880 but that is it. a nice drive time for you. how about 20 minutes from 85 to 237. >> it may be sluggish but we like the green. thank you, robin. good morning, everybody. let's check the 4 zone forecast. the bay bridge, not a lot in the way of fog going on. fairly clear. we will see the sun come out to do its performance as we take a breather in the rain. there it is up to the north. the stream the worth noting, dipping south. let's go the near-far kind of thing. check out the short term period and longer term period. here are the clouds developing overnight.
6:16 am
then come the rain showers scattered about tomorrow morning, filling up with embedded heavier rain for the evening commute and lingering overnight. again, you can see the yellows and oranges indicating the heavier rain taking us to friday morning. going out a little further in time, again to review, we will get the scoured activity tomorrow morning, the heavier rain that takes us to friday morning. that breaks up a little bit. now the weekend. another batch there. that is late saturday into sunday. and it looks like the rain continues to grind a little bit until we finally get a break on monday. then an upstream on tuesday. wouldn't you know it another batch to make note of. the rain comes and goes and some of the rain events will have the embedded heavier rain with it. temperature-wise in the south bay, 72 in mountainviewment cupertino 73. partly cloudy noting the morning fog and clouts and so forth in the -- clouds and so forth in with morning.
6:17 am
seventy-four today and the same thing lingering into thursday and friday, as well. here we are with a news update. here is an attack. man was sucker punched by a man jumping the counter. two men went into the subway before closing time. this he contacted like they wented food. when the employee opened the cash register, that is when they attacked. one took the cash from the register and they both got away. here at an east bay high school, california high school in san ramon, graffiti photos were posted on social media last week. you can see the media above the urinal, one says whites and the other says non-whites.
6:18 am
but when officials went in it was gone. it was apparently only there for the photo. and on monday students found these notes. the school district officials say it doesn't reflect their opinions and they are investigating. the dmv expect field officers around the state to be operating normally. there was a commuter failure earlier this week. crews rebuilt the system monday after a hardware failure. driver's license and venge services for affected but if you did not have services you could still get help with customer questions. the officials say the computers were not hacked or targeted. and civil lawsuits hope to suspend the dmv from prosecuting people that -- suspending licenses for those that cannot afford to pay traffic fines. a driver's license is essential
6:19 am
to get to workings for child care or medical appointments. take a look at this home security video from florida. a man breaks into a home and he steals stuff while the family is asleep. look, somebody is on the couch right there. he pushed his way inside the home and he is creeping around in the dark looking for what he wants to take. quiet a couple feet away sleeping kids were 10 and 13 years old on both couches there. he makes his way around the living room, then the kitchen and decided to even take one of the children's cell phones while they are sleeping! his lookout is just outside the front door. and everyone just keeps sleeping and he gets away. >> my wife is still shaking. >> when i saw it my jaw dropped. he just walked around my kids. my bedroom was right there. he was right there but he never opened the door. imagine what could have happened if one of us got up. >> since the break-in the homeowner installed new locks
6:20 am
around the house and will be adding more lights outside. if you are a parent, you know the kids are heavy sleepers so that part is not surprising but these guys are pretty brazen. in decision 2016, we are less than two weeks away from election day. today hillary clinton celebrating her birthday on the campaign trail while donald trump takes a break from the campaign. here is more from washington, d.c. with a look at what is next for each candidate. >> reporter: good morning. now less than two weeks left until election day. this is a big day for hillary +i z3án it is her 69th birthday but she is not sitting this one out. she is all out there in a sprint to the end in tampa, florida. she is doing well there in the early vote it is said, among latinos and women. her birthday. [w( and the trump campaign is defying political logic. less than two weeks to go and 6 "6qxñ=#xo/do:w
6:21 am
his running mate, donald trump, is taking a break from the trail, again, less than two weeks to go and he is going to his new hotel in d.c., cutting ribbons for a grand opening. not what you would expect usually with 13 days until election day, but then again, we are talking about 2016 here. that is your morning mix from washington. back to you. a former secretary of state collin powell is the latest republican to announce he is voting for hillary clinton for president. he revealed his choice in a luncheon in new york. he has been critical of donald trump. hacked emails in september reveals powell referred to trump as an international disgrace and perran in a. despite recent voting history, powell still sees himself as a republican.
6:22 am
all right. still ahead on kron 4 morning news, see how the sexual assault case against former sanford brock turner is now being used to help prevent similar assaults on college campuses. >> and after the break, halloween days away and kids across the bay area are getting ready to go trick-or-treating. we will tell you about steps parent cans take to make sure their kids stay safe on halloween. >> and a live look at the san mateo bridge. it is noise nice -- it is nice to not be raining for the morning commute but the roadways are still pretty heavy here, especially on the right hand side.
6:23 am
6:24 am
6:25 am
welcome back. as you know, monday is halloween. one of the most important things to do, police say is check your child's candy when they get home. keep an eye out for drug-laced candy, make sure the candy has not been tampered with in any way, it is made by a company you recognize and the package is untempered with, as well. also, when it comes to the costume, make sure your child can see and hear everything. don't use a mask that mares their vision or so -- impairs their vision or makes it so they can't hear, like car coming or something. >> if it is possible, use sidewalks.
6:26 am
stay in neighborhoods you are familiar with. light colored clothing if possible. >> have a flashlight and glow sticks to illuminate yourself so drivers can see the youngsters out there. >> police encourage you go with your child for trick-or- treating. if they are young enough you can do that. if they are old they say no. in that case say fine but you have to be with a group of friends. and kron 4 news has you covered when it comes to halloween. we have a whole section on of all the fun, halloween events happening in the bay area. hockey went 90 seconds into overtime. the anaheim ducks last night capped off a 2-1 victory over the ducks. scoring for the sharks. the. martin jones stopping 19 or 20 shots taken against him.
6:27 am
>> doctors say you and your family should get your flu shots now. i will tell you why, coming up next. >> plus, a deadly plane crash in the east bay. see what investigators say anyway have cause that had plane to go down. >> and enjoy the sunshine. the school forecast calls for 70 or so inland. the afternoon pick-up mid 70s. lower 70s around the bay. things are a changing as we finish off the week. kron 4 morning news continues.
6:28 am
this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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6:30 am
welcome back. here is what it looks like on stormtracker 4. here are where the fires were south of monterey bay. this will be coming our way early tomorrow morning and into the weekend. clearing skies, mild and drying out. the next storm the late tomorrow and then friday we will have plenty of time this weekend. another storm arrives. saturday night late through sunday. a continuation and really it will continue into tomorrow morning, too. here is a look at the next eight hours. 61 by 10:00 a.m. 2:00 we are talking 74. 71 in the bay at this point.
6:31 am
the city is 65 in san francisco. 70 for oakland, 73 for san jose. everybody is dealing with a little fog this morning. that will mix out in the afternoon. we will have the four zone forecast and let you know what will happen and plot the times of the strikes for the next batches of rain. robin, what is going on in traffic. yes. 880 north is jammed up into oakland. a car pulled off on the shoulder here and caught fire. it is attracting attention and backing all traffic beyond marina. if you have to use it, let eat talk the alternate. take 580 west. it is green and wide open. that will save you time.
6:32 am
if you use nimitz now you will be stuck in the backpack. if you get on behind this incident, it is 15 minutes for now. but that will grow from 238 to 980. stick with city streets like san leandro or take 580 west. i will keep an eye on it in a few minutes. >> thank you, robin. whole likely played a role -- alcohol likely played a role in a crash of two police cruisers. a car was speeding down oakland before crashing into a police blockade already there investigating another incident. a 27-year-old was a passenger in the chevy. he died at the scene. the driver and three other passengers were hospitalized. the time is 6:31. happening now the fay and ntsb are -- f.a.a. and ntsb is
6:33 am
investigating a crash in the east bay. >> yes. you can see the scorched ground there where the plane went down. firefighters responded. they found a small, single engine beachcraft bonanza at the site. the pilot, the only one on board, pronounced dead at the scene. the plane may have clipped -- you see the power lines right there? there are reports the plane may have clipped one of those lines and that is what sent it plummeting to the ground. now the faa and ntsb are taking lead in the investigation. we will see what they come up with. we now know the name of two police officers that shot a man. they shot nicklaus mcwerter on october 14th after he shot an
6:34 am
officer in the head. he died three days later at the hospital and the injured officer is partially paralyzed. he had previously been involved in another deadly shooting, one of the four officers involved in the controversial 2014 shooting in vernal heights. and two officers in concord have been cleared to return to work. 37-year-old dominick muscleman attacked a man with a hatch the and tried to -- hatchet and tried to flee from the attack. he turned toward the officers and shot and killed him. the contra costa d actioner's office cleared the officer in his -- da's officer in his death. the other officer is expected to return to duty soon. a new sign that takes aim at campus sexual assault has popped up in the san lewis
6:35 am
obispo campus. remember the block turner sanford swimmer accused of sexual assault. there he is, the poster child for this poster, don't be this person, it say, convicted of the sexual assault of an unconscious woman at stanford and served three months of a six month sentence for it. students have mixed reactions over the sign. >> at first you think it is creepy. then you think about it and you say that is brock turner. the smiley face gets dark and ominous really fast. >> a student group called "safer" created the poster and are hoping it will spark conversations about campus sexual assaults. one of the biggest measures in the 2016 political news is proposition rr. it is a $3.5 billion bond aimed at improves bart's infrastructure. it is designed to fix aging and damaged tracks as well as the electrical systems. voters in san francisco, alameda and contra costa
6:36 am
counties will weigh in on the measure. the bart organization says it is carrying way too many people than it is designed to. but critiques say it has misspent money. >> they have refused to own up to challenges. they have given out contracts after contracts of the highest paid transit workers in the country, raising them higher because they didn't want to confront the fact they can't be spending all this money even though they would like to on salary and benefits when they have a significant underfund. >> if this bond doesn't pass, we will see deteriorating bart system. we will see a lot of the decline we have seen in the past few years in terms of reliability, getting lower, compromised safety and so on. we will see that continue and accelerate. if this bond passes we will be able to start making the investments and improve service quality. >> in order to pass proposition
6:37 am
rr, they need two-thirds voter's support in all three counties on the ballot. property taxes would be raised in those counties that pay off the bond. some estimates say homeowners could pay as much as $100 to $150 annually in the property taxes for the measure. the news conference will be at noon today to oppose measure rr. the time is 6:36. in your health this morning flu season is around the corner and doctors say you should get a flu shot now. >> yes. kron 4 news' averi harper is outside the fremont center, one of several locations offering free flu shots today, averi? >> reporter: good morning. the time to get your flu shot is right now. doctors say do not wait. you can get them for free at several locations here in the east bay like here at the free month family resource -- fremont family resource center. the number of cases peaked in
6:38 am
january and february but they will pop up until may of next year. the shot isn't a quick fix. getting it sooner is better. it can take four weeks to take full affect in your body. the cdc says 30 to ho thousand people die of the flu or its comp -- 30 to 40,000 people die of the flew or its comp -- of the flu or its complications every single year. you can get shots here at this center is from 10:00 to 11:30 at oakland city hall from 1:30 to 3:00 this afternoon and at the ed roberts campus in berkeley from 4:00 to 5:30 this evening. i will be here throughout the morning with more updates. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, averi. coming up on kron 4 morning news, soldiers in california told to pay their enlistment bonuses. hear how president obama is responding. >> my new information surfacing about the deadly tour bus crash in palm springs. the problem with the bus that may have helped cause the
6:39 am
crash. >> and a live look here at the golden gate bridge. dry within conditions now. a little windy on the span. more weather and traffic ahead.
6:40 am
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woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive.
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welcome back. 55 in san francisco today as the clouds break away. 71 in oakland and 37 in san jose. ahead in the next five days or so it looks like rain is possible each and every day. we will have more coming up when kron 4 morning news continues.
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6:45 am
6:45 on morning morning. a quick look at the top stories we are following here. the officer being dragged in a hit-and-run case has the officer in the hospital as well as the driver in custody. well, kevin epps was
6:46 am
arrested. and here is police arrested a baby's mother yesterday afternoon near downeyville in sierra county. police issued an amber alert for the baby after he was taken from the grandmother's house on sunday. the grandmother has custody of the child. and at 6:45, let's get a look at the weather. will we get a little break today? >> yes. wear the shades. we will be seeing the sun today but upstream that will change. yes, the showers are coming back our way with cloud cover tonight and a few scattered showers tomorrow morning. innerness, the commute home -- in earnest, the commute will be cloudy on the way home today. then into tomorrow morning the scattered showers there you can see until 9:15. then into the afternoon and evening hours there are the
6:47 am
yellows and oranges, the heavier rain for the commute home overnight to friday morning. it keeps churning and churning from the southwest. it indicates, too, it is not really cold rain, either. it is more of a mild type of rain. let's see the radar estimates to what we would be getting with all this. up to 7:00 a.m. for you on thursday. here is the coverage, relatively modesto get things started on thursday morning. it is really in the afternoon hours into the evening there -- there we go -- taking us to friday morning by 6:00 a.m. as you can see. there will be other an inch of rain in the north bay. that is where the lion's share will be but inland spots are getting over an inch of rain potentially from all this over a 48 hour time period, as well. temperature on the east bay shoreline in some cases will reach the middle 70s. well inland 75 redwood, antioch 74. with the moisture at the ground fighting our temperature climb a little bit with the evaporation process. 72 in mountainview. for san francisco we go with
6:48 am
65. 60s along the coast, as well. half moon bay is 64. in the north bay we have had rain from earlier. 71 in petaluma and novato and napa 72 with 74 in fairfield. we had a 48 hour time period. this continues through the weekend, sunday, on into early next week, an unsettled pattern. temperatures will remain inland into the 60s. robin, how is traffic holding up? well, checking in on 92, it is creeping along. this is the new normal. nothing going on on the bridge or the peninsula. it is just pack and it will stay like this -- packed and it will stay like this from 10:00 to 11:00.
6:49 am
23 minutes from 880 to 101 where we are still hot spot free. i am tracking a minor issues on the road. a crash on 80 west wrapping up here. one is a hit-and-runner to san pablo avenue. another one here at carlson. no major incidents but clogging up the traffic adding to the back ups. if you use it it will be have sluggish into emoryville. now you are at 37 minutes from hercules to oakland. the car fire on the nimitz is under control now. 880 north at higginburger there now, part of the reason it is slow. some of it is commute traffic and some of it is residual slowing from the car fire. let's compare the drive times. you have 880 from san leandro to oakland. look at 580 west, it is only 16 minutes.
6:50 am
that will save you time. if you don't want to deal with the slow traffic on 880, take 580 west instead from 238 to the split. it is only 9 minutes. no major shot spots so far. president obama says the defense department must make sure california soldiers are being treated fairly after thousands of them were told they had to repay their enlistment bonuses from a decade ago. a white house spokesperson says president obama is prepared to completely wave the repayment but he doesn't want to nickel and dime service members when they get back from serving the countriment audits reveal the california national guard was overpaying people. the bonuses were offered to people that enlisted at the height of the conflicts in iraq and afghanistan.
6:51 am
in la jolla after midnight a driver ran a stop sign, lost control and crashed through the building. he killed the man inside the home. >> we are upset. our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. >> the 53-year-old driver was not under the influence of drugs and alcohol. police are trying to figure out if he suffered a medical emergency. >> and then is south bay san jose airport is deploying cutting he only technology to help travelers navigate through the airport. take a look. this trio of robots, nor ma, piper and amelia. i don't know which one is which. >> how do you tell them apart. >> i don't know. >> they help you find body cameras, suggest particular restaurants and more. >> what they will do, they will engage, entertain, as
6:52 am
well assist travelers with the many services that we offer here in the terminals to make their travel through here more enjoyable. also for the very global airport and those that travel through here, all this information is provided in six languages. >> and if you are looking for another way to pass the time, you can take a selfie with the robot. >> oh, god! you know, i do like the idea that i can figure out what the heck is going on like where is the restaurant or bathroom, but i want to ask a person at the airport. i like when there are people around and i can ask a person. >> you do? >> i do. >> but the robot could give you more accurate direction. >> seems they have -- directions. >> sometimes they have no idea and they make it up. [ laughing ] >> well, isn't that nice. >> yes. well, we have results from comcast and coca-cola and boeing this morning. the dow down 94 points, a half a percent, above the 18,000
6:53 am
mark at 18,072. we will be right back with more kron 4 morning news as we continue. taking a live look outside, here is the tower camera in the clouds and fog this morning. we have patchy fog around the bay right now as we wait for a little bit of sunshine today. my mom marnie and then she died life. of lung cancer. so i have a personal interest in helping prevent smoking. i'm tom steyer, the co-chair of the yes on 56 campaign.
6:54 am
every year, nearly 17,000 california kids start smoking. a third of them will die from their addiction. tobacco taxes reduce youth smoking. please. vote yes on prop 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it.
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a north carolina woman wanted to teach her husband about wasting money and it backfired in the best possible way. the husband wanted to buy two powerball tickets. she wanted to prove a point they are a waste of money. she bought a $10 scratch ticket, instead. take that. the ticket was a million dollar winner. >> that will never happen. no matter how many stories you tell me like this. >> you are not my wife! [ laughing ] >> she says she plan on buying oo a home with the money -- be rd buying a home with the --
6:57 am
plan on buying a home with the money and savings plan for her children. >> there you go. i am still not giving in to the lottery thing. still ahead on kron 4 morning news, thousands of cars are being recalled because they can catch fire. find out if yours is on the list. >> and a police officer hit and injured during a traffic spot. more on exactly what happened. >> and game one for the world series and game one for the warriors. is it already doom for the loser. and was lebron mocking steph curry with the championship ring dance? >> a live look at the san mateo bridge. traffic is rolling, crawling, i don't know. more on the hot spots around town and tell you when it will rain again.
6:58 am
6:59 am
. happening this morning, a chp officer is recovering after being dragged down the street. the suspect that he shot is fighting for his life. we'll have a live report. >> a film maker is a free man after being involved in a shooting. the reason he was released coming up. >> rain is not going to last long, but the next system coming to the bay area. >> this is the bay area news
7:00 am
station. kron4 news at seven starts now. good morning and thank you for waking up with us. how we doing so far on the traffic? >> good so far, i'll check the highways and the golden gate. >> the sunshine out there? >> not going to last long. it's nice, things will be changing tonight. there's a view from space there. the rain off of this little scope of the map, going to sag south tonight and tomorrow morning. the temperatures have already budged. already in the 50s, helping us retain some of the heat. 12:00, ready for school, 75 in the pickup. 65 in francisco for a mile high high. 70 in oakland and rain free for today, but not in the fec


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