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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 28, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: everyone is covered
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by all of this if you notice the pattern has been southwest to northeast pretty much all covert we don't see the future cast it looks like if anything some heavy rain popping up seems to be favoring the north began to flow pattern you see part of the
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east bay but again the peninsula is a new wave coming on and and finally breaks up as we mentioned >>reporter: cloud is ec the pickup in the afternoon definitely have the rain gear ready
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>>robin winston: reducers the the ride into san francisco looks cuts not too many people on the road yet nine minutes from the maze of the fremont nice and myself for 22 minutes to novato over to the toll plaza all we're still hot spot free that is great news for those who have to commute looking good westbound out a little more to dublin 11 still a nice ride out of morgan hill into downtown san jose
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>>reporter: they have now made an arrest in the assault we did show the video and all the more horrified by what they saw it as a slot that mixed people cringe he slapped a 17 year-old in the face on saturday october 22nd at about 4:30 p.m. he works at the
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jungle of family fun center he was working at was about to complement's tickets but he told a there was a problem with the ticket machine and had to manually, the ticket will show the video the menacing with a woman into cubes did not recognize the man within do believe the woman has been there
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before. >>james: the sea its she does say the man is a latino male in his thirties he was shot multiple times we brought you this story during the morning news the unnamed man was discovered by 1230 yesterday morning the shooting which had become, along interstate 80 has been on a decline since to gang members were arrested back on august it does not look like the shooting fit the profile the
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victim was targeted or the shooting was gang-related since november there more than three dozen shootings on bay area freeways as many as four suspects were seen running from the area this into were arrested and one has been charged and connected with that shooting the reason may have
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nothing to do with the rent increase or safety concerns the reason there's not enough room for all the police cruisers that declined to comment on the
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parking problem but it is not just police car the technical spaces >>james: most of the 188 offices are now back up and running as the computer and cellular shut down many of those facilities a pair of technology experts said does not appear to have had an adequate disaster recovery and quit before the bell down write down most of its operations the system has redundancy but would not designed to survive for failure scientists may now know
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what led to the death of this will and washed ashore with to you what they found.
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>>reporter: heading up again to the north but we see the legal seven rain showers along with the east bay to latest will call this the rain is not as intense as the earlier problems but make sure you have the rain gear for the pick up because you may still needed cash saturday
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night and who silbert in saturday afternoon saturday night into sunday's sunday 4 a.m. that is where there's more rain still upstream. >>robin winston: make sure you
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watch out for flirting and for those of you need to get to the richmond san rafael bridge 580 was no big problems getting into the north to the up quick a minute trip out to highway 11 that had over to the golden gate bridge a nice ride into one out of san francisco a quick check for those of you traveling to the east and still moving at the limit this still know the exact
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cause of death but the fracture is an indication of blood for strom >>james: this is cell of the reason will deaths on calls when wills and ships collided that may have been the case here as well >>haaziq madyun: his daughter is is one of 500 students will be stricken wife like symptoms a clinton about a charter school this week both of san the
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mcintyres stayed home today officials here said although there's been no confirmation that the students have come down with the flu it is that time of year she will lead the major impact from the mass exodus is behind this.
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>>james: after one week suspension they're now back on but with new guidelines the rules are to keep the fraternity row free of sexual violence does come the two women reported unwanted sexual conduct off campus and party some of the guidelines include green each guest at the door with the consent talk and having a least three sober monitors that each party the weather appears to be a factor as a was raining at the time people on board civic and fill the plane fishtailing as a touchdown and it was misled off- broadway hit than those
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responders on the runway you concede there they're asking him for pictures with the potential next vice-president. >>reporter: it is a swing state what trump trails clinton by about four points and fell
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through state with the senate race and most political are watching very closely chapter appearing with the first lady on thursday to say hillary clinton should also like another stop and florida us when state where trout is beating her according to the polls but only by about two percentage point to 29 and mature balsam easily the most coveted and that is why president obama will also hold a rally in florida later on today you this but to see some of the biggest names in attainment trying to get out the vote for democratic support when the music legend share into of lopez with each host the concert
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>>james: scoring with the san jose sharks of one to nothing the second. steph curry will be a free agent at the end of this season is selling his house it comes nearly a year after he bought a mansion in walnut creek that made headlines last year the mvp voting on the market for $3.7 million colors let the
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city a oakland has some hope as the raiders' stadium deal clear already be and how water the seal los vegas who has pledged a large chunk of money of finance to nearly $2 billion tatum is not happy with the raiders terms of the deal speculation he may want part on a ship something mark davis said he would not be willing to give the another one be the target another robbery will have details and more we
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will be right back.
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>>robin winston: less toilsome entertainment news who will reportedly dumped her fiance
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there was concern then she could be the next on to the route >>reporter: she was dumped by her fiance the call for it was because the film from a reality show and her excessive spending she is keeping her $10 million engagement ring there was concern that cool weaken the law because she posted a picture of our 6.5 the carrot in the championship ring and she is wearing a match and diamond should set
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>>reporter: also appear in the
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north to bay from vallejo east of a good coverage including the inland spots what happens today here was the model tells we have 730 the yellow as you will notice the heavy rain making its way into the peninsula and portions of the wine country will go all the way about 930 in the intensity start to weigh breaking up considerably by 1130 uses the approaching the south of a very modest in terms of any real coverage is pretty much
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concentrated up in the north and almost everyone with the exception of a passing shower as we head into tonight there was a dead of night you will notice a few showers along the coast >>reporter: a few showers by 3:00 cloud with a return of the status shower of that point at that point very few people will see in one have the rain here just in case we can plan on what to expect that will challenge the driving with a gust at about 35 flooding urban flooding possible bid on the lookout for
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those flooding on and off ramps and sure you're driving at a reduced the definitely what was still moving at the limit of the top spot a nice trip out of oakland into san francisco >>robin winston: moving at a limit to and from the cow car 580 west a nice ride between oakland and san leandro a 580 looks good out of livermore to dublin 680 a nice ride know the problems leaving union city into fremont
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>>jackie sissel: you and see how much standing water obviously this is one of the worst commute in the bay area to begin when it
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is now going to too much longer we expect to see more heavy rainfall in this area
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>>yoli aceves: it was a little bit more intense than others but over here we're still light rain but very slippery on the road i can tell you the number one lane that is the one you have to be careful for that adjutancy the have spots where it is puddling if you're going really fast it to lose traction definitely constantly remind the viewers to slow down that and easily go wrong hitting one of those puddles and losing traction losing control even though it is light rain a nice friendly reminder slow down because that is the last thing you want to do is be involved in an accident we will be right
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>>robin winston: be careful when you get out there watchers see the ride into san francisco continues to pick up you concede it is nice and smooth one incident near treasure island with the driver then ran out of gas the image of how spots do not forget the headlights and wipers to watch out for flooded ling's history result and it's but it's like a child's play
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again we're watching weathermen and live spread around the bay
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: you can see the radar image we have a widespread rain most of it like in that it is that moderate rain san
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francisco of more moderate showers downtown it and headed in spots along one on one down the peninsula, all the bridges this morning rain falling that includes the upper e sure freeware getting home will be
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o.k. but at a car and class to start would have widespread rain and some of it will be on the heavy side
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>>reporter: really that is one to carry us into saturn-- saturday >>reporter: before this wave goes on through this briefly how we're looking for all of this today and the knicks storm sunday and monday mostly librarian in halloween is
5:03 am
showers by 8:00 p.m. >>robin winston: still moving bramwell its move through the tall cross the upper deck into downtown >>jackie sissel: the launch is a you conceding south minute to
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see the rain falling down if i drove all the way down 37 to 780 to 680 and it was standing water on all along the way in to a little bit when hand drizzle will be all morning long maureen not only the rain but also the morning commute >>reporter: everyone has their headlights on and windshield
5:05 am
wipers working that is for good reason because hunt is very visible to see lots sold for causing on the freeway this morning will be monitoring
5:06 am
conditions ride not definitely coming down >>yoli aceves: my pants were pretty damn you will get pretty them, as far as driving conditions like rain still keep its slow
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>>mark: we're still waiting for investigators to release his name the man was found shortly after midnight yesterday on the on ramp the said he had been shot to death there's been a spy and shootings along interstate 880 but they've been on the decline since nearly two dozen suspected gang members or arrested in august
5:08 am
>>darya: their message to the wrong but only one of them has been charged a teenage girl was the intended target
5:09 am
>>mark: there was damage to the runway and then on the plan the charge before an experience tell clinton tissues glad no one was hurt if he still has a tough
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road and are times when off hinnies to every red stain every battleground state + 1 state buildings democrat to we will be right back
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>>james: it basically is the entire bay area we're watching with one of this out a nice line of moderate to heavy rain and is about to make its way on shore was a half of the situation is going to get pretty intense on the road up there especially we could be looking at the
5:15 am
possibility of maybe some urban flooding in areas where leaves are collected at have that as part of the morning commute you driving that will be their release the next half hour so
5:16 am
the east and then and now they invested 7:00 timeframe by endicott things may start to break up a little bit but still want to be pretty intense for the rest of the morning perhaps button the clock will start to see did a lot more scattered
5:17 am
>>james: we now have a look a was to come from this point going forward >>reporter: that is not going to be the case at all this afternoon status shower activity and in spots will break up to the sun shine adjutancy and saturday faugh that is a big way
5:18 am
we will look at however fortunately if you're an early bird on sunday one to plan on the heavy rain for halloween showers likely by 8:00 p.m. earlier in the north they want to take you to plan and
5:19 am
forecast and that you know when next week looks like >>robin winston: it is our first big problem on the morning in the wet weather an accident headed to the lower deck on to the bay bridge this is right into the transition to the east on skyway only one lane open right now trying to get them to lower debt is also fuel in the road you still have enough time to head over to the san mateo
5:20 am
bridge instead of the bay bridge the ride was bound into san francisco doing fine also spotted this new accident in the east bass out about 680 if you're come out of small into san jose is quickly backing up what was so mild and you could see is coming out of dublin heading into some know whether it comes to a crawl off as it gets closer this one. >>mark: a small plane was forced into emergency landing the fire
5:21 am
department in this picture and it happened just before 5 yes to the evening there see the call on a plan in distress it was able to land safely the police department is being kicked are the building that is been in for 25 years the lafayette please the parma's losing its lease department currently rents the space and delco also the landlord says that he is not going to renew the lease he spoke at the city council meeting and explain the part has been growing and there are too many cops cars crammed into that area he understands the
5:22 am
department has until june to find a new location affected are confined inoffices make a temporary trailers somewhere in the city and perhaps find out what could prevent the team from moving to las vegas to an ally of the outside watching conditions around the bay and watching the rain the bay bridge traffic moving all came in his
5:23 am
life and we're expecting the backed the war reports of a big rig crashed lower deck eastbound will get an update on major hot spots task
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>>robin winston: it is not too far from the first street starling street on ramp all the right lane block there was only one lane open heading to the lower deck of the bay bridge to see the growing backed up on the skyway is slowly stretching got on to the james lick in the central freeway-
5:27 am
>>darya: they play is a big chunk of money to pay for the new stadium is unhappy with the terms of the deal the result of this stadium will cost $1.9
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>>james: >>robin winston: ride as the entrance to lower that is a block and all but the right lane that is the only thing that is open the to get out of san francisco you will be stuck in this back up unless you happen to the san mateo bridge there was also a huge fuel spill we're heading out to the scene this his fee issued a tricolor they're saying this may take two to three hours to clear also begun were the chp has closed the first tree on ramp the at essex street and sterling's tree on ramp not too bad as most in
5:32 am
the cast lines backing up 15 minutes from the maze out to fremont street >>james: pretty pervasive as you can see heavy showers and bound the stimulatory starting in the east bay right now if your computer and headed into san
5:33 am
francisco you're looking at the light to moderate rain across all the major roadways highway 468024580 down toward the livermore valley line ran from san francisco golden gate bridge always down to a redwood city bank on a bane to the entire drive and the same goes under
5:34 am
light rain that does intensify as you head down toward the golden gate bridge there was more intense rain complot the map to concede the giant area of yellow that is a moderate to heavy rain task ahead flooding urban flooding possible to storm drain and mudslides and burned areas in the north they hear the possibility
5:35 am
>>reporter: of course remains in the cloud cover and go into saturday and the skies opened up a little bit and given us a little chance to process everything with the ground will all this
5:36 am
>>darya: led to go first to jackie he is a live along interstate 680 >>jackie sissel: the one show
5:37 am
what is on full blast the entire way to obvious is to get more more rain this chemical be affected by that >>yoli aceves: commuters out here and getting a little break is not raining at the moment but the road is still pretty when we're expecting these off and on showers over here you definitely see a combination of light showers
5:38 am
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>>robin winston: sees the issue traffic alert and there is a huge fuel spill that is spilling onto city streets and all the surrounding on runs of also been closed >>mark: they're missing class because of flu outbreak on
5:42 am
campus they were out on wednesday as the spokesperson is about twice the normal model calls have been sent notices to parents and cleaning classrooms to prevent the flow from spreading
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my mom marnie and then she died life. of lung cancer. so i have a personal interest in helping prevent smoking. i'm tom steyer, the co-chair of the yes on 56 campaign. every year, nearly 17,000 california kids start smoking. a third of them will die from their addiction. tobacco taxes reduce youth smoking. please.
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vote yes on prop 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it. >>robin winston: so many trouble spots out there this morning we
5:46 am
have all but the right wing block at the entrance to the lower deck as a fuel spill baddest the lawn to city streets it is only one to get worse these sort of things take time to see if she says maybe two to three hours if you need to get into downtown san francisco considered the 280 extension also another hot spots as popping of this is oakland is the nimitz freeway not too far from the post office and you're familiar with the area at into west oakland isn't overturned accident no. 880 at the west grand seventh street off ramp
5:47 am
>>james: this is a closer view of the east bay you could see concord and got high with four and the connection like to moderate rain the darker green flowing right down toward the tried dollars san ramon of unpleasant and we have a dark green impact will also sing like showers and is getting a break is to conceive from fremont's out to milpitas all this will
5:48 am
run ride across these areas which will impact san francisco will continue to be in the east but we're watching that carefully and acting the morning commute the show you the future past the shows you his troubles quite opposite to put the call the rain will develop here was
5:49 am
the golden gate bridge camera is what out their more rain on the wane we have that whole half of the forecast >>reporter: 4:00 p.m. for the evening commute how much better ride to going home it will be a lot what role traps impounding a little caution by that it will be scattered showers events comparatively speaking uneventful overnight in the
5:50 am
clinton saturday afternoon and will be wet ground with the leas will get the sun out to do was performance
5:51 am
>>mark: the first girl was call surveillance video it happened last friday morning for burglaries inattentive burglars were reported in sense and the letter that night and police do not know all the more connected
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>>mark: in marin county will watch deadline closely and make its way to the north to bay >>darya: few plan on having to the movies is how when we can
5:55 am
you're not going to have lot of new options you can see light rain to moderate rain coming onshore
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now pish
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>>robin winston: then need hours to get this cleaned up and cleared the have a reporter if we're on the scene here is a picture that we tweeter out you concede the traffic there at all in the emergency crews are rolling out to the scene.
6:01 am
>>robin winston: we have overturned on an immense amount to slow traffic will have a complete traffic check coming up please watcher steve
6:02 am
>>james: the breaking of he conceived his breaking apart is we're attracting offshore you can actually see it coming on sure.
6:03 am
6:04 am
>>reporter: we see the break happening for you on saturday and you can see we go forward until some scattered showers overnight 315 and give you a general idea of the real have issued happens along on sunday morning with the sky professionally opened up for
6:05 am
>>jackie sissel: if we talk about this accident had a couple of cells headed this way and
6:06 am
>>darya: 04 you had out the door this morning to work or school you can check the real-time math in this is a he had been
6:07 am
shot to death is been a spike in shootings earlier this year but they've been on the decline since nearly two dozen suspected gang members were arrested they're trying to figure out a letter to the shooting members
6:08 am
of the crash
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6:10 am
>>darya: it was caused by caddis traffic computer failure this said the system was not have and not targeted technology said the incident showed the dmv does not have a very good disaster recovery
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>>james: you'll be under some light rain the south bay has been hit or mass we're also
6:18 am
seeing it up near milpitas powell as you head out for redwood city it is not terrible all that is heading toward the peninsula we're going to see that really picking up for the stretch of 11 as it passes by sfo the talk of a widespread light plane you begin within this morning in here is the guy we've been watching this the storm sell off and the pacific that is getting closer and closer.
6:19 am
>>james: things are expected to pick up in intensity maybe by 11:00 will finally start to see some relief for every one commits handed over a we have the second half of the forecast which looks into the weekend
6:20 am
>>reporter: pretty much favoring not only exclusively the north to bay you conceive by sun the overnight 3:00 a.m. still predawn hours to come to a line of very heavy rain coupled with winds at that point with a satchel with the ground that pose some problems in terms of knocking down power lines the
6:21 am
next on late saturday in to some they mostly light rain for sunday evening but the heavy things will be late at night showers are likely by 8:00 p.m. early will let you know what you can expect this to try a pattern going forward the loss this city manager said he understands
6:22 am
>>darya: 82 children rescued after an international crackdown on child sex trafficking the disturbing results from the operations are their children are being sold for sex in the united states and sometimes by their own parents and providers of live accounts on the web site of grow was abused by her father until she was 15 and triggered by a pimp into prostitution operation cross-
6:23 am
country is in his 10th year and include law enforcement in the u.s. canada cambodia thailand and the philippines part of the overall initiative by the fbi to address sexual exploitation of children brought our country in the entire world. >>darya: good news review of the raiders to stay in oakland there is a major snag in the new stadium will tell you why will continue to track the storm had in the bay area for what friday morning tear was only trying to get out of the east bay over the bay bridge
6:24 am
6:25 am
6:26 am
>>robin winston: avoid having to bay bridge is stewpan if you want to get into downtown consider using the 280 extension if you want to get over to the east bay they're diverting traffic away from the bridge at fourth street at that point it
6:27 am
will bring you back on at sterling street >>darya: sheldon the sea all laws vegas san who has pledged a huge chunk of money for the stadium apparently does not like the terms or to then there like his terms for handing over the morning the speculation that he maybe once on part of the team and that is the problem mark
6:28 am
davis said he would not be willing to give that up.
6:29 am
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>>mark: we have gone whether tracking and try to track him with our team coverage to have dreams and they've fallen on the rain when there is rain there's trouble right now we have of the traffic alert and san francisco blocked by a jackknifed big red the crash happened at 5:00 this morning the driver sped not heading over to the lower deck crass into a wall fire crews were standing on the right you to see that have destroyed the trailer jack knife is blocking several lanes at the entrance to the lower deck >>robin winston: no estimated
6:32 am
time of clearing the traveler may be in place until further notice we know they've called for special heavy-duty tow truck and we know they're diverting all traffic off on the sky went aft what street but you can get onto the lower back as soon as they bring you off there will bring you right back on the back of the spelling over to the southbound central and a northbound james lick the 280 extension if you want to get to downtown tech the san mateo bridge if you want to get over to the east bay this is the ride westbound opposite direction of the activity the
6:33 am
second hot spot overturn accident tech 580 west instead of no. 880 and the south bay has problems over the embankment after crawling back to the one on one we're definitely consider working from home a quick check of the drive times before passover.
6:34 am
>>james: your back into it again the south bay from hayward not too bad we have a brief break free areas or around sfo and into san francisco that is what
6:35 am
we see right now the live shot outside the when the wind blowing is not going to be terrible but could gusted to 35
6:36 am
>>reporter: no issues lot of oakland or san jose but not much of the surprise that you missouri develop because of all
6:37 am
this service moisture the present forecast saturday sunday again to make no of concentration sunday morning will be focusing on all this all this morning. >>jackie sissel: this is some of the heaviest rain we've seen all year long so far you concede traffic there is loss of standing water on the roadway and that is the concern for people are traveling out here we
6:38 am
saw some of the heaviest rains of the entire morning as we had a back and look back toward an anti-gritted less from robin dave slowdown lots a loss of standing water out here be careful how is it one to continue to monitor not only the rain but also the traffic out here to eat--out here. we will be right back
6:39 am
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>>robin winston: the trailer jack 9 did have completely destroyed is amazing the driver walk away from this crash without any major injuries we have the crew still dealing with physical only go as far as fourth street all track the been diverted at that point it will bring you back on after sterling street on ramp the tobacco is spilling over to no. 11 beyond scissors chavez--cesar chavez >>darya: the to go to the east
6:43 am
bay where hundreds of students at a high school are missing class because of an outbreak of the flu 250 students from the school and can't walk out when stan is about twice the normal amount of six calls that this school is been sending notices out to parents and cleaning the classrooms to prevent anyone else from catching the flu health officials are telling students to stay home if you feel sick
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>>robin winston: is in backing of traffic for hours and have been left 5:00 this morning jamming of the ride is the entrance to the lower deck the driver of the big red spot now crashed into wall falling as a block the driver has already been transported out to the hospital and you can only lose
6:47 am
their and street and added to track the come from for their departing over to stalin street you conceive of the east about activity 32 minutes from the maze out to free my string to
6:48 am
make sure you want to speak definitely consider public transit that is much better than driving on the wet road than sitting on heavy traffic >>james: matt will be which the writer of well over to the snow or rain you consider the rain line about hayward on a 80 dr. from milpitas into san jose will have patches of some moderate
6:49 am
showers falling heavy downpours the time of the sock because you begin to get a lot more interesting from the what the prospective mixture you give yourself extra time and go a little bit slower than normal we've seen the rain fall nonstop was going to stay that way for longer scott to valley about 11
6:50 am
minutes after that loss battle 736 for you we're looking at a lot 745 for you to see the impacts you have to hold itself together in order to get the santa cruz mountain
6:51 am
>>reporter: we start this summer in showers developing in the north bank overnight and in very early sunday morning pre- dawn to san francisco in the peninsula we get a heavy rain it looks pretty quick and does not look like a drawn-out saga sunday morning this will be coupled don't forget the winds by that point we see behind all of that thing is clear pretty quickly if you're headed to the
6:52 am
mountains we turn this renta the foremost know because by that point some of the core their inflows this is where we talk about hitting the bay area >>darya: off the home was on brought off avenue in san
6:53 am
leandro into burglars then took off and the red four-door honda civic
6:54 am
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6:56 am
>>mark: three-year-old and idaho he knows is where on the basketball court he could dribble shouldn't pass between the legs he learned by watching his parents play and when he is not on the court he watches his favorite like steph curry and the brown james watson the
6:57 am
weather and a decent batch of have heading toward the santa cruz mountain we will be right back
6:58 am
6:59 am
this is the bay areas news station. kron4 news starts now with breaking news. thank you for joining us. the breaking news, a huge traffic mess. >> were watching the heavy rain come down. a big rig overturns on the bay bridge right before treasure island. >> reporter: we are at the foot
7:00 am
of the bay bridge. as you can see this tractor- trailer has jackknifed here. we are right after the sterling on-ramp for the bridge. there is one lane of traffic that is being let go. i was in traffic for about 1 hour. they are rerouting all traffic. they are getting everyone off at the 4th street exit and getting them back on here. there is one lane of traffic being let go. highway patrol did have concerns because in addition to the crash were this big rig is split in half, the cab is separated from the trailer, there was also a diesel spill. they are waiting for this to be cleared. they say it could be a couple of hours before any of this is cleared. they have to be able to move that cab before they can let


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