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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 17, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>reporter: since all the way down to sub and more rain you concede up to some accounting
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them asking for little bit before the sun starts to joins >>robin winston: rolling into
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san francisco its a little bit of a backup in the castling only to pass leaves open but you look over to left your concern is getting a little crowd pretty good commit out of downtown oakland into downtown san francisco the average drive as head over to the richmond san rafael bridge heading north out of morgan hill and to downtown san jose
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>>james: of family murdered in the east bay and and now one of their family members speaking out the suspect is currently behind bars if she is accused of killing patricia hearst son been the and her wife charlotte the victims were killed at their home he was called lawn and the two women were found inside the stabbed and shot police say he
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set a house on fire to cover the tracks and she was called all the way out we're told all knew each other the 61 year-old was once a man had a sex change she's been arraigned on multiple charges and convicted could face the death penalty
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>>james: we were live on the scene as it happen the officer said they received reports and that had been hit multiple times this as some of the latest pick to the what police believe the person was driving to the pedestrian had along the procession was hit the car involved was a 2015 dodge dart this history of this a said it would have damaged on the front right cited
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>>reporter: a day after election in the high school teachers send out the guidelines for how the teachers can talk to their students about the very divisive the election the proposal openly
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this let them say it would on their mind this is crucial our school and our community letters not sidestep the fact that a racist and sexist man has become president of our country and teaches in the senses it supports the teacher stands some teachers have expressed interest in using this but others are attracted all approach the san francisco unified school district also says it does nicaean issue with the lesson plan the mission high school plan like many has been circulated as an option for high school teachers it is not part
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of the official district curriculum there are entrusted to create less of that reflects the california standards >>james: u.s. department of justice release the forms in the senses the police department
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that application. close on friday in this city will interview candidates she has not said what she hopes to hire a chief we never frosted by israel and the fact the protected valley temperatures dropping down into the mid and low '30's getting real close to the freezing mark it as chilly elsewhere we're waking up to the coldest day we had so far this season
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>>reporter: another chilly one lots of for this edition line of and maybe your visiting some of those 36 there is a chance of
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rain would breaking up blood red >>robin winston: this is the san mateo bridge you consider the whole shot was about 92 traffic
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check in yen on the drive to turn the east bay freeway debris so far smoother ride out, the pleasant hill walnut creek >>james: 2 was called a march against the era and organize to dresden zayed he led the most latinos to abiding they heard
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the message and our friend will might happen whole warning for pet owners of more strom has prodded--sprouted.
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>>j.r. stone: to start one day after the park troops the news was devastating to have days after that that past this is
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lynn a tough month but is not trying to warn of a dog owners about the danger that is being created by recent weather this is much more common than you picked the office build between six and 12 cases every year >>james: >>darya: >>james: their reports the process has been all but one something that he is disputing all twitter
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>>reporter: much of the confusion and in fighting this went to his son-in-law of the
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drought rotted transition when zed and has did look in rich are the future of the administration were all coming together the country's still appears to be very much divided on process' to some of them high school and college students, our class ticket to the streets for seven days straight to express their feelings about his election we
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will be right back
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>>reporter: 10 she revealed she had an affair with harrison ford on the set of star wars per
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fifth number one and should read hundred and $70,000,000.2016 might if we will be right back
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>>james: in have been as strong rear creek park of austin way after row about everyone involved in the incident drew smiles and appears to have been planned so important to gunfires shot to to the air that is why someone else for started shooting into the crowd
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>>reporter: timbers as lower 30 is possible and may damage simpson's self-now until late this one of them may be extended into tomorrow morning good half a dozen to a mere dozen degrees behind were your guest and
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>>james: sentences will police arrested a man who wrote a back seat to patrol car on fire and tried to broaden he didn't give
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44 he was arrested and taken into custody >>rob fladaboe: she was hiking here in mission peak in fremont when someone thought her head scarf represented a that she was a muslim they left a nasty notes on her windshield she is not a muslim and we learn that the author of the note now and hands of east bay regional park spoke
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of what how america is our nation now she is ironically and what she says of the mission of peace and love a mission dedicated to her grandfather and now she says to ending ignorance he has bass and
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shorter city several times and said he will the poor people or in the country he is repeatedly
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reference kate steinle one is called for the nonsense or sitting sit was killed on pier 14 the suspect is charged with that murder each pleaded not guilty >>james: they choose not to enforce federal immigration we will be right back
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>>gabe slate: they are joining forces the subscribers to announce stream their cable box and the limit is the need for streaming boxes like tv in dvd players and video game systems no more switching input or changing out table to go from tv it is too much to push away i
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find it interesting that comcast is doing is supporting a competitor will hear about people what cutting the cord to these days i reached out to them and they said they want to give customers quick access to the content that it once and we will
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have the latest on this story as it has developed and evolve this morning
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>>james: the suspect in the case is charged with her murder he has pleaded not guilty
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>>reporter: those views to leave the piece of the puzzle we like to look for will revisit some of
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the status showers but much more modest in terms of brand coverage what goes on over the
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next few days away situation for this weekend watching out for that when is that whenever we get out of that it plays out quickly hopefully not too much agitation to will be monitoring that carefully >>robin winston: howe on 2101 north and central fell that is one to be a good come you less in 10 minutes he was 101 across the golden gate come from the
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north bank a good ride into san francisco the flashing lights. >>james: they're proposing
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higher to $207 per student in the schools are proposing an increase to $280 the government for are discussing the tuition hikes this we will table comes out of those meetings. >>reporter: california water supply contains little to no naturally occurring live on rare occasion the source is almost always traced old pipes and
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plumbing fixtures within the school itself they found a lead contamination was a false alarm the result of improper water sampling it did show there was a
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potential problem
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>>james: we will be back with more in just a minute
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: this is where we had
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defrosted buys three until 8:00 this morning temperatures of one to drop down to the mid 30's there is a chance this is some frost this morning san jose and the rest of the bay area including the peninsula all in
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the mid to even low 40's and spots it is cold out there want to blow especially the children. >>james: today be insisted they will need to jackson to get to school
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>>reporter: if all the better of a warm-up in store for us tomorrow until finally we get some minor come this weekend >>robin winston: i will have a complete check coming up in just a few minutes.
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>>will tran: it has reopened over the past hour so you won't have an problems if you need to head south of bonn 101 from tully it is moving these the cars coming off of the freeway and the other two have been on monday alone one in albany another one awful 101 near san
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francisco international airport >>mark: it was time in the bay area at high school in the east bank >>reporter: in this letter
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school officials are blaming the rhetoric during the campaign.
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>>mark: this morning will learn more about the main suspect they become known for her involvement in highly publicized transgendered rights battle in 1999 she went to a sex change and lost a job at a high school she settled with the school and the years following she became an activist now criticize
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century cities and friends to cut federal funding and he said he will deport many americans
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the suspect in the case is charged with murder and pleaded not.
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>>mark: 29 of four injured and the bombing in new york and new jersey >>darya: this focus on staying strong during the trumpet ministration she agreed to speak
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at the dinner before the election.
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>>reporter: its way out to see go on for the pentagon in the start may happen overnight on friday and the struggle and 63
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san jose looking at 64. >>robin winston: between 92 and tennyson that is for the south of the slowing in could be the chp in has the location wrong and that happens a lot
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>>mark: police are investigating a hate crime in fremont.
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>>reporter: we learned as the author of the know now in the hands of east bay regional park spoke of how america is our nation dedicated to her
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grandfather and now she says to ending ignorance
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>>darya: the gunman was in the back from her during part of that call the car what did it is not clear what happened to the woman in the recording there had
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been released half a dozen incidents as the justice department's release the recommendation was in the without force
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>>mark: awards ix opponents want
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to block ignoring them because they say the city is defective and the firemen to report right now they plan to open that arena will to be named chase center for the 29 teams' season
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for whatever you're trying to master.
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>>reporter: free from approaching a dozen degrees behind this time from yesterday and once the daytime heating beer is cold air the quantified or ultimately >>robin winston: you need to leave early high of 880 south is your commit we have an accident on hey were signed after the a street accident
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>>darya: the gunman who injured two people in the shooting that happened if that is a part >>james: they're looking for 2 gunman that it could be more
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that is how the two teenagers were shot both were told are expected to recover >>mark: it is our lead to the death of one dog that happened last month were dog named was poison after eating a cat mushroom in the original park martinez this said his liver was
5:34 am
destroyed in had to be put down his own to save their time to get the word out the other dog owners as the wet weather is to blame for dozens of these mushrooms popping out whistle the veterinarian is said the poisonous mushrooms are not uncommon she deals with up to 12 cases a year to command a lift the vaccine of a patrol car on fire and try to run away the
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mission high school teacher outlined a plan to the union representative it encourages teachers to talk to students about the election results until students they don't have to set the results and set up a fight for justice is unclear how many teachers are to use the weapons plan the plan is an option it is inappropriate and unfairly criticized more than 2,000 t is
5:36 am
the students walked out of class to protest the election results
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and lasted about an hour and half of the students returned to class and still had a harvest and a be a stressful time for families especially when there are divided opinions about politics
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>>robin winston: this is a new problem in milpitas 880 north at 237 f and accidents involving several vehicles
5:40 am
>>darya: against giving is a week away and and they're offering tips for you if you're traveling if you are now
5:41 am
looking to receive an employment they're looking to
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hire a hundred and 50 people and has five stores in this city pleasant hill dublin santa rosa we hear a lot of time she did hired.
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>>darya: the school district released a statement about reading and part of words written on the walls cry out for how much we need to support each and listen to the children
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>>robin winston: the second half spa and is on the hay was cited in the south that a street
5:48 am
accident loss in the three left lanes things are normal but all callable at the bay bridge toll plaza still bathtub is beyond 880 and stretching out to west grand the normal stop will try to we expect for this time of the morning
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>>reporter: it dry and clear low wins all the others are the recipes the simpson low 30's started up in the no. 337 in livermore and a good portion of
5:50 am
the bay is still yet to be hit a minor amount reported have that point to the ball glanced about love is going to talk before zone forecast along the east bay shoreline pretty much lower 60s pretty much copy often to the inland spots 65 gone on for
5:51 am
napa and 63 we have the 74 cast a washout so to speak on the weekend sunday looks better >>darya: some battle lines are still even now being drawn >>vicki liviakis: the buttons of the post-election loss of relationships are expected by this election more than any we have ever seen choose
5:52 am
psychologists relationship counselor and a frequent guest heard vice path the year he is a toxin on ibis side of the political divide storm was of engagement on a home from may be
5:53 am
beyond with only hope that people in washington will practice compassion understand and forgiveness
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>>reporter: the diamond head was
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a 5 1/2 carradine and invited $235,000
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing
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coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>james: frost possible if you went to bed last night you miss the report talking about this
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>>reporter: there you see a couple of cool pockets and their children concord nine behind the livermore the forecasts this is what you could expect for to them
6:03 am
>>robin winston:: 0 lot right now on 880 north into 37 over the scene and not showing us where the accident-system toy
6:04 am
trucks on senior currency is also less the fires under control will see any smoke and several vehicles they have to clear and it is really clogged traffic this will impact those of you come out of san jose this is an hey would '80s south and a stream this multicar crash happened in the 4:00 hour is still blocking the three left
6:05 am
lanes on also commit for the nimitz, a san leandro it is backed up on to the 238 flyover now to 30 get a solid from 580 daughter of the cost of balance with >>will tran: and is on the other side of the land right here you can see the crosswalk they blocked off for several hours this happen at around 1:00 in the morning they shut down the on ramp at this location for about three hours as they remove the victim look for possible
6:06 am
evidence it does not appear in this to the disabled car in this case of the type of person was on the freeway all along the man and the release but we do know he was in his late '40's could turn to a felony in deadly hit and run accident test
6:07 am
>>darya: police a still looking for the driver and that tends to clog the photos in the car for the hit-and-run
6:08 am
for >>reporter: tear is what they send home an hour and destroy harmful words used during the election coincide with two of the essence of reasons for feeding to specifically the rhetoric of the president elect
6:09 am
>>mark: choose currently being held in santa rita jail without bail out if she became known from of all men and publicize streisand rights battle in 1999
6:10 am
the murders happened last friday in oakland 19 year-old benny his mother and her partner or all killed river stabbed and shot the victims and the house on fire they do not know how she is connected to the family with a new which other this may have been or real-estate dispute
6:11 am
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>>mark: the 32 year-old was shot in his car at a traffic stop the officer will warn him not to allow his gun and he told officers he would not grant and his government fell one for his identification the sea on secession is to leave the chartered file
6:13 am
back >>mark: whose charge of manslaughter he said but did it or tomorrow
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>>robin winston: this is a stretch to avoid the issue the traffic alert if the car fire out and under control for at this point no one is getting through if you live or work in the south bay in normally take if it did not consider 680 the have a lot to clean up the toll trucks are moving into position the fire trucks are still blocking all lanes of traffic
6:18 am
>>reporter: is the issue into a dry clear and no wins that is when you produce that frost the lower third is fraught possible and them some sense of loss you never visit paris or temperatures another cold look
6:19 am
them by tomorrow morning we have the upper '30's or '40's smart after maybe a little warmer however
6:20 am
>>mark: it she was hiking here in the mission peak and fremont when someone of her head scarf smashed the windows for carr stole her purse and left a nasty note on the windshield
6:21 am
in nasa about 10 seconds before went dead is not clear what ever happened to the woman who was in the recording.
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>>robin winston: this crash happened around 526 this morning one caught fire which is under control you concede the two left lanes are open
6:26 am
>>mark: the warriors go up by 960 to 51 >>darya: leave expensive jury at
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home don't bring large sums of money either they say don't use the atm the carsons' provided players a not uncommon
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what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
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>>robin winston: getting up to the scene is backed the beyond
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rocard and is almost out 2101 that is the opposite direction 80 south a modest woman will get
6:32 am
better tomorrow less checking in 60 to wife friday and here comes rain showers >>darya: to people in the shooting that happen on east bay park to happen a strong base creek park in berkeley someone pulled the gun and fired shots into the air pressure. >>mark:
6:33 am
: >>mark: a deadly mushrooms a dog was poison after beating a dead cat much room he was running off the leash with the eight the mushrooms the next day to come to that of a notice that he had blood in his stool the veterinarian said his liver was destroyed had put them down after several days of treatment saw sit state.
6:34 am
>>james: their italian the cheese clear a path to the best of my days between november 12th of this year and government all
6:35 am
of 2018 says the company is voluntarily recalling his products staff at the here reveal the issue customize our acts to return the cheese to robotic and you will get off for a refund hist >>mark: off with slowdowns to even see the flames on backs see this happen to mark the street the office of our patrol the area on foot with a 34 you're meant to open the back door and that the sea of fire sixth >>darya: of mission high school teacher outlined the plan to the union representing a san
6:36 am
francisco it encourages teachers to talk to students about the election results in a tel still as they do not have to said the result instead they must fight for justice off the school district spokesperson said it is an option and not part of the official curriculum critics say it is inappropriate and unfairly criticizes eagle and the trump campaign and the people who voted for him more than 2002 was what a class last week to protest the election hist and
6:37 am
lasted about an hour and half in the students went back to class the supporters are threatening to boycott pepsi over or to plead that the fcc or how the company is responding lack
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friday day is just over a week away
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>>robin winston: it is causing a major delay for people using 880 expect the back of coming out of san jose back from 11 the opposite side just a little sluggish
6:42 am
>>darya: city chase discover and mastercard will all have some sort of a variation steer are restrictions as well.
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>>robin winston: 40 is he running a traffic great so that the tow truck can be removed we had 10 no one caught fire
6:47 am
traffic is on a texan time we have other problems this is one of many slow spots. >>reporter: the weather advisory going on here in terms of a
6:48 am
frost advisory check printing is
6:49 am
out it looks like lowered to maybe middle '60s not much better than and remember it had to climb a little bit more.
6:50 am
>>darya: is circulating on social media of the supporters claim that pepsi see a home told the fans on twitter " take their business elsewhere if the department of health and human services said 1 million people off to let it plans for the 2017 enrollment. for more than 300,000 votes people signed up in the three days after the election that dismantle the
6:51 am
program as one of his first acts after inauguration
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>>mark: is a robotic dog kills flashing eyes and his in was k-9 unit part of officers sappers police or the good guys and we
6:58 am
will be right back.
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says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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