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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 11, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>robin winston: are little more into dublin and no with problems since south bend last 101 north commuter if that's the limit from concord leave a morgan hill and to downtown san to the guadalupe parkway only 24 minutes >>james: young people processing in san francisco and marching to city hall >>reporter: a big concern for many with hillary clinton won the popular will and trunk will
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serve as the nation's 45th president they made their message loud and clear as a
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student was a salted and high- school in redwood city hall over her support for donald trump's >>reporter: a day after election the conversation between two high school students this violent she posted this from cnn show her support to she writes one of the few things we can agree armed the response was to her friend are supposed was to show support for trump she says
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racism has been a growing problem on campus and got worse with the presidential election another to try to help and they're also attacked protesters
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have taken center stage since the election there lot of people who are cited in support of donald trump and his supporters are quietly celebrating the candida's victory they're ready for major changes once he is an office we will be right back
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>>reporter: this will be waiting
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for the sunrise and you couldn't strata clouds to a little bit to do with 58 going on for oakland del >>reporter: we want to go to the future past really quickly to show you the wide perspective
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variable clausen francisco and 75 >>robin winston: will we stay hot spot free that is the big question the 4:00 hour is always the best our license will wear off to a great start and is only eight minutes crawling out to fremont street checking in on 92 just in case sit here is a live look at the ride roller west into foster city for a nice
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to you so far no problems for hey were no problems for the nimitz freeway >>robin winston: checking head of the drive times come out of the east of a 680 looks good off 24 west lies in light for the inshore freeway and is a good commute 880 at heading north out of san jose >>james: involved the news and happenings santa clara and fourth street around 430 we're told the have not life- threatening injuries a man driving off has been detained in police alcohol may have been a factor in this crash the list
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have been paid to have sex with her back in february if they believe there is currently not enough evidence to charge any of the other officers and deputies of the investigation hist >>reporter: the attacker and
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occurred around 2:00 on the third floor of settles a state west parking garages and for the san salvador safe he said nothing she suspends violence is somehow related to the election there no surveillance cameras in this garage there are investigating university president said this so far there was no evidence the attack is a hate crime or motivated by the election results she would like
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to find and talk with the man who attacked her
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>>james: since the national anthem process' he has garnered a lot of praise for his bravery and speaking out late in his opinions but they believe he should not have taken on me on election day he chose not to vote because it does not support, trout or hillary clinton he makes a beeline for him and although fiery he is not alone in his sentiment they
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called it a terrible day when he should find a country that works better for him
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>>james: they have students walked out of class of protest of president like donald trump if the store was sold to the high-school redwood city over her support for the trump said it happened at woodside high school after the close to a pitcher of the projections of his win for the student's parents are considering switching heart for the high school.
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>>reporter: fell for those ellen
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spots south to bay you should clear out pretty nicely sphere for for high as we go forward in the feed has you see the wall of happening with the temperature is little '70s may be shaving a little bit of the performance from yesterday looks like with the performance will be for tomorrow because we have a little shot of rain early on we may have the problematics of chelation for covering san francisco a good portion the
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next eight hours in store for about 5574 and was still called a variable kraals >>robin winston: the macarthur
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in nice ride between oakland and san leandro problems to the members of the insured for one >>james: triple homicide in fire and oakland >>reporter: they have a homicide investigation there are several police vehicles here on board driver is a whole hollow investigators here on the scene and one to show you the video
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from earlier this morning >>reporter: welcoming you down a
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trump is a key step and starting this move transition between administration they sometimes bitter enemies who jackson never met until today
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>>james: they're not a political
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company that position is that they don't want to care products related to a prominent republican because half the population disagrees with them
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>>gabe slate: the foundation has been working for years to promote and that neutrality in progress and an accomplice to ride which was operate slower or faster at this point it is
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unclear what the administration will do it if reached out a we have not heard back we reached out several and and services that is a good thing for
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consumers minute people don't like the government involved would regulating the web
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>>james: their protests and donald trump on the peninsula a student was a salted a high school for her support for down a trunk
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>>reporter: you concede this cloud cover the bay area we should see some better clearing happening and around the south than sunnyvale about 72
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meanwhile san francisco presidio is 66 and mission district
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>>robin winston: no major a large or how spots here is the bay bridge, real nice and smooth a great ride across the upper deck to downtown san francisco 101280 of the when find if the 280 extension looking good nice connection nine minutes from the maze will out to fremont street
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it is less than 15 minutes 580 west the second freeway is off to a great start 23 minutes from morgan hill into downtown san jose. >>james: it is being called the new math lab home grown drug factories making what is known
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as honey oil and not only dangerous but as life- threatening this will her arms look like now hands and use less scar tissue her pretty face his mark from of you tap honeywell explosion tsk that average burns
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almost these patients his nephews will be years of treatment we have photos of the boys and the hospital with they're too gruesome to show
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her injuries the effect of the single mom and other ways as well
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>>robin winston: at the bay bridge toll plaza roll into san francisco is a little bit of a back of some of those catchlines the drive times looks great less than 10 minutes >>james: it was small the still dangers rattlesnake he ended up killing the state by decapitating it what he would to show his kids the head of the state bit him within one minute he fell to the ground he had to rush to the hospital
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: this in the fall that we mentioned earlier to go for the next couple hours by 10:00 a.m. to clear is out except to the coast it looks like that will hang out there all day today and after sun said
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it will start to cover some of those rallies >>robin winston: a nice connection from the foot of the made through the toll across the upper deck and over to the westbound skyway nine minutes for the drive out to fremont street three people are dead in
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oakland after this fire police investigating it as a homicide
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>>darya: hesitancy a grow to about 1000 people that processes san francisco they're marching to city hall they're all over san francisco to to the streets throughout the day class is where and did some point and protesters we spoke with surf
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the fact that hillary clinton won the popular vote but still lost the election police a share of deputies were on hand to make sure the process' remain peaceful protest and high school will love creek hayward napa and san jose were also learned the two teachers and pleasant hill were insulted by student about 200 students from different high schools and, a walnut creek police said teacher was confronted by two or more protesters who attacked the teacher >>mark: math teacher needed to go to the hospital they're still
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working to identify the students who attack the teachers fear >>james: this was seen in oregon baltimore and chicago it received for left the decision is a gross car windows smashed tires they started them stuff fires throughout downtown several people were arrested after protests turned violent
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professional protesters and cited by the media are protesting a very unfair they're ready for major changes once he is an office in expect great things from his presence in if
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they had a private to our meeting and he wished it lasted longer a man attempted to grab
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the victim's wallet was not successful since for this sec
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tests else >>darya: to other people would to the hospital but they're expected to build and alcohol may have been a factor in the crash today is veterans day people across the nation are giving banks to those who served our country
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>>will tran: we want to show you video of veterans day at the national cemetery if you want to walk there and get out there early if you are or in san francisco to date is a free date if your battery is all you have to do a show your card and then
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go to the zoo as a father or renew and your family hour and you to go and enjoy a one today for veterans the as soon as the opening the gate lay out the flags would show to you as happens
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>>reporter: mid to upper 50s to proceed along the east bay shoreline does go to a feature has to show you that saturday morning that clears out and as we get into the rest of the weekend until the next system until we've been talking about tuesday.
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>>reporter: so far no course of
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any major delays for public transit. >>mark: contra costa county prosecutors charging 81 year- old he admitted to paying and having sex of her that in february this will be the only charge out of the 13 other claims filed a total of 23 officers have been disciplined in this case all those fiery he
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is not alone in this sentiment the long time bay area offered a much more subdued take and said he affected the legitimacy of this process he believes neither
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trump nor clinton will be able to change the system that oppressed people of color for >>reporter: he feels he should not be given a forum for what backed his decision there was
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another protest in oakland of this one did not stem from the election he is one of several banks investigating the pipeline is far protestor combination asked >>darya: 8 year-old brother was the one who had the knife if it
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happened wednesday night with the eight year-old was fighting with his younger sibling of the 12 your tried to enter the white your role stabbed them now please try the victims and hospitable is expected to recover the eight year-old is being held to $5,000 bond and faces assault charges
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>>mark: the next game sunday night that and fearing
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>>reporter: you will notice said francisco coast and also after that mixes out and clear is how it will remain along the coast for good portion of mid-50s
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could to fairfield
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>>reporter: as many as three victims who want to show you some video from earlier when firefighters first the with the first people to respond the firefighters who called just 041230 this morning the one fire crews arrived there respond to a structure fire
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>>reporter: the victim said she was targeted for her support of donald trump she writes for the cute things we can agree on she says the response was to her friend first post was to show support for trump they came together to protest trump's presidency many were also there to show support for the student responsible for the attack
5:34 am
>>james: she had not been seen since november 2nd the wife and mother of two or out for job in mountain gate the community to love of writing when she
5:35 am
vanished herself on her headphones were found no sign of her police said it affirmed at this point the husband was not involved detective said it confirmed the whereabouts and there was no physical evidence of also searching the inside the club running around the perimeter of the 49 people were shot and killed in the massacre.
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>>robin winston: the drive time in 11 minutes from the foot of the maze out to fremont street just in case you plan on coming in from the north the bank 20 minutes from high with 37 to reach the toll plaza on the san francisco side the american psychological association is calling in a post-election stress disorder to a study found that the 2016 election was a
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significant source of stress for 52 percent of american adults with the psychological association has some tips first- class limit your immediate consumption take time for yourself go for what to avoid getting into discussions
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>>mark: there is someone in custody being questioned this happen around 1230 this born in the only describe as a black man
5:45 am
and two women the police are adding extra officers out on the streets normally is a bit bathtub and around this time if
5:46 am
you're after using it is very light to come out of antioch's board they point to an easy commute heading west it is only 14 minutes to get from hillcrest out to 242 >>robin winston: right there in the middle of the screen no. 101 between 68880 it is a great ride
5:47 am
>>reporter: there is other opportunities very widespread getting in, however over the east bay hills the fall was on
5:48 am
to be hanging around mid '60s will honor seven for sfo as it spreads out to rob the general bay area it will be a clearing story as we look ahead the next opportunity is looking a little better to the to do follow-up response to that it goes to the '60s even the we clear out >>darya: that man's left turns
5:49 am
all be possible from venice southbound on broadway and or northbound you could turn left and lombard the number of traffic lanes are going to be reduced the improvement project is called is expected to be done by 2019 get used to this for several years official said it is one to make for a faster travel for you it will also be better for millie and go out and get buses since they will also be safer for pedestrians hist
5:50 am
san francisco house where the 700 homeless veterans officials estimate their rum 300 more homes veterans who still need housing >>gabe slate: they've been working for years to promote neutrality if it for this and an
5:51 am
accomplice in deciding which what size operate slower or faster calling in and the companies must comply with neutrality laws on the book the must maintain the speed for all websites however that the change would a new federal communications commission takes over when donald trump moved to the white house at this point it
5:52 am
is unclear what demonstration will do our resolve to the campaign we have not heard back him that neutrality is a good thing for consumers minute people don't want the government involved with regulating the web until donald trump takes office the supporters will have to wait and see
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>>reporter: is making his presence known up around the dial some in san francisco this will mix out pretty quickly and entertainment news a lot of movies at the box office and i want to see dr. strange controls they're expected to hold top spot there is no competition sphere.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>robin winston: belly tobacco will continue to update >>reporter: that will linger just about all day today and you can see into the north a little bit around the peninsula south
6:02 am
south bound to have when approaching 92 the rest of the trip for union city >>darya: 3 people were found
6:03 am
dead inside the burning home that will continue to be here for hours we saw them searching for evidence of just a few minutes ago we want to show you. >>reporter: we have told there were male and female victims
6:04 am
this was the same yes the courtesy or helicopter partnership with a nice start with 30 demonstrators in the group to a thousand >>james: this is the process is moving from the downtown streets onto interstate 580
6:05 am
about hundred of them what the interstate just east of 980 police fired teargas they say they did that only after they were provoked by the end of the night 11 people had been arrested one of them was carrying a stash of molotov cocktails to students in san francisco also took part in protests by marching to city hall skit
6:06 am
>>darya: neither of the teachers went to the hospital their work and to identify who attack them outside of this incident the majority of the protest was peaceful people damaged cars and
6:07 am
buildings in the city protesters gathered in san diego state for loss 900 protesters took to the streets of dollars cultus continuing for a second day thursday demonstrators angry over dollars from election victory from new york. >>reporter: to los angeles and up the coast of portland.
6:08 am
6:09 am
>>darya: the first was that nine in the morning in the 2700 block of male history there was a lone victim approached by a group of three robbers and after that they made off with a backpack their only described as a black man and two women in their early 20s very helpful description in berkeley the police said additional offices have been assigned to other people were
6:10 am
taken to hospital they're expected to be ok and
6:11 am
>>will tran: nepal said and from of the raid and they shared a moment would love was what no longer here if you live in redwood city there's also the veterans day ceremony that begins around 2:00 in the morning as well
6:12 am
>>mark: there been hundred and 68 works in the last week it was
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>>robin winston: well before the tunnel you concede heavy traffic in this dismal and 18
6:17 am
minutes out to one of one today those who take a string keep in mind the have a special service alert for the holiday inn veterans faced a strong no. 7 would not be operating this morning and a strain no. 10 will not be operating lead on this evening.
6:18 am
>>reporter: wednesday morning particularly good that a second mailing the filing clearing out as we get into wins tonight on the backside attempt to do fall for the veteran of a very low clouds some timber to mostly in the '70s the we can look is the early morning showers for saturday sit
6:19 am
>>reporter: 67 for san francisco. >>darya: he admitted to paying for sex with a teenage girl at the center of the widespread police sex scandal contra costa county prosecutor's charge a one-year-old with one count of soliciting prostitution ask he admitted that he paid to have sex without jasmine there was another protest an oakland but this one did not stem from the election.
6:20 am
>>mark: the oil pipeline project in north dakota is on land occupied by the standing rock sioux tribe and also could pollute drinking water.
6:21 am
>>reporter: the attack occurred at an institution known for its diversity him as she would like to find and talk with the man.
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>>robin winston: there was an accident working westbound of the toll that is the clearing stages is adding to the backed up before that
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>>mark: type in the game at 2.
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>>mark: they've been leading the charge it is down 23 at a record high 18,000 a 07.
6:31 am
>>robin winston:
6:32 am
6:33 am
mark: police investigating a triple homicide in oakland >>reporter: they're not saying much the we do have confirmed this point that are three people that this is a triple homicide they are investigating you concede firefighters russian not only to treat those three victims but to get up fire on
6:34 am
the control firefighters were on the scene at dumbarton triumph. >>reporter: the ministers said the attack was provoked by
6:35 am
races, and election day to close the this from cnn show her support of her when if he left another, and sang as mexicans and and they buy one of the few things we can agree are.
6:36 am
>>james: she has not been seen since november 2nd and $50,000 reward being offered leading to her whereabouts she is a wife and mother of two she was nowhere to be seen police said they have confirmed husband was not involved with the detectives say that his whereabouts have been confirmed he has an alibi they're asking for your help on offering of $50,000 reward for any information that will lead
6:37 am
to her whereabouts. >>mark: destroy the consulate has several strong buildings ensuing gun battle that lasted for five hours their claim responsibility for this attack after the break of for your boy
6:38 am
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>>mark: to there is a person in custody being questioned in have been around 1230 this morning.
6:46 am
>>robin winston: there is a little bit of a backup the trump took over the left lane as a block of is one person did not survive the corn has been called out to the scene one lane block and is the left-wing calls in just a minor back of some to be
6:47 am
aware of if use highway for
6:48 am
>>reporter: tuesday when is a powerful system is cool and soft on the backside but here is the rain shot in developing on wednesday when sen eye-to start to clear out temperatures of the reduced from yesterday's performance cool on the other
6:49 am
6:50 am
>>mark: he passed away at the age of 82 changes are coming to venice avenue and is going to affect the way you get around the workers starting tonight to permanently remove the left turn
6:51 am
lanes and most of the intersections >>darya: the city of san francisco's one to open the support of housing units city officials made the announcement yesterday 75 new units are going to be opened in the mission district specifically for homeless veterans 30 illness will be at the crown hotel valencia st. 45 units will be at the winter and hotel on all
6:52 am
federal law have house more than 700 homeless veterans and the past two years the officials estimate there are more like about 300 that are still in need of housing
6:53 am
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. >>mark: of bald eagle rescue in florida to wall eagle the got
6:56 am
stuck in the storm drain and orlando the responded with one on top of the other the first eagle manage to fly away shortly after the rescue crews arrived real attention to the bison with 10 weeks before he makes a for recovery if we will be right back
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this is the bay area's new station. kron 4 news at seven starts now. >> thank you for joining us on this friday. darya.. >> it is a federal holiday we've had a tough morning. >> tracking a fatal accident. highway 4 and a little bit of a backup out of martinez into hercules. it involves a car and truck. the truck ran off the road and flipped over. one car still blocking the left lane and one person did not
7:00 am
survive the crash. if this is your commune is not causing a major backup but be careful willing to the zone. you will see a little bit of a slowdown. the corner has been called to the scene. it took truck is on the weight but we do not have an estimated time of clearing. it's heavier than normal heading into san francisco because of an earlier accident. before that crashed it was moving well. sometimes just one incident your commute. i'm looking at a backup that stretches to the foot of the maze. also the crowded up the eastern span. it does get better on the suspension. the stick a look at the san mateo bridge. and the golden gate coming up. >> good morning everyone. let's start off with a photo coming in with julia out of richmond. we have cloud coverage in dealing with the colors. we're seeing the reds make the appearance. it looks like a decent day going on. here's alive look at the golden gate.


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