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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 16, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>will tran: a lot go along this morning including the possibility of rain headed this way. >>reporter: you to see the
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clause starting to clear all were going to get some clear action sunny skies expected the temperatures mid-50s to lower 50s 48 livermore up to the north to bay santa rosa 4341 novato not all of 46 fairfield of 47 still manage to clear skies to get those temperatures rarely
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tumbled here is how we stand from 2 to four hours ago it looks like rain showers return although some would mild temperatures >>robin winston: you're in good
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shape and has a quick check of the senses coming out of the east bay 24 at the limit from the crowd, no problem from a car or the nimitz freeway in the short freeway >>will tran: she claims the man grabbed her and made racist remarks >>dan kerman: it is the hate
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speech that the park police are investigating it occurred monday morning at great metal when a man walked out to all woman caring for two small children spoken in spanish follows a king and said the the called police and the suspect was arrested for resisting arrest is now on a site evaluation they were all raised at the incident but not shocked. >>dan kerman: they also blame the president for the recent spike in rates related attacks.
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>>will tran: he was taken into custody for resisting arrest they're still deciding charges including a hate crime that has and for witnesses to come forward >>reporter: in that time reports of hate crime has screened in from across the country according to the southern poverty law center 400 cases of harassment or intimidation has been reported in the last seven days in one school some students
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stood up and chanted bill that wall >>reporter: this isn't just the recent phenomenon the increase traces back to before the election according to a report released by the fbi and hate crimes or 6.8% from 2014 to 2015
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he addressed the issue outgoing minority leaders thinks he needs to do more >>will tran: she is facing three counts of murder and there's a picture she's been held without bail in the shooting and stabbing and the citizens on a to shooting they heard loud bang from the brossard rivers walking out with on ammunition and i was in her pocket with the search the home they from the to robin
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but the there is a large turnout for the funeral the service was held a church in san lorenzo they said more than 600 people attended many of them from the law enforcement community. >>will tran: it to the low one hour to pull out the fire rear been told two people suffered minor injuries no word on what may have started this fire the
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increase will be gradual illiterate each year until it hits the ball in three years from now a teacher accused of harassing the student will made the student finally speaks well
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>>reporter: there may be an early they stray shower for parts of the north bay along the coast in this close to the source to mar may be a little
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bit warmer but still all court date again with a lot of sunshine
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>>robin winston: insula all across knowing cardrooms too meticulous and 8002101 connect in san mateo off the driver turns holding well pretty much agree in highway for was a good commute and contra costa 20
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minutes for the south lawn trip and to 30 and the south of the house what free #problems >>reporter: because of those statements more than 100,000 americans are giving money to
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the aclu that adds up to $7,000,000.10 week he was at the german open discussing the future of the supreme court local aclu said the director overheard and join the car station they decided to join the aclu that very day conversation off and put him in giving mood part of the money donated does
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stay here locally and wrestle it goes to the aclu national conference >>will tran: the high-school students rallied for message of peace and unity to start at from 2:00 along el camino and features of intolerance students said there are not necessarily protest in trump instead they were there to show compassion and courage and for respect that you by honoring the among these
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incredible women who are determined to meet one day in >>reporter: students and
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university and taken to the shuttle with enthusiasm the have the program already has university officials thinking what comes next in the meantime they're proud to be a vanguard of the future >>vicki liviakis: the annual list of the 10 worst toys ones
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and the core with a half hidden hazards full list of consumer groups says watch out for the cute the concord fought struggle child if there warning about blunt impact injuries in this budgetary hammered the baby magic feed in played davy of lectures can cause choking and paid the same thing howe what the apollo blast of the dam had the power to cause eye injuries it could cause facial or eye injuries they disagree with the
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list they said safety is their top priority and they have not been recalled >>will tran: to set jose unfortunately fell short carolina center will along goal of the game will play st. louis
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tomorrow night if we will be right back.
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>>reporter: looking ahead to dave the cultural shower mostly sunny and '60s we're talking
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rainshowers across the banking >>robin winston: if you over to the right hon those cashing agency a little sluggish backed
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>>will tran: the professor to she is glad she spoke of especially for this reason he
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denies accusations >>reporter: minutes first rung the bell to ensure no one was home for our program the door this happened last month just after 3 to 30 on monday afternoon the left will bags and
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suitcases stuffed with a hundred thousand dollars in electronics and jury the also will acquire all which is missing the cut prevented them in the first ones man's best friend can the man's breast defense home security cameras like this will are good for cashing images years new motion detector software that was sent pictures to the phone when someone breaks ian so of the in camera for burglary in progress
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>>will tran: the groups is it is unfair and adversely affect low income families and alameda no word on whether the city council will take action we will be
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right back
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>>gabe slate: and they're just a handful come in and consider them when you knew something the idea is you will see again will have to wait and see how well the feature works will be rolled out in the few days we have a sneak peek of return on it is easy to activate this feature
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will be right back
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>>will tran: over 600 people were there to remember the 21 year-old sue will start to the other zero will part to people
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have been arrested and charged with her murder she was just 1 years old >>will tran: you concede no- fault to worry about in fact he joins us now >>reporter: lower '40's pretty
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consistent and breaks up into scattered showers 60 to go on
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for montagu you concede sunny skies 65 going on for san jose and about 62 we are looking as 62 in the slot 61 for golden gate park
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>>robin winston: we have about an hour for starts to back up nine minutes the average drive time from the foot of the maze ruling out a fremont street know the problems to the richmond san rafael bridge a great commute 4580 was down 101 all across the golden gate no trouble spots quiet in the north the quiet the on the toll through san francisco richardson parker city all very quiet 21 minutes a nice drive time from 37 >>will tran:
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>>charles clifford: that came about a year ago the family shares a very modest one-bedroom apartment in the front bell neighborhood unfortunately kids
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to live in older homes of low- income areas of some of the highest risk of exposure that isn't public health as would a minute county and the limited
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county service director half lead paint is a big problem across the county of prospects and the bay area red hot melt rental market
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>>will tran: of viral video of the nine your boy catching his big brother
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>>will tran: video over nine your boy catching his baby brother before he hits the ground after rolling off a changing table the mother turned around for just one second for she was taking care of the of the children the baby fell about 4 ft. before being called by his brother who cannot pick up more than 30 lbs. the boys still is not sure if howe was able to run in and catch his brother first.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>reporter: by comparison and a half a dozen the grees behind warm word this time yesterday >>robin winston:
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>>reporter: they said they have an idea of holding a looking for the driver of the car at the processing of investing is a leasing new details in the case
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>>mark: she said she was terrible to small children showed her and said no latinos and spanish according to the hate crime there on the arise across the country.
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>>darya: it is not a recent trend that down hey crimes rose nearly 7% from 2014 to 2015. >>will tran: cheese from san jose according to police officers and happened last friday when investigators was on the two shooting on the on our drive it from the man line from
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a home with a stab wound investigators said she started talking what her involvement with police searched a house tests their time to figure out across.
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>>mark: it will stop the and anti demonstration the students rallied for message of peace and unity to start around 2:00 along el camino real protesters made speeches and they said iran a seven process' and donald trump they were there to show compassion and respect she called the college and outdated and undemocratic system will be difficult for the past does require a constitutional amendment and in need to those
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bird and the approval ratification of the least 38 states. >>darya: he and of really touched her on several occasions it was difficult to speak out because he had a great deal of power but she says she's glad that she did come forward he denies the accusations in the meantime the advisers review the case and decide what action to take his not returning next
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semester several members who broke the city council no word on whether the council to action thousand dollar property
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stolen from the bay area home is caught on camera will show you what they are looking for
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>>reporter: tomorrow who did a
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lot warmer and to the afternoon >>robin winston: we're checking in on 92 just in case you have to use here is a live look of the traffic heading west on 92
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sperrylite and high-end in getting all sluggish and some of those cashless overall not a bad ride for a west into san francisco picking up from 580 west for the out to my from rascal out to the dublin and to change it is smooth sailing in
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the 58680 split one on one or more hill less than 25 minutes for that drive times >>darya: they still item's worth about a hundred thousand dollars from a home in san francisco the one to plan now these burglars
5:17 am
are pretty well dressed and all wearing a black and bed say it helps to make a quick escape
5:18 am
more than 600 people attended and the law enforcement prosecutor believe the shot and killed the deputy and a town southeast of modesto he faces a weapons charge for possessing a firearm he could face the death penalty if he's convicted they
5:19 am
delayed construction with the standing pride they've been going on nationwide for months >>mark: he commented the rogatory facebook post would total about this to us today it was made by the director of the development the mayor responded positively to the post in she is now resigned employees who posted, as are also out of the job we are hearing it was a big
5:20 am
fuel leak into people are injured incredible picture 20 trained hard derailing two people injured in a fuel leak near orlando fit
5:21 am
>>mark: the owner most supportive hillary clinton during the election seven other teams are scheduled this season
5:22 am
the woman who was a salted by the former exception war from glamour magazine
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>>vicki liviakis:
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>>darya: we will try to get this story for you and show to you a little later as to take a look
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>>reporter: in contrast to yesterday with about half a dozen degrees cooler this morning and yesterday
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>>robin winston: it is not through the maze not yet but is going to get there we have time to get in without any major problems no fatalities two
5:31 am
people had to be taken off the train for minor injuries >>will tran: just the wreckage the scene has very massive this should arrive to the scene shortly the call still not known at this particular time it was not carried a lot of hazardous material is at all fears a live shot coming out of orlando is such a remote area they cannot pinpoint where this crash happened
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>>mark: one of the handful of students to recognize return her passion into a future career the program helped her learn to discover more on background she is on a tour winners of the national humanity program
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>>vicki liviakis: a consumer
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group says watts out for the cute puppy which is supposed to be safe based and where every war or movie resuscitate an infant and this looks like farm paulo the little extras can cause choking and the pay is the same thing howe about the arrival the animal has and the power to cause eye injuries
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>>robin winston: no big problems to worry about hot spot free no traffic a lot to a slowing will have a complete traffic check in just a few minutes he still is a
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sure how he was able to do it in attention
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>>mark: they're looking for a laser loom car would damage >>darya: a jogger came to her aid and called police and the man was taken to custody
5:46 am
>>robin winston: to look as the line on the san mateo branch that is commute traffic lot of the leavitt had what ronald across the bridge is a broader 16 minute trip but is getting heavier ride around the avenue
5:47 am
of appeal to cochran in the stop and go another pocket of heavy traffic right here into san jose was in the 68880 euless parents pockets of heavy traffic coming out of san leandro and hay were looking over to the right fremont milpitas union city doing just fine 27 minutes to get from to 38 out to 237
5:48 am
>>reporter: there have the rain developing and from the latest round of looks like a saturday will be much more we go about 65
5:49 am
for san jose's santa clara 62 meanwhile san francisco coming in 61 for golden gate park
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>>mark: the chance for three passengers operate making the five start camp
5:51 am
>>mark: a crazy fun house 26 of them before the parade hot
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little the passengers the have the politics find out why ain't he told them to keep the political views
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>>darya: that was a great idea you really want to sit down with
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>mark: amass a train derailment near orlando for the another train was from the florida area to chicago the other train was heading from kentucky for whatever reasons from the same tracks they slammed into each other good news no fatalities only minor injuries before the
6:01 am
derailment there was a collision that caused the derailment two trains on the same tracks
6:02 am
>>reporter: in contrast to yesterday's at oakland and hayward more than 10 degrees behind this time yesterday for the next eight hours 56 by midafternoon 59 still quite cool a loss of sunshine
6:03 am
>>robin winston: that is going to pretty slow or sluggish in stretches, our hercules stagira time has increased now 22 minutes from the foot of the maze out to fremont street 20 minutes average drive from hercules down to the oakland a's
6:04 am
>>darya: it happen early monday morning between albany were recorded at we're getting new information from chp about the deadly hit-and-run crash this data have an idea about the car the suspect was driving >>reporter: 6 in the days tick today believe the person who was head who hit the victim was driving a 2015 when 16 died to
6:05 am
guard and the color laser bloom the car will have damage on this front near the right side chp is urging the driver to come for because if they have to go and find the driver they can be facing felony hit-and-run charges
6:06 am
>>mark: this from the two of the victim she is now facing murder and arson charges she's being held without bail prosecutors are considering following hate crime charges before an incident at a park in san francisco use none under psychiatric evaluation in san francisco general hospital a hate crimes are on the rise across the country and have
6:07 am
been according to the southern poverty law center is a more than 400 cases of harassment or intimidation according to the fbi in is not just the recent trend their report finds hate crimes are up by nearly 7% this said they would there to show compassion and respect the
6:08 am
flames broke out around seven started last night on brazil avenue the got a handle on the fire after about an hour
6:09 am
>>darya: it started early in her grammar programming uc-berkeley professor he had a great power over her career at a vigil she did and she is glad to talk about he denies the accusation but the academic advisers they're reviewing the case and decided i to take the professor is not returning next a lesson
6:10 am
several members of the coalition address the city council and axis of the be done by the government to help those were affected >>darya: she is making her first public appearance since the presidential concession speech
6:11 am
she's been honored by the children's defense fund at an event in washington d.c. she is set to speak at that event she were to the organization in the 1970's and join their board the last from the appearance was exactly one week ago after she lost the presidential election donald trump to the surprise trip to dinner after not leaving the tower for several days here is a look take him to a restaurant to a few blocks from trump tower he made the trip after the campaign told journalists he would not be leaving for the rest of the day and then he went to dinner
6:12 am
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>>robin winston: on to all connectors 880 and no. 5 in the west the sure freeway but no major problems 20 minutes for the average drive out to fremont street is a minor accident here on southbound 680 near north main in walnut creek to see it is adding to the slow traffic
6:16 am
>>reporter: a little better on
6:17 am
the senses was still in the '60s including those in one spot again is on to be somewhat
6:18 am
what police is trying to find three men who stole item's worth about a hundred thousand dollars in san francisco, they want you to look at this surveillance video poker and that they can identify in the bird was broken and to the home in mission bay last month in the afternoon 330 in the afternoon >>reporter: matt pointed out the
6:19 am
burglars were pretty well dress and wearing all black and they actually used that takes two cases since the system and leave the young sheriff volunteer who was murdered earlier this month to lay to rest it was a large turnout
6:20 am
three teenagers are behind bars for an attempted robbery to people started to follow the man in the intersection of piedmont avenue on monday night to call the police and started to run away to people got into a car and drove off employees from that car and arrested three men. >>darya: they found the gun in the car to the men wear 18 years old and from vallejo on oakland in the third man they're arrested a 19 year-old from san paolo he was aware of the spike in street robberies around campus that is what he called the cops immediately those
6:21 am
opposed to air be envious of the site and courage is landlord to make users off the rental market those who used to say they need the extra income to survive if it does not, allow
6:22 am
public marijuana use is a hodgepodge of local ordinance related to marijuana denver is the first city to allow bars and restaurants to permit the use there is a major spike in highway traffic to a little slow but the visibility is great in this chilling
6:23 am
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>>darya: that town distracted driving if you're looking at a map in a to still be distracting
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>>mark: watching today in which is not the winning streak awaiting to hear the speech as a down 64.
6:30 am
>>reporter: along the eastern shore lines would half a dozen degrees behind san francisco living on the street shower but on balance missed this the next eight hours
6:31 am
6:32 am
>>will tran: one train was carrying coal another one was carrying rocks 20 stranger concede the cars on the side
6:33 am
looks make a lot of looks horrible but amazingly two people were injured they refuse treatment at the scene these are pictures coming out of the area
6:34 am
>>darya: he's run rule of law as a suspect in her disappearance
6:35 am
>>reporter: she knows a bright future when she sees one among the people she is talking about the 18 year-old student for the last three years this teenager has expand horizons through the video program she said her role
6:36 am
or she knew she had to or want to history graviton also the first lady's hand
6:37 am
it is always looking for volunteers and you could help donate the full collection they will mature that they do not stay at a hotel when a child to your to chicago they change a reservation before the election
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a school board member shows a to halloween party dressed in black face
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>>darya: they're hoping it will grow along the treatment late drove down hey and that is rarely been seen in people before
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>>mark: it happened last friday when investigators responded to a fire on board drive it from the man line from of the home when police searched the house the founding of the two victims
6:46 am
>>reporter: going forward in future cast the sun will be al
6:47 am
of a few degrees off and also daily city to the north may more sixties
6:48 am
>>robin winston: 26 minutes from the nimitz over to the bay shore checking on the bay bridge ride there is a report of an accident was a bomb before the toll plaza somewhere we cannot release the jive * shopping of
6:49 am
just about everywhere i'm competent than the 17 minutes we talked about that heavy traffic 44 minutes from 238 to 237 from the summit of to the '80s from splinter the drive times less than 15 minutes >>darya: he commented on racially derogatory facebook post that was directed at of michelle president obama the mayor of questions they responded positively to the post
6:50 am
and she has since resigned a county employee who posted the comment is also eye of a job is not clear if a person resigned or they're fired the school board member can only remove the of his term is up in 2018 for
6:51 am
people can fit in there and that operates making five stops around campus if
6:52 am
>>mark: nedda's ahead after the
6:53 am
break a young girl says a family on their apartment catches on fire will show you how quick thinking avoided a potential charging
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>>darya: what she did say to a family's life a man breaks through the roof of a pizza place and he lost his pants the naked robber he went for them and broke into the cash registers.
6:58 am
6:59 am
says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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i will check the driving to san francisco. we have the 40s out there and 30s as we start the day.


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