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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 18, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>reporter: hough for villages
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will allow away from the little school his wife is a teacher there now were read that cause what top predator live among them >>james: it's almost impossible to know if the identity of some of the people an independent group recommends that people be 17 years old in order to use the
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application >>reporter: it is not clear review was grazed by a bullet or shrapnel are blasted him and his injuries are considered minor he was treated at a hospital and transported to santa rita jail
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>>james: we have more on this story >>reporter: minutes later air and the into the three has a block of the boulevard were struck a toyota previous an
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elderly couple sears the injured and taken to nearby hospital the work begins to find the unidentified vehicle involved in the initial gunbattle
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>>james: police warned people to keep an eye out after a rash of car break-ins there are a look at work each of them have been this was wednesday the first happened around a the clock the car was stolen and found crashed right before a car on freckling golf course police said they still camera and 10 minutes another burglary >>james: 23,000 of those job
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cuts will be in germany and that the measures will save about 3.7 billion they're already agreed to pay 15 billion of the settlement it is looking into investing more and electronic cars and digital services such as cars sharing and ride sharing shift
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>>reporter: off thi
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>>reporter: before stretching out over the entire bay area even if you're an earlier you rain and also when, with this deterrence will scattered showers in the afternoon hours
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fifth 68-today the same for this weekend the key issue it will allow me so cold and the morning hours >>robin winston: and noticed a little bit of a back of the bay bridge toll plaza on the left in this minor know the problems linemen is for the average driver if karloff to fremont street just in case you need to
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travel 680 looks good between milpitas and san jose the problems for 101 to south san jose all the way into downtown >>james: goes to walk out of
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their class as our column for you the policy regarding when to put that on to lead administratively this comes after the professor is being allowed to continue teaching after being accused of in a produce sexual behavior over a period of two years >>reporter: such a community is comes together after racist graffiti was found in the boys' bathroom it is the fourth such incident in less than a month in
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the san ramon school district
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the there some hidden surveillance cameras to find who did this and this led to the parents what the consequences are for something like this fourth >>james: 4 he headed politician and a minute that people ought to be engaged and not just
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during an election
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>>reporter: at the the election task as it is a higher than expected to go back and rolled and resurrect the rally he plans to hit swing state to help elect some presidents for he is known
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for his black power salute back of the 1968 mexico city in soft fifth, the nfl game was played in mexico was in 2005 and
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>>reporter: we all love christie she is a model host a logger author and the doctors told she wanted another child she stepped out of this issue will lead to the hearse arrogant even had
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hollywood today live >>james: we will be right back after this break
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>>james: he is said to appear at the superior court in hayward at 9:00 another person was treated for their injuries and arrested at a hospital
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>>reporter: fax the threat is still there a frost as possible
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>>reporter: there may be some last minute cooling going on all this to because of comments the stormy weather is still out that have so we're talking about the frost advisory a touch warmer that is this afternoon
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>>robin winston: fit it is minor not a big delay into san francisco 20 minutes for that driver checking in on the driver
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turned come in and out of the east bank that is a good commute to antioch pittsburg's they plan in concord you're ride out of the south renascence moved north 11 for the hill, with to the guadalupe parkway lasted 25 minutes. >>james: 45 teenage girls are in police custody accused of 10 robbery is >>haaziq madyun: that is where a group of teenage girls have been robbing women some residents
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were surprised to hear that women are being targeted write these that is typically quiet
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>>james: they're calling for pedestrians scramble to be installed in the intersection of the intersection is known for his danger rain on tap for the
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weekend looks like the weather
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next week as we gear for the thanksgiving
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>>james: he is not alone more the political news story that president obama moment in a note of the issue during a press conference >>reporter: and thereby put away for life the story in on something called was a complete
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flying to turns all lying is a lucrative business according to buzz feed the news stories far outperform legitimate ones
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>>james: the diskette to appear in hayward today at 9:00 3.4 in the hospital and one shooter is still all the loose after a shootout that ended with one of those cars crashing head on into a couple that was driving through the neighborhood
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>>reporter: the cloud cover here
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comes rain we take all the way after midnight tonight you may be getting rain to what is a late friday night it covers over the good portion of the bay area this will be coming with winds more scattered showers
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the south we will revisit temperatures near 70 milpitas and 77 francisco looking as 65
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>>robin winston: we're off to a great start, to bay bridge ride into san francisco just a little bit of a black and some of those castellanus from san leandro to zero were looking good no problems is nice some light on the east shore freeway if. pack >>james: lead in water has
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made national headlines following the discovery and drinking water out of flint michigan this is a very little chance of anything similar happened in california regulators and not letting their guard down. >>charles clifford: their tasseled keeping lead and other contaminants from getting into california tap water supply after watching the residents of flint michigan trouble with widespread lead contamination the division gained a new sense of purpose tough for me has very little naturally occurring lead in its water from time to time homes and schools and buildings the reason is that old pipes and plumbing fixtures and sometimes
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contain lead. >>charles clifford: by enforcing was known as the lead and copper rose 1/7 deregulations the required lead levels to be below 15 parts per billion the test results showed the levels that exceeded 100 parts per billion on multiple occasions it is highly unlikely that level contamination could happen in california the original epa
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lead and copper rule was created 25 years ago >>james: we also have a full dollar shown you would lead contaminated types look likes the content look at your own house and the world for by a federal inspectors are out on the controversial death of the guerrillas killed after of boy
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climbed into his and closure of the report says the barrier between the zoo and the animal was not in compliance to standards however they feel they did not have to shoot and kill him the three your boy who tumbled into the exhibit was in fact in life-threatening danger and they correctly follow procedures since then the have made the very tolerant and more protective.
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>>james: the attorney has sworn into a new specialist there each for free and half for less we will be right that
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: into one to get down to low or 30 years right now we
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have 42 and 39 here is a grass the shows as the temperature difference here is a live look
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outside we have the camera looking down of the bay and it's cold out there and if you plan on having to tahoe we should warn you it is a was what an advisory. >>reporter: but saturday
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afternoon the status showers the when will start to subside.
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>>robin winston: a quick check of some drive times out of the east of the name howe with four stars to get a little collar around this time >>darya: these all have led to a lot of fuel for this fire burning right now and riverside county in california you concede how big the area is and looks for their headed from many angles
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>>darya: the 40 year-old was arrested yesterday and this morning they are looking for more possible victims >>will tran: lead to get his picture out there is important for parents to get a good look as the owner to get the picture he was arrested in paterson they believe it could be more victims he opposes a 14 your boy it arranged to meet this girl
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and sally and the backlog of before she was kidnapped the interviewed her a little bit later she admitted to the police officer and she met the man on line that went out to pattersons and arrested him. >>will tran: his wife is a teacher again this is a warning to all parents fact
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>>reporter: it isn't a high school and san ramon is coming on the heels of three other similar reasons graffiti incidents just last month door
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to similar incidents last my school district officials matt will concerned parents school officials are urging parents to talk to their students any student that comes forward will be able to receive disciplinary
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action not only from the school of from police that are encouraging any student with any information to come for
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\ >>mark: he was quickly released from hospital and is now one custody the sheriff's office is currently investigating the shooting >>darya: capital the officer he was carrying a gun and hit a permanent export days of protest across the country a federal judge is on to decide whether to delay his fraud trial involving top university it was supposed to start and was postponed until
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after the election he is asking for another postponement because he is busy with the transitional the white house and donald trump continues to transition into the
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white house he will meet in the one his biggest rivals.
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>>reporter: to average as a
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lower '30's don't forget the sun has a while before they join us the frost as possible regardless of all that is as old plan accordingly we have 37 santa rosa livermore, the drop to 39 last hour there were 40
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this will begin airing the complex of wednesday a fifth team by the afternoon scattered shower even the loss to be the case and to tomorrow and another wave drops them by 4:00 a.m.
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>>robin winston: and that is when it starts to pick up for now all great commit rolled into the north bank top spot free number of travelers in the drive time dublin to fremont 16 minutes for salt 6 aiding the
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freeway is quiet from san leandro to hayward the trestle session to be the nation's top prosecutor will be controversial his criticism for races, to choose the making of serving as u.s. attorney in alabama has been one of his closest allies he was the first sitting senator to back down come during the campaign the
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first the resort opened and the sierra and several more skeletal: the coming days >>darya: a series of car break- ins and hercules the three most recent have been on winston the first round in the morning of car was stolen from a crashed on mulberry street there was a car
5:21 am
burglary on franklin canyon golf course distillate hammer out of that car and 10 minutes after that another car burglary and the parking lot of the franklin canyon golf course and diet was were left in the car in most cases >>reporter: the prime minister of japan spoke to reporters after his meeting with donald trump on thursday the meeting
5:22 am
was unofficial as he is still the president-elect is said before had he won to build trust with the man who become the u.s. president and the transition team is to try to fit our would look like from within the offered the job of national security to retired army lt. high-profile sarah did during his campaign this weekend he means of one of his fiercest critics and the gop 2012 republican presidential nominee who did not speak kindly about him all of this year
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>>darya: about 700 goats are eating their way through the alameda creek channel their to run up a brush to prevent flooding during the fire season there been used grout union city fremont and hayward and his become quite an attraction for people in the area this the
5:27 am
second time the flood control has used to go out the method is less expensive the manual labor and by mellon family than using herbicides takeover 50 a. this year they're covering hundred acres will be out there for another two to three weeks and back again in the spring.
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>>james: that is the area that is once again under the for frost advisory what is that mean for the visor it means you have the chance to sing temperatures >>james: here is a cyclical
5:31 am
where temperatures are we're tracking some to dropping for places like santa rosa 37 fairfield 3639 in the east bank. >>reporter: we're calling it a
5:32 am
stormy weekend probably fair to say the other factor is 11 tonight of to get the rain is building in the north bank by the overnight you could hear the heavy winds.
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>>robin winston: you still have a chance to get and and be a major backup is really not bad at all at the bay bridge toll plaza the first sign of a slowdown is only out to west grand moving very well
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>>darya: he crashed into an elderly couple driving the previous their time to identify the other car and find the gunman involved in the shootout >>reporter: women were been
5:35 am
targeted by the this and is to go quietly opened community there's the securities and consideration that we forget about
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>>mark: men responded on term house land after one in the afternoon investigators have yet to identify the victims or say how the person was killed
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>>mark: he had sex with teenage girl and san leandro the 40 year-old scott patterson was arrested two weeks ago the fourth incident of racist graffiti in the san ramon school district
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>>darya: the first kiss was reported the week of october 17th a man from louisiana behind bars in the bay area after being shot by u.s. marshals. >>robin winston: we haven't found any hot spots it is pretty normal for friday is not through the maze only out to west grand that is the ride across the upper deck will this move know the problems and to downtown that is not bad the get from the foot of the maze out to fremont street 19 minutes from hillcrest
5:47 am
out to 242 other free with 580 west nice and smooth out of the more the to dublin of the called on 101 that is mostly between 88680 is 30 minutes to make do with the morgan hill to the slow passing out to the guadalupe parkway.
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>>reporter: officially is because dry clear conditions no wins which is not something that is going to be reversed tomorrow morning the lower third is potentially across as possible may damage but also it is on to be called for everyone of '60s
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for high in the east bay shoreline is some improvement from yesterday and pretty much the same performance not impossible to say 69 mountain view powell comes in at 68 cupertino 69 for san jose and milpitas and clara looking at about 70 >>reporter: we get a break we did not this is to have a few showers wednesday morning another shot of some marine-to clear out for the defense giving holiday
5:51 am
>>mark: the seven cisco's symbolizes says he is in support of safety measures the city's municipal transit agency has the knowledge to request a said they need more time to decide what to do
5:52 am
>>reporter: they had been specially trained an officer with the dog to be used to help victims of crime for a better as the talk about what happened to them to navigate the legal system is the law calls the
5:53 am
$5,000 to read raise in train if
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>>mark: they're trying to not dr. strange from the top spot last tackle looked the bid on is going to be the harry potter spinoff fantastic beast and where to find them
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: you're going to want some one of the kids and ran inside because temperatures will
6:02 am
drop as head toward summarizes morning >>james: new divine idea of how chilly is compared to yesterday
6:03 am
>>reporter: it is not just mine we should mention it will be some when as we watch it go for
6:04 am
mental or six is to be found inland going on for you >>robin winston: now stretching beyond west grand into the maze and is asking of on to the five in west connector i would check
6:05 am
the san mateo bridge coming up next they're looking for possible victims >>will tran: he met a 13 year- old girl at the police department online they believe he possibly could have met other victims and they're telling the parents talk to your children mature what you do and what they do online this said he lured her
6:06 am
into his car and went to a nearby motel and had sex with her she met him online that one out to his house that very night and arrested him he also
6:07 am
has children that he is married to a teacher a warning to all parents to talk to your children at some of the know anything it is just a great reminder for all of us to ask the kids to monitor what they do online the site is called--kik >>will tran: he will be in court and we will be there possibly enter plea was i to judge if he could have cameras in there and possibly a carrier for you live when it happens >>reporter: this come on the
6:08 am
heels of three other similar racist graffiti incidence we want to show you a picture we did obtain a notice to the school district has not provided any pictures of what the latest graffiti incident like last
6:09 am
night to lead a loss of parents and the superintendent of growth that we will continue to support all the students and share with you the net steps in the coming weeks a priority is to insure each and every student knows there saved all our schools >>reporter: they're encouraging students to come forward any information about the graffiti incidence police assigned to
6:10 am
identify the other car involved in finding other gunman >>mark: he was shot by u.s. marshals near hayward the man
6:11 am
suffered minor injuries and was quickly released from hospital he is now in shares cup sitting >>mark: more points for donald trump and he reportedly offered a the job of attorney general
6:12 am
>>reporter: he said beforehand he wanted to build trust with the man who will become the u.s. president while the world leaders wonder what it looks like from the outside of the transition team is trying to figure out what it looks like from with in the art to the job of national security adviser it
6:13 am
was goes on until after the election to now he is asking for another delay because he is busy with the transitional the white house
6:14 am
>>darya: what the party is doing right now is now working following the election confident that she had the backing of the two-thirds we're learning new information behind the man accused of killing five people at a mall in seattle at a mall in seattle
6:15 am
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>>reporter: few concede this is a weather maker for saturday and even into sunday the first wave is here right after midnight is
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>>robin winston: on a to 580 is ok on the suspension
6:21 am
>>darya: they're gearing up for the upcoming season and hoping for good snow
6:22 am
>>mark: there was a car burglar on franklin canyon golf course they say the still camera and 10 minutes after that another burglary at the franklin canyon golf course a more tim equipment was stolen sit he's accused of shooting and killing five people at the cascade mall tsks about
6:23 am
five on the workers are planning a strike in the coming days the have not specified when the workers to plan to strike include baggage handlers janitors and will track attendance that as before $15 hourly wage they did not say how much the strike could impact operations.
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>>mark: use 27 years ago when he was diagnosed with the disease in the end to n.c.a.a. announced his receiving the 27¢ inspiration award homelessness
6:26 am
is increasing across the country said but not in california.
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>>reporter: >>james: once again like to have yes to the we're looking at temperatures i was walking to san francisco this is set to
6:31 am
expire at about 8:00 and 37 out near fairfield livermore hovering in the 3940 degree range 39 in concord and we have a lot of communities on the creek alamo danville san ramon all those regions along 680 in the upper 30 degree range
6:32 am
>>reporter: it will loosen weapons covered because and have the wednesday ever to wear it to fall meissen.
6:33 am
>>robin winston: effuse 680 or 242 of the backed up as growing into concord on to 240 tools
6:34 am
about the 17 minutes and growing to get from concord to walnut creek >>darya: teenager girls been a
6:35 am
security thread is not the first thing that comes to mind for these two women >>haaziq madyun: over employees say they're suspects intend strong armed robberies in recent weeks on monday investigators said the teenagers were spotted driving a stolen vehicle with personal property found inside of five teenagers were taken into custody
6:36 am
>>darya: they're still lacking an affordable housing in their plans to arrive in of will edition the biggest jump was in washington d.c. the advocates
6:37 am
have been pushing for the scramble to be installed with that designed the scramble are offered more directions to the dashes across >>darya: he is political as concert last night in san jose and even though he amid he did not go
6:38 am
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>>robin winston: checking back again on the bay bridge ride into san francisco.
6:42 am
>>mark: their excessive bleeding and as a reflux >>mark: he said he would get a tattoo.
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6:45 am
if >>mark: he allegedly who learned of 13 year-old girl online he this about attending he was a little boy on social media used as a to appear and alameda county superior court
6:46 am
at 9:00 this morning >>darya: this is the third time there been a california sunglass mcguffey there was some akaba 17 >>mark: the have and does to the afternoon about 315
6:47 am
>>reporter: spreading over the entire bay area by nine late morning the stars to depart scattered showers with heavy rain to come through by sunday morning heading down to the
6:48 am
south that we have about 68 a half moon bay 69 sunny skies prevailing 69 san jose 7 if the santa clara >>reporter: black friday another of eternity to see rain as well fifth
6:49 am
>>robin winston: the sun is coming of commute into san francisco 26 minutes from the foot of the maze out to fremont streets justification me to get into the north and a nice ride on 580 west that the to richmond parkway that this not bad the drive time not battered they're stuck behind the crash that is why it is life after the 24
6:50 am
split all the way through alamo in danville >>darya: it was for his political statement he told audiences that he did not cast in a partisan election the then he says if he said he would a vote for donald trump and it was crafted by a minute concert goers
6:51 am
they voiced their frustration with his political rent less about 15 minutes >>stanley roberts: read the
6:52 am
means illegal
6:53 am
>>stanley roberts: yield means to slow down
6:54 am
>>mark: looking figure actually sent to take the best time and day to call out
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
>>darya: this dress worn by marilyn monroe sold for nearly
6:58 am
$5 million the dress was over 2500 crystals and it 1962 was an early 45th birthday celebration >>darya: he posed as a teenage boy online will liven hey what will it what you need to know as a parent.
6:59 am
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