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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 15, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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now at eight. one week after his election, donald trump is generating thousands of donations. he might not be too happy to find out where all that money is going. whoosh this san francisco beauty spot, the scene of an ugly hate crime. the target: a nanny caring for two small children. was told no latinas here whoosh you are watching a gang of well dressed burglars as they make off with 100=thousand dollars worth of possessions from a san francisco apartment.
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tonight the surprisingly low=tech way you can protect your home. whoosh and before you start your christmas shopping. you might want to hear what we've learned about the most dangerous toys on the market. you're watching kron four news in prime time. now at 8. the presidential election has had a booming effect on the american civil liberties union. good evening. im pam moore. and i'm steve aveson. kron four's spencer blake is live in the newsroom where the executive director says donations are up. spencer -- why? in the week since the election, the a-c-l-u has gotten seven *million dollars in donations nationwideand they say it's direc people's donald trump. the executive directol- u o abdi soltani, says muslims families women trump made comments about these things during his campaign "we have never had a candidate for president make statements that are so patently unconstitutional, and we have never had, on the day after the election of a president, the kind of outpouring of support."
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money from donations here in the bay area gets split up - part of it stays here and part of it goes to the a-c-l-u on a national scale. today i spoke to someone who had a chance encounter with an a-c- l-u member, and decided to donate because of it. you'll hear from him tonight at ten. another organization getting a lot of donations is planned parenthood. there are even instructions going around online telling people how to make the donations in vice president-elect mike pence's name. in the newsroom, spencer blake, kron four news. >> pam:new tonight at 8. walking out of an oakland home ==== covered in blood. that is how police found sixty - one year old dana rivers on friday. she is now facing three counts of murder. rivers is being held without bail. in the shooting and stabbing deaths of three pepole. kron-4 was first to tell you the identity of the suspect. investigators say, they responded to a shooting on dunbar drive. that's when they found a man lying in front of a home with a stab wound. then, they hear a loud bang from the garage. and saw rivers walking out. she was detained and searched. police found ammunition and knives in her pocket. then investigators say she started making spontanous remarks about her involvement in the murders. when police searched the house,
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they found the two other victims. rivers is now facing murder and arson charges. tonight: an apparent hate one of the bay area's most popular tourist attractions. this latest attack comes as reports of hate speech and race related attacks are increasing since last week's election. grant lodes is here with the latest on the investigation. this was mid-morning yesterday at san francisco's fort mason. and the alleged attacked. involved a guy who told a nanny that "latinos are not welcome here". the nanny, who was caring for two small kids.was shoved, grabbed by the neck.and had scratches on her. a jogger rushed to help.and called 911. police were able to find a guy matching the attacker's descrioption.and say he resisted arrest. he's now being evaluated at san francisco general.and his name and picture have not been released. police are looking for witnesses in a freeway shooting that sent a man to the hospital. friday's i=80 shooting in vallejo was the latest in violence that's plagued bay area highways. a 26 year old man was shot in the neck while his five year old son ---also in the car=== was not hurt. the victim's four dour mercedes benz crashed into shrubs on the highway near american canyon road. investigators say the shooting suspect may have been driving a dark s-u-v but right now there is no other description of the car. hundreds of protesters... demonstrating again in san francisco. this time... against the dakota access oil pipeline. trt: 04/ "bigger than ourselves" hundreds of people marched down market street this morning. activists walked to the offices of army corps of engineers... where they locked arms and blocked access to the building. the corp involved is developing the project. many called to demonstrate at banks financing the pipeline. the 3-point-8 - billion- dollar pipeline... is to carry north dakota oil. to a shipping point in illinois and beyond. opponents worry it will harm the environment and destroy sites sacred to native americans. hundreds of bay area students leave their classrooms in protest... this time they are not deeming
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the walk-outs anti-trump demonstrations. in palo alto... several high school students cut rally for a message of peace and unity. the march started at around two o'clock along the el camino. students from palo alto and gun high schools were in attendance. speeches of love and tolerance were made. they say they marched... to show compassion and respect. police kept watch but there was no trouble. as several anti-trump protests continue... some members of the faith community are calling on the nation to embrace unity. over the weekend...senior pastor kirkland smith says the election dominated his sermon. smith... founded the grace bible fellowship of antioch over 14-years ago. it is a non-denominational church...made up of difference races and religious backgrounds. smith is pushing that people take president obama's lead and wish the incoming administration well. smith says he also supports peaceful protests. crab season is officially underway. fishermen along the coast were allowed to drop crab pots last night. and pull up their catches today. kron 4's charles clifford joins us tonight. live from pier 45 in san francisco. charles, how's it going? take pkg nats tuesday evening, fisherman working along pier 45 in san francisco unloaded dungeonous crab by the thousands. nats nats state health officials allowed the commercial crab season to move forward for all areas south of point reyes starting november 16th, but a ban is still in place along a sixty mile stretch of the sonoma coast due to concern the crab there could be toxic. nats along pier 45, returning fisherman were just happy to be back to work.. even with the
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limitation. sot everyone is excited. we had to wait until late spring last year to have any kind ofaction. all the guys are excited. last year, the crabbing season didn't start until december. there's actually some hope that this years harvest might be larger due to the short season last year. sot they are bringing in two pounders, three pounders. guys are really happy. sot there are some that are coming in a zero on a few pulls but they are going right back out there. sot everyone is happy. there's excitement around here. return to index of stories... -------------------------------- -------------------------------- ---------------- chuck is live-live >> pam: people marched down the offices and then they it arms and blocked access to the building. it's involved with developing a project conceived of $3.8 billion pipeline carrying oil to a shipping point and beyond opponents worry that it will harm the input of lerman water supply destroy sites that are sacred to mid americans.
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these food collection barrels >> steve: process continue faced the to embrace unity more of a week and the capacitor was saying that the election dominated the sermon the grace bible fellowship 14 years ago on on the mob nation and religious background members. and this is pushing people take the lead and wish the incoming administration will saying he also supports
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peaceful protests port. >> pam: sherman were allowed to drop crab louse that employ a catch as charles cooper joins us live >> reporter: house a going so far. we're getting late into the evening and behind me there are couple boats stop emoting kravis we speak going really well. the officials let the commercial crab season move for all of this self including november 15th.
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returning fisherman were happy to be back to our overall everyone's happy that all that matters right now. it did not start till december. and this year's harvest might be larger do the short season last year. this guy was in a huge parade is crap out of here a few changes
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into tomorrow we see really light showers on its way we fill that wednesday. the encyclical is in and temperatures thursday before the wednesday night patchy fog and a possibility. that is our weather story tomorrow night. >> britteny: and notice the difference in the north bay the feature temperature show assists hist and then we track
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this system this will bring us rain we time of all the rain fall for you and 10 minutes and sharia how much respect asea closer to a weekend. >> steve: with the high cost of living officials say a wage increase will be gradual raising a little each year until reaches 2019 goal. ahead at eight.
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another east bay college professor under fire. accused of sexually harassing a student a local senator taking aim at the electoral college voting system. her effort to get rid of it. and next. a bold burglary caught on camera. how much the three thieves got away with. and how they got inside a home.
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san francisco police are trying to identify three men caught on surveillance footage. committing a brazen daylight burglary. the crime happened last month in mission bay. kron 4's maureen kelly reports that what the thieves stole is worth over a hundred thousand dollars. nats of ringing first the doorbell rings then.when no one answers.the thieves pry open the door.the first man walks a second hangs back, and a third man waits out in the hall. the first man prowls the home his arm up over his face.apparently assuming video cameras are inside the home.but he must of missed the one that caught this video.because he eventually drops his arm and his face is clearly seen. the other two men enter and get to the business that brought them there. randsacking the place and taking all of the high end items san francisco police department spokesman carlos manfretti says the trio ended up stealing high end watches and jewerly worth 111-thousand dollars. they are very well dressed, they don't look like a typical burglar dressed all in black manfreddi doesn't believe their nice clothes means they are novice criminals.quite the opposite.police are releasing this video in the hopes someone will recognize them.because they will likely strike again. if they did this successfully to this one resident, they are going to do it again and again that if they blend in with their environment there are less eyes that are on them and less people are going to put two and two together and think you know what these guys are criminals this is the street where that burglary happened.the 100 block of can see it's street with nothing but
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residential buildings that are newly constructed or still being built.the thieves hitting a little after 33o in the afternoon.while most people are at work. maureen kelly kron4 news. it has happened again. another u-c berkeley professor accused of sexually harassing a student. this time. a grad student. a report - obtained by kron four news - states, the professor violated the schools conduct code. eva hagberg- fisher says, the harassment started early in her grad program at u-c berkeley. she says the professor - nezar alsayyad. inappropriately touched her on several occasions. she said it was difficult to speak up. because he had a great deal of power over her career. hagberg- fisher says, she is glad she spoke up - especially for this reason. ".too scared" academic advisors were meeting late today to review the case and to decide what, if any consequences will take place. the professor is not returning
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next semester. retiring senator barbara boxer has filed legislation today to abolish the electoral college.
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vicki liviakis is here with details.including the odds it will actually happen. the odds -- not good. the idea probably won't get much traction with the republicans holding control of both chambers of congress in a lame duck session. but boxer is clearly making a statement in light of hillary clinton winning the popular vote - but still losing the presidential election. her bill calls for an amendment to the constitution that would end the electoral system. if it passed - it would still need to be ratified by 3- fourths of the states.
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boxer was a big advocate for clinton - saying that electing the first female president was on her "to-do list" before leaving the senate in january. she's actually tried to get rid of the electoral college before.but none of the bills have been considered. >> britteny: into smaller similar to what we saw it yesterday morning and again wednesday looks like a light showers right in a long coast and by 745 11:00 a.m. you notice in san francisco to the north sackers' mountains and then quit moving. then we watch for this system.
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>> gary: news for all americans used to be inclined to tell you exactly what's going down with the rams and james the don't say the word of him as friendly explain why later in this broadcast. >> steve: king tonight at 10 fedex worker behaving but badly indeed. and nowhere regard whatsoever for opec carriage he's delivering tonight we talk a homeowner so furious he contacted fedex treacly demanding answers here would she have said tonight on news that 10
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announcing new anti- harrasment tools for its users. the goal is to cut down on the trolls, hate speech, and cyber bullying which have plagued the social network. our tech reporter gabe slate fills us in on how this works. and how it will benefit users. sot - dan galagher - wsj "they have developed what i consider is a reputational problem you know being on twitter means you might be susceptible to abuse" dan galagher is a tech columinist for the wall street journal. he says twitter is looking for a buyer and cleaning up their troll issue could help google, salesforce, and disney are just a handful of companies that considered them but then passed.
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sot - dan galagher - wsj "disney is a such a family biz and very mindful of its image that must have weighed on their minds for sure" with these tools twitter users will gain more control and be able to mute users, notifications, conversations, even mute specific words or hash=tags when you mute something the idea is you won't see that again we will have to wait and see how well the feature actually works. this new tool will be rolled out to users in a few days. i got a sneak peak. they turned it on for me. it's easy to activate this mute
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feature you go into your settings and then look for the "muted words" tab. in there you type out what you want to mute whatever it is a word a hashtag that's it. and you can unmute anytime. i asked dan if he thought this move would fix the troll issue and solve twitter's problems. sot - dan g apple is selling you a 3- hundred dollar photo book about itself. "designed by apple in california" is a hardbound book showcasing 20 years of apple's
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design with 450 images. the book begins with the 19-98 i-mac. and ends with the 2015 apple pencil-- a stylus for the i-pad pro. the small book will sell for 199-dollars and a larger version for 299-dollars. it's dedicated to the memory of jobs. ahead at eight. changes on capitol hill. while republicans seem to be uniting.
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>> grant: think this ought to the sniper style no motive for the shooting but happen in the airport parking lots today travelers were interrupted again. as just last month as
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opposed be struggling because of trump's advice and all the selection one week ago tonight. now the democrats are divided and up later searched a position is in question. >> catherine: today she locked into a meeting expecting
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determine the party's leader. shortly quickly denying any connection to the election results. and the democrats are openly frustrated with hillary clinton's loss in their state. and tim rhine is reportedly considering a challenge. since
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1987 and the top democrat in 2002. and speaker of course the first woman speaker. an ad shows must declare its allies >> britteny: continue once again tomorrow and we have a bit in the jet stream lot cooler errors. and the decrease
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visibility with lots of falling again tomorrow morning. highs on the region in close '60s catalogue. 64 now policies is vallejo. a '60s for san francisco. we try out thursday friday saturday sunday between the two days lingering into your
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monday morning commute. we do have a recovery starting in the weekend.
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>> stanley: traffic problem and to make public transit easier the sfmta is creating a transit corridor which will remove the entire median, trees and all so they have eliminated left turns from almost every intersection with the exception of lombard broadway and a couple of others however when you restrict turns in san francisco, no matter how many signs you put up reading no left turn, you will find people doing just the opposite nats: ambiance now if by chance you happen upon a left turn lane but it's restricted to lets say golden gate transit. you will probably see vehicles trying to use it that don't quite look resemble a bus . ok this is a bus . nats: ambiance and this is not a bus nats: ambiance this driver ignored all the signs and comes to a stop sees me and throws her hads ups lke she surrenders . however parking and traffic enforcement was there and put her back into play
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and the driver behind her as well if you happen to be on van ness and ignore the signs . if you get caught the fine is 238 dollars . so just be old school and make a bunch of rights because lefts are so passe on van ness in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news tonight at 10 nats: ambiance actransit bus and passengers held against their will nats: firework and a police chopper taking fireworks where was this , i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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still ahead at 8. how a k-9 officer has four legged friends to thank for saving his life. plus. it's that time again. see who de=throned david beckham for sexiest man alive title. and next. in tears=== a woman decribes how close she came to dying after being shot by an arrow while in her front yard. "it was so close to killing me. i could have died."
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>> steve:authorities in south florida are searching for the person who shot an arrow that struck a woman in the thigh while she was gardening. the 66-year-old says she stood up and heard a loud pop. that's when she felt a searing pain in her leg. she says she pulled out the arrow without thinking and screamed. her husband called 911. police are trying to figure out where the arrow came from. it appears to have also pierced a nearby shed. the incident is under
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investigation. hospitals rely on blood donations to keep many patients alive. that goes for human as well as animal hospitals. police k-nine, jardo, came in to west-vet after being shot in the chest. it took four surgeons and a couple of four-legged blood donors to keep him alive. it is unknown if jardo will be able to return to the police force. but west-vet says he is recovering well. dogs have to be between one and seven years old, and weight more than 50-pounds to donate blood.
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they also must be able to lay still for ten-minutes, and commit to donating for at least two years. new tonight at ten. part two or our series. lead: hidden poison. kron 4's charles clifford talks with an east bay family dealing with the problem first hand. they had no idea what lead was.until their young son fell ill. where he was exposed.and what the county is doing to make sure it doesn't happen again. that's tonight on kron 4 news at ten. still ahead at 8. it's that time of year again. but before you start on the kids' shopping list. a warning about dangerous toys to watch out for the holidays are upon us. and with christmas right around the corner. santa might have little ones on the list.
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since my havilland on the list which toys are cyclical and zapata and they have that kron
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4's vicki liviakis is here with the new list of toys to avoid. yeah, it's the annual list of "10 worst toys". gifts for the kids that might seem really cool - but could have hidden hazards. we've got the full list for you.
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a consumer group called "watch" says watch out for toys like this. cute peppy pup - supposed to be safe for two-year olds but the pull cord to make it talk could strangle a child. the group also warns about blunt impact injuries from this "legendary doomhammer," based on weaponry in the "warcraft" movie. what could be wrong with this fuzzy elephant? it could suffocate an infant, apparently. and this looks like fun - bump and bounce body bumpers. trouble is - there's no protection for bumping into heads. how about the baby magic feed >> reporter:
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>> gary: understand real about this call-in you have after respect that here is something to say it. and garrett. starts for the rams. and they're awaiting a record for wins five losses they start against miami
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and now the president talking about liberal on. a little something to do have possible member is carter as one of the childhood now. and not happy with the term policy laid down by jackson. and talk about all
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might there is j. it beautiful. just sold as you like in your own way salute jade. again after
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this and as a special you go right now you will see the inside of my car.
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>> grant: can follow gary on twitter the rock is the secx >> grant: and not rush more
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righter died. i had closed captioning in broadcasting commission of a few minutes the becks story straight ahead at 9:00. and >> pam:the backstory is coming up right up at 9 oclock. be
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back at 10
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