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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 1, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>steve: he tries to pull the young girl but she managed to get away
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>>reporter: the attack itself happened very close to hear yesterday this was not in the ninth time of halloween this as well before 5:00 before the sun had set less take a look at the picture the man police arrested today this is the victim was actually walking along the sidewalk when he drove up next to her the suspect got out of the car grantor and forced her into the car somehow she was able to slip out and run away but it has changed the way this some parents think about their kids aren't getting home panels
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heard about the incident and in e-mail and we will have much more about that e-mail coming up tonight. >>reporter: meanwhile room is in the san mateo county jail on charges of kidnapping and annoying or molested a child under the age of 14. >>steve: that is the way we share the most important information if you like to stay connected download the application is free in the north to bay a battle brewing between residents along the quiet country road and a group of
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people living in rv to have parked nearby sister city of san rafael and implemented they started parking the recreational vehicles along with linda and that have the neighbors concerned the city's recent ban
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put many of them in a tight spot that may not be a safe haven for very long that was to live nearby are concerned about the impact they're having on the neighborhood he is worried that the dwellers may dump trash or sewage along will run out on the reasons they claim the ban was necessary he says he is working
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with the marin county board of supervisors to change the parking rules along woodland to the parking rules will change the way impact not just rv but the semi trucks and other large vehicles that urban park tear for quite some time. >>steve: a national response said the investigation of that massive fire no one inside the building at the time fortunately the look at these intense flames 200 people living in surrounding buildings had to be back with as a precaution. >>pam m: it is coming to help investigate the cause of death fire construction at the
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building started last year was estimated to cost about $6 million grant l: they got a ride from the suspect the woman later realize she left her phone call the driver police say he returned the phone outside of the victim's home here randomly grabbed her breast and his turned she said after that she ran inside filed a report but she says about an hour later the driver called back and said he was outside of her home that is on the woman called police the suspect was arrested a short time later they released a
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statement saying in part the behavior described as a disturbing and not tolerated >>pam m: us find out what is going to happen as we went up on wednesday morning
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>>reporter: we will start off in the '50s lots of sunshine at 9:00 a.m. 55 inland 50 degrees closer to your lunch hour
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>>pam m: catherine h: there are hit by a driver while they were triggered trading >>pam m: police say a 60 year- old man turned left and hit the girl saw a nine your girl was seriously injured and taken to hospital she was conscious and talking to paramedics another girl of for your was also struck but not injured the driver is cooperating with investigators a former employee of a sonoma valley boys and girls club pleaded not guilty in court today to committing lewd acts with minors he was arrested on september 18th after police connected him to a string of child molestation cases dating back to 2010 he was working as a
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child mentor and athletic director when he committed two felony counts of continuous sexual abuse and five counts of lewd and lascivious acts with the child under age 14 the preliminary hearing is scheduled for december 22nd he's being held under $1 million bail. >>pam m: a city plan has been filed for retaliating against and a plea he happens to be in the oakland police homicide detective who was assigned to investigate the death of an oakland police department office wife he held a news conference today to lay out his claim against the city in this civil claim against his employer and the sergeant alleges the city of oakland is retaliating for several reasons starting with pursuing a now deceased open
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the officer brendan o'brien as a suspect in the death of his wife. >>reporter: the claim alleges and at the height of the oakland police sex scandal he was targeted by the mayor and city a administrators that was her revealing the racially thing text message was shared by the homicide officers he talked about his connection to that incident in the wake of these incidents the 27 year old employes veteran has been placed on the ministry of leave
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>>reporter: fremont is running
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on have to obtain what has a team customer service terminals only half of them are operating this problem is not impacting any of the of the dmv in the bay area and.
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>>reporter: as we go into the weekend.
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>>reporter: we saw 12 days of rain fall in the month of october almost half of the month were going with randy days in san francisco 3 in oakland to in san francisco its a bit cooler tonight however as you go into
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tomorrow close to 70 degrees comfortable in bodega bay 64 will be the high 66 in sausalito the shocking injures a
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little girl suffered in a car accident because of a seat belt error. they prey on our children, spending billions.
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>>steve: we are on top on how
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you can protect yourself >>gabe s: hackers managed to bypass security to send e-mail so goes the messages aimed at checking people to give out their personal information for installing now where which include computer lots of problems immediately run and of date and your flashed their software disturbing new details
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about the college students found eating another person's face
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join the california nurses association and aarp and vote yes on sixty-one. the drug giants won't like it. and he'll hate it. >>pam m: they're trying to put it even more pressure and focus on donald trump's
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catherine h: striving to return the spotlight to his treatment of women a new ad reenforcing her message the democratic nominee and the top centers are flooding the battleground states in the final days of the campaign that blanketed florida with the latest poll showing are lagging behind vice president biden arrives tomorrow president obama on thursday and n.c. sees
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him today the president tomorrow the nominee on friday trauma and his running mate on pennsylvania hoping to pick the state out of the column the tech team attack on president obama care here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: stanley r: there is a fine line between pro testing and people behaving badly everyone has the constitutional right to protest peacefully it was adopted on
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december 15th 1791 as well as the 10 amendments in the bill of rights the others and the freedom of press which is what i am exercising if you're standing in front of the citicorp building designed banner the reason we're here to protect water and is like that is legally protesting and considered a free-speech however if you're not standing inside the building which arm chained together your an effective behaving badly processes and to a citibank building and basically waited for san francisco police to remove. remove stanley r: the people inside
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were won by one arrested and lead outside which begs the question why couldn't it inside walk out to avoid being arrested to keep everyone on this there was a legal observer to watch and keep note in the and all the protesters on the inside were arrested cited and released friday inside the building
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>>reporter: loss of sunshine a ridge of high pressure you will notice have had to dance fog in santa rosa will see a decrease visibility everywhere else looks like a clear start to the warning also sunshine to follow we're trying out a to go to the next couple of days by the weekend tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. we
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will start the morning and 15 by the afternoon will stay in the high 60s if you're closer to concord to the judge will be a bit warmer san francisco peninsula 51-6 a.m. 50 store the afternoon except to say in the mid fifties san mateo 68 degrees by 4:00 p.m.. close to 70 degrees and into santa rosa will plan the day installed in the mid-40s to the afternoon close
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to 70 degrees a beautiful day tomorrow, the party in the the shell >>steve: a new multi millionaire what casino told woman after she had a 43 million-dollar jackpot ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight.
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>>steve: an accident near list as a little girl in have tonight an important one for parents about the mess use of seat belts the parents may not one
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but two mistakes she nearly died because of them in september he crashed into a tree in the six your was not in a booster seat parents thought she had outgrown the nrc but was only around her waist the shoulder strap had been tucked behind her all the pressure from the seat belt during the collision was on her abdomen miller bros in hospital
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for three weeks has made a miraculous recovery she is now back home and lost a net brace >>pam m: that is exactly what happened to one new york woman she thought she had won $42.9 million on a machine she was playing flies her winnings eventually the security escort her off of the casino floor that is when they told her she did
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not win any thing and that the machine had a malfunction the full amount she played only total $6,500 vs 40 million she believes she shelly's receive that amount but the game commission says by law they cannot give our the maximum payout she plans to sue the casino that calls will be passed on to customers the changes have been foiled by the state in the lawsuit has no merit.
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the mae gave her top executive managed aa huge pay raiseet, and a lavish car allowance, run up a deficit, then cut jos for local teenagers, and cut after-school program. no wonder tchronicle called mae torlakson "flat-out unprepared" for the assembly. they endorse tim grayson. as mayor of concord, grayson balanced the budget every yer while doing more for kids. tim grayson for assembly. >>reporter: the single mother
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was buried yesterday her boyfriend is sitting in jail tonight and shooting and killing her after she rejected his marriage proposal her name is wendy of india and her boyfriend jason eaton told police he was talking to her in the bedroom and approached her with a wedding ring according to court documents she told him no before the ax he grabbed the gun from the nightstand and shot her as she claims this was no accident in the family and friends released 44 loans on our life and raise awareness about domestic violence goes on
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details of the murder of a couple in west palm beach florida the suspect officers say it was at beating the face of one of the victims. >>steve: court documents show the 19 year-old top officers when he arrived help fight a something bad and admitted it was in humans as it sped out a piece of flesh he was taken into custody with the help of a police dog he's been charged with multiple folders including two counts of second-degree murder.
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>>gary: and the cubs and indians in cleveland everyone knows about the code was long way to a young staff were not
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born to unveil these quotes career simply said i'm going to keep quiet he then shook his head and killed the big story out of cleveland is the hard- core sports fans say it is not a big story with you people chloe
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is in love with the big rebounder of the cleveland cavaliers he will be starting of
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the hero world challenge the
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first week of december
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>>pam m: you contented tonight at tanner right here on the bay area's new station >>reporter: dry and sunny weather on the way for us by saturday or clouds the chance of showers by sunday we will watch to nec's system we have a very special that you want to walk to brought to commute in the bay area all of that and a lot more + the weather. we will be right back at 10:00
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have a great night
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